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I went to see Arthur Darvill, Lawrence Fox, Neville from Harry Potter and a bunch of other people in Our Boys a drama set in a military hospital ward for soldiers recovering from injury. Varied between the hysterical and nail bitingly-'augh'. Really good performances. Also, Amy, Rory and the Doctor *so* played 'Beerhunter' on the TARDIS.

Cabaret with Will Young: OMG. GO SEE. Will as the Emcee - it's... he plays it as a permanently smiling, doll-like thing who is *completely dead behind the eyes*. Fucking creepy as hell. also, the boy can dance. You know how Joel Grey essentially set the mould for the Emcee? This is the first time I've seen it played differently enough that you can differentiate. Michelle Ryan as Sally - she can sing, she can dance... it's just she's not a very convincing Sally. Too healthy Chelsea girl, no sense whatsoever that she's supposed to be a complete mess. Matt Rawle is being Matt Rawle(*) as the american writer. Sian Phillips is wondrous and lovely and nearly steals the show as Fraulein Schneider in her old-age romance with the Jewish grocer. The audience was audibly going 'awwww' during their scenes, and whimpering when the nazis intrude. You could also see them glaring at Sally's relationship drama. Do not care. Taking time away from the old people romance. *so* much better than Honor Blackman was in 2006. Interesting directorial note - the entirety of 'Don't tell Mamma' is done as a backdrop to a conversation backstage - you're backstage and they're behind the bead curtain performing to the 'audience' at the back wall. Javier de Frutos' choreography was stunning (mein herr especially) and Tomorrow Belongs to Me? Emcee doing a puppet show. GAH.

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Nano, due to a shit writing weekend, I'm about 2k behind on but fingers crossed.

Obama won. THANKYOU, America.

(*)For those not familiar with Matt Rawle, imagine gruff, unshaven, larynx has been cheesegrated voice, bit of a rogue. Seriously good actor, great voice, it's just that he gets typecast. A lot. As a worldly cynic who really does want to believe. Previous roles: Che in Evita, Zorro in Zorro.
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http://www.flickr.com/photos/burntcopper/sets/72157623882043962/ - Hub 4 photos. Mostly costumes, as usual.

Pubmeet yesterday was giggly fun. Was a bit weird as ears were blocked entire time and they've only really unblocked today.
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Taking photos for the monthly self-portrait thread over on Whitechapel (it's yet to appear this month, but I'm sure you can find previous months if you poke around) Each month, I try to approximate a decent shot of me, and occasionally I attempt to get creative (the other members of the board are far, far better at this than I am). This month, I believe it worked since I started taking the standard shot and went 'meh', and decided to take it through the sundial instead.

Shots up on http://www.flickr.com/photos/burntcopper/
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Photos from the holiday into deepest cornwall're up on Flickr. *lots* of greenery, and you may notice my fascination with paths, streams and so on. Also the dionysian statues in the Eden Project. Shh. And proof that the twosome take their knitting *everywhere*. Seriously. I think they were specifically positioning themselves at the river entrance to Trelissick just to freak people out getting off the ferry. We were considering installing ourselves as some sort of art installation of a modern-day Fates, and it's not like we need to work on our cackle. Meg kept sniggering and going 'Cross my palm with silver, dearie'. Sadly, I didn't have any sewing with me, so it was two Fates + person taking notes.
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http://www.flickr.com/photos/burntcopper/tags/t1/ - including chuck vs. the flashmob

robin hood. I love Prince John. inappropriately of course. Best. ep. ever.
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photos from Hub 2. As ever, my con photos contain bugger all actors and're almost entirely of the parties or cool costumes. Well, apart from Matt Rippy in women's undies. And a fabulous hat.

snow? yis.

Feb. 2nd, 2009 10:08 pm
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Snow day photos, including me going 'ooooo'. Also included : proof that i live on the edge of cliche English countryside, a very not gruntled cow, one beagle and these weird little 7' snowmen that kept appearing anywhere I'd been. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THEY CAME FROM, FLIST.

Vaguely disgruntled that there wasn't enough snow for me to do a Calvin and Hobbes. Damn you, Bill Watterson. I've wanted to do sick and twisted snowmen ever since I read my first one, and I have to live in the south of England....

:ponders: perhaps if the weather is like this tomorrow, I can have a busy hour or so pre-starting work making it in miniature to disturb commuters and schoolchildren. Oh yes.

Had a good cry about life the universe and everything. Feeling better.
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This brought to you by Heather's monthly wish to not having been born with an XX chromosome.

Aside from the pain, I get dizzy spells.

At one point had re-wired computer so could sit on floor and work. Was quite happily doing this until HR came and kidnapped me due to health and safety reasons. Whined until the dizzy spell passed, escaped and re-wired computer since could now sit on chair due to ability to stand/sit upright returning.

:sigh: Rhys was going 'you really shouldn't come into work.' while I grumbled that this doesn't normally hit til 10 o'clock so I can't tell and can I please have a laptop so that way we won't have the cricking neck problem. Rhys : 'No. And I don't remember seeing you -' 'Yes you have, it's normally because I'm tucked under the desk, this happens every month and half the time it's only ten minutes.' 'Er, painkillers, not that I know what you're going through....' :waves heatpad: 'Right, got it, are you sure we can't send you home?' 'Dizzy spell. It will pass. Sending me home would be stupid since I can't stand up. This is incredibly silly.' 'Do you want water?' 'Not thirsty! Dizzy does not always equal lack of water.'

Now not allowed to use ball and must use chair with arms so there's less chance of me falling.

Also : sulking due to being too hot. Tend to run a higher temperature during period anyway, and having to clutch boiling hot wheat pad to stomach and thighs not helping.

Oh, and Cathy? Mandy Patinkin stalking photos now up on Flickr.
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I now has :

the other two torchwood books
Jamie Oliver's ministry of food
another amber necklace
pearl-style bead spiral bracelet
seanik shampoo bar
Zorro ST
Master and Commander ST (legit copy)
Batman : The Dark Knight

And a dover sole, onion tart, mash, lardons, mushrooms, hollandaise sauce, two g'n't's, a white chocolate and berry cheesecake with happy birthday written in chocolate sauce on the plate.

also, my workmates are strange. there is a tradition of cake on birthdays. Almost invariably the chocolate fudge cake from tescos. However, their timing can be ...odd. I leave at 5pm. I sense the crowds massing behind my head at 4:55pm. Cue them singing 'Happy Birthday', me conducting, turning round to blow out the candles and going 'er... you do remember chocolate cake makes me sick, right?' 'You still have to cut it.' 'Fine. But I get the chocolate balloons.' I personally suspect they just wanted cake. And my bag now has a fuschia rosette pinned to it. They're odd.

Wandered around the Oracle (Reading's centre-of-town shopping centre) before dinner, poked head into Bay Trading, perused rails, and.... I has my first pair of skinny jeans. That will fit *inside* boots. Also? Found a cropped pair of white jeans in my size that I'll only have to turn up a bit, so that's just the converse to find or paint before T1.

oh, and Flickr has the Twelfth night photos of me attempting not to gurn whilst standing next to indira Varma and Derek Jacobi and Daniel Boys.

...lj archive won't work. Suspect will have to read instructions for once in my life.


Oct. 23rd, 2008 01:29 pm
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FUCKING. GORGEOUS. (gacked from [livejournal.com profile] porphyre). No, seriously. Go look. aerial night photography of London, and I've never seen it look so damn gorgeous.

It's like the Torchwood aerial shots which make Cardiff look supremely sexy. Only more so because London has different colours and the City's lit-up and you have the river reflecting it. Seriously. I knew it was damn pretty at night from a distance (essentially, go to the south bank in the evening and look north) but ohhhhh, aerial shots. Jason Hawke. have my shallow photography geek babies.
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Yes, finally getting round to doing this one.

Take a picture of yourself right now. Don’t change your clothes. Don’t fix your hair. Just take a picture. Post that picture with no editing. (Except maybe to get the image size down to something reasonable. Don’t go posting an eight megapixel image.) Include these instructions.
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Need to get off arse and go to Oxford street to buy pressies. Was supposed to do this at weekend but saturday was ridiculously sunny so spent all day doing laundry and sunbathing*. And sunday was freezing and wet, so could not muster up effort to do anything but hide under poncho, read fic, and do a bit of sweeping and vacuuming.

Wrote up the Edmund/Bacchus. Trimmed it a bit, need to figure out how much more of the Caspian pov is dead weight before sending to beta. After this, unless the bunnies attack again, I really need to go through the torchwood backlog. And then comes nano planning...

My current cover-up has about 2mm left. I don't use foundation as a rule, just stuff to cover up eyebags/spots/slight imperfections, and so I prefer liquid/grease to powder. Suggestions? My current is Benefit's playstick.

Uploaded discworld pics to Flickr - also a couple of stagedoor stalking. So one Daniel Boys if anyone wants it. And rather amused that I've got one of me and Emma Williams where both of us look completely loopy and terrible. Also included : that fucking white dress (which had the lace removed with extreme prejudice on saturday) and the discovery that me + six-foot axe = OTP.

*Part of this was with cramps. Fortunately, extremely warm sun works about the same as a hot water bottle.


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