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I posted a prompt on the kink meme. Specifically, about a scene that's only in the film. That is going to be a massive take-off point for fic. Someone left me a comment whining about how I hadn't put 'spoiler warning' in the prompt title and how it wasn't going to be in the US for several weeks.

I have no idea how they thought they weren't going to see the prompt itself when scrolling down the page. Or how putting 'spoiler' in the title field will stop them seeing a two-line entry.

As for 'film won't come out for weeks in the US' - the meme is for book, tv and film. People will be asking for film-specific prompts. If you're hanging out on the kink meme, how are you expecting to avoid film spoilers?
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I am technically mod (actually, very publicly bitchy Sheriff) of 3 of the main BBC Robin Hood comms. Since the show finished, the fandom shrank but still produces fanworks on a regular basis. Haven't done anything but delete the occasional spammer, as I don't read the fic. However, it does mean I've got to keep the comms on my flist, as the minute you don't have them, the spammers come a-knocking. Really, i should get on and offer the modship up but a bit nervous about that as I had a very bad experience when I gave up a few buffy and angel sites - they went to hell in a handbasket inside five minutes. Still, comms generate their own content and don't break down when files don't get uploaded.
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well, more about fandom critique as love-fest.

Everyone loves feedback. If you write, or draw, or create anything in fandom, comments are like lifeblood sometimes. And it's always nice to receive them.

I'm one of those people who leaves a couple of words, or a couple of sentences at most.

But still, i really do like the way fandom's happy to express themselves in their feedback in the way a review rarely would, often just on one point of it.

'Love the use of imagery'
'Made me giggle'
'....I'll be in my bunk. thataway. :flees:'
'Dear GOD, woman, don't DO that.'
'Oh, thanks, I did in fact want to sleep tonight.'
'Creepifying. Oh-so-Creepifying.'
'Not so great on the plot but really liked your characterisation of x'
'Huh. Interesting use of headspace.'
'Oooo, very lyrical.'
'eleventy-one much?'
':swallows: okay, not expecting THAT.'
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As those who know me know, I read a *lot* of fic. occasionally write some, too. And am a multi-fandom whore, normally having several on the go at any one time, occasionally falling out of love with a couple, still reading the occasional one or two or in some cases picking up years down the line.

Big fandoms over the years:

Stargate SG-1
Stargate Atlantis

Current big yins:

Trek (Reboot, XI, whatever)
Sherlock Holmes (all versions)

Ongoing small-fandom love affairs:

Dr Who (as in occasional piece of fic)
Jeeves and Wooster
Good Omens
Fenndom (I think this actually counts as a one-woman fandom. :pokes [livejournal.com profile] daegaer:)

Picked it up for all of two minutes, ditched:

BSG (but happy to read crossovers/other fandom AUs)
Chuck (will still read the occasional bit of Chuck/Bryce, but meh)

Ones I have *never* wanted fic for:

True Blood

Any advances?
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Pubmeet : a place where geeks discuss writing, politics, slashing the World Cup (yes, several footie fans and the existence of John Terry), mockign the Australians' attempt to play footie, the glory of Matt Smith, seeing what the shrieking/cursing level will be after putting ice-cold pint glasses against Heather's back when she least suspects it, caber tossing being the only legitimate time you're required to wear undies underneath a kilt, Spitting Image, and want traditional English stodge pudding (Wetherspoons understands our needs). When one person makes 'hmmm... pudding...' noises, and ends up having to go up to the bar with a list written on the back of a Post office receipt. 'That's 2 waffles with chocolate sauce, one cheesecake with compote, one treacle sponge with custard...' I love the word pudding. Unlike the word dessert, it conveys the idea of stodge with added custard and the happy inability to move more than 2 inches for a good while after eating one portion.

There was also happy relaying of stuff that happened at T2, discussion of Church of England paganism, Cthulhu and World War 1 and precisely how to get the necessary Blackadder cameo in there (yes, we really do discuss fic writing), researching maggots and the lovely things they can do to organic tissue with pictorial examples, and citing Regeneration and its source books for recovery from shell-shock during WW1 (Cthulhu fic again), 90210 (blame Brian Austin Green), and the forthcoming sacrifice of Justin Bieber to the volcano gods on Aug 23rd (date for your diary). Remember, kiddies, we can sacrifice him to the nearest volcano and just hope a god is listening. The gods don't mind generic sacrifices. They'll also take Bieber fangirls since there's a limitless resource.

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] aeshna_uk and [livejournal.com profile] mingmerciless are fucking evil. Not as evil as David Cameron for fomenting the idea that Labour are a Star Trek convention in the first place, but still, evil. They went on to figure out which political parties are which fandoms. I think Lib Dems were B5, the Greens were Farscape, North Korea were the Whedonites. (look, we're badgering her to post the coherent version)

Pete? uknova, and biomedcentral.
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Am avoiding the tv. We have used the twitter tag #activatethequeen. I'll stop wincing in a minute and prepare to sacrifice the weatherman for electoral reform and another election in six months.

In the meantime, to calm my nerves, I'll rant about fanfic tropes instead.

Have discovered that the one that pisses me off the most? It's not rape. It's not ultra-violence. It's not really bad h/c. It's not 'I have read about cancer so i will make character x suffer through the whole experience in full medical detail'. Nope. Turns out to be eating disorders.

Seriously. WHY? Is it that you want them to suffer delicately and prettily without the blood and pain of violence? It's the new h/c, it must be. with added route to salvation if everyone around them loves them enough and they *finally learn to love themselves. :smacks the authors doing this: If this was the 19th century, you'd be bloody writing the characters with TB, only that's got no way out. But they can survive for years coughing delicately...

I have read decent mental disorder fic. I have seen really damn plausible mental disorder fic. Often written as horror story. The really good ones leave a gaping hole in you. I have yet to see a fucking plausible eating disorder (which yes, is a mental disorder too) fic. And stunningly, the characters they *give* eating disorders aren't even the ones you could handwave as having an eating disorder since the actors now look like skeletons - or are stated to starve themselves in canon.


Second, unrelated: 'reel_insertfandomhere' challenges are rather popular, where you adapt a film and create a poster or fic. Some have been really, really fucking good. Take beloved characters, insert into beloved screwball comedy/action helmer/horror story. What's not to like, seeing how, say, the crew of Serenity would turn out if you'd chucked them into Pirates of the Caribbean? It's an AU with set rules. Star Trek loved doing it on the show.

Sometimes they just take the world - there was an amazing Bladerunner adaptation (WITH TRAILER, HOMG) which took fandom x's characters, chucked them into the world, and then went to infinity and beyond with the plot.

Sometimes they pretty faithfully follow the plot of the film but keep the fandom characters intact. Admittedly it helps if the original fandom is sci-fi/historical so there's a grand tradition of modern-day/this world AUs. There's a good Merlin version of The Proposal. it's even funnier when you see which characters they've decided to use for the cameos.

What you *don't* do, under any circumstances, is have the characters extensively quote the film lines. You might as well have just done a search/replace with the names. in fact, I've seen one I could have sworn just did with Some Like it Hot in [livejournal.com profile] reel_torchwood.

I'm now going to hide from reality and watch more SCC.
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Ah, new fandom. Learning which authors to avoid. From the ones who're terrible, the ones who refuse to use the spell/grammar check, the ones who believe in manufacturing angst and so on for no good reason, the ones who write them with eating disorders (seriously, WTF? Name me any character in tv who actually has a eating disorder that they didn't devote a very special character arc to. Just because they're skinny does not mean eating disorder. What's scary is how many of these are kink meme requests.), the ones who write decently until the end when they always fuck it up, and the ones who're technically good until you read more than three of theirs and then realise they're writing the same story over and over again.

Chris Evans has been cast as Captain America. Given that I've never seen the boy in Sunshine, Push or as Johnny Storm, I'm waiting it out. Also depends if they do a decent job with the story. However, the most important question : What's his chemistry with RDJ like? (seriously, even if you're the most blinkered anti-slasher, if Cap and Iron Man don't have decent on-screen chemistry, The Avengers film will have serious problems.)
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Today? Spaced Shoot-out Flashmob, 1:15, Trafalgar Square.

So lo, the masses gathered, milling about rather suspiciously, and listening rather bemusedly to a preacher making absolutely no sense who'd parked himself in front of the Landseer Lions. Seriously. No sense.

1pm came, and everyone started keeping an eye out for the organiser.

And lo, the bloke in full camo did appear from a corner, and the entire crowd did converge as one.

1:15, and we all started shooting each other in slow-mo with finger guns. Finger guns, and pistols, and finger bazookas. And dying in slow-mo.

1:17, entire Trafalgar Square covered in bodies, all of whom are giggling. and moaning 'my jeans are soaked! Soaked, I tell you!'

1:20, everyone gets up, cheers very loudly, then pauses. And the cry went up:

'What now?'
'To the pub!'
'For Great Justice!'
'Which pub?'
'Any of 'em!'

And lo, we did disperse and go on our way, leaving behind a very bemused bunch of onlookers and tourists. Oh, that was awesome. I just hope someone got pictures of the preacher's expression.

Spent rest of day in pubmeet, happily geeking.

ETA : there are now vids up on youtube. I can be seen in this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcTakqmDp9U from 1:40 in left hand corner as the shortarse ginger (with blonde streaks - damn hair dye) in a brown leather jacket. And according to the vids, the whole thing was only two minutes. ...wow.
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On the one hand, due to CoE, I've been using a no-Torchwood filter list due to the insane amount of posts. on the other, I now want fic. Specifically resurrection/Ianto survived fic. and oh lord. how the hell does one go back over the several hundred posts since ep 5 aired and find the decent stuff? Not to mention it's been a good few months since I've even read the summaries for Torchwood fic so I think I've lost my ability to auto-skip the writers I know to be bad.

Clearly been spoiled by the nice non-insane niche of reboot Trek I've found.

Poking the Regents Park schedule and contemplating the tango lesson on sunday. Looking at the schedule is bad for me, since nostalgia sets in for the days I used to be able to stroll down the park and recover from a hangover whilst listening to arty-farty live jazz.

This evening, however, is Indian tapas at Imli on Wardour St and then Simon Amstell. I shall not dwell.
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show gets cancelled. how fast do the fans abandon it? a year? a few months?

Dr Who and Trek - NEVER. We were here first, and we'll outlast you all. Also we get nice new shiny packaging every few years.
Due South - still trucking along happily as a small-ish fandom.
Buffy - went on for a couple of years afterwards, but most people that I know that were in it left.

SGA, I have no idea, but I do remember the people abandoning it in droves come middle/end of S5.

Maybe the measure should be when the majority of fans abandon it, because a fandom will keep going in small amounts for years.

Any bets on Robin Hood? Sarah Connor?
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have sniffles. this seems to mostly result in scratchy throat and my ears not popping post blowing nose. gah.

I rather like chris-pine.org. When categorising by photoshoot, they don't say 'vogue oct 2009', they try whenever possible to list the photographer first. damn that boy's pretty. and now I find out he's a major theatre bod. CURSES.

Very, very amused by the proliferation of ontd communities for everything from politics to trek. Newbies will come across them and go 'but...but...why are they called ontd?' And in the case of that RPS'er in trek, not get that its basis is gossip.

Finally finished North and South. FSM, that was a slog. lift out all the internal monologues and kick Margaret a few times and it's a decent story. TV series did very well on the dialogue and dramatising scenes we're only told about.

Rather fascinating piece on childhood and its place in evolution on Frontiers on iplayer. Humans being unique even amongst apes of how long it takes us to be capable of feeding ourselves, speed of weaning and age of adulthood/full growth. Chimps, it's 12, humans, it's about 19. And chimps don't have that adolescent growth spurt. They think it's something to do with the time it takes for brains to develop, and the faster weaning means more spawn over what's pretty close to the same fertility period.
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Went out with girlies from work for Emma's birthday. Cocktail at the Nordic, then hie ourselves to the Roxy. Started with Emma, Lissy, Jellybean, Jen and Nicola. Lost Nicola after the Nordic. Added Abi at The Roxy, got there at about 8, went on the pitchers of sea breeze and some tequila thing that tasted like cheap margherita, then dancefloor. Way too much fun, v. silly, once again got the '...wow, you can move', cracked Jelly and Jen up with 'no, really, this is how you can get away with doing the Macarena, Saturday Night and the Hand Jive', then taught Jelly how to do bellydance shimmy (all in the knees). kept running into work people and previous work people. With that classic of 'My mate thinks he used to work with you.' 'Riiiiight.' 'he says he used to find you under your desk when you had a headache' 'Um. Possibly...' Go back to dancefloor, see tall and lanky bugger, bounce off the dancefloor and launch self at said feller in a hug, go back, get accused of tartishness. 'It was *James*. Louise's James?' 'Oh. Considering we've seen Charlie and Verity and Maria, that makes sense....' Danced selves silly. Apologised to the others for getting into a dance-off with two blokes who were painfully Jarvis Cocker-ing it, which meant they then stayed near us, did the slinky rebuff (you slink up, dance, and then dismiss him very obviously) of one middle-aged suit who'd been eyeing us up and dancing way too close for comfort, which got clapping from the rest. Left at 11. Me for the train home, them because their feet were aching.

Got across the road, started off for Tottenham Court Tube, then this bloke came careening out of the crowd, bounced off one girl's shoulder, and ran full-tilt into the girl flyering for the Roxy, slamming her into the Starbucks window, cracking it, then bouncing her head off the pavement. (seriously. it bounced. fortunately she stayed conscious throughout) I grabbed the back of his jacket as he started to run again, yelling 'What do you think you're doing', but his mate running after him pulled him out of my hand with a 'What do you think you're doing' and they ran off. Seriously. What the fuck? Meantime, a bunch of other clubbers were checking she was okay, I went back across the road to get help from the people at the Roxy, then it was kind of a case of everyone helping her into the Starbucks, them calling the ambulance and applying ice. Somehow I ended up being the one waiting with her for the police and ambulance since I was the only one who'd seen everything and was still there. Gave witness statement and details and then went off for the tube. Paramedics kept making jokes about getting free frappuccinos and showed me the lump on the back of her head. Size of a mars/galaxy egg. Not kidding.

And now I have a mild hangover that won't go away.

made the decision to finally get rid of the last few SGA comms I had on my flist. Feel a bit more cleansed.
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This was something that came up at the pubmeet.

understand that pubmeet has a large proportion of old school sci-fi fans, a high percentage of con-goers, a convention runner or two, people who work at the BBC, and writers. Which means we often as not end up discussing the mechanics of commissioning, cancelling, producing, etc, etc. Which probably isn't that interesting to the average fan, but it gives you insight into how media gets produced and why it does or doesn't. Sometimes it's pure gossip and speculation. Sometimes it's gossip that's true and that you can *never* repeat. Sometimes it's bitching and squeeing.

Today, the topic was the 'save _insert show here_' campaigns and what use these deluded people think they are.

Seriously. Talking on the internet will not help. Petitions sent to producers will get 'oh, how nice'. Trying to watch more? nada. Hardcore fans, I'm sorry to say to anyone who holds any illusions, make up a tiny, tiny, tiny proportion of the viewing public. the decision has normally been made waaaay before the fans got to hear about it. In America, it comes down to cost and ratings. Sure, there are shows that got brought back after being cancelled. Some got cancelled several times. (Due South and JAG are prime examples) However, there are major considerations to be taken into account. Re-vitalised shows are normally cheap to produce and make. And there's schedule space to fill. Better something that gets *some* ratings if the fresh crop of pilots didn't perform very well.

We could think of *two* shows where write-in worked. Original Trek (different era, when they cared about what the public thought and there were less channels) and Roswell.

This went on to *why* people get so enraged and possessive and thinking they can make a difference, and that write-ins will make a difference, and why it's a US thing. Not a UK thing.

We boiled that down to Americans being used to having influence on their government and daily life (write to your congressman, senators not doing things because they don't want to upset voters, etc), and the tv system being so dependent on ratings, so you get to think of it as 'yours'. UK? We have major pessimism and very little influence. (writing to your MP? Suuuuure. The MP might make nice noises but they'll fall into line behind the party whip) TV? We had until very recently four channels in most households. Which had mandates and quotas on what you could show. Large amounts of viewers were a nice side-benefit, but stuff would stay on because some higher up liked it or it was considered worthy if it didn't get much in the way of viewers. A season is tiny in the UK compared to the US, because the schedules were so crammed. When the US viewers bitched about Dr Who only being 13 eps, we gaped - 13 eps is *marathon* in UK land for non-soap. Most series are 6-8. It doesn't make up such a large part of your waking life, so when it goes, it elicits grumbling and an 'oh well'. We know it's out of our hands and was never in our hands to start with.
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boss clearly paranoid. he sees me shaking my keyboard, i tell him it's gummed up with crumbs... next thing I know he's asking what keyboard I want. Seriously, he was in the process of ordering me a new one. Cue me going 'er, no, there were just some crumbs stuck in it, they're gone now.' it's very nice, but I come from the school of 'if it's not broke, don't fix it'. My keyboard and screen are the only things on my computer that work perfectly (aside from my keyboard being filthy). And I only just permission from IT to defrag my computer this morning in the current mission to get my computer to work properly. Not to mention I found ten ancient user profiles on it - with added 'excuse me, *who* was using my computer?'.

pouting because some bastard stole my biscuits over the weekend. Rabid attack ninjas at the ready.

Woot. fandom misogyny rears its ugly head.

Robin Hood, the sheer amount of 'I hate Kate, she's stupid!' in the comments for the new ep... dear fucking god. No, seriously, the point is that she's a village girl, she's angry, she's scared and desperate and amazingly doesn't view the merries as saviours to be worshipped since they do cause a fuck load more attention and thus more reprisals for the peasants, she's never done rescue missions and doesn't know how to plan so of course she's lashing out and making mistakes. (I rather like this, since it's a new POV and she's acting realistically for the situation, not to mention the first timer mistakes.) But no, she's had a total of 15 minutes on screen and didn't fall in with them immediately, and because she's been announced as the new girl in all the promo material and is daring to replace Marian, she must DIE and get off our screens NOW. :eyeroll: Bet if she was a cute bloke who did all of this, they'd be going 'oh, woobie!' Of course, they all adore Tuck. And the antagonist of the ep. Clue, people. The reason the merries weren't fucking up in the planning and fighting and subeterfuge was because Robin and Much had been serving in the holy Land. Marian didn't fuck up too much as the Nightwatchman because she'd been doing it for years by the time we saw her. If they'd gone with the raw peasant angle of the legend, we would indeed have been seeing all of the mistakes Kate made. Rather glad that Djaq *hadn't* been announced as new permanent member of cast ahead of time when she started, since we'd probably have been getting this much hate if not more.

on modding

Mar. 26th, 2009 02:05 pm
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:rests chin on hands:

Sometimes, I truly do wish I hadn't trained the [livejournal.com profile] robinhoodbbc lot so well. Mostly because although it's enjoyable to have tantrums and be a sarcastic bitch on steroids and have no-one call me on it, you do not expect *applause*. or points scoring for level of tantrum. Really.

but on the other hand, in a few days time, we get new series. where Robin is apparently going to be out of his tree on a revenge kick, and Jonas has had a haircut so I actually fancy him now. Sadly, to cancel this out, Teh Armitage has got a long wig that does nothing for him and there's been a decrease in leather.

Oi, [livejournal.com profile] cynicalcylon, http://www.new-adventures.net/doriangray/tour - tour dates for you. And I don't need to see it twice in a year even if it is going to Wimbledon. [livejournal.com profile] clanwilliam, BACK ME UP ON THIS.

Amused that all the SGU interviews have been with Robert Carlyle so far.

Mmm. for those near Holborn? italian girl + me have discovered Malletti pizza bar on Clerkenwell. :moans: *proper* Italian pizza blessed by the FSM himself.
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In process of deleting stuff off work comp and home comp - things I'm never going to listen to/watch, stuff that's 'er...what?', old versions of programs, etc. 2gb off the home comp already.

Fandom facepalm with a side order of irritation/sandbox pouty.

Someone did the 'oh, I've compiled a comprehensive lj comm guide for the fandom on this page because there isn't one!'


...and someone told her about it in the comments and she's added it to the 'general fandom' list. Gaaaaaah.
Also doing a bit of a teeth grind because she's listed several that have no content yet that I specifically hadn't added because of this.

This is me, being really fucking pouty and going 'damn newbies, get off my lawn'. Think more advertising may be necessary. Question is, *where*?

Off to see Milk. Look, an Oscar-nominated film I want to *watch*! (and not to mention : indie within reach of me that's not Leicester Square prices!)
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...Yeah, it's the whole thing of 'fandom becomes big and popular, it's going to attract the people that annoyed you elsewhere'. inevitable, I suppose.

[livejournal.com profile] crabby_lioness has hit merlin fandom, watching all the eps in a rush - and cross-posting her gigantic fucking episode analyses to all 3 discussion comms. Which pontificate on the legend as she sees it, are as pretentious as fuck, motivations, with a wonderfully patronising air. (do not get me started on when she starts talking about applying tarot)

her stuff tends to invoke kneejerk responses in me. Especially when she starts talking as though there's only one version or view on certain characters, and it's always the high romantic version. You really, really, don't do that on a legend which is *another country's*. Seriously. (yes, the brits do get a bit possessive about Arthur and Robin Hood. You may be descended from the British, but those who live and got brought up here get first say.) I got into a... slightly 'Excuse me, WTF? Not in England these days.' exchange with her about the point of the Arthurian legend - she seems to think it's the 'when knights would fight for anyone ideal'. Er, no, it's about a land being united for the first time. Which didn't happen again until the late saxon period. The romantic stuff was *bolted on*. and when i said 'not in England these days', she cited it being an inspiration to William Morris and the British Socialist movement... :headdesk: please note, 'These days.'

Academia is very nice, dear, but you're applying it to a Saturday evening show where they threw everything in the pot and picked out what looked *shiny*, and then wrote it from the perspective it's currently viewed in - the trend in the last twenty or thirty years to go for the dark ages/medieval with added mud, with very little focus on the romantic ideals.

(the other problem is that she's posting these massive fucking analyses episode by episode, when everyone else has already watched the rest and so of course half the analysis has been scuppered by later events, like Gaius' motivations or Uther's reactions)

Right. That's that rant over with.

Doctor's tomorrow. Mum drove me there to get registered to see about my we-think-they're-migraines plus the sleep problems. Oh, this is going to be fun. Especially since I'm re-registering with the GP who's known me since I was tiny. oh well, at least he knows that I only turn up for specific shit and that I'm one of those people who feel like I'm time-wasting when i turn up.
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Was hesitantly removing comms from my flist in the name of cutting down. I think I managed about 6, due to paranoia about the torchwood comms. Never mind the fact that I'm currently skipping over most of it. We'll see how much of it I consume with new canon available.

The ones i really wish i could cut out are, unfortunately, the ones I run. The Robin Hood ones. I've read maybe ten pieces of fic since S1. All I'm really doing is housekeeping and whip cracking at the appropriate times.

poll time!

Dec. 22nd, 2008 10:47 pm
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Vaguely interested, considering how fast this fandom has grown...

[Poll #1319577]
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so, you has fandom. You has fic.

1) Name a fandom with the popular/main pairing (slash or het) you can't stand/bores the hell out of you even though you can see every reason why they do it from screen evidence. (and no, this is not a case of 'I hate slash/het, why must they sully my fandom')

Firefly : Mal/Simon
Chuck : Casey/Chuck

2) Name a fandom you just don't need fic for. maybe you read a couple of pieces early on, but the show satisfies you completely, or maybe nothing could live up to the show. (and no, this is not the same as 'drifted out of that fandom')

Battlestar Galactica


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