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Yes, dear reader, I went jogging in the cold and wet this morning. It was vile and cold and muddy in the usual places. Only moreso. And had to dip feet in river on way back to get rid of most of the mud, so I audibly squelch all the way up to the lock. Thames very swollen, as in less than a foot below the bank edge. which admittedly isn't that out of character for winter, given that it has a habit of flooding the, er, floodplain.
a somwehat swollen thames )
Anyway. Less people than usual (but the requisite usual masochists). Still amused by one dog who bounced up on me. I love how owners apologise, and the joggers tend to go 'you have noticed how sweaty/wet and muddy I am, right? The dog is cleaner than I am.') And got back on Mapledurham Drive, the road from Purley to the lock. Came across a jogger just starting out, doing stretches. Cue me automatically going into the joggers' report. 'Right, the stream under the bridge is only about a foot below the bridge and rising. Generally only mildly boggy, no big puddles, not very splashy... but the mud by the second field gate is worse and you can't go round it due to the farmer putting up the electric fence to stop the cows going in the river.' Took socks and shoes off when I got in and apparently it looked like I'd had fake tan applied, I was so dirty.

Figured out where in the nano I can put Roman soldiers outbreak at Caerleon. Peter's on leave and they get the mad call whilst leaving the teashop. Gideon keeps trying to give me advice for fighting army vs army with lots of space and possibly horses. er, I have four torchwood agents and an army officer...? There's guns, longsword and longbows available.
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Started jogging again on saturday, continued sunday, knee holding up, re-discovered muscles I'd forgotten about... oh hello foot blisters. Done half an hour, slowly, to the pylon and back.

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Streetdance is pretty, pretty cinema. With amazing dancing. Did I mention the pretties? Awesome soundtrack, too, though I don't remember hearing any Pixie Lott or Cheryl Cole as is advertised.

Script? ahahahahahahaha. Lead actress' acting ability? ahahahahaha. They disregard this and wisely fill the screen with muchos dancing and ogling of the dancers, and some pretty, pretty shots of London.

It's a good thing Richard Winsor is Matthew Bourne trained, where you're only allowed onstage once you have the ability to have chemistry with inanimate objects. (he's playing lead ballet boy. You may guess at what route his story takes.) Everyone else is quite decent. George Sampson is adorable and I wish to see him take on more acting, since he's rather good at one-liners. Charlotte Rampling, of course, points out that she is awesome and you may all pay tribute and bow before her.

OOOOOOOO DANCING. OOOOOO FLAWLESS. (it's really obvious that Diversity were only there for one day onset, but happy is I with their appearance.)

Jogging in constant drizzle is perfectly fine until the home stretch (last ten minutes or so). Then it all turns cold and horrible.
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Body? you are weird. or at least your water loss is. Last night, scales say 10 and a half stone. This morning, 10 stone 6lbs. Not unreasonable. But scales when I get back from jogging say 10 stone 4lbs. It was fricking cold. How the hell did I sweat off 2lbs? Oh well. Maybe I'll drop some more by T2. Which would be good, but I don't give much hope.

Not giving much hope for the current state of election. But my brother pointed out that Cameron'll have to make so many cuts that people'll be screaming for his blood come autumn and it'll linger in people's memories.

Thursday, took [livejournal.com profile] miniosiris to Legally Blonde as the snows prevented her last time, and we'd managed to get rather fabulous stalls seats. Had been going on about Chris Ellis-Stanton, aka Legs McBlondie in me and Taz dancer nicknaming. (Taz insists that the nicknames are in fact their real names) I was hoping like hell he was on that night as he'd been on holiday for the past few days, and had preached about his dance skills and legs. Cathy had been bouncing along, giggling, and then... UPS guy scene. Cathy's jaw hits floor, as does the rest of the audience. I smirk. 'That's Chris.' 'Guhhhhh...' 'My work here is done.' Stage door, managed to get photo, he was very pleased that I'd seen him in Anything Goes and at Regents Park, and Cathy says that my expression is like unto cat that got cream. She also nearly killed herself laughing during the Ireland songs and the courtroom scene, but that's expected.

Over the Rainbow is getting interesting. Last week, Stephanie, who was a real threat to Danielle, got given Mr. Bojangles, aka the sabotage song. And lo, it worked. This week, musicals, two people to get kicked out. And apparently the Lord based it on how they handled the dog. Aside from blatant giving Jess Supercalifragilistic in yet another horrific outfit which is difficult - girl was out of breath half the time but she's yet to be in the bottom two, and giving Danielle 'On My Own' from Les Mis (interestingly, they gave Sophie a technically weak song 'I Enjoy Being a Girl', but she was having fun with it, which means her confidence goes up, and she shines. Public really like that), how is it fair to judge someone when they've never had a dog? They've got six months to learn how to handle the dog. Jenny, having been given a song that she didn't have the experience for, went into bottom two. Along with Lauren, who the public simply don't like. Brilliant technically, very professional, judges and Andrew love her, just got too much obvious self-confidence for reality casting - the public don't like you unless you're humble. Lauren did a Ben - drown 'em out with a more powerful voice. So of course the Lord saved her. At least he did it without any prevaricating this time, but was very nice to Jenny afterwards. Let's see tonight who they kicked out at the end of last night.

Supernatural is ...agh, how is there only one ep left? :pokes Mark Sheppard: stop being so snarky and awesome. It's mean because we have to rewind when we're laughing so much.
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Spent the last couple of days firmly ensconced in front of laptop, especially yesterday, given the utterly foul weather. So foul on sunday that I even dug out the workout dvd from a couple of years ago because jogging in that...blegh. Oh god. Had forgotten how soul-destroying those things are. So today, went 'fuck it' and am still to get warm, even if it was sunny from the lock back. But still better headwise than the bloody exercise dvd. Yeah. Running = 'what's this thing you call thinking' and 'keep going keep going pause because that westie is trying to lick your shins to death'.

Watched Requiem for Detroit last night. Wow. Just... wow. Now that's one damn good piece of documentary, tying it from when Henry Ford first started Detroit as a car city, how it caused the near full-on segregation to its final collapse and the current wave of deconstruction and turning old housing plots into farmland. Though you could see the documentary makers rubbing their hands with glee when it came to the music - Motown just for starters, then you've got Eminem actually singing about 8 Mile (yes, they did start and close with Lose Yourself), *and* interviewing Martha Reeves of Martha and the Vandellas as she's a city councilman.

Doctor Who : So much set up. SO MUCH. And dear Moff, STOP MESSING WITH OUR HINDBRAINS. Angels. Not being able to open your eyes. AUGH.

Over the Rainbow, I think we're seeing tactical from the Lord again. Mr. Bojangles is the kiss of death in these things, so giving it to Stephanie...

Contemplating going to see Iron Man 2 once showered.
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Well, I promised myself I'd try after reading an intriguing article a few weekends ago in the exercisey/outdoorsy section of the, and now I have. Barefoot jogging has been acheived.

As many who know me in RL know, I'm often allergic to shoes during summer, or when I'm not outdoors any other time of the year, so the concept of mud betwixt toes wasn't a totally alien concept. Anyway. Got to the farmland bit of my jog (which is currently only about a 3rd rather than 2/3 as it is at peak) when I got to the lock, removed shoes with some trepidation. Started running with shoes in hand, and discovered pretty quickly that trying to run heel first when barefoot is such an alien sensation that you go onto your toes very quickly. Didn't do enough to notice any major differences/pain in muscle usage. The field on the way back past the lock is major mud fest due to cows, which is not unpleasant to run on - the squidgy feeling's just slightly odd, and you skid less than on shoes. Not to mention you don't care about possibly going into a puddle or deep mud as you do with shoes, with very little possibility of splashing. However, directly after the main mudfest, it's straight back onto the stony path back up to civilisation. and hell no I'm not running on stones and tarmac. Summer has taught me that it's actually quite painful, not to mention the broken glass factor. (there always seems to be headlight glass on the pavement on the main road).

By the time I got home, I can conclude that there were two main discoveries made from jogging barefoot :

#1 : it's more natural and easier to run on your toes.
#2 : dried mud *inside* your socks is a really fucking weird sensation.
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went jogging for first time since early december/late november. FUCKING. FREEZING. How to know it's the country : anything water and puddle-like is not liquid, it's two inches of ice and what would be mud is in fact rock. Still, did not huff and puff too much on my usual 'starting up again after :cough: weeks off' down to the lock and back. Honour is vaguely satisfied, even if I was probably going at snails' pace.

Trying to convince Firefox to resurrect my tabs. it... keeps getting half way there. at the moment, crossing my fingers and closing what tabs i can that i know I've read to attempt to get the next time a bit less arduous.

SQUEE. The wonderful thing about following actors on twitter : 'Eeee, back on Glee set!' 'Eeee, in scene with Kristin Chenoweth!' 'Ahahaha, so and so is bouncing because he's just done a scene with Kristin Chenoweth!' From this, I think we can safely conclude that Kristin is doing another episode of Glee this season. WHEEEEEEE! April? is awesome. Mind you, am rather snorting since it's been stated that Kurt and Rachel are complete Wicked addicts, and original!Glinda is amongst them...

Also wading through the Kurt/Puck fic. Oh, shush. Stil, somewhat scared that I'm in a fandom where songfic is CANON. Fortunately, it's not too abused yet.
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Ah, second day of jogging. always, always done at snail's pace.

realised I'd been putting off going for a bit, started again (not to mention I somehow put on half a stone after camping and arrrgh thighs and bra pinching a bit)

So like I said. slow jogging is slow. With giant flocks of geese on the river.

:glares at weather: no, really, warmth for more than a couple of hours in the morning would be nice.

Off to see first ep of Merlin S2 at BFI this afternoon with Jen. Before then, job applications. wo0t.
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started jogging again after a several week gap. (yes, this really is a pattern with me. Started after staring in horror at some bulges where there shouldn't have been when I was trying on some dresses last night. The news that I'm vain is not news.) Managed the first field without effort, but slightly peeved about the lock being blocked off now unless I make a detour out of my way due to the building works. Which will be there till *November*. Seriously. who does building work at a local picturesque lock over summer? I'm surprised the people who run the lock café didn't scream blue murder. And after checking, it turns out the furthere you get away from civilisation, the less ripe the blackberries are. There's one or two per bramble out that way, but the ones along the oxford road have been ripe for a good few weeks now. Mind you, no-one touches those due to it being the main road and them being 90% fumes.

that weight loss thing I was talking about a few days ago? Weighing self before and after jogging, it looks like 1-2lbs of water.

I really have to get on with writing out chunks of that sodding torchwood story this weekend so i can start tweaking it for decent writing and coherency.

outside, it keeps threatening rain but not getting there. hmm.

odd stuff

Jul. 8th, 2009 08:28 pm
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going jogging with numb feet is a *really* weird sensation. and it takes a good five minutes (first part of the run) for them to stop being numb. throws you off somehow.

reworking plots is a bit odd. As in 'same plot, but we're inserting other characters and re-writing it so some of what was commentary is now dialogue'. Never done this before - I've re-written stories from other povs before, or taken the basic ideas and done interesting things to them that made them squeal, but never re-written something to be the same, just more fleshed out.
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Went jogging, with a side of 'ooo, sunny and warm!'

...and by midway through 3rd field, I got heat rash. So I sat down to cool down a bit at the end destination. got up when i thought I'd cooled down, started jogging back.

Famous last words. had to stop three times in the third field to lie/sit down, third time nearly blacking out. wo0t. Suspect this is what happens when you try to engage in high impact exercise after all the blood has rushed to your extremities. So yay, walking back the last two fields. Stopped again at the lock, then back to civilisation (with added *new* mild heat rash on the last bit up the hill to my road - no, seriously, body, wtf?)
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weird experience.

Got home utterly frustrated to the point where I had to burn it off quickly or I'd scream (office move set up frustrations, missed trains by 30 secs, train delays due to fucking freight trains that decide they want to cross five tracks at once, etc), and it was the dark side of twilight when I got home.

Streets - not much difference, aside from it being fucking freezing - you can see fine witht eh lights on.

Countryside bit - seriously odd. Everything resolves to grey, and with it being early evening, more grey than pitch black (not to mention still get light from suburbs nearby). The ground actually resolves to flat, and depth vision goes. Very odd. Wasn't going any further than the lock, because that way lies river and cows and electric fences and molehills, but that land *rolls*. And though you could see the ground fine, you couldn't see the different heights aside from your feet telling you you were going up or down. Odd as fuck.

I knew it

Mar. 22nd, 2009 01:08 pm
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I definitely pulled a couple of muscles yesterday due to first jogging in months - but not badly, fortunately.

groin and upper thighs. Which is a damn sight better than the time I managed to pull all the muscles in my arse. here's hoping my thighs look respectably toned for hotpants-wearing at T1. (says the girl who's been wearing a micro-mini for the past two days)

waiting for BSG to d/l.
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Woken up by womb this morning at 6:30, went and got mooncup...and then woken up again at 8am by cramps. that lasted til 12. So that was planned Watchmen viewing out.

Went jogging for first time since autumn, down to Mapledurham and back (nicely warm and sunny). Will probably be achign tomorrow, but the mild constant cramps are back, so won;t notice.

England-Scotland match rather good. Two concussions to England. England currently winning, but christ Scotland are fast.


Oct. 11th, 2008 02:25 pm
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It's ridiculously sunny out there.

Parents've buggered off to Falmouth for 11 days.

half-listening to the ALW Birthday concert in Hyde park and Radio 1 at the same time. Crossing fingers that someone'll do a rip of the concert soon.

Went jogging - after trying to push it a bit distance-wise last saturday, I pushed it more by going another field and a half than that... So I think I've done 6 miles, maybe a bit more. In exactly an hour. Which my body appears to have no problem with. Huh. You mean I could've been doing more than my usual 4 miles when I was doing it after work over summer? On the other hand, considering it was at the end of the day and a mile's march, maybe not.

'course, there is every chance I'll be in pain this evening.

Vaguely resigned to the fact that my bum and top of my legs are *never* going to look good no matter how much running I do. Torso, I rule. Legs toned. (still stocky, but toned) Bum - saggy-ish and spotty, top of legs have those extra bulges under the arse when I stand up straight. :sulk: Is it too much to ask for?

This was your scheduled whining about the one bit of my body I'm really not that happy about.
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:pokes body: Seriously, WTF?

You have verged between 10 to 10 and a half stone (140-147lb to benighted colonials, 63.5-66.6kg to those weirdos over the channel) since puberty. This has never changed, no matter what size or level of fitness you are. And in the last week you dropped 2lb to below 10 stone. Then over the last couple of days of period, you drop another three. I can explain the period thing, I cannot explain the previous week. Unless body is pre-emptively muttering about losing exercise time.

Re: the exercise time - I had been doing 3 times a week after work (pretty much every other day). The problem being now that darkness is closing in something chronic and it was *dark* on the last leg of my run home last week, which means it's almost certainly going to be dark during the main leg of my run in a few days. Which involves farmland, the river, the lock and cattle grids. Also cows and swans. No bugger would be stupid enough to run that route in the dark. Shite. What'm I going to do? At this rate I'm only going to be able to jog at weekends - I'm not changing my route to include more pavement, since that defeats the purpose of having the majority of my route on non-tarmac. Can't switch it to early morning, as it's now got to the time of year where it's murky as hell and foggy at 6:30am (I'd have to leave at 6am to get back in time for shower and brekkies) and only going to get darker. And I have enough problems dragging arse out of bed at weekends as it is. One of the blokes at work asked why not Regents' Park, since the Hub has showers (work has none)... except they charge. And the Hub is a good 25 mins walk away which would eliminate the entirety of my sodding lunch hour with bugger all time for *actual* running.



Jul. 3rd, 2008 08:42 pm
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:pokes thighs: I hate you. Just so you know.

Jogging has resulted in me having muscled legs and apparently no cellulite. Sadly, this does not seem to translate to the bulges of fat I have on the top outside of thighs, even with the so-called 'sculpting for bikini' exercises I filched out of Zest magazine. dammit.

Decided to add a bit of punching on parts of the route after experimenting in doable-ness today. All in the name of having *some* back muscle in time for Discworld '08. (remember, other people get in shape for holidays and so on. I attempt it for conventions) Because, well, Conina.

also want a bit of flexibility, so hello some of the old boxing stretching exercises...
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okay, I don't jog with mp3 player. Mostly because I'm jogging by the river for a good portion, so there's nothing to shut out aside from birdsong, cows and the occasional boat going past. And my motivator tends to be landmarks rather than time (it's a bit more effective). Most of my inner theme tends to be counting which lapses and re-starts intermittently, but occasionally songs keep thudding through when the beat and lyrics fit. Sadly. it is impossible to pick inner songs because anything that doesn't stick simply won't stay in your head and I find myself counting again.

yesterday inner songs (normally the choruses or just one repeated verse) :

Go the Distance - Daniel Boys version. (yes, really. I should be glad it's not Chariots of Fire)
The Stars Look Down - Billy Elliot (marching hymn)
Solidarity - Billy Elliot (fight/dance song)
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okay, the jogging has been kept up with. Approx 4 miles, 6 days a week - I think I've been at it for three weeks now?

But anyway. Had been getting a little frustrated that there appeared to be utterly no change whatsoever aside from stamina - body appeared exactly the same, weight I didn't expect to change, since I've been between 10 and 10 and a half stone since I hit puberty at the age of 10 - all that changes is muscle to fat ratio and shape. And considering I went through another minor body-shift a month or so back - going down to a size 10 on top and thus getting all new bras - I guess I'd been hoping for a bit of a change. But no, hips, thighs and stomach looked identical, arse looked identical.

That's what I thought. Today, turned round in mirror, arse looked the same as ever. And then I clenched it. Normally? You can see the distinct difference between the muscle and flab and it looks bloody weird, like two separate entities of play-do. Today? Still a lot of cellulite and obviously not well-toned, but now there's no distinction between the muscle and fat bits, which means that there is toning going on at *some* level.

Yay, in a slightly weirded out way.

ETA, post-pubmeet (plus the fact that I've been wearing a skirt that's the length of a very short thing), have had several people point out legs and arse are looking a lot more toned. To quote Jackie, I lost the chicken thighs.


May. 11th, 2008 01:19 pm
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Spent yesterday meandering around town, looking for ideas for birthday pressie for the bro. He's being spectacularly unhelpful, and fairly ill, so have left it until he has some idea. Bay Trading is being annoying by not having much in the way of colours/designs I like for summery stuff, but it turns out that I appear to have gone down a size in their dresses - I nearly fell out of the 12, asked for the 10 in another style I'd seen on the rack, and that fit fine. Excuse me while I poke my body a bit for this unexplained mass loss, since trying on their shorts proves I'm still a 12 on the arse. (I did fancy the Jeeves and Wooster picnic, but considering I got out of bed at 11:30 and it was v. warm and fuggy... nah.)

Jogging still burbling along, have extended run to the end of the first field, which used to be the 18 minute mark, which dad informs me is about 2 miles, so it turns out I'm up to four miles (a small part being walking, because no-one in their right mind tries to jog up the last bit of New Hill during the second half of a run. Seasoned joggers get over the railway bridge and go 'fuck that'.). Going to stick to that for time constraints for a while, since I tend to do my jogging in the evenings and thus would like to get back a a reasonable time. Crossing fingers over being able to get rid of the wobbly bits on the sides of my legs. I don't expect much toning there due to the type of exercise, but I hope for burning of the fat deposits.

Dr Who was silly, proved Donna has a brain that looks at things no-one else thinks of (it's like her comments about knowing exactly how offices work due to being Super!Temp). Methinks she'd do very well in espionage and planning raids for a very tidy-minded resistance who wanted to do more effective things than just explosions. Blonde alert )

IDA is... Jessie. AUGH. Diction, please? ALW, what is the point of giving her a song that you admit is completely wrong for her unless it's sabotage? Rest of the girls think Niamh is too poppy. I know Rachel's consistent and can act and sing and dance, she just produces feelings of complete 'meh' in me. Sam's pretty good, could probably do the role though I don't think she's going to get it. No-one stood out aside from Jodie this week. And can we please bloody have some musical songs that give them a chance to act? Looking forward to the stunt fighting tonight, since hey, it's a task that's actually applicable to the role! (most of my reviews about this are over in [livejournal.com profile] nancy_or_oliver)


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