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 It's finished.  Huzzah!  With, er,  a coda in the future...

Title: Daughter of the Dragonlord
Summary: Due to a really regrettable incident where she saved Arthur's life, Merlin is now the prat's bodyguard. She'd really like to go back to being Morgana's lady-in-waiting.  If only because it might stop the overgrown lizard from going 'I told you so.'

(magic-never got banned, Merlin was born a girl, 'verse told in snippets)
Word count: 9581

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Poking my Girl!Merlin bodyguard fic, which is being posted as snippets with only vague attempts at plot <a href=http://archiveofourown.org/works/782441>over on Ao3</a> (now with 90% less angst and head injuries to Arthur than the actual Merlin show due to magic being legal!).  After having figured out how to get a very random idea I had for this back when it was completely different and I was wailing about trying to get a follow-through cohesive plot bolted onto the 'verse into a snippet, I... think I've only got three more snippets inside me, aside from a 'few years down the line' coda.  Found it's a good way of coping with a verse and characters you have in your head but no cohesive plot.  Which is a bit more like a sitcom than an ongoing drama.
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You may recall the girl!Merlin thing I occasionally mutter about.

I decided to start posting the occasional snippet at AO3 - still *utterly* lacking a plot as it's more of a 'verse, which will be almost certainly be completely out of order but at least I'll have something there if I ever manage to get a plot. There will almost certainly be lots of snarking at each other dialogue.

Daughter of the Dragonlord snippets, starting off with a bit of establishing backstory.


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