Mar. 5th, 2010 10:56 pm
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Wallet got nicked on the tube this morning. had been praying to the FSM that it'd just fallen out of my bag at home, but a thorough ransacking of the house yielded no wallet.

So, reported to police for crime report number, stopped cards, phoning the DVLA tomorrow (not 24 hours like banks - one irish, one indian, one american for those). But yeah, week without cards. BUGGER. Trekking to the bank for money is not going to be fun. I just hope the credit cards arrive within a couple of days like last time; I hold no hope for my switch card. Oh, and I owe Jenny at work a fiver for lunch money today.

Got a follow up call to say that it'd been transferred to the British Transport police, so called them back after dinner, and boy are they thorough. Full description of self, contents of wallet, place on the train (cctv records), and got victim support number given to me. 'Er, what for?' 'Well, I've heard that not having any money to go out on the weekend is very traumatic.' (he was also doing the 'how come it only takes a couple of days for them to give you a new card but takes a week for them to replace a stolen one?' grumble - clearly a man who's been through it)

New Barrowman album = good. But the man is a FREAK. 10s? That's the type of 'bloody hell, how long are they holding it for?' time. You occasionally hear performers go up to 17s when they're really taking the piss. Heard Barrowman do it before, and he does it on 'One Night Only' on this album. However, 'I Won't Send Roses' - 25s. HOW? No, seriously, HOW? Please tell me they had some machinery that did that during recording.
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Trying to figure out if there's any musical score that's perfect. One where *every* song is brilliant.

There are musicals I love and adore, but there's nearly always one song you don't like that much and skip over/delete from your mp3 player. Anything Goes fails for having 'Easy to Love'. I thought La Cage aux Folles, but then remembered I've never been fond of 'The Best of Times is Now'.

Anyone got any that they can deem perfect or just miss it?

(interestingly, there's film scores I deem practically perfect*, but then those rarely involve lyrics and're often written with a full theme.)

In other news, listened to the Barrowman/Prenger version of 'So Close'. Nope. Daniel Boys does it better. Or has better producers. Something. I think it'd be fine if they did it individually - it *really* doesn't work as a duet - but something's definitely missing.

*Off the top of my head, Pride and Prejudice + Master and Commander for recent ones.
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Unedited (ie, not separated out into songs) Christmas in New York, 6/12/09.
track list ) - pt 1 - pt 2

La Cage aux Folles, 20-10-09, John Barrowman and Simon Burke. Not split. Warn for excessive giggling and Tom laughing.
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Being an account of going to see JB in Cage Aux Folles.

Half a brassiere, half a suspender )

and now, off to Wimbledon for Rocky Horror
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Barrowman's been announced for Albin in La Cage Aux Folles in Sept. Currently listening to the Douglas Hodges-Denis Lawson version and.... okay, my squee level is ridiculously high for this, I won't deny it. But I seriously think he'd be better as Georges. Mostly because though I have utter confidence in him being able to act it, and he'll kill the 'I Am What I Am' scene at the end of Act 1, Albin is meant to be very middle-aged. He's wearing the corset for a *reason*. See dialogue for general idea :

'There comes a time in every Salome's life when she should no longer be dropping the last veil.'

Not fucking gorgeous, square-jawed, toned and limber as hell - which is a pretty decent depiction of Georges. Not to mention the scene in the second act where Albin appears in a suit and is supposed to be completely withdrawn, no confidence, looking godawful in said suit and.... No, I'm going to have to see it to believe that Barrowman can pull that off. Graham Norton? no problem. (kinda wish I'd seen him play Albin now)

I've probably ranted on this topic before. But yeah, still having problems.
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pubmeet fun, and of course, was entirely dominated by Trek and how glorious it was. Main reaction being : 'we can has more? nao?'

Alex turned up around 3, I hugged him as greeting, and then got a lot of laughs and some 'ohmigod, you and *alex*?' from certain people who hadn't heard from the congossip. But since pubmeet is *where* we gossip, I suppose this was warranted.

Went Oxford, which is a much smaller station than I'd thought, and good god, it's terribly picturesque. Admittedly I didn't go much further than the high street, doing a quick trawl for food places (giraffe, where i had planned on first thought, said ten minute wait, then I looked at the new menu and couldn't see owt I wanted, so i hi'ed it to GBK. Mmm, chorizo burger.) I must say good evolution of having a bunch of the clubs and pubs on the way to the station. GBK is opposite Jamie's Italian, and I was in the window, occasionally glancing out at the queue. then another queue started forming at 7 at the theatre next door. And kept growing. and growing. Doors were supposed to open at 7, the family next to me also glanced out and we exchanged 'the hell is that for?'. Turned out they were also Barrowman-ing, and we couldn't figure out why the queue. Got into the queue when i finished at 7:15, the queue started moving pretty quickly - turned out there were technical difficulties, hence why they opened late.

Merchandising - large amount of t-shirts, surprisingly tasteful, lots of sports-style 'Team Barrowman', and few with his face on. Programme was large glossy photos from the album photoshoot, bugger all text, which is a relief, since you don't need to tell us what he's been in.

Lots of high-energy numbers with backing dancers of the 'Don't Stop Me Now' persuasion, a few from the album, Life is a Rollercoaster, I Won't Send Roses, I Am What I Am as the encore, a mad mashup of musicals done as a comedy skit with scottish accent and bad scots dancing which was bloody hysterical (If the Glasgow dvd doesn't have it I will pout a *lot*, because the JCS bit alone was brilliant, with the male dancers walking off as a couple with a 'how dare you' look at JB), lots of innuendo and bitchy chat and anecdotes (next time, NO DOGS). Daniel Boys got two numbers per act, which were gorgeous, though I'm unconvinced of his dancing ability. He produced a lot of sighs from the audience (Danny Boys' default setting = adorable). The 'I Know Him So Well' duet was beautiful. Utterly fucking gorgeous and restrained as hell. oh, and it turns out that the Dr Who dance is the Slosh. which his parents were brought out to perform. Basically, terribly silly and highly enjoyable, and JB was having a whale of a time pointing out his observations of people in the audience.
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Made resolution yesterday to go through all the radio interviews I'd dl'd while I was working. For the most part, amusing but one listen and delete material. However, came across one really interesting one. Barrowman, talking to Out radio in New York in 2004. Two weeks after Anything Goes finished in the west end. Lots of theatre discussion, Company, Cole Porter (De-Lovely had just hit the film theatres + his Cole Porter album), JB's experience of being out (he hasn't changed what he's said about any of this stuff - I've heard the exact same phrases and sentiments used in recent interviews, which is a bit of a relief - always annoying when someone changes their tune after going mainstream), etc, etc.

What was interesting was that apparently they were trying to transfer Anything Goes to America - LA, then if that went well, Broadway. Which as we know, didn't happen. Be interesting to see what happened there, especially since JB was talking like he was still attached to the production. But the real gem? About ten seconds from the end, when asked what he's got lined up next, he mentions that he's got a part in Dr Who that'll be taking up the next year. that's it. no hype, no squee, no 'omg this could be big'. I know that he's talking to an american audience who wouldn't have got precisely how big Dr Who could potentially be, but I find it somewhat hysterical that it's a casual mention of something that ended up blowing his recognition factor out of the water. (Ruthie Henshall also mentioned the fact that she's done years in the theatre, been a name headliner, but more people saw and recognised her from one saturday's work as a Dancing on Ice judge than that whole previous time)

psst. anyone got a spotify invite going?
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mutter ow owwww owww.

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for microwaveable wheat bags. Also great for when going out for fag break - stick in hoodie, nice and toasty while the smokers shiver. :snerk: On the other hand, it's very weird. Even when i was a size 18 I didn't really have a stomach. Thicker waist, sure, but no actual stomach.

Music Music Music arrived in the mail. Oh, the easy listening cheese.... (yeah, so waiting for the live versions which won't be completely blanded. It's a decent sound, it's just the obsessives can tell you JB can sound *so* much better.) I really wish he hadn't included 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You', though. Due to Drop Dead Gorgeous, there is no way I can listen to that song without collapsing into giggles. :blink: um. Due to just how *nice* JB's voice is, (rounded vowels and diction, etc), I think 'Right here Waiting' is actually blander and more easy listening than the original. No, srsly, WTF? and they just managed to bland out Daniel's voice on 'Uptown Girl' :facepalm: :reads liner notes: awww, he deems him a worthy successor to the nickname 'Leather Lungs'. can never decide whether JB wants to shag or adopt that boy.
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self, you have just booked a ticket for teh Barrowman in Oxford. You do not need to be eyeing the Cardiff date (following saturday) and going 'hmmmm.....'

But squee! tickets for 16th May!


Nov. 6th, 2008 01:28 am
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
12,580 / 50,000

cool. a quarter done. and about a thousand of that has 'expand here' and lots of bits in note form in it due to being written during lunch period. Peter and Susan talking historical borders the morning after their official investment. ambassadors is pretty much done and dusted, but still not sure what I'll be doign with the Archenlanders, since they're Wales to my nartnia's England.

Oh, and found something odd. poking through the bottom of the cd stack, and found a partwork cd from this thing called 'the Musicals Collection' that they'd released in 1994. I'd picked up the Phantom of the opera and West Side Story - parts 1 and 2 - out of curiosity and because they were on offer as £2 each as the hook to get you to subscribe to the rest of the series at the time. Opened the Phantom cd, saw that it was Jay Productions, which rang a bell, and then flipped open the inlay to see if I recognised any of the performers. And lo and behold it's the '93 Highlights recording with JB as Raoul. Must hunt down the West Side Story one and see who's in that. After doing a quick google, I found other works in the series were Scrooge and Threepenny Opera - anyone know of any more or heard of this partwork?
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A MUSICAL EVENT - hosted by Sir Tim Rice

Friday 7th November at 7.30pm

Tim Rice introduces stars of the West End and of contemporary music
in a fund-raising concert for the Truro Cathedral Choir.



And of course


A concert that features two of the West End's and television's
leading musical performers, John Barrowman and Connie Fisher, one of
the true keyboard greats of rock music, Rick Wakeman, and astounding
vocal acrobats, The Magnets, an a capella sextet that has to be heard
to be believed.

Tickets £6 - £20 from Hall For Cornwall Box Office tel:01872 262466
or online (HFC LOGO)


Couldn't you be two weeks earlier? During the Falmouth Oyster Festival? It's £37.50 just for a *single* ticket to Truro. It takes 4 bloody hours to get there from *Reading*. And I'm someone who's lucky enough to have free accomodation in that area, unless you're insane enough to get the sleeper back.

And for those insane enough to think of going down - yes, the Magnets are fucking fantastic live. Also eeevil.

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Andrew Lloyd Webber's birthday party in the park.

Party in park )

Last Night of Proms good. Bryn, that flag jacket... OW. We liked you better in the rugby shirt. Hee to the conductor and his chinese jacket. I think I zoned out during the sea shanty because I don't remember it at all. mmmm, Bryn, feel free to do traditonal simple folk tunes any time. Also, kudos to the composer and her 'Froms' tribute piece ('for the proms') who is funny and that was a good music.

Shely's birthday today. One day, I will learn not to eat any chocolate cake whatsoever and just stick to the icing. I tried for the smallest sliver possible and I'm stilll fucking queasy.

Finally found a blemish stick that goes on as well as the Benefit and doesn't cost £20. Why did I never try Natural Collection before? It's £1.99, goes on easily and the shades work. I tried the Rimmel that bunch of people recced and it's plasticy.
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Dear Edmund post ww2 bunnies, SHUT UP.***

Dear JB, die in a ditch. You did not have to go on Welsh radio and give teasers for the line-up of what your session at Faenol Festival will consist of. Moulin Rouge duet with Jodie Prenger. Duet with Daniel Boys. Premier of material from the upcoming album. All of these people? Far more fantastic live than on tv/recordings. There will be youtube, but GNNNNNARRRRGH. I'll be at Discworld! :wails: (hssst. [ profile] fairyd123, we want detailed reports from non-nutters. I'm counting on you.)

Had a thought for an alternate Conina outfit - the lacy white dress. Make the sundress out of broderie anglaise and tack lace on lace edging so I can remove it post-con if I hate it. Conveyed idea to Cathy and mum to see if it would work (people who have Discworld lore imprinted *and* are sewing masters). Mum : 'And I can't see you being happy having another white sundress *at all*.'

Fuck, my fast-typing spelling is getting really shit. Does anyone know of a decent program that's like Mavis Beacon?

Saw the Dark Knight. Oh. Dear. God. Utterly awesome, brilliant action, great script and acting but you spend the entire time going 'meeeep'. With heart carved out at end. And yes, a bit peeved about what happened to a certain character, but still - uh, where are people getting this 'one true love' from? And oh my god. I didn't think it was actually possible for them to make Harvey Dent as awesome as he's been in the hands of a brilliant writer when they don't care about editorial mandate. Nope. he was even more awesome. Aaron Eckhart. HAVE MY BABIES. :pokes Gary Oldman: no, seriously, how are you channelling Jim Gordon that well? HOW? Also, let me find your DNA patterns because I didn't think someone was allowed to resemble the bone structure of a fictional consistently drawn character that much without make-up. Slightly weirded out that the two main cops in MCU were quite clearly modelled off Bullock and Montoya, only twisted a bit and Montoya's background changed for plot purposes. Still, they really worked and this is probably the closest we'll ever get to my fave GCPD cops being on-screen.

***Fucking bloody bunnies )
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They just announced the line-up for the Faenol Festival up in Caernarfon. I'd heard about it before, it's a four-day weekend that Bryn Terfel holds. And on sunday, you know what the line-up is? Bryn Terfel. John Barrowman. And Daniel Boys.

So I check dates. 24th August. Discworld Con is THAT WEEKEND. GNAAAAAAARRRRGH.

John is... well, it's JB. Daniel is the personification of adorable, talented, cute and a great actor with a lovely voice. Bryn Terfel is fucking amazing (even if his diction isn't brilliant, but we'll forgive him for the voice and the acting ability and the mere presence). I saw Daniel and Bryn in Sweeney Todd, and that was great. But ALL THREE? The only way you could make this worse for me is if you added Julie Atherton, and had Brick Shithouse on dancing duties. In a contest to see who could menace better than Bryn and out-sexually harass people from entire rooms away better than JB. :muses: On the other hand, perhaps we should keep Mr. Vincent away from Messrs Barrowman and Terfel when they're on stage (Daniel would be just so much collateral. Cute nice boys just *are* when Mr. Vincent's on stage). Explosions in the space-time continuum might occur.

SO. :smiles sweetly at the JB and Daniel Boys fangirl section of the flist: You have a mission, should you choose to accept it...


Apr. 18th, 2008 12:21 pm
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People chuck tissues at me whenever I sneeze/cough. Have now perfected automatic motion of picking them up and chucking them right back, with automated 'I don't bloody need tissues!'** Now pondering if I can train myself to have the automatic reaction of hand coming up and batting it back to save even more effort...

**Coughing/sneezing is phlegm coming up from lungs - it doesn't get anywhere near the front of my mouth, so no tissues required. I knew you needed this overshare in your life.

Had [ profile] miniosiris squee-call yesterday after she came out of the Brighton concert. :g: me : 'so, did we cry at-' 'floods' 'amarillo?' 'whee! clapping! lights!' 'this -' 'guuuuuuuhhhhh' 'and -' 'that man's arse is amazing!' 'I am?' 'duh, standing ovation!'

I do love it when squee is so attuned that the entire conversation is in shorthand.

Also curious. Pick a song to describe me, or at least makes you think of me?
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Ah, JB + Birmingham Hippodrome PR dept : FANSERVICE.

oh, and due to nicking one of Dawn's bottles when it as empty for a water bottle, I now have Green Dragon flavoured water.
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JB at Millenium centre, also cardiff meandering.
John, get your arse back on stage - the concert )

messing about in cardiff. with added hail and snow flurries )

Spent t'evening catching up on internet. Dr Who? I want an Adipose. And Donna I can see growing on me.
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Right, you sods :

Jan 17th, 7:15pm, Birmingham Hippodrome.

Row H, 24-30.

Current people : [ profile] miniosiris, [ profile] wiccachik, [ profile] derryderrydown, Jo, and [ profile] clothsprogs, I've counted you in with Tom - yell if you don't want 'em. and yes, you will be getting gibbering on your answerphone.

And yes, I need to kill their online ticketing - we would've had Row J on the 10th if it hadn't taken too long to load...
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Was having a quick flick through one of those 'I know this is going to be awful, let's see how shite it can be' fics and... well... it surpassed itself.

'If Ianto had seen anyone else drinking that much liqueur, he'd have been concerned'.

I... ummm... so much glee. Really. it not only bypasses the cultural norms, (Jack was on his third glass which is... so not a cause for concern), the spelling (I believe she meant liquor), and the briticism test (we really. really don't call alcoholic drink liquor), it's also achieved hilariously awful due to unintended meaning.

Sweetie? If someone's drinking liqueur, they really have problems.

<-- now has image of Jack necking creme de cassis, or going through an entire tray of liqueur chocolates and slurping the centres.

In other news, JB has been confirmed for Robin Hood in Brum next panto. I need dates and headcount.

[ profile] liviapenn is making indignant noises about stereotyping sidekicks and other stuf re: CoCs and considering I've just watched Adrian Lester being five types of unmitigated awesome in Being Human - so much love so much love OMGIT'SUS (seriously, this is what patrick described it as) - if you've had this show pimped at you? THERE IS A REASON - this makes me so bloody glad about UK sci-fi and fantasy and BBC Wales.
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I love my parents. no, really. Sometimes just... love.

Dad is a sci-fi and media geek who loves musicals and raised me on Cabaret. Mum loves musicals and period drama.

Dinner is a sit-down job with a belief in the art of conversation and discussion and arguments about all kinds of topics.

And todays, after a bit of 'work sucks/some commuters are *weird*/other stuff, we got onto roles actors take for money - citing Michael Caine and The Swarm, which always gets quoted in these cases. I cited Barrowman and Shark Attack 3 and saying that it was cash in hand as a similar example.

And then Dad brought up a conversation he'd had with someone at work about Barrowman and where he's going to go from here - because, well, star ascendant. Big name, could pretty much do anything *here*, getting a good name in America - so the question that automatically comes up is 'When's he going to go for Hollywood?' Me, being the Barrowman obsessive was poked for my opinion. I said what Barrowman's said, about having a brilliant time here right now, feels that time's kind of moved on a bit from the kind of effort it would take to try to crack Hollywood, plus the effort you have to put into playing the game, (settled life, husband, etc, etc...) not to mention he probably would not be getting leading man roles due to being out. See Rupert Everett - best friend, not romantic leads. I hear you cite Ian McKellen. An article pointed out that yes, big star, big name... but past the age where he'd be getting cast in 'leading man romantic'. And films nearly always have a romance bit of some sort in them even if they're out and out action.

So it was also mooted that what he could do was go via the couple of big seasons in serious drama theatre darling and build up his rep that way - because none of Dad's mates were denying that he wasn't a serious talent - and then be based in the UK but do UK actor films (ie good scripts, not heavy on the effects and explosions), like a lot of the big name British actors do. Which is, well, interesting, because anyone wanna see him opposite Keira Knightley or similar?

And Dad citing on how much the BBC loves Torchwood because of the profile it's got in America and how much money it's making them to explain it to Mum. (remember, Dad reads normal media and listens to Radio 4 so he's seeing it from outside what fandom does)


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