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okay, that Merlin fic I've been writing?  It's clocking up the hits and kudos gradually, but the comments are... interesting?

You know me, I occasionally try to go a bit historical and 'try-to-work-out-how-it-would-work'.  Merlin fandom is a fun and interesting place.  You often see fic that examines political stuff and the vague historical period that the  show very rarely ever did.  (well, Uther would occasionally do it - Queen Annis, plus regular bits of Uther - see the bit where he tells Arthur that a mistress is all very well, but don't think it's going any further than that.) Girl!Merlin fic often does it, because it's the nature of genderswap to examine the angles and changes and nuances.  And with this one, I pondered what would happen if Merlin had grown up at court, thinking through and discussing it with mates.  Originally I'd had Merlin and Arthur falling for each other in conventional fashion, only the way it gradually played out after I re-wrote the first concept it became more like intense friendship.  With some other undercurrents.

And..um...several of the comments I've got are in the fluff and 'twoo wuv, they're totally getting married!' sector.

I am deeply confused.  Does it seriously read like that?
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Poking my Girl!Merlin bodyguard fic, which is being posted as snippets with only vague attempts at plot <a href=http://archiveofourown.org/works/782441>over on Ao3</a> (now with 90% less angst and head injuries to Arthur than the actual Merlin show due to magic being legal!).  After having figured out how to get a very random idea I had for this back when it was completely different and I was wailing about trying to get a follow-through cohesive plot bolted onto the 'verse into a snippet, I... think I've only got three more snippets inside me, aside from a 'few years down the line' coda.  Found it's a good way of coping with a verse and characters you have in your head but no cohesive plot.  Which is a bit more like a sitcom than an ongoing drama.
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You may recall the girl!Merlin thing I occasionally mutter about.

I decided to start posting the occasional snippet at AO3 - still *utterly* lacking a plot as it's more of a 'verse, which will be almost certainly be completely out of order but at least I'll have something there if I ever manage to get a plot. There will almost certainly be lots of snarking at each other dialogue.

Daughter of the Dragonlord snippets, starting off with a bit of establishing backstory.
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as a couple of people know, I started messing with an idea a few months ago that was along the lines of 'Girl!Merlin grows up in court due to Ygraine not having obviously died of magic thus it never got outlawed'. Figured out a few bits like status what with Balinor being a dragonlord - not noble, but respected position and powerful, so Merlin ends up as Morgana's handmaiden and has been since a young age. (the fact that she only has Gwen doing double duty as high-status maid & handmaiden is another of those 'dear lord, writers, RESEARCH' things) Of course, *immense* amounts of perceived UST when it comes to Merlin/Arthur by the rest of court due to male-female sniping with added relative intimacy naturally equalling shipping. To the point where everyone warns others away from the pair - Merlin because she's earmarked as the Prince's, and Arthur because everyone's heard the druid prophecy about Emrys. No bugger wants to get on the wrong side of either of those things. Also, Morgana.

So, anyway. It gets to about time of series 1, the attempts on Arthur's life start to ramp up a bit (different reasons than purge) so given that they're a lot magical, Uther assigns Merlin as a bodyguard, with added dumping Merlin in the knights so she works well within that unit too for patrol and battle times. Since Merlin's now moved into the adjoining room to Arthur's, cue even more presumption that she's his mistress.

Written the basic plot and so on, problem is now that I don't think it's in character any more. BOLLOCKS. Not to mention the issues thrown up by Merlin being raised in court which also means character issues and ARGH.
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Currently attempting to tell bunnies to fuck off. What I should be doing is knuckling down and searching through the many and varied notebooks for the various versions of the parents view of national service Pevensies so I can tidy it up and post it. Of course, last night as I'm dropping off I get 'hmm, so, Pevensies meet Merlin and Arthur...' There's already been a couple of crossovers, but with the premise that it takes place during the Golden Age while the Pevensies are ruling, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't pull that off as well as they have. Bunnies are prodding me going 'so, what if you chuck them into Uther's court as strangers with all their training?' (yes, I do want to see Arthur and Peter go at it in the arena, Morgana vs Susan, etc) Which would mean post-LWW. Then was trying to figure out how the hell they'd do a time-travel, tossed a couple of things around like the wood between worlds, which is *way* too unwieldy and finally settled on a possibility that something went a bit ... wrong when they were called to Narnia in Prince Caspian. Course, problem would now be proving noble credentials on a bunch of youths in weird clothes who admittedly did foil an ambush on the Crown Prince and retinue, even if they do carry themselves perfectly. Mind you, Sophia and her dad did it. Peter and Susan are old enough to be considered adults in medieval/dark ages. Edmund and Lucy, not so sure. Er. Now I have the situation, I just don't have any further actual plot. Aside from the first blinky treefrog of the Pevensies going 'That's Arthur and Merlin? Really?'

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] clanwilliam. May your plans for world domination continue unabated.


Dec. 6th, 2009 03:52 pm
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Spent saturday going through history tabs in Opera. Tomorrow, hopefully going to get through more of it... (look, it's healthier than still having them around)

Merlin was so much SQUEE. We actually got Morgana doing stuff! Being allowed to act! (apparently she has had scenes this season, they just ended up on the cutting room floor due to time. MUTTER.) Everyone did the Mordred squee. Fandom seriously loves Asa Butterfield. Not sure how we're going to cope when he reaches teenhood.

Watched Strictly, in which i spent a lot of time bitching about Ali and yelling 'sympathy vote!' at Leila. And introducing mum to the Chris Hollins love by showing her the Charleston vid, and she was not disappointed when it was his dances this time. Also getting whiplash from Craig being *nice* on occasion about someone other than Ali. Both of us giggled over Bruno and Len and went 'Darcy really needs to guest judge more often'. Coments about posture and crappy back muscles are always welcome. Bette Midler awesome. Argentine Tango from Vincent and Flavia was good, it's just that it's too show-type for me. Possibly because my opinions about Argentine Tango were formed by watching street performers up close, films like The Tango Lesson, Evita and Tango Por Dos's old skool. Where it's all about the control and precision and chemistry, where everyone raises an eyebrow at showy lifts. Tango Por Dos is a touring company, comprised of the Voncent and Flavia type younger performers who do lots of lifts and so on, which is very nice and impressive, but then the old guys come on and everyone's mesmerised.

Spent today packing for trip to Falmouth. This evening, off to watch Daniel Boys, Julie Atherton, Oliver Tompsett, Leanne Jones et al do a Christmas in New York concert at the Prince of Wales. Still can't believe I never went to see Notes from New York previously.


Nov. 24th, 2009 12:49 pm
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oh, woot. I has caught the cold that was going round the department. The occasional cough of yesterday is now full bore strewing my way with tissues (or rather my store of coffee and sandwich shop napkins). Fortunately not at groggy stage yet. Fingers crossed it doesn't a) develop into flu and b) buggers off by friday.

Drinking lemon and ginger tea. I hate lemon and ginger tea. (tastes in combination are fine, just not as tea) Oh well. at least it's not the Durian sweets (actually more like a paste) that ming fed us at the pubmeet. And yes, Durian deserves all the bad reputation it has garnered. Holding your nose DOES NOT WORK.

Pubmeet was silly, fun, and included a Good Omens casting round. With 'wistful if only' codicils but rules were very firmly 'Who's available *now*'. Paul Bettany was very quickly confirmed as Crowley. 'There are others...' 'Paul Bettany.' 'I was thinking...' 'Paul Bettany.' we didn't really settle on Aziraphale though Kenneth Branagh and a few others were tossed into the ring. War, also not settled. Anathema Device considered v. difficult. Famine? 'Robert Downey Jr. Look, it's the beard!' '...Damn you.' Pollution? 'er... needs to be really fade into the background. Martin Freeman? He does always play everyman...'

Segued at one point into True Blood and Thor, with me sulking about the fact that Alexander Skarsgaard wasn't cast, as hello, viking, and I really can't see Thor as cornfed. Cue Steve going 'don't mind her, she has a thing for blonds.' 'Lies!' 'Last three shags. This list of your shallow moments.' 'The evidence is stacking up, Heather.' '...Dammit.'

Watched Merlin last night. it was squee and joy making and... the writers have been reading the fic again. I spotted at least three non-smut fic preoccupations in there, with exactly the same outcomes/actions as the fic. Rather impressed that there was such a huge amount of slash in what was supposed to be a het-focussed ep. And awwwww, Merlin needs more romance. So. Cute. Though I am glaring at the writers for wrongly labelling the monster of the week.

ETA: how to know you have a cold. you get the pepperami panini that says it has jalapenos in it because you'll be able to taste it. You eat and go 'huh, pleasantly spicy'. Peel back bread. find it's stuffed with jalapenos like they were rocket...


Nov. 15th, 2009 12:51 pm
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28520 / 50000

that were nano as of last night. Sex scene #2 today, and Sam's going home from Cornwall (hopefully). Poking the rest of the plot. There's the letters, and I'm going 'err... should there be another Home Counties visit before the second Cornwall visit with the reveal that Ed is a nob?' I want enough emotional attachment to be plausible.

Surprisingly, today is really nice compared to yesterday's storms. (nothing like knowing that looking out the window wondering what's going to go past it this time)

Dr Who today! SQUEE!

Strictly yesterday was deemed 'when injury hits' - Phil's knee was acting up in training, Jade popped her knee at the end of the dress rehearsal, and Leila sprained her ankle - tried to go on, but had to stop halfway due to the pain. Problem now was whether she got through on sympathy from audience. Jade I have no problem with since she has been good. The rest of them are now split between 'fucking hell you can dance' (Ricky and Ali) and 'so *cute*! Please bounce more!' (Natalie and Chris, though natalie's starting to get really good points from judges) Ricky#2's days are numbered and he can see it. Poor lad.

Merlin Acting, dammit! )


Nov. 8th, 2009 12:57 pm
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After shopping for socks and superheroine undies (clearly a hit for topshop, considering how long they've been selling them - and you can now get a Wonder woman bra. Sadly, Topshop doesn't cater for those with big boobs or tiny backs.) Bumped into Adrian and gossed a bit - apparently neither of us knew the other lived in Reading. 'How long've you lived here?' :self makes gesture around waist level, which is true since I remember coming up to my dad's waist when I was 5: Failed in finding a boob tube or sleeveless bodice-type top. came home, curled up in front of Merlin and Strictly. merlin was fab, although sadly continuing this season's thing for giving Morgana bugger all lines, Charles Dance chewed scenery like a pro, and everyone in Strictly was upping their game. Except for Craig Kelly, who much as I love the boy, can't dance. And how adorable was Natalie commenting about how springy the floor in Blackpool was?

Meant to start writing after that, but lo, jaw ache of evil so I spent most of the evening curled up pressing that point and the point in the forehead that the pain spiked up to. Yay. Couldn't eat either. Also realised I really needed to plot a bit of the next scene out before i can get to act 2, so eked out a couple of bits of plotting for today.

New Sherlock Holmes trailer. In which there is not just fabulous explosions, Robert Downey Junior, Rachel McAdams, jude Law and Mark Strong, fabulous explosions and many jokes, but they're actively slashing themselves. MUST. SEE.
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Updated [profile] merlin_ljguide, which is as usual every few months.

OOooo. [profile] amerlinworld - the first few were done for a fic about merlin as a webcomic artist in the merlin 'verse doing A Softer World, and now she's continuing it. YAY.

Boiler is playing up in the 'having to turn it off for 5mins occasionally'. wo0t. Started doing it before parentals buggered off to the far side of the world, but it's sodding annoying when I suddenly have no heat in the house.

Off to see Julie Fowlis tonight. WHEEEEEEEEEE.

it's very weird to hear Cobra Starship on the radio, instead of it being a mates and people you know through the internets obsession. And it's very mild lyrics-wise compared to half the stuff I heard about their first album. Where, pray tell, are the basements?

Went to see an installation in Kingsway tram subway last night with Jane and Megs. It was shut off years ago when different building work went through and is mostly used for storing stuff now. Fascinating, strange machinery, and round that, everyone was gleefully taking photos of the walls and old posters. We want more Neverwhere and Neverwhere fic nao, pwease.
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our fanboying of Knight's Tale is showing )

I has new phone. Nokia 5800. It will be poked and prodded and will result in me going 'err.... how the hell do I get it to work?'
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I has tickets for the BFI Merlin S2 ep1 screening + cast and crew talk. MWHAHAHAHAA.

but seriously BFI, what box office opens at 11:30am? *theatres* open at 10am, and that's on days when they don't even have a matinee.
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...Yeah, it's the whole thing of 'fandom becomes big and popular, it's going to attract the people that annoyed you elsewhere'. inevitable, I suppose.

[livejournal.com profile] crabby_lioness has hit merlin fandom, watching all the eps in a rush - and cross-posting her gigantic fucking episode analyses to all 3 discussion comms. Which pontificate on the legend as she sees it, are as pretentious as fuck, motivations, with a wonderfully patronising air. (do not get me started on when she starts talking about applying tarot)

her stuff tends to invoke kneejerk responses in me. Especially when she starts talking as though there's only one version or view on certain characters, and it's always the high romantic version. You really, really, don't do that on a legend which is *another country's*. Seriously. (yes, the brits do get a bit possessive about Arthur and Robin Hood. You may be descended from the British, but those who live and got brought up here get first say.) I got into a... slightly 'Excuse me, WTF? Not in England these days.' exchange with her about the point of the Arthurian legend - she seems to think it's the 'when knights would fight for anyone ideal'. Er, no, it's about a land being united for the first time. Which didn't happen again until the late saxon period. The romantic stuff was *bolted on*. and when i said 'not in England these days', she cited it being an inspiration to William Morris and the British Socialist movement... :headdesk: please note, 'These days.'

Academia is very nice, dear, but you're applying it to a Saturday evening show where they threw everything in the pot and picked out what looked *shiny*, and then wrote it from the perspective it's currently viewed in - the trend in the last twenty or thirty years to go for the dark ages/medieval with added mud, with very little focus on the romantic ideals.

(the other problem is that she's posting these massive fucking analyses episode by episode, when everyone else has already watched the rest and so of course half the analysis has been scuppered by later events, like Gaius' motivations or Uther's reactions)

Right. That's that rant over with.

Doctor's tomorrow. Mum drove me there to get registered to see about my we-think-they're-migraines plus the sleep problems. Oh, this is going to be fun. Especially since I'm re-registering with the GP who's known me since I was tiny. oh well, at least he knows that I only turn up for specific shit and that I'm one of those people who feel like I'm time-wasting when i turn up.

poll time!

Dec. 22nd, 2008 10:47 pm
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Vaguely interested, considering how fast this fandom has grown...

[Poll #1319577]
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There's nothing like that point when a baby pairing in a small fandom suddenly gets adopted by a very prolific author that you can't stand. I fear for that pairing, I really do.

other fic reading news :
....you're at part 81, (not including interludes), and you still have no idea when it'll end. No, really. put it down. I was looking in vague horror at the partwork that's 36/55, but at least she has some idea when it'll end. Also, that 81/? is a fucking *sequel*. I FEAR YOU.

oh fuck. vampire fic in merlin. FUCK. OFF. (no, despite the years spent in btvs, and the while spent consuming Vampire the Masquerade sourcebooks, the Being Human adoration, liking Blade, I was never a fan of vampires themselves. I like it even less when they invade fandoms where they're not part of the canon. Seriosuly. There's a WIP in Torchwood that has Ianto as a vampire and I just...eyurgh.)

been tracking the general stuff in merlin fandom. Robin hood, I was always smugly proud that the comm I modded was the biggest with most of the action. Merlin - I may have got my foot in the door first, but other comms are heavier traffic and have more members, though plenty gets cross-posted. On the other hand, interesting patterns - [livejournal.com profile] merlinxarthur is the biggest and heaviest traffic. [livejournal.com profile] merlin_tv is where most of the news gets posted first. [livejournal.com profile] merlinbbc is for some reason the discussion community, with a giant episode post. And where you pimp new communities. Even though it gets the least cross-posting.

But new fandom. I'm on most of the main comms, and like I said, tracking it. And watching so many familiar faces (especially icon makers) get sucked in by the shiny, sparkly pretty.

Merlin : it's like Mamma Mia. Shiny sparkly fun at the point when fandom needed it - mamma Mia got the economic downturn, Merlin got the lull in Torchwood and Who and SGA (the previous big slash fandom) winding down on tv.

..And you know how fandoms get crackish tropes quite early on which the old hands reference and then newbies reference without knowing the original source, and then one day someone screams 'WTF is this thing for doing *this* to a character and why will no-one explain the in-joke? I HATE YOU ALL, IT'S STUPID.' SGA - penguins and the crack it led to. Torchwood - mpreg. (which was actually canon). For some reason merlin fandom has a thing for putting Merlin in a dress. No, I don't know why. I saw the first fic and I *still* can;t figure out why everyone latched on so fast.
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pubmeet fun. and giggly. The word 'moist' entered into the general conversation due to Jackie and the description of one of the puddings...

Apparently gently tweaking bits of hair right around the scalp is akin to a gentle massage. Started doing it to Chris to annoy him and he went 'oooo, keep doing that' and then

It seems it was tickle Heather's midriff day. Jackie was going 'Look, real-life Black Canary! Able to shatter glass and knock people halfway across the room with her sonics!'

In other news, it appears that one of the girls turns into Donna when she gets bad customer service. 'Sour cream, nachos, hello!' In *exactly the same tone and accent* as 'Time lord, Tardis, best temp in Chiswick!'

Sunday : some sort of 24-hour flu which involved me shuffling downstairs once stopped feeling achey in usual sunday fashion - and then bolting for the porcelain god as soon as I saw food. Spent day on sofa feeling dopey and woozy and unable to stand up. And throwing up water. Appears to be going round since Lissy at work spent sunday in the same fashion.

Merlin squee )


Nov. 15th, 2008 11:02 pm
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i don't think we stopped squeeing in the reaction posts. Especially Uther. Dear writers, please keep doing that.

Awesome Uther is awesome may have been a bit too much on top of the Children in Need 'Do as your king commands. Give you money to Pudsey. Or I'll chop your head off.' Brain now dead from happy.
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You know, when I have to forcible crash you when you stop responding, could you please be *consistent* about being cranky on re-start?

So far, I am used to you :

Losing all the tabs.
ignoring some and coming up with blank pages.
re-setting to the tabs of 3 days ago.

...coming up with only one window's worth is a new one, though.

(to make this clear : I normally have about 3-4 windows with multiple tabs - one for 'groups',one for 'muppets' (individual journals) and one with my email stuff in. This time? just the groups. which is the biggest. WTF?)

In other news, I'm pondering what other charity induces as much automatic guilt if you aren't wearing a badge/ribbon/rubber chicken pinned to you as poppies do. Seriously. I'm on my fifth. Due to going out this morning in just my hoodie (poppy is on coat - coat is on its fourth) and passing the british legion guys (who had army trucks on the pier) and got guilt-spasm. Poppy sellers out in force today in Falmouth. Every shop had a box and every other shop had a seller standing outside it.

You could see those not wearing poppies getting this 'oh god social faux-pas mortification' expression when they got near them and fishing out their spare change. They'd been passing them by for the last 2 weeks and now it's saturday before Remembrance. Not to mention people feel this urge to *replace* them if they get lost. (I think the flimsy pin is on purpose)

Also, is it me, or has the whole social faux pas thing gotten a lot bigger in recent years? Everyone I've seen on tv as a presenter of some sort is wearing one. Everyone at a public occasion if they were a performer is wearing one, unless it clashes with their outfit as part of a show. I'm sure it was only the Blue Peter presenters and the newsreaders when I was younger. Not all politicians wore them, I know that.

Merlin : please keep upping the morally complex stuff and Arthur being forced to look at his own opinions, please.


Oct. 20th, 2008 01:36 pm
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Am stuck in a 'bored' phase.

Fuck it. If you haven't watched Merlin yet, here's a vid with the two main characters being very silly and such boys. To quote Derry, it's like Smallville but instead of destined to be enemies, they're destined to be BFF. Also, No Lana. Which is an automatic plus in any show.

For those who have no idea about Merlin? It's all up on iplayer. Essentially they threw all the legends up in the air, picked the bits they liked, and decided to make it very pretty and add that BBC Saturday Evening Family Viewing Special Touch. 'Subtext. Who can be arsed with subtext?' Plus Tony Head being an utter bastard as Uther, and Richard Wilson being awesome. Bradley James who plays Arthur is ridiculously pretty but also possesses some of the goofiest expressions you've ever seen. We have CGI dinosaurs. Does your fandom have CGI dinosaurs?
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Today, and yesterday, I have been sorting out fannish stuff.

Or rather, I've got utterly nothing done beyond watching Chuck 2x01, Merlin 1x03, tormenting [livejournal.com profile] bedlamsbard by enabling her narnia bunnies, and sorting out more Merlin fandom stuff.

Specifically, creating the lj guide for the merlin fandom @ [livejournal.com profile] merlin_ljguide because the archivist/ocd cataloguer in me got there before my brain did. no, seriously, that's what, 6 communities I've created out of pre-emptive 'fandom will need them, and I don't want the effort of looking for them/screaming 'my eyes! my eyes!' every time I go visit the overly-graphic'd/cutesy speak /introductory post-laden version someone else will have set up'. Thank christ I don't plan on the OTW or fanlore scale.

And I can't get that sticky post thing to work, where one entry stays at the top. Bollocks.

But Chuck? Sheer bliss and fangasm. (Sarah vs. Wienerlicious outfit = thankyou, oh gods of costuming. Okay, so orange is not a great look on me, and I'm trepidatious of white jeans. But it's still better than the Swiss Miss outfit.) Merlin? :pats show: Keep on with the slashy and the banter and the cheese and the interesting snippets of world building and occasionally flashes of decent acting. You're cute and we're very proud of you.

:pokes typing skills: I know you're ridiculously fast. What I would like is for you to be *accurate*.


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