Mar. 7th, 2013

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You may have heard me before make a comment or two about how I never get to see where I live on tv or film. (we do not *ever* talk about Crime Traveller, generally considered to be one of the worst sci-fi shows *ever*)

This week, I'm now discovering that curse. BBC released Mayday, a thriller/murder mystery of red-herringness with supposed spooky tones - young girl goes missing on May Day, lots of suspects/rotten core of community etc.

Set in a small town/large village in the Home Counties.

Aside from the sheer crappiness of the plotting (the 'spooky' shots that were supposed to make you uneasy look more like they've grabbed a bunch out of a how-to guide and completely failed) and the characterisation of heavy-handedness that makes so little bloody sense... (and apparently got even worse from reports of people watching it)

I turned off 20 mins into the first ep. It was that painful. Admittedly mostly because I couldn't take the dodgy sleazy single dad leering at the screen *again*. But there's nothing like screeching 'WRONG' and 'SERIOUSLY, WTF?' 'NEVER HAPPEN' at the screen every 30 seconds. There's a difference between american shows getting british stuff wrong and a native show getting it that badly wrong. Your tolerance goes downhill.

First: the pagan-roots ceremony. Uh-huh. NOPE. I have no idea what you're smoking, but nope.

Cute 14 year old on bicycle as may Queen.... AHAHAHAHA.

The giant airy houses everyone lives in. maybe on one bit of an estate tacked on, but not the supposed range of households you've got there. I want to know how much the single-income family with kids is earning to be able to afford *that*.

The spoilt rich woman with the fat dog? I nearly threw something at the screen because she was wearing the wrong shoes. It sounds silly, but the very idea that she would wear clogs any further out of the house than the end of her drive or to pop next door *very quickly* would be anathema to her.

Essentially, when the only thing that rings true is the kebab shop, you're doing something wrong.

The Vicar of Dibley is a better representation than Mayday.
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Title : The Case of the Disappearing Dancer
Author : burntcopper
Fandom : Sherlock
Genre: Casefic
Characters: Sherlock, John, Lestrade, Mycroft, OCs
Rating : No sex and very little violence. :sigh:
Summary : Lestrade's snitch's girlfriend has gone missing. And of course there's issues that mean going to the police might be a little awkward.

Ao3 The door goes when John's making a cup of tea. )


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