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Okay, NOT an allergy query thing.

This one's for odd/uncommon reactions to food.

Not talking about caffeine and sugar for sending someone bouncing off the walls, that's fairly common. Or wine and cheese giving you a migraine.

Anything that brings on an odd reaction?

Example: mate of mine gags if given fresh coriander.

I go completely bouncing off walls with too much hydrogenated fat. I can consume sugar like no-one's business and have no noticeable difference. Hydrogenated fat, bouncing off the ceiling. Oh, and I upchuck if given suspensions.

A mate's little brother had an extreme reaction to colours - one blue smartie, took us an hour to scrape him off the ceiling. really. This was scientifically tested.
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For the blondes : Has anyone noticed any actual difference to your hair colour when using shampoo/conditioner marketed as 'for blondes'? (normally advertised as containing camomile). I use it, but I've never really noticed much difference in colour between that and the normal stuff, even though I know camomile has been used as a hair lightener for millennia.

Boss told us to stop having a science debate. Boss MEAN.

...I just found out someone at work doesn't believe in evolution but... does believe in adaptation to environment? Whut? How does that reconcile? Genetic adaptation to environment *is* evolution.

Why is it samphire is bloody impossible to find in supermarkets?
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have sniffles. this seems to mostly result in scratchy throat and my ears not popping post blowing nose. gah.

I rather like chris-pine.org. When categorising by photoshoot, they don't say 'vogue oct 2009', they try whenever possible to list the photographer first. damn that boy's pretty. and now I find out he's a major theatre bod. CURSES.

Very, very amused by the proliferation of ontd communities for everything from politics to trek. Newbies will come across them and go 'but...but...why are they called ontd?' And in the case of that RPS'er in trek, not get that its basis is gossip.

Finally finished North and South. FSM, that was a slog. lift out all the internal monologues and kick Margaret a few times and it's a decent story. TV series did very well on the dialogue and dramatising scenes we're only told about.

Rather fascinating piece on childhood and its place in evolution on Frontiers on iplayer. Humans being unique even amongst apes of how long it takes us to be capable of feeding ourselves, speed of weaning and age of adulthood/full growth. Chimps, it's 12, humans, it's about 19. And chimps don't have that adolescent growth spurt. They think it's something to do with the time it takes for brains to develop, and the faster weaning means more spawn over what's pretty close to the same fertility period.
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Reading Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South. Partly in a challenge to self to see if I can make it through a classic C19th novel that I love and adore the adaptation of. (Dickens, I can't get past the first page without chucking it across the room in exasperation with his sodding bogged-down prose. Austen, I never seem to get past the first page without someone grabbing me, so have no idea.) It's definitely readable, though slow going.

However, the writers have definitely changed it quite a bit. Same basic plot so far, but most of the religious stuff (discussion and religiousness of various characters) is cut out. Beginning scenes in Helston that show what day-to-day life was like're completely scrapped due to being pretty much extraneous. In general it's far more streamlined. Lot less self-doubt/inner turmoil on behalf of Margaret, and it's made clearer much earlier that Mrs. Hale is really sick rather than just mildly depressed, and it's a pre-existing condition. Mr. Thornton? Far, far less physical. (that intro in the factory scene doesn't exist, and nor do any of the other inside the factory scenes, and you get very little general impression of Milton itself) Really somewhat peeved that the Higgins family (Bessy and Nicholas) are nowhere near as interesting in the book, and that Margaret's relationship with them and the workers is far more peripheral. Bessy's got bugger all character aside from being ill and dying and looking forward to the kingdom of heaven. Nicholas you only see in glimpses for the most part as a permanently angry overworked union man, but you don't get any sense of the union itself, and Margaret knows bugger all about the strike even coming. Waiting to see if Nicholas' character changes much now that Bessy's dead and the strike's all but over. Boucher's weakness is really peripheral. Interestingly, the female Thorntons and Dixon are identical to the book. Guess they're easier to translate to this day and age.

Somewhat of a weird experience. Most of the adaptations where I've read the book, I read the book *way* before the adaptation. (Jungle Book, Discworld, Skellig, LOTR, Harry Potter, Fight Club) Had the characters pretty firmly fixed in my head and was less irritated when they got changed/cut because the book was still there, and would be quite pleased if they went to the effort of expanding or making something make more sense (see Narnia films). Now I've got a case of '...this is somewhat disappointing'.

But anyway, TRAILER OF SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE : "Paul Bettany Kills God As Charles Darwin: New "Creation" Movie." http://yttwt.com/kug9v (added bonus of Jeremy Northam as a clergyman. Heather may need time in her bunk.)
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We're not dead yet. on the other hand, we could be in the middle of a black hole (time stretched infinitely) or part of a sims computer program so not actually know it...

REPENT. (okay, except for you atheists. and the ones in the religions that don't believe in hell, damnation, or anything like that. But you scientologists are just going to get it in the neck anyway. Om doesn't love you.)

Trying out new mascara. Maybelline define-a-lash. If I have great streams down my face by the end of the afternoon, I'll know it not very rub/water/life-proof. Mind you, wearing mascara if you haven't worn it in months feels fucking weird. Slightly gummy.

Well, the Narnia fic has been sent off again. Still not sure about fight scene. Lucy-the-beta may need a bit of translating for certain Briticisms. probably will work better when it's split into three separate fics.

really need to work on nano plot/exactly what scenes, since I only have one-liners so far....

Oi, Jen, Gideon, when did you want to go see the Trocks?
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...I need to stop reading the latest crop of articles on international breastfeeding journal before I stab something. (currently in pdf while we generate the xml versions) Media representations, formula websites' advertising copy as manipulation, the fact that the west sexualises breats so much that people see the act of breastfeeding in public as lewd - never mind that apparently human milk is *lower* in fat and protein than cow milk so baby needs to be within constant reach, which really defeats the argument (and displays the basic ignorance) that enemies of public breastfeeding often use - 'what's the problem? feed the baby before you go out, you don't need to feed it in the restaurant.' Then the issues of Katrina that had malnourished, dehydrated babies because the mothers didn't have access to clean water for formula. Plenty of reporters saying that this was a scandal. Not one saying 'why the hell are they on formula in the first place? This is completely avoidable.'

Stupid background stuff that will never actually make it into fic : my brain is currently consumed with what accent (Welsh or Scots) would be more identifiable as 'clearly different' to English to an outsider. Even though this would have no impact whatsoever, since hello, written not audio and I could have the Archenlanders speaking with whatever accent I damn well want because the only time you see Archenlanders in the flesh in the Narnian books is The Horse and his Boy, and they're not going to be filming *that* anytime soon.

Simply put : The Telmarines are familiar with the Archenlanders. Archenland = smaller country bordering the big one, related by blood, hills separating them from the main country, etc. So in my mind, Archenland = Wales/Scotland. Narnians speak with a variety of English accents - RP to Cockney to Yorkshire. By the time of Prince Caspian, there are no humans left that speak with a Narnian accent, and 99.999% of Telmarines have never come into contact with a Narnian - talking beasts *don't exist* anymore. They're fairytales. Wiped out. And it was probably a metaphor *anyway*, right? So, they hear a Pevensie talking and the accent's clearly not Telmarine (Spanish, I think it's southern, but don't quote me on that...). The thing is, if I presume that the Archenlanders speak with a Welsh or Scots accent, is that accent different *enough* from to the ear to distinguish said Pevensie from an Archenlander? And if one of them is, which one is it? Should I be picking Geordie instead? (Cornish just isn't different *enough* if I'm extending this to the more distinct areas of mainland Britain. Yeah. The Lone Islanders are probably Hebridean or Channel Islanders in my head. Aslan alone knows what happened to the Irish...)

I turn the question over to all of you non-island-dwellers who speak English. Help my inconsequential detail-obsessed brain.

[Poll #1240027]

In other news, people think my Peter is frightening. Clearly they need to read [livejournal.com profile] bedlambard's Peter. Mine is nothing compared to hers. Also, they all want to see Edmund. I have *no idea* what to do with Edmund because I can't quite see him going into the army by choice unless he was going for military intelligence. :thoughtful: mind you, if he had been drafted by '48, there's a chance he might get spotted and sidelined into a more ... interesting line of military work. (and Peter so joined the SAS once it got re-formed in 1950. More his style. And the other officers wanted to get him away from them.)

Military club/pub (either in England or some odd corner of the world)
'I'm looking for Pevensie. Anyone seen him?'
'Well, there's that vicious and frankly scary bastard Pevensie, and then there's his brother who doesn't seem to have any guiding compass beyond 'it needed doing'. Which one did you want to talk to again?'
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How to know you may be fully subscribed to a cult : you see an interesting article on DNA vaccination by tattooing, and your first thought is to email a writer who specialises in futurism and cyberpunk. Helloooooo, Cult of Ellis. Why yes, I do probably qualify for Filthy Assistant status.

Currently struggling with new phone and trying to figure it out. It's very shiny but now I have to learn where all the functions are in the menu. Also, because it's a slide rather than a flip phone, I believe a phone sock will be needed to protect the lens and screen. Oh, and will be poking customer services a lot when I get home because it says it's possible to bluetooth over the message inbox and managed to bluetooth over all my media files (the important things, like ringtones and wallpapers) but keeps going 'sorry, failed' on the inbox thing.

Greatly amused. You know how some pubs just attract a certain type of clientele? The Battle Inn in Reading (oh, shush, it's on Battle Terrace which actually commemorates a civil war battle) has long had a certain rep - the grills over the windows and police cars lurking outside are there for a *reason*, furniture gets thrown at least four times a week - and, well, everyone used to say it was because it's long been an Irish pub with um, no IRA sympathies and smuggling, honest guv. What's amusing? It's slowly being colonised by the Poles. Who are doing exactly the same thing re: furniture throwing. Apparently fights just... start.

Oh well. Could be worse, could be the Boar's Head on Friar Street which used to open every 15-20 years and get shut down by the police within a minimum of six weeks - they finally knocked it down a year or so back because it was structurally unsound and actually crumbling (and to all those local history restoration lot wailing about it getting knocked down - I notice from the forum posts that you never went in there after, oh, the *1960s*. Stop whining. And OMG, they modernised the interior so it no longer qualified for preservation? WORKING. BUSINESS. That the breweries put a bunch of money into to try to attract different clientele.). Every local used to just eye it as soon it was opened and start laying bets when it would get shut, even if you were nobbut a babe in arms when it was last open.

Hrrm. Has anyone ever done that as a story? Buildings that have a type of behaviour so entrenched in them that it doesn't matter what you do, the same behaviour just keeps going over the centuries? The phenomenon's pretty well known...

Have Richard Marx's 'Hazard' stuck in head. And the usual cure of showtunes and christmas songs ISN'T WORKING. (the usual theory is that you listen to something even more annoying and catchy). Graham has just dumped the A-ha greatest hits cd in front of me as a solution and I'm poking it suspiciously.

Send help. :whimper:
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Had one of those 'huh' moments. Paper about using visual clues to figure out what might be wrong with someone, using Renaissance paintings of the Duke of Montefeltro to illustrate it, pointing out that the Duke's always shown left-side only - you might notice the slight gouge in his nasal bridge if you've seen the pictures. That? Jousting incident. Which also lost him his right eye, hence always only that side of the face. The second point was more subtle. His neck's always thrust forward, and if you see full-lengthers, it's only then that you see his back's kind of skewed. They went through three possible's, but reckoned the most likely was related to the jousting, since the Duke had been going to war since the age of 15, and his main profession was as a very successful (and thus rich) soldier for hire. Lots of armour, lots of horseriding, lots of full-body knocks = back go out of joint.

And can't believe I'm actually even acknowledging Lent (paid-up staunch atheist, FSM member, Jedi and Cthulhu cultist), but two bishops advising cutting carbon for Lent. Go on. Try it. If nothing else it'll cut your energy bills and you'll feel smug about it.

Also. I know that Keith Szarabajka has a role as a cop in the new Batman film. I am praying my head off that it's Harvey Bullock because that's the only one I can think of who fits the description we were given by Sean. Can I find him in the cast list on imdb? Can I bollocks. And of course there are no fansites for Keith. :mutter: [livejournal.com profile] psmorrison, you owe me Batman gossip. I mean, admittedly I'm dribbling over the actual character list - Sal Moroni! Commissioner Loeb! Babs! James Jr! (oh, writers of recent films, so much cast of the GCPD and Gotham City underworld porn...)
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Oh, I love my job sometimes. The latest 'Don't Look' came through on the email.

Sadly, this article has only just been submitted to pre-accept so'll take a while to go through and even be published in preliminary form, so I can't show you it. Case report on penile strangulation. Yep, you heard me. Normally caused by metal rings, rubber bands, the detached ring of a condom, bottles and even hair. Works exactly like it does on any other part of the body when you have too-tight a ring on it for prolonged periods - lack of bloodflow leading to other problems. Like gangrene.

Someone came in with a slight case of grossly swollen penis with actual necrosis and ulcers around the area of the rings. He'd put metal rings around the base of it to help pleasure, couldn't get 'em off and left it so long that it got ridiculous - surgery and antibiotics were required. Author goes on to gleefully report on the general problem of penile strangulation, with worst case scenarios such as amputation and urethral fistulas (that's growths in the peeing tube to those who aren't conversant with medical terminology).

Yes, Modblog users, this can happen to you. Especially if you don't go to the hospital early enough.

And even better? The reference titles.

Penile strangulation by a hard plastic bottle: A case report
Pent ethylene - Terephthalate (PET) Bottles: A new device for autoerotic strangulation of the Penis causing serious injury. : Archives of sexual behavior
Lymph edema due to chronic penile strangulation
Gangrene of the Penis due to strangulation by a metallic ring.
Urethrocutaneous fistula due to a retained ring of condom
Penile strangulation treated with modified string method

And it seems to indicate that bottle autoerotic strangulation is on the rise.....

Nano : was at 1,721 as of midnight last night (first day target is 1,667). Stalled a bit due to scene ending and not having a clue how to start the next one. Here's hoping I can manage what I did last year, which was regularly churning out 2,000 a day or more, which had me at a comfortable margin of 3k above target pretty quickly.

And now I have to go shopping for 15-year old cousin. Apparently she likes Fall Out Boy, so the pink and sparkly period is well and truly *over*.
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Huh. Really, really huh. [livejournal.com profile] ciderpress, this week's Radio 4 science program (just finished, should be able to hunt down on listen again) was on dissonance - the way you react to it, the automatic response to it, social conditioning and whether it was learned and also how it contributed to social cohesiveness, with studies and speakers from the Max Planck Institute.

They went through history, the times when musicians have used it to create effects, and then showed you it - took a bit of Debussy, then played you it again a tone up, then a tri-note down, then played it all together and geeeyahhhhh. They'd also done some studies with a tribe who'd never been exposed to western music to see if it was a learned response, and they have the same reaction. Then came when they played the Bach. They twisted the chord structure a bit so it wasn't in the same grouping, then played you the 'normal' structure, the 'expected' structure, and the expected one was visibly more relaxing. And then revealed they'd done experiments with the two versions to see what our emotional response is - the more dissonant one actually ignites the part of your brain that handles fear/flight. Sweatier palms, hairs up, faster heart rate... They reckon it's an ingrained social cohesiveness thing, related to 'dissonant noises bad, please to flee or be on your guard, nice noises good and a sign that everything is going well'.

Which got me thinking about nasal voices and how you can see everyone else visibly cringe and tell themselves not to have a negative response or judge someone who's got a nasal voice.
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:mutter: You know when you change breakfast because you're vaguely bored with what you currently have, and go for something you haven't had in a while? And then after a couple of days of it, you remember precisely why you stopped eating it? And sadly, it being cereal, you've still got a week's worth to get through... Special K. The red berries make it nicer, but it's still way too sweet and gums up your teeth something chronic. Going back on the cheerios as soon as I can. (can't just shove it to one side as lodged at parents')

Hmmp. After having to do emergency repairs on sandal, have concluded that it's a rule that you always get a bit of superglue on your fingers. Which you know will come off in a couple of hours, but while it's there, it's bloody irritating.

Spent a large proportion of weekend asleep. Mostly due to inability to get self on decent sleeping hours during week.

Watched a bit of that eurovision dance contest thingy. Vaguely interesting, but kind of confusing what with it being a mix of pros and amateurs. But it did live up to the finest tradition of Eurovision with some very dodgy outfits (though sadly this is part and parcel of ballroom dancing rather than specially for Eurovision).

Went down the lock as is my wont on weekends (equivalent of Regents Park, the Regents Park bits originally to compensate for there being no lock) and saw that the flooding effects had pretty much dried up in the river meadows. Came home, read a bit of the latest rant in the media guide about the latest directors cut of Blade Runner. Which got me thinking. Blade Runner has an idea that you only really see as a blink and miss it design bit at the beginning, that there's been climate change which has changed the coastlines - I'll have to dig up my Blade Runner theory guide to see whether it was hotter or what. Which got me thinking about the fact that pretty much anything set in the near future in the UK would really have to make some vague acknowledgement of the flooding/bake that leads to drought leads to flooding cycle that we're in, because that's the weather conditions we're going to be pretty much stuck with for the next generation or so. It took a couple of generations to get like this, and it's not going to be settled for another couple because there is no quick fix. Either a random comment on the tv/media source or an expectation of what usual weather is for that time of year. Because we really haven't had any mid-point, and we pretty much expect floods somewhere in the country once a year.
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Oi, [livejournal.com profile] blythely, have you been influencing policy again? here.

Also : [livejournal.com profile] ponycake the plot for half the eps this upcoming S4 SGA
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Spent yesterday evening either giggling or just sitting there with a silly grin. Lady Be Good is sheer enjoyable froth with good singing, good jokes, great performances, silly twists and *fabulous* dancing. Many dance bits. Many. Manymanymanymany. Gratuitous dance sequences, even. The brother-sister pair who're the reason for the plot even make a comment of 'why is it whenever we're fighting this music starts playing?' (said music being Fascinating Rhythm)

Oh, and the main pair could dance and sing fabulously. The people they paired off with clearly were not dancers, but we agreed that they'd be quite happy to sit back and watch their pretty partners dance and sparkle all over the stage. You got the feeling that the siblings had a habit of inviting people into their relationship to play with. And Shirley (brother's love interest, sister's best friend) was entirely cognisant of this and was fine with it. The brother, I blinked and went '...familiar.' And as the first act went on, became increasingly convinced due to his dancing and his legs. (very tall. very, very long legs.) And the fact that he was blonde, which isn't all that common in leading men. Jane was treated to me giggling 'mmm, legs' throughout it. After nicking someone's program in the interval, turns out I was right. Chris Ellis-Stanton, last seen as Billy Crocker in the touring production of Anything Goes. Still pouting slightly that they didn't let him tap. But they did let him twirl all over the stage and kick - this style of dancing, the entire cast dances the same, so there were lots of high kicks from the menfolk. Who spent their entire time in tuxes or evening dress. *Shucks*.

new phrases we need to start using in everyday conversation : 'In frappé up to the ankles.' Watty Watkins for the *win*. Not to mention you can never go wrong with bumbling drunk upper-class twits and their airhead girlfriends who want them to make something of themselves in the comedy category, both of whom use pet names to sickening effect, *especially* when handcuffed to lawyers by accident.

Also, stage scenery made of huge musical instruments. Band sheltering under giant piano; piano keys and drums were the staircase, the handrail was a flute and the moveable seating/canopy thingies were drums and a piano stool. The new york skyline was a bunch of inner piano keys sticking out of the piano. *Your* theatre production didn't have a giant sparkly double bass stuck in the corner for the hell of it.

I'm sure I don't need to get tickets to the Boyfriend. Sure of it.

Hedgehog signalling patterns : one of those phrases in molecular growth and genetics and DNA that sadly refer to shape rather than actual hedgepigs. Because I can never, ever get the image of hedgehogs doing semaphore out of my head due to this. And then? Then they start going on about *Sonic* hedgehog signalling and expressing domains. Whoever named this branch of molecular stuff was an utter bastard. And a Sega addict.
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Fandom : there's always those characters that make a single/couple of ep appearance that fandom takes to their hearts and loves ridiculously or scars onto their brain (you can normally tell by their regular appearance in fic or icons). And it confuses people who haven't watched the show, because they were expecting this person to have a much bigger role on-screen. Sometimes the fandom love is so big that the producers and writers notice and bring them back.

Torchwood :

PC Andy Davidson
DCI Kathy Swanson
Jubilee Pizza delivery persons (okay, admittedly the boxes are omnipresent in the Hub)

Dr Who :

Lucy Saxon


David Parrish
Jeannie Miller

BtVS :

Ethan Rayne (became an occasional recurring because the writers/producers liked his effect)
Devon (had, what, five lines total?)

These are just off the top of my head. Feel free to add.

For those who didn't hear, who're tangentially related to comics fandom : Mike Weiringo died on sunday of a heart attack. 44, completely physically fit and... meep. He co-created Impulse with Mark Waid, exceedingly talented, apparently a ridiculously nice guy

Also : This article is somewhat fabulous. The stuff about Genghis Khan's traceable lineage has been floating around for a year or so now, but it's the glee of all the anecdotal stuff of him having loads of descendants (one 13thC historian claimed that he had 20,000 alive in that period) and tribes posturing and claiming that they're descended from him ... and then when they traced the genetics and the area found in and so on it was the only explanation that made *sense*. 8% of the population of central Asia. 1 in 200 men alive today.

And Angkor Wat : bloody massive city, architect of its own demise.
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I remember a while ago, some important essayist (or possibly it was An Inconvenient Truth) on climate change actually used the example of Britain's flooding alongside increased desertisation and tornadoes and hurricanes and tidal waves as evidence.

Does anyone remember what it was? Or where one might find a link to it?

Mostly because I remember being vaguely weirded out that someone would actually use something as what felt so hum-drum as an important example. And realising that, er, yes, it's a fairly good and very, very obvious example - more obvious, say, than warmer summers and wetter winters. And closer to home for most Americans than tidal waves in distant lands where the people talk funny. But still. Being counted alongside tidal waves and mass migration due to the desertisation.

Because the flooding's becoming regular enough that they're talking about flood defences. Seriously talking about it. (but, y'know, resignedly and common sensedly and not making a big thing about it in that wonderful cold wet island-dweller way) And the way they're reporting it, it's 'well, this bit of the island's been flooded this time - what do you expect, we've had heavy rain, it was only a question of where got it this time. Which local bits do we have to keep an eye on to make sure they don't rupture?' ...Yeah. We're adjusting our way of lives and thinking to fit it in as *normal*. Flooding used to be only something you heard about happening in Egypt. Or India.

On the other hand, people in the early 70s probably never foresaw a time when their kids would grow up thinking it was normal not to have bins at railway stations. And mock american tv cop shows that thought you had to actually explain what C4 was, rather than just expecting the audience to know what you were talking about. (yes, this was us watching The Sentinel)
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ah, job. What you do to my visual squick levels. 'oh, tumour. meh. bored now. what I'd give for an interesting bile duct.' 'oooo, is that - ? wow, bleeding recurrent tumour that punctured his abdomen wall from his intestine? cooooooool. And it's getting a bit of necrosis? *fascinating*.' (seriously, the guy had a recurrent bleeding hole about five inches from his bellybutton through to his intestine. for *years*.)

Or to put it another way, article today was a case report on some poor sod with elephantitis of the scrotum which had put him in a wheelchair. Elephantitis is one thing that will *always* get me to look, for some reason. And it turned out to be just the scrotum before and after in the way of pics. We're talking worksafe for accountants, here. See me mutter and pout because it was just that boring, and then scroll to the meat of the article and go 'oh good lord, diabetes mellitus being the root cause *again*? Does that condition have *nothing* better to do?'

After a while, everything looks like a variation on the insides of someone. With interesting growths. You long for bile ducts and necrosis.

And the point of this? I don't watch slasher films. I have no desire to, partly because I've never been into horror films for the most part - my type of horror is normally The Others, The Ring, 28 Days Later, Dog Soldiers, that sort of thing. But I'd dread what it'd be like for the other people watching with me to watch the most gross-out slashers. 'meh, intestines. huh. interesting fat dappling on that bit.'
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Gregor has bought haribo for the work biscuit pile. This has resulted in several of us declaring undying love for him.

Read genderswap fic where it was pointed out to Shep that his general mildly flirty body language as a male is about 100x when female (Shep, of course, being the original 'for the 1,573rd time, John Shephard did not see it coming' oblivious type) and this got me musing a bit. I know that my normal body language and behaviour is construed as incredibly flirty. I've been told enough times, normally with protests that I wasn't. (the irony being that when I'm actually flirting with someone, it involves a lot of blushing and stammering, sole exception being the dancefloor. Where my confidence automatically goes up 500% and eye-fucking is always, always conscious.) Which made me wonder for a bit as how it'd be seen as a bloke. And then realised that no, I'd be my brother and it'd translate into suave charming bastard (who at the same time is every girl's best friend).

And in looking-up random facts on the web time, it turns out that our galaxy being lumbered with one of the... stupider names *ever* for a galaxy is due to the ancient Greeks, who thought it looked like a stream of milk. Seriously. majestic things like goddesses and mythical beasts and.... milk. *sigh* Could be worse, there's one mythology that labelled it straw. Our race should be banned from naming things. As many an alien race has put it in fiction, "You seriously named your planet 'dirt'?"

ETA : "We shall rule over this land, and we shall call it ... this land."
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To gack a phrase from Internet Jesus, Don't look. Especially not the last figure.

Am vaguely amused that gangrene is now a 'rare diseases' article, considering its prevalence in earlier times...
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Kryptonite's been discovered. (the Superman Returns version, at any rate)

It's white, not green, but anyone want to defend the earth from annoying Kansas farmboys with dubious taste in spandex and capes?
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Observation of work of today :

Well, you all know we get very, very desensitised to any image of body stuff. Reaction being 'oh, look, a tumour/surgery. Ooo, that's a nasty one - huh. where the hell did they pull that one from? Ooo, ooo, bile duct bits!'. Just had one of a very large excised tumour and the eye next to it. (tumour the main problem, and it turned out there was tumour stuff behind the eyeball and the eye wasn't working, so they removed it) Looked at the tumour first, then realised the eyeball? Reminded me of nothing so much as bits of things like Brazil and other sci-fi fantasy where the monitoring system/camera is an eyeball on a stick, whether organic or completely mechanical. Seriously. Current media? We're very used to seeing detached eyeballs, or the image of detached eyeballs.

Watched Sunset Boulevard last night. Ooooo shiny. One more reason to make my shrine to Billy Wilder bigger. Terribly, terribly cynical film, and of course, with the musical practically on an IV, you had me making comparisons (aside from the fact that bunches of the dialogue is transposed directly into the lyrics/stage dialogue) between characters and situations. Aside from being somewhat freaked out by Norma Desmond's eye-rolling and claw fingers. And going 'omg, Buster Keaton? Really?' (I'd known that a couple of silent names made cameos in it, but Buster Keaton was one of the bridge partners? Really?) Plus, much love for Cecil B. Demille. No, really. Just... shone in his cameo.

What's interesting is how characters are variously more or less cynical between productions. For instance, overall the Joe Gillis character is about even on cynicism - though the musical one is far bitchier and more bitter - though interestingly, the movie one is much more willing to take advantage of people/things. See the new clothes fitting scene where he makes far less protest about accepting expensive clothing and relaxes easier into playing the gigolo.

Betty Schaefer comes across as far more sarcastic/wide-eyed in the musical, but the movie one's more accepting of how the system works, and you get a feeling she knows how to play it better, which implies the wide-eyed is kind of surface.

Erich von Stroheim? A lot less imposing as Max than I'd have thought, though it may be due to his physical stature more than anything. Norma Desmond? Film version a lot less calculating and more inclined to hysterics than the musical. Mind you, from what I've heard, manipulativeness of Norma (knowing exactly what she's doing with the hysterical fits) varies on production and actress. Later ones *much* more manipulative than the early ones.

Listening to Doctor Who commentaries (Doctor Dances and Empty Child), as is my wont on tuesday afternoons, being the point of the playlist that I usually get to by tuesday afternoon. Have clearly listened to these two comms far too many times since I can anticipate every damn comment and point in the commentary in which it comes.

[livejournal.com profile] bigtitch posted some scaps of the extras on the third Torchwood dvd last night. Damn you, Matt Rippy and JB. Must you do this to my brain? Me and Meg stared and gibbered something chronic. And it is not helping my desire to write a WW2 story of two airmen in love. No I don't need to research this like mad. at all. Especially not in time for nano. Have learned my lesson, Nanowrimo needs to be a story I know inside out that I can extrapolate on and expand and twist.


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