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 No Seriously, Fuck TH White and Mallory

A tale of Arthur and Merlin on their latest reincarnation as avatars of Britain.  Only they're not sure what they're supposed to be averting this lifetime given that they're running a café in a seaside town in Cornwall.  Still, at least it can't be as weird as that time Arthur was a plumber.

The most that's happened to it is that it was spellchecked, and will probably contain my usual levels of getting sidetracked by utterly random things.
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The Shadows Feel Like Home

The Nano. In which the Pevensies trip, fall, and somehow end up in Torchwood. It's not Susan's fault she shot an alien that was trying to kill Jack Harkness.

Spell-and-grammar checked but that's about it.

And yeah, this is pretty much the sequel to the National Service series. With added 'oh shut up I may or may not have adjusted the years a bit. And Susan is working for customs and excise, rather than the vague job she had.'
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Yes, dear reader, I went jogging in the cold and wet this morning. It was vile and cold and muddy in the usual places. Only moreso. And had to dip feet in river on way back to get rid of most of the mud, so I audibly squelch all the way up to the lock. Thames very swollen, as in less than a foot below the bank edge. which admittedly isn't that out of character for winter, given that it has a habit of flooding the, er, floodplain.
a somwehat swollen thames )
Anyway. Less people than usual (but the requisite usual masochists). Still amused by one dog who bounced up on me. I love how owners apologise, and the joggers tend to go 'you have noticed how sweaty/wet and muddy I am, right? The dog is cleaner than I am.') And got back on Mapledurham Drive, the road from Purley to the lock. Came across a jogger just starting out, doing stretches. Cue me automatically going into the joggers' report. 'Right, the stream under the bridge is only about a foot below the bridge and rising. Generally only mildly boggy, no big puddles, not very splashy... but the mud by the second field gate is worse and you can't go round it due to the farmer putting up the electric fence to stop the cows going in the river.' Took socks and shoes off when I got in and apparently it looked like I'd had fake tan applied, I was so dirty.

Figured out where in the nano I can put Roman soldiers outbreak at Caerleon. Peter's on leave and they get the mad call whilst leaving the teashop. Gideon keeps trying to give me advice for fighting army vs army with lots of space and possibly horses. er, I have four torchwood agents and an army officer...? There's guns, longsword and longbows available.
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nano is up to 37830 as of last night. Not bad, it's about 4k ahead. For comfort I'd prefer a bit further, but... decent. have three definite scenes ahead still to write. And the scene I wrote last night involved a minotaur chasing Edmund and his counterpart through caves under a city in Yugoslavia*. And yes, i checked about the geology of Yugoslavia with dad the geophysicist - 'Yugoslavia is mostly on limestone, you're fine for pretty much anywhere except Belgrade.'

Still rather amused about a comment heard from Taz at the pubmeet at the weekend (I have no idea what she was discussing, presumably writing) 'heather doesn't do plot during nano, she just has a concept and writes scenes around it. The one time she had a plot, she *started* with the plot. *one* time out of christ knows how many nanos.' Which, er... I suppose is true. See the scene I wrote last night. Which has no relation to anything else in the story whatsoever. I just had a snippet of dialogue in my notes of Edmund grumbling 'Minotaurs. Why'd it have to be minotaurs?'. let it never be said I didn't recognise the value of a chase scene to my word count.

*should add that I tend to use period-specific terms. It's the late 1940s. Thus, Yugoslavia.

nano nano

Nov. 15th, 2012 12:39 pm
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I have completely eliminated all traces of social life this november successfully aside from pubmeet (this weekend, required brain break and discussing with other writers) and my cousin's wedding on the 30th. :whines: I wanna see Skyfall but hauling self out've house during weekends for owt else aside from jogging - not good. I know me, I write mostly in the late afternoon/evening, it takes a bit to get me going, and considering normal awakey time at weekends is 10:30...

passed 27k last night.

I... don't exactly have any vestiges of plot going yet. But I did get character interaction progression? But then this thing doesn't really have a plot aside from a question getting answerd that happens near the end. Who knows, if it was a series you might call this the establishing first volume. Well. If it wasn't a Narnia/Torchwood crossover and we already knew most of the main characters.

Going to be a bit weird as I go toward the scenes that actually has them doing missions. Might just keep it as snippets of missions, since my headspace really isn't up for plotting the damn things right now. Like the beginning of a Bond film. 'explanation? fuck it. They are hanging upside down and that's all you need to know. I may not even show them getting out of it. Clearly they did, but that's up to you to figure out.' The real problem i may have is progression of a particular relationship and showing that plausibly.

This one, fairly impressed with myself that I'm being very unwordy - anyone who's read some of my previous nanos, especially the previous Narnia one, knows I have a tendency towards inner dialogue and introspection. Great big chunks of text. This one is about... 80% dialogue, often just using 'said'.

Also, I had Susan shooting someone from Cardiff castle with a bow and arrow at 4am. Gotta be worth it.
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last night, finally caught up on nanowrimo wordcount. so that's 13k in and still not started anything that looks like plot aside from 2 and a half main characters being recruited/introduced... I seriously have no idea whether I'm writing the dialogue in character for Susan at the mo. Lot less internal dialogue than the last nano, so hopefully will be less repetitious when I go back to it several months down the line. Also weird thing of writing in bits across 3 separate sections. Fear my final nano will end up with all the never-went-back-to placeholder notes I keep adding still intact. And having that really weird bit of figuring out how to paste in notes of dialogue and snippets and where they fit now I've written the actual scene I'd been thinking of vaguely when planning.

Turns out my nano is being fuelled by hardcore, happy hardcore, garage and other such things. also the giant archive of expired copyright 1920s jazz Wil Wheaton found and blasted across the net...

Ooo, interesting link for the writing lot - a guide to character archetypes. have seen one Dr who break down it already, Rose as the Lover, Rory as the Caregiver, Donna the rebel, the Master the Ruler, River the Hero, Martha the Explorer, Jack the Jester, the Doctor the Magician, Amy the Creator, and Mickey the Orphan.

random theatre reviews from the past couple of months, part xiii:

55 Days at Hampstead: being an account of the 55 days at the end of Civil War from the Rump Parliament (or to put it a bit clearer, when the army invaded Parliament) to Charles I's execution. Or as I tweeted: 'off to see a head of state be deposed, tried for treason and executed by legal process.' as the point of the play is, plenty of heads of state have been deposed by force and executed before, but this was the first one where it was done *legally*. aka why our Civil War is something we don't make too much of a fuss about and attempt to shove under the carpet a lot, because it's really, really not glamorous or bombastic in the way, say, the French Revolution was. ours ended not with a mob but a courtroom. Oh, and did we mention the whole thing was very carefully notarised and minuted because of the pains they took to make sure it was legal?

it's fascinating, tense, grey and they take the pains to emphasise that everyone is just so tired and sore after seven years of war. Everyone's squabbling. it's messy. There's personal and political and religious concerns tearing previous allies apart. The idealists torn down and stomping off in a huff due to compromises having to be made now that they've got to live with the new order, and the frantic scramblign because they're aware that they're having to create somethign entirely new out of thin air. It's the grey, tired men like Cromwell (Douglas Henshall), certain that god is on his side as representative of the people, versus Charles Stuart (Mark Gatiss) with his certainty that he was appointed by god to rule, and as he points out in the play (and in the notes of the trial) 'a trial of my peers? where are my peers? I do not see them here.'. Brilliant, setting anytime post war with lots of filing cabinets in grey suits, Charles being the only one in Stuart dress to make the contrast of him being from a previous time and mindset. Play, script and performances also make a very good point about how much cult of personality can affect and drive matters. (e.g., the way everyone looks to Cromwell to base their reaction on his and they talk about the fact that people just naturally follow Cromwell because he's *Cromwell*.) Very good performances all round. Couple of notes in that there is very much a change of pace between first and second act, sicne they have to cram so much into the 1st act, 2nd covering the trial period. Probably enjoyed more if you knew something of the history, as it ratchets up the tension if you know that the moment where Charles is goign to get caught for soliciting invasion by foriegn powers is coming, you just don't know when... oh, and general amusement ad when Mark Gatiss would occasionally lose the soft scots accent and Douglas Henshall would lapse into his natural scots.
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I went to see Arthur Darvill, Lawrence Fox, Neville from Harry Potter and a bunch of other people in Our Boys a drama set in a military hospital ward for soldiers recovering from injury. Varied between the hysterical and nail bitingly-'augh'. Really good performances. Also, Amy, Rory and the Doctor *so* played 'Beerhunter' on the TARDIS.

Cabaret with Will Young: OMG. GO SEE. Will as the Emcee - it's... he plays it as a permanently smiling, doll-like thing who is *completely dead behind the eyes*. Fucking creepy as hell. also, the boy can dance. You know how Joel Grey essentially set the mould for the Emcee? This is the first time I've seen it played differently enough that you can differentiate. Michelle Ryan as Sally - she can sing, she can dance... it's just she's not a very convincing Sally. Too healthy Chelsea girl, no sense whatsoever that she's supposed to be a complete mess. Matt Rawle is being Matt Rawle(*) as the american writer. Sian Phillips is wondrous and lovely and nearly steals the show as Fraulein Schneider in her old-age romance with the Jewish grocer. The audience was audibly going 'awwww' during their scenes, and whimpering when the nazis intrude. You could also see them glaring at Sally's relationship drama. Do not care. Taking time away from the old people romance. *so* much better than Honor Blackman was in 2006. Interesting directorial note - the entirety of 'Don't tell Mamma' is done as a backdrop to a conversation backstage - you're backstage and they're behind the bead curtain performing to the 'audience' at the back wall. Javier de Frutos' choreography was stunning (mein herr especially) and Tomorrow Belongs to Me? Emcee doing a puppet show. GAH.

daily outfit )

Nano, due to a shit writing weekend, I'm about 2k behind on but fingers crossed.

Obama won. THANKYOU, America.

(*)For those not familiar with Matt Rawle, imagine gruff, unshaven, larynx has been cheesegrated voice, bit of a rogue. Seriously good actor, great voice, it's just that he gets typecast. A lot. As a worldly cynic who really does want to believe. Previous roles: Che in Evita, Zorro in Zorro.


Sep. 12th, 2012 12:08 am
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at that stage of gathering together what research I need to do for nano. 'course, every bit of poking only unspools *more*.

Susan is 21 at the end of war, so joining Torchwood... not a problem. 45 or 46.
Malayan emergency is '48, so that sorts Peter, and Edmund is a year or so down the line from that, which fixes the timeline for the National Service fics. Which it looks like this will be running concurrently with, not after.

Got to do a bunch of research on Tiger Bay and West Bute docks area in the late 40s/early 50s due to the bloody Doctor Who and Torchwood lot thinking that Roald Dahl Plass is a funny place to stick a top secret base. Fuckers. I doubt i'll even use that much of it, knowing me.

There's the spy stuff, which I need to read up on, going through that list of authors I got given, raiding the library in despair & doing research on time period, which is now looking a bit earlier than I thought.

Need stuff on nursing education in the late 1940s/early 50s so I can figure out precisely how junior Lucy would be.

There will be random hyperventilation over inconsequential details like music, just you wait. And I will screw up locations and docks layout, almost certainly.

In other news: we saw Dredd on sunday. (much searching to find a 2D showing). IT IS GLORIOUS. non-fanboy loved it. Fanpersons continually squeaking and bouncing at details and getting it so *right*. Seriously: awesome, awesome, very bloody action film. (with a great soundtrack and dialogue and plot) low-ish budget for this kind of thing meant they shot it all in council flats, which makes the plot and structure really work. KARL URBAN ACTS ENTIRELY THROUGH HIS CHIN AND *IS* DREDD. Anderson, you start thinking is going to be all wrong and... turns out so right for the character in the place she is now and by the end of the film. Simple solutions and explanations for things that might've been laboured and plot-holey in other hands. Lena Headey as a brilliant villain. (of course) So much thinking through of the detail and world so it's believable and hangs together perfectly (much nearer future, toning down of things like the bike & armour so they fit the real world). The Stallone fiasco is merely a fevered dream.
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when I
  • a) start going 'wahhhh, too much quality tv!'

  • b) eye the theatre schedules piling up in the same nervous fashion

  • c) find myself idly doodling plot bits for nano during meetings

a) Dr Who. merlin in a few weeks' time. All the quality serious miniseries they're suddenly inflicting on us. (accused, good cop, etc) And *then* the bastards inflicted the Downton Abbey series 3 trailer on us last night. It looks like so much awesome soapy crack.
b) Cabaret? do I want to see Meera Syal in Much Ado? Hedda Gabler just because Sheridan Smith is in it?
c) Unless a massive sea change happens (ie, not enough plot) it looks like it's the Susan gets recruited by Torchwood, Edmund is the intelligence service liaison. Intertwined spy stuff with Susan telling Jack to stop being a drama queen whilst running around Cardiff.

Which means research. Oh, shit, research. I need:

  • Cardiff, incl docks, 1950s

  • 1950s spy stuff & what was going on. And the places I need. :headdesk: I couldn't have 60s? WAAAAA

  • 50s life in general

  • loads of details I have *no idea* about yet. I think period nursing education might be one of them since Lucy will probably crop up, if only on the phone.

  • And then there's 'how much does character a get a look in, how much Peter, when precisely to see how much of Edmund's military service in Malaya I need to fold in and thus Peter'

In other news: paralympics rather awesome. and Ellie Simmonds clearly has an onboard motor installed in her somewhere.
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so...um.... pubmeet, there was. which was quiet and fudge was gleefully eaten.

I have my mitts on Pete's Stargate SG-1 tie-in book, in which I am a Goa'uld. MWHAHAHAHA. Mostly and really obviously inspired by a pic of me in the 300 dress glaring at the camera. (though the Goa'uld's chiton is a bit more modest than mine). I'm still going to get him for the host's name, mind you. And Jack made a short joke, so he totally deserves what Hera did to him.

I... think I've figured out what I want to do for nano. which means working out what research materials I need, never mind actually starting to research. It's a continuation of the 'Pevensies lived, fuck you, Aslan' 'verse and will mostly concentrate on Susan and Edmund. Because they've got the most story potential at the mo in my head. Um. Does anyone know where I'd start to look at what the general secret service community squabbles were in the 50s in Europe, particularly Greece? The Greek bit might not even be necessary in the end, but you know me. backstory helps.

otherwise, prepping for Discworld con, *still* need to write up the review for Play without Words, and going 'argh' regularly as I flail about in my state of newbieness at the new job.
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So, in a fit of complete insanity, knowing bugger all about the TV industry aside from how it looks on the outside, I wrote what if The Authority by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch was made into a tv series. Done as a series of tweets, conversations, interviews and blog, lj and tumblr posts.

It's spellchecked and slightly edited but not very much.

We Want to Save the World But We Need a Drink First
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Okay, I passed 51k last night so I've technically finished. Going back and tweaking things (horrendous spelling, for instance - my speed typing is not conducive to 'the' being spelt correctly. EVER.) and pondering adding a scene where they film jenny's death. Now I'm really, really wishing I could write out every scene and episode, but that would read like the After Elton recaps (which I've already written for ep 1 - reviews from Collider, Den of Geek and After Elton. Different styles are a bit... weird.) Maybe I could find an excuse to write the Jenny flashback 1930s club scene in another fandom... it'd be enjoyable writing the sheer WTF-ery of the After Elton recaps for Blue Albion and Jenny's death but suspect it would get tiresome pretty quickly.

So. if I write a few extra snippets, do the spellcheck... then dump it into one big doc file and stick it up on Nano for word count.

Anyway. I no longer have an excuse to gorge myself on chocolate. :eyes leftovers:
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At that stage of nano where you're scratching your head and going '....seriously, did i just write that?'

Thanking the Flying Spaghetti Monster for HBO's makinggameofthrones.com site - a blog where they burble, squee, stick up tiny interview snippets, the writers stick up blogs about how they started on this, stick up the trailers, stick up the promo images, stick up 'overheard on set' quotes, stick up pictures of the studio cat... Absolute. Bloody. Noodly-appendage Sent. and it's all in order! All tagged! Right from the moment they started filming! Yeah, I'm cribbing timelines, ideas, marketing strategy... the blogs were definitely brilliant, since I can pad like crazy using this when stuck:

'today, dear reader, I tried not to embarass myself in front of Julian Glover and constantly quote Star Wars and Indiana Jones. But. But. Julian Glover.' (this is one of the early blogs on the site.) 'today, dear reader, Neil Marshall is on set directing. We're in caves, it's spooky, it's.... I AM TRYING NOT TO THINK ABOUT THE FACT THAT HE DIRECTED THE DESCENT. HELLLLLP.'

Oh, and these are the 'overheard on set' quotes from Oct 27th:

Can I have a dead Lannister over here?

Oh F**k, this is the bad blood! Where’s the good stuff? The ooze?

Errmm, I think I’ve lost the director.

I can’t decide who’s cuter – the dead guy with the arrows in his chest, or the guy in the ditch with the seeping wound.

But yeah, having made absolutely no pretensions to what it's actually like in a PR stratagem meeting at a big tv studio, I last night I wrote 1,975 words of the Head of PR ranting about them not having a clear image or theme in place that he could use for a basis. 'True Blood: 'sex! More sex! Nakedness! Vampires! The Wire: 'we are cops and gangsters and we do not give a flying fuck about you!' :headdesk: 'You give me superheroes? Superheroes that no-one's heard of? That don't even have a logo? I need a teaser ident - christ, Game of Thrones had politics and paranoia and backstabbing and frozen wastes....'

Tonight I write the trailers and character one sheets. yes, actual descriptions of images. Shaddup. the tumblr posts are things like 'image: actor with a cat on his head'

further interesting bits: I had one chapter where the actors were giving interviews for the making of snippets. these are *considerably* different to the kind of stuff you'd say in normal interviews. i still have the press chapter to come.

nanu nanu

Nov. 7th, 2011 12:22 am
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word count for today: 1882 (blood out of a stone, I'm telling you)
total so far: 12506
where am supposed to be: 10002

Not bad at this stage, but considering it's a sunday I really should've got more done that. Blaming Downton Abbey and Strictly, but considering I'd barely got 1k done after four hours... (seriously, I got way more done yesterday and I went to the local fireworks display *and* watched Merlin) :sigh: the day started out so well since I could write the greenlight press release on auto, but after that it was like blood out of a stone.

So far I've got the point of the series being greenlit post-pilot and the cast comments at the photocall. To come, the filming of the eps, first PR material, writer chatter, interviews, etc.

Fireworks very pretty with huge explosions. Only problem was that i cycled to Pangbourne, found I'd forgotten my wallet, had to cycle back, grab the wallet from the kitchen table, and on the trip back to pangbourne my lights failed. Fortunately, it's a well-lit route and I was wearing my vest, but arrgh. Cycling back *not* fun as everyone else was driving back and they had land rovers. Also: I HATEHATEHATE those glowstick things. At least it's not panto. Cue getting batteries from Tesco Metro this afternoon.
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Been going through capkink when I'm at that point of staring into space on the nano, and though I know my kinks and turn-offs (BDSM bores the shit out of me, f'r instance.), for once I was reading through one and suddenly started scrambling backwards at speed. Someone posted hurt/comfort Steve/Bucky where Steve gets sicker than usual. (for those who don't know the Captain America backstory: Steve wasn't just weedy, he had lung problems and a few other bits) The author started posted about hacking coughs and getting sicker and ... yeah, that was me scrambling backwards at speed. Too fucking close to the bone. I know I joke a lot about my lung problems, and brush a lot of it off as I know most of what you hear isn't serious, it just sounds bad. That one, with the added symptoms was too close to those times when I've been curled up in severe pain and wheezing and start getting worried as hell. That time I had bronchitis as a kid, or the time I had the lung infection, or the time I tore a tendon. Or those times when I look at the phlegm I've just coughed up and surreptitiously check it for blood, even though I know the chances of there ever being blood in there is a million to one. Too much in popular culture about TB, I guess. (and yes, I have been checked for it and had the all-clear)

Anyway, nano as of last night:

word count: 7324
where I need to be by end of today: 8334

it starts.

Nov. 2nd, 2011 01:41 pm
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Nanowrimo as of last night:

Word count: 1,842
Target: 1,667

so, that's sort of okay for Day 1. Had a complete whatsit of terror when I realised I completely forgot which sites early rumours would most likely surface on. Stocked up on discounted Hallowe'en chocolate to keep me going. Evening, I went and googled 'game of thrones 2010/2009' to check where most announcements/statements of greenlights etc are most likely to be made... (using GoT as a template for this stuff due to it being giganticor HBO show of similar-ish genre) and oddly enough, it seems Collider is the place most likely, or at least the most detailed. Went and read several reports to get ideas for further reports, as so far what I've written is the early rumour on Bleeding Cool that it's in the 'possible adaptation' bucket (and yes, I did have the comments section with 'Wonder Woman. Just saying.'), and actress playing Jenny being called by her agent about it, then her boyfriend's reaction.

Today's goals are... her audition, her boyfriend's audition (he's going up for Jack, Midnighter and Apollo), the OMG I got it flail, and hopefully the next statement of 'picked up by HBO/BBC', then follow that with the comic site flail and the ONTD bitching. (ONTD and the later ONTD_Authority would be so much more satisfying if I had an lj-format generator, really it would. But I can boost word count by going '_insert gif of Arrested Development trouser drop_')

today is clearly a day of 'sit down before you hurt yourself':

I cut myself on a banana.

Really. I'm not kidding. Banana.

Picked up banana, dropped it, the brown crusty end hit my arm, next thing I know it's bleeding. Stopped fairly quickly and cleaned it, site is now just mostly red. But still. BANANA. my workmates and friends will not stop snickering.

But let this be a lesson to you: bananas are not just deadly in the 'drank too many daiquiris' or 'skidded on the skin'. They are also edged weapons.
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And all through the house, not a creature was stirring...

...Okay, that's bollocks. We're rifling through the chocolate left over from the trick or treating. we completely deny stocking up *just in case* we were besieged. It never hurts, you never know... :cough:

Anyway. Doing last minute re-reading of Stormwatch and Authority. Will of course be going back regularly throughout the month, especially when writing the stuff on set or the writers arguing (I have no names for the writers, directors or producers. KILL ME NOW), rehearsals, stuff they can skim for trailers and one-sheets, but this is the last minute last gasp. Tomorrow I have to start writing the announcement that the show has been greenlit as the new HBO/Sky production and at the very least the fan speculation on casting. maybe even start it with the audition? ARRRRGH. oh, god, why don't I read trade stuff? Or Variety? this will bear absolutely no relation to reality...

:deep breaths: Skimming Stormwatch due to only needing the Stormwatch Black stuff for Authority plottishness and a few other storylines - Apollo and Midnighter's backstory episode and using Change or Die. Interesting little bit of... not so much character change as how Shen's referred to. (Jack's shown as having massive argh about killing in an early Stormwatch ep, but later in the run when Stormwatch Black're solidified as a team, he's killing quite regularly. Jenny merely electrocutes people she feels are tossers.) her character is changed very quickly from timid-ish nice girl with feathery arms she can glide with to sarcastic badass and moderating influence due to The Bad Influence That Is Jenny. Suppose it's the whole 'gods/archetypes' thing Ellis gets into with 'Change or Die' and continued the mythology with Planetary - Jenny gets referred to as the Spirit of the Twentieth Century, Jack as the God of the Cities, and Swift gets the Winged Huntress. Interesting for how, plus treatment of powers post-proper activation. At first as a casual aside, then it becomes their archetype-title. Not just proper wings, but claw hands and feet, being able to hear and see things, gauge the wind eddies like birds do. then you get the Engineer, the Doctor, Apollo, Midnighter... (note to self: must not refer to the Doctor *ever* by the name he got later - he doesn't have one during the Ellis/Hitch/Neary run, Angie states in the first issue that they don't know it. I may be filching little bits like the Jenny/Shen relationship from the series, but the feel's better with the Doctor as he is in the Ellis/Hitch run)

Also going through scene tags- drafts of scenes, dialogue snippets I'd previously written - found a couple that're getting ejected due to change of character I'd decided. I can't have what would normally be quite a decent scene of the lead actress discussing this new role on a superhero show with her agent... because I've since established that her boyfriend is a complete Ellis fanboy. Maybe I can adjust it for the actress playing Angie?
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Pubmeet: where one can discuss fannishness, comics, tv scheduling and logistics of program making... and it's all in the name of nano.

'er, how the hell do I costume Apollo? Lycra=bad bad idea on telly.'
'Yeah, see 7 of 9, they had to re-do her costume.'
'Angie - I think light reflective fabric w/added circuitry. You know, the stuff they used for Islington in Neverwhere. Tron, though awesome, was something like $600 per costume. Not tv budget.'
'So how would you do Jack's feet?'
'Oh, easy, prosthetic treads. Been done.'

'Change or Die would work for an ongoing thread.... No, opening issue would be absolutely fine for a first ep. Big, boombastic, world spanning.'
'Have you thought that everyone would think Jenny being sick pre-credits of the last ep meant she was preggers? That's usual tv shorthand. Sick and coughing is dying, just sick is pregnancy...'
'Given that she's been sleeping with Shen, bloody miracle.'
'Yes, but this is *Jenny*. Drunken shags are a speciality.'

'So, given budget issues, you can't build the Carrier.'
'I was thinking control room, one room with a couch -'
'And Apollo and Midnighter's bedroom. Viewers will demand this.'
'Oh, so you'd have CGI windows that change constantly'
'and one that's always got Angry Birds on it. With occasional mutterings from Angie of 'die, you little green fuckers!' when she's supposed to be scanning.'

'Comic-con. Yeah, given it's a tentpole series, you'd be going with April airing. That means NYCC in Autumn, not San Diego. Guessing 90% of main filming would be done.'
'The Apollo and Midnighter actors will snog for the audience at least once, right?'
'There will also be going way past the interviewer's level of Ellis geekery.'

'Argh, how do I present that Apollo and Midnighter are a couple in first ep in a normal way?'
'Aside from all the publicity.'
'Er, not making a big deal of it married couple in show, married couple in show... um. Get thee to Firefly?'
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Right, doing the making of The Authority the series, adapting the Warren Ellis comic. HBO/Sky-or-BBC joint production, filming mostly in UK, from casting, comic-con appearance, interviews to reviews and fan chatter.

I don't pretend to know a thing about making tv beyond what I've seen in all the behind the scenes, actors tales, etc, so may do a bit more research on certain bits like auditions.

Need to figure out which eps and structure of eps I'll be mentioning,
as well as plot of them. (definitely doing Jenny's death, at least a few flashback scenes of Jenny's life and the made-from-whole cloth one that's how Apollo & Midnighter met since they talk about that one in interview. Hmm. do I add the Change or Die storyline from Stormwatch or is there enough content in the Authority comic itself for 12 tv eps?)

Need to flesh out everyone else who isn't the Jenny Sparks, Jack Hawksmoor, Apollo or Midnighter actors (had vague ideas for this for a while). Do some more on comic con, figure out more structure so I've got a decent framework/plot/background to be able to keep writing even when I'm desperate.

Go check things like Game of Thrones and Rome to see timeline of filming, as well as time from announcement of pre-production green light to casting announcement to actual filming and post-production given that there's going to be a fair bit of CGI and green screen in most eps. Oh, and how many Carrier sets they'll need. (yeah, that one is another bit that's probably going to be all of one line...)
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The Nature of My Game, all 58k of it, over here. Now mostly spell-checked.


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