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Spent last week on holiday in Falmouth, as is my wont. We had glorious weather, I am very tanned, and am stuffed. Went swimming most days, mostly out of some sense of masochism, as the water at Gylly is freezing, deep and the current is strong. Penzance - marazion, St Michael's Mount - is warmer, being merely cool, unbelievably shallow and clear. It's more like pool water than seawater. I had to swim halfway to the Mount before it got above my head at mid tide. and then I amused myself by frightening people by swimming to the castle just as the causeway was uncovered and emerging at the rockpools. There were many 'where the fuck did you come from?'s. Stuffed self, (put on six pounds, now have a stomach), meandered about, went on ferries, toddled around Eden. Bought... um...earrings, cute work shoes, sandals, a few vests, a t-shirt, fudge, Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter's Long Earth and Caitlin Moran's How to be a Woman.

Started at new job. Which is a bit odd. Aside from desperately trying to learn all the new systems over the past couple of days (come back, old job's workflow and your step-by-step system! all is forgiven!) and convinced I'm going to forget them by monday. New team appears nice. The only really weird thing is - business park. weird green echoey space, there's a bit of a village at one end, right out in the middle of oxfordshire. Food is a couple of pubs and a couple of sandwich-shop type places. oh good lord was I spoilt in London.

Olympics - haven't seen much of it, but generally pleased at everyone who's taking part. And the general UK attitude of 'omg we got a medal in *that*? seriously? Well done, you!' (especially in sports that don't involve sitting down - our gawping at men's gymnastics was *impressive*). The opening ceremony was a thing of beauty and AWESOME and complete batshitness and reminded us of all the things we're proud of and showed us ourselves. Yeah, that's us: green and pleasant land, Industrial Revolution, women's rights, multi-cultural, Mr Bean and Chariots of Fire, the awesomeness of childrens' lit, the NHS, Abide With Me tribute, moths on bicycles, the Queen and 007 parachuting out a helicopter and some fucking banging tunes. And bursting into tears at the torch and lighting of the candle being about the passing on of the flame from the experienced to the young hope of the future and the cauldron being many creates one.
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Um. So, there was cornwall, where it rained a lot, I stuffed myself (seriously, how long does this stuff take to come off your waistline? It goes on easily enough...) and got a lot of present shopping done. And couldn't cross the street at one point due to the santa fun run.

Shopping for me was relatively restrained: one skirt, a jumper, 7 dvds, couple of pairs of tights, earrings, fudge.

When I got back, all I heard and saw were the hands stuck out as my friends and family demanded fudge. Which included the pre-xmas cocktails with Jen, Jane and Meg. 'I have presents I looked for and deliberated over and all you want is the fudge?' 'FUDGE. NAO. GIMME.'

Also see pubmeet. Anyone with chocolate was attacked. (Gideon brought post Argentinian wagon wheels, with the marshmallow replaced by dulce de leche. Cue sugar coma.) Lots of ... yeah, pubmeet people devolve into seals when you dangle fudge in front of them. There was the listing of films set at christmas but not about christmas (anything Shane Black wrote - Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Long Kiss Goodnight - we're waiting for the christmas tree in the background of Iron Man 3) squee about fan stuff, x-men fanfic.

Saw Haunted Child at the Royal Court with Ben Daniels and Sophie Okenedo (Queen Liz Ten to Dr Who fans). Great performances but deeply freaky. About a bloke who has a mental breakdown and gets picked up by a cult and his wife trying to deal when he comes home. Me plus the bloke sitting next to me agreed it's not one you'd want to see twice even if it is impressive.

Ladykillers as adapted for the stage by Graham Linehan is hysterical. Everyone's brilliant, the stage is amazing and you won't believe how they do the heist.

Feeding the Five Thousand - mum cut down on the food so there wasn't the acres of leftovers we couldn't use, the sprogs nicked my disney dvds as usual, and Alex was very hungover.

Yesterday: got twitchy, contemplated hauling out the ancient aerobics dvd as it would be cold and muddy outside. Menu music starts up. Ten minutes later, I had mud up to my eyebrows and was going 'mmm, fresh air.'
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Basically, I pigged out, it only rained twice (yes, dogs and cats *are* living together) - once at night, once at 8am. Am v. tanned and parts of my hair have bleached so much they're white.

Feeding ice cream to the Trelissick ferry bloke causes stammering (his normal exit greeting when you get off at Trelissick is 'bring me back ice cream or it's the plank'). He felt so shame-faced he gave me a mini bottle of cava, which led to the exchange when I took a pic of him back at the pier:
'That'll cost you.'
'I gave you ice cream!'
'I gave you champagne!'

Marazion beach (St Michael's Mount by Penzance) has endless golden sands with no gravel. And warm water. I discover this when I'm a) wearing denim shorts w/ no bikini and b) it's 15 mins to my bus to get back to Falmouth for reasonable hour. Meg & Jen, we are *so* going again.

Roskilly's bloke: I walk in on Friday to say hi, he asks where my mates are and proceeds to feed me samples since he knows I'm a guaranteed regular.

Gyllyngvase cafe: where I get asked whether I'm dutch or german. Plaits + blonde does not automatically equal bierkeller.

did the 'buying stuff that is v practical on holiday': girls' board shorts and a straw fedora. I cannot wear this fedora in London. I'll look like I'm from Hoxton.

big-arse rucksack
straw fedora
2 pairs of earrings from market stall & antique shop
'Spirit of St Louis' commemorative flask: http://yfrog.com/h2g6mouj Bring me my goggles.
2x Rosemary Sutcliff books. ...look, I was supporting indie bookshops, okay?
Fudge for the gannets back home
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Cornwall has a lot more churches per capita than most places in the UK. So certain things get a bit more noticeable. Like the fact that in recent years, the christmas neon decoration is more frequently a cross. I'm sure angels and stars used to be more prevalent. Anyone know what's with this trend? Trying to establish brand loyalty when church attendance is going down the tubes?

Not to mention torture symbols are a wee bit innappropriate during the time the religion is supposed to be celebrating birth of its messiah. Seriously. keep the freaky neon crosses to Passover, churches. (refrains from yelling 'Romans didn't tax around Saturnalia!' ...Okay, I'm not refraining. but I haven't seen a single preacher around, so I can't be snarky at anyone in RL.)

Cornwall is *cold*. it's weird. Today, went Eden project and it was covered in a thick layer of hoar frost. Which was very pretty. No ice skating as still clearing up from the flooding, but mmmm warm biomes.

Pouting slightly in the Eden gift shop as I could see some really cool stuff that was just either too bulky or too heavy to get back on the train. Or in the case of the pig shaped watering can, possibly a little bit too gimmicky for the gardeners of my acquaintance.

Continuing to stuff self and then walk it off. It's a terrible fate.
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Annual trip to Falmouth with [livejournal.com profile] birdsflying and [livejournal.com profile] jamjar.

Got off train, proceeded to collapse into bed with migraine. Wo0t. While Meg and jen went looking for bread, loo paper and tea.

The week is sort of a blur of gardens, bits of beach and eating. (seriously, Falmouth has way too much good food.)

Gardens : Lost Gardens of Heligan - kept tripping over German tourists, and got full-body heat rash in the jungle bit - turns out the sign language for 'fell into nettles' is universal - had gloriously stodgy food in the restaurant (homity pie, steak and kidney pie and pork chops wrapped in bacon topped off by full veg. mmph.). Trelissick, mostly memorable for the ferry ride there and Glendurgan (has a maze). Hunting and seeking National Trust fudge in gift shops.

Attempted the beach post-brekkies at Gylly Beach cafe, but it wasn't very sunny so a tad cold. Two dips in the water resulted in me not being able to feel my feet for half an hour afterwards (seriously, white). Though we returned to toddle around the rock pools on wednesday. Went round outside of Pendennis castle but the only bit we went in was when we collapsed in the tea room and then went into the gift shop to poke cds, chutney and now I have a penny whistle. FEAR ME. Oh, and Meg and me spent part of sunday evening post-barbecue at Gylly beach listening to a rather decent band headed by Marco Spieza.

Fell into various surf shops. It happens. The haul from those is a miniskirt, a wallet, a belt and new flip-flops.

Food - aside from Heligan and Gylly Beach, there was Olivers, where we felt we ought to hang a 'do not disturb' sign on Jen as her communion with the pannacotta looked a tad ...private. Plus whole stuffed plaice, lavender duck breast, posh chicken kiev and devilled sardines. oh, and dark chocolate liqueur in one's coffee to die for. Besieged the 1950s surf-themed diner for brekkies a couple of times, attacked several tea rooms with prejudice, and ended up at a bare bones seafood restaurant that's only open 3 evenings a week when it turned out Harbour View, a place of fab food and ridiculously pretty waiters was closed for dinner due to 'issues'. (we're wavering between firings, the kitchen being on fire or something similar) Anyway. 1 and a half kilos of mussels, a large loaf of bread, prawns, skinny fries and a few mango sorbets later, destruction was achieved. Also there was Roskilly's ice cream a couple of times, but it was reasoned since we'd often been walking when getting said ice cream, it didn;t count.
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Went round Eden project in the late afternoon/evening yesterday so I could see the christmas lights for once, and oo they're pretty. Got there at 3:15 (me and two other people looked at the bus times and then went sod that, who wants to share a taxi?') Kind of wish I'd gotten there an hour earlier even with the reduced entry price, because then I wouldn't have had to rush the biodomes and would've seen more of the outside. having been to Eden so many times, these days i walk straight past the exhibits and instead go look at the season changes - the magical trees and vegetable gardens are always so worth it and of course, magical trees always appeals to my 'ooo, overgrown path, me go down it!' instinct. grabbed some soup and a gingerbread decorate your own tree, then the biodomes. Rainforest at twilight is positively weird. During daylight it's a feast for the senses, but in the semi-dark it's all sounds and mist and shapes. Mediterrean was cold for once - warmer than outside, but stil cold. But oooooo, lighting. I turned off the flash to get these amazing oranges and reds and yellows, since the piazza style layout of this biodome is beautiful once lit. suspect photos will be a bit blurry but all colours. Skating, am proud. Not once did i fall down, but picked several other people up. I really need to do this more often or at least take a couple of lessons so I can do something more than very basic. Saw the Cloud Dragon, which is all lights and smoke. Outside, the lights and christmas trees were realy pretty - wished I'd had more time but had to run for the bus, and missed it, which meant taxi and waiting for a bloody hour at a time at the stations.

Strictly - Ali, i don't care, you leave me cold, and Chris and Ricky did their tango better with no nerves. thpppbbbbt. Though, er, choreographers, if you're going to do ballroom, can we have more dance and less posing/lifts? Ali had a decent go at Argentine tango, but couldn't quite do the requisite mood. Chris may not be as good technically, but him and Ola sizzled. Ricky was just...wow. There was a reason he got a standing ovation from the studio audience.

had full cornish at beach cafe. :burp: Whilst listening to two bikers talk about european trips and service stations they have known. Took some photos, then the bikers grabbed the camera off me and took some of me.

I think it's a rule in Falmouth that all who have a medium-sized jute shopping bag must buy it from seasalt. and I appear to have bought mead from the Cornish shop. Whoops.

Today, walk to Swanpool cos it's sunny, clean flat :groan: and then bugger off to Gylly Beach cafe for a fiddle player in the evening.
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Spent relatively chilled day. Went over to Flushing (small fishing village with not very much) for the first time in my life for the lunch hour, came back at 2pm. Grabbed a bite, put a load of washing on, went up to the Maritime Museum to see if there was anything new (not much, but then I hadn't been back in years so it was an interesting hour diversion).

Came back, stepped into living room and... squelch. Turned out a pipe had come loose from the washing machine and flooded the place. Fortunately, due to the flat not being level, it all pooled in the middle of the living room and the rugs soaked most of it up. No electrics on the floor, and a couple of tiles had come down in the flat below, so the rugs are hung out on the balcony to drip and floor is now dry after mopping it.

Still, somewhat annoying.

At 7, I'm going out to dinner and then to the local arts cinema for Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus. By then, hopefully, the rugs wil have finished dripping and I can bring them in. Film better be as good as you all said.
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Yours truly has spent the last few days doing a fair bit of walking around as I tend to do when in Falmouth. And got my boots muddy. Tuesday it didn't stop raining (not, I hasten to add, when my boots got muddy), Wednesday intermittent sun but mostly cloud with rain later (St. Mawes fields are v. muddy), today sunny. Pondering what to do tomorrow since all the gardens-by-ferry are not ferryable due it being winter, and I cannot be arsed to take two hours by train and bus to get there. I make exceptions for the Eden Project, but it's the Eden project. There are giant bees. And skating. And as Megs and Jen can tell you, a Heather left to her own devices will automatically look for paths that wind off somewhere that is probably muddy and full of branches and so on.

Currently doing the dance of 'Markets cure all xmas list ills' with four presents in ten minutes at the thursday late night shopping thing. Plus one hot dog. In other news, yours truly has accidentally found herself in possession of new earrings, layer cake on dvd, new trainers, an earring tree, and a knee-length diesel denim skirt. In my defence the last item was from a charity shop, and the trainers were £20 off, and my current pair have popped seams and worn away insides. Gave the shop assistants the giggles by doing various con dance moves in them (surest way to test all shoes) and then they bugged when I explained that any of my shoes have to survive mad athletic dances made up by my mates.

Working my way through Hamish Macbeth. Getting horribly distracted by Doc Brown/Hamish when I'm trying to concentrate on the story. Oh, Robert Carlyle, I'm sure we can find you another tv show with good actors and a consistently good script someday...
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Photos from the holiday into deepest cornwall're up on Flickr. *lots* of greenery, and you may notice my fascination with paths, streams and so on. Also the dionysian statues in the Eden Project. Shh. And proof that the twosome take their knitting *everywhere*. Seriously. I think they were specifically positioning themselves at the river entrance to Trelissick just to freak people out getting off the ferry. We were considering installing ourselves as some sort of art installation of a modern-day Fates, and it's not like we need to work on our cackle. Meg kept sniggering and going 'Cross my palm with silver, dearie'. Sadly, I didn't have any sewing with me, so it was two Fates + person taking notes.
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:pokes scales: this extra 5lbs is clearly due to you lying. Nothing to do with how much ridiculously good food was eaten in cornwall. Especially the thunder and lightning cream teas.

Anyhoo : Kernow was medium warm with quite a few showers. Not really sitting on the beach weather, though me and Meg did manage to get somewhat soaked from the waist down when paddling and getting hypothermia. Visited several gardens (where it was guaranteed that yours truly would wander down any overgrown path or path that led to water - Jen is convinced that I was an otter in a past life), accidentally fell into superdrug and animal a lot (a regular cry was 'we've lost Heather again!'), thoroughly tested the waterproof capabilities of the non-waterproof version of no.7 mascara by getting smacked in the face with large quantities of seawater when crossing back from St. Mawes whilst getting laughed at by the ferry men, picked up a lot of sea glass, ate disgustingly well, and resisted the large quantities of very shiny jewellery. And watched a lot of one-sided conversations between Jen and seagulls. Taking several moments to mentally translate whatever Cornish placename Meg was mangling this time, as well as having to translate whatever she mangled for the ears of poor train conductors and other lifeforms. Jen having a nasty habit of taking photos of me gurning.

Oh, and in Bistro de la Mer, came across the unheard-of question in a British restaurant of 'do you have non-alcoholic beer?' from a German tourist. Mostly because if you don't want alcohol in the UK, you ask for a soft drink rather than a foul-tasting substitute.

Also: Pierce Brosnan, repaint your house. That shade of green is really bloody ugly and your house can be seen by everyone in the bay.

Things to piss yourself laughing to : Rob Brydon being terribly, terribly adorable on I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. (and somewhat scary when he puts on an accent - he doesn't sound like himself at all so you think it's part of a recording) Being the only person in the room to know what Cushy Butterfield is supposed to sound like. Paul Bettany and Brian Helgeland on the A Knight's Tale commentary. Some Like It Hot in general because it is just that fabulous. (and having finally watched Bringing Up Baby, that's a scarily dead-on impression of Cary Grant, Mr. Curtis)

in other news, does anyone know how to remove nail polish from cotton knit? Have already applied nail polish remover - that's taken off a tiny bit but it appears to have sunk into the fibers so looks more like an ink stain. bright blue nail polish. yellow dress. HELP.
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:wails: don't *wanna* go home! Wanna stay!

Seriously. i always forget how damn homesick i get for this place. Actually moving here, though, well... it's far away from everywhere else, don't know anyone here, and my job skills are essentially 'office job, possibly, with added retail'. So trying to find owt outside a shop or bar would be difficult.

Today - went back over to St Mawes, walked further round the headland, found entrance to a beach that looks like it goes round the rest of that bit of the coast, (seriously fucking windy, that beach) which has... well, it's got sand, it's just got a lot of shells and pebbles and gravel covering the rest. So not quite sand and not actually a pebble beach. On the way back, it was a lot choppier with spray and a lot of wind - my hair is now in what you'd call 'oh shut up, this is not a perm' state due to the sheer amount of curls.

Anyway. The dvd has not appeared. (damn you play.com, the one time it had to be minimum time and it wasn't.) Knowing my luck it'll probs appear tomorrow, except I'm getting a train out of Falmouth at 8:58, and the postie has a tendency to turn up at about 11am. So. Parents will be here for new Year, so should be picked up then, and cue me returning it to play.com. A bit peeved, since i had to buy a replacement at a higher price down Tescos to make sure it gets there. Package now dumped at post office.

Half-packed (worn clothes, random stuff I'm not going to need tonight). Pondering what to do for dinner.
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chewing on nails slightly, hoping a dvd i ordered from play.com gets here by tomorrow. otherwise i have serious problems, considering i leave before 9 on saturday... Gah. why didn't i order it sunday night rather than dithering?

In oher news, rounded up all the rest of the presents. And whimpering because i keep seeing jewellery I want. And stuff that you can only buy if you have your own place. Was seriously contemplating getting a clock for this flat, though, because it is bloody annoying having to rely on the microwave the entire time.
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Went Eden Project. Went 'oooooo' a lot. Got chatting with two jungle enthusiasts (the type that go out to Malaya and so on regularly - much griping about mosquitoes) who were there for the first time and gawping about seeing so many species up close and in one place, took them round the mediterranean zone, pointing out the scent zones and the sculpture, had lunch, went skating.

Few minutes from the end of skating, got heat rash. JOY. Went to get boots and bag, and then had to sit down very quickly. And then lie down. (do not argue with the black flashes in your vision). Started shivering violently and didn't stop. Got blankets piled on me, then oxygen and apparently my response in talking was slow and sluggish, and they couldn't get a pulse, plus 'ah, you're getting some colour back in your cheeks, you're no longer the same colour as your scarf.' Ambulance failed to turn up in reasonable time, they wheeled me into the paramedic's car, he drove me to Truro A&E, got dumped into a bed, tests done to show I was ridiculously normal, then dozed fitfully for the next couple of hours til the doctor got there. By that time wooziness had gone, so walked to Truro station and got home.

And I still have a ridiculously sore finger from the blood sugar test.
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Kernow day 3

Went for stroll along edges of Pendennis Castle, then throguh the woody bits around it. then bought crocs with fleece socks inside. Don;t ask. this is my mother's request for christmas...

Decided to go see Easy Virtue on a whim at the arts cinema. (colin Firth, Kristin Scott Thomas, Ben Barnes, Jessica Biel)

it is awesome. So rarely do you get Noel Coward done *right* in cinema. if it's not bitchy, awesome fun with fast cuts, it's not Noel Coward. Audience alternately giggling, hiding in embarassment as the characters did, gasping as they did... Yeah. Done well. Ben Barnes, get naked more often. (ah, UK definition of PG. We don't like violence. But nekkidness and sex is absolutely necessary.) And whoever did the soundtrack? Usual spattering of Noel Coward, a couple of Cole Porter, as you'd expect. But the genius move? Sex Bomb and When the Going Gets Tough, re-scored and done in 1930s light jazz style. it works so well it's not true. You could see people blinking when the lyrics for 'Sex Bomb' suddenly registered - because 'Spy on me baby, use satellite' isn't exactly period. I MUST HAVE THIS ON DVD. AND THE SOUNDTRACK. I NEED THE SOUNDTRACK.

Also? What's Jessica Biel been in that's good? She was really, really good in this, and I feel the urge to seek out more of hers...

Now, I'm goign to worship at the feet of light and fluffy and the awesomeness of Julie Andrews. Also Anne Hathaway and Chris Pine doing screwball comedy. Princess Diaries 2 and pizza. oh yes.
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Today, pottered around a bit, bought leggings (which I never thought I'd do in this existence, but if it gets much colder, this is so what I'm wearing underneath skirts. Possibly even under jeans, considering how cold those are.) Then buggered off to St Mawes on the ferry, and decided to skip the castle for once and drifted around the headland where it was once again a tad muddy. Apparently could have got to St. Just - if I'd got to St Mawes in the morning rather than getting the 1.15 ferry.

Also, am somewhat suspicious of the St Mawes Ferry : it appears to have signs of 'if you are a blonde girl on your own, expect to be chatted up.' I actually passed this one on my way back past the castle when it was rather clear I was heading for the last ferry. (3.45. Yes, civilisation....)

Firefox still crashing, but appears to have decided now that it must take *forever* to switch between tabs.

ETA : that's two people in my family to request gloves for christmas. You'd think that if you were desperate, gloves are something you'd go out and buy straight away...
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Kernow log, day 1 (in which I am cut off from rest of UK and getting sleep and waaaay too much fresh air than can be good for me)

Firefox keeps crashing. Most odd.

Got up, grabbed necessities from Tescos, did the 'utterly boring re-stock' at Superdrug - toothpaste, vitamins, moisturiser, soap, etc, and then set off on walk around headland.

Pretty. Really pretty, in that wild scrubland untamed way Cornwall just is. Seriously. I live in Berkshire, on the border of Oxfordshire. The entirety of that area looks that way due to over a thousand years of human cultivation (Berkshire is fertile soil country - humans took one look at it and went 'do you have a flag?' to the animals). Not one inch of it hasn't been shaped by human hand, which goes for most of England. Cornwall, on the other hand, you always get the impression that the houses and towns are only just clinging on due to the rockiness and windswept and scrubby nature of it, and look just as surly. Buildings in cornwall, at least on the coast, always look like ugly square blocks of granite and concrete, even if they are painted nice colours. You make your choice between 'weatherproof' and 'nicely shaped'. Nicely shaped tends to lose. and then get destroyed rather quickly.

Kept going past Swanpool til i got stopped by mud. possibly one of the few times I've been round it in the autmun/winter when it *wasn't* pissing it down for part of the route. Went back, attacked hot chocolate and brownie in Gylly beach cafe, than got savaged by mediterranean veg and halloumi and pesto-toasted foccaccia thing that was allegedly a sandwich. :burp: And then dived into Animal and amused the staff by grabbing one more t-shirt and one more hoodie and one more skirt on the way to the changing room to try on a hoodie. came home with a bag and a hoodie. This year's hoodies believe in decent-sized hoods that actually come further than your hairline! Hurrah! discovered that never, ever shall i wear that version of beige/gray that is variously called pebble or stone. Or pastel-ised turquoise. Not unless I want to look like death warmed over.
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No, seriously. I got off at reading and went 'blarrrrggghh'.

Spent most of journey sore with period pains - that kind of cramps where you're just sore and constantly uncomfortable - too uncomfy to read, sleep, or eat.

However, just before Castle Cary, the train announcer goes 'all those with a seat go return to them now. We're about to hit Castle Cary, which means Glastonbury goers. These people have not washed in three days, and unless you want your seat taken up by a huge rucksack and dirty wellies, sit down now.'

And at this little station, there were waves of people in wellies with huge rucksacks flooding onto the platform. Being bussed in and then having the gates to the platform closed to them so the trains coming east were at least vaguely manageable (only four people in the corridor down our end, surprisingly).

Ah, train announcers. Sometimes we love you.
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Right, we has St Mawes'd (with added ferry) (sheer amount of people getting their cameras out for the flowers rather'n the castle was a tad gigglesome, and we spent the audio guide giggling at the historical recreation bits and telling Megs that she was clearly freakishly tall since we were the correct size), Eden Project'd (photos! lots of photos!), beach'd (I now have miniskirt suntan - it looks really odd with shorts) and my god it was seriously windy (the, er, attempts to keep the windbreak up were laughable) and the water was cooooooold, though we now have very very exfoliated feet and calves.

I've eaten more hot breakfast in a week than I thought was possible when not at a hotel. And cursing slightly the propensity of nowhere in Falmouth being open pre-either 9 or 10am. You wouldn't think this would be a problem on holiday, but we've been waking up at 7-7:30ish every morning due to the seagulls. And going to bed around 11 due to dvd fatigue. So far, Shelter, Blackadder II and III, Ella Enchanted, Pretty in Pink, Blazing Saddles, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Today the forecast is grey. More grey. Plus a bit of drizzle.

Vaguely peeved that Mongol is on *next* week at the arts cinema. Trying to resist cute small bags. Jen and Megs discovered the wool shop and accidentally tripped into it. Really. I quote Jen : 'Whoops. I *tripped and fell*.'


Jun. 23rd, 2008 07:05 pm
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In Falmouth with [livejournal.com profile] megolas and [livejournal.com profile] jamjar. Spent day clothes browsing. now eating olives. Got commented on when sitting on pier that 'it's so nice to see young people knitting' by a woman in her 70s. (this would be jen and megs, whilst I sat on floor in sun).

Megs quote : 'The only place you'll see people in miniskirts, flipflops, sunglasses and a hoodie.'

She now owns what can only be described as a *formal* hoodie.
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Weekend spent lazing, fooding, Oyster Festivalling, tried one's first oyster and have decided I'm with the trolls on this one :

'What's an oyster?'
'It's like two pieces of precipitated calcium carbonate with this slimy thing in between.'
'Sounds tasty. D'you have to eat the slimy thing?'

...Yeah. it tasted of sea salt and lemon juice due to having been squirted with the stuff. That's about all I can say about it. According to Dad the Cornish oysters are the absolute best oysters around when fresh and in season, like these are, and all I can really say is 'meh'.

So instead, I snaffled all the other food and samples and walked along the beach and enjoyed the glorious weather. It was terrible. Really.

On saturday, we decided to go out rather than sit on tenterhooks for the rugby - got back for the last ten minutes and went 'augh'. Was fairly clear that South Africa's defence were rather evil.

Dropped into the second hand bookshop. Manfully resisted buying the Fenn book in there. I do not need Trapped by Malays, no matter how manly it might be. And from the thickness of it, it was probably very manly indeed. (For those who have no idea what I'm going on about, think Edwardian Boys' Own Adventures. In which the British Empire is supreme and everyone in them is very, very, very *manly*. Completely heterosexual. *Especially* any Officers and NCOs stranded far from their regiments. It's so manly in some cases that they could be singing 'Macho Man'.)

Pondered shopping for a hoodie (my only one at the mo is my ancient black Nike one which is raggy and has turpentine stains up the sleeves) but sadly, they were all in the £40+ region, aside from a few on sale which I didn't like the design of at all. Surf shops, you fail.

Claire at work has received a cowbell in the post. No idea who sent it. Who sends a cowbell?

Listening to a recording of By Jeeves and currently sitting through a song where the audience are laughing their heads off at something on stage and ... augh. I want to see what they're laughing at.

I want a Chuck icon. Unfortunately, yours truly is crap at icons. And I haven't seen one I like enough yet to use.

Still nowhere near a plot for nano, unless you include pondering flashbacks for the WW2 one where one Captain Harkness met a Professor Jones.


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