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Oh, shush, yes, I saw this twice. once for... testing purposes. quality control. :sideye: it was a new Matthew Bourne. Quality control is *important*. And the others needed a guide the second time around.

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Theatre: Shrek, Hamlet (Michael Sheen), Neverwhere, Hay Fever, Singin' in the Rain (twice), Cabaret, Comedy of Errors, Soho Cinders, The Recruiting Officer, Bingo, Early Adventures, Play Without Words, Swan Lake in 3D (finally with Richard Winsor),Our Boys, 55 Days & a dance revue of James Cousins' work.

Performances: Fascinating Aida, John Finnemore radio performances.

Film: Avengers, Dredd, The Artist, Cockneys vs Zombies, The Muppets, Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists, The Hobbit

Fic: nano - post-war Pevensies where Susan joins Torchwood & Edmund gets on with spying. The Shadows Feel Like Home
and Very Slightly Tainted Angels, X-Men First Class Berlin Christopher Isherwood AU
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me being incredibly late with updates, aside from the weather: rainy. with occasional sun but lots of wind at all times.

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Hollow Crown: I FLAIL. I GIBBER SOME MORE. And then they fucking inflicted Tom Hiddleston in leather, and later, oiled, sweaty and in just a towel on us. Dear lord, that's just not *fair* to inflict on the public. Look for me on saturday during Henry V, I will not be sane.

And...um... it looks like I have a job. Production Editor at Taylor & Francis (if you know publishers, they own Routledge) in the journals. 2nd interview was really late due to boss going on holiday, but got called up the next day with an offer. Cue me now being a wee bit nervous until that contract is in my hands.

annnnd now I'm off to see Play without Words. where judging by the posters, Richard Winsor is going to get seduced over a kitchen table by a sixties dollybird in a cricket sweater. My life, the *hardship*. buckets for drool will be laid on.
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Rightio, this is 3 of Bourne's early pieces, pre-Swan Lake *and* Nutcracker - Spitfire, Town and Country and The Infernal Galop. to quote the terrible pun in one review I saw, The Bourne Origin.
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There was also a Q&A with Matthew Bourne, the director of the film (filmed the previous Swan Lake, Car Man and Nutcracker. Me and Taz have ...issues with his directing) and the producer. Not really the interesting aside from a couple of technical issues re:3D, Richard Winsor being in the audience and answering a question, and Matthew being made to give a verbal promise by Alan Yentob to do a tv/film piece.

Anyhoo. Swan Lake was fab as usual. me and Taz giggled the most, possibly because we are a) very verbal at showing our appreciation for live performance (and thus tend to get waves and winks directed at us by dancers when in front row) People did gradually giggle more as it went on (there was also clapping), but yeah, we start with the prince getting out of bed. and then comes the corgi. All hail the corgi. The giggling tends to be unrestrained during the Cygnet Dance, but that is what it is there for. that and going 'd'awwww' at the cygnet who is a bit chunky and potato-headed, but then we do this every time he appears on stage. Think a younger, slightly bulkier, slightly shorter Russell Tovey.

Differences in production: No climbing over the box by the girlfriend to retrieve her handbag. Prince at start is actually played by a kid, which it is *not* in the stage versions.

Awww, Dominic North as the Prince is adorable. :pats him on head:
Madeleine Brennan as the Girlfriend is...a bit old. Interesting touch in the dance with the Stranger where they played it as her stopping dancing with him because she's decided it's not for her, not that she's out of her depth as it normally is.
All hail Nina Goldman and her awesome as the Queen.
We love Steve Kirkham. Long may his awesomeness as the Secretary continue.

Richard Winsor as the Swan and Stranger. GUH. Swan? :flaily power sexiness sensitivity gibber: Stranger? he appeared on the balcony, stalked forward, and I blinked and went 'Richard is being a stalky scary bastard again....' At which point Taz went 'Happy Joy.' So yes, fanning oneself was a bit necessary. He's not sexually-harass-you-from-next-room like Brick Shithouse's Stranger, but he's sexy, stalky, and really bloody menacing. With an edge of 'might flip at any moment'. Interestingly, on him the leather trousers don't look like overdoing it. They're just there.

So, now the count of Swan/Strangers is: Adam Cooper's better as Swan, the bloke we saw last time was better as Stranger, and Brick Shithouse and Richard can do both. Hurrah, our favourites are our faves for a reason.

Comments on 3D. Due to the technical constraints, longer shots. Oh thank christ. But gets blurry when they're moving fast. It adds a bit of depth but overall, not really worth it. 2D please. But god things: director has remembered to include the stuff going on on the sides. He's bloody awful for doing this, which means an entire storyline didn't make sense at the ball in the previous version as you only saw the culmination of it.

Spotted Richard in foyer, Taz and Gideon went 'you know you want to', so went over, said 'um' a lot, but kept it to 'really enjoyed it, you were brilliant', and asking him if he was in all of Play Without Words performances. and pouting a bit that he's not in Early Adventures. He confirmed yes, sighed a bit over not being able to manage the Early Adventures (he was supposed to be in it) and was generally lovely.

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Surprisingly, very few films - Eagle, Captain America, Thor, X-men:First Class, Jane Eyre and Tinker Tailor are the only ones I remember going to see, aside from a couple of National Theatre live viewings.

Went to several BBC radio recordings - mostly John Finnemore focussed. (him behind Cabin Pressure)

Theatre - A *lot*. Globe for Much Ado, All's Well and Dr Faustus, Betty Blue Eyes, Haunted Child, Ladykillers, Soho Cinders, a few concerts here and there for new writing, Matthew Bourne's Cinderella twice, Some Like It Hip Hop, Flare Path, Macbeth, all-male Iolanthe, Vernon God Little, and ordinary days. er. i think that's all of it...

Fic written:

What if The Authority was picked up by HBO for a tv series: We Want to Save the World But We Need a Drink First
My Matthew Bourne Obsession Is Showing : An Eagle of the Ninth Billy Elliot/Step Up AU, Culture is Never Wasted
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Right, fic writing portion of brain currently consumed with the meta (blogs, news, interviews, twitter, lj etc) on a relationship. Actors played a gay couple on a very high profile HBO/BBC series (Apollo & Midnighter in The Authority), got together 6 months after filming, moved in 2 months into the relationship because one of them's flat flooded and then he never left, always the other's plus one at any events. They're not in the closet, they just can't be arsed to make a song and dance about it. Common knowledge that they live together, and they always laugh in the face of rumours of them dating anyone else. (one of them is pretty sure he answered the dating question when the press stuff was being done for the tv series, only everyone thought he was joking) Constantly in the 'are they or aren't they/epic bromance/joke punchline' bit in the gossip columns. Which greatly amuses them and their mates. The first time the media takes them seriously is when they tweet the photos of them getting married on holiday, and everyone else goes 'well, duh*, how blind can you be?'.

So, trying to think of the kind of stuff people used to write about Barrowman/NPH/Lance Bass combined with the fan/RPS comms. So you get the fansquee, the people who're 'in the know' versus the people who're going 'the tinhats're seriously deluded, they're just friends'. Thing is, I'm trying to remember the kind of thing people said on lj comms along the lines of 'seriously deluded' (those've you who're in bandom can help - my problem is I haven't hung around in the discussion bits of shipper comms for years.). Closest I can see is the bitching and name-calling in ONTD, which is troll haven.

:cracks knuckles: Two more Matthew Bourne converts achieved. Really, I should get paid for this. Saw Cinderella at the New Wimbledon last night, and it was just as (if not slightly more) shiny as last time. (possibly because it was second time viewing and certain bits made more sense). Peter and his missus going 'soooooo shiny' and going 'Steven Moffat you bastard' when the gas mask dancers came on. Sam Archer and Kerry Biggin on RAF pilot and Cinders duties again. Sadly no Michaela Meazza as Stepmother, but you can't have everything. checking programmes when I got home, was rather surprised to see that most of the rest of the cast were identical - different angel/godfather, but aside from that I think the only difference was one of the girlfriends who also plays the Brief Encounter girl was playing a stepsister.
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Sunday before last, Matthew Bourne Cinderella at Sadler's Wells. Sam Archer as the RAF Pilot, Kerry Biggins as Cinders, Micheala Meazza as the Stepmother. (Taz and me have figured out that we've never seen Sam perform on stage, even though he's one of the principals - you can see him in the Car Man dvd.) Program makes the point that the music was written during WW2, and boy do the crashes and so on make this v obvious...
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Hogswatch this year - relatively stress-free and quiet. with swag.

Started wednesday with me recovering from a 24hr flu session (which I spent woozy and queasy at work, recovering enough to go meet my state-sponsored vampirism appointment which i'd booked for the first time - seemed plenty of people had responded to the 'our blood stocks are low' call as it was pretty full, and my blood flowed well and quickly) which I passed on to my mum - she's been getting all my symptoms one day later. Slightly dodgy gut for the past few days but otherwise fine.

Anyway, all pressies arrived from amazon/play/amsterdam.

Haul - lessee, got Roman Britain book, jewellery, Armani Diamonds perfume (yes, shocked slightly, but then it was from the bro's gf and it's quite subtle and smells nice on), bits of chocolate, vintage fishscale mail belt, token, merlin S1 dvd (tag: 'AKOB without the spam.' Cue my squee to my mum's confused look and me having to explain that dad always barges in during merlin and asks what's going on with Arthur King of the Britons while I yell 'OUT!' - and that Holy Grail jokes just happen when any Arthur adaptation is on - as i shredded the paper gleefully), a desk calendar of obscure and lost words in the English language.

Dad loved his history of the Ordnance Survey, mum loved her lemon tree.

Went over to neighbours for drinks, where there was gossip, the saga of Debbie's trees - she'd ordered on 5' and one 6', they finally turned up a couple of days ago, and were... 2' and 3'. Yeah. Sian's preggers, Steph's sproglets charged all over the place, Alex's present from Chris was the Toy Story remote car with Woody and Buzz on it, which meant we had to assemble it *right that moment*. oh, and got a new copy of Good Omens as requested from Anna - Waterstones was apparently out of stock

Dr Who was ... :happy sigh:. I WAS NOT CRYING, OKAY? And Katherine Jenkins was pretty good and her singing was plot-relevant. cool. Great performances from everyone, snickered over how the Ponds dodged why they were wearing their outfits, and then we had a trailer of awesome. and yeah, it says something where for the first time in a Dr Who solstice special when it finally snowed, cue audience going 'bit *late*, isn't it?'

Strictly was rather good - Barrowman won - no surprise there, he's got training and if you can get a Quickstep that looks like that in 7 hours training.... fuck me. Vince Cable's was lovely and just floated along. Others - not a bad effort.

Beef wellington went down nicely. with some bloody gorgeous parsnips. The demon brassicas were kept at the other end of the table. Though there was some mad dashing around when it was discovered there was no madeira for the sauce and mum managed to unearth some marsala from the depths of the wine rack to substitute. :burp:

finished it up with watching the repeat of Going Postal on Sky.


the most adorablest stormtrooper evah.
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Just realised haven't posted in several days.

Um. There is now? Lots of snow? And I have a monkey hat. i was considering the panda hat but felt I'd prefer it if I'd skinned the panda myself.

All shopping done, managed to foist off spare hat bought at south bank xmas market on brother under approval of the bro's gf. Still waiting for mum's lemon tree, but an email dropped to them this morning says it's coming from Holland, so I'll forgive 'em. They reckon it should get here by thursday, fingers crossed.

Feeding the five thousand, aka the pre-xmas neighbourhood party, did not over eat for once. but mum made way too much of the 2 stew-type dishes. Almost exactly twice as much as we needed - it's a horrible thing to have to chuck an entire pot's worth of coq au vin and an entire pot of aberdeen angus meatballs in sauce. (yes, we did freeze part of it but there was the stuff that'd been reheated and...yeah.) Made her put a note to cut that food in half and double the cocktail sausages. if in doubt they can snaffle the cheeseboard.

Everyone queued up to hold Ethan, who is a terribly well-behaved baby. Several jokes pointed out that when he's old he's going to be making 'when I was young we had *proper* winters' remarks.

Kara and Artem won Strictly. Me and mum squeed something chronic due to adoring them. We loved Pamela and James, but Kara's just magical and the only time she put a foot wrong was the jive. Plus, y'know, they're adorable and we were constantly going 'awwww' when they were on screen. Not to mention the sheer torrent of jokes from tess and everyone else about them (brendan! Bad!), and Artem bursting into tears constantly throughout. The amount that boy must get the piss ripped out of him by the other pros... (plus comparing his reaction with Ola's last year, which was 'Yes I damn well deserve this oh yes') And eep on tearing her arm ligaments - watching her perform the second two dances it was pretty obvious she'd really hurt it.

I will admit to smirking over the fact that Matt can breakdance and Aliona can't. But really pondering how much better he'd have done if he was paired with a better choreographer - say, Natalie. And really wish Artem hadn't chucked in bunches of flips to compete with Matt, since it didn't play to their strengths of being able to *dance*.

Booked in to give blood on wednesday. here's hoping my blood co-operates this time.
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So far, I'm voting Scott Maslen and Matt Baker as stand-outs.

Seriously, do we know if Scott has had any training or is he another Ricky Whittle - discovered dancing feet he never knew? Bruno's 'Sco-tt' is fucking hysterical. Natalie is probably punching the air and praising the gods for getting this much talent two years running.

Goldie I liked for sheer style - the jazz foxtrot was seriously fun. But he's gone. SULK.
Jimi Mistry - pretty good, suspect will make more of an impression as the crowd thins.
Gavin Henson - oh my lord, week 2 really did prove the pretty but dumb stereotype. Not a wiggly bone in his body. maybe he'll make up for it with ballroom but soooo dumb and vain.

Girls -

I know they say Kara is lovely and talented (and you can see that) but she's just not impinging much once she's offscreen. Either she needs more personality or Russian hotness Artem needs to take his shirt off more.
Pamela Stevenson, the judges keep gushing, but I think it's a live vs tv thing...
Patsy Kensit - she did that with 3 hours training and being overstressed? The fuck? (suspect party girl experience helps)
Michelle Williams - meh. better on the foxtrot but still so stilted.
Anne Widdecombe - all hail. Suspect she will wipe the floor with all those who're not bad but a bit average by sheer comedy value. Audience and judges laughing so hard they could barely breathe is so much better than the John Sargeant factor of being merely bad.
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This week has been ridiculously cultured.
Ballet Russes, Swan lake and Noel Coward )

And now I have a ticket for War Horse tomorrow as someone dropped out...
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Streetdance is pretty, pretty cinema. With amazing dancing. Did I mention the pretties? Awesome soundtrack, too, though I don't remember hearing any Pixie Lott or Cheryl Cole as is advertised.

Script? ahahahahahahaha. Lead actress' acting ability? ahahahahaha. They disregard this and wisely fill the screen with muchos dancing and ogling of the dancers, and some pretty, pretty shots of London.

It's a good thing Richard Winsor is Matthew Bourne trained, where you're only allowed onstage once you have the ability to have chemistry with inanimate objects. (he's playing lead ballet boy. You may guess at what route his story takes.) Everyone else is quite decent. George Sampson is adorable and I wish to see him take on more acting, since he's rather good at one-liners. Charlotte Rampling, of course, points out that she is awesome and you may all pay tribute and bow before her.

OOOOOOOO DANCING. OOOOOO FLAWLESS. (it's really obvious that Diversity were only there for one day onset, but happy is I with their appearance.)

Jogging in constant drizzle is perfectly fine until the home stretch (last ten minutes or so). Then it all turns cold and horrible.
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currently stripping a 9ft ivy leaf garland and pinning its leaves on the bodice of my tink outfit. I rather like the current half-covered effect where it looks like the leaves are creeping down it, but costume demands full-coverage. Unlike the first attempt at a tink costume, where I was overlapping like hell to make sure not one scrap of fabric is showing, I'm going for a slightly more lax effort of coverage - I want the bodice to be able to move.

This is it in progress.

For the 'twisted' version, shall probably be adding fishnet and jewellery and bodypaint, with strong Young Vic christmas show influence. Not sure about bothering with wings.

Good Friday is varying between downpours and bright sunshine. Still bloody cold, though.

Tomorrow, more Dorothy. Also New Dr Who, which I will not be saying owt about until I've seen it because I trust in Teh Moffat. Which most people are saying. We trust in Moffat more than we ever did Uncle Rusty. Dorothy so far is interesting. As usual, the usual spouting off about wanting 'something different' from the Lord, while the rest of us look on at the final ten and go 'hmm, awful lot of pale-skinned skinny brunettes there, Andrew...' (The lesson is to trust in David Grindrod. Casting director of awesome knows what he's doing.) Seen a lot of major talent, many of whom were *not* Dorothy but would be fab in something else, and we'll probably be seeing a good few of them up on the stage in the next year or so since even just the auditions are damn good exposure, and the industry now recognises this, hence the upping the game in the levels of talent. Of the ten (not including wildcard) I'm leaning towards Dani, who did the Connie/Lee/Jodie thing of being shown to have humility, a great voice, and approval from judges, with no messing around at the winnowing down. Influencing the viewers? What influencing the viewers? Still slightly scared about the fact that they're including *gasp* musical theatre numbers from the offset this time around. How will we cope when we can't bitch about pop songs not showing off their voices?

Going Postal trailer's up on the Sky website, and it looks good. [livejournal.com profile] random_c's impersonator appears to be doing a pretty good job so far.

In dance news, linked off the New Adventures website is Richard Winsor's screen debut in Streetdance 3D (hip-hop dance genre is also known as streetdance in the UK), which from the trailer, looks like Bestest thing EVAH. Readers, I put it to you:

Hip-hop dance crew needs rehearsal space for upcoming finals.
Get rehearsal space at a ballet school.
With proviso from Charlotte Rampling that they have to include some of her pupils in the crew.
Cue everyone doing their best 'The fuck?' reactions.

The trailer includes Mouthy Female Leader (tm) seeing the Head Ballet Boy (Winsor boy) practicing after hours in the rehearsal rooms.

Reader, can YOU predict the rest of the trailer, let alone the film? I have faith in you.

Film features what appears to be a pretty good soundtrack, two of the Battle teams are Diversity and Flawless, Gregor Sampson's in it, at least half of the featured crew are Blue Boy alumni (did Into the Hoods) and dammit, Richard Winsor. The dance shots that include Richard jumping are a thing of beauty. So, fucking gorgeous dancing *and* cheese-plot LULZ. (they also get points for using the South Bank as a dancing location, which is realistic) I must see this film.

There is only one problem. Richard does not appear to be playing menacing or bisexual (I have faith in his powers for good as regards the latter). There is something wrong here. And bloody costumers have put him in a loose white suite for several shots which... this is the same outfit that he wore as Dorian Gray. Not once does it appear like he's about to watch his tiresome ex overdose on the floor, drown someone in a bathtub or bash their head in with a camera. :pokes film suspiciously:
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Me and Taz may be a bit... far gone in our Matthew Bourne appreciation and fangirling.

last night, on the phone to her having a goss and confirming when we want to see Swan Lake. Bring up the New Adventures page to check the cast, and we're going over the touring cast for Swan Lake. (Brick Shithouse, get your arse back from Dirty Dancing and back where you belong. We're not above storming the Aldwych with nets and fire hoses to keep the hen parties back. Had second thoughts about using tasers and cattle prods because the smell of burnt feather boas and knock-off designer handbags takes forever to remove.)

new adventures just lists the cast with headshots, not who's playing what. Cue us going over the names and speculating.

'Scott! Yay! Oh, Scott, we miss you being greasy, can we have the socks and sandals back from Scissorhands?'
'Richard Winsor - yeah, you didn't get to see Dorian Gray, but he was the Swan for the winter Sadler's Wells.'
'Oooo, Sam's in it... but isn't he a bit old to play the Prince? Cannot see him playing the Swan.'
'Hell no. Probably Prince again. Not that we really object.'
'Lookit! Luke is still there!'
'Let's see if he still bounces as much.'
'Will someone explain why one of the main pictures of the Swan is Richard but the banner on the page is still Adam?'
'...What, really?' :goes to look: 'Dude. That's very clearly Adam. He hasn't been in it for *years*. Bad website people.'
'Dominic. Er. Name's familiar...'
'Yeah. We haven't seen him, though.'
'Meazza, get your arse back, we want to see you do the Queen.'
'Not that you've ever played the Queen before. Brick Shithouse needs you.'
'Selfish girl. Ooo, Kerry! Yay! Um. Not Queen material, though.'


'...We may know the company a little too well.'
'Denial is a happy place.'

Oh, and Taz still gets horrendously amused when people get whiplash from finding out she's a Matthew Bourne obsessive. "*You* like ballet." "Well, it's not really ballet as such. It also needs hot men snogging each other to qualify."
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Feck. Went to show [livejournal.com profile] xenaclone what tinkerbell I was doing (and trying to figure out how to mess up a bit for Twisted Fairyales at Hub4) and stared in horror at pictures that came up on google image search. Somehow when I'd re-made this costume a few years after the first attempt I'd completely forgotten to sew down all the top bits. Boy was it wrong. Bottom was fine, Top... GAH. There were floaty silky bits when there should've been glossy shiny form-fitting. So, time to rip off the silky bits and then try to add leaves and green flowers and bits in an attempt to make it less bloody stupid. May paint it. Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks.

Bought Spamalot tickets for Parentals and me for first week of June. The tour got announced, I'd been poking them to go see since they'd dithered when it was in the west end, then Jodie Prenger got announced as lady of the lake which included the Wimbledon dates. Cue me yelling 'Dad, how would you like this for your birthday present? Oh, and I'm coming too!' This also solves his eternal 'I don't know what I want, I don't want stuff' which makes him a bugger to buy for.

Saw on site that New Adventures (previously Adventures in Motion Pictures, Matthew Bourne's lot) are touring Swan Lake. Cue me and [livejournal.com profile] cynicalcylon yelling 'BASTARDS!'. last time we dithered but were safe since they were doing it for christmas but only at Sadler's Wells, which means prices of the ridiculous. Now have to grit teeth and pick a date. addiction is a horrible thing, especially since they keep tweaking the damn thing. Some people are Wicked addicts. Some are Rentheads, some are Phans and some are Les Mis-ites. I suppose it's cheaper to be Bourne addicted. :pokes him: something new, please. Or resurrecting Spitfire or the one based off The Servant, we could cope with that too...
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Things to do when walking to the station : laugh at the city types who couldn't be bothered to wear different shoes for the walk. Amazingly, expensive lace-ups aren't very good on packed snow. SKID, MONKEYBOY, SKID. In shoe news, yesterday I finally remembered about my bloody great work boots (which i mostly use for operation: christmas tree), which means I don't have to borrow mum's one-size-too-small wellies anymore. Figured out this morning that they're not incredibly scuffed, it's mostly mud.

Due to having Legally Blonde ST on repeat, am experiencing ridiculous perkiness. And bugging a bit on finding out that Chris Ellis-Stanton is playing Kyle the UPS guy (also Dewey the ex and the lead Frat boy). ([livejournal.com profile] cynicalcylon, we're talking Legs McBlondie from Anything Goes at Wimbledon, and [livejournal.com profile] miniosiris, he was Steve Lomas in The Stripper - any good?) Where the fuck did those muscles come from? Feeling a bit peeved that he wasn't dancing and singing as much as he could be (sadly not a big name yet, so i guess i should be content and just wait for him to get lead west end), but definitely feeling a bit vindicated that everyone else is now objectifying him as much as I do. :cough: Oh well, he's now officially added to Heather's list of dancers she's fixated on : Brick Shithouse, Matthew Cutler from SCD and Chris Ellis-Stanton.

HMM. Legally Blonde is on the GILT cheap tickets list. Volunteers?

Question for those've you who've been watching normally rather'n mainlining three seasons in two weeks. From about mid-way through S4, you can see definite seeds of Dean/Castiel, which ramp up to 'Will you two please get a room!' later in the season (yes, prophet episode of hysterical, I'm looking at you). I know that people were slashing Dean/Castiel during S4, but can anyone who was in the fandom then tell me when fandom started slashing them in a major way? Was it from the very beginning in the traditional 'they are pretty. we are slashers. They don't need to share the same air space for us to slash them.' way, or a bit later?

Being Human : slightly painful where they were trying to force the humour in one bit (it's fairly obvious), being a bit heavy-handed with one aspect of the villain motivation, one bit they aim to tear your heart and succeed, and the slash is happily present. We're voting that the OT3 becomes an OT4. Also, continuity of background extras for the win!

Dammit. once again, Spotify disillusions me by showing me that a composer/singer may have a couple of v. awesome songs but the rest of their output is incredibly MOR.
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Went round Eden project in the late afternoon/evening yesterday so I could see the christmas lights for once, and oo they're pretty. Got there at 3:15 (me and two other people looked at the bus times and then went sod that, who wants to share a taxi?') Kind of wish I'd gotten there an hour earlier even with the reduced entry price, because then I wouldn't have had to rush the biodomes and would've seen more of the outside. having been to Eden so many times, these days i walk straight past the exhibits and instead go look at the season changes - the magical trees and vegetable gardens are always so worth it and of course, magical trees always appeals to my 'ooo, overgrown path, me go down it!' instinct. grabbed some soup and a gingerbread decorate your own tree, then the biodomes. Rainforest at twilight is positively weird. During daylight it's a feast for the senses, but in the semi-dark it's all sounds and mist and shapes. Mediterrean was cold for once - warmer than outside, but stil cold. But oooooo, lighting. I turned off the flash to get these amazing oranges and reds and yellows, since the piazza style layout of this biodome is beautiful once lit. suspect photos will be a bit blurry but all colours. Skating, am proud. Not once did i fall down, but picked several other people up. I really need to do this more often or at least take a couple of lessons so I can do something more than very basic. Saw the Cloud Dragon, which is all lights and smoke. Outside, the lights and christmas trees were realy pretty - wished I'd had more time but had to run for the bus, and missed it, which meant taxi and waiting for a bloody hour at a time at the stations.

Strictly - Ali, i don't care, you leave me cold, and Chris and Ricky did their tango better with no nerves. thpppbbbbt. Though, er, choreographers, if you're going to do ballroom, can we have more dance and less posing/lifts? Ali had a decent go at Argentine tango, but couldn't quite do the requisite mood. Chris may not be as good technically, but him and Ola sizzled. Ricky was just...wow. There was a reason he got a standing ovation from the studio audience.

had full cornish at beach cafe. :burp: Whilst listening to two bikers talk about european trips and service stations they have known. Took some photos, then the bikers grabbed the camera off me and took some of me.

I think it's a rule in Falmouth that all who have a medium-sized jute shopping bag must buy it from seasalt. and I appear to have bought mead from the Cornish shop. Whoops.

Today, walk to Swanpool cos it's sunny, clean flat :groan: and then bugger off to Gylly Beach cafe for a fiddle player in the evening.


Dec. 6th, 2009 03:52 pm
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Spent saturday going through history tabs in Opera. Tomorrow, hopefully going to get through more of it... (look, it's healthier than still having them around)

Merlin was so much SQUEE. We actually got Morgana doing stuff! Being allowed to act! (apparently she has had scenes this season, they just ended up on the cutting room floor due to time. MUTTER.) Everyone did the Mordred squee. Fandom seriously loves Asa Butterfield. Not sure how we're going to cope when he reaches teenhood.

Watched Strictly, in which i spent a lot of time bitching about Ali and yelling 'sympathy vote!' at Leila. And introducing mum to the Chris Hollins love by showing her the Charleston vid, and she was not disappointed when it was his dances this time. Also getting whiplash from Craig being *nice* on occasion about someone other than Ali. Both of us giggled over Bruno and Len and went 'Darcy really needs to guest judge more often'. Coments about posture and crappy back muscles are always welcome. Bette Midler awesome. Argentine Tango from Vincent and Flavia was good, it's just that it's too show-type for me. Possibly because my opinions about Argentine Tango were formed by watching street performers up close, films like The Tango Lesson, Evita and Tango Por Dos's old skool. Where it's all about the control and precision and chemistry, where everyone raises an eyebrow at showy lifts. Tango Por Dos is a touring company, comprised of the Voncent and Flavia type younger performers who do lots of lifts and so on, which is very nice and impressive, but then the old guys come on and everyone's mesmerised.

Spent today packing for trip to Falmouth. This evening, off to watch Daniel Boys, Julie Atherton, Oliver Tompsett, Leanne Jones et al do a Christmas in New York concert at the Prince of Wales. Still can't believe I never went to see Notes from New York previously.


Nov. 15th, 2009 12:51 pm
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that were nano as of last night. Sex scene #2 today, and Sam's going home from Cornwall (hopefully). Poking the rest of the plot. There's the letters, and I'm going 'err... should there be another Home Counties visit before the second Cornwall visit with the reveal that Ed is a nob?' I want enough emotional attachment to be plausible.

Surprisingly, today is really nice compared to yesterday's storms. (nothing like knowing that looking out the window wondering what's going to go past it this time)

Dr Who today! SQUEE!

Strictly yesterday was deemed 'when injury hits' - Phil's knee was acting up in training, Jade popped her knee at the end of the dress rehearsal, and Leila sprained her ankle - tried to go on, but had to stop halfway due to the pain. Problem now was whether she got through on sympathy from audience. Jade I have no problem with since she has been good. The rest of them are now split between 'fucking hell you can dance' (Ricky and Ali) and 'so *cute*! Please bounce more!' (Natalie and Chris, though natalie's starting to get really good points from judges) Ricky#2's days are numbered and he can see it. Poor lad.

Merlin Acting, dammit! )


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