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Oh, shush, yes, I saw this twice. once for... testing purposes. quality control. :sideye: it was a new Matthew Bourne. Quality control is *important*. And the others needed a guide the second time around.

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Rightio, this is 3 of Bourne's early pieces, pre-Swan Lake *and* Nutcracker - Spitfire, Town and Country and The Infernal Galop. to quote the terrible pun in one review I saw, The Bourne Origin.
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There was also a Q&A with Matthew Bourne, the director of the film (filmed the previous Swan Lake, Car Man and Nutcracker. Me and Taz have ...issues with his directing) and the producer. Not really the interesting aside from a couple of technical issues re:3D, Richard Winsor being in the audience and answering a question, and Matthew being made to give a verbal promise by Alan Yentob to do a tv/film piece.

Anyhoo. Swan Lake was fab as usual. me and Taz giggled the most, possibly because we are a) very verbal at showing our appreciation for live performance (and thus tend to get waves and winks directed at us by dancers when in front row) People did gradually giggle more as it went on (there was also clapping), but yeah, we start with the prince getting out of bed. and then comes the corgi. All hail the corgi. The giggling tends to be unrestrained during the Cygnet Dance, but that is what it is there for. that and going 'd'awwww' at the cygnet who is a bit chunky and potato-headed, but then we do this every time he appears on stage. Think a younger, slightly bulkier, slightly shorter Russell Tovey.

Differences in production: No climbing over the box by the girlfriend to retrieve her handbag. Prince at start is actually played by a kid, which it is *not* in the stage versions.

Awww, Dominic North as the Prince is adorable. :pats him on head:
Madeleine Brennan as the Girlfriend is...a bit old. Interesting touch in the dance with the Stranger where they played it as her stopping dancing with him because she's decided it's not for her, not that she's out of her depth as it normally is.
All hail Nina Goldman and her awesome as the Queen.
We love Steve Kirkham. Long may his awesomeness as the Secretary continue.

Richard Winsor as the Swan and Stranger. GUH. Swan? :flaily power sexiness sensitivity gibber: Stranger? he appeared on the balcony, stalked forward, and I blinked and went 'Richard is being a stalky scary bastard again....' At which point Taz went 'Happy Joy.' So yes, fanning oneself was a bit necessary. He's not sexually-harass-you-from-next-room like Brick Shithouse's Stranger, but he's sexy, stalky, and really bloody menacing. With an edge of 'might flip at any moment'. Interestingly, on him the leather trousers don't look like overdoing it. They're just there.

So, now the count of Swan/Strangers is: Adam Cooper's better as Swan, the bloke we saw last time was better as Stranger, and Brick Shithouse and Richard can do both. Hurrah, our favourites are our faves for a reason.

Comments on 3D. Due to the technical constraints, longer shots. Oh thank christ. But gets blurry when they're moving fast. It adds a bit of depth but overall, not really worth it. 2D please. But god things: director has remembered to include the stuff going on on the sides. He's bloody awful for doing this, which means an entire storyline didn't make sense at the ball in the previous version as you only saw the culmination of it.

Spotted Richard in foyer, Taz and Gideon went 'you know you want to', so went over, said 'um' a lot, but kept it to 'really enjoyed it, you were brilliant', and asking him if he was in all of Play Without Words performances. and pouting a bit that he's not in Early Adventures. He confirmed yes, sighed a bit over not being able to manage the Early Adventures (he was supposed to be in it) and was generally lovely.

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Right, fic writing portion of brain currently consumed with the meta (blogs, news, interviews, twitter, lj etc) on a relationship. Actors played a gay couple on a very high profile HBO/BBC series (Apollo & Midnighter in The Authority), got together 6 months after filming, moved in 2 months into the relationship because one of them's flat flooded and then he never left, always the other's plus one at any events. They're not in the closet, they just can't be arsed to make a song and dance about it. Common knowledge that they live together, and they always laugh in the face of rumours of them dating anyone else. (one of them is pretty sure he answered the dating question when the press stuff was being done for the tv series, only everyone thought he was joking) Constantly in the 'are they or aren't they/epic bromance/joke punchline' bit in the gossip columns. Which greatly amuses them and their mates. The first time the media takes them seriously is when they tweet the photos of them getting married on holiday, and everyone else goes 'well, duh*, how blind can you be?'.

So, trying to think of the kind of stuff people used to write about Barrowman/NPH/Lance Bass combined with the fan/RPS comms. So you get the fansquee, the people who're 'in the know' versus the people who're going 'the tinhats're seriously deluded, they're just friends'. Thing is, I'm trying to remember the kind of thing people said on lj comms along the lines of 'seriously deluded' (those've you who're in bandom can help - my problem is I haven't hung around in the discussion bits of shipper comms for years.). Closest I can see is the bitching and name-calling in ONTD, which is troll haven.

:cracks knuckles: Two more Matthew Bourne converts achieved. Really, I should get paid for this. Saw Cinderella at the New Wimbledon last night, and it was just as (if not slightly more) shiny as last time. (possibly because it was second time viewing and certain bits made more sense). Peter and his missus going 'soooooo shiny' and going 'Steven Moffat you bastard' when the gas mask dancers came on. Sam Archer and Kerry Biggin on RAF pilot and Cinders duties again. Sadly no Michaela Meazza as Stepmother, but you can't have everything. checking programmes when I got home, was rather surprised to see that most of the rest of the cast were identical - different angel/godfather, but aside from that I think the only difference was one of the girlfriends who also plays the Brief Encounter girl was playing a stepsister.
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due to people dropping out, I have two tickets for Cinderella (ww2 setting) at the New Wimbledon Theatre, 7:30 this thursday.

Front row, originally £35. anyone?

ETA: Gone now.
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Sunday before last, Matthew Bourne Cinderella at Sadler's Wells. Sam Archer as the RAF Pilot, Kerry Biggins as Cinders, Micheala Meazza as the Stepmother. (Taz and me have figured out that we've never seen Sam perform on stage, even though he's one of the principals - you can see him in the Car Man dvd.) Program makes the point that the music was written during WW2, and boy do the crashes and so on make this v obvious...
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This week has been ridiculously cultured.
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And now I have a ticket for War Horse tomorrow as someone dropped out...
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Me and Taz may be a bit... far gone in our Matthew Bourne appreciation and fangirling.

last night, on the phone to her having a goss and confirming when we want to see Swan Lake. Bring up the New Adventures page to check the cast, and we're going over the touring cast for Swan Lake. (Brick Shithouse, get your arse back from Dirty Dancing and back where you belong. We're not above storming the Aldwych with nets and fire hoses to keep the hen parties back. Had second thoughts about using tasers and cattle prods because the smell of burnt feather boas and knock-off designer handbags takes forever to remove.)

new adventures just lists the cast with headshots, not who's playing what. Cue us going over the names and speculating.

'Scott! Yay! Oh, Scott, we miss you being greasy, can we have the socks and sandals back from Scissorhands?'
'Richard Winsor - yeah, you didn't get to see Dorian Gray, but he was the Swan for the winter Sadler's Wells.'
'Oooo, Sam's in it... but isn't he a bit old to play the Prince? Cannot see him playing the Swan.'
'Hell no. Probably Prince again. Not that we really object.'
'Lookit! Luke is still there!'
'Let's see if he still bounces as much.'
'Will someone explain why one of the main pictures of the Swan is Richard but the banner on the page is still Adam?'
'...What, really?' :goes to look: 'Dude. That's very clearly Adam. He hasn't been in it for *years*. Bad website people.'
'Dominic. Er. Name's familiar...'
'Yeah. We haven't seen him, though.'
'Meazza, get your arse back, we want to see you do the Queen.'
'Not that you've ever played the Queen before. Brick Shithouse needs you.'
'Selfish girl. Ooo, Kerry! Yay! Um. Not Queen material, though.'


'...We may know the company a little too well.'
'Denial is a happy place.'

Oh, and Taz still gets horrendously amused when people get whiplash from finding out she's a Matthew Bourne obsessive. "*You* like ballet." "Well, it's not really ballet as such. It also needs hot men snogging each other to qualify."
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Feck. Went to show [livejournal.com profile] xenaclone what tinkerbell I was doing (and trying to figure out how to mess up a bit for Twisted Fairyales at Hub4) and stared in horror at pictures that came up on google image search. Somehow when I'd re-made this costume a few years after the first attempt I'd completely forgotten to sew down all the top bits. Boy was it wrong. Bottom was fine, Top... GAH. There were floaty silky bits when there should've been glossy shiny form-fitting. So, time to rip off the silky bits and then try to add leaves and green flowers and bits in an attempt to make it less bloody stupid. May paint it. Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks.

Bought Spamalot tickets for Parentals and me for first week of June. The tour got announced, I'd been poking them to go see since they'd dithered when it was in the west end, then Jodie Prenger got announced as lady of the lake which included the Wimbledon dates. Cue me yelling 'Dad, how would you like this for your birthday present? Oh, and I'm coming too!' This also solves his eternal 'I don't know what I want, I don't want stuff' which makes him a bugger to buy for.

Saw on site that New Adventures (previously Adventures in Motion Pictures, Matthew Bourne's lot) are touring Swan Lake. Cue me and [livejournal.com profile] cynicalcylon yelling 'BASTARDS!'. last time we dithered but were safe since they were doing it for christmas but only at Sadler's Wells, which means prices of the ridiculous. Now have to grit teeth and pick a date. addiction is a horrible thing, especially since they keep tweaking the damn thing. Some people are Wicked addicts. Some are Rentheads, some are Phans and some are Les Mis-ites. I suppose it's cheaper to be Bourne addicted. :pokes him: something new, please. Or resurrecting Spitfire or the one based off The Servant, we could cope with that too...
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first, we must kill first great western for inconvenient engineering works on way back.

Amused self by staying silent and occasionally raising eyebrows at a bloke who kept trying to talk to me when he wasn't grumbling at his mates.

Dorian Gray was fab, most of original main cast (Michela Meazza, Richard Winsor, only change being Jason Piper as the photographer. v. good, if not quite the instant chemistry that Aaron Sillis did.)

Random celebrity sightings while standing around trying to flog tickets - Zandra Rhodes (she of the pink hair, three of us went 'blimey she's short') and Eamonn Holmes (Kareem Said/Rev. Samuels/etc). Stared quite a bit, but no mistaking him. And surprisingly, not as tall as I thought. only about 6/6'2.

tickets went for student prices (£10) to three rather happy spanish students. Slightly criminal that the four in front of us were empty - general consensus was corporate booking.
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fuck. I honestly think my Sadlers' Wells trips are cursed. No-one can sodding make it.

:deep breath: I've got 3 tickets, row L (mid-stalls, great view) for Dorian Grey (Matthew Bourne production) at 7:30 on saturday. They were £39.50 but I'm willing to let them go for £30 or best offer.

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those of us going to this - what time meeting? where?

Regarding The Saturdays' album. have now listened to the entire thing. Most of the songs are actually quite decent. Appears miracles do occasionally happen with pop albums. Who knew?

Oh, and I found out that if you search for the delicious add-on on mozilla and re-start immediately it'll install on 3.5 - not so the one on the delicious website. Now twiddling thumbs until a non-ugly minimalist skin that works with 3.5 comes up. Also, any verdict on google chrome? I despise having to use ie as a back-up when firefox is being odd/in the middle of loading something massive.
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Been listening way too much to Soho Cinders. Which combined with flicking through old notebooks has resulted in me pondering which fairytale Jack and Ianto could be shoehorned into. The one I started plotting but never got anywhere with was Beauty and the Beast. :shrug: maybe that'll go somewhere one day.

:sings: 'No I can't do tricks with pumpkins/ No nor horses or white mice/ But who needs veg and vermin/ When you got me for half-price!'

'You shall go to the ball Cinderella/ In for a night of bliss/ Yes you shall go to the ball cinderella/ And then go with those pompous gits/ And get completely off your tits/ And see if that glass slipper fits!'

Watched Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker last night (a candy-coloured acid trip of WTF) and it had Brick Shithouse playing the Nutcracker (his night off from the lead when we went to see it, sulk). Now almost glad that we *didn't* see him play it live, because my brain was wailing WRONG WRONGWRONG from the first moment you see him. He was being naive and defenceless and innocent and sweet and it's SO WRONG. At no point was he being menacing, owning the stage, prowling across it, sexually harassing anyone from two rooms away and not even when he was bare-chested was he projecting fuck-me vibes.

:ponders the chances of him being in the touring Dorian Gray: He's currently in the ensemble of Dirty Dancing. Talk about a waste. Mind you, can't really figure out which character in Dorian Gray he'd be, since I can't quite see him as the photographer or Dorian, unless they were going for 'menacing bit of rough' rather than 'ridiculously pretty model-type' for Dorian. :kicks Matthew Bourne: The next one you create, more physically menacing bastards, please. Admittedly, Swan Lake is going back to Sadler's (and possibly touring after) for christmas, so fingers crossed.

on modding

Mar. 26th, 2009 02:05 pm
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:rests chin on hands:

Sometimes, I truly do wish I hadn't trained the [livejournal.com profile] robinhoodbbc lot so well. Mostly because although it's enjoyable to have tantrums and be a sarcastic bitch on steroids and have no-one call me on it, you do not expect *applause*. or points scoring for level of tantrum. Really.

but on the other hand, in a few days time, we get new series. where Robin is apparently going to be out of his tree on a revenge kick, and Jonas has had a haircut so I actually fancy him now. Sadly, to cancel this out, Teh Armitage has got a long wig that does nothing for him and there's been a decrease in leather.

Oi, [livejournal.com profile] cynicalcylon, http://www.new-adventures.net/doriangray/tour - tour dates for you. And I don't need to see it twice in a year even if it is going to Wimbledon. [livejournal.com profile] clanwilliam, BACK ME UP ON THIS.

Amused that all the SGU interviews have been with Robert Carlyle so far.

Mmm. for those near Holborn? italian girl + me have discovered Malletti pizza bar on Clerkenwell. :moans: *proper* Italian pizza blessed by the FSM himself.
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:sigh: well, it took a year or so, but I knew it would bloody happen. Wimbledon got Dorian Gray. it's on in October.

Yes, I'm twitching. The top price tickets there are £37, aka two quid less than ours at Sadlers.

:sulks slightly: I don't know how well the staging would fit into New Wimbledon, but dammit, I'm casting pouty looks at our usual front row seats there.

and due to me being the type of ebay bidder everyone loves to hate (yes, I did bid in the last three minutes after watching it since it was listed) the orange converse are MINE. £22.05, plus postage puts it up to £25. But I'll be wearing them *anyway*, so not so bad.
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Booking Reference Number: 1596185
Dorian Gray
Saturday 11 July 2009
Sadler's Wells Theatre (Islington, EC1R)
Stalls L21 - L24
4 Adults
@ £39.00 each

Gin and beer should be ordered before the start to ensure lack of queuing. All those who encourage the credit card holder to indulge in her t-shirt-as-souvenir obsession will be made to buy her a G'n'T afterwards.
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currently writing the response of the narnians, then the Telmarines to the recognition by aslan of the Pevensies. Trying not to steal from [livejournal.com profile] bedlamsbad too much. My Narnians aren't as bloodthirsty and my Pevensies aren't as crazy. Though mine have been willingly incestuous for quite a bit longer. or at least Susan and Peter were.

After this I have to write Edmund going through the laws, and ...argh. Essentially he's going to be researching what the hell the Telmarine laws *are*, then the Pevensies are going to be going 'well, fuck that, we're enforcing our laws that we hammered out of a narnia we had to re-build from the ground up after the White Witch. New regime, people.' with a few minor tweaks in *slight* recognition of the fact that the changed situation. (using the Norman imposition method for this.) So. Uh. He'll be consulting with various Narnians, raising an eyebrow at a lot of Telmarines, but. er. Anything I should really be considering in doing this (Narnian law is somewhat direct, brutal and personally delivered) or can I handwave and go 'I am William the Bastard and you're all saxons.' ?

Still avoiding sex scenes.

Oi, [livejournal.com profile] clanwilliam and [livejournal.com profile] gmh, Sadlers have stuck up their new spring-summer program, and Dorian Gray is listed for July. New Adventures haven't posted their summer schedules yet, so no idea if they'll be touring it to cheaper places (and better view) such as New Wimbledon. Want to catch it on a sat/sun, preferably matinee so [livejournal.com profile] wiccachik can see it again - interested?

ETA : how to know you may have too many geeks in the office : Undo plaits, having slept in them. go to the loo, catch sight of self in mirror, wail
'Oh my god I have Buttercup hair!'
Voice from one of the stalls : 'It can't be as bad as all that, surely.' They emerge. 'Oh poor you, it is. never mind, it'll go away when you wash it.'

Getting any Inigo Montoya quote is one thing. Getting a *hair* reference is quite another.

Dorian Gray

Sep. 8th, 2008 12:30 pm
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Dear Matthew Bourne, please stop doing that. Stop it. Stop it NOW.

Dorian Gray )
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Oh. Whoops. Sadler's Wells brochure got deposited in the mail on my desk.

Me : :gibbers slightly about Dorian Gray, then phones [livejournal.com profile] wiccachik and wails about Sadler's Wells ticket prices (added problem that the touring production this year is Edward Scissorhands):

...Addiction won over patience. £39.00 tickets.

Knowing us, when it does go touring we'll see it again if it's good. We had been contemplating the relatively cheap £25 right in front of the stage seats, but then remembered that Sadler's has a very high stage, and this is a Matthew Bourne production. You need to be able to see right to the back.

Dammit. Why do the bastards have to charge so much?

Next up on my credit card, planning when to see the Trocks.


Jun. 3rd, 2008 01:09 pm
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Tired. Hot. Brain feels like swiss cheese due to job. (tedious, tiring, annoying, brain-deadening, stressful, brain is not engaged whatsoever, pissed off with the general shite) Looking for new jobs. Problem being that I'm not qualified for very much and tend to run screaming from most office type stuff. Can't afford to take time off for re-training, anything vaguely interesting tends to pay less than my current job - and I'm just about surviving on this wage, have no idea what I actually want and was ready to kill something at the end of the last time I was in education. Add to that the problem of London makes me ill but all my friends and social interests are in London. Yeah. I'm fucked.

Jodie won the Nancy competition (squee and bitching and discussion over at [livejournal.com profile] nancy_or_oliver, Cameron and ALW really need to remember that people have opinions about Oliver!, and if you wanted someone really different that you could mould for a role, you should be re-doing the entire production, not leaving it to the public to decide. and the public really resent being told who to vote for when the person you're pushing has shown time and again that she can't act, is really awkward on stage, can't dance and is horribly inconsistent. Especially when one of the other contestants is sweet, warm, funny, can act, has great stage presence, a great voice, and generally conforms to people's idea of the role (plus the two judges who are actually being honest and thinking in terms of who the public would like plus who'd they like to act against really like - and yes, it was gleesome to see JB and Denise's little victory dance). Oh, and then you called her fat in the semis.

Oi, [livejournal.com profile] wiccachik, was poking around some theatre sites and it looks like the Bournemeister is doing a new production at Sadlers. Dorian Grey, 2nd -14th Sept (premieres at Edinburgh festival on Aug 22nd for anyone up that way, she says, giving Celia a pointed look). However, the only Bourne production listed at New Wimbledon is Edward Scissorhands for November. And no listing of whether Brick Shithouse is in it. :mutter mutter mutter:

Spent sunday afternoon at Stonor (family known for being around since Norman times - the original house dates from the 12th century, and then being really, really rich until they got fined like crazy for having an addiction to harbouring catholic priests during the Reformation), which is pretty, great for history geeks, has really gorgeous gardens (somewhat amused and calculating how much money they were making from the VW rally going on in a field at the front - £7 entry for rally *and* house, and we're pretty sure we saw some pre-war VW vans as we were driving out). Chatted to the volunteer tour people that lurked in the various rooms, talked to one bloke, turned a corner, then brain did the blinky blinky as the hairstyle was somewhat distinctive and realised that that tour person was Lord Camoys. (family photos on the tables in some of the rooms)

off to buy toothpaste.


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