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Or rather their propensity to have the heroine cut/tear them off whenever there's action required.

Excuse me while I groan because it's clear you've never actually seen material cut or torn. It's up there with the writers who tear a shirt off someone for the sex scene - do you know how difficult this actually is?

Anyway: Person is wearing a long skirt or dress and suddenly there's a fight scene requiring kicking, or they have to climb/run lots.

The writer thinks 'Oh noes! material in the way! I know, I shall get it out of the way quickly! Character undoubtedly has a knife/ can filch one off someone, cut and tear it off and Robert is indeed your mother's brother! She can get on with her fight/climb in all of ten seconds!'

Yeah. NO. Material and the construction of clothing doesn't work like that.
  • First, there's the material itself. Doesn't respond well to slashing with a knife - you might get a hole in it, but it'll take a good while to cut all the way through a piece. Several minutes. Faster with a good pair of sharp heavy-duty fabric scissors, but I somehow doubt your character has a pair of scissors on them, let alone a pair that would be any good for cloth cutting (have you seen fabric scissors, writer? They're bloody great heavy things, with *at least* 8-inch blades). If you must do this, make a small cut *at the edge*, grab the sides and pull. This will very noisily make a clean tear in the direction of the weave. And *only* in the direction of the weave. If the material was cut so the weave is on the diagonal - it'll tear in that direction. So you'll have a tear that... hasn't done all that much aside from split the skirt.

'But they make big slashing tears in curtains all the time on film!' I hear you say. Yeah. On film. Remember how that's not reality? Also, they have physics on their side. Curtain cloth has tension and weight due to the whole hanging from the ceiling factor, and isn't normally cut on the diagonal. And please note that they always cut *down*. no horizontal slashing here.
  • Second: 99% of clothing is not made of one piece of material, due to conservation of fabric, and that amazing thing known as design and getting it to hang right. Skirts are normally made of at least two panels sewn together. And the sewn part is normally reinforced with thread, and specifically made to be resistant to tugging and tearing. So even if you were lucky enough to make a horizontal cut/tear to the material, you'll run into a seam. And have to start cutting again, only this time it requires more strength and several goes.

So all this has taken a good ten minutes, and an awful lot of effort, which I doubt your character really has time for. Not to mention afterwards she'll be running around in a hacked off dress/skirt, which would a) look weird and b) be pretty much unusable afterwards. Clothing isn't cheap and the chances of spare stuff that'll fit hanging around is slim unless you're lucky enough to be in the middle of a residential area on laundry day.

'But how do I get the fabric out of the way so she can climb/fight?' I hear you wail.

(Never mind that it's actually quite possible to do this in a long skirt, women have been doing it for millennia, and yet there's a distinct lack of anecdotal evidence of them having to mend their skirts when they come back from doing this.)

Fear not, dear writer, I have a solution!


It's that simple. Takes about 30 seconds at most, and that's if you're hell bent on keeping it securely in place for ages. And by 'ages' I mean an extremely vigorous evening of dancing or similar. Several hours' worth. If all you're wanting is to get enough material out of the way for activity, you only have to do this with one side. Which takes all of 10 seconds. Ever read anything set prior to the 20th century, and the female character says something about 'kirtling' her skirts? This is what she's doing. Hitching them up enough to do vigorous activity with her legs free and securing them in place.

Yeah. So, given the option of grabbing the front of her skirt and tucking it into her waistband/knickers or knotting it or spending several minutes hacking uselessly at fabric with a knife she won't necessarily have access to?

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So, the last weekend.

Weekend, up at the arse-crack of dawn to make trip up to Lancaster for Tors and Andy's Big Silly Victorian Wedding. Get to Marwan's, everyone got changed 'argh, how do you tie a cravat?' 'Ack, what do I do with my hair?' 'Oh good god, I think we've reached a new level of geek in these cufflinks', embarked and got to Ashton memorial - rather lovely temple-like building built near the end of the 19th Century. Everyone was decked out in several decades worth of 19thC finery, and did look rather good (Tors and Andy had deviated slightly and gone for the Stardust costumes). Which included Tors arriving in a bonafide turn of the century horse-drawn carriage.

Everyone settled down, after squeeing and hugging, registrar got up, looked over the audience, and came out with a rather classic line: 'I've officiated at a lot of these, and I have to say this is the best-looking congregation I've seen, and you fit in with the decor!' Photos on the steps, we could see the tourists all going 'cool! Not only do we get the building, we get a cast to go along with it for our snaps!'. Note to prospective brides : Charcoal grey is a rather fabulous look on bridesmaids.

Further borne out by when we got to the hotel the reception was held at, and the fire alarm went off post-meal, hotel staff gibbered a bit (Bridezillas do not normally take kindly to this) but were saved by the fact that all the convention crowd laughed, as did Tors, who went 'It's the Norbreck!', so we all exited and found out there was another wedding going on in the hotel. Victorian dress = not one single fashion faux pas. Unlike certain people at the other wedding. Some of our lot had gone out the same exit as the other wedding, and overheard a few good lines : 'Why didn't we go for a themed wedding? They look so much better.' Oh, and you know the standard stuffed-shirt look that happens on groomsmen stuffed into three piece suits? Lots of those at the other wedding, whereas the majority of our blokes looked good in this. Concluded it was because ours fitted and the gear being worn is designed to be worn all day rather'n a couple of hours.

Stuff at wedding: v. good duck. Yes, we were surprised. With conspiracy not to tell the younglings that it was duck. Lots of food swapping (All your lettuce belongs to us). Swamp Thing kicking off the dancing after the first dance, all the convention crowd being stared at by the families. We're pondering if Swamp Thing should be designated the geek Haka. Brides getting their photo taken with the firemen who turned up. Over-use of fans. We couldn't help it. I was teaching various kids how to snap their fans, with a passing line from Suzie of 'Mikado!' (yes, I learnt how to do it from Topsy-Turvy) which then segued into us looking over at the other wedding lot sneaking out for a fag and not being able to stop the 'My dear! You can see her ankles!' 'I have heard that some of them are not wearing petticoats!' patter. One suspects we may have watched too much period drama. Those of us wearing waistcoats doing a comparison of pocket watches. Me moaning a bit that I was the only person not wearing finery. 'I look like a shopgirl!' 'Atch, you do make a rather good governess.' 'Thing is, couldn't imagine you in posh gear.' 'I am now deeply suspicious of you.' What doesn't help is that I was often corralling/entertaining some of the kids during the photos, including teaching them how to feed polos to the horses. So there are several photos of me in the middle of a lot of posh frocks but my attention's very clearly on the kids. I really couldn't look more like a governess if I'd tried.

Oh, and late night rants on the subject of RTD and the superiority of Moffat and Matt Smith. It happens.

Photo albums : http://www.facebook.com/#!/album.php?aid=471622&id=897380289


http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1366221&op=2&o=global&view=global&subj=886140353&id=1463294142 - wedding party, taken in sepia
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Pre-con, having mostly packed (washbag, etc), I decided to go through my wardrobe of 'don't wear very much/costume bits', trying on for size and chucking them into 'still usable/ebay/oxfam/chaos costume scraps/BIN'. The 'still usable' pile includes Saffron (Our Mrs Reynolds), Nursie, Dale Arden, Buttercup's riding dress and a Gryffindor cheerleader uniform. Most of these went into the chaos pile because although they're wearable and fit, I'm never going to wear them again. Someone else can use the cloth. Other things found : 2 pairs of suede trousers, peasant shirts, leather trousers, smart black trousers still with tags A small pile of oxfam and a largish pile for ebay. I'll get round to it one day. gah.

Whilst doing a delicious search to see what people had been tagging/describing Putting the Natives at Ease (Narnia parents) with, I went through a couple of the stories in the same categories. And... wow. No wonder my stuff gets tagged dark. There were a couple of parents fics in there, and they're so... fluffy. Fairly keeping in tone with the books, but without the slight edge that comes from Lewis writing in the period.

This con, I'll be wearing a wig for the first time in ages that isn't the cabaret one. Fear me.


Apr. 6th, 2010 12:40 am
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Dr Who was a happy, happy place. We luvs teh Moff. Yes we do. With no silly bits like Russell's first ep. That is all.

Finished the Tink outfit. GLUING LEAVES IS A PAIN IN THE ARSE. (hoping as few as possible fall off since I don't want to have to go back in and re-glue or :shudder: sew a hundred or so individual ivy leaves on) That is all.

One egg down. One to go. Mum forgot to get Dad one so we were singing the 'Guilt!' anthem at her. Sadly the guilt only lasted 8 hours. We were hoping for 24. I will also not eye the cheap eggs in Waitrose for a week. That is all.

Watched Layer Cake finally. Cool, interesting, but I have no idea who the fuck was who or what allegiances anyone had at the end. Or what the point of Sienna Miller was, considering she was pretty heavily in the promo stuff I saw, so i kept thinking she had a more significant role than lust object. That is all.

I love Chuck, but is it me or is S3 kinda... off? (I really, really love the addition of Shaw. Sarah's getting kinda boring, though.) That is all.

Seem to have finished up the Torchwood circle town story, have completely lost all judgement on it, but [livejournal.com profile] etmuse and [livejournal.com profile] xenaclone say it's fine, so blame them... In other news, i want to write bad porn. My OCs have decided to angst instead. :kicks them: that is all.
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Feck. Went to show [livejournal.com profile] xenaclone what tinkerbell I was doing (and trying to figure out how to mess up a bit for Twisted Fairyales at Hub4) and stared in horror at pictures that came up on google image search. Somehow when I'd re-made this costume a few years after the first attempt I'd completely forgotten to sew down all the top bits. Boy was it wrong. Bottom was fine, Top... GAH. There were floaty silky bits when there should've been glossy shiny form-fitting. So, time to rip off the silky bits and then try to add leaves and green flowers and bits in an attempt to make it less bloody stupid. May paint it. Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks.

Bought Spamalot tickets for Parentals and me for first week of June. The tour got announced, I'd been poking them to go see since they'd dithered when it was in the west end, then Jodie Prenger got announced as lady of the lake which included the Wimbledon dates. Cue me yelling 'Dad, how would you like this for your birthday present? Oh, and I'm coming too!' This also solves his eternal 'I don't know what I want, I don't want stuff' which makes him a bugger to buy for.

Saw on site that New Adventures (previously Adventures in Motion Pictures, Matthew Bourne's lot) are touring Swan Lake. Cue me and [livejournal.com profile] cynicalcylon yelling 'BASTARDS!'. last time we dithered but were safe since they were doing it for christmas but only at Sadler's Wells, which means prices of the ridiculous. Now have to grit teeth and pick a date. addiction is a horrible thing, especially since they keep tweaking the damn thing. Some people are Wicked addicts. Some are Rentheads, some are Phans and some are Les Mis-ites. I suppose it's cheaper to be Bourne addicted. :pokes him: something new, please. Or resurrecting Spitfire or the one based off The Servant, we could cope with that too...

dum diddly

Nov. 25th, 2009 02:01 pm
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Watched Pathfinder last night (intensely violent but rather nicely shot and good to while away the time Karl urban = Viking kiddy raised by Native Americans who has to fight them off when the next batch comes a-calling). Pretty good. Wouldn't necessarily watch again, but good performances, doesn't talk down to anyone, has a not-quite expected ending and everyone is actually using their *brain*. (and of course the vikings are rapacious violent amoral bastards, what do you think this is? Fair? but they're *articulate* bastards) Plus lots of wee!karl Urban in a loincloth. No bad here. Vikings were talking in what I think was swedish since it sounded similar to the swedish used in True Blood. But I could be wrong and it's Norwegian. As ever, still a bit amazed at how much I was able to decipher (yay for common language roots! I do wonder how much French we'd be able to understand if it wasn't for enforced lessons at school.). Though would like to see the film it's based on for comparison, Ofelas which is Lapps rather'n native americans.

Mesh top for Pris arrived. Only thing is it's large rather than medium as I ordered, even though it still fits. Problem is, what kind of feedback should I leave? 'fast postage but er... the wrong size. But I'm keeping it.'

Listened to Legally Blonde soundtrack. So horribly, horribly catchy. Still confused why they didn't use 'So Much Better' on Children In Need as that's the one they're using to advertise it on the web.

:whines: why do fasteners, aka the most fiddly thing in this universe, all have to be sewn by hand? I'm sure there's a machine out there to do it, but it's probably industrial... 16 poppers for dress last night. two. sodding. hours.

Cold appears to be staying at 'blowing nose and occasional coughs'. GOOD.
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Yesterday, made the 300 dress and caught up on wordcount. Just got to make the jewellery and put the fasteners on the straps. For all my grousing about really needing a tailor's dummy, the spirit of Rosie Palm was with me - put a pin in the centre of the ribbon, made sure that was at the back of neck, settled the cloth on my arse, pinned it on one side, pinned it on the other, two minutes of adjustment, doubled the ribbon for strength and keeping the cloth in place, sewed that, and... pretty much done in half an hour.


Really, the straps should be leather, or at least leather-like, and the material should be hemp linen rather than cotton lycra, but this falls correctly (could be looser from the hips), is bloody cheap, easily available and isn't as see-through.

Oh, and for anyone going 'how the hell do you stay in that', the answer on the night will be tit tape and a single pin. You actually need the tit tape and pin to make sure it flashes the flesh, because as the material is clingy and elasticated, its natural state is completely decent and showing off only a bit of cleavage.

I'm rather amused that the 'sexy bought costume' version you can get (google 'gorgo 300' on images), complete with recommended stiletto sandals and bad pout, actually shows *less* flesh than the correct version.

My only real peeve with it is that because I've got a relatively short torso, the second band around the waist looks somewhat redundant.

Hmm. On the other hand, I think I might now have a spare costume for Discworld - random goddess and/or priestess. I could even compete with Laura for the role of Bethan. Why yes, going as the character I'm known for's *mother* is a bit twisted. It's Sir Terry's fault. There's only so many named curvy blondes* in Discworld, and pretty much my only other option is to start donning armour. To which I respond 'On August Bank Holiday? HOW many layers? With the running around I do? Are you MAD?'

Oh, and finally found the supplier of my deodorant in a pot that smells nice and doesn't give me a rash by ... er... looking on the label. : Cornish Soapcakes. Comes in woody or citrus, lasts at least six months. Phew. Was resigned to only being able to get it when I made my pilgrimage to the Eden Project.

*There are very few named blondes in Discworld. All the others are specifically stated as flat-chested or anorexic.
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Watching random farscape eps from S1 and S2 (I really need to get round to buying S3 and 4) and yay, just as nuts and good as I remember. And damn that's a lot of design in each ep, and the effects are bloody seamless.

Watching the Look at the Princess eps, which means we're getting early John/Aeryn burn the floor chemistry (those two were *scary*), little Browder babies, the start of Chiana/d'Argo and oh, look, one of my early costumes. Not a bad attempt, though I'm not sure precisely how I missed that it was a zip back and spandex-type stuff rather than cotton, given the way that skirt moves...
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photos from Hub 2. As ever, my con photos contain bugger all actors and're almost entirely of the parties or cool costumes. Well, apart from Matt Rippy in women's undies. And a fabulous hat.
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okay, the orange converse situation.... (yes, shush, [livejournal.com profile] lissy111, I'm aiming to give you nightmares)

Of course, the day the buy it now not quite right colour shoes are finishing, up pops these with 8 days to go.

Does one : Buy the yellow-orange ones *anyway* and wait for the orange ones or do i drop the prospect of the yellow-orange and just wait on the orange ones?

ETA: now added links to actual items....
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Right. Skirt finished (also finally decided *not* to get a new shirt) - and ah, the joys of pinning. Seriously. 3,000 years of sewing and the human race still bloody hasn't discovered anything more efficient or faster than pinning. We have the sewing machine, we have the unpicker tool, but noooooo, nothing has yet superceded pinning to hold cloth together pre-sewing. Also had the utter freakout of not being able to find my little sewing kit - the one that I carry to conventions and has my scissors, unpicker, chalk, several reels, etc. The spare room had been tidied and I could find everything but the little sewing kit. Cue frantic searching of my room, the spare room, the spare bedroom, downstairs. Parentals joined in since I was a tad... frantic and upset. Dad found it had slipped under a rug next to the bookcase in the spare room. Cue me taking about ten minutes to calm down. Mum was fingering the material and going 'ew'. Considering it's the last of the Princess Bride material, which was one of the first costumes I did on my own, I'm just heaving a sigh of relief. Now if I can find a way to get rid of the rest of the bales of cloth and odds and ends that take up the entire top of wardrobe...

I consider it karma that on my working-my-way-through-Big Bang Theory, the hallowe'en ep came up while I was pinning the waistband. With that wonderful reaction of Howard when the word 'costumes' is mentioned. :snicker: With Sheldon's querying of what the theme and genre is, and of course 'worst Catwoman costume ever seen, and that includes Halle Berry'.


Mar. 6th, 2009 04:09 pm
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New Trek trailer. And it is SHINY. slightly disturbed that I can now say that I fancy Kirk. I already fancied Chris Pine, but a strategically bruised and dirty action hero Chris Pine is actually even more dribble-worthy than snarky supercilious Chris Pine. Slightly annoyed that I've still yet to see Simon Pegg as Scotty. The last set of promo photos I saw, he was the out-of-focus one at the back of a group shot, and he's not in the trailer.

latest photos of the Wolverine film.. 'Most everyone looks fine, except...er... Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? :is confused: Why's he even in Weapon X if he hasn't got cancer? Which, y'know, brings on the ugliness... And the description sounds horribly like early Liefeld generic 90s villain days. ICK. If he doesn't make at least one comment about the 4th wall, little yellow boxes, or fancying Bea Arthur, that ain't my merc-with-a-mouth.

Zorro last night. Everyone rather giggly. Sadly Matt Rawle was off and the Fight captain (insert name here, think it was Mark Powell) was playing Zorro - still great, not quite as polished, but sadly, lacking Matt Rawle's intrinsic disreputable and lecherous air. Also, much purer voice - less growly. I'd forgotten how bloody hysterical Lesli Margherita (Inez, Chief Gypsy)'s expressions were. Cathy nearly died during the Sergeant Garcia song. Lissy and Dario're making rather unsubtle hints about a Zorro costuming group. Everyone else : 'I can see the incredible difficulty of doing a gypsy costume, really I can.' cathy is busy squeeing because Adam Levy was in Tenth Kingdom (which I'd never clued).

Listening to the highly illegal recording (cursing that I didn't get it in August) and as usual, it's got a good several minutes at the beginning of each bit with my voice. Still can't quite get over that that *is* my voice, but I've now got to the point where if I hear it on a recording, I do automatically identify as mine.

To do list : get shirt, make the skirt. Debate on whether I'm going to go with shoes or boots. oh, and Clarks brought the black ankle biker boots (near perfect for the Cabaret outfit) down in the sale, but I just don't know if I want to shell out £35 for them.
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6 She-Ra Ladybird books off ebay. Given that I can't find them at home, I suspect they've been attic'd. or donated. :glares: re-reading really does prove that it is possibly the gayest little cartoon *evah*. or as I put it, showing people a pic of Bow (token male) 'Does this look like a man who could see heterosexuality with a telescope on a clear day?

grabbed girlie from work to check how a knee length tweed skirt in charity shop looked on me colour-wise, went in, no bloody skirt... but on the other hand, one ankle-length Gibson-girl style skirt. (hugs bum, flares out below for walking purposes) Admittedly it's more Edwardian than Turn of the Century late Victorian, but it'll be a good back up and i can always use it in something else. Still making the red full skirt, though, since I have *no* idea what to do with 2m of red twill otherwise.

biting nails slightly - a pair of size 5 orange lo-top converse have come up on buy it now on ebay - but they're yellow-orange (name of colour is 'cheddar' to give you an idea) whereas the colour I need is the more bright orange. I missed the last pair due to not having any idea what size I needed. Do I get these just in case?

Laughing my arse off. listening to annie mac's mashup on iplayer and the mini-mix included the Ewok Song. And yeah, those of you who have heard me sing it? I get the lyrics *right*.

I am saved!

Mar. 3rd, 2009 04:37 pm
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have had brainwave re: costumes. It's turn of the century. and it's *Torchwood*. Steampunk-esque, here I come....

Hmm. Am sure if I get one of those fussy blouses in style now, add amalgamation of waistcoat, my velvet jacket, my leather trench, suede gloves, one of those waist-cincher belts, some goggles, boots, the fob watch... the world may be my oyster.

Just seen a pair of those godawful knee-length formal shorts in charity shop in tweed. must try them on to see if they can be unrolled for golf trousers.

oi, Zorro lot - time and place of meeting up on thursday? are we getting food first?
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body lotion
4x head & shoulders
2x eye cream
2x facepaint

so that's most of the carnival outfit for Hub2 sorted (pondering whether to get a bikini top for that too). The zip and ribbon are for the skirt and shirt for victorian, but i'm still not sure about that - I was thinking of going as standard tart/barmaid, but have no idea whether i can get away with using an outer bodice with shoulders. Flicking through the pattern catalogues is somewhat useless because they're a) high society ballgowns or b) schoolmistresses and c) american civil war. Anyone know? the lower classes you only tend to get with Dickens adaptations. any ideas?

Oh, and re-potted one houseplant...
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Just had a skin crawl moment. You know the costume indecision? Okay, before then I'd been bitching about a friend of mine who used to be funny and so on. Has in the last year of so getting steadily cruder, ruder, bitchier, lazier, to the point where I try not to spend very much time with him. Everyone's been getting more pissed off with him and less inclined to rely on him or count him into activities due to his unreliability. Mostly a costumes/crafting bod. In the last year or so, when you ask his opinion on which costume, he's been pretty consistently saying the one that shows the most flesh. Or more specifically, the one you said you didn't want to do in his hearing. often prefaced with 'You should do _insert character_, she's hot.' not a criteria for doing a costume. Really.

I posted a note up on facebook about the indecision. And he just came back with 'Black canary, boots and fishnets'. when I've said in his hearing I didn't want to do Black Canary because of the problems with the body part. and he followed that up with a text to say 'you should totally do black canary or you would make a bloody good supergirl! Or Sean is doing Dr doom so you could do a good Sue Storm and you can get a FF zanti suit off ebay for next to nothing.'

I... just... Has he been listening to me when I speak or looked at any costumes I've done in the past? And Sue Storm, film version? I THINK NOT. (not to mention I don't *do* non-breathable.) And yeah, doesn't sound that crude as such, but if you put it how he would, my skin has just crawled.
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Okay, *aside* from my Hub2 problems (getting victorian stuff, how long the painting will take for circus freak to extend my tat), I'm almost certainly doing She-Ra for kids tv at T1, Orange Orange for Agents, then comes Heroes and Villains night. Somewhat torn. I've kind of narrowed it down to two (unless you lot have better ideas), and understand I'm trying to go for blonds with minimal clothing whenever possible to cut down on wigs. I had been thinking of Black Canary then reminded myself that this would involve a leather modified bathing costume. aka *fuck no*. So, weighing up the values of obscurity...

[Poll #1355284]

In other news, the jack and ianto fall through the rift into the 30s with shameless jeeves and wooster referencing has *finally* got some cohesion and looks close to being finished. So I need a beta. :bats eyelashes:

[livejournal.com profile] snowballjane? You need to write that ghost fic. NOW. Before you get utterly mindfucked by whatever Toby Whithouse pulls on us this week.
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wanna read fic. Cannot as it's no longer lunchtime. Plus, am really in the mood for porn right now and that's *really* not allowed. :sulk:

Nothing like spending ten minutes cleaning the contact points and removing hair and fluff coiled round rods in your mouse so it works. (special ergonomic trek-like mouse)

bsg and being human being v. slow at dl'ing last night and was only half-done when I got up this morning. Dammit. And that was *last week*'s being human, too. Missed last night's due to parents dragging me to dinner post-them going to see Slumdog Millionaire (yours isn't really that interested in seeing it right now). Need to watch the second part of Sir Terry's Alzheimer doc on iplayer, too...

Things I feel I need to d/l (finding time to actually watch, though...) : Middleman, Big Bang Theory, Burn Notice. Still debating whether I can actually be arsed to d/l the second half of SGA S5, considering all the reports were not exactly filling me with joy. Is Life on Mars the US version worth it or is the absence of the godlike presence that is the original Gene Hunt entirely galling?

Went Basildon Park on sunday afternoon, pre-lunch. Which is pretty, a bit cold and grey with occasional showers, and has a rather fascinating mini-exhibit on the Pride and Prejudice filming, with lots on the logistics - from being approached by the location scouts to all the extra facings that had to be made and so on - seven months closure for ten days of filming, including diaries and so on through to the long and careful tear-down. Apparently it was a real head scratcher on giving the decision, since it was the first time a National Trust property's been closed that long for something other than renovation. As we know, they came down on the side of 'massive injection of cash and tourism'. Plus of course, no stately home viewing is complete without doing the 'spot the signs of people who actually work there' - tucked away corners with ye olde B&Q plastic garden chairs and wheelbarrows. Colour me odd but I actually find that stuff more interesting than the 500 old paintings on the walls. Complete with family scowling en masse at the utter waste of what was clearly walled kitchen garden which has been left to go fallow and was now paddock.

Of course, now that I've confirmed my size in converse, there are no orange lo-top converse to be found anywhere in my size. With that in mind, need to solicit an opinion/experience from the crowd - how difficult are converse to dye or paint? and which would you rec?

Other costume shite - think shall go as carnival freak for Hub2, probs based around tattoo. Victorian theme on the other hand, though... erg. I have very little that could possibly count as victorian aside from my bowler. Need to decide between whether I'll do owt else than Jenny Sparks for Heroes night for T1. Kids night, logistics of She-Ra needs to be figured out.

Need to get off arse with regards to unfinished torchwood fic. It's hanging around looking petulant.
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Right, just booked for Hub 2, silver ticket because that's cheaper than getting individual photo tickets (and boy do I want *all* the guests.

Still to do : book hotel for T1.

Costumes. Hrrm. Toss-ups for both :

kids tv theme will almost certainly be She-Ra. Problem being the modelling bits.
heroes & Villains - Black Canary or Meggan. Black Canary will require a leather body. Which will be a fucking arse to make. Meggan is full-spandex, so relatively easy and will...probably need a really big wig. (and Captain Britain as an accessory would be nice. oh Alex....)

Hub 2:
Mary: entire outfit needs buying from scratch from various charity shops. also, wig.
Pearl: essentially, tankini and shorts + bathing cap.



Jan. 19th, 2009 11:22 am
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Being Human? See Julie Gardner carefully not mention Phoo Action debacle and fudge anything about them not getting casting done on time. And the characters had started out in a sitcom pitch which wasn't working until they thought of the supernatural twist. oh, and filming the pilot meant they got to see what worked/didn't work much more clearly than going straight into filming, which you don't normally get to do these days.

Anyway, the verdict (sans major spoilers) : we may pout about no Guy Flanagan and Andrea Riseborough, but you forget within a minute of starting because Aidan and Leonora are *fab* (Annie is cuter and less awkward). And laugh yourself stupid. George is... George. :happy sigh: And Russell Tovey is more adorable than an adorable thing, who poshes up his accent for George and did a George hand-flail for us when demonstrating how he got into George mind-set.

They may say the pilot is no longer canon, but it essentially starts a few days/one week after the pilot (they're settled in and comfy with each other and George is asking the landlord about the taps). Pilot still valid. We get to see how everyone became what they are in the intro.

They de-sterotype glam gothed the vampires! HURRAH! (remember how that was one of the bits that just didn't work? Lauren suddenly going glam vamp, etc) Herrick is far, far creepier now that he's very very normal and re-cast. There's this mid-conversation turn on a sixpence that is said in the exact tone which is just eeep.

George and Mitchell : COUPLE.

Pubmeet : THEY ARE ALL EVIL. five minutes before I leave due to sleepiness, I get attacked and proceed to puncture the eardrums of everyone else in the pub because pubmeet crowd decide it's tickle-the-Heather time. Hmm. pondering costumes - Black Canary or Meggan for superheroes night, and either Mary or Pearl for Hub 2... (mary is problematic due to having to buy an entire new bloody outfit and wig. Boots I remembered on sunday that I have the ones from Padme that I can paint black)

Sunday : meant to watch new BSG ep and several other things but got attacked by nausea/headache at 1pm. WoOt. Struggle into London, get to Leicester Square @ 6pm, by which time I'm finally not nauseous, figure I really should get summat to eat - and of course the only thing that I can get that doesn't require sitting down is pizza slice. which I only ate half of due to it being lukewarm. Blegh.

Mandy Patinkin evil. the man is evil )

Dear womb : a period would be nice. I've been having twinges for four days now, but no blood. Paranoia of 'okay, it'll be starting soon... no it isn't.' causing me to carry my mooncup on me constantly is getting annoying.

and now, hygienist appt. Please be on time?


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