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Started jogging again on saturday, continued sunday, knee holding up, re-discovered muscles I'd forgotten about... oh hello foot blisters. Done half an hour, slowly, to the pylon and back.

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There was apparently a wedding on on friday. I know this because the trains and tube were very empty on my way in and the people behind us in the queue were watching it on their phone. The Middleton girls had some very pretty dresses, and the Windsor boys looked nice in their uniforms. Windsor the younger was definitely perving on Pippa in the new version of That Dress. (twitter went utterly mad during the wedding, and I think one of the classic lines was 'the tragedy of the Windsor boys is that as they get older they start to resemble their fathers.'

Anyhoo. I missed it completely due to being in a queue for a recording of Cabin Pressure. We got two and a half eps, due to Benedict Cumberbatch having had bugger all voice for a previous recording so they were doing his bits. In no way did we object.

In conclusion? John Finnemore is evil. There are a whole bunch of jokes and lines in one of the eps merely designed to make Benedict turn as red as it's possible for a ginger to go. Also Martin with a horrendous fake French accent because of the machinations of Douglas, and how to fit a hundred of something in Gertie.

The pic-ups ep? Involves a piano. and we need to make the line 'Jellybabies on manual' a phrase to enter the english language.

Spending weekend lazing in sun (though it is a tad breezy), and contemplating going to see Thor on monday. How about you?

Docotr Who: 'arrrrgh! Wah? Wheh? oooooooo. River Song, how so awesome? :dives behind sofa: snerrrrrrk. mwhahahaha. Oh, *Rory*.... STEVEN MOFFAT, YOU BASTARD.'

Essentially, everyone was awesome, some questions were answered, then Teh Moff proceeded to open a whole can of worms of *other* questions. And, um, not that I'm not looking forward to Rory in Roman gear or find him immensely cute in his usual casual gear, but if you see fit to put Arthur Darvill in a late sixties suit and glasses again, I will not object. At all.

Fandom notes: new phrases to tell if an American didn't get their fic brit-checked: 'Creeper' is used. By context i'm guessing it means something similar to 'perv'. Am I right?
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Hogswatch this year - relatively stress-free and quiet. with swag.

Started wednesday with me recovering from a 24hr flu session (which I spent woozy and queasy at work, recovering enough to go meet my state-sponsored vampirism appointment which i'd booked for the first time - seemed plenty of people had responded to the 'our blood stocks are low' call as it was pretty full, and my blood flowed well and quickly) which I passed on to my mum - she's been getting all my symptoms one day later. Slightly dodgy gut for the past few days but otherwise fine.

Anyway, all pressies arrived from amazon/play/amsterdam.

Haul - lessee, got Roman Britain book, jewellery, Armani Diamonds perfume (yes, shocked slightly, but then it was from the bro's gf and it's quite subtle and smells nice on), bits of chocolate, vintage fishscale mail belt, token, merlin S1 dvd (tag: 'AKOB without the spam.' Cue my squee to my mum's confused look and me having to explain that dad always barges in during merlin and asks what's going on with Arthur King of the Britons while I yell 'OUT!' - and that Holy Grail jokes just happen when any Arthur adaptation is on - as i shredded the paper gleefully), a desk calendar of obscure and lost words in the English language.

Dad loved his history of the Ordnance Survey, mum loved her lemon tree.

Went over to neighbours for drinks, where there was gossip, the saga of Debbie's trees - she'd ordered on 5' and one 6', they finally turned up a couple of days ago, and were... 2' and 3'. Yeah. Sian's preggers, Steph's sproglets charged all over the place, Alex's present from Chris was the Toy Story remote car with Woody and Buzz on it, which meant we had to assemble it *right that moment*. oh, and got a new copy of Good Omens as requested from Anna - Waterstones was apparently out of stock

Dr Who was ... :happy sigh:. I WAS NOT CRYING, OKAY? And Katherine Jenkins was pretty good and her singing was plot-relevant. cool. Great performances from everyone, snickered over how the Ponds dodged why they were wearing their outfits, and then we had a trailer of awesome. and yeah, it says something where for the first time in a Dr Who solstice special when it finally snowed, cue audience going 'bit *late*, isn't it?'

Strictly was rather good - Barrowman won - no surprise there, he's got training and if you can get a Quickstep that looks like that in 7 hours training.... fuck me. Vince Cable's was lovely and just floated along. Others - not a bad effort.

Beef wellington went down nicely. with some bloody gorgeous parsnips. The demon brassicas were kept at the other end of the table. Though there was some mad dashing around when it was discovered there was no madeira for the sauce and mum managed to unearth some marsala from the depths of the wine rack to substitute. :burp:

finished it up with watching the repeat of Going Postal on Sky.


the most adorablest stormtrooper evah.
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currently stripping a 9ft ivy leaf garland and pinning its leaves on the bodice of my tink outfit. I rather like the current half-covered effect where it looks like the leaves are creeping down it, but costume demands full-coverage. Unlike the first attempt at a tink costume, where I was overlapping like hell to make sure not one scrap of fabric is showing, I'm going for a slightly more lax effort of coverage - I want the bodice to be able to move.

This is it in progress.

For the 'twisted' version, shall probably be adding fishnet and jewellery and bodypaint, with strong Young Vic christmas show influence. Not sure about bothering with wings.

Good Friday is varying between downpours and bright sunshine. Still bloody cold, though.

Tomorrow, more Dorothy. Also New Dr Who, which I will not be saying owt about until I've seen it because I trust in Teh Moffat. Which most people are saying. We trust in Moffat more than we ever did Uncle Rusty. Dorothy so far is interesting. As usual, the usual spouting off about wanting 'something different' from the Lord, while the rest of us look on at the final ten and go 'hmm, awful lot of pale-skinned skinny brunettes there, Andrew...' (The lesson is to trust in David Grindrod. Casting director of awesome knows what he's doing.) Seen a lot of major talent, many of whom were *not* Dorothy but would be fab in something else, and we'll probably be seeing a good few of them up on the stage in the next year or so since even just the auditions are damn good exposure, and the industry now recognises this, hence the upping the game in the levels of talent. Of the ten (not including wildcard) I'm leaning towards Dani, who did the Connie/Lee/Jodie thing of being shown to have humility, a great voice, and approval from judges, with no messing around at the winnowing down. Influencing the viewers? What influencing the viewers? Still slightly scared about the fact that they're including *gasp* musical theatre numbers from the offset this time around. How will we cope when we can't bitch about pop songs not showing off their voices?

Going Postal trailer's up on the Sky website, and it looks good. [livejournal.com profile] random_c's impersonator appears to be doing a pretty good job so far.

In dance news, linked off the New Adventures website is Richard Winsor's screen debut in Streetdance 3D (hip-hop dance genre is also known as streetdance in the UK), which from the trailer, looks like Bestest thing EVAH. Readers, I put it to you:

Hip-hop dance crew needs rehearsal space for upcoming finals.
Get rehearsal space at a ballet school.
With proviso from Charlotte Rampling that they have to include some of her pupils in the crew.
Cue everyone doing their best 'The fuck?' reactions.

The trailer includes Mouthy Female Leader (tm) seeing the Head Ballet Boy (Winsor boy) practicing after hours in the rehearsal rooms.

Reader, can YOU predict the rest of the trailer, let alone the film? I have faith in you.

Film features what appears to be a pretty good soundtrack, two of the Battle teams are Diversity and Flawless, Gregor Sampson's in it, at least half of the featured crew are Blue Boy alumni (did Into the Hoods) and dammit, Richard Winsor. The dance shots that include Richard jumping are a thing of beauty. So, fucking gorgeous dancing *and* cheese-plot LULZ. (they also get points for using the South Bank as a dancing location, which is realistic) I must see this film.

There is only one problem. Richard does not appear to be playing menacing or bisexual (I have faith in his powers for good as regards the latter). There is something wrong here. And bloody costumers have put him in a loose white suite for several shots which... this is the same outfit that he wore as Dorian Gray. Not once does it appear like he's about to watch his tiresome ex overdose on the floor, drown someone in a bathtub or bash their head in with a camera. :pokes film suspiciously:
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The Stage have a podcast interview up about the Dr Who lost stories (got written, but due to cuts at the BBC, never got made.) that've now been re-done by Big Finish as audio dramas. The Stage podcast are normally pretty good (haven't listened to it yet), and they have them available via itunes, embedded listen or you can get a lower quality mp3 here. (right-click and save)

BTW, for those who want to save mp3s and such things from embedded players on web pages, here's a tip that normally works : right click on a blank bit of the web page, and look for view source/properties/similar, and it'll bring up a text file of code. Search for 'file=' or '.mp3/.mp4/similar file extension' copy the http address after the 'file=' bit, but only as far as the .mp3 bit. (after that it's normally '& ij;iaig[ aid[ihg' - you don't need that, it's the embed code.) Plug that into your browser, and you should get a 'save as' or if you're using firefox, it'll just download.
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pubmeet. lots of silly conversation and geeking, and met a Norwegian girl who's into anime, is also a merlin nut (with added 'that fic where -' 'omigod, that one where arthur insists?' 'such win!' 'I KNOW.' It is great when fanfic tastes meet.) and where we totally confused Alicia by randomly bursting into 'The Internet is for Porn'.

Me and Alicia are juggling the Zorro dates/booking. With added 'well, so and so is a wild card due to availability....'

Plus the bit where i ended up beating Mark over the head with a menu for using the same sodding sentence he uses every time we get into Torchwood conversations and there's another person in said conversation. Me : 'Not that sentence! You are never to use that sentence again! Ever! I am sick and tired of hearing that sentence and be assured I will hunt you down and use extreme prejudice if you ever even attempt to use it when talking about Torchwood again!' Mark : 'I'm just saying -' Me : 'Extreme prejudice!' The poor sod wants it to be sci-fi and every time I explain to him that it's not traditional sci-fi, it's not *marketed* to people who normally watch sci-fi other than Star Wars and Doctor Who, the majority of its audience is *not* sci-fi fans, and it's relationship-based, not plot-based, and he still doesn't get it. Other people have tried to explain this to him. Still doesn't get it. Still. Did come up with a good comparison of Doctor Who's relationship with sci-fi as opposed to, say, Star Trek and BSG's. The world isn't totally sci-fi. It's normal with occasional 'stuff happens'. X-Files when it was still all about the cases before it got bogged down in all the alien stuff and started taking itself too seriously.

Wetherspoon's cottage pie is quite decent. Though I have no idea why they were serving it with chips. To quote Jo, 'What next, jacket potatoes come with chips?'


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Huh. Matt Smith.

I saw him in The Ruby in the Smoke, and he's a decent actor, time will tell... I will trust in Steven Moffatt.

(and yes, pouting that it's not Patterson Joseph or David Morrissey.)

And now I'm going to watch the last ep of North and South. And then watch Demons. Which is DCI Hunt does Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

ETA: OMG. Just thought. We're going to be seeing Captain Jack flirting with this Doctor and the fandom screaming about cradle-snatching. I can see Ianto eyerolling something chronic.
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Must stop laughing.

Okay. we were having a quick discussion about how you'll see something in someone's blog entry and see a news item a day or so later and you're going '...didn't I read that earlier?' and it's clear the journalist read the same blog post you did and thought 'huh, cool news item'.

Then today? Digital Spy had a news item about Tennant talking about a Dr Who musical episode. Saying that the Telegraph had reported it.


Source of this story : Tennant had a cheery phone interview on Radio 1 yesterday at lunchtime. With lots of giggling. Where they had a laugh about how awesome it would be to do a musical ep and how much Tennant would love to do it.

Amazingly, the bit about the postman arriving with the last of his shopping mid-interview, his Dalek slippers running out of batteries, him not being able to leave the house due to forced relaxing time because of the operation and all the rest never made the 'news item' in the Telegraph.


....VLC media player's icon when you open it has a santa hat on top of the traffic cone. Slightly disturbed.

Dr Who 4x13

Jul. 5th, 2008 07:57 pm
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Finale :
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Jun. 19th, 2008 02:07 pm
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D/l'd firefox 3 at work (laptop screwing up too much last night to even contemplate doing owt odd - when I re-started it it bloody went and re-loaded *saturday*'s session, so had to go through all the history and open everything that looked vaguely okay. Tonight, going through and closing all the duplicates and everything I know I've read...). it is indeed shinier and faster. However, dislike the default skin, so went and browsed the themes. And we loves Firefox's efficiency - you go to the themes page, and only the ones compatible with v3.0 have a highlighted button. :happy sigh: Streamlining. It's a beautiful thing.

Finally getting round to properly listening to Amy Winehouse's 'Frank' (first album) so I can go through it and delete the tracks I dislike/go 'meh'. Quite a different album to 'Back to Black' - hasn't quite found her own sound yet, and you can hear lots of influences. Occasionally you hear bits that sound like her later stuff, but then the rest of the song gets overwhelmed by some other influence (e.g. obviously Sade, obviously traces of Manhattan Transfer, breathy girl band, etc) and most of it's *way* too light/breathy/high. Lyrics seem to be where she was doing well. So far the only ones I really like are 'Cherry' and 'Amy Amy Amy'.

And now thinking - what albums come under the 'everyone's heard/owns' banner?

'Back to Black' was bloody *everywhere* last year.
Prodigy's 'Fat of the Land' back in... '01 was it?
Massive Attack 'Mezzanine'.

oh, there's awesome and there's awesome : Master and Doctor to 'Girlfriend' ...I need this track in my life. WHY DON'T I HAVE IT?

And of course, right in the middle of getting some more plot/vague writey bit for the endlessly on the back-burner Jack and Ianto 30s timeslip fic (which sadly seems to be getting further and further away from the original Jeeves pastiche - maybe I should finish this *then* write an AU crossover scene) I get a bunny for a torchwood Cardiff WWI ficlet ([livejournal.com profile] tw_history 'in absentia' challenge pimppimpimp) which is now 80% written, or at least 50% plotted out on paper, 30% in head that now just needs tidying/tweaking.
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As a few people now know, my brain is a sick, sick puppy. The ride home last night? I spent thinking about Grease 2 fanfic. You heard me.

Not just fanfic. How to stage it in a theatre (frightening easily, it turns out - the more coherent story works better for stage, and that includes the 'I'll sing it in your face and now we change the key'* dream sequence that you spend your entire time laughing at anyway that is 'Love will Turn Back the Hands of Time'. Oh, and no '...where the hell did that come from?' that is the hand jive practicing bit in Grease.)

*All hail Spamalot, for providing us with a perfect description of that kind of song.

And I really, really can't stop snickering over the fact that in the grand tradition of All-American screen pairings, the most all-American poster children couple of the Pink Ladies and T-Birds, Sharon Cooper and Louis Dimucci, the actor that plays Louis, Peter Frechette, is gay.

And the fanfic... it doesn't help that most of the T-birds have neon gay tendencies. Oh, the inherent dodginess of the 'Nobody, but nobody knows this happened, Shakespeare, dig? I got a rep to protect.' scene where they're meeting Michael in out of the way secret places and exchanging money for services... :squashes the bunnies that point out that Michael is always smirking after these transactions and is very secure in his sexuality: Oh, and the *really* screaming gayness of the clean-cut kids, but that's not even subtext.

dammit, I've still got Torchwood fic on the back burner! 1930s Jack/Ianto timeslip fic at that! sod off!

...hmm. Do you think we could get Matthew Bourne to take these bunnies off my hands and turn it into a ballet complete with gay scenes? I mean, it *is* his fave era and style, and he hasn't done disguises as a subject yet (as opposed to split personalities). Leather trousers on one of the characters! Very tight jeans on the gang characters! Motorbikes! At least one garage scene! Complete fucking overdone camp americana elsewhere! How can he resist? My only problem would be whether or not you could shoehorn Brick Shithouse into Michael's role. Taz, could this be done? Could Brick Shithouse pull off geeky and basically nice? (we know perfectly well that Adam and Scott and Sam could, I'm just biased.) Dammit. We need to see Nutcracker again with him as Nutcracker to see if he can actually pull it off.

....for those of you on Dr Who fic comms, *please* tell me someone's already written fic for the Agatha Christie ep of the adorable betwixt stairs gay couple.

(I just searched the pit o' voles. 1 Grease 2 fic. ONE. Stephanie and Michael's kid. Phew, no reason to touch it...)


May. 11th, 2008 01:19 pm
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Spent yesterday meandering around town, looking for ideas for birthday pressie for the bro. He's being spectacularly unhelpful, and fairly ill, so have left it until he has some idea. Bay Trading is being annoying by not having much in the way of colours/designs I like for summery stuff, but it turns out that I appear to have gone down a size in their dresses - I nearly fell out of the 12, asked for the 10 in another style I'd seen on the rack, and that fit fine. Excuse me while I poke my body a bit for this unexplained mass loss, since trying on their shorts proves I'm still a 12 on the arse. (I did fancy the Jeeves and Wooster picnic, but considering I got out of bed at 11:30 and it was v. warm and fuggy... nah.)

Jogging still burbling along, have extended run to the end of the first field, which used to be the 18 minute mark, which dad informs me is about 2 miles, so it turns out I'm up to four miles (a small part being walking, because no-one in their right mind tries to jog up the last bit of New Hill during the second half of a run. Seasoned joggers get over the railway bridge and go 'fuck that'.). Going to stick to that for time constraints for a while, since I tend to do my jogging in the evenings and thus would like to get back a a reasonable time. Crossing fingers over being able to get rid of the wobbly bits on the sides of my legs. I don't expect much toning there due to the type of exercise, but I hope for burning of the fat deposits.

Dr Who was silly, proved Donna has a brain that looks at things no-one else thinks of (it's like her comments about knowing exactly how offices work due to being Super!Temp). Methinks she'd do very well in espionage and planning raids for a very tidy-minded resistance who wanted to do more effective things than just explosions. Blonde alert )

IDA is... Jessie. AUGH. Diction, please? ALW, what is the point of giving her a song that you admit is completely wrong for her unless it's sabotage? Rest of the girls think Niamh is too poppy. I know Rachel's consistent and can act and sing and dance, she just produces feelings of complete 'meh' in me. Sam's pretty good, could probably do the role though I don't think she's going to get it. No-one stood out aside from Jodie this week. And can we please bloody have some musical songs that give them a chance to act? Looking forward to the stunt fighting tonight, since hey, it's a task that's actually applicable to the role! (most of my reviews about this are over in [livejournal.com profile] nancy_or_oliver)
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... the cough is back. SHITE. Here's to an indefinite period of pain and wheezing. More wheezing than coughing so far.

Oh, and just had a disturbing moment - was listening to a commentary and realised that someone I fancy has exactly the same speech patterns as one of the actors (and his character), just with a different accent.

Fidding with my necklace that the bro gave me for xmas. Polished carbon. Which we both snicker a lot over because I'm essentially wearing a lump of coal. (we're the children of a geophysicist. just be glad we're not taking the piss out of seismic diagrams. our minds have already been warped enough to the point of Dilbert.)

Finally got round to listening to the commentaries on Blink, and the Human Nature eps. Confirmed two rules for me about Dr Who commentaries. Well, actually, three, but we'll get to that later.

a) Julie Gardner should never be allowed anywhere near the commentaries. Damp. Squib.
b) When in doubt, always have the writer + at least one of the techs. Far funnier and maximises the Who geekery.

c)...I'm never going to find a commentary better than the ones for Empty Child and Doctor Dances, am I? :sigh: damn you, Stephen Moffat and Barrowman. You spoiled me for all other commentaries because they don't have quotes like 'for those of you who tuned into this to hear a discussion about furniture, you're in for a real treat' 'Which websites are those, John' 'My next story, Dr who and the Golden Pavilions' 'Quite why the Chula built in this ability to operate old remingtons' 'And this would besmirch the complete irrelevancy of this scene' 'They may have been stuntmen, they could have just been some inexpensive welsh people' 'For those of you who don't know, that's actor speak for concussing a prop assistant one night'

Those are just some of the choice Moffatt ones. If I start on the Barrowman ones as well, I'll be here all night...
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For those of you with the boxsets, what's your fave commentaries? Haven't watched my Torchwood boxset yet, so haven't listened to those yet, but I've dl'd several of the Dr Who ones and have yet to find any that're as amusing to listen to as The Empty Child/Doctor Dances pair. Possibly due to the presence of the Moffat and the Barrowman geeking out and camping it up (and is horribly, horribly quotable). Though have found a fairly constant rule : If Julie Gardner is on it, it will be boring.

music vids I will never, ever do due to being lazy :

Anything Goes - either Jack Harkness in Dr Who and Torchwood or Torchwood team vid. Shots slot in very easily for each version.

You're So Vain (Barrowman version) - Dr and Jack. (Dr being the *subject* of the song and Jack being the ex)

Crucify (Tori Amos) - Faith and or Lilah vs. Wes.

(though the entirety of Little Earthquakes could be scripted to various Buffy females - I'm trying to remember which track I decided was perfect Darla)

Time after Time - could be any bloody fandom pairing of buddy/romantic/family type, but at this moment in time I'm thinking Sam and Dean Winchester works best. This will of course change in the next five minutes.

...the amount of people who've been saying quoting the cake or death Eddie Izzard bit in the past couple of days is disturbing. And we're not even talking 'Cake or Death?' They're starting it off with 'Well, we're all out of cake!' I've heard it three times today.
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Christmas good. Not quite stuffed, have Torchwood boxset (my squeeing and big eyes and grabby hands and stroking it probably indicated that it was much appreciated), a Mr. Happy hot water bottle cover, a terribly fashionable scarf, Aveda smellies, a book, some jewellery and some chocolate. Plus theatre tokens.

Got blindsided at the neighbourhood drinkies by the combination of no alcohol tolerance due to the previous few days' flu and their concept of a 'small' G'n'T. Where you could smell the gin from three feet away and I asked for an extra tonic after sipping it, then went from sober to drunk in about five minutes. Fortunately sobered up after about half an hour (and spent most of the drunk portion leaning against a table or on a sofa) and did nowt embarassing. So, that's up there with blood donation on 'let this be a warning to you'.

Dr Who, which we shall label as 'Poseidon adventure in Space with added Kylie' (which all of family crowded into rather small study to watch after dinner) was squeed and giggled and groaned at and abuse was hurled at Russell's tendency to over-egg some stuff by the bro's gf, Kylie was sighed over, and amused looks exchanged by parents when the Torchwood trailer came on and I started making squeaking noises from my position in the corner between the filing cabinet and the sofa. (I kid you not when I say the study is *small* - gf and mum on the sofa, dad on the computer chair, bro on floor in front of sofa to complete the rest of the picture). Lots of 'It's Kylie, *dammit*'. Also me going 'oh, I hope the tosser doesn't get killed'.

Watched Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special, in which Darren Gough just pipped Gethin to the post. Letitia did a great job, Mark Ramprakash simply too stiff, Ayesha and Matt were having fun but clearly not brilliant, Matt Di Angelo was ... :gulp: but Gethin and Darren simply wiped the floor since Gethin and Camilla's waltz just *floated* and Darren and Lilya's American Smooth was like watching choreographed Tiggers bounce.

And then sighed and giggled and wiped tears during Love Actually. Plus read all the Singin' in the Rain and Narnia offerings for this year on yuletide.

on bananas

Nov. 2nd, 2007 09:46 pm
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Well, for those of you who weren't sickened by the last set of mental images I gave you* (maybe I can become the new Warren Ellis, only in text form...), I have question re: Dr Who and bananas. Bananas have been a ... thing.... in Dr Who for both of the last two Doctors. full of potassium *and* good for daiquiris. Was it ever thus? (understand that I am a simple, average resident of the UK - I have vague memories of watching Sylvester McCoy as a child because it was on at that time of day, I remember seeing Peter Davison but completely blnked out any memory of Colin Baker, and that's about it until Eccleston came along.)

*I love how they arrive - an email with just the manuscript ID number in the header and 'aaaaaaaaaaargh' as the content. With occasional 'Don't look at this. No, *really*.'

Went into HMV to get voucher for the cousin due to Accessorise completely failing on bags for teenagers unless said teenager is a fashionista like my cousin Rose or a devotee of all things sparkly. Dammit. It caters perfectly for the under-twelves and any girl *over* eighteen who probably has a job. Not anything inbetween.

In the queue, saw headphones, which I've been meaning to get for a while for anywhere that isn't work (I can't have in-ear phones due to the buds being too big, and my other ones live at work due to being big indestructible chunky fuckers that're simply impractical to carry anywhere), grabbed those, and on my way out walked down the sale aisle that had...er... North and South for £11 and Superman Returns (the new one) for £5. And I can't watch either until December. :wails:

Just got back from Carluccio's. Nano!


Oct. 28th, 2007 11:12 am
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Pubmeet was... well... it was pubmeet. geek and discussion and nuttiness. I dozed off at one point but was awake enough to elbow someone in the side when they were going 'how asleep is she, what would happen if we tried for the midsection?'

And also on the train up I was sitting opposite a young bloke having convo on his mobile about what he was doing this weekend, which turned to 'I spent the most amazing week in Cardiff' to 'The Dr Who people treat you so great, such an amazing experience, I was playing this teenager -'

Cue me and the woman next to me perking up and ear wigging. Sadly, no actual spoilers - he was in one of the eps that has Catherine Tate and Martha, Catherine Tate is apparently lovely but didn't get to act with her much since she was doing other scenes. But there's going to be a megalomaniac teenager in one ep, apparently.

I am sooo behind on my tv. This does not help when I'm modding a comm on whose eps I am behind on and they're busy squeeing something chronic.

Also, pimpy time : [livejournal.com profile] gosfordpark. Blame [livejournal.com profile] taraljc.
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Over here, they're pondering the 'what if so and so wasn't available for casting at the time' game for Jack Harkness. Some er... *interesting* responses. And several stuck on american actors. My thoughts below.

First, the character wasn't originally written as American - he was supposed to be British (take your pick of which country) and it's only the fact that JB slipped into a US accent during one of the early read-throughs and they felt it fit the 'film glamour' image better that he's American (which of course influenced later things like costume and character reactions - though not necessarily Matt Rippy casting, since it's not absolutely essential that the closeted heroic self-sacrificer is American).

So, casting details as they originally were : Really good-looking classic 'film-star' looks with a slight 1940s bent, con-man, convincing in action scenes, and believable in the 'will shag anything and *can* get anything' category.

:scratches head on trying to get someone to fit entire package: - I remember them saying at the time that all of that pretty much narrowed it down to one person who was on the UK acting scene, ie, JB so... hoo boy. And even if you got all the briefing elements right, your Harkness would be quite different. Especially later eps, because after the first couple of eps/first season, they normally start writing to the cast actor's strengths.

James Purefoy could do it. (go watch Rome, then call me)
Daniel Craig - no problems.
Paul Bettany - nearly all of it. except I'm not sure how he'd handle the action man factor. never seen him with guns and running like mad. (the ruthless bastard part, no problem)
Dougray Scott - most of, not sure about seduce-anything
Jason Statham - *if* he could pull off the dashing RAF hero image.
Clive Owen - omnisexual... er.
Peter Wingfield - almost certainly, atch.

ETA: I started running the Captain Jack Harkness lines if spoken by James Puresex through my head on the way home. I... er... um. You know how we joke about Jack being a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen? Now imagine the 'And this is Ianto Jones, he cleans up after us and gets us everywhere on time. He also looks great in a suit.' sequence. Um. Oh dear god. Let's just say the jokey aspect of that bit? Really, really not so jokey.

And once again, [livejournal.com profile] ironicbees is trying to kill me dead from sheer pretty in the Jeeves and Wooster department. Though this time, not so much with the subtext. Allll about the text this time round. :happy sigh:
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For all the Saxon devotees out there, [livejournal.com profile] taraljc has been making pretties.
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Oh yay, being ill. How I love thee.

To clarify : spent yesterday feeling woozy and on the sofa with head/jaw ache in and out of doze, with added 'as soon as you start feeling good enough to get up and get some water, and the water is in your stomach? You know what we're going to do? Projectile vomiting.' Eventually this stopped. At seven pm.

Caught up with lj, and the many pics of JB at Pride (including the adorable clip of him kissing Scott in public for the first time in honor of their anniversary. AWWWWWWW.)

Woke up bright and perky (no, really. Really, really perky, the kind of 'hello trees, hello world' perky) at 8am, washed, dressed, breakfast and suddenly body goes '...no, we've decided that being upright is not a good thing.' Sat down and subjected self to BBC Breakfast for twenty minutes. By 9am, still hadn't gone, so phoned workmate to warn her I might not be in. Surfed t'net for a bit. 10am. Mild headache starts. Which is normally the sign of ick. Phoned work - boss not due in yet, so got reception and left message that was not well and might be in later if feeling better. Spent rest of morning listless and woozy. 2pm, start feeling better, and it's gorgeously sunny out there, so decide that I might as well take the recycling out and traipse towards Regents Park to laze. Get down to recycling bins which are all of 20 yards outside flats, and head goes 'fuck that, upright is not a good look on us.'

So now ensconced back on sofa in jammies. :mutter: And taking nurofen has somehow made head go even wonkier. Still, at least I can keep food and water down.

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