May. 11th, 2008 01:19 pm
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Spent yesterday meandering around town, looking for ideas for birthday pressie for the bro. He's being spectacularly unhelpful, and fairly ill, so have left it until he has some idea. Bay Trading is being annoying by not having much in the way of colours/designs I like for summery stuff, but it turns out that I appear to have gone down a size in their dresses - I nearly fell out of the 12, asked for the 10 in another style I'd seen on the rack, and that fit fine. Excuse me while I poke my body a bit for this unexplained mass loss, since trying on their shorts proves I'm still a 12 on the arse. (I did fancy the Jeeves and Wooster picnic, but considering I got out of bed at 11:30 and it was v. warm and fuggy... nah.)

Jogging still burbling along, have extended run to the end of the first field, which used to be the 18 minute mark, which dad informs me is about 2 miles, so it turns out I'm up to four miles (a small part being walking, because no-one in their right mind tries to jog up the last bit of New Hill during the second half of a run. Seasoned joggers get over the railway bridge and go 'fuck that'.). Going to stick to that for time constraints for a while, since I tend to do my jogging in the evenings and thus would like to get back a a reasonable time. Crossing fingers over being able to get rid of the wobbly bits on the sides of my legs. I don't expect much toning there due to the type of exercise, but I hope for burning of the fat deposits.

Dr Who was silly, proved Donna has a brain that looks at things no-one else thinks of (it's like her comments about knowing exactly how offices work due to being Super!Temp). Methinks she'd do very well in espionage and planning raids for a very tidy-minded resistance who wanted to do more effective things than just explosions. Blonde alert )

IDA is... Jessie. AUGH. Diction, please? ALW, what is the point of giving her a song that you admit is completely wrong for her unless it's sabotage? Rest of the girls think Niamh is too poppy. I know Rachel's consistent and can act and sing and dance, she just produces feelings of complete 'meh' in me. Sam's pretty good, could probably do the role though I don't think she's going to get it. No-one stood out aside from Jodie this week. And can we please bloody have some musical songs that give them a chance to act? Looking forward to the stunt fighting tonight, since hey, it's a task that's actually applicable to the role! (most of my reviews about this are over in [livejournal.com profile] nancy_or_oliver)
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Today's case of '...my god some people are blind' :

Someone on the JB list, in the wake of eps 12 and 13 airing in the US, went 'omg, since when has Captain Jack been Gay?' (and yes, they did capitalise the gay every time they used it)

See rest of list go 'er, I'm sorry, did you *miss* the entire series of Torchwood? All the Ianto comments? The stopwatch bit? His very first scene in Doctor Who, since you said you watched those? The fact that he snogged the bloody Doctor? Every single interview/review/tv guide snippet about the series?' 'ALSO : NOT GAY. OMNISEXUAL.'

Oh, and they also seemed unaware that John is gay. Even though he mentions it in, oh, every interview and the sheer amount of press he did for Torchwood's US launch.

Plus : Must smite those who capitalise 'gay' every time they use it in a sentence. Big. Deal. How about we capitalise 'heterosexual' every single time? Cause sweetie? It looks patronising.

Watching Superman Returns. :sigh: tiny screen really doesn't do it justice. Also, I heart Lex. And Richard. And Jason. And Lois. and Perry. And all the henchmen. Especially the henchmen. (okay, I may heart Clark too, but... just not as much as the rest of the cast. except the simpering girlfriend who I wonder why Lex keeps around, like all useless simpering girlfriends of really cool bad guys) That's one *shiny* film. Its prettiness is beyond compare - the only way they could actually make it prettier is to have used Michael Rosenbaum instead of Kevin Spacey. And to have strangled Parker Posey's character within two minutes.

Oh, just got to the bit on the island Lex grew from crystal + kryptonite. And as ever, my comments from when we saw it at cinema come flooding back : 'Lex, it may be bloody extra real-estate but hello, no arable? Also : it is very, very clearly brittle, which makes it kinda crappy for building owt on...'' Plus : please don't commit one of the first rules of Villainry : chucking the *almost*-dead hero off a cliff normally means he'll come back. Much better to let him bleed out in front of you. With a coroner's report.

Also, I have new boots. probably the closest to knee-highs I'll ever get given my calves. They're DMs, brown and rather nice, with many buckles that on their widest setting let me actually fit in them. boots! ) And when I get back to civilisation, I will steadfastly ignore the fleece-lined CATs I saw of similarness for about £20 more.
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The Second Hand Unwinds
A tale of spies, resurrection gloves that in all reality are more useful as paperweights, immortals and archaeology professors. With occasional sightings of bacon sandwiches, but very few Nazis.

52,165 words. Located at [livejournal.com profile] darkisrising.

Disclaimer : Decent spelling and writing not guaranteed, but porn is. It's got Jack Harkness in it. What did you expect?
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word count achieved. I rule. Now I just have to keep it up until friday. and, er, figure out a detailed *plot*

[livejournal.com profile] samphirette, I'm pretty sure the sixth ticket is yours - need to figure out arrangements. Will you be meeting us in Brum or what? Need to book hotel space.

oh, and of course, a gap looks like it's finally appearing schedule (or at least nano's out of the way), so I can figure out when I can give blood. Couldn't give for ages due to tattoo, have been getting several begging letters... and now I'm starting to get a cold. Which disqualifies me until it's cleared up. JOY.

(for those who don't know, Blood donor services will kick you out if you're even vaguely sniffling. This is along with having visited the dentist or hygienist in the past 24 hours, low iron levels, you name it. The fact that I have to tick the 'ever lived in a malarial country' box probably means that they only use a tiny bit of my blood as it is. Possibly just the plasma. Who knows.)

[livejournal.com profile] bethynyc wrote De-Lovely fic! She wrote De-Lovely fic with Jack and Cole that is during the slow path years and it is actually *good* and EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (thinking about it, and yes, I've written it as personal canon that it happens during the slow path years - 1931 or '32, to be specific, to fit around Astaire filming 'Flying Down to Rio', considering Jack-the-actor's age/shyness/poutiness, I'm thinking it's probably more likely it happened during his time agent/two missing years period. I doubt Jack would've spent long enough on a con that would be plausible to cover the time needed to establish yourself as a reliable leading musical actor, not to mention the amount fo time you'd be expected to commit to a run, *and* then there's the affair with Cole Porter - the movie makes a point of establishing Jack-the-actor as *definitely* not one of his fly-by-nights.)
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Scene for Specialistic Journalistic Purposes happily achieved, and am very satisfied with it as an example of its genre (though there was a frantic moment where I was messaging [livejournal.com profile] katemonkey when I realised I'd lost track of what a limb was doing). Now about 590 words behind, so have to tackle the Indy and Jack adventure.

In other news, I want someone to write more Jenny Sparks-Jack Harkness fic. Possibly even porn, even though I don't as a rule read (and I certainly can't write) het porn. But, y'know, messing around in bed or aftermath would be fun to read.

Well, there's that and the scene that the world really, really needs. Jenny Sparks, John Constantine and Pete Wisdom in a pub in the mid-late nineties. This concept alone would be fabulous enough, but there's a particular scene I have in mind.
Pub in Soho, circa 1997 )

Rec of the week : Go to Listen Again on the BBC, and have a gander at this week's I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. The new meanings for old words bit is on fine form. As is Sound Charades and the sublime scoring of tunes to Swannee Whistle and Kazoo. Also an utterly filthy comment from Humph about Lionel Blair. But the highlight? Rob Dryden, in the second part of his first outing on the Antidote to Panel Games, singing to Tom Jones' rendition of Danny Boy (they stop the music a few bars in and then re-start near the end and you get points for being within a gnats' crotchet of the correct timing, for those who aren't quite familiar with this game). Never mind getting within the gnat's crotchet bit. The man gets spontaneous applause just for his singing before the record is anywhere *near* kicking back in. Also? This week's one is recorded in *Croydon*. Like I said, seriously impressive.
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Well, have just finished Agent Zigzag by Ben Macintyre, about Eddie Chapman, a double agent in WW2 on the advice of someone on [livejournal.com profile] little_details. Not sure how much I've absorbed, but good for atmosphere. Good read, large amounts of 'I'm sorry, they did what and let him do what?' but it does point out on the cover that you wouldn't believe it if it was fiction.

Debating whether to watch bits of Enigma or finally get around to reading more than the first chapter of the book in further attempt of my brain totally not thinking about nano. Been gibbering over Peter Wingfield in Holby City as well. Dear lord, *when* are the Torchwood team going to get onto that man's agent so he can be in at least one ep? I mean, admittedly watching him and JB interact would probably cause people's brains to explode - *especially* if they kiss, because good lord, those two men can screen-kiss and have a rather similar style of hands-on-face - but we'd go happy. (Hsst. Screenwriters. You know you want to have Peter and John in theoffice being terribly nonchalant and fingering glasses of scotch. And attempting to out-stalk each other in long swishy coats.)
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As all good Torchwood fans know, the culture and innuendo-starved colonialists are being legally* exposed to Torchwood for the good of their Harkness-less souls. They've just had They Keep Killing Suzie, aka a fabulously written ep which also has the somewhat infamous line about what you can do with seemingly innocent timepieces, aka the yell of slashers going 'SEE? WE TOLD YOU SO! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SUBTEXT WHEN THERE IS HARKNESS!'

*ie, actually broadcast on a tv signal they can get by paying through the nose for it, as opposed to download.

Ahem. Anyway. BBC America, like all good websites run by geeks, have added extra web content per ep - the Captain's Log, which has things like staff issues, rift monitor, alien activity, etc. And you know how we all thought you couldn't put more innuendo into the stopwatch issue than we already had? Oh, BBC America web team, you've done us proud. Look under 'Other Staff Issues and Upcoming Issues'. Please do not have a drink in your mouth, because your screen may suffer. Jack, seriously, how the hell do you *do* that?

Also, I want a t-shirt with Magically Fabulous on it.

And Kane? We love you so much, we really do. Listening to their live album recorded at a Starfury convention and glorying in their fabulousness as a live band. I'm really getting to that point where I prefer live renditions of songs to anything studio-done due to that whole musicals addiction factor*, where you narrow your eyes at popsters and go 'riiiiiiight. And how much of that is your actual voice and how much is that stupid vocal tricks disguising that your voice isn't actually that strong?' to that point where I listen to this, the new recording of Being Alive by JB on his not-yet out album Another Side - not the greatest sound quality, admittedly, due to it being off the BBC's Listen Again website - and start muttering about it not being nearly as good as the Kennedy Centre Company performance (WMA file, sorry) or any of his live concerts I've been at due to over-orchestration and not having that raw live quality. (understand that 'raw live quality' for John also automatically includes 'trying to restrain from giggle fits', crying with emotion, fluffing up any autocues that may be near him, and other issues...)

*part and parcel of this is the increase in your music collection of 'this wasn't recorded on a smuggled-in mp3 player, honest'

ooo, almost forgot, to file under 'new phrases coined at pubmeet' : Get Off My Biscuit.

We were contemplating seeing what would happen if we printed it up on t-shirts, wore it at conventions, to see if the phrase would spread to the point where people who had *no idea* of the original context would wear/use it. Like unto 'The goggles! They do nothing!' and 'I'll be in my bunk'. We've seen this happen with bloody dance moves, for christ's sake - certain moves you may know from such dances as YMCA and thought were bog-standard? They were invented at a convention. No, we're not telling you which moves.
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What are the chances of Jack Harkness making bad Star Wars jokes or comments (you have to pass through Tataouine, which is the place Ep IV was partially filmed, to get to Tiaret) or is he not that sort of time traveller? (The Doctor definitely would, but as we know, Jack is not the Doctor.)


Also, on looking at the geography and surrounding area, it looks like I might not go as far as Ghadames for final destination - Tiaret's got more valleys and such from what I can tell on the google map, plus apparently has interesting sepulchral monuments on the hills to the south. On the other hand, Ghadames is... sandy and dune-like (though mostly flat) and I can find more pics of the surrounding area due to some bloke taking a lot of photos of the landscape. Whaddya reckon, cross the border to Libya and therefore risk more Nazis or stay in border-country Tunisia? Gah. Still need to find plane and train times. If only so I can make sure that it takes place within the relatively short time period I've got for this. (needs to take place *before* March '42 but *after* November '41)

Next time, remind me *not* to do stories that require this much bloody research. (the problems of writing a period that's fairly heavily covered and still in living memory...)

And on typing 'Tiaret' into Flickr, it seems you get either photos of the town (with many piccies of it in 1910, mwhahaha) or... cat pictures. What's with the kitty pictures?

ETA : Think shall see if the lines work when I write it. It'd only be a couple of throwaway lines as it is.

Also, on the end-of-the-trek-line front, looks like I'm going with Tiaret, if only because how embarrassing it would be if people start going 'but... er... it's a wee bit difficult to drop something and not be able to retrieve it from a flat sandy plain with bugger all around it except one set of ruins'. (seriously, on flickr, there's a tumbled-down ancient wall that I've seen from five different angles in eight different photo collections) Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves is a lesson to us all. As are such things as the giant forests in the recent King Arthur film, whereas anyone who's actually been to Hadrian's Wall, Northumbria or the area north of the wall will know that trees are... er... well, they tend to huddle in small clumps. Against the wall. if they're lucky.
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Over here, they're pondering the 'what if so and so wasn't available for casting at the time' game for Jack Harkness. Some er... *interesting* responses. And several stuck on american actors. My thoughts below.

First, the character wasn't originally written as American - he was supposed to be British (take your pick of which country) and it's only the fact that JB slipped into a US accent during one of the early read-throughs and they felt it fit the 'film glamour' image better that he's American (which of course influenced later things like costume and character reactions - though not necessarily Matt Rippy casting, since it's not absolutely essential that the closeted heroic self-sacrificer is American).

So, casting details as they originally were : Really good-looking classic 'film-star' looks with a slight 1940s bent, con-man, convincing in action scenes, and believable in the 'will shag anything and *can* get anything' category.

:scratches head on trying to get someone to fit entire package: - I remember them saying at the time that all of that pretty much narrowed it down to one person who was on the UK acting scene, ie, JB so... hoo boy. And even if you got all the briefing elements right, your Harkness would be quite different. Especially later eps, because after the first couple of eps/first season, they normally start writing to the cast actor's strengths.

James Purefoy could do it. (go watch Rome, then call me)
Daniel Craig - no problems.
Paul Bettany - nearly all of it. except I'm not sure how he'd handle the action man factor. never seen him with guns and running like mad. (the ruthless bastard part, no problem)
Dougray Scott - most of, not sure about seduce-anything
Jason Statham - *if* he could pull off the dashing RAF hero image.
Clive Owen - omnisexual... er.
Peter Wingfield - almost certainly, atch.

ETA: I started running the Captain Jack Harkness lines if spoken by James Puresex through my head on the way home. I... er... um. You know how we joke about Jack being a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen? Now imagine the 'And this is Ianto Jones, he cleans up after us and gets us everywhere on time. He also looks great in a suit.' sequence. Um. Oh dear god. Let's just say the jokey aspect of that bit? Really, really not so jokey.

And once again, [livejournal.com profile] ironicbees is trying to kill me dead from sheer pretty in the Jeeves and Wooster department. Though this time, not so much with the subtext. Allll about the text this time round. :happy sigh:
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Title : Dinosaur
Author : Gunbunny
E-Mail : snapdragon@beeb.net
Fandom : Torchwood
Pairing : none
Rating : No sex and no swearing. am slipping.
Summary : Yvonne Hartman has views about appropriate behaviour.
Disclaimer : Not mine. Russell's.
Feedback : I accept burnt offerings and alcohol.
Archive : http://burntcopper.com/fic , anywhere else feel free.

Dinosaur )
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Title : If Mae West You Like (1/1)
Author : Gunbunny
E-Mail : snapdragon@beeb.net
Fandom : Torchwood
Pairing : Jack/Jack
Rating : No sex and no swearing. am slipping.
Summary : response to the [livejournal.com profile] at_the_ritz Jack Harkness singing challenge. Also, blame that extra on the dvd of JB singing.
Disclaimer : Not mine. Russell's and Cole Porter's.
Feedback : I accept burnt offerings and alcohol.
Archive : http://burntcopper.com/fic , anywhere else feel free.

If Mae West You Like )
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What can I say, I'm very insecure about posting non-beta'd fic, unless it's a drabble. (what can I say, my job is finding errors) Though knowing my usual betas, I'll probably find my fic torn to itty bitty pieces on the floor whilst I whimper, with them cackling and telling me that this bit works, everything else is useless, work on that, and add more porn! In some ways my betas very much resemble my old photography tutor Patrick. Except for the requests for more porn. There's nothing that quite sticks in your head like that moment when you present your first efforts of a project, all the work you've done so far is laid out on the table, and someone grabs half of it and ceremoniously dumps it in the bin and tells you to go on a completely different focus.

Also, to make sure certain details were right, I was *forced* to watch ep 12 again, re-going over certain scenes several times.

Anyway. it's Torchwood, Captain Jack Harkness ep (after questioning [livejournal.com profile] torch_wood, it appears general consensus is that the 'real' Jack's accent is newsreader/midwest with no overtones, though this has no bearing on the fic). I will be stalking my flist tomorrow night for hapless beta readers, you have been warned.

:kicks the WIPs: Now if you lot would behave...


May. 6th, 2007 01:13 pm
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Spent yesterday being ill (threw up a few times, got out for a bit to the park for fresh air, spent rest of it shivering on sofa and half-dozing half trying to keep eyes open for Dr who and Joseph competition - slightly peeved that I missed first few minutes and thus the group song of the second half). Tells you something when Jen phones up to squee about Dr Who, then her second comment is '... how ill are you? You sound terrible.' Even had someone coming over in Regents Park to share their strawberries and I had to grimace and tell them thankyou but they'd be wasted since I hadn't been able to keep anything down. Feeling a bit better today, but poking the weather outside. it is bank holiday. it's supposed to be sunny all day, not just for a few hours in the afternoon.

Dr Who fab. Josephs all not at their best this week, aside from Keith, who was sparkling all over the stage. Agree with Chris leaving - he was great in the first live week, great at Joseph school, just not able to sustain it. Ben has been shining even more, which proves me wrong about wanting him to bugger off in the first couple of weeks. Craig - not great, but the Les Mis thing was... interesting, because he pulled it off where the others couldn't. Rob, you have no range. Bugger off, please. Lewis, you annoy me. :pets Daniel and Lee:

Dr Who trailer for next bunch of eps. :thud: JACK! JACK! JACK! MORE JACK! It appears the trailer makers know exactly what the audience wants.
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Jack/Jack set to John Barrowman's version of 'Hero'.

Yes, I know it's a sappy song beyond belief. but the lyrics work far too well for that ep and that whole dynamic Cath Tregenna describes of them supporting each other, plus of course, Original!Jack being such a complete matinee idol cliche of an air ace hero. Yes, Matt Rippy, you are. Don't try to deny it.

And here's teh mp3 of just the song : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NI79NJU8
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:thwacks unsuspecting americans across the head:

There is no such thing as an ER in this country! Or liquor! (and they were doing so *well*...) There is a Casualty Department (old name, still used regularly) or an A&E (Accident and Emergency, the current name) Department. And we have drink or spirits. The closest we get to the word 'liquor' is 'liqueur', and that either means the alcoholic syrup you get inside chocolates, or the fruit/hazelnut/vanilla/whatever syrup you add to drinks. When you want to use the posh word for 'syrup'. If I see 'liquor' in a British fic, my brain automatically starts pondering whether the Ambassador is really spoiling us. No, really. Or start looking around for a Kir.

In other news, had large amounts of fun at the Torchwood meet-up yesterday. 3 hours in TGI Fridays, then 3 hours in the All Bar One after we got chucked out of there. Where we discussed Torchwood, Jack/anybody, how much we get annoyed by Gwen and will they please have her doing the job she's meant to, Barrowman, the scariness of stage door scrums, theatre, Harry Potter, Ianto the teenaged girl, scenes in fic that have damn near killed us due to laughing, and what would happen if one day Jack's braces went for a burton and Ianto had to get a short-term replacement. Which means clip-on ones because button-braces can only be found at specialists. Basically, every few hours there would be a *TWANG* echoing across the Hub.

Argh. You know how you occasionally think 'oh, that would work so well as a vid', then maybe it goes a bit further and you think of a couple of scenes for a specific line in a vid. Due to the *pain* (no seriously, PAIN) of seeing 2 - count them - *2* badly edited/bad scene picks for Anything Goes (JB version) for Dr Who/Captain Jack/Torchwood vids (one was during S1 Dr Who, one during Torchwood S1 - and neither managed to use the defabricator scene on either of the song's *three* lines about nudity/being undressed), I started randomly noting specific scenes for each line of Anything Goes' lyrics.

...Today I discovered I'd completed 3/4 of the damn song. NO, I AM NOT GOING TO LEARN HOW TO USE VIDDING SOFTWARE. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME.

Classic quote of t'evening :

Polish flatmate's friend (also Polish) : What kind of weather do you call this? It's awful! (it wasn't raining and was merely rather strongly blustery)
Me : ...Spring?

I have heard that in other countries, where they merely have something called 'climate' and not Proper Weather, that they take their weather programs seriously and not the cross between comedy and fortune telling that they they are in their natural form. Uncivilised, clearly.


Jan. 31st, 2007 01:47 pm
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http://community.livejournal.com/torch_wood/819990.html - You have to watch this. No, really. It's Jack/Estelle, Jack/Jack, Jack/Nine done to Nickelback's Far away (yes, I know, me reccing a Nickelback song...) and it's *gorgeous*. Editing's damn near perfect.
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Title : Colouring the Sky
Author : Gunbunny
E-Mail : snapdragon@beeb.net
Fandom : Torchwood/Authority. oh, and spot the other crossover.
Pairing : ....aside from Jack's back catalogue?
Rating : No sex and no swearing. am slipping.
Summary : conversation at dawn.
Disclaimer : Not mine. Russell's and Warren's.
Feedback : I accept burnt offerings and alcohol.
Archive : http://burntcopper.com/fic , anywhere else feel free.

Colouring the Sky )
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Well, aside from 'argh, not another bloody story where Jack's confused about the Doctor's new appearance'. PEOPLE. He works for Torchwood. Who catalogue the Doctor's appearances obsessively. He has Ten's *hand*. There was this thing called the Battle of Canary Wharf, where the Doctor was *in* Torchwood One, and they all bloody well recognised him as Ten, so I think there's just a *slight* chance that Jack knows exactly what Ten looks like. Plus, he's been on the slow path since the early years of the 20th Century, so I think there's a very high chance that he knows exactly what all the regenerations of the Time Lord look like.

I can buy that Torchwood Three don't know that the Tardis took Jack - there's a high chance the cctv was blurred or something by the TARDIS's presence.

But please. Stoppit with the 'Jack doesn't know that the Doctor now looks like a certain Scots actor.'

Trying to figure out whether it's worth sticking a line in the latest fic about Jack having played the lead on Broadway in The Gay Divorce and shagging Cole Porter. Yes, Astaire was in the *opening* cast of all three openings of that show, (one in '32, one in early '33 when it moved theatres, and when it transferred to the Palace in London in Nov '33), but I think you may notice that Astaire did Flying Down to Rio in '33 as well as one other film.

...I still can't believe no-one's at least dropped one single fricking line about De-Lovely in a Torchwood fic. John Barrowman's character was *named* Jack, fer crissakes! Platter much until we get concrete canon about exactly what Jack was up to in 1933, people?
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Title : Career Highlights
Author : Gunbunny
E-Mail : snapdragon@beeb.net
Fandom : Torchwood/...you don't want to know. Really.
Pairing : Jack/others hinted at
Rating : worksafe. No, really.
Summary : a look into Jack's career.
Disclaimer : Not mine. Russell's. And many other people's.
Feedback : I accept burnt offerings and alcohol.
Archive : http://burntcopper.com/fic , anywhere else feel free.

Career Highlights )
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Or rather, put Heather and Jen together to squee about torchwood. Though I'm very suspicious that she hasn't got a single filthy thought about the hand. I suspect too much exposure to Japanese stuff.

But still. One thought : Why, why, why dear god WHY is there no Captain Jack/QAF? And would there be an explosion of two such sexual beings existing in one space?

It's been firmly decided that Jack would be trying to pull Vince. And Vince being very confused, because surely someone that fit can't be wanting him. Also, Stuart being pissed off, because not only is anyone that fanciable is automatically his (if he wasn't a one-Vince man these days, if you set it post-series 2), but it's a given that Vince is his. We'd be putting the Torchwood lot in the background too for heckling.


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