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okay, that Merlin fic I've been writing?  It's clocking up the hits and kudos gradually, but the comments are... interesting?

You know me, I occasionally try to go a bit historical and 'try-to-work-out-how-it-would-work'.  Merlin fandom is a fun and interesting place.  You often see fic that examines political stuff and the vague historical period that the  show very rarely ever did.  (well, Uther would occasionally do it - Queen Annis, plus regular bits of Uther - see the bit where he tells Arthur that a mistress is all very well, but don't think it's going any further than that.) Girl!Merlin fic often does it, because it's the nature of genderswap to examine the angles and changes and nuances.  And with this one, I pondered what would happen if Merlin had grown up at court, thinking through and discussing it with mates.  Originally I'd had Merlin and Arthur falling for each other in conventional fashion, only the way it gradually played out after I re-wrote the first concept it became more like intense friendship.  With some other undercurrents.

And..um...several of the comments I've got are in the fluff and 'twoo wuv, they're totally getting married!' sector.

I am deeply confused.  Does it seriously read like that?
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