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Explaining the battle of Agincourt to Andrew using crisp packets and sweet wrappers as the battlefield. Apparently I just can't be arsed to use full sentences to describe battles.

'British in trees. French pissed as farts up this end. Frenchies charge. British mow Frenchies down with arrows. Horsies sink.'
'And then they get to the english?'
'Noooo. *more* arrows. Frenchies try again, only now treading on horsies. Our knights and soldiers come in to cut them down. Frenchies in armour drown.'
'Didn't they try to flank them?'
'Yep. See baggage slaughter. Well, that's the excuse given for our slaughter of the hostages.'
'Ohhh, the 'I was not angry since I came to France' bit.'
'Indeedy. now play with this catapult.'
It was concluded that my history lessons would at least be entertaining.

Sects: The Ioans are...um... not really interested in group activities. Neolodians do it out of pride, as do the evolutionistas. Patina-ites are very organised and scary in their organisation. Offlerians work hard and in bits. Fedexsians - tiny numbers but dedicated. Moon Goddess worshippers are very enthusiastic but utterly bonkers. Tuvelpitians couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery but we can turn up in force, and can sing better than you buggers.

ETA: photoses
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Um. Er. where to start.
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So, a glorious, fun, silly convention. I missed a lot of program items - Werewolf, How to Draw Dragons, Elf History just being some of them. Mostly due to this thing called 'The Bar'. Only bad point? Really fecking awful bar service during the day, especially serving early dinner, where they appeared to hide and I got one of the few competent bar staff on saturday. felt rather guilty about this.


Aug. 26th, 2010 02:40 pm
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packing for discworld con and working from home. The thing about discworld? One costume. ONE. No clubbing gear. The costume has changes of bikini for hygiene purposes and that's it. Alcohol and food has been bought, got to pack the regular clothes and washbag. And I'm taking my inflatable champagne bottle for a panel, last seen when I was dressed as the Absinthe Fairy from Moulin Rouge years ago. Yes, I've been volunteered.

Eyeing the met office, which is predicting mostly sunny but not getting above 18 degrees in Brum, so pondering whether it's worth taking trainers/boots or something heavier than my crochet top.
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Oh, that was a good con. Very entertaining guests, all the new ones held their own v. well, (Mark Sheppard, Thomas Dekker, Brian Austin Green, Julia Ling, Bonita Fredericy, John Billingsley, Adam Baldwin + a random Brody Hutzler - non-Angel congoers were staring at his photos while the rest of us pointed at his abs and went 'this is why he was a regular, people') everything ran on time, and absolutely no relationship spats or girls crying in the loos. And Jimmy stayed relatively sober. We're wondering precisely who Sean Harry sacrificed to the Elder Gods to achieve this.

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http://www.flickr.com/photos/burntcopper/sets/72157623882043962/ - Hub 4 photos. Mostly costumes, as usual.

Pubmeet yesterday was giggly fun. Was a bit weird as ears were blocked entire time and they've only really unblocked today.
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A silly, silly weekend. With muchos fun.
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Poking various web apps I use daily/hourly.

DestroyTwitter - desktop twitter app, work. Clean and simple.
Spotify - ...this is so responsible for some of my more embarassing playlists.
Met Office plugin - for when I want to scare myself with the amount of rain coming this way.

huh. appears I am terribly low-maintenance. Could've sworn I used more'n that.

it has just come back to me that Jenny taught us the con dance for 500 miles. And yes, it is weirdly complex due to extra steps you keep missing, and just as exhausting as doing the full bounce to that song. ...really, I didn't another one.

In other con-dance news, it appears that Grease is so embedded in the western consciousness that no-one needs to be taught it, except the etiquette that girls have to be on one side and boys on the other. Time Warp is only auto-hindbrain if you're british, judging by the amount of american and canadians we've had to teach it.

And why yes, I am zombie-like and croaky...
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Back home from convention on a very cold and rainy weekend. November, did you have to finally kick in *now*?. V. silly, v. fun, rather relaxed - guests gave good value for the most part, Communion was had (Leah Cairns and Luciana assisting his holiness the rev. Johnny Wallet - poor things got fed Rich Tea biscuits for communion wafers, and whisky!cam was screencapped and printed off for sale for charity. The girls were seen going 'oh christ i hope my family doesn't find out'), and partying acheived. Jamie Bamber and James Callis were on fine form - of especial note were James describing the Bridget Jones fight and Jamie's description of revenge on Baltar where he slashed himself, and his comment on the Thistle being a shithole. Both of them bitching about driving down the M4 to get here. Alessandra is v. sweet and funny (plays the very first Cylon in Caprica, and many of the blokes were wailing about the fact that she may be 21 but they feels so dirty about fancying her since she looks 16.) Leah (Racetrack) and Luciana (Kat) were funny and revealing, Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh) is classy and awesome, but definitely needs the right questions, and Morena and Sean Maher discussed Firefly, V, and other projects - anyone know much about Human Target? - and as is usual with the Firefly lot, took the piss out of each other. far more on form on sunday as not so hungover and jetlagged.parties and costumes )

and now, verifying nano (didn't have time to wait for the site on Friday morning - I really should've done in monday) and catching up on the fic and fandom comms...)

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Yesterday, made the 300 dress and caught up on wordcount. Just got to make the jewellery and put the fasteners on the straps. For all my grousing about really needing a tailor's dummy, the spirit of Rosie Palm was with me - put a pin in the centre of the ribbon, made sure that was at the back of neck, settled the cloth on my arse, pinned it on one side, pinned it on the other, two minutes of adjustment, doubled the ribbon for strength and keeping the cloth in place, sewed that, and... pretty much done in half an hour.


Really, the straps should be leather, or at least leather-like, and the material should be hemp linen rather than cotton lycra, but this falls correctly (could be looser from the hips), is bloody cheap, easily available and isn't as see-through.

Oh, and for anyone going 'how the hell do you stay in that', the answer on the night will be tit tape and a single pin. You actually need the tit tape and pin to make sure it flashes the flesh, because as the material is clingy and elasticated, its natural state is completely decent and showing off only a bit of cleavage.

I'm rather amused that the 'sexy bought costume' version you can get (google 'gorgo 300' on images), complete with recommended stiletto sandals and bad pout, actually shows *less* flesh than the correct version.

My only real peeve with it is that because I've got a relatively short torso, the second band around the waist looks somewhat redundant.

Hmm. On the other hand, I think I might now have a spare costume for Discworld - random goddess and/or priestess. I could even compete with Laura for the role of Bethan. Why yes, going as the character I'm known for's *mother* is a bit twisted. It's Sir Terry's fault. There's only so many named curvy blondes* in Discworld, and pretty much my only other option is to start donning armour. To which I respond 'On August Bank Holiday? HOW many layers? With the running around I do? Are you MAD?'

Oh, and finally found the supplier of my deodorant in a pot that smells nice and doesn't give me a rash by ... er... looking on the label. : Cornish Soapcakes. Comes in woody or citrus, lasts at least six months. Phew. Was resigned to only being able to get it when I made my pilgrimage to the Eden Project.

*There are very few named blondes in Discworld. All the others are specifically stated as flat-chested or anorexic.
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Things from Hub3 : Ways we'd like Ianto back : Harkness and Jones (deceased).

Torchwood conventions have two barometers : The Barrowman Line and the Roderick Culver Scale. One is a measure of bad taste and filth, and the other is how shite a guest is.

Note to self : if you can only remember a couple of songs from a soundtrack, there is a *reason*. The rest were shite and/or unmemorable. See True Blood, which is 99% average/shite country, 1% awesome title track.

Question for the colonialists : at what point do the radio stations start switching to country music? Still traumatised by that time we drove Denver-Vegas-California.

And curious : If you had to cast me in a tv show or genre, what type of role would you cast me in? (AUs are also permissible)

Hub 3

Oct. 27th, 2009 01:17 pm
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Hub 3 : a very silly but also somewhat chilled for a Torchwood convention (earplugs only required a couple of times during the weekend).

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ETA : highlight of Sunday was actually the remote control Dalek with a tie on. (several people going 'remember the fic where a Dalek got infected by Ianto DNA?') Who metamorphosed into Pimp!Dalek later.
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right. thinking about going to Mission Starfury in November, and thus comes the question - does anyone need a hotel room or conversely, a roommate?

And Taz, it looks like the themes for the Hub are 'chav, whatever, chav' Most inspiring. NOT.

Ponderig beauty and the Beast this autumn at Wimbledon. Anyone else?

Also pondring Hello Dolly tomorrow or friday in Regents Park - tickets are £19 if anyone else was looking at it.
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http://www.flickr.com/photos/burntcopper/tags/t1/ - including chuck vs. the flashmob

robin hood. I love Prince John. inappropriately of course. Best. ep. ever.
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T1 : Chuck, Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dr Horrible

HEE. This convention was FUN. And ridiculously laid back, with geekery being fully embraced, and for a Starfury con, a rather amazing statistic : more men than women. (plus lots of newbies)
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okay, for those going, question : has the hotel sold out yet? do we know what the room rates are? is anyone else going that wants to share?

Erykah, did you get my text? I don't think I've paid the room from Hub 2 because no-one contact me with how much I owe.
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photos from Hub 2. As ever, my con photos contain bugger all actors and're almost entirely of the parties or cool costumes. Well, apart from Matt Rippy in women's undies. And a fabulous hat.

Hub2 :

Mar. 17th, 2009 04:38 pm
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aka 'Tell your friends what you experienced this weekend!'
'...48 hours of cock jokes?'

Gold tickets nearly sold out on sunday, and Erykah is snickering pre-emptively since rumours started up about James marsters maybe turning up, and thus the marsters obsessives being thwarted from crowding out the front row.

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parties/bar. These require their own separate bit, especially the saturday night. Vaguely disturbed that I ended up being expert at con dances for a crowd I'd never been in before.... (and many of these did not know Star Trekking. Good lord. HOW?)

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yay. Got a call first thing this morning from M&S to tell me my card was used for a tiny amount last night. I didn't use it, so that's me waiting 7-10 days for a new one... wo0t. Oh well. At least it's the one I use infrequently.

Twitter : so far, liking it more than facebook. No bugger has attempted to throw a sheep at me or friend me because they want more friends. And the strange and odd snapshots of people's lives are rather amusing.

Got my beta back on the Jack and Ianto timeslip to the 1930s fic. Which [livejournal.com profile] lonelybrit told me was missing bits and so on and I was repeating phrases, so fixing that.

I. Um. There's only 2 eps of BSG left. may need to start hyperventilating. And it's been utterly brilliant. And you know perfectly well they've been making it up as they go along with several very obvious realisations of 'oh shit we said this here must fix now' (which is more than other series do - BSG don't believe in trailing plotlines). Thing is? The story doesn't feel like they're wrapping up at all, or obviously building up to a big bang ending, so AUGH.

Just realised I'm going to be missing Comic Relief. Bollocks. Not that I really pay much attention when it's on, but it's a lot more fun to watch the special clips the first time round rather'n having to hunt them down on youtube and iplayer.

Augh. other realisations for Friday : Bloody trains from Euston to Northampton are going on strike. Fuckses. FSM knows how long it'll take to get there... Oh, and I'm going to have to get up early to compensate for how much extra time it'll take to walk to the station with suitcase in tow. Hmm. need to get food tomorrow and check Baileys stash.


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