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Kiss Me Kate @ Old Vic , 18/01. it was awesome, if not a little fucked up in relationships. interesting to see where the songs went, and everyone trying to steal the show from everyone else, which was actually completely in character. Only real problem was the actress playing Bianca was... not quite there with the rest. I dunno, just didn't fit. rather good stage design and costuming too - all black and white clever things with banners for the play.

Bro's wedding: family, food, *other* family, small children behaving themselves, the sheer speed Chelsea Old Town Hall puts through weddings, pretty dresses, and unbelievably hungover the next morning. Seriously. the waitresses were making sympathetic noises.

If You Don't Let Us Dream, We Won't Let You Sleep @ Royal Court 09/03 - play about debt. where society is going, companies trying to monetarise it whilst the entire audience sat there and winced because it's all too true. I'd call it a question raising play - it didn't try to provide the answers (it specifically stated it wasn't trying to, idiot critics who weren't listening) but it did show us all the questions we should be asking. Possibly yelling.

Stage door: I was first out, but as the crowds amassed, i turned and asked 'okay, who *isn't* here for Damien Moloney?' Lots of shuffling of feet and coughing. Anyway. Crowd all terribly patient and polite, Damien utterly lovely and answering questions and posing for pics for everyone. and yes he'd like to do a musical.

In other news: weather, can it be spring sometime soon? not suddenly taking a dip and snowing again?
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Not very much. okay, a dusting. but finally we got some in the south east.

Taken at 7:30 am, it's still around in any shady bits at noon.

Friday, my cousin David's wedding to his girlfriend Jo. Who is very nice. It was at a country house that rents out a portion for weddings, with rooms in the central block that get rented overnight for the family/wedding guests, and you can *tell* it's a house, not a hotel. Doors are missing. You don't get keys unless you ask for them. Most of the original light switches are in. Receptions are in the gallery - separate building off to one side which given the age/style of building, me and dad are inclined to think is a sculpture gallery. (see Keira Knightley Pride & Prejudice) Lovely day - cold, but sunny.

Twas Fun. Especially when you're the 'family' side, and as I talk to random people at gatherings, got chatting with David & Jo's mates - 'so, which are family?' 'Look for the short blondes and their hangers on. it's just direct cousins here, David's mum's sisters' kids.' 'Chris is...?' 'Best man. David's brother. Look for the VERY TALL gingers.' (Chris is taller than David. David is Chris Hemsworth/Tom Hiddleston height) Amusing bit of Chris explaining to someone else that though David may get called Dave by mates, he's David in the family. Which includes Jo. And what she says goes. NO SPEECHES. OR POETRY. OR READINGS. (hallelujah) However, as it was a winter-ish wedding, and you want the photos when daylight is still around, the wedding was at 1:30pm, which meant the dinner dragged on a bit during the time between then and the evening buffet. Speeches would've spaced it out a bit, but considering everyone tends to chug the champagne or look bored during speeches, whatever. Great food, evening buffet was awesome, (giant cheese board which Jo commandeered at the end! pizza! samosas! huge bacon sandwiches!) dancing fun. Flower girl Phoebe, 3 years old, couldn't keep her shoes on. apparently the only reason the dress stayed on was she couldn't figure out how to remove it. I challenged her to a joust/duel with her shoes as weapons. it was inevitably awesome. Satisfaction was had from both parties. Stole her fairy wings and told adults off who wanted to put them on because it would stretch the elastic as they're made for sproglets. At one point provided immense amusement for my family because I was chatting to a bloke who apparently was trying to chat me up and I didn't notice, and apparently had the most hysterical framing the crotch body language which I also didn't notice. Louise: 'it was like he was a cardboard cut-out for all the interest you were showing. As it should be. But still, hysterical.'

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Sooo, yesterday we decamped to Houseboat Hampton. With half a tonne of food. (seriously. *two* beef wellingtons, chocolate mousse, alcohol, cheese, bread, salad, tomatoes, and the ingredients for a very *large* eton mess. Eton Mess is my mum's new fave dessert for parties because it can be done in five minutes and requires no prep.)

got up motorway with relatively trouble... until we got to Hampton and spent god knows how long to go about four miles.

Got there, met David's fiancée Jo, (marriage is taking place... sometime that is not January, February or May) Tabs' boyfriend Alberto, who is rather lovely. and Brazilian. And had brought his own chillis for chilli oil that I started raiding (medium heat, nicely tasty). Some accused me of showing off. Dad pointed out that no, she just snacks on chillis. We ate, we gossipped, we drank endless snowballs. I finally has the Adele albums and David gifted several of us with sloe gin. mwhahaha.

And on Boxing Day we decamped to Blewbury in Oxfordshire for a meander and fresh air, and a drink. Entered Red Lion to be greeted by a packed pub singing twist and shout (there was ongoing karaoke including Angels and American Pie), people in bull costumes and several in white with red sashes and gore marks on their faces. Apparently they'd decided to re-enact the Pamplona running of the bulls. in a small mostly listed village in Oxfordshire. yes, dear reader, WTF was definitely on our minds...
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updating bad. whoopses. Not much really happening aside from Merlin squee (which, er, mostly consists of me going 'oh, *Bradley*' and giggling at the knights.). Downton Abbey is awesome and they can't go more than two minutes without someone saying 'This damned war.' Edwardian soap, I love you. Also, I would like Thomas to get laid this series. Allen Leech is busy being very amused by the fact that Branson got voted as 'least likely to be a virgin'. Unlike Matthew Crawley. :cough:

Strictly has started again. Some decent-ish performances so far - Chelsee's good but a bit bouncy, Anita Dobson was pure grace for ballroom and had waaay too much 80s fun for the latin, Holly Valance was decent but a bit hesitant, Harry Judd is brilliant but getting tripped up by Aliona's not-great choreography, Jason Donovan is stomping over the competition but then does have musicals training.

Honourable mentions: Dan Lobb: very cute, not bad. Alex Jones.. okay? Rory Bremner's not bad. Audley Harrison is... giant?

Crap: Lulu, Nancy Dell' Olio (Cannot dance at all), Edwina Curry (now out)

in the wtf: Robbie Savage was awful in the 1st week, with Ola dancing around him in a tiny outfit, then suddenly turned into a graceful Fred Astaire for ballroom. Cue jawdrops. Russell Grant: Having *way* too much fun, cracking everyone up, but is doing all the steps and is in time. See him lasting quite a while and bumping off all the so-sos. Oh, and audience is going 'Artem, why are you even *bothering* with a shirt?

In other news, my brother's landlady has just gone psycho. Seriously. my mum is staying there to make sure she doesn't break in and change the locks while they're out, she cut off the electricity this morning after pounding on their door at 2am last night and serving them with an eviction notice on sunday, Saturday night one of the *other* tenants in the building called the police due to her yelling in the hall. They are fully lawyered up.
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Right, got to book time off work next week due to funeral finally being scheduled. Great Aunt Bina (my grandma's elder sister - utterly, utterly cool) got pneumonia a couple of weeks ago. She'd been getting that little bit frailer and frailer as the years went by (in her 90s, still getting around by herself but in sheltered housing) and when she got it, everyone went '...okay, chances of survival not very much.' Died sunday and we'd been waiting to hear funeral dates since Susan, who was one of her nieces she was closest to was away. So wake and funeral in Newcastle.

In other news: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is flaily hands and the credits being there so you can finish gawping and going 'wah'. Masterpiece of restraint and acting (not what Oscars call acting, but proper, quiet, tense, drop a pin and everyone jumps). Also brain-breaking period detail. Lots of us (70s/early 80s babies) going 'oh god. I remember that pattern. The bag in the foyer?' '....Our school hall curtains.' 'The grafitti.' 'BEDCOVER.' 'Our nan's was blue.' 'Wimpy's.' 'Breathe, sweetie, deep breaths.' '...So many shades of brown.' Seriously, the set dressing and costuming is an extra character on its own.

There are also tiny, tiny details and wordless scenes - two scenes not in the book, one which just fits perfectly and adds a technically not necessary but HUGE detail for one character, and then the Christmas party flashback, where not a sodding word is spoken but every single relationship is explained. And so many others just... rounded out to an extent that we were going 'SWEET FSM FLAILY HANDS OMG OMG THIS IS JUST ...WAH.' It's not the tv series. People are colder and harder and there's no nostalgic/respectful haze but it's tense and condensed and complex and gripping. Plus Kathy Burke as Connie. (cue everyone going 'happy sigh')

:frowns: How is it there is only [profile] ttss_kink set up so far? ([profile] thursgood also exists, but that's not been updated since '07. This film has been out five days already, people, and it has Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy in it. There are SPIES. it is a 99% male cast. Fandom, you fail.

Other fandom stuff: Taz and Jen mentioned they were discussing Torchwood/Narnia last night in the pub after everyone else went home, I went 'that Susan joins Torchwood one?'. and now I suddenly have thoughts of 'Pevensies run a branch of Torchwood.'

Pevensies: able to keep Harkness on a short leash and totally unfazed by his antics. 'Yes, shagging water-dwellers can give you a nasty skin rash sometimes, there's a cream.' 'Well, yes, of course we put them down, Jack, stop being so squeamish.'

Seriously, Susan's recruitment is obvious, Edmund gets seconded from MI5 or 6 or whoever he's working for, Peter drifts into it whilst on leave from the army (Army brass: 'Torchwood want him? Please take him, he scares the shit out of us'), and Susan yanks Lucy out of whichever hospital she's working in because they need a new doctor who won't bat an eye at weird physiology and poisons and can do battle doctoring in their sleep. suspect they end up at Cardiff *anyway*. Jack is on the one hand terribly interested in these pretty young people who give off all the vibes of older than they are, and have a completely different set of values from everyone else in this day and age. On the other hand, just slightly ...scary. And often treat him like a child. Susan the cool diplomat bombshell who's a better sharpshooter with a pistol than the best sniper is with a rifle, Peter the general, little Lucy the healer who really does remind him a bit too much of his ex, and Edmund the spymaster. He'd swear they fell out of the Rift if it wasn't for the fact that they check out completely. All scans show them as this time period, no chronal energy like you get with the Doctor's companions.


Mar. 30th, 2011 10:57 am
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I swear, is there a rule that people who're hypochondriacs for other people are complete 'mustn't grumble' for themselves?

Mum had chest pains last night (no shortness of breath/rapid pulse/tingling/colour change/etc) and was going 'oh, I'm sure it's nothing, I'll just sit here for a bit.'
me: 'I'm phoning NHS direct.'
her: 'oh, you don't need to do that. I had them 6 weeks ago and it was nothing.'
me: :starts dialling:

Nurse told her to go A&E to get checked out after going through her symptoms, woke dad to take her to hospital, all while she's sighing 'I'm sure it's nothing, I don't want to be a nuisance'. Turned out to be nothing, but still. ARGH.

working from home today due to a) lack of sleep and b) keeping a beady eye on her.
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A silly, silly weekend. With muchos fun.
wedding )
Northhampton ho! )
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http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2010/feb/20/ten-rules-for-writing-fiction-part-one - part 'how to keep going', part 'don't do this'.

One of Elmore Leonard's, Avoid detailed descriptions of characters, which Steinbeck covered. In Ernest Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants", what do the "American and the girl with him" look like? "She had taken off her hat and put it on the table." That's the only reference to a physical description in the story.

Started A Game of Thrones at the weekend, somewhat slow going as it's very dense, and then got completely stalled when it got to the first scene with Beggar King + little sis. For no bloody reason it decided to describe their violet eyes and long silver hair. Seriously. Did we need to know that? The only bloody reason a hair colour should get mentioned is as an identifier by someone else when looking for them ('A glimpse of blonde hair in the crowd') or to clarify how much someone stands out from everyone else in the room - Ursula Le Guin's Wizard of Earthsea doesn't really mention that Ged's people are brown skinned until the Godking's lot come along, when it's pointed out how weird they look in comparison to all the other islanders, since they're the only ones with pale skin, or finally, prophecy-worthy (Bran, Dark is Rising. Note that the Drews rarely get a description, and Will is only described when someone else is looking at him to state how bloody non-descript he is. Others get described as 'tall' or 'welsh farmer's wife'.) Seriously, if no-one else is in the room, and it's 3rd person, we do not need to know what this person looks like. PS, fantasy authors: No fucker has violet eyes if they're human unless they're wearing contacts, magic touched or on drugs that affect their irises. The silver hair is also stretching it unless they've gone prematurely grey.

Okay, I may have mentioned that my cousin is in hock to Simon Cowell. She works on America's Got Talent as a producer. Went over to aunt's for lunch, got utterly stuffed on stew and sticky toffee pudding (for anyone following the Jamie Oliver recipe, it's better if you leave it in there for another 20-25 mins, since aunt put it on too low a temperature and had to leave it in for extra time) were all crashed on couch afterwards. Tabs calls on skype, and it turns out she's in the middle of auditions in Atlanta. latest act comes in, and she turns the laptop round so we can see them. Cue six people in Hampton with hands clamped over their mouths to stop the raucous giggles escaping and alerting anyone else that a bunch of people are watching via laptop. (Tab's faces as she was also trying to keep a straight face were also hysterical) Six blokes in full coloured body stockings dancing to Backstreet Boys. We suspect that they'll get through at least one stage just for the sheer lulz.

Somewhat weirded out but so pleased for Jeremy Renner getting all the attention with Hurt Locker and him getting Hawkeye in Avengers. Con goers may remember him being adorable at a BtVS/Angel convention ages ago as Angel's serial killer first siring. And hey, it's a 39 year-old actor getting a major career boost. No bad here.

Cannot decide whether This or This is the more awesome photo. On the one hand, Joker jumping Bats on a skateboard. On the other, Morgan Freeman + kitty. arrrgh.

off to get boots repaired. wo0t.

ETA: ARSE. Boot soles are stitched on. Gray's Inn place says they don't have the machine to do it and all the other layers are stitched together, so will phone Michael's on proctor st to see if they do it, because wasting half my lunch hour is not something I want to do again tomorrow.

Gah. Sondheim 80th w/maria Friedman, daniel Evans announced. question is whether they announce anyone else, cause the 75th was awesome massivo thing. (aka 'I've just seen Eartha Kitt... :thud:)


Sep. 28th, 2008 06:16 pm
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yesterday : mild jawache steadily getting worse all day until kicked upstairs to bed.

Merlin had the ever-lovely Will Mellor, swordfighting, pouting, bantering, hissy fits, the boys brooding because they were separated, and the girls knowing more about how to put armour on than Merlin. Slashy as hell, and I really like the concept of Arthur being an upper-class arsehole, it's *fun*.

Today, family went blackberrying. Cue scratches all up hands, my ankles and feet and Dad looking like he's plunged his arms into a vat of thorns on the spin and lacerate setting.

Came home from blackberrying to get mild headache - the type that makes you go 'ow' if you tilt it forward, which made putting up the laundry/taking it down fun.

I think you should have music.
Boccherini's La Musica Notturna, from the Master and Commander soundtrack.
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Finally got off my arse and went looking for narnia icons. After sifting through all the actor icons to find actual *character* icons (not to mention half of narnia fandom seems to lock their damn icon posts after a week, *thanks so much*), I then had the insurmountable :headdesk: of loads and loads of prettily cut and edited icons.... none of which had a decent colour balance. Seriously. How do you not notice that the blues are a bit too turquoise and the scarlet-orange everyone's mouths are turning? Especially in a film where there's a lot of red-red in the general colour scheme.

Some of you may think this is not such a problem or just a filter thing. This is not like using a sepia or toning filter. This is getting your damn colour balance wrong, where your whites will not be correct. Seriously. Do you know how long we used to spend trying to get that correct in the photo labs? There is no either/or, correct colour balance is correct colour balance. It. Looks. Shit. And it is *different* from when you've lit it in an interesting way, or processed it in strange ways to get weird colours. It's very simple. Your whites will be really weird and dingy with a yellow tinge.

...Have thought that I probably sound like one of those old hands in any other craft profession where you spend years of training to make sure that your edges are smooth and suddenly the new trend is for unfinished hems and ragged edges. I don't care. It's not a style thing. It's shoddy and would not stand up to further examination.

(further note to the whole birth certificates thing - apparently I do have one beyond the certificate of live birth, but we couldn't find it. However, we did find my parents' marriage licence, which is an awesome piece of old west-style scrollwork, with all the language and everything. It's quite clearly the next generation up from having the Boot Hill font on it. And the judge has the name JD Plunkett. Who apparently was getting on a bit by the '70s - and he came out to Oklahoma on a wagon train. Why yes, I am jealous.)
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sitting around. spent yesterday travelling up to Nottingham listening to Test match special, dumped everything in room... and came back down to find Chris and Dad watching the Test Match on the tv.

Spent today grazing continuously and imbibing a large amount of Pimms.

Various relatives taking odd photos, so we have strange photos of people's feet, slumped on the sofa, glasses of drink.

My life is HARD.

Sadly, I have to get up at ick o' clock to get th e 7:07 to St Pancras to get to work in the morning....

been told by relatives that I have not actually changed one iota since I was small. Sam told me that she has a picture of me in a white dress, long blonde hair, as a small child, looking exactly the same. and my personality is exactly the same.
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Dad yelled for music to be put on for dinner. I put on the Julie Atherton cd, a tad trepidatiously.

Dad comes out of kitchen.

Dad : What's this?
Me : Er... Julie Atherton?
Dad : Is it new?
Me : Um, yeah, she's a musicals performer. She's kind of an acquired taste, I-
Dad : It is new. It will stay on.
Me : Uh, I did say a bit of an acquired taste -
Dad : It is new and it's someone I can blather on at work about that no-one else will have heard of!

:facepalm: Yes, my father wants to be John Peel.
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Fuck. Was doing the washing up, had a sneeze-cough (which is kind of a one-shot hack to get phlegm up), and mum started laying into me because it's louder and sounds worse and the coughing fits are louder and she accused me of exaggerating it for attention and it being horrible manners (yes, my mother is all about the manners and public appearances on her own level and has often over the years accused me of doing stuff for attention - she's pretty much an introvert and I'm the family extrovert, and that's even compared to my brother and dad), I protested with the fact that it's half cough, hence why it sounds horrible, you think I do this for attention and fun, and she kept going, saying my coughs are louder and nastier and she's quite familiar with them thankyou, my coughs do not sound like what they've been in the past few weeks, me yelling that you think this is fun, I've torn things with this cough, it's painful and I sometimes end up wheezing, you think I'm doing this for *attention*, and I ended up screaming at her to the point that dad came in to see what was wrong and I was crying at that stage, tried to get out of the room because she just wasn't listening and was still insisting it was bad manners and he tried to mediate a bit and it came pouring out - she's heard it my whole life, it was never this loud and I said it was because I spend most of my time in London and it being drier (parents' house is ten-fifteen minutes walk uphill from the Thames, fair bit of farming land and floodplain nearby plus river being border to oxfordshire and twee little country villages, whole area's very densely tree'd, Reading town centre where I went to school and worked for the past few years pre-London is tiny and is on two rivers and a couple of canals) and she retaliated with the fact that it wasn't like this last year.

I pointed out that I didn't live with them last year, they never heard it, as far as people at work are concerned, Heather's coughs and sneezes are like echoing gunshots, Heather's coughing fits are loud and sometimes leave her wheezing and I didn't know that they were so much louder, and there'd never been hacking, even when I was ill - I'd just always known that they were loud because they'd always had that rep all the way through school. (life in the UK started at school age, hence why I tend to have that separation) And that I'd had this for the winter last year to the point where they told me to go to the doctor's, and why I went to the doctor's this time. I asked why she thinks I made jokes about having to get a place by the river, and she thought it was just jokes. I pointed out that at times I was utterly miserable because of my lungs, no matter how much I loved London itself. And that no, I don't mention it the whole time, I make jokes about it like she does with migraines (I'd earlier yelled at her 'how about if I accused you of the migraines being for attention?') because it normally doesn't come up, it's just something I'm used to. She asked about the doctor, I told her she hadn't been able to find anything, and all the tests had come back clear, the next test is for allergies. Only suggestion was the humidifier because I'd told her about it getting worse the drier it got. Which I've always known about re:dryness, because I never had the cough when I lived at the seaside and that it's worse and more prolonged in London. Realised that the coughing fits that tore a muscle were when I'd been working for a couple of months in Bracknell in what was essentially a hermetically sealed office.

So yeah. Not fun. Still in a bit of a state like I normally am after a crying and screaming match. \o/.
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I love my parents. no, really. Sometimes just... love.

Dad is a sci-fi and media geek who loves musicals and raised me on Cabaret. Mum loves musicals and period drama.

Dinner is a sit-down job with a belief in the art of conversation and discussion and arguments about all kinds of topics.

And todays, after a bit of 'work sucks/some commuters are *weird*/other stuff, we got onto roles actors take for money - citing Michael Caine and The Swarm, which always gets quoted in these cases. I cited Barrowman and Shark Attack 3 and saying that it was cash in hand as a similar example.

And then Dad brought up a conversation he'd had with someone at work about Barrowman and where he's going to go from here - because, well, star ascendant. Big name, could pretty much do anything *here*, getting a good name in America - so the question that automatically comes up is 'When's he going to go for Hollywood?' Me, being the Barrowman obsessive was poked for my opinion. I said what Barrowman's said, about having a brilliant time here right now, feels that time's kind of moved on a bit from the kind of effort it would take to try to crack Hollywood, plus the effort you have to put into playing the game, (settled life, husband, etc, etc...) not to mention he probably would not be getting leading man roles due to being out. See Rupert Everett - best friend, not romantic leads. I hear you cite Ian McKellen. An article pointed out that yes, big star, big name... but past the age where he'd be getting cast in 'leading man romantic'. And films nearly always have a romance bit of some sort in them even if they're out and out action.

So it was also mooted that what he could do was go via the couple of big seasons in serious drama theatre darling and build up his rep that way - because none of Dad's mates were denying that he wasn't a serious talent - and then be based in the UK but do UK actor films (ie good scripts, not heavy on the effects and explosions), like a lot of the big name British actors do. Which is, well, interesting, because anyone wanna see him opposite Keira Knightley or similar?

And Dad citing on how much the BBC loves Torchwood because of the profile it's got in America and how much money it's making them to explain it to Mum. (remember, Dad reads normal media and listens to Radio 4 so he's seeing it from outside what fandom does)
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:glomps and snogs [livejournal.com profile] cidercupcakes, then spins her round for good measure:

Happy birthday, sweetie.

In other news - anyone up for slightly belated drinkies/dinner tomorrow or wednesday?

Yesterday, visit to Hansons. We're exposing the bro's girlfriend to our relatives gradually in order of craziness, so she got Nick first (Nick is nice and qualifies as very normal) then the Snowdens (fairly normal, though we're vaguely worried about David who's a Queen's Scout and is now working for the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme) and this sunday she got the neurotic nutters who work in tv - and mostly reality tv and game shows at that, so really the nutty end. Classic bit had to be when in the middle of a discussion about X-factor, Britney, and several other bits, we also get an explanation of chaos theory with interjections about 'but those examples are really well-documented so you'd just have to throw enough data at it to get the pattern'. With a couple of side-trips into causal patterns with me pointing out that everything has a pattern, correlation is in most places unlinked and coincidental. And then seeing bro's gf going 'you people are *weird*'. Entire table 'Well, it would be mean to inflict the great-aunt on you this early.'

:whines: I wanna spend money at play.com and I can't for at least another two days....


Dec. 3rd, 2007 07:54 pm
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Right, that's three pressies out of the way....

Now...er... fourteen to go. AUGH. And one secret santa at work.

Why must I have so many bloody cousins? I suppose I should be glad that I don't have to buy for the four half-cousins as well.

Currently giving thanks that I haven't been blind-sided by bunnies as soon as nano finished.

Rec time! Fantabulous Tosh/Det. Swanson fic. With a rather unusual structure that just works. There needs to be more Tosh/Kathy.

...Sometimes I really wish I kept the robin hood comms on a different flist page, if only for the weekend when they explode and I have to go read all the damn things for mod purposes.

In cornwall. heating appears to be on blink. fuck. (for those who don't know Cornwall weather/housing, this is, although warmer than the rest of the country, damp and windy and largely victorian - high ceilings and so on. IE, cold.)

Lord knows how the SUP handover's going to go.
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Family gathering for one of the uncles' 50ths. Plus the in-a-few-days 15th of a cousin.

Fairly pleasant, lots of relatives by marriage I'd never met, other family, talking, food, etc. (including three types of jelly and a bunch of marshmallows from hallowe'en.) Also fireworks.

Anyhoo, the 15 year old has got to that stage of trying out different stuff and having arguments with her mother. This includes wanting to dye her hair black, which the mother is dead set against. (she's planning to go emo. I told her that she would be mocked for this, and tried to encourage her to incorporate some Sparkly!Goth into it.) We all reckon she's going to do it anyway sooner or later and mummy will just have to accept it. The conversation also incorporated piercings that she is SO NOT being allowed until she's older, and *definitely* not tattoos. And then the words 'like Heather' were included. Along with disapproving looks. I enquired whether I was being held up as a bad example that she should not aspire to, and was informed that I definitely was and that Leonora should *not* be attempting to emulate me in any way when it came to body modification.

I find this somewhat amusing, having always pretty much been the quiet, mild child - no acting out, no staying out late, etc... just happened to acquire the rep as the weird member of the family due to the tats and piercings and the predilection for sci-fi geekery.

I'm so proud. And Leonora gleefully informed me of an interesting way of gauging whether or not to get something done - ring up, tell them you've had it done, then check how bad their reaction is before deciding whether to go ahead with it.

Had utter drought when I got home re: writing, then it flowed. *Just* ahead of the day-count, but it's getting done and the next bit is vaguely planned out.
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[livejournal.com profile] ironicbees clearly has a mission. To make all Jeeves and Wooster fangirls DED FROM GUH over her pretty, pretty art illustrating certain scenes from the books. The expressions *alone*. No, really. Click. Dribble. I think the [livejournal.com profile] indeedsir comm has an unfair share of talented people. :muses: Or possibly it's the discerning influence of Plum. Ah, Wodehouse fandom. I do love that you are a fandom that has a self-imposed rule about narration in the correct voice.

Have finally figured out what it is I can get mum for her 60th. (it's on monday. Yes, I left it a bit late.) However, this means making a trip to Hamleys, with a possible side-venture to Forbes. Last time I was there, several years ago, I remember sniffing and labelling it a badly-organised tourist trap. Do not expect it to have changed.

Two barbecues this weekend. I predict my entire state to be stuffed and tipsy.


Jun. 27th, 2007 01:13 pm
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Having been mainlining the BBC Pride and Prejudice for the past three nights, (flatmate : I love Bride and Prejudice! me : original's better. I mean, we love the B+P mr. Collins, but the Darcy/Lizzie marriage proposal is *so* much better in this one. (proceeds to quote bits, but not perfectly) flatmate : I agree, but may I ask, how many times have you watched this? me : shhhh. wet shirt moment coming up.) I've decided that I need to watch the film tonight. Mmm, Matthew McFadyen. Keira. Rosamund Pike. The short bloke from Bedrooms and Hallways and Enigma and POTC. Donald Sutherland being *awesome*.

The problem? I'm now craving a spectacularly porny P+P wip I had saved to my favourites on my old comp - I stupidly forgot to copy over said faves at the time - everything *but* the favourites - and of course the parentals wiped the memory (mother dearest being a systems person, she wiped it thoroughly). don't remember the title, don't remember the author, it's not on crack_van, and you have no idea how much P+P porn there is on the net and in del.icio.us. :sigh: I want my badfic. Maybe I should just go hunt down The Lost Sex Scenes of Jane Austen in Waterstones for a giggle to see if it'll assuage my cravings. (no really, it's a book in the comedy section that got released for christmas a couple of years back)

Also : Do parents *ever* stop anxiously asking after your social life? I mean, they quiz me about whoever my brother's current girlfriend is (my response being 'I live in London! I barely see you lot! Why would I know?'), and actually bleated 'you know, there's a family gathering coming up, please feel free to bring along a boyfriend or girlfriend' at me on the phone last night. Sometimes I swear they think I'm dating [livejournal.com profile] megolas. I know they were probably sort of convinced a few years ago. The problem with having not ever been in the closet : your parents think *anyone* you bring to dinner/have stay over is a significant other.
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Got up early and went jogging. This seems to work (since when you get home after walking for half an hour your body and mind tend to rebel and scream 'Sofa! email! Hollyoaks!'). Got a bit of the way into Regents' Park, appear to be less out of shape than thought. May need to buy a watch since I don't want to get back late. Weirdest thing is when you get onto the main roads - and have to dodge the commuters. Thing is? I'm back on the roads by 7:45-50. All these people are presumably going to Central London. What time are they sodding well *starting* at work?

According to [livejournal.com profile] munchkinott, I look like Kate Hudson. Huh. considering most of my comparisons are Rose Tyler due to the blonde thing (though my actual resemblance is a slightly curvier Jenny Sparks), this is a new one.

Need to make the 300 dress. Theoretically, this shouldn't be difficult as the only sewing is putting the straps on - the only problem is cutting it, as it's all about draping.

:ponders: Does anyone know why you're incapable of singing certain songs without a specific accent? This occured to me when I was singing 'Dance to thy daddy / Thou shalt have a fishy on a little dishy' on the way home yesterday (you may have heard it on an ad for fish - it's a folk song about traditional subjects such as drinking. WARNING : there is no sex in this folk song.). I always sing it with a slight Geordie accent (including rolled 'r's, very weird) due to the fact that it was my Gran that taught me it. Even though I can't produce a Geordie accent to save my life under normal circumstances (whilst being able to understand very, very thick versions of the accent and dialect). Other examples would be anything by the Proclaimers and 'Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz'.

Had a listen to the '89 cast recording of Anything Goes. Suspect it'll take me a few more goes to get used enough to it to start appreciating it. (took me several to get used to Sunset Boulevard and now I'm a complete addict) The main problem is that the Billy Crocker on this (who JB replaced) sounds nothing like what I think of the role sounding like - he reminds me more of Phillip Quast's style than anything. Some interesting things to note : The male chorus sounds very, very like the Comedian Harmonists, which adds a nice period touch.


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