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Hogswatch haul:

Hollow Crown box set
1970s & 80s dance photography book
Mumford & Sons' Sigh No More
welly socks
jewellery tree
Marc Jacobs Dot perfume
Threadless tee

eyeing online sales and whimpering a bit because I have the problem of a birthday in 2 weeks so can't buy owt that was on my xmas list *not* bought for me by parents.

Dr Who was wonderful. and awesome. No annoying children. Richard E Grant being very restrained. And I now love Clara Oswin Oswald even more than I did when she was a dalek. Several people noted the reversal - it's the prospective companion who's being curious and trying to find everything while the doctor lays breadcrumbs, and it looks like she's going to be one of the puzzle themes of the next set of eps. STRAX. MADAME VASTRA. JENNY. Spin-off, BBC, we're begging you. They're comedy gold, and provide wonderful touching one-liners too. Seriously, how unbelievably awesome would they be for a new CBBC series, Sherlock Holmes-ing it through Victorian London? You've got all the costumes and sets *anyway*.

Downton Abbey, proving that once again Julian Fellowes cannot fail to write in clichés, drop all the plot anvils in the first 5 minutes in giant flashing neon lights, and at the same time keep millions hooked while they yell and throw things at the screen. this ep? ship-tastic. It was like there was a prerogative to flirt; Ivy and Daisy were flirting, Thomas was being lovelorn at Jimmy whilst promising he'd not overstep his bounds again, Mrs Patmore had a date, Cousin Isobel and Dr Clarkson, Edith and her editor (married with mad wife so no divorce possibility) O'Brien and the Scots ladies maid Wilkins were generating waves of spinster uptight complete bitch sexual tension at each other, new doomed housemaid Edna set her cap at Tom Branson, Mary and Matthew and Bates and Anna were being lovey-dovey at their respective spouses... and then in the last two minutes, after Mary had had the baby (sign-posted from first 30s of ep) Fellowes dropped such an unbelievably cliché clanger of an ending that twitter was reduced to capslock.

Predictions for next series:

Thomas and Jimmy will end up snogging or shagging. and then there will be Jimmy doing self-loathing. Edith is going to have an affair with her editor. Isobel will jump Clarkson. Rose (the cousin who went jazz clubbing last series and is now joining the main cast) will fall for a servant. Alfred's going to leave to become a cook or something at a hotel. Anna will be preggers. Tom and Mwill join forces for the sake of the kids.
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Sooo, yesterday we decamped to Houseboat Hampton. With half a tonne of food. (seriously. *two* beef wellingtons, chocolate mousse, alcohol, cheese, bread, salad, tomatoes, and the ingredients for a very *large* eton mess. Eton Mess is my mum's new fave dessert for parties because it can be done in five minutes and requires no prep.)

got up motorway with relatively trouble... until we got to Hampton and spent god knows how long to go about four miles.

Got there, met David's fiancée Jo, (marriage is taking place... sometime that is not January, February or May) Tabs' boyfriend Alberto, who is rather lovely. and Brazilian. And had brought his own chillis for chilli oil that I started raiding (medium heat, nicely tasty). Some accused me of showing off. Dad pointed out that no, she just snacks on chillis. We ate, we gossipped, we drank endless snowballs. I finally has the Adele albums and David gifted several of us with sloe gin. mwhahaha.

And on Boxing Day we decamped to Blewbury in Oxfordshire for a meander and fresh air, and a drink. Entered Red Lion to be greeted by a packed pub singing twist and shout (there was ongoing karaoke including Angels and American Pie), people in bull costumes and several in white with red sashes and gore marks on their faces. Apparently they'd decided to re-enact the Pamplona running of the bulls. in a small mostly listed village in Oxfordshire. yes, dear reader, WTF was definitely on our minds...
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Relatives are here (well, them and parents buggered off to look at a bridge in process of construction and possibly end up at pub, I'm staying to cuddle my laptop, poss watch Dr Who)

So. Turkey dinner. Turkey... meh. trimmings decent, but Mum is now going 'omg so much less hassle and so many fewer bloody trimmings involved in beef Wellington!' Heh.

I has a Chewbacca doll (which makes 'MRRRAGH' sounds when you press its belly, it's like a combo of Gideon and Meg when sleepy.) blond superhero dvds, a book on secret london, film noir and Betty Blue Eyes soundtracks, and Christopher and His Kind in book form. also a mutant fluffy hat.

Downton Abbey (only tv we got to watch) really did feel like we should have had popcorn to throw at the screen. (we were already making 'boo! Hiss!' noises and 'Thomas, really?' '...I'm really beginning to like Mrs Patmore less and less, I really am.' 'GRANNY IS AWESOME.' 'Huh, so sympathetic O'Brien is actually still pretty cool.' 'Awww, Daisy.' 'Anna, you're boring.')

Tomorrow it's off to the other cousins on the houseboat in Hampton, taking half a tonne of food with us.

Now to start the countdown until the parentals start making 'so, birthday list?' sounds.
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Um. So, there was cornwall, where it rained a lot, I stuffed myself (seriously, how long does this stuff take to come off your waistline? It goes on easily enough...) and got a lot of present shopping done. And couldn't cross the street at one point due to the santa fun run.

Shopping for me was relatively restrained: one skirt, a jumper, 7 dvds, couple of pairs of tights, earrings, fudge.

When I got back, all I heard and saw were the hands stuck out as my friends and family demanded fudge. Which included the pre-xmas cocktails with Jen, Jane and Meg. 'I have presents I looked for and deliberated over and all you want is the fudge?' 'FUDGE. NAO. GIMME.'

Also see pubmeet. Anyone with chocolate was attacked. (Gideon brought post Argentinian wagon wheels, with the marshmallow replaced by dulce de leche. Cue sugar coma.) Lots of ... yeah, pubmeet people devolve into seals when you dangle fudge in front of them. There was the listing of films set at christmas but not about christmas (anything Shane Black wrote - Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Long Kiss Goodnight - we're waiting for the christmas tree in the background of Iron Man 3) squee about fan stuff, x-men fanfic.

Saw Haunted Child at the Royal Court with Ben Daniels and Sophie Okenedo (Queen Liz Ten to Dr Who fans). Great performances but deeply freaky. About a bloke who has a mental breakdown and gets picked up by a cult and his wife trying to deal when he comes home. Me plus the bloke sitting next to me agreed it's not one you'd want to see twice even if it is impressive.

Ladykillers as adapted for the stage by Graham Linehan is hysterical. Everyone's brilliant, the stage is amazing and you won't believe how they do the heist.

Feeding the Five Thousand - mum cut down on the food so there wasn't the acres of leftovers we couldn't use, the sprogs nicked my disney dvds as usual, and Alex was very hungover.

Yesterday: got twitchy, contemplated hauling out the ancient aerobics dvd as it would be cold and muddy outside. Menu music starts up. Ten minutes later, I had mud up to my eyebrows and was going 'mmm, fresh air.'
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Hogswatch this year - relatively stress-free and quiet. with swag.

Started wednesday with me recovering from a 24hr flu session (which I spent woozy and queasy at work, recovering enough to go meet my state-sponsored vampirism appointment which i'd booked for the first time - seemed plenty of people had responded to the 'our blood stocks are low' call as it was pretty full, and my blood flowed well and quickly) which I passed on to my mum - she's been getting all my symptoms one day later. Slightly dodgy gut for the past few days but otherwise fine.

Anyway, all pressies arrived from amazon/play/amsterdam.

Haul - lessee, got Roman Britain book, jewellery, Armani Diamonds perfume (yes, shocked slightly, but then it was from the bro's gf and it's quite subtle and smells nice on), bits of chocolate, vintage fishscale mail belt, token, merlin S1 dvd (tag: 'AKOB without the spam.' Cue my squee to my mum's confused look and me having to explain that dad always barges in during merlin and asks what's going on with Arthur King of the Britons while I yell 'OUT!' - and that Holy Grail jokes just happen when any Arthur adaptation is on - as i shredded the paper gleefully), a desk calendar of obscure and lost words in the English language.

Dad loved his history of the Ordnance Survey, mum loved her lemon tree.

Went over to neighbours for drinks, where there was gossip, the saga of Debbie's trees - she'd ordered on 5' and one 6', they finally turned up a couple of days ago, and were... 2' and 3'. Yeah. Sian's preggers, Steph's sproglets charged all over the place, Alex's present from Chris was the Toy Story remote car with Woody and Buzz on it, which meant we had to assemble it *right that moment*. oh, and got a new copy of Good Omens as requested from Anna - Waterstones was apparently out of stock

Dr Who was ... :happy sigh:. I WAS NOT CRYING, OKAY? And Katherine Jenkins was pretty good and her singing was plot-relevant. cool. Great performances from everyone, snickered over how the Ponds dodged why they were wearing their outfits, and then we had a trailer of awesome. and yeah, it says something where for the first time in a Dr Who solstice special when it finally snowed, cue audience going 'bit *late*, isn't it?'

Strictly was rather good - Barrowman won - no surprise there, he's got training and if you can get a Quickstep that looks like that in 7 hours training.... fuck me. Vince Cable's was lovely and just floated along. Others - not a bad effort.

Beef wellington went down nicely. with some bloody gorgeous parsnips. The demon brassicas were kept at the other end of the table. Though there was some mad dashing around when it was discovered there was no madeira for the sauce and mum managed to unearth some marsala from the depths of the wine rack to substitute. :burp:

finished it up with watching the repeat of Going Postal on Sky.


the most adorablest stormtrooper evah.
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This afternoon, I was doing terrible things to my xmas playlist on spotify. I tend to add entire albums/most played songs in batches, then go through and delete when I listen to the playlist. today, searched for a song, it was on a christmas album, so I added the christmas album and proceeded to listen it. Discovered a couple of really good songs as I did, and some real horrors. And made a game of it (whilst horrifying twitter), seeing how long I could last before deleting it in the name of toughening up my aural torture parameters. It all started with Ronan Keating's version of 'Fairytale of New York'...

Standouts so far:

Michael Bolton's White Christmas. I lasted 1:30. I'm very proud. (okay, so the first 30s were instrumental. STILL.)

The trio of Nsync, Backstreet Boys, and Britney. Britney's was fascinating. line-for-line re-wording of Mariah Carey's 'All I want for christmas' without the fabulous tune and voice.

Toni Braxton : a 90s flashback of truly MoR RnB.

An Elvis track that I'd never heard before and it seems there was a reason....

No, you can't make me like Little Drummer Boy even if Johnny Cash is singing it...
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Cornwall has a lot more churches per capita than most places in the UK. So certain things get a bit more noticeable. Like the fact that in recent years, the christmas neon decoration is more frequently a cross. I'm sure angels and stars used to be more prevalent. Anyone know what's with this trend? Trying to establish brand loyalty when church attendance is going down the tubes?

Not to mention torture symbols are a wee bit innappropriate during the time the religion is supposed to be celebrating birth of its messiah. Seriously. keep the freaky neon crosses to Passover, churches. (refrains from yelling 'Romans didn't tax around Saturnalia!' ...Okay, I'm not refraining. but I haven't seen a single preacher around, so I can't be snarky at anyone in RL.)

Cornwall is *cold*. it's weird. Today, went Eden project and it was covered in a thick layer of hoar frost. Which was very pretty. No ice skating as still clearing up from the flooding, but mmmm warm biomes.

Pouting slightly in the Eden gift shop as I could see some really cool stuff that was just either too bulky or too heavy to get back on the train. Or in the case of the pig shaped watering can, possibly a little bit too gimmicky for the gardeners of my acquaintance.

Continuing to stuff self and then walk it off. It's a terrible fate.
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Spent the last few days watching tv and eating occasional chocolate.

In conclusion, I definitely prefer Princess Diaries 2 to Princess Diaries 1. Partly because I don't have to mute parts of it that are intensely irritating/overly american teen movie.

Family, as always, piled in to watch Pride and Prejudice and make giggly and 'awwww' noises. Told off for doing the '1,2,3, KNEE' gesture during the Bingley-Jane proposal. Was a little freaked out to realise that Bingley is Simon Woods (adult Octavian in Rome and the adorable doctor in Cranford).

Day of the Triffids, I spent most of it making 'er, plothole? Executive Transvestites : when you need a clear amoral out for themselves head, choose the best.' noises.

Explained premise of Supernatural to Mum, including vampires and the various hunters on it.

Appear to have caught bro's girlfriend's cold, just when I'd mostly got rid of mine.

Pondering going to see Sherlock Holmes. Have no desire to go anywhere near the sales, since I don't remember seeing anything I particularly wanted previously in the shops aside possibly from some hiking boots, and I'm not allowed to buy owt in the way of dvds/cds until Jan 8th as it is.

Weather - mostly sunny but cold, and today has had some sleet but it's mostly been downpour.

Parents decamping to Cornwall for New Year, and pondering joining them...
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well, Dr Who was...errrr. Slightly painful to watch. All shoutiness and a rather bad plot. Made up for it with Christmas dinner and watching St. Trinians and the Grey Gardens adaptation. Earlier, neighbours for drinks and nibbles while peoples' turkeys cooked.

The haul, so far :
Blade runner
Star Trek
An apron with cows on it
Empire film encyclopaedia (geeky trivia, oh yes, including the original Empire reviews - seriously, 2 stars for Tombstone and saying Costner's version was better? Crack they were smoking.)

Spent a couple of hours today over at mate's mum's, playing with baby Amelia and giggling as her older sister Sophia bounced around and hunted down any olives that were stupid enough to be lying around without an electric fence around them.
Watching Young Victoria. It's rather fun.
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Yours truly has spent the last few days doing a fair bit of walking around as I tend to do when in Falmouth. And got my boots muddy. Tuesday it didn't stop raining (not, I hasten to add, when my boots got muddy), Wednesday intermittent sun but mostly cloud with rain later (St. Mawes fields are v. muddy), today sunny. Pondering what to do tomorrow since all the gardens-by-ferry are not ferryable due it being winter, and I cannot be arsed to take two hours by train and bus to get there. I make exceptions for the Eden Project, but it's the Eden project. There are giant bees. And skating. And as Megs and Jen can tell you, a Heather left to her own devices will automatically look for paths that wind off somewhere that is probably muddy and full of branches and so on.

Currently doing the dance of 'Markets cure all xmas list ills' with four presents in ten minutes at the thursday late night shopping thing. Plus one hot dog. In other news, yours truly has accidentally found herself in possession of new earrings, layer cake on dvd, new trainers, an earring tree, and a knee-length diesel denim skirt. In my defence the last item was from a charity shop, and the trainers were £20 off, and my current pair have popped seams and worn away insides. Gave the shop assistants the giggles by doing various con dance moves in them (surest way to test all shoes) and then they bugged when I explained that any of my shoes have to survive mad athletic dances made up by my mates.

Working my way through Hamish Macbeth. Getting horribly distracted by Doc Brown/Hamish when I'm trying to concentrate on the story. Oh, Robert Carlyle, I'm sure we can find you another tv show with good actors and a consistently good script someday...
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Haul, so far :

Prince Caspian
Lush stuff
Theatre Tokens
Nemi collection. (cue lots of giggling)
chocoholic mugs
Onion book
Skypoint (Torchwood)

Wallace and Gromit - a Matter of Loaf and Death had me and the bro's gf giggling and groaning over how many puns you could fit into two minutes, let alone the full half hour. And it apparently was most watched, as Chris pointed out - not everyone likes Dr Who, but *everyone* likes Wallace and Gromit.

Dr Who - David Morrissey was awesome. Not entirely sure how I feel about it, but a marked improvement on last year and the year before. Tighter story, and I'm all in favour of Dervla Kirwan as a villain. Pity we couldn't have had her as an ongoing, because the concept was seriously interesting. Also, no pandering to the kiddies. And full props to whoever thought up the TARDIS gag.

Harold Pinter and Eartha Kitt dead, both from cancer. Harold Pinter ... not sure since I don't think I've ever seen one of his, but Eartha Kitt - well, I'm going to take away my memory of her at the Sondheim birthday concert. Growling 'I'm Still Here' and prowling the stage with her dress split right to the top of her thigh and mesmerising the entire audience.

Went relatives, spent several hours drinking, eating, and playing an increasingly evil game of charades as the evening wore on.
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skimming inbox for the easy stuff to get it out of the way. :stretch. Ridiculously relaxed dyue to there being very few people here. :muses: maybe we can make this a rule - banish half the workforce and all the managers, and lo, we get ridiculous amounts of work done....

5 mins of work left and then it is my solemn duty as a nasty wet island dweller person to go and celebrate 'We don't know if the sun's going to come back so we're going to eat and drink ourselves stupid' festival.
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Yawn and stretch.

Feeding of five thousand successfully achieved and cleared up.

Spent morning as part of military operation (I missed the earlier parts on saturday) where get up, breakfast, then i start chopping, peeling and doign fiddly stuff while mum cooks and dad sorts out that space beyond the kitchen and makes it look nice and puts nibbles out. Bro's GF Louise manages to make me speechless at one point when they arrive around 11:30. Revenge I will have one day. Go get changed at 12:45 before gannets arrive.

Gannets arrive, food and drink shovelled in, new neighbours successfully assimilated by acquainting them with the cheeseboard and the chocolate and bramble mousse and apple tart. (Come. Join us. :waves stilton and grapes: it's like the mantra of the Dark Side for more discerning palates.) Sproglet had no tantrums or teary fits, looks more and more like Steph each day, and hustled off to study of girlspace and plied with Pixar. (the young ones long ago declared the study and my dvd collection theirs early on. I poked my head in this time to see the Moomin that lives in there being hauled around by the Sproglet and informed them of what my new dvds were. Soon came the strains of Monsters Inc...) Jason declared suicidal by dint of scraping the chocolate mousse bowl. MINE. As usual, too much food made. Armenian lamb frozen for another day. Amazingly, no food in carpet and no drinks spilled,. Miracles do happen. Cleaned up. Collapse.
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Right, so can tick off :

Lindsey, Jen, Megs, Sophia, Steph, Louise, Anna, David, and possibly either dad or Mark.

Matt, Rose, Chris, Tim and Jayne are all coming from that heavenly place called play.com. Though I have *no* idea how I'm going to get it to the newcastle lot before hogswatch....

Dad/Mark, Mum, Sam and Tabs are somewhat iffy seeing as I have no bloody idea for them and they haven;t said owt.

Frost Fair, as you may have ascertained, is terribly useful for girly presents. Sadly lacking in live theatre and amusements (had a chat with the marshmallow and chestnut people and they agreed - nothing actually going on friday aside from the husky sled rides and the lantern parade - and they know a bunch of dancers who did last year who were told 'no, sorry, not necessary' and reckon new council team decided to spend it all on the new huts)
off to falmouth in the morning.
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Christmas good. Not quite stuffed, have Torchwood boxset (my squeeing and big eyes and grabby hands and stroking it probably indicated that it was much appreciated), a Mr. Happy hot water bottle cover, a terribly fashionable scarf, Aveda smellies, a book, some jewellery and some chocolate. Plus theatre tokens.

Got blindsided at the neighbourhood drinkies by the combination of no alcohol tolerance due to the previous few days' flu and their concept of a 'small' G'n'T. Where you could smell the gin from three feet away and I asked for an extra tonic after sipping it, then went from sober to drunk in about five minutes. Fortunately sobered up after about half an hour (and spent most of the drunk portion leaning against a table or on a sofa) and did nowt embarassing. So, that's up there with blood donation on 'let this be a warning to you'.

Dr Who, which we shall label as 'Poseidon adventure in Space with added Kylie' (which all of family crowded into rather small study to watch after dinner) was squeed and giggled and groaned at and abuse was hurled at Russell's tendency to over-egg some stuff by the bro's gf, Kylie was sighed over, and amused looks exchanged by parents when the Torchwood trailer came on and I started making squeaking noises from my position in the corner between the filing cabinet and the sofa. (I kid you not when I say the study is *small* - gf and mum on the sofa, dad on the computer chair, bro on floor in front of sofa to complete the rest of the picture). Lots of 'It's Kylie, *dammit*'. Also me going 'oh, I hope the tosser doesn't get killed'.

Watched Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special, in which Darren Gough just pipped Gethin to the post. Letitia did a great job, Mark Ramprakash simply too stiff, Ayesha and Matt were having fun but clearly not brilliant, Matt Di Angelo was ... :gulp: but Gethin and Darren simply wiped the floor since Gethin and Camilla's waltz just *floated* and Darren and Lilya's American Smooth was like watching choreographed Tiggers bounce.

And then sighed and giggled and wiped tears during Love Actually. Plus read all the Singin' in the Rain and Narnia offerings for this year on yuletide.
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My cousin :

We 'liberated' the casserole.

(to put this in context : mum always makes too much food for the feeding of the neighbours. lindsey couldn't bear to have that much casserole wasted. They were buggering off to Sam's (aunt #2) for christmas eve/day, Sam is having the vapours over the in-laws coming round, and wisely surmised that there would be no food. So they nabbed it on the way out of the door.)

Came home from work, collapsed in front of tv to watch bits of Lemony Snicket, watched entirety of Princess Diaries 2 which is now elevated up there amongst *serious* guilty pleasures. and continues to showcase that Julie Andrews will always be more awesome than you.

Watched the Joseph-Maria thing. Now watching the Ken Dodd thing.
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Spent Friday and Saturday with some sort of flu - no coughing, just incredibly high temperature, highly uncomfortable, spending time dozing in and out and drinking water. Yay fun. Had meant to go to pubmeet. :mutter:

Today, since I was able to stand up, I dozily spent the morning doing fiddly prep work for Feeding teh Five Thousand, aka the sunday before xmas neighbourhood do, and due to the dozy factor, going 'er... what?' whenever instructions issued. Ate about half of usual, stayed sitting as much as possible. Also had Lindsey, David and Chris around as family representatives.

:sigh: Work tomorrow. Fun.
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Today was officially Christmas lunch and Secret Santa day. We spent most of the mornign looking like zombies that gradually rose from the grave due to successive injections of caffeine, noon, it was proved that we have... disturbingly awesome taste in Secret Santas. Even me, who got what was basically a joke pressie.

Gregor got a trilby. Considering the boy had turned up at work in a black suit jacket, white shirt, black tie, dark jeans and black Converse, it was deemed fate wanted it to happen. He looked suitable awesome in it and posed a lot. and then everyone else nicked it off him in the pub.

Robin was given Star Wars Chess as a 'argh, he spends half his lunch hour playing chess on facebook, and, um, I know he likes Star Wars...' - see Robin squee because he didn't have adecent chess set down here. Plus Star Wars. (yours truly being the one IDing all the characters 'no those are not stormtroopers on the good guys' side, those are clones and they were created by the Republic, remember?'

Claire got a Dr Who Annual, something else and 'Don't Fear the Reaper' as scored for cowbell. (long story)

Alicia got makeup which was petted.

Emma I gave a microbead cushion in the shape of a large demented-looking penguin. Which got an 'omigod squee penguin! squishy penguin! PENGUIN! I shall name him.... Bert. Or possibly....' (he eventually got named Frank after Sinatra due to the cheese list on her ipod)

Patrick got Watchmen, which was next on his list for 'er, really should read....'

Yours truly got the Torchwood Calendar. 'er, are you sure that's what you -:glomp: you didn't have to squeak in my ear.' me : 'shiiiiiiiiiiiiiny. ooooooo, pretty Tosh piccy. shiiiiiiiiiiiny.'

Went to Ping Pong for Dim Sum, having the lunch menu where we marked six dishes each. This, er, adds up to 78 dishes. We were going to count to make sure we got 'em all but it just kept coming and coming and coming and we were whimpering a bit by the end. Also, strawberry sake, gorgeous cocktails and tsingtao beer and me attacking the bowls of sambal (it's a type of pulpy delicious chilli sauce) and then as Robin described it later 'where Heather ate her own body weight in dim sum' (Teddy and Taz can provide evidence of my ability to turn into a bottomless pit when faced with chinese food) and we kind of unsteadily made our way back to work and carefully tried to work through inboxes until it was 5:30 and we could de-camp to the pub.

Also, Taz? Brick Shithouse is playing the Nutcracker. WHEEEE!
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Hah! Done! All presents, including the secret santa. Frost Fair on Bankside? We love you soooo much. (for the last three years - possibly more - this has been the patented Heather method of christmas pressie blitzing) Clicked the play.com order button, which covers another three (two were iffy unless I saw something better at Frost Fair) :deep breath: Turkish delight, fudge, chocolate shot glasses, two pairs of earrings, one lapel pin, one t-shirt, marzipan, one bangle comprised of beads, two stamps, one penguin cushion and a wooden mouse. Plus a bracelet for moi. As usual, I saw so much more in the way of stuff that I wanted - there was a necklace made of overlapping silver leaves that was making me dribble something chronic, and pretty scarves and gecko wall pieces and glasses and ... fortunately, I do not have that much money.

Pies. Mulled wine. Southwark council people going round trying to get rid of mini bars of Green and Blacks. Rather bad sherry being pressed on us by some wine bar who had a stand there. Pretty silver frosty people doing the glass ball play thing (see David Bowie in Labyrinth), some on stilts, snow queens on giant fluffy white ostriches, Arctic Explorers with terribly posh accents who kept saying 'mustn't grumble', santas on stilts, dixie jazz bands and sax quartets and gospel choirs. Ice sculptures of pine trees and seven-foot polar bears and emperor penguins and angels and ickle baby bears. Hee. Crowds bigger than last year, including a bunch of office workers who'd come down the riverside for their lunch and had triumphant expressions of having got several pressies out of the way as well as 'oooo, pies, ooooo, chimichanga, oooo, organic burgers, oooo, jamaican jerk chicken', though it was a pity that Shakespeare's Globe is only going to be open this year on sat + sun (went and dribbled over the stuff in their gift shop. It will be mine. ALL OF IT.) Lantern parade by the local schools was about the docks and what had been brought in by trade - ships and gems and spices and fruit and silks. Really, really cool. Though we admit that we're a tad confused about the mice lanterns.
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Well, fully chocolated out. (seriously, my family got each other chocolate. specifically Hotel Chocolat.)

Dr Who download being v. slow - missed most of it due to parents deciding that we would be having christmas dinner this year when everyone was actually *hungry*, which meant early evening - you graze the rest of the day as it is.

On that topic...er... does anyone know a source for the Vicar of Dibley special? It doesn't seem to be something that appears on torrent sites. I find myself wanting to watch it.

The haul consists of Noel Coward cds, Turkish delight, Dixie Chicks CD, posh moisturizer, chutneys and pickles strong enough to blow your head off, a swanky bag and some other bits.

In other news, amused by the fact that two of my teams have either got draws or won in their Boxing Day matches. Reading drew against Chelski (no mean feat), Newcastle lost to Bolton (twits) and London Irish vs. Leicester, to which my brother buggered off to gibbering and predicting gloom and massacre to us, was actually won. I suspect he is probably still celebrating. (to those unaware - London Irish have for the past several years been based in Reading)

reading my way through yuletide. I may have squeed my head off at the Chronicles of Prydain section and the fantabulous Entourage and Torchwood fic. Always interesting to see what fandoms are popular this year, some which you never expect. Sadly, Jeeves and Wooster section was about middling this year, including one real dud. May have to see if I can get the [livejournal.com profile] indeedsir lot going, bunny-wise...

(also in the plotbunny section : me pondering that perhaps the world needs fic set in the thirties where Ianto is actually Jack's valet, as opposed to the entirety of Torchwood's. Or possibly time-slip, Ianto is acting as Jack's valet and muttering about it while Jack protests that it's basically his job description in Torchwood three as it is. 'Perhaps, sir, but there's a difference between job description and job title.' And now I have images of him joining the Junior Ganymede and Jeeves and him having friendly one-upping for efficiency competitions. [livejournal.com profile] jamjar, feel free to come in at any time...)


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