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Having thinky thoughts re: the extended winter we're having. (look, ongoing snow, cold rain and temperatures hovering around 0°C counts as *winter* in England. it's colder and snowier in Scotland.)

And the fact that these days, the automatic English response to winter and snow especially is 'it's like bloody Narnia out there' and 'Jesus fuck, who called Jadis?' and 'Just seen Jadis go past in her sleigh. Ignore all offers of turkish delight' and variations on that theme.

We don't talk about Jack Frost (very much an american thing anyway), we talk about narnia and Jadis, aka the White Witch.

Which makes me wonder: How much does an imaginary figure have to be cited in popular consciousness in relation to an activity before they become the deity of said activity? (see Hogfather and the sources Terry used)

CS Lewis, did you have any idea what you created?
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Just realised haven't posted in several days.

Um. There is now? Lots of snow? And I have a monkey hat. i was considering the panda hat but felt I'd prefer it if I'd skinned the panda myself.

All shopping done, managed to foist off spare hat bought at south bank xmas market on brother under approval of the bro's gf. Still waiting for mum's lemon tree, but an email dropped to them this morning says it's coming from Holland, so I'll forgive 'em. They reckon it should get here by thursday, fingers crossed.

Feeding the five thousand, aka the pre-xmas neighbourhood party, did not over eat for once. but mum made way too much of the 2 stew-type dishes. Almost exactly twice as much as we needed - it's a horrible thing to have to chuck an entire pot's worth of coq au vin and an entire pot of aberdeen angus meatballs in sauce. (yes, we did freeze part of it but there was the stuff that'd been reheated and...yeah.) Made her put a note to cut that food in half and double the cocktail sausages. if in doubt they can snaffle the cheeseboard.

Everyone queued up to hold Ethan, who is a terribly well-behaved baby. Several jokes pointed out that when he's old he's going to be making 'when I was young we had *proper* winters' remarks.

Kara and Artem won Strictly. Me and mum squeed something chronic due to adoring them. We loved Pamela and James, but Kara's just magical and the only time she put a foot wrong was the jive. Plus, y'know, they're adorable and we were constantly going 'awwww' when they were on screen. Not to mention the sheer torrent of jokes from tess and everyone else about them (brendan! Bad!), and Artem bursting into tears constantly throughout. The amount that boy must get the piss ripped out of him by the other pros... (plus comparing his reaction with Ola's last year, which was 'Yes I damn well deserve this oh yes') And eep on tearing her arm ligaments - watching her perform the second two dances it was pretty obvious she'd really hurt it.

I will admit to smirking over the fact that Matt can breakdance and Aliona can't. But really pondering how much better he'd have done if he was paired with a better choreographer - say, Natalie. And really wish Artem hadn't chucked in bunches of flips to compete with Matt, since it didn't play to their strengths of being able to *dance*.

Booked in to give blood on wednesday. here's hoping my blood co-operates this time.


Dec. 6th, 2009 03:52 pm
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Spent saturday going through history tabs in Opera. Tomorrow, hopefully going to get through more of it... (look, it's healthier than still having them around)

Merlin was so much SQUEE. We actually got Morgana doing stuff! Being allowed to act! (apparently she has had scenes this season, they just ended up on the cutting room floor due to time. MUTTER.) Everyone did the Mordred squee. Fandom seriously loves Asa Butterfield. Not sure how we're going to cope when he reaches teenhood.

Watched Strictly, in which i spent a lot of time bitching about Ali and yelling 'sympathy vote!' at Leila. And introducing mum to the Chris Hollins love by showing her the Charleston vid, and she was not disappointed when it was his dances this time. Also getting whiplash from Craig being *nice* on occasion about someone other than Ali. Both of us giggled over Bruno and Len and went 'Darcy really needs to guest judge more often'. Coments about posture and crappy back muscles are always welcome. Bette Midler awesome. Argentine Tango from Vincent and Flavia was good, it's just that it's too show-type for me. Possibly because my opinions about Argentine Tango were formed by watching street performers up close, films like The Tango Lesson, Evita and Tango Por Dos's old skool. Where it's all about the control and precision and chemistry, where everyone raises an eyebrow at showy lifts. Tango Por Dos is a touring company, comprised of the Voncent and Flavia type younger performers who do lots of lifts and so on, which is very nice and impressive, but then the old guys come on and everyone's mesmerised.

Spent today packing for trip to Falmouth. This evening, off to watch Daniel Boys, Julie Atherton, Oliver Tompsett, Leanne Jones et al do a Christmas in New York concert at the Prince of Wales. Still can't believe I never went to see Notes from New York previously.


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