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All food (and crockery) is communal; stuff is cooked, the plate is then passed around the group or put in the centre.  Plate is also re-used if stuff is done in portions (eg bacon sandwiches).  Cook’s word is law.  You also feel a bit like you’re yelling ‘come to the cookhouse door!’

Each night, when saying goodnight, especially if wending your way through the tents as everyone’s getting ready for bed, someone will start the ‘G’night John Boy.’ patter.  Even if none of us have ever seen the original show.

Keeping stuff dry is actually *more* pressing than keeping stuff clean. You can clean something quickly, though that normally waits until the last minute - and is also communal. Drying takes *forever*.

The frying pan and grill were a major step in human evolution.

Wasp hunting and trapping is a way of life and a continual pasttime.

Books are nice but you’ll never manage to read more than a few pages at a time before someone’s interrupting you.

Gazebos/shelters you can stand up and congregate in (preferably with a table and seats) during rain: worth their weight in gold.


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