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 AUs we need more of:
Political.  Presidential candidate Rogers, running mate Barnes.  I am also in favour of one where Senator Rogers is the candidate and Barnes is husband or security.  (aka Look, if Sebastian Stan will keep getting cast as the horrendously tortured gay addict son of the president/king, IT'S NOT OUR FAULT.) Bonus points for an appearance of Bucky's mum played by Sigourney Weaver.
Comic artist Steve.  I'm happy with pre-war Steve doing mad pulp comics, or him becoming the artist for the Captain America comics (Simon and Kirby started it in December 1940 (cover March '41) even though they didn't enter the war until '42) you could even have him taking over from them when they moved to DC comics at the end of '41, Steve being an artist for Captain America until he meets up with Erskine, him making it home from the war and getting a job as the artist...
BNF Avengers.  By which I am most in favour of still-being-Avengers and being BNFs in their spare time. Coulson is almost certainly a BNF of Captain America and Howling Commandos fandom in canon, at least pre-Avengers Assembled.  C'mon, Tony started writing Cap fic as a rebellion against his dad.  You know he did.  Steve starts posting Captain America and Howling Commandos art and cartoons, encouraged by Coulson, and complimented for his classic style and clearly influenced by Steve Rogers' style.  (added bonus for Tony finding out due to the raving about it and that ) 
And in the midst of this AU musing, I started another snippet-fic.
<a href=http://archiveofourown.org/works/1433743>Welcome to the Future, No Smoking Inside</a> - it's on part 2 right now.  In which Steve wakes up from the freeze and and finds himself chatting to a SHIELD agent on a break between welcome to the future briefings. In which Bucky was born in the present day.
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 So far, young Avengers - I spent so much time *smiling*. and then being a bit teary. *happy sigh*

Wonder Woman is GLORIOUS and horrific and family quabbles on an epic scale of beings that are *not like you* and the horror end of Greek mythology and I’m in love. Also, Diana, when not actively fighting or about to start one and is just hanging around or having a cuppa in a cafe, shoves her tiara up as a headband and wears a coat over the bathing suit. There are a few of these coats, but there is a distinct fondness for white, funnel necks and short burberry-style macs. verrrrry stylish, a distinct look and makes so much sense for someone who doesn’t have a secret identity and is always battle ready. *spoiler* the bracers she wears? Actually cage her power. Remove them and it, er, escalates a tad into the glowing eyes and crackling power around her, which fits for the whole god and demi gods only being human shaped thing the current run has.

Batwoman: oh, it was complex and interwoven and double-crossing and FAMILY and learning and limits and pushing through them and fucking up and learning and PTSD all round and broken and recovering and coming back harder and how being a military family fucks your reactions to normal life and paranoia levels and sneaking and creepy and spooky and haunted house and… then DC pissed off JH Williams and Blackman one time too many and they left, leaving the entire DEO storyline and Batman hunt dangling. And the issue after that is … generic Gotham tinged vigilante heist and washed out pale copies of our characters that are *nothing* like the ones we knew, don’t even speak or react like them. Kate and Bette are not Nightwing and Spoiler on a bouncy day, Andreyko. Sorry.

The thing about catching up in chunks is noticing all the ads. Aside from the really annoying new 52 newsreader update at the end of each issue - which is annoying, we’re not going to pick up stuff with a two second gossip-style newsbite on every character in the ‘verse but easy to skip. Preview short stories at the back, yes, not a 60 second news update. And there are a *lot* of adverts for crossover/theme months. …Villains month? seriously? How is that different from usual aside from the likelihood of random villain popping in and not having owt to do with the currently running storyline? and crossovers tend to be more annoying than anything, because you suddenly have this issue where nothing makes sense with story arcs beginning in a comic elsewhere that you don’t get. Which doesn’t smack of gimmick desperation at all, honest.

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 yes, I did just do a quick-n-dirty keyword search on ao3 to see if anyone else had done this...

had a drought since I completed Daughter of the Dragonlord, aside from not-really-going anywhere future bits which normally involve a lot of angsting and spinning wheels as expansion bits normally do for me.  I know they're crap, it gets them out of my head.  (these were mostly Mithian going 'I'm marrying Arthur and ohhh shit how's Merlin going to take this no matter how much she's avowed that she likes me and has no romantic interest in my husband-to-be she's had his firstborn'.)  Then wrote a bit of angst about Ben and Keira from my Infernal Affairs-MI13 verse.    In desperation and wanting to write something that wasn't wheel-spinning angst, flicked through notebooks to look for those one-line ideas I sometimes write at the top of pages.  This morning one went 'so, if we take *this* and add that old fic idea...'

Yeah.  So pondering Exploring Officer Charles and Raven.  He's an adrenaline junkie telepath!  She's a shapeshifter!  Back home they're the oh-so-respectable brother-and-sister Xaviers, mostly concerned with parties! Together, they gather intelligence in the Peninsular Wars!  

And yes, Erik and Charles totally had a torrid affair back in London, only Erik thought he was a complete fop who he really shouldn't have been that fond of, given how shallow and spoilt Charles was and Erik's permanent outsider status in society as Eastern European Jewish.  Cue him coming across Charles and Raven in a foxhole.

:headdesk:  oh dear lord, now I'm suddenly getting bits from that original regency fic I wrote where the couple couldn't stop arguing in public but had got engaged in secret ages ago...
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Okay, so we've had the confirmation that Alan Scott is going to be gay in the new Earth 2 JSA, partly as a replacement for the fact that we lost Todd. (mutter sulk MUTTER) click here to see him greeting his boyfriend, it is rather sweet.

However, my only real beef is... we were promised major hero. I know Alan Scott is a major legacy hero, I *adore* the JSA, but seriously, he's not really that major. All the headlines are going 'Green Lantern!' but, er, it's not Hal or even Kyle. (both of whom could easily be pegged as bi in old continuity, due to their serious weakness for the Arrow boys. Hal & Ollie were very much 'I'm not gay! I just happen to sleep with him!' whilst Dinah would be rolling her eyes in the background. Kyle was very comfortable with his sexuality from the start, met Connor and started covering his sketchpad with 'mr and mr Hawke-Rayner')

So, there was speculation on who it would be. Who would you've liked to see? I think top of my list would be Tim Drake.
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So, um, yes. more updating.

Job finished on friday. as a leaving thingy I got a Miss Chatterbox mug. At which everyone burst out laughing when I pointed out I was never given owt with her on it. (my Little Miss stuff was normally purple sporting a green bow.) Weirdly relieved in a way, experiencing this concept of 'normal sleep'. applying for jobs. Experienced today that utterly weird thing called signing on. Job Centre is this weird quiet place of depression. Who don't seem to have publishing as a career choice.

Saw Avengers yesterday. which: :flail: so awesome. so much fun. (giggling or outright guffawing every few minutes) So shiny. and yes, there is a requisite 'Joss you bastard!' point.
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Norway; Sweden; Finland; Denmark; Iceland; chrissakes, even Britain...

Seriously, so many bits about history, cultural reactions, general knowledge (remember how they released Thor in Europe before the US because we may not have heard of the comic but everyone's heard of the god?)... seriously, even ingrained politeness and *monarchy* would make a difference, let alone guns and govt/army reaction.

Dunno how much different but definitely *different*. Seriously, in the UK we have a tendency to chuck our princes straight into the military, which - at least we'd have a ready-made delegation.
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Title : Very Slightly Tainted Angels
Author : Gunbunny
Fandom : X-Men:First Class
Pairing : Charles/Erik, various other ones
Rating : Three swear words. I feel so *ashamed*...
Word count: 4965
Summary : 1930s Berlin au. ...I may have read a bit too much Christopher Isherwood and watched Cabaret a few too many times?
Disclaimer : Not mine. Marvel's.
Feedback : I accept burnt offerings and alcohol. ta to Pete for beta-ing.

Read more... )
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Someone kick my head in. Brain has... gone to the cabaret place. Or more specifically, the Christopher isherwood place and is pondering Charles and Erik in 30s Berlin. Not sure if it's a mutant AU or not, since nods would be interesting but so would adding the mutant stuff to the 'deviants/jews/gypsies' persecution.

Charles goes there post-getting his doctorate or part way through getting it (celebration or inspiration/needing time off, details, whatever) but also for the boys.

Meets Raven (Jean, not Sally - I prefer her having a brain and being the politically aware one and not just a deluded strung out mess with daddy issues) who works in a club. With Angel. (this was what partly had me undecided, since Raven occasionally performing blue and Angel with wings would be cool for a cabaret act but *also* the inherent 'argh' of 'what if they found out it's not paint' if I chose mutant)

Meets Erik in one of the clubs under the arches, not sure if they start shagging immediately, (shag then talk or talk then shag) but there's the usual of Erik getting caught up in a riot or two and the time he stumbles in with bruises and really lays down the 'hello, Jewish, this is what Nazis *do*, Charles'.

Toying with whether Alex is a nazi and whether Hank is working on govt stuff and being oblivious. The others will be there, just those two are the niggly ones. Shaw is off being Schmidt and therefore being a very scary geneticist getting in with the Nazis as they rise to power and probably not in this.

So yeah, needs more plot and work on characterisation. And given that I've only mainlined the Cabaret film into my bloodstream, seen the stage version, and the adaptation of Christopher and His Kind on the BBC (not read the books, I really need to), need to do research. any recommendations? Books? resources? (given how what the job state was in Berlin at the time, I'm presuming Erik would not have a job given that he's Jewish unless he was self-employed or employed by Jews. Somehow can't quite see him working the caberet circuit. unless you could convince me otherwise. Can Fassbender sing or play an instrument?)

And during this I'm writing out my snippets of Torchwood Pevensies. Which needs a plot. or at least a structure.


Oct. 16th, 2011 12:40 pm
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Pubmeet happened. Where we all went 'SQUEE AVENGERS TRAILER SQUEE', encouraged people to watch The Fades, talked 'Supernatural is the US does UK horror, just with prettier people', discussed the Degas exhibition at the Royal Academy* (specifically the relationship with photography and how it changed from a freakshow you took the piss out of and tried not to resemble in the 1870s to a really important reference tool by the late 1890s - seriously, go see) and grumbled about galleries not being very good at providing decent merchandise. It's generally agreed the Tate, the Dali museum, the Globe, and the Centre Pompidou are best at it. RA: It's all very well providing postcards at one end and £75-150 jewellery and silk scarves inspired by, but hello, the mid-level stuff? Bags? T-shirts? YOU CAN MAKE MONEY FROM THIS. WE WANT TO BUY THIS.

The duty manager came over at about half one to pick up some glasses, asked us to hide the krispy kremes as it's branded food, we pointed out that we'll be here all day, eating lots of food and drinking lots and do so every month, he got curious and asked what for, Jackie pointed at the London Sci-fi pubmeet sign. He went 'oooo'. And then joined us at 5 when his shift finished, and called his girlfriend the comic geek in.

Pete, Smitty and I discussed Captain America/X-Men/Iron Man crossovers. X-Men First Class and Erik. The fact that Iron Man Noir is a real bloody comic and not just an AU someone thought of where Tony Stark is a rich playboy Indiana Jones whose adventures get recorded for an adventure magazine by Pepper. Smitty and her evil ideas for extending the idea someone's only posted a couple of bits of, where Erik's dad gets Dr Erskine to get Erik out of Germany when he goes to the US, and then when Erskine dies in '42, he gets adopted by Howard Stark and grows up to be the Stark heir. (Tony is, by this stage and current film timelines, a menopause baby given that he would've been born in the 60s and Maria's pretty much the same age as Howard. I also pointed out the evil idea someone had that Maria was the girl who snogged Steve. Tony: 'So, the girl you kissed... point her out in this photo. Oh god. You snogged my mother.') Cue me doing a quick 'okay, Einstein came over in '33 and never left due to Hitler coming to power, Goodbye to Berlin (book Cabaret is based on) is '30-33, erik would've been... er... 6 or so, given his powers don't develop until '43-44..., might want to check when the kid trains happened to the UK for further date stuff.'

*I mentioned that I'd seen this on sunday. Cue Taz going 'DEGAS? WHERE? GIMME.' ...I did not know she liked this. Also, as there was lots of anatomical study, which meant I was provided with the very odd realisation that I have the figure of a 19th century ballet dancer. Seriously. shortarse, short body, hourglass with really big muscled thighs.

:sigh: cold appears to have set in. Guzzling fisherman's friends to combat sore throat and blocked sinuses. At least I'm not leaving a trail of tissues.
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after goss in coffee shop, tentative casting thusly:

Shen - oh dear lord no idea. does anyone *know* any Tibetan actresses?
Jenny - Sinead Keenan (Nina in Being Human)
Angie - Jen is nominating Archie Punjabi or Marsha Thomason (Diana in White Collar)
Jack - Sasha Roiz (I would now like fanart of Jack Hawksmoor on a unicorn, with rainbows)
Apollo and Midnighter - some of the lads off Friday Night Lights
The Doctor - Alan Tudyk is still leading the polls here.
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Right, booked tickets for Vernon God Little at the Young Vic, which I've been gradually coming round to the idea of from initial disinterest (and really fucking stupid disinterest during the original run, which was Colin Morgan's first starring role - but of course then no-one knew who he was since he was still in drama school and it was one of the Young Vic's strange plays). I'd first booked a ticket on monday when the young vic went 'last week left!' on twitter, mentioned it when i got home, and mum went 'hmmmm' and made enquiring noises about what tickets were left - so made a pact to go saturday matinee instead. I was vaguely worried about cancelling mine for tonight as several places have 24 hour 'fuck-off' rules unless the play's sold out, but on ringing the box office, they had no problems about exchanging one for three. a matinee at that. heh.

have been pancaked. Only three, but the important thing is the fact that the ritual has been done. with sugar and lemon. :burp:

Daniel Craig and Judi Dench break down why International Womens Day is important

Last few days, most I've been doing of significance (aside from freezing my tits off in the morning due to the steadily falling morning temperatures - it was bloody -4 degrees at 7:15 this morning! MINUS FUCKING FOUR!) is a writing exercise. One of the ongoing original 'verses I write is the Angel Harker actress verse, where I get to write tv/film/theatre stuff but from behind the scenes too. It kind of started off as 'convention fangirl becomes convention guest and the shit she pulls off' stuff but it's been a fun exercise. For instance, writing Robin Hood as a tv series how I'd always seen it. Wrote the basic plot of five Bond films. (Harker becomes Agent 0013, has variously minor or major roles and ramping up with story arc during one 007's time) had fun with her fucking with interviewers, especially the geek sites. Fan meetups. LJ and twitter. Auditions. Media. Her ongoing relationship with the Guy of Gisbourne from the Robin Hood series.

One random thing for her to do I'd always had in hindbrain was Jenny Sparks in Authority/Stormwatch as a three-series tv show. (as anyone who's read Warren Ellis' run on those knows, that entire run functions as 3 12-issue arcs, Jenny dying at the end of his run. which fits tv series perfectly) Stormwatch being a UN-run superhero enforcement team, Jenny Sparks being the burnout electricity-wielding Londoner who's the same age as the century (born 1900) brought on to run the Black ops team when they go through a reboot. Stormwatch implodes at the end of the second arc of the Ellis issues, he put together The Authority as the team Jenny creates from the Black Ops team and others she's picked up along the way. The Authority still goes down in comics history (aside from being utterly glorious full-on widescreen comics) as having the first gay superhero couple in a mainstream comic. say hello to Apollo and Midnighter.

So Monday, i'd started writing it. However, considering how much more I know about writing and so on than when i first started this years ago, especially tv writing, I've been going 'argh. How would you open this? What's the CGI stuff? one issue of a comic, no matter how actiony, is barely going to be fifteen minutes of actual script, even with the massive action scenes The Authority has.' (ditched the idea of starting with Stormwatch for this due to the sheer bloody complexity of it) With my usual behind the scenes/auditions/interviews/media stuff. Treating it as more an exercise in complexity and breakdowns of 'how'. been some fun changes - for example, Apollo and Midnighter, as they're the only ones who're a solid couple from the start, how you'd write their relationship in those days as the comic only has snippets of everyone's domestic lives. How much you'd show of Jenny and Shen. (a later miniseries not written by Ellis which explored Jenny's life over the 20th century had them as a couple in the later days of the Authority) Whether Apollo would keep his spandex. (only character in Authority who does - Shen is basically wearing leggings and a sports bra) How you'd do Angie's outfit, since Angie is naked with a headdress, wrist guards and a nano-thin layer of liquid machinery. If she changes, it is canon that her knickers would be on over the machinery. :muses: still unsure of whether you'd start the series with the image of Jenny the day before she dies checking herself in the mirror, clearly not well, or whether you'd wait until the pre-titles scene of the last episode. Oh, and spent the train ride home tonight trying to figure out who Drew (Guy of Gisbourne) would be. Eventually figured out he'd be best as Jack Hawksmoor. Re-read the comics this evening to remind self of storylines etc, and good lord Apollo's suit got shredded a lot. I will now amuse myself with the actor groaning 'and it's another shirtless scene today...'

Was mentally casting this as I occasionally do.

For those not too familar with the Authority:

Jenny Sparks - blonde, short-ish, comes off as common as muck on occasion but was born posh. early-mid 20s
Jack Hawksmoor - black hair, pale-ish skin, born American but lived everywhere. Engineered by aliens to being joined to the cities. late 20s-30s
Shen Li-Min - Tibetan, bloody great wings. early 20s
Apollo - basically Superman. American. Mid/late 20s-30s
Midnighter - Basically Batman but more violent. Ex special-ops. American. mid/late 20s-30s
Angie, the Engineer - Hispanic New Yorker. late 20s-30s
The Doctor - Red hair, Dutch, completely away with the birdies or stoned most of the time. late 20s-30s

Casting we did way back when was *always* Alan Tudyk as the Doctor, with a possibility of Grace Park as Shen - but she's Korean, not Tibetan. Any ideas?
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geurch. 11 batches of comics up, took 2 1/2 hours. Fuck, I'd forgotten how tedious and time-consuming listing stuff for sale is, even when it's virtually identical...

Still. Gotham Central, Green Arrow, Planetary, Global Frequency and Batgirl now up. £2 a batch, hopefully it'll get rid of 'em to someone who wants them. Couldn't believe some of the prices individual issues were up for. In many cases more than the original cost. It's not like they're massive collectors' items. Flicked through a few, got a bit of nostalgia.

Going to put the American Century issues up tomorrow. I cannot believe I bought this misogynistic shit. Not very well written skimming of the criminal underworld of the 1950s, with a few 'issues' thrown in. the protagonist shows up, women drop their knickers in two seconds. Maybe I bought it because it was supposedly 'cool' and a little edgy. Edgy my arse. Complete fucking gubbins more like it... Still, anyone who wants to buy 'em, good luck to 'em.

In slightly more cheerful news, can someone link me to an up to date listing of the current Bat family? Is Dick still Batman? What's Steph doing?
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dreamwidth code for anyone who wants one....

went for cabin-fever curing walk, now off to litter pick along my route to the station.

going to try to ebay some of my comics stash. At least the vaguely saleable bits. Given that I haven't ebayed anything in years, this is a bit nervous. I know it's just a matter of getting back into the flow, but still.

Just wish I'd kept up the pattern that I used to do - ten issues go by, dump on ebay as it's a nice size. I'd not have any more money, but I would have more space.

eyeing various skechers on schuh sale. damn you, [personal profile] fairyd123.
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Ah, new fandom. Learning which authors to avoid. From the ones who're terrible, the ones who refuse to use the spell/grammar check, the ones who believe in manufacturing angst and so on for no good reason, the ones who write them with eating disorders (seriously, WTF? Name me any character in tv who actually has a eating disorder that they didn't devote a very special character arc to. Just because they're skinny does not mean eating disorder. What's scary is how many of these are kink meme requests.), the ones who write decently until the end when they always fuck it up, and the ones who're technically good until you read more than three of theirs and then realise they're writing the same story over and over again.

Chris Evans has been cast as Captain America. Given that I've never seen the boy in Sunshine, Push or as Johnny Storm, I'm waiting it out. Also depends if they do a decent job with the story. However, the most important question : What's his chemistry with RDJ like? (seriously, even if you're the most blinkered anti-slasher, if Cap and Iron Man don't have decent on-screen chemistry, The Avengers film will have serious problems.)
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Stellan Skarsgaard's been cast in Thor but refuses to reveal his role. Who votes for him being cast as Odin? Still a bit peeved that Alexander didn't get Thor (I believe in casting Vikings as Vikings), but we can always dream what the father-son pairing would've been like onscreen.

oh, and reminds me - who do people reckon for Captain America out of the current pool of 20-30-something actors? (really. Cap is supposed to be in his early-mid twenties at most if we were going with a WW2 setting, and not much more if you were doing post-defrosting, and the MTV poll that got dogpiled by the Barrowman fans was ridiculous. No voting for actors who would've been great when younger. I want realistic *now*.) I'm not sure if you could get someone who could realistically play the undernourished suspiciously-looks-like-had-TB Steve *and* Cap. So, nominations for both appreciated.
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pondering about re-visiting one of my old fic 'verses. originally, standard superhero girl meets boy - they like each other in masks, meet at party, it's bloody obvious who they are, so there was no barrier to getting together in RL.

Have since been on a jag of listening to the Zorro ST. (this version is based on the Isabel Allende book, which I really have to get around to reading...) Which has the old-skool Lois and Clark device where she likes Zorro but thinks Diego is an useless prat. And now pondering if I could do that and how feasible it would be. I have a couple of factors on my side here :

Girl has been blind in RL due to measles since she was tiny. (parents into homotherapy etc and didn't get her vaccinated.) When her powers kicked in they were spectrum-related, so she can 'see' heat and uv and so on, so she can see shapes but not colour, and can figure out dark and light due to the heat refraction and intellectually knows that the cooler light on traffic lights is the 'green' one. Just not what you'd call 'normal' vision. Think Daredevil. Current generation of masks is new enough on the scene that no-one's figured out she's blind aside from her sister.

So. Er. Taking into account Matt Murdoch, how feasible would it be for Boy to not figure out that the superhero he thinks is an arrogant bitch is the blind girl he really likes who keeps blowing him off? (she thinks he's an arrogant jerk no matter what) How plausible a distraction would the blind factor be when you know the person in both personas?
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http://tinyurl.com/olkvxg - some pages from Brian Wood's Northlanders #17, the viking comic that talks about armour. [personal profile] gmh, [profile] silly_swordsman, here you go. And [personal profile] gmh, go and buy Crecy.
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Wolverine : fabulously enjoyable tosh and worth the money for the cinema ticket. Explosions! nekkidness! fights! great deadpan humour! Slight peeved at what they did to my fave merc-with-a-mouth during the film (the beginning, no problem whatsoever. Ryan Reynolds, you're fabulous and we can provide portable Bea Arthur shrines for you. You can believe in him going 'Do I still think in those little yellow boxes? Why hello, little yellow boxes, what *fun* we shall have together'). *Very* cool title sequence. And my god, they managed to make an origin for wolverine and sabretooth that makes more sense than thirty years of cack-handed comics attempts. Liev Schreiber = finally, a Sabretooth that doesn't look like an overblown wrestler and/or act like a sodding panto villain. And hello, actually menacing and threatening. Though I preferred Brian Cox as Stryker in X2.

Yeah. I find it slightly disturbing when the films make more sense than the source material.

...My aunts have added me on facebook. No, really, parental units, you have no desire to see the stuff that we put on facebook. I'm quite sure you don't want to see your offspring collapsed in the corner of a nightclub.


Mar. 6th, 2009 04:09 pm
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New Trek trailer. And it is SHINY. slightly disturbed that I can now say that I fancy Kirk. I already fancied Chris Pine, but a strategically bruised and dirty action hero Chris Pine is actually even more dribble-worthy than snarky supercilious Chris Pine. Slightly annoyed that I've still yet to see Simon Pegg as Scotty. The last set of promo photos I saw, he was the out-of-focus one at the back of a group shot, and he's not in the trailer.

latest photos of the Wolverine film.. 'Most everyone looks fine, except...er... Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? :is confused: Why's he even in Weapon X if he hasn't got cancer? Which, y'know, brings on the ugliness... And the description sounds horribly like early Liefeld generic 90s villain days. ICK. If he doesn't make at least one comment about the 4th wall, little yellow boxes, or fancying Bea Arthur, that ain't my merc-with-a-mouth.

Zorro last night. Everyone rather giggly. Sadly Matt Rawle was off and the Fight captain (insert name here, think it was Mark Powell) was playing Zorro - still great, not quite as polished, but sadly, lacking Matt Rawle's intrinsic disreputable and lecherous air. Also, much purer voice - less growly. I'd forgotten how bloody hysterical Lesli Margherita (Inez, Chief Gypsy)'s expressions were. Cathy nearly died during the Sergeant Garcia song. Lissy and Dario're making rather unsubtle hints about a Zorro costuming group. Everyone else : 'I can see the incredible difficulty of doing a gypsy costume, really I can.' cathy is busy squeeing because Adam Levy was in Tenth Kingdom (which I'd never clued).

Listening to the highly illegal recording (cursing that I didn't get it in August) and as usual, it's got a good several minutes at the beginning of each bit with my voice. Still can't quite get over that that *is* my voice, but I've now got to the point where if I hear it on a recording, I do automatically identify as mine.

To do list : get shirt, make the skirt. Debate on whether I'm going to go with shoes or boots. oh, and Clarks brought the black ankle biker boots (near perfect for the Cabaret outfit) down in the sale, but I just don't know if I want to shell out £35 for them.


Jan. 26th, 2009 12:29 am
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Watched first ep of Generation kill on FX. not entirely sure how I feel about it yet.

Waiting for Chris Meloni to show up and have his character be terribly nice and cute around actor whose name i can't remember who played Toby in Oz, and steal the 'gayest member of the squad' title from Rudy. Or for Toby-actor to flip out and knife a bunch of people.

Being Human. ♥ that is all. Dear Russell Tovey, please stop being that cute. And I couldn't do a proper lie-in this mornng so hauled self out of bed and watched Something for the Weekend because Russell would be on it. It is gentle chat and cooking with occasional celebs and clips of what's coming up this week on tv. I think the pitch was 'hangover tv'.

Usual suspects - is anyone doign owt on wednesday and feels like going to see Milk? There should be somewhere in the west end showing it... Also, we need to arrange Avenue Q since it ends in march.

catalogued most of my comics pile that I could find, aside from the marvel stuff. Kind of wish I could find where the parentals put the rest of it, since I know there's a damn sight more than this small mound, and getting rid of it sooner rather than leaving it moulder is better. dunno how much of it people from work will want - that goes on the loot page at the beginning of Feb, so I'll let them have first go at it, then figure out where else to post ads for it. Any ideas?


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