Feb. 11th, 2013

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Feb. 11th, 2013 01:26 pm
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there are theatre updates I need to post. Kiss Me Kate & Rock of Ages.

but anyway ah the fun of when mates get their dates wrong and you have to grovel to the ticket office...

(I have my Tempest and my Dream tickets for the Globe. Macbeth and Henry VIs will be booked closer to the time. Tempest has Roger Allam and Colin Morgan for those interested.)

six nations - didn't watch last weekend as was busy seeing Lincoln (recommended, brilliant performances, giggled muchly at casting directors clearly phoning up David Strathairn and Tommy Lee Jones and going 'look, we're not going to bother auditioning these roles, just turn up, will you?', though as many reports said, they could've easily cut it ten minutes short - there's a natural cutting shot) and on my soon-to-be-sister-in-law's hen night the day before. which was fun, if a little odd since I didn't know anyone. And got told by a bunch of people 'you're obviously Matt's sister, you've got the same eyes'. (news to me and my parents) Wedding is this weekend. this will be... a bit odd, I suppose.

But anyway: Six nations, second weekend. Scotland vs Italy lots of fun. Wales vs France was seriously DULL. (agreed by my brother the rugby nut) Seriously, it only cheered up whenever Leigh Halfpenny turned up due to the eyecandy factor. Also the camerawork is crap in the Stade du France. why he was focussing on their feet during the scrums was beyond us. England vs Ireland - did not stop pissing it down (like most of UK this weekend) very entertaining, but all the points were from penalty kicks. (we're suspecting the lack of attempts at tries was due to the fact that the pitch was so waterlogged you couldn't run more than 10 yards at a time) There was an awful lot of grappling, though. Eyecandy and mud most pleasing.

:cough: someone on twitter accused the female viewers of just watching because it was trendy. Someone else: 'please check the #thighs tag. you underestimate how shallow we are.'


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