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so, spent today at work doing the usual of the past week. cursing comp, processing, gawping at the latest News International/Corp revelations, so on and so forth. 'bout an hour after lunch, working away and trying to kick my computer's arse, suddenly feel a little woozy. Ignore it, but it goes on, so drink some more water. Keeps going to seriously woozy, as in the 'standing up would be bad' woozy. Type this into twitter, hoping for it to pass as it's 3:45 and hometime is 5pm.

Couple of minutes later, those happy black flashes and vertigo that mean fainting imminent.
Me: "Oh bugger."
:faints and falls off chair: (well, slide more like since chair has rollers and goes backwards as I lose balance) :wake up two seconds after hit the floor:
Me: "....Bollocks."
Everyone else: "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?"
Me: "...I fainted and fell off the chair?"
:cue heather getting carted off to sickbay and spending the next half hour being VERY BORED with my legs up the wall to get the blood back so can stand up sometime soon and go the fuck home:

As Matt who sits across from me put it: "Well, you turned a really interesting shade, swore quietly then fell over. It was a bit of a shock and pretty impressive."

Get home, spend next couple of hours watching Wolverine. Because well done dumb action films are pretty much the only thing brain can deal with while recovering from woozy.

Head still feeling a bit tight. (dinner and doing the washing up and cleaning kitchen were fine) Off to bed, hoping it's not a precursor of being ill or some shark week-related shenanigans.

And I feel that Wolverine and First Class would fit perfectly, as long as we cut Wolverine off at the lumberjack scene. No silly genetic whatsiting of Deadpool, no Logan sans memories (really, pretty boring and got that way early years of comics) and no kids at the end/ Xavier with legs.

And True Blood. Hiiii, Eric. Sookie, Bill, you're not annoying me for once. Lafayette and Jesus, how so adorable? You too, Hoyt and Jessica. Tara? A personality? Surely not. Boring hillbillies. Sam. Meh. HOLD EVERYTHING, PAM IS ONSCREEN. WORSHIP MODE ACTIVATED.
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Hogswatch this year - relatively stress-free and quiet. with swag.

Started wednesday with me recovering from a 24hr flu session (which I spent woozy and queasy at work, recovering enough to go meet my state-sponsored vampirism appointment which i'd booked for the first time - seemed plenty of people had responded to the 'our blood stocks are low' call as it was pretty full, and my blood flowed well and quickly) which I passed on to my mum - she's been getting all my symptoms one day later. Slightly dodgy gut for the past few days but otherwise fine.

Anyway, all pressies arrived from amazon/play/amsterdam.

Haul - lessee, got Roman Britain book, jewellery, Armani Diamonds perfume (yes, shocked slightly, but then it was from the bro's gf and it's quite subtle and smells nice on), bits of chocolate, vintage fishscale mail belt, token, merlin S1 dvd (tag: 'AKOB without the spam.' Cue my squee to my mum's confused look and me having to explain that dad always barges in during merlin and asks what's going on with Arthur King of the Britons while I yell 'OUT!' - and that Holy Grail jokes just happen when any Arthur adaptation is on - as i shredded the paper gleefully), a desk calendar of obscure and lost words in the English language.

Dad loved his history of the Ordnance Survey, mum loved her lemon tree.

Went over to neighbours for drinks, where there was gossip, the saga of Debbie's trees - she'd ordered on 5' and one 6', they finally turned up a couple of days ago, and were... 2' and 3'. Yeah. Sian's preggers, Steph's sproglets charged all over the place, Alex's present from Chris was the Toy Story remote car with Woody and Buzz on it, which meant we had to assemble it *right that moment*. oh, and got a new copy of Good Omens as requested from Anna - Waterstones was apparently out of stock

Dr Who was ... :happy sigh:. I WAS NOT CRYING, OKAY? And Katherine Jenkins was pretty good and her singing was plot-relevant. cool. Great performances from everyone, snickered over how the Ponds dodged why they were wearing their outfits, and then we had a trailer of awesome. and yeah, it says something where for the first time in a Dr Who solstice special when it finally snowed, cue audience going 'bit *late*, isn't it?'

Strictly was rather good - Barrowman won - no surprise there, he's got training and if you can get a Quickstep that looks like that in 7 hours training.... fuck me. Vince Cable's was lovely and just floated along. Others - not a bad effort.

Beef wellington went down nicely. with some bloody gorgeous parsnips. The demon brassicas were kept at the other end of the table. Though there was some mad dashing around when it was discovered there was no madeira for the sauce and mum managed to unearth some marsala from the depths of the wine rack to substitute. :burp:

finished it up with watching the repeat of Going Postal on Sky.


the most adorablest stormtrooper evah.
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http://www.flickr.com/photos/burntcopper/sets/72157623882043962/ - Hub 4 photos. Mostly costumes, as usual.

Pubmeet yesterday was giggly fun. Was a bit weird as ears were blocked entire time and they've only really unblocked today.


Mar. 19th, 2010 01:37 pm
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Was supposed to get at least a few things done last night that I'd been putting off - hair dye, jobs, etc, but got hit by the thing that's been plaguing me a bit.

'Dopey. Steadily more tired and listless plus head/jaw pain. Upchuck.'

Fortunately, this one happened in the evening so I didn't lose the day as I have done previously.

Had previously recorded dates in diary, so the fact that the pattern appears to every 3-4 weeks looks like it's tied to period.

Body, you are very fucking weird. Pre-period pain I get. Headaches and dopey I sort of get, even nausea (more likely in my case as 90% of my headaches tend to focus on jaw), but seriously, being sick?

:pokes at eye area: Also, blood spots are not appreciated. They're not very visible but they do contribute to that ghost look when you stumble in the next morning.

On a more amusing note, as I was working from home yesterday, I put face mask on. Five minutes in, window cleaner calls as this is pretty much the first week it's warm enough. Open door, he doubles over in a fit of laughter and says 'Looking good as ever.' I mouth 'I hate you so much' at him, which sets him off again. Bastard. No good comes of having a window cleaner who's known you for years.

:sigh: tonight, I need to get shit done.
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yesterday was fun. Spent it feeling like shit, threw up before lunch, gradually went downhill until I gave up at 3pm, emailed bosses and went to bed. Didn't wake up until 12:30, then slept through to alarm. Still a tad woozy. I thought it was due to me going to bed at 3am but Shely says a bunch of people (including her)'ve had it this week. Fingers crossed.

Legally Blonde offering a fiver off tickets. Not that impressive, considering stalls and circle are £60. hrrm. Lee Mead's been cast as Fiyero in Wicked from May 10th. Should be interesting how the fangirls react. Barrowman is the villain for the last six eps of Desperate Housewives this season. Please, let the director sit on him heavily. Not that I'll actually watch it.

Oh good god. If you're going to have a squabble with your housemate at work, will you please keep the rest of us out if it? And the official word on why we get low wages is all the training we get. You mean the training that every job gives you?


Nov. 26th, 2009 12:54 pm
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Dammit. At the dry lips stage of a cold. not much more than sniffling, a bit bunged up and coughing though (not too many coughing fits, thank the FSM). Fingers crossed it doesn't get any worse before weekend.

Any recs on desktop twitter apps? currently trialling ada which I think is definitely missing some. however, I want it as minimalist as possible, along the lines of tweets60 for mobile - not interested in interfacing with facebook or screencapping the page.

Gah. Deodorant makers, why do you not make travel-sized versions?


Nov. 24th, 2009 12:49 pm
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oh, woot. I has caught the cold that was going round the department. The occasional cough of yesterday is now full bore strewing my way with tissues (or rather my store of coffee and sandwich shop napkins). Fortunately not at groggy stage yet. Fingers crossed it doesn't a) develop into flu and b) buggers off by friday.

Drinking lemon and ginger tea. I hate lemon and ginger tea. (tastes in combination are fine, just not as tea) Oh well. at least it's not the Durian sweets (actually more like a paste) that ming fed us at the pubmeet. And yes, Durian deserves all the bad reputation it has garnered. Holding your nose DOES NOT WORK.

Pubmeet was silly, fun, and included a Good Omens casting round. With 'wistful if only' codicils but rules were very firmly 'Who's available *now*'. Paul Bettany was very quickly confirmed as Crowley. 'There are others...' 'Paul Bettany.' 'I was thinking...' 'Paul Bettany.' we didn't really settle on Aziraphale though Kenneth Branagh and a few others were tossed into the ring. War, also not settled. Anathema Device considered v. difficult. Famine? 'Robert Downey Jr. Look, it's the beard!' '...Damn you.' Pollution? 'er... needs to be really fade into the background. Martin Freeman? He does always play everyman...'

Segued at one point into True Blood and Thor, with me sulking about the fact that Alexander Skarsgaard wasn't cast, as hello, viking, and I really can't see Thor as cornfed. Cue Steve going 'don't mind her, she has a thing for blonds.' 'Lies!' 'Last three shags. This list of your shallow moments.' 'The evidence is stacking up, Heather.' '...Dammit.'

Watched Merlin last night. it was squee and joy making and... the writers have been reading the fic again. I spotted at least three non-smut fic preoccupations in there, with exactly the same outcomes/actions as the fic. Rather impressed that there was such a huge amount of slash in what was supposed to be a het-focussed ep. And awwwww, Merlin needs more romance. So. Cute. Though I am glaring at the writers for wrongly labelling the monster of the week.

ETA: how to know you have a cold. you get the pepperami panini that says it has jalapenos in it because you'll be able to taste it. You eat and go 'huh, pleasantly spicy'. Peel back bread. find it's stuffed with jalapenos like they were rocket...


Nov. 8th, 2009 12:57 pm
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After shopping for socks and superheroine undies (clearly a hit for topshop, considering how long they've been selling them - and you can now get a Wonder woman bra. Sadly, Topshop doesn't cater for those with big boobs or tiny backs.) Bumped into Adrian and gossed a bit - apparently neither of us knew the other lived in Reading. 'How long've you lived here?' :self makes gesture around waist level, which is true since I remember coming up to my dad's waist when I was 5: Failed in finding a boob tube or sleeveless bodice-type top. came home, curled up in front of Merlin and Strictly. merlin was fab, although sadly continuing this season's thing for giving Morgana bugger all lines, Charles Dance chewed scenery like a pro, and everyone in Strictly was upping their game. Except for Craig Kelly, who much as I love the boy, can't dance. And how adorable was Natalie commenting about how springy the floor in Blackpool was?

Meant to start writing after that, but lo, jaw ache of evil so I spent most of the evening curled up pressing that point and the point in the forehead that the pain spiked up to. Yay. Couldn't eat either. Also realised I really needed to plot a bit of the next scene out before i can get to act 2, so eked out a couple of bits of plotting for today.

New Sherlock Holmes trailer. In which there is not just fabulous explosions, Robert Downey Junior, Rachel McAdams, jude Law and Mark Strong, fabulous explosions and many jokes, but they're actively slashing themselves. MUST. SEE.


Oct. 16th, 2009 12:25 pm
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oh, there's nothing like spending most of the day alternating between restless dozing and worshipping the porcelain god. With added 'I really need to put the towels in the dryer' :falls asleep again for an hour: 'Whoops.' At least I was working from home and didn't have to brave the tube. Now I'm at work and just feel vaguely blegh and a bit cold.

...Which is getting worse. Joy. Please let it bugger off.


Aug. 20th, 2009 10:44 am
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ended up going home early as i'd tried to struggle on as i got gradually sicker - started with headache, on into woozy and vaguely nauseous. Hoped it would get better with lazing in park at lunch, it did slightly, but the wooziness returned half an hour, so i informed co-workers 'Off to sick bay to have a fainting fit, back in half an hour'. It did get better (complete with being so bloody bored that I started tapping out the percussion of Ring of Fire and Prokofiev's Troika, and the office manager poking her head in because she could see feet through the open door) but returned again with the headache and the screen starting to blur. Tis a tad difficult to proofread when you can't see the words.

Staggered home on hot tube and then collapsed on couch to sleep/doze intermittently before retiring to bed post-dinner. Suspect since it came two days after end of period, it's me old mucker that I used to get monthly.

In ongoing notation, it turns out that I lose at least two pounds of water retention/whatever it is after my period. Noting this is at least vaguely interesting to self, and will see what happens post-camping, since that'll be a strange regime of probably high calorie but also quite a bit of exercise rather'n sitting on arse all day.

Working from home and it's pissing it down. I have laundry, sky gods!
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have sniffles. this seems to mostly result in scratchy throat and my ears not popping post blowing nose. gah.

I rather like chris-pine.org. When categorising by photoshoot, they don't say 'vogue oct 2009', they try whenever possible to list the photographer first. damn that boy's pretty. and now I find out he's a major theatre bod. CURSES.

Very, very amused by the proliferation of ontd communities for everything from politics to trek. Newbies will come across them and go 'but...but...why are they called ontd?' And in the case of that RPS'er in trek, not get that its basis is gossip.

Finally finished North and South. FSM, that was a slog. lift out all the internal monologues and kick Margaret a few times and it's a decent story. TV series did very well on the dialogue and dramatising scenes we're only told about.

Rather fascinating piece on childhood and its place in evolution on Frontiers on iplayer. Humans being unique even amongst apes of how long it takes us to be capable of feeding ourselves, speed of weaning and age of adulthood/full growth. Chimps, it's 12, humans, it's about 19. And chimps don't have that adolescent growth spurt. They think it's something to do with the time it takes for brains to develop, and the faster weaning means more spawn over what's pretty close to the same fertility period.
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Went out with girlies from work for Emma's birthday. Cocktail at the Nordic, then hie ourselves to the Roxy. Started with Emma, Lissy, Jellybean, Jen and Nicola. Lost Nicola after the Nordic. Added Abi at The Roxy, got there at about 8, went on the pitchers of sea breeze and some tequila thing that tasted like cheap margherita, then dancefloor. Way too much fun, v. silly, once again got the '...wow, you can move', cracked Jelly and Jen up with 'no, really, this is how you can get away with doing the Macarena, Saturday Night and the Hand Jive', then taught Jelly how to do bellydance shimmy (all in the knees). kept running into work people and previous work people. With that classic of 'My mate thinks he used to work with you.' 'Riiiiight.' 'he says he used to find you under your desk when you had a headache' 'Um. Possibly...' Go back to dancefloor, see tall and lanky bugger, bounce off the dancefloor and launch self at said feller in a hug, go back, get accused of tartishness. 'It was *James*. Louise's James?' 'Oh. Considering we've seen Charlie and Verity and Maria, that makes sense....' Danced selves silly. Apologised to the others for getting into a dance-off with two blokes who were painfully Jarvis Cocker-ing it, which meant they then stayed near us, did the slinky rebuff (you slink up, dance, and then dismiss him very obviously) of one middle-aged suit who'd been eyeing us up and dancing way too close for comfort, which got clapping from the rest. Left at 11. Me for the train home, them because their feet were aching.

Got across the road, started off for Tottenham Court Tube, then this bloke came careening out of the crowd, bounced off one girl's shoulder, and ran full-tilt into the girl flyering for the Roxy, slamming her into the Starbucks window, cracking it, then bouncing her head off the pavement. (seriously. it bounced. fortunately she stayed conscious throughout) I grabbed the back of his jacket as he started to run again, yelling 'What do you think you're doing', but his mate running after him pulled him out of my hand with a 'What do you think you're doing' and they ran off. Seriously. What the fuck? Meantime, a bunch of other clubbers were checking she was okay, I went back across the road to get help from the people at the Roxy, then it was kind of a case of everyone helping her into the Starbucks, them calling the ambulance and applying ice. Somehow I ended up being the one waiting with her for the police and ambulance since I was the only one who'd seen everything and was still there. Gave witness statement and details and then went off for the tube. Paramedics kept making jokes about getting free frappuccinos and showed me the lump on the back of her head. Size of a mars/galaxy egg. Not kidding.

And now I have a mild hangover that won't go away.

made the decision to finally get rid of the last few SGA comms I had on my flist. Feel a bit more cleansed.
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blegh. I hate how one bloody side-effect is the source of most of the really vile symptoms of colds.

over-production of mucus = blocked sinuses = pressure headaches, wooziness, dry mouth, fuzzy tongue, light headedness, hearing problems, etc, etc... and you feel instantly better as soon as you blow your nose. Seriously, evolution, you fail.

Listening to Felicia Day's Dance music so good it's bad mixtape, which contains a lot of classics. I don't produce or make music, so I only know tunes from the audience side, where if something is instant classic, it's an instant classic because everyone starts grooving to it. For those who do make music, do you ever know if something's brilliant when you're making it? Making stuff, I only know from art, photography and fashion. Photography you know instantly - either at the point of click or the point when the image is out of the camera. Art and fashion, it's a case of you only really know by the final point if something's really good, which is different from going well during creation.

Need new sandals. Cheapo pair that I bought last summer are on their last legs. Contemplating a pair from Office that're £40, but the problem is whether the more expensive pretty ones will be any more hard-wearing than the cheapo pretty ones I'm currently wearing. Opinions?

Augh. The early-mid nineties really are back. just seen a sight I haven't in years - cardi, short tartan shirt dress and ankle-height Docs. It doesn't help that I watched Empire Records a couple of days ago. (which is definitely a case of hee, since who would've predicted that out of all that cast, Renee Zellweger would be the star?) Oh well. At least the tartan shirts are actually cut to fit people this time.

Classic stupid pronouncements about swineflu : 'Latin people are more genetically susceptible'. ....What fucking hypothesis do you have to base that on? The fact that it started in Mexico, so most of the people who have it are Mexican or Spanish/Spanish speaking who visited their relatives or went on holiday there and thus came back from the area? This is like saying Soho natives are more genetically susceptible to cholera because they'd all been drinking from the infected waterbutt that first proved concusively the relationship between germs and disease spread. :headdesk:
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Yesterday was spent throwing up water and generally wiped out. yay body.

[livejournal.com profile] clanwilliam : Musicals, John Barrowman, Discworld, costuming, being a painted jezebel.

bing )

[livejournal.com profile] birdsflying : photography, cornwall, theatre, costumes, sherwood forest
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That i really wish it wouldn't. It's things like symptoms I know I'll get when about to be ill. No real impact on life.

dizziness/urge to faint when not feeling well
heat rash for no discernible reason whatsoever - no change in outside temp, which of course results in rash and being fucking freezing after because body has suddenly got rid of a load of heat it *needed*.
throwing up or generic queasy as a reaction to being ill. No, really, body. 99% of the time, the contents of my stomach are nothing to do with me being ill. I'll give you a pass on suspensions and overly oily/ hydrogenated fat/ too-rich sweet, at least those are *explainable*. The rest of the time, my teeth and stomach don't appreciate being emptied.
All headaches concentrating on the jaw hinge area even though I haven't been clenching/grinding, which these days results in queasy due to being right by my ear.
The coughing? no, really, body, quitting this any time in the last 30 years would've been welcome.

This brought to you by having those pre-queasy leading to vaguely queasy symptoms, thinking it was just gas, burping and still feeling not good....
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Sitting watching blackbirds (who appear to be the humans of the bird population - they're bouncing around something chronic in the snow), cursing outlook and tweaking manuscripts. And of course, those classics of 'Look, I don't care if he is bugging you, scroll down that email you forwarded - I told him no already with reason, he is not getting any more!'

Throat killing me. (along with general grotty feeling) Have suspicion that it's one of those ones that doc would look at, go 'inflamed, home rest, now go away'. Combine with scheduled train irregularity and this means more home working.
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Problem with Uggs (fake or real) :

Not waterproof.

So, fine for keeping warm, fine for trudging over ice and snow.... The problem being when goodge street and tottenham court road have turned to slush and the tiniest bit of water goes right through and soaks your socks. In the meantime, the outsides will dry quickly. of course, your feet are still wet.

i predict sitting around in wet socks all day. Wo0t.

:pokes tongue: You have decided to go gummy and white and icky, so I suspect I may be coming down with something. Possibly related to the gummy eye feeling that has not gone away since I got up. BLEGH.


Jan. 15th, 2009 11:43 am
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Remember how I manage to survive without getting so much as a cold while everyone else was getting flu?

I have not stopped sniffling all morning. Dammit. With occasional need to blow nose.

:wails: I have illegal recording of Douglas Hodge and Denis Lawson to do tonight! The mic picks up *my* sound first! (sadly, laughing like a drain is unavoidable...)
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Went Eden Project. Went 'oooooo' a lot. Got chatting with two jungle enthusiasts (the type that go out to Malaya and so on regularly - much griping about mosquitoes) who were there for the first time and gawping about seeing so many species up close and in one place, took them round the mediterranean zone, pointing out the scent zones and the sculpture, had lunch, went skating.

Few minutes from the end of skating, got heat rash. JOY. Went to get boots and bag, and then had to sit down very quickly. And then lie down. (do not argue with the black flashes in your vision). Started shivering violently and didn't stop. Got blankets piled on me, then oxygen and apparently my response in talking was slow and sluggish, and they couldn't get a pulse, plus 'ah, you're getting some colour back in your cheeks, you're no longer the same colour as your scarf.' Ambulance failed to turn up in reasonable time, they wheeled me into the paramedic's car, he drove me to Truro A&E, got dumped into a bed, tests done to show I was ridiculously normal, then dozed fitfully for the next couple of hours til the doctor got there. By that time wooziness had gone, so walked to Truro station and got home.

And I still have a ridiculously sore finger from the blood sugar test.
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pubmeet fun. and giggly. The word 'moist' entered into the general conversation due to Jackie and the description of one of the puddings...

Apparently gently tweaking bits of hair right around the scalp is akin to a gentle massage. Started doing it to Chris to annoy him and he went 'oooo, keep doing that' and then

It seems it was tickle Heather's midriff day. Jackie was going 'Look, real-life Black Canary! Able to shatter glass and knock people halfway across the room with her sonics!'

In other news, it appears that one of the girls turns into Donna when she gets bad customer service. 'Sour cream, nachos, hello!' In *exactly the same tone and accent* as 'Time lord, Tardis, best temp in Chiswick!'

Sunday : some sort of 24-hour flu which involved me shuffling downstairs once stopped feeling achey in usual sunday fashion - and then bolting for the porcelain god as soon as I saw food. Spent day on sofa feeling dopey and woozy and unable to stand up. And throwing up water. Appears to be going round since Lissy at work spent sunday in the same fashion.

Merlin squee )


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