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Ordinary Days, Trafalgar Studios

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Feeling somewhat dopey since stumbled into work today, and it hasn't really left. Oh well.

Convention was ridiculously awesome. halfway through write-up of it. Dear Brian Austin Green, how are you so hot? No, really... Oh, and the man has the 'one humiliating/bad experience in acting/audition to rule them all' answer. 'Ten years of 90210.' It flattens all pretenders to the crown and stomps on them with prejudice.

Remind me never, ever to get into a high-speed semi hip-hop dance-off. We were exhausted immediately after, and then stupidly did it again an hour later (except I kept tangling his feet). Also most confused that our mates couldn't do the Fresh Prince rap from 'Boom Shake the Room'. Tut. What have you been doing with your teens, people?

VOTD trailer. Dribble. Want nao, plz.

Went to see Daniel Boys do his cabaret again at Wilton's Music Hall on Graces Alley in Tower Hamlets (it's about 8 minutes walk from Tower Hill). Which was pretty much the same as his Pizza in the Park cabaret, except there were many more unintentional naked jokes. Julie Atherton was guesting, and her Taylor the Latte Boy is genius. The sound in there was *amazing* - they didn't really need mics as it's a victorian music theatre purpose-built for amazing acoustics, hasn't been cleaned in forever (original decor still in place, including a bunch of Indian portraits at one end) so has that falling-down shabby stepped back in time feel. And has a rather nice bar. They're trying to get it going as a cabaret venue again. We kept staring around us and going 'No, really, why has this not been scouted as a film/tv location?' It'd be bloody perfect for something Neverwhere-esque.
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:happy sigh: That boy is just...lovely. Gorgeous voice, absolutely adorable, and much more relaxed than the previous times I've seen him, so the banter between songs was making everyone giggle.

Mostly album songs with...er... a duet from Wicked, the Glee version of 'Dancing with Myself' (lots of cheers when he announced that, what stereotypical audience?) and um... I'll check my notes later.

I somehow ended up on the front tables even though I was the last person in. And gossed a lot with two other Daniel fanpersons. one of which moved from SA two years ago, so we were educating him in previous Daniel concerts/Any Dream Will Do. Also ended up chatting to Douglas, the musical director and person who did all of the arrangements on Daniel's album. He has fabulous shoes, and said that it looks like they'll be getting some more gigs june-ish as these had sold out. No venue confirmed yet.

Pizza on the Park? Evil. They serve you doubles as default, you don't find out until you get the bill, you forget to drink water and....the raging hangover I had all day of the 'can't keep water down' type was not fun. Thank the FSM I was working from home.
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Trying to figure out if there's any musical score that's perfect. One where *every* song is brilliant.

There are musicals I love and adore, but there's nearly always one song you don't like that much and skip over/delete from your mp3 player. Anything Goes fails for having 'Easy to Love'. I thought La Cage aux Folles, but then remembered I've never been fond of 'The Best of Times is Now'.

Anyone got any that they can deem perfect or just miss it?

(interestingly, there's film scores I deem practically perfect*, but then those rarely involve lyrics and're often written with a full theme.)

In other news, listened to the Barrowman/Prenger version of 'So Close'. Nope. Daniel Boys does it better. Or has better producers. Something. I think it'd be fine if they did it individually - it *really* doesn't work as a duet - but something's definitely missing.

*Off the top of my head, Pride and Prejudice + Master and Commander for recent ones.
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http://www.mediafire.com/?gjjuz1mdyxj - pt 1
http://www.mediafire.com/?mmmymdymnxq - pt 2

Unedited (ie, not separated out into songs) Christmas in New York, 6/12/09.
track list )

http://www.mediafire.com/?nmjzddjoymo - pt 1
http://www.mediafire.com/?wiu2ylaeymw - pt 2

La Cage aux Folles, 20-10-09, John Barrowman and Simon Burke. Not split. Warn for excessive giggling and Tom laughing.
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stuffed. oww. Had restaurant indian for lunch (convinced because I most likely won't be eating tonight) and so very, very stuffed. I have no idea how people eat lunch as their main meal. How do you work when you've got a ridiculously full stomach and're also sleepy? (yours truly was brought up with evening meal as her main, so do not start preaching to me about how it's better to eat a big lunch than a big supper. It's what my body's used to.)

In other news, trying to decide which Daniel Boys late night cabaret-thingy (11pm, after the shows kick out) to go to.

there's two on consecutive nights with various cast members from other musicals next week, and one in aid of TheatreMad on sat 27th which is him, Julie Atherton and someone else doing American Songbook. decisions. I can only go to 2 max. [personal profile] fairyd123, you doing any?
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This, children, is the song that turns me to wistful sap when *Gareth Gates* sings it. This is Danny Boys, who is a far better actor, singer, and fucking adorable. Shoo. Buy it from Dress Circle.
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Anyone here watched Joseph King of Dreams? (dreamworks animation) Asking because Daniel Boys keeps singing one of the songs from it (You Know Better Than I) and I was wondering what the rest of the soundtrack is like, and can't find it on amazon.

Listening to Daniel Boys' album. :happy smile: oh shush. I haven't found one bad track yet*, and it's well produced. Though I now want Daniel to play Cinders against Oliver Tompsett's Martin Prince in Soho Cinders when it finally gets to the stage. I'm being incredibly shallow - I fucking adore the songs they've had so far, and Daniel can *act* and has, y'know, stage presence and doesn't have to be mic'd to the hilt unlike certain people :cough:. also, they'd be ridiculously pretty. Naomi, what's your considered opinion on Daniel's dancing skills?

Feeling antsy because I have this niggling feeling that I should be sewing, but have bugger all projects and no conventions coming up anytime soon. Maybe I should start coming up with ideas for Discworld 2010.

*famous last words. I didn't know I could flinch automatically at Michael Bublé tracks.
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Dammit. Girlie shopping last night, problem being that by the time we got to Topshop (the original reason for *going*) it was late enough that everyone else wanted to go home so I had to go in by self and couldn't get second opinion on dresses.

The style fits, they both look great, just can't decide on colour :

http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=true&catalogId=19551&storeId=12556&categoryId=162922&parent_category_rn=42344&productId=1167170&langId=-1 - blue one
http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=true&catalogId=19551&storeId=12556&categoryId=162922&parent_category_rn=42344&productId=1186611&langId=-1 - yellow one


'course, they all managed to find stuff that looked great on them in H&M. Dammit.

Today's Dilbert? Showed it to Lissy and she went 'have they been reading our emails?' :twitch: We have never used this excuse with latex files. never. ever.

Hee. Got an email with 'temp receptionist wanted', I pouted because it meant that ridiculously competent temp's time was up, asked office manager if this was true. it is, sadly, but it turns out ridiculously competent temp is now going full time in horribly understaffed HR. So that's some silver lining. (We've done it before, we'll do it again. it's a good way of trialling people.)

Tracklisting been revealed for Daniel Boys' album. (large amounts of what I suspect is cheese, I think it's unavoidable on musical theatre performers' solo albums. It's like a disease.) One of the ones listed is 'They Don't Make Glass Slippers' and I'm hoping like hell that it's the Stiles and Drewe one from Soho Cinders because it was a lovely song when Gareth Gates sang it, and Daniel is far more talented than the Gates boy.

Hmp. Does anyone know if any of those lash-curling mascaras work? The No.7 I'm using doesn't smudge *as much* as all the others, but I still get smudges due to having short eyelashes. Lash curlers make them look really bloody odd and bent.

Oh good god. Not another american article on the trend of twenty-somethings getting tattoos. Besides the fact that your observations are about ten years out of date - tattoos being commonplace started in the late nineties, you're still trotting out that tired and completely out of touch line about tattoos being about rebellion and trying to be individual, and 'there's so many of them trying to be individual that it makes them an amorphous mass'. Flying Spaghetti Monster give me strength. Getting inked is about decoration or personal meaning. it always has been, and you're a fucking nitwit if you're getting it for rebellion. I think the last people to do it for effect were punks. (middle-class art students rebelling for effect and attention)
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pubmeet fun, and of course, was entirely dominated by Trek and how glorious it was. Main reaction being : 'we can has more? nao?'

Alex turned up around 3, I hugged him as greeting, and then got a lot of laughs and some 'ohmigod, you and *alex*?' from certain people who hadn't heard from the congossip. But since pubmeet is *where* we gossip, I suppose this was warranted.

Went Oxford, which is a much smaller station than I'd thought, and good god, it's terribly picturesque. Admittedly I didn't go much further than the high street, doing a quick trawl for food places (giraffe, where i had planned on first thought, said ten minute wait, then I looked at the new menu and couldn't see owt I wanted, so i hi'ed it to GBK. Mmm, chorizo burger.) I must say good evolution of having a bunch of the clubs and pubs on the way to the station. GBK is opposite Jamie's Italian, and I was in the window, occasionally glancing out at the queue. then another queue started forming at 7 at the theatre next door. And kept growing. and growing. Doors were supposed to open at 7, the family next to me also glanced out and we exchanged 'the hell is that for?'. Turned out they were also Barrowman-ing, and we couldn't figure out why the queue. Got into the queue when i finished at 7:15, the queue started moving pretty quickly - turned out there were technical difficulties, hence why they opened late.

Merchandising - large amount of t-shirts, surprisingly tasteful, lots of sports-style 'Team Barrowman', and few with his face on. Programme was large glossy photos from the album photoshoot, bugger all text, which is a relief, since you don't need to tell us what he's been in.

Lots of high-energy numbers with backing dancers of the 'Don't Stop Me Now' persuasion, a few from the album, Life is a Rollercoaster, I Won't Send Roses, I Am What I Am as the encore, a mad mashup of musicals done as a comedy skit with scottish accent and bad scots dancing which was bloody hysterical (If the Glasgow dvd doesn't have it I will pout a *lot*, because the JCS bit alone was brilliant, with the male dancers walking off as a couple with a 'how dare you' look at JB), lots of innuendo and bitchy chat and anecdotes (next time, NO DOGS). Daniel Boys got two numbers per act, which were gorgeous, though I'm unconvinced of his dancing ability. He produced a lot of sighs from the audience (Danny Boys' default setting = adorable). The 'I Know Him So Well' duet was beautiful. Utterly fucking gorgeous and restrained as hell. oh, and it turns out that the Dr Who dance is the Slosh. which his parents were brought out to perform. Basically, terribly silly and highly enjoyable, and JB was having a whale of a time pointing out his observations of people in the audience.
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I now has :

the other two torchwood books
Jamie Oliver's ministry of food
another amber necklace
pearl-style bead spiral bracelet
seanik shampoo bar
Zorro ST
Master and Commander ST (legit copy)
Batman : The Dark Knight

And a dover sole, onion tart, mash, lardons, mushrooms, hollandaise sauce, two g'n't's, a white chocolate and berry cheesecake with happy birthday written in chocolate sauce on the plate.

also, my workmates are strange. there is a tradition of cake on birthdays. Almost invariably the chocolate fudge cake from tescos. However, their timing can be ...odd. I leave at 5pm. I sense the crowds massing behind my head at 4:55pm. Cue them singing 'Happy Birthday', me conducting, turning round to blow out the candles and going 'er... you do remember chocolate cake makes me sick, right?' 'You still have to cut it.' 'Fine. But I get the chocolate balloons.' I personally suspect they just wanted cake. And my bag now has a fuschia rosette pinned to it. They're odd.

Wandered around the Oracle (Reading's centre-of-town shopping centre) before dinner, poked head into Bay Trading, perused rails, and.... I has my first pair of skinny jeans. That will fit *inside* boots. Also? Found a cropped pair of white jeans in my size that I'll only have to turn up a bit, so that's just the converse to find or paint before T1.

oh, and Flickr has the Twelfth night photos of me attempting not to gurn whilst standing next to indira Varma and Derek Jacobi and Daniel Boys.

...lj archive won't work. Suspect will have to read instructions for once in my life.
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Wyndham, Donmar Production (Michael Grandage directing) Derek Jacobi as Malvolio, Indira Varma as Olivia, Victoria Hamilton as Cesario/Viola (who looks scarily like Victoria Bitter, for anyone who gets *that* fandom reference. Though she hasn't really changed her look since she was a teenager.). And got a text from Dad saying 'very apt'. Which I didn't get re:date of performance. Yeah. I fail. All about the cross-gartering )
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mutter ow owwww owww.

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for microwaveable wheat bags. Also great for when going out for fag break - stick in hoodie, nice and toasty while the smokers shiver. :snerk: On the other hand, it's very weird. Even when i was a size 18 I didn't really have a stomach. Thicker waist, sure, but no actual stomach.

Music Music Music arrived in the mail. Oh, the easy listening cheese.... (yeah, so waiting for the live versions which won't be completely blanded. It's a decent sound, it's just the obsessives can tell you JB can sound *so* much better.) I really wish he hadn't included 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You', though. Due to Drop Dead Gorgeous, there is no way I can listen to that song without collapsing into giggles. :blink: um. Due to just how *nice* JB's voice is, (rounded vowels and diction, etc), I think 'Right here Waiting' is actually blander and more easy listening than the original. No, srsly, WTF? and they just managed to bland out Daniel's voice on 'Uptown Girl' :facepalm: :reads liner notes: awww, he deems him a worthy successor to the nickname 'Leather Lungs'. can never decide whether JB wants to shag or adopt that boy.
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Daniel singing 'As Long As He Needs Me' at last night's Flaunt It by Theatre Mad.


Not brilliant, as this was the point my recorder decided to screw up, so had to tweak and amplify just to be able to hear it. You have been warned. Fingers crossed someone else was recording it so we'll get a better version some day.

Well, yesterday was when people were referring to me as 'zombie' and 'falling over' and 'wrecked' in the afternoon due to lack of sleep. Due to lack of anywhere to crash for four hours - Flaunt It wasn't starting til 11:30pm - decided to find a noisy musical to keep me awake. Pondered Elena Roger in PiafJoseph since the prices had finally come down. Slightly trepidatious since they said it was the same choreography/direction etc as the last time, and that had been... okay. Fun, but not great and nothing special. If nothing else I'd get to see Lee perform it.

They lied. It's not the same. At all - choreography, dances, etc. are utterly different. Slight similarity in the basic stage where the kids' choir are sitting on steps up the side, but that's it. They changed the way they sang the songs, which is now fucking hysterical - much more emphasis on the cowboy / french / _insert pastiche here_ style than previous, including the way they costume each one, there's more dancing, (we fully support random tango or ballet or hoe-down), the brothers' songs have been re-arranged so there's more on individuals, it's far sexier, they got rid of the american football and cheerleader thing in Pharaoh's court, Pharoah is even *more* Elvis (yay Dean Collinson!), and they didn't bother with the David Bowie thing for when Joseph gets elevated. Generally more Egyptian style in general. Narrator now more ditzy schoolteacher with more interaction with rest of cast - getting picked on by the brothers, flirted with by Pharoah etc. Considerably boosted the physical comedy/sight gags, which are fucking hysterical. (special mention to the goat, *both* asps, the camel, and random London Eye.) The megamix is far shorter and a lot more involving and fun. Lee Mead fabulous. Entire cast fabulous. need to see it again while he's still in it.

One. Single. Bloody. Problem. There's no cast recording. the cd is Jason Donovan with Lee's 'Any Dream Will Do' and Dean Collinson's new Pharoah track that they wrote for this production as bonuses. and of course I only discover this during the interval. Even though I had my recorder with me. :cracks knuckles: Youtube, fail me and *die*.

concessions stand boy adorable. Very very gay. Quizzed him about sizing of t-shirts, he said he was wearing the small and he takes a size 8 in dresses. Got him to turn round so I could gauge the back size, then got out of him that he's a 27" waist (my response, of course, being 'bitch!') and then got him to lift his t-shirt so I could check. I think this probably worked because I said it so clinically. 'I can't believe you got me to do that!' 'You have no body fat. No. Fair.' Wearing the grey camel in a small, and it's *still* big.

Next time I'm not bothering with stage door unless I'm getting the other actors, since Lee appears, hands out signed photos, tries to get some signed stuff and speak with people. He is adorable, though.

Fell into pub for a drink or so once I found the Fortune, did more details on opening scenes of nano, and got asked just before I left by the blokes next to me what I'd been writing so frantically. (they'd been discussing finacnial mortgage credit crunch stuff and thought i'd been taking notes. 'er, no, novel challenge starts tomorrow, fleshing out the first chapter details...')

Flaunt It was mostly spent giggling. More boys need to sing 'When you Got it, Flaunt it' (Simon Green this time). Everyone having fun, the list of musicals that didn't turn up, etc, etc. Was sat next to the current christmas Eve, it turns out. Lots of jokes about 'Never Forget'. Got asked what I was in when i went outside and ended up talking to the actors. Me : 'er, no, just fangirling, do you mind if I say how fabulous you were?'. Note to self. you probably gushed over the Les Mis boys way too much. Though Desmond Barrit is hysterical and didn't know you weren't supposed to cross-dress.

Special mentions : Jon Robyns doing 'maybe this Time', him and two others from Les Mis just for being adorable, Daniel Boys doing 'As Long as He needs me', the lad doing 'Old fashioned Lesbian Love Affair', the special middle-aged cross-dressed rendition of 'Barcelona', the two girls from Never Forget doing 'We Can Do it' (yes, they made enough jokes about the irony), and Josefina Gabrielle. can't remember what she was doing, but was brilliant.

of course, my mp3 recorder went on incredibly quiet just before Old Fashioned Lesbian Love Affair which also meant Daniel as he was on a couple of songs after... gah.

BTW, [livejournal.com profile] fairyd123, didn't see you there - thought you were going?
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Listening to soundtracks. The problem with musicals is that these have specific story bits attached to them by their nature. And some of them? You have mental images of precisely what happened off-stage, even if they have technically have no canon basis - like being a shipper for normal shows and certain clips got 'and this was the point where it was bloody obvious what happened next' assigned. Or in some cases, '...this so happened since we last saw them/ please stop doing that, we're trying not to ship you and you're not helping!' (in the case of the last variable, the Beeb does it on purpose to fuck with us)

The problem with the soundtrack? You'll be doing your work, idly humming along and then suddenly get the line '....and then they had sex.' going through your head. Complete thought process derailment.

Tripped and fell again :

Flaunt It!

Following on from its hugely successful sell-out debut in 2007, TheatreMAD's Flaunt It - a night of gender-swapping show tunes with your favourite West End stars - returns on 30th October 2008 to the Fortune Theatre.

Flaunt It follows one simple rule: boys sing girls songs and girls sing boys songs.

In 2008 we bring you another stellar line-up with show tunes picked from here, there and everywhere - sung like you've never heard them before.

Daniel Boys, Earl Carpenter, Anna-Jane Casey, Joanne Farrell, Josefina Gabrielle, Scott Garnham, Simon Green, Carl Mullaney, Amy Pemberton, Sophia Ragavelas, Jon Robyns, David Thaxton, Liam Tamne, Shaun Escoffery, Louise Gold, With more names to be announced!

...now I just have to find someone to crash with because it starts at 11:30. on a thursday. (hellooooo getting back from London) and possibly find *another* thing to go to prior to that.

Hmm. :pokes songlist: current songs inducing automatic tears/choking up in me :
He could be a star - Billy Elliot (when Tony's bit starts)
Fields of gold - Sting (bloody cancer research ads)
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Right, trekking over to Shaftesbury to buy ticket for Hairspray for tonight - everywhere I've searched indicates that the only discount you can get on this show is group discount, so it's really not worth trekking to Leicester Square (further away). Buying direct from the theatre means I won't have to pay booking fees. :wails: why does this have to be one of the most expensive bloody shows in the West End?

ETA: Row C Royal circle for £25!

Still to go : La Cage aux Folles (need to book *soon* as it's limited run and starts on the 20th), Piaf, Zorro (again), Avenue Q while Daniel's still in it. Oliver and Priscilla when they come out next year. (you are not allowed to go see Avenue Q again when Julie goes back in. No. Nuh-uh. You're already contemplating 'Last 5 Years' for her. Well, er, not unless Daniel extends because Julie + Daniel would be ♥. I am weak and this show is cheap.) Still wavering on whether to go see Joseph.

ETA: OMG DANIEL extended! Reward for nano, here I come!

Was muttering about 'I need a calendar I can see all the time/easily accessible to-do list' and... no really. Why didn't I think to look at google docs and calendar for this?
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My god. I've never been so bored.

Listening to this week's Friday Night is Music Night because Daniel Boys was on it, and the Daniel tracks had already been put up for d/l on the comm. Normally there's some extra good stuff that the comm doesn't mention because they tend to be a bit focussed. This one was a Charles Strouse fest (Annie, Bye Bye Birdie, Applause, a few others). Oh my god. Nothing stands out whatsoever. Even Daniel's stuff isn't that interesting. I'm a few minutes into the second act and am crossing my fingers for some Annie songs at the very least.

Merlin : pretty good. Decent acting, interesting storyline and character set-up, and good effects. The BBC once again haven't been able to resist the requisite slashiness. (several of the comments have been 'and cue the Merlin/Arthur and Gwen/Morgana fic is 5, 4,3,2...') Camelot is suspiciously clean. Not that period specific - seems to be a combo of high medieval, some Dark Ages - essentially they've decided to go generic fantasy. admittedly I'd have preferred full-on post-Roman Empire dark ages, but I'm quite happy with non-period-specific.

What I do bloody wish is that some of the commenters would stop whining that it's not TH White or Malory. Seriously. Get a clue. Every generation and take on the Arthurian legend re-interprets it in a different way, picks and chooses which bits, changes the back story of characters, focusses on other ones, dumps stories in it from other traditions. There are no hard and fast rules. You can do whatever you damn well like with it. I didn't see them complaining about the recent King Arthur film (the only problem most people had with that was the screaming historical fuck-ups) or the Merlin that was adapted from The Crystal Cave. Malory grabbed what he wanted and made up other bits, as did TH White. (I have a very low tolerance for either of these versions) Ygraine doesn't have to have been seduced by trickery. Arthur doesn't have to shag his sister. Guinevere can be everything from a servant girl to French princess to very Christian to a British war leader against Arthur's Romans. All of them are equally valid.
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Need to get off arse and go to Oxford street to buy pressies. Was supposed to do this at weekend but saturday was ridiculously sunny so spent all day doing laundry and sunbathing*. And sunday was freezing and wet, so could not muster up effort to do anything but hide under poncho, read fic, and do a bit of sweeping and vacuuming.

Wrote up the Edmund/Bacchus. Trimmed it a bit, need to figure out how much more of the Caspian pov is dead weight before sending to beta. After this, unless the bunnies attack again, I really need to go through the torchwood backlog. And then comes nano planning...

My current cover-up has about 2mm left. I don't use foundation as a rule, just stuff to cover up eyebags/spots/slight imperfections, and so I prefer liquid/grease to powder. Suggestions? My current is Benefit's playstick.

Uploaded discworld pics to Flickr - also a couple of stagedoor stalking. So one Daniel Boys if anyone wants it. And rather amused that I've got one of me and Emma Williams where both of us look completely loopy and terrible. Also included : that fucking white dress (which had the lace removed with extreme prejudice on saturday) and the discovery that me + six-foot axe = OTP.

*Part of this was with cramps. Fortunately, extremely warm sun works about the same as a hot water bottle.
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Stiles and Drew, Spoonful of
I can't carry a tune in a bucket but I'm on the stage )
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They just announced the line-up for the Faenol Festival up in Caernarfon. I'd heard about it before, it's a four-day weekend that Bryn Terfel holds. And on sunday, you know what the line-up is? Bryn Terfel. John Barrowman. And Daniel Boys.

So I check dates. 24th August. Discworld Con is THAT WEEKEND. GNAAAAAAARRRRGH.

John is... well, it's JB. Daniel is the personification of adorable, talented, cute and a great actor with a lovely voice. Bryn Terfel is fucking amazing (even if his diction isn't brilliant, but we'll forgive him for the voice and the acting ability and the mere presence). I saw Daniel and Bryn in Sweeney Todd, and that was great. But ALL THREE? The only way you could make this worse for me is if you added Julie Atherton, and had Brick Shithouse on dancing duties. In a contest to see who could menace better than Bryn and out-sexually harass people from entire rooms away better than JB. :muses: On the other hand, perhaps we should keep Mr. Vincent away from Messrs Barrowman and Terfel when they're on stage (Daniel would be just so much collateral. Cute nice boys just *are* when Mr. Vincent's on stage). Explosions in the space-time continuum might occur.

SO. :smiles sweetly at the JB and Daniel Boys fangirl section of the flist: You have a mission, should you choose to accept it...


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