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Kiss Me Kate @ Old Vic , 18/01. it was awesome, if not a little fucked up in relationships. interesting to see where the songs went, and everyone trying to steal the show from everyone else, which was actually completely in character. Only real problem was the actress playing Bianca was... not quite there with the rest. I dunno, just didn't fit. rather good stage design and costuming too - all black and white clever things with banners for the play.

Bro's wedding: family, food, *other* family, small children behaving themselves, the sheer speed Chelsea Old Town Hall puts through weddings, pretty dresses, and unbelievably hungover the next morning. Seriously. the waitresses were making sympathetic noises.

If You Don't Let Us Dream, We Won't Let You Sleep @ Royal Court 09/03 - play about debt. where society is going, companies trying to monetarise it whilst the entire audience sat there and winced because it's all too true. I'd call it a question raising play - it didn't try to provide the answers (it specifically stated it wasn't trying to, idiot critics who weren't listening) but it did show us all the questions we should be asking. Possibly yelling.

Stage door: I was first out, but as the crowds amassed, i turned and asked 'okay, who *isn't* here for Damien Moloney?' Lots of shuffling of feet and coughing. Anyway. Crowd all terribly patient and polite, Damien utterly lovely and answering questions and posing for pics for everyone. and yes he'd like to do a musical.

In other news: weather, can it be spring sometime soon? not suddenly taking a dip and snowing again?
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I went to see Arthur Darvill, Lawrence Fox, Neville from Harry Potter and a bunch of other people in Our Boys a drama set in a military hospital ward for soldiers recovering from injury. Varied between the hysterical and nail bitingly-'augh'. Really good performances. Also, Amy, Rory and the Doctor *so* played 'Beerhunter' on the TARDIS.

Cabaret with Will Young: OMG. GO SEE. Will as the Emcee - it's... he plays it as a permanently smiling, doll-like thing who is *completely dead behind the eyes*. Fucking creepy as hell. also, the boy can dance. You know how Joel Grey essentially set the mould for the Emcee? This is the first time I've seen it played differently enough that you can differentiate. Michelle Ryan as Sally - she can sing, she can dance... it's just she's not a very convincing Sally. Too healthy Chelsea girl, no sense whatsoever that she's supposed to be a complete mess. Matt Rawle is being Matt Rawle(*) as the american writer. Sian Phillips is wondrous and lovely and nearly steals the show as Fraulein Schneider in her old-age romance with the Jewish grocer. The audience was audibly going 'awwww' during their scenes, and whimpering when the nazis intrude. You could also see them glaring at Sally's relationship drama. Do not care. Taking time away from the old people romance. *so* much better than Honor Blackman was in 2006. Interesting directorial note - the entirety of 'Don't tell Mamma' is done as a backdrop to a conversation backstage - you're backstage and they're behind the bead curtain performing to the 'audience' at the back wall. Javier de Frutos' choreography was stunning (mein herr especially) and Tomorrow Belongs to Me? Emcee doing a puppet show. GAH.

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Nano, due to a shit writing weekend, I'm about 2k behind on but fingers crossed.

Obama won. THANKYOU, America.

(*)For those not familiar with Matt Rawle, imagine gruff, unshaven, larynx has been cheesegrated voice, bit of a rogue. Seriously good actor, great voice, it's just that he gets typecast. A lot. As a worldly cynic who really does want to believe. Previous roles: Che in Evita, Zorro in Zorro.
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Just... kept forgetting to post. there has been:

Theatre: Neverwhere @ Progress (Reading's amateur group, once again awesome. Neil, you put too many scene changes in there for theatre. Certain actors stealing show. AS USUAL.)
Shrek (moments of awesome, moments of group numbers. during which you wish to gas the theatre and everyone twitches as they're so... American.)
Singin in the Rain: Like the film. but with better dancing. And soaking the first three rows. Audience: SQUEE.
Comedy of Errors: ....WAGs work so well as the more naggy/stressed female role for Shakespeare.
Hay Fever: 'this family likes acting out. Everyone else is freaked' eee. cast!
Fascinating Aida: dying. of. laughter. Dillie making bitchy noises about should have put the Cheap Flights thing up on youtube years ago.
Bingo: your using the laws of x as a parable for the time you wrote it is showing rather painfully. MOAR BEN JONSON.
Recruiting Officer: I need more restoration comedy in my life. :fangirls Mark Gatiss as most magnificent fop *ever*

Film: The Artist 'omg EEE so cute', Shame 'it's brilliant but now I have a hollow place in my soul.', The Muppets 'MNAMNA.', Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists 'giggling at trigger words weeks later'

serious perving over 6 nations rugby. It's easier to refer to them as 'red team' 'white team' 'white team player leaps on floor with ball, pretty white kicker gets ball between posts.'

TV: Being Human. Aka 'new cast is.... OMG.' :pats Tom on head: 'Hal, more press-ups!' Tom/Hal! Annie. Gah. :pats Cutler on head: Mark Gatiss, please stop scaring us. D'awwww, Cutler. Whosa cute little psycho? Alex, you have just earned yourself so many awesome points.'

First ep of Once Upon a Time just aired in UK. So far it appears to be Fables but infinitely more interesting, 5000x less rapey and LACKING THE INFLUENCE OF BILL WILLINGHAM. HUZZAH.

And they finally gave me my notice, after telling us for ages 'end of march'. finishing on Apr 20th. After I'd had to make many many pointed comments about it due to screwing us around.
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Saw Shrek.

It's... hmm. one of those ones that varies enormously. Some parts, utterly hysterical, audience nearly dying laughing (any time Lord Farquard is onstage) good (Princess Fiona's stuff - gets a lot of the better songs) and horribly, horribly mediocre with a side order of polite clapping. (anything about friendship, the chorus as fairytale characters singing about how everyone's special in their own way)

The design is *amazing*. Great costume work, the dragon is a combo of chinese lantern style wire-paper work with added puppeteering, the set design is fab - some lovely work with cut-out flat colour but using layering to give depth. (other moments: Pied Piper wanders along trying to get rats, they raise the curtain six inches - and a bunch of people are in rat slippers doing a soft-shoe shuffle. Raise the curtain fully, dancers in full white tie and tails with ears and noses doing a full Busby Berkley.) Oh, and the occasional other-musicals sight gag.

Story: mostly identical to the film, aside from greatly expanding Lord Farquard's (Nigel Harman) part to a piece of genius, camp, and Producers-level piss take during his songs. Up to and including some *fab*ulous vamping on the level of Kenny Everett. And oh my god, you don't realise just how much extra funny you can get out of the fact that the role of a dwarf is played by someone *obviously* on his knees, complete with mad scrambling to get into position. And minions. He has wonderful minions. And a horse. And an executioner.

Donkey is... you know how it's a joke about how irritating he is in the film? Some good moments (especially reaction shots) but unfortunately due to not having a screen between you and the character, a lot of the comedy-irritating is ...just irritating. However, small blessings: Richard Blackwood was off. Delroy Atkinson instead. Who, y'know, can sing, has charisma, etc... (interesting thing about mr. Atkinson: everyone I spoke to was going 'no, seriously, the name and face are familiar, what the hell have I seen him in?' Checking the programme, the only thing I could see was Enchanted Pig at the Young Vic. Got into an 'ooo, what shows have you seen/what do you think' goss with one of the ushers and she had the same problem...)

Shrek: great performance from Nigel Lindsay, just not unfortunately given much good material unless he's against Fiona. in theatre the role pretty much acts as a straight man everyone else plays off.

Fiona: HEE. the role: Funny, bossy, spoilt, having a lot of fun, gets several good songs. Kimberley Walsh is utterly charming, in good voice, and can dance a bit. And special mention to the little girl playing her in flashback. So. Cute. Also very fucking talented, that kid.

So, in conclusion: It's okay, but take a book for about 1/3 of it. And don't pay full price.

And in other news: you know how I managed to get an electric shock off a banana a few weeks back? Did it again yesterday. Then at 4pm managed to get a shock off myself.

Is this a clue from the universe that I need to just start wearing white all the time and submit myself to a govt experimentation program?
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Soho Cinders.

aka Stiles and Drewe *finally* sodding finish a show they premiered the first batch of songs and story for it at their anniversary bash a few years ago*, and stage it in concert-ish form with unbelievable names for charity. Cue most of the West End Wendys and half the gay community turning up. (oh, including one Mr. Stephen Fry who was clearly running late, who turned up at the theatre running at full tilt at 7, dodging through the crowd outside the theatre and into the bar to meet up with his boyfriend and some mates.)

As you may have guessed, it's a modern take on Cinderella. Set in Soho. Cinders = Robbie (Jos Slovick), a student who does side work as an escort who's seeing the Mayoral Candidate, James Prince (Michael Xavier). Who is engaged and is running his campaign on, er, honesty and no sleaze. Add: The candidate's fiancée, Marilyn (Hannah Waddingham), William George (David Bedella), Prince's campaign manager who is a bastard of the first order, Sasha his put-upon assistant (Richard David-Caine), Velcro (Amy Lennox), Robbie's best mate who runs a laundrette, Lord Bellingham (Clive Carter), one of Robbie's regular customers and a funder of the campaign, Clodagh (Suzie Chard) and Dana (Beverly Rudd), Robbie's vile stepsisters who run a titty bar, and Chelle (Sharon Clarke), a rickshaw cyclist. And a chorus of clubgoers, Soho tradesmen, the press and beautiful people.

And to top it off, Sandi Toksvig as the Narrator. Who as is the right of Ms. Toksvig, was fabulous, sarcastic, had a very large book and did look over the top of her spectacles at us. And we were grateful for the opportunity to be condescended to.

Anyway. It's about political spin, sleaze, falling in love with the people you shouldn't, and dreams for something just that little bit better. The shoe is Robbie's phone that he leaves behind at a fundraising party. With some of the best music Stiles and Drewe have ever written, and a so sharp it'll cut you book and songs containing some of the best belly laughs ever. (seriously, the Stepsisters' song 'I'm so Over Men' had to re-recorded at the end due to the audience laughing too hard). I'm serious about the songs. there's a song about internet dating, Gypsies of the Ether which is one of the most gorgeous love songs ever. And Velcro and Marilyn's song about not settling for second best, Let Him Go, was heart breaking. The only problem is that it's *so* site-specific that you don't know if it could sustain a decent run - most of the jokes and dialogue are a) London and b) theatre and gay culture. All the acting was brilliant - Robbie just sweet enough, Velcro scatty, Marilyn absolutely composed, James torn and somehow still noble, George completely skin crawling. A couple of the songs need tweaking a bit, and the loose ends were tied up by people running on stage at the very end with 'guess what' in the spirit of panto, but otherwise we nearly deafened 'em when it came to cheering at the bows.

*In which Robbie was played by Gareth Gates, miked to the hilt, and James Prince by Oliver Tompsett. One day we will get Daniel Boys to play Robbie. he's said he wants to.
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Wednesday, went to see the all-male Iolanthe at Wilton's Music Hall. (the really awesome last-surviving original victorian one I think I've mentioned before. also does nice food.) Gilbert and Sullivan, all the bells, whistles and topsy-turviness you'd expect. Plot is 'fairy married a mortal, got banished for it, her son now wants to marry a girl but the guardian who's the head of the House of Lords disapproves'. AKA 'who bloody cares, it's Gilbert and Sullivan. Suspend your disbelief in the premise, enjoy the piss-takes of social niceties and politics and set your giggle-meter on high. Also, there are coalition jokes.'

Starts with a bunch of schoolboys breaking into the music hall, giggling over all the props, then one finds a copy of Iolanthe and settles down to read. It's a nice opener since it signals them really making use of the setting, and then all the costumes and props being clearly scavenged from the dressing-up box - the peers are wearing dressing gowns and ties and curtains, the fairies cobbled together victorian underwear and plimsoles, wings made out of variously bunting, lace curtains and doilies. Plus somehow it confers an innocent edge you don't often get - it never quite tips over into camp or lechery, never mind that the fairies are fairies in every sense of the word.

Anyway. Performances of the stand-out: the Fairy Queen (middle-aged against all the twinks, but with fabulous pince-nez glasses and poise), the stunning falsettos of the two 'female' leads - the boy playing Iolanthe could break your heart at one point - the two dukes with a camaraderie so high that they couldn't hurt the other one for the sake of a girl, and a really good baritone/manliness and stage presence from Iolanthe's son. Fair bit of the Lee Mead about him. The fairy chorus's choreography, especially the handsignals. Oh my days, the handsignals.

It's on tile May. Get thee hence and raid the buffet.
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Musical adaptation of A Private Function, rationing era comedy by Alan Bennett starring Maggie Smith and Michael Palin, music by Stiles and Drewe. I never saw the film, but this? this is hysterical. The best way to sum it up was everyone's comments at the interval: 'gloriously, gloriously silly'. Everyone came out of it grinning, there was a standing ovation, muchos laughter and humming of the songs.

It's 1947, rationing in full swing, compounded by a meat inspector who's going round shutting down the butchers for any infractions. The local chiropodist and his social climbing wife discover the town council are raising an illegal pig for a banquet in celebration of the upcoming Royal Wedding of Princess Elizabeth, so they nick it. Cue nuttiness.

This? it's way too much fun. Brilliant performances from the cast (all of whom get to shine, with some hysterical choreography in places) Sarah Lancashire as Joyce decimating all before her, Anne Emery (previously Grandma in Billy Elliot) as Mother Dear stealing as many scenes with her comic timing as was humanly possible, and Neil Ditt (on as understudy for Reece Shearsmith) was a lovely study in careworn steadfastness as the chiropodist. Utterly in stitches, with some wonderfully touching moments as well as complete surrealness from Adrian Scarborough as the inspector. Great songs, really well-done sets, ten piece live band, and an animatronic pig voiced by Kylie (though you'll have to see the play to get this).

We even got a post-show Q&A with Stiles and Drewe and the American adaptors who were the producers/head writers of the US Queer as Folk. (considering the dialogue is a study in Yorkshire, cue audience gaping when this was revealed)

It is fabulous. And, I, er, now have a t-shirt that says 'Royal Wedding Souvenir'. oh, shush.
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Ordinary Days, Trafalgar Studios

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Last night's, one of those go to someone's website, see they're in something a week away. So, Transatlantic Sessions at the Royal Festival Hall to see Julie Fowlis. And, er, other people, which ranged from cajun banjo people to some sort of gospel to some bloke who was apparently a big deal but sounded like Van Morrison, and mad irish fiddlers. Very good, very fun (aside from the Van Morrison soundalike who was just...meh.). whole bunch of musicians, all playing/singing as a group - it varied on who was playing front, but everyone else would be chipping in on instruments or backing vocals. And lo, audience had a fun time.

Lance Horne concert, sunday @ the Garrick.

AKA 'squeeble'. Julie Atherton, Hannah Waddingham, Simon Burke, Ashleigh Gray, Alan Cumming, Oliver Tompsett, Paul Spicer, Alexandra Silber, Graham Norton (I know, but he was hysterical), Norm Lewis, Meow Meow, Cassidy Janson, Emma Williams, Lucy May Barker.

But um...everyone was fabulous? Some of the songs were heartbreaking? Some were hysterical? Lance Horne is adorable? The chit-chat between was funny, all the cast were bitching back and forth between songs, and every time the album was mentioned they all held it up with lots of 'arrgh, it's here somewhere!'.

Special mentions of chit-chat:

Alan Cumming and Lance bitching about their mutual ex (Alan was quick to assert that he dated him first), including when Alan was going through Lance's songs for material for I Bought a Blue Car Today, came across one song and went 'this. I must.' and Lance went 'er, perhaps not that one -' :re-reads lyrics: 'Is this about HIM?' :whistles:

Graham Norton going 'you've got the cream of the West End ...and me. I mean, WTF?' Very, very funny. Good to see him doing stuff that's not just presenting.

Norm Lewis making catty comments about brits coming over and winning Tonys - cue Alan standing up and bowing.

Lance Horne, when coming back from interval: 'What's with the ice cream? It's *January*. We only just got bottled water into theaters in NY.' Audience and UK singers: 'You take our ice cream from our cold, dead hands.'

Gossip and Wendys:
paused to ask bloke in queue if this was just for the box office (massive, *lot* of late ticket buying since it was full - and two of those were sitting next to me), chatted briefly, then Tom Parsons turned up in queue behind us. Clean shaven. Yes, this is a sight that is just slightly disturbing. He was a bit surprised to be recognised, we were more surprised that he wasn't backstage given that Julie and Paul were in it.

Got into foyer, pounced on by Etmuse - who hadn't mentioned she was coming, and another of the Torchwood/Barrowman/Wendy crowd whose name i can never remember, so if you read this, sorry. Gossipped, gossipped about the various West End Wendys - including the usual '...remind me. is that a Wendy or an actor?'

Stage door, got Emma and Oliver photos, Ashleigh Gray and Simon Burke signage (Barrowman obsessives hogging him). Emma's hair is apparently really blonde. Still not sure if we believe her. Suspect everyone else was having a tipple in the back since the rest hadn't come out by 10:45. Me and etmuse proclaimed the gospel according to Legally Blonde and Chris Ellis-Stanton whilst waiting. daniel and John panto discussed (me sulking that the trek to Stevenage involves four trains so logistical nightmare getting back).
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Today, me, Cathy, Jane, and Jane's hubby Patrick met for picnic in Regents park while we eyed the sky a bit, then went into the open air theatre for Into the Woods. Jenna Russell as the Baker's Wife, Hannah Waddingham as the Witch, Helen Dallimore as Cinderella (rather a good Cinderella, less nasal than her Glinda but a bit weak vocally in places. Fortunately not on No-One is Alone.). Rest of cast very awesome.

They'd stripped out all the stage and just put in a bunch of walkways and staircases and ladders, letting the trees at the back become part of it. So, yeah, serious points on set design.

Brilliant production, great cast, great singing, very funny, very thought-provoking during the 'blame' bits. Am thinking that Jenna's getting typecast as the caring type who often has to make hard practical decisions, but if she will keep doing Sondheim, this is what happens. Special mention to the Princes. They'd dressed them up as 19th century dandy Russell Brand, different coloured coats to differentiate. And it did not help that Prince Charming had a dead ringer voice/manner to Rupert Everett. What has been seen cannot be unseen. Though on another mention, Red Riding Hood with a South London accent and Wolf from the East End really works. Also, just realised that was one large cast - fifteen people, no doubling up on roles like normal (eg, Wolf is normally also one of the Princes).

Figured out that Into the Woods is one of those Sondheims where only half the songs are good (but those half are knockouts) but the script/book is a piece of pure genius. ...I need to listen to Agony again.

And then there was the weather. it'd been pissing it down on the way in, bright boiling sunshine when we got to Baker St, clouded a bit when we got in, then rain stopped play soon after the first song. Was rather amusing to see the ripple of audience putting on their anoraks discreetly and then putting up the umbrellas. Waited a bit for the rain to die down, then the sun was so bright and hot that Cathy put her scarf on. Rain again a few songs later, bucketing it to the point where they encouraged us to go into the bar to take shelter, which felt to be about 10/15 mins and everyone necked any drinks they'd reserved. Rain petered off, we started again, and at one point it did rain but you could see the cast go 'fuck this, we are going to keep keep singing because we are sodding well going to get through the first half if it kills us.' Interval so they could change and get the water out of the speakers. Then cloudy with threatening bits and a bit of drizzle but yay, no breaks! We figured out they over-ran by about 45-55 mins. Which was not bad, and apparently much better than last saturday when it had to be called off before 'Hello Little Girl'.

this was all rounded off by when rooting for wine to chuck in sauce for dinner, found there was just enough gin in the bottle for a double. It was Fate.

Oh, and on twitter, Trekkie Monster is roundly abusing and insulting Tom Parsons, who plays him in the London Avenue Q. And hitting on Tom's girlfriend Julie Atherton, who used to play Kate Monster. Tom's making 'what did I ever do to him?' noises. Also, Russell Tovey is posting shirtless photos of himself. We approve of twitter today.
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Took parentals to New Wimbledon Theatre to see Spamalot for dad's birthday pressie. (added plug for quite a decent, reasonably priced Italian - Casa Nostra opposite the theatre)

SCORE. They laughed themselves stupid.
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...okay, result of someone with a big flist reccing your story. Posted fic a couple of days ago, got about 7 or so comments from mates and people on the comm I posted it to. (Narnia fandom is rather small.) Then it got recced by a mate, and one of her mates recced it in turn. So I wake up this morning to a flood of the things. I, er, I'm sure other people have written fic about parents' reaction to how the kids changed after Narnia. :muses: mebbe I just managed to hit at the right time. Reminds me, must poke [livejournal.com profile] bedlamsbard into posting some of her parents reactions (I love that a couple of commenters have referred to us as the writers of psycho Pevensies. Hers are far more psycho and complex with massive world-building than mine. They're not psycho, they're just medieval rulers.) Way too many of her awesome ideas only exist in the comments, so I forget she hasn't posted them as complete stories.

Finally finished watching Sarah Connor Chronicles. Final scene? Oh FSM, the sheer jawdrop and amazing set-up for S3 that never was... :has tantrum:
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Body? you are weird. or at least your water loss is. Last night, scales say 10 and a half stone. This morning, 10 stone 6lbs. Not unreasonable. But scales when I get back from jogging say 10 stone 4lbs. It was fricking cold. How the hell did I sweat off 2lbs? Oh well. Maybe I'll drop some more by T2. Which would be good, but I don't give much hope.

Not giving much hope for the current state of election. But my brother pointed out that Cameron'll have to make so many cuts that people'll be screaming for his blood come autumn and it'll linger in people's memories.

Thursday, took [livejournal.com profile] miniosiris to Legally Blonde as the snows prevented her last time, and we'd managed to get rather fabulous stalls seats. Had been going on about Chris Ellis-Stanton, aka Legs McBlondie in me and Taz dancer nicknaming. (Taz insists that the nicknames are in fact their real names) I was hoping like hell he was on that night as he'd been on holiday for the past few days, and had preached about his dance skills and legs. Cathy had been bouncing along, giggling, and then... UPS guy scene. Cathy's jaw hits floor, as does the rest of the audience. I smirk. 'That's Chris.' 'Guhhhhh...' 'My work here is done.' Stage door, managed to get photo, he was very pleased that I'd seen him in Anything Goes and at Regents Park, and Cathy says that my expression is like unto cat that got cream. She also nearly killed herself laughing during the Ireland songs and the courtroom scene, but that's expected.

Over the Rainbow is getting interesting. Last week, Stephanie, who was a real threat to Danielle, got given Mr. Bojangles, aka the sabotage song. And lo, it worked. This week, musicals, two people to get kicked out. And apparently the Lord based it on how they handled the dog. Aside from blatant giving Jess Supercalifragilistic in yet another horrific outfit which is difficult - girl was out of breath half the time but she's yet to be in the bottom two, and giving Danielle 'On My Own' from Les Mis (interestingly, they gave Sophie a technically weak song 'I Enjoy Being a Girl', but she was having fun with it, which means her confidence goes up, and she shines. Public really like that), how is it fair to judge someone when they've never had a dog? They've got six months to learn how to handle the dog. Jenny, having been given a song that she didn't have the experience for, went into bottom two. Along with Lauren, who the public simply don't like. Brilliant technically, very professional, judges and Andrew love her, just got too much obvious self-confidence for reality casting - the public don't like you unless you're humble. Lauren did a Ben - drown 'em out with a more powerful voice. So of course the Lord saved her. At least he did it without any prevaricating this time, but was very nice to Jenny afterwards. Let's see tonight who they kicked out at the end of last night.

Supernatural is ...agh, how is there only one ep left? :pokes Mark Sheppard: stop being so snarky and awesome. It's mean because we have to rewind when we're laughing so much.
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Saw Sweet Charity last night at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, Tamzin Outhwaite, Mark Umber, Josefina Gabrielle. AKA the musical that 'Hey Big Spender', 'Rhythm of Life' and 'If My Friends Could See Me Now' come from. And if, like me, you only know those numbers, the musical is *so* not what you'd expect.

If my friends could see me now )

In other news, was poking a few reviews and pondering : Given the sometimes massive disconnect between 'official' reviewers and the public's opinion, whose opinion do you trust because they're most likely to dovetail with your likes/dislikes?

myself, if it's film, Empire every time. Theatre - normally the West End Whingers.
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Because I'm on waaaay too many mailing lists/twitter theatre feeds, I get all the special offer emails. And am suddenly the pimp for my mates. Just fired off the latest Little Dog Laughed and Legally Blonde offers. Legally Blonde, am slightly peeved since Ambassador had a 24 hour sale for monday-thurs perfs for £45.00 (Savoy is tiny. everything except the upper circle and back row is £60), so grabbed [livejournal.com profile] miniosiris since she'd missed it due to snow, booked tickets. This morning? A bloody thurs matinees for £29.50 offer (however, only up to 25th march whereas we booked for May). BOLLOCKS. so my mum is now going to see it cheaper than me next week...

Out of curiosity due to someone using it in a glee fic, went looking for the In the Heights musical on spotify. Not there. :sulk: Went on youtube, fell drastically in love. checked for amazon/play. £24 on play, £18 on amazon. aka OUCH. Had major dithering about cheapness vs the fuckwittery of amazon (the latest macmillan debacle just ups the bad taste in my mouth). Then smacked self on forehead and checked dress circle. £21. it will be mine. oh yes. :whines: why can't more stuff be on spotify?
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yesterday was fun. Spent it feeling like shit, threw up before lunch, gradually went downhill until I gave up at 3pm, emailed bosses and went to bed. Didn't wake up until 12:30, then slept through to alarm. Still a tad woozy. I thought it was due to me going to bed at 3am but Shely says a bunch of people (including her)'ve had it this week. Fingers crossed.

Legally Blonde offering a fiver off tickets. Not that impressive, considering stalls and circle are £60. hrrm. Lee Mead's been cast as Fiyero in Wicked from May 10th. Should be interesting how the fangirls react. Barrowman is the villain for the last six eps of Desperate Housewives this season. Please, let the director sit on him heavily. Not that I'll actually watch it.

Oh good god. If you're going to have a squabble with your housemate at work, will you please keep the rest of us out if it? And the official word on why we get low wages is all the training we get. You mean the training that every job gives you?
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Trying to figure out if there's any musical score that's perfect. One where *every* song is brilliant.

There are musicals I love and adore, but there's nearly always one song you don't like that much and skip over/delete from your mp3 player. Anything Goes fails for having 'Easy to Love'. I thought La Cage aux Folles, but then remembered I've never been fond of 'The Best of Times is Now'.

Anyone got any that they can deem perfect or just miss it?

(interestingly, there's film scores I deem practically perfect*, but then those rarely involve lyrics and're often written with a full theme.)

In other news, listened to the Barrowman/Prenger version of 'So Close'. Nope. Daniel Boys does it better. Or has better producers. Something. I think it'd be fine if they did it individually - it *really* doesn't work as a duet - but something's definitely missing.

*Off the top of my head, Pride and Prejudice + Master and Commander for recent ones.
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Things to do when walking to the station : laugh at the city types who couldn't be bothered to wear different shoes for the walk. Amazingly, expensive lace-ups aren't very good on packed snow. SKID, MONKEYBOY, SKID. In shoe news, yesterday I finally remembered about my bloody great work boots (which i mostly use for operation: christmas tree), which means I don't have to borrow mum's one-size-too-small wellies anymore. Figured out this morning that they're not incredibly scuffed, it's mostly mud.

Due to having Legally Blonde ST on repeat, am experiencing ridiculous perkiness. And bugging a bit on finding out that Chris Ellis-Stanton is playing Kyle the UPS guy (also Dewey the ex and the lead Frat boy). ([livejournal.com profile] cynicalcylon, we're talking Legs McBlondie from Anything Goes at Wimbledon, and [livejournal.com profile] miniosiris, he was Steve Lomas in The Stripper - any good?) Where the fuck did those muscles come from? Feeling a bit peeved that he wasn't dancing and singing as much as he could be (sadly not a big name yet, so i guess i should be content and just wait for him to get lead west end), but definitely feeling a bit vindicated that everyone else is now objectifying him as much as I do. :cough: Oh well, he's now officially added to Heather's list of dancers she's fixated on : Brick Shithouse, Matthew Cutler from SCD and Chris Ellis-Stanton.

HMM. Legally Blonde is on the GILT cheap tickets list. Volunteers?

Question for those've you who've been watching normally rather'n mainlining three seasons in two weeks. From about mid-way through S4, you can see definite seeds of Dean/Castiel, which ramp up to 'Will you two please get a room!' later in the season (yes, prophet episode of hysterical, I'm looking at you). I know that people were slashing Dean/Castiel during S4, but can anyone who was in the fandom then tell me when fandom started slashing them in a major way? Was it from the very beginning in the traditional 'they are pretty. we are slashers. They don't need to share the same air space for us to slash them.' way, or a bit later?

Being Human : slightly painful where they were trying to force the humour in one bit (it's fairly obvious), being a bit heavy-handed with one aspect of the villain motivation, one bit they aim to tear your heart and succeed, and the slash is happily present. We're voting that the OT3 becomes an OT4. Also, continuity of background extras for the win!

Dammit. once again, Spotify disillusions me by showing me that a composer/singer may have a couple of v. awesome songs but the rest of their output is incredibly MOR.
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Legally Blonde is officially TOO MUCH FUN. GO. GO NOW. I don't honestly have a review of it because we spent the entire production grinning our heads off or giggling. Everyone is fabulous, it's witty, it's hysterical, the dancing and singing is great (though noticeably, *very* unmiked, which isn't too bad since it's a small theatre but you do have to adjust your listening and everyone can be a bit muted), and Peter Davison Rex Harrisons his way through his songs but we don't care. And prepare to kill yourself laughing during the courtroom scenes and the reprise of the song 'Ireland'. Mind you, I did wail about not being able to get a t-shirt because there is too much pink. Kelly and [livejournal.com profile] megolas were eyeing the hoodies, though. Bit peeved as I hit the wrong button when checkign the recording for the second half so I only have ten minutes of the 2nd half. Oh well, I'll just have to see it again. SHUCKS.

Tilehurst and Purley are seriously deep in snow. Got back home fine last night, but the taxi driver said he could take me up to the roundabout but there was no way he was attempting the hill my estate's on. Getting out, couldn't agree with him more. Oxford Road, the main road, was 4 inches deep in ice. Knowsley Road (the hill) was more like 6-inch packed snow, and wasn't much different today. Very few cars are being stupid enough to attempt it. Our road is essentially snowed in, but the neighbours were making a bit of an attempt to cut a path this afternoon. The vans can't get to Tesco Metro because of the hill factor, so no milk, veg or bread. I don't care about the milk or bread but was hoping for veg as I have plenty of frozen meat. Going to be living on soup and the one or two ready meals I've got. Have canned tomatoes and a bit of salad, though. Expedition waitrose with makeshift sled on saturday - it's about three miles away, so doable.

Working from home for a few days, methinks. i can get to the station and the trains are running, but I can do without the commute and getting up at 6:30 for a bit. Did get a great message from my boss today saying that I hadn't booked holiday. me : I said I was working from home today. Have you not looked at the inbox reduction this morning?

Downside #2 : the snow is too powdery to make weird snow creatures out of. Dammit.

Birthday today. So far : handwarmers from [livejournal.com profile] snowballjane, truffles from [livejournal.com profile] megolas, a bra from Bravissimo from mum (directed to package at bottom of wardrobe this morning), and hat and scarf from aunt Lindsey that came in with the Xmas parcels. And a happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] cidercupcakes.

In other news, I've decided I can't be arsed with posting from Dreamwidth anymore. Pissed off with not being able to do certain tags or usernames.

dum diddly

Nov. 25th, 2009 02:01 pm
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Watched Pathfinder last night (intensely violent but rather nicely shot and good to while away the time Karl urban = Viking kiddy raised by Native Americans who has to fight them off when the next batch comes a-calling). Pretty good. Wouldn't necessarily watch again, but good performances, doesn't talk down to anyone, has a not-quite expected ending and everyone is actually using their *brain*. (and of course the vikings are rapacious violent amoral bastards, what do you think this is? Fair? but they're *articulate* bastards) Plus lots of wee!karl Urban in a loincloth. No bad here. Vikings were talking in what I think was swedish since it sounded similar to the swedish used in True Blood. But I could be wrong and it's Norwegian. As ever, still a bit amazed at how much I was able to decipher (yay for common language roots! I do wonder how much French we'd be able to understand if it wasn't for enforced lessons at school.). Though would like to see the film it's based on for comparison, Ofelas which is Lapps rather'n native americans.

Mesh top for Pris arrived. Only thing is it's large rather than medium as I ordered, even though it still fits. Problem is, what kind of feedback should I leave? 'fast postage but er... the wrong size. But I'm keeping it.'

Listened to Legally Blonde soundtrack. So horribly, horribly catchy. Still confused why they didn't use 'So Much Better' on Children In Need as that's the one they're using to advertise it on the web.

:whines: why do fasteners, aka the most fiddly thing in this universe, all have to be sewn by hand? I'm sure there's a machine out there to do it, but it's probably industrial... 16 poppers for dress last night. two. sodding. hours.

Cold appears to be staying at 'blowing nose and occasional coughs'. GOOD.


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