Jan. 12th, 2013

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everyone knows fashion changes really fast these days. some trends last longer than others. However, what's interesting is noting the really long lasting permanent ones. Best way is probably tv and train carriages and platforms.

tv: due to it being filmed several months before, it can be trendy but not so trendy that it's out of date by the time it hits. Often it has to develop its own trends.

train carriages and platforms: all human life is here. It's not like buses - you have rich, poor, unemployed, tourists, workers, schoolkids, mums, people making short journeys and long journeys. people dressed in all kinds of fashions and styles.

So the main trend I've noticed? piercings and tattoos. In years gone by, people used to remove their piercings to go to work due to dress codes, still incredibly narrow. A shop I worked at for all of two days in the mid-90s had rules on how many piercings you could wear in your ears, and a strong implication that you were only allowed nose piercings if you were indian or pakistani. lip and eyebrow piercings? right out.

These days, you only have to turn your head to see someone in a suit, or the female equivalent of a suit, with a bunch of piercings. upper age range normally being late 30s. The average american show (much slower moving and conservative than british ones) have the girl from IT in a very carefully turned out immaculate white shirt and pencil skirt with 1950s makeup, but with a bar through her ear cartilage and a lip piercing.

Tattoos? glance at their feet and wrists. Everyone just has them. no big deal.


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