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Jan. 5th, 2010 09:11 pm
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A Lady Always Knows Best Girl!Watson. interesting and well written. I think the world needs more Girl!Watson.

http://prologuefilms.com/# - these guys did the credits and titles, and they've got them up. Oh, the pretty...

At casa Meg and Jen. Full on Kale pesto'd pasta. Subjected meg to the ninth circle of Hell, aka Topshop Oxford street, possibly the worst organised store I've ever been in. Normal Topshops are fine. This one, it's like there's so much space they've no idea what to do. Suspect will end up ducking into next or River Island tomorrow to get a different top.


Oct. 23rd, 2008 01:29 pm
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FUCKING. GORGEOUS. (gacked from [livejournal.com profile] porphyre). No, seriously. Go look. aerial night photography of London, and I've never seen it look so damn gorgeous.

It's like the Torchwood aerial shots which make Cardiff look supremely sexy. Only more so because London has different colours and the City's lit-up and you have the river reflecting it. Seriously. I knew it was damn pretty at night from a distance (essentially, go to the south bank in the evening and look north) but ohhhhh, aerial shots. Jason Hawke. have my shallow photography geek babies.


Jul. 2nd, 2008 01:50 pm
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Internet Jesus preserve us. [livejournal.com profile] ironicbees is trying to kill us with the dribblesome again.

Seriously. The last picture is just a state of dear fucking god drown in puddle of drool. I'm sure Bertie isn't supposed to be that *pretty*. Please, someone, back me up on this....

And I have been rickrolled with the same bloody vid twice in the last 24 hours by two different people. Yes, I'm feeling very ashamed. I have an excuse : I thought it was a dr who fanvid, okay?
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Oh, [livejournal.com profile] paintedspires, bringing so much of the pretty....

SGA in the style of alphonse Mucha. Heather is now dead. very dead.

Art Nouveau circus posters!

SGA as con artists! (also a link to fic in the same vein) The whiteboard of planning!

You know, it's very scary when an old sixties tv show merges so well. Seriously. Wild Wild West (which I have never seen) with John and Rodney - she has screencaps. In which the body language is almost identical to some sga screencaps. and the body type. Head exploding now.

<--is dead

Apr. 30th, 2008 09:17 am
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[livejournal.com profile] steammpunk has been Hitting my kinks again with Steampunk!Rodney art. GUUUUUUUUUH.
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http://steammmpunk.livejournal.com/17975.html - go and worship [livejournal.com profile] steammpunk because heather's kinks have been hit so thoroughly by the pretty that her brain is making 'bibble' noises.

Because YOU need songs in the style of an emo teenager... who happens to be a zombie.

The song's the 'just mizunderstood MP3' link on the latest edition

Another one: an endangered woodpecker with a still for illegal moonshine, bluegrass-stylie.


Still need to kill Morag for earworming me with them.

Oh, and the torchwood fandom's quest to vid the Spamalot songs has been added to : Captain Jack : he likes to dance a lot. Try not to die laughing.
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Comment on HD :

someone put up a screencap that had a close-up of Ianto, and there's an interesting side-effect from coating them with make-up like that - you suddenly notice that you can't see his pores. They're completely coated. Wonder what that does to their skin.

The latest bunch of icon posts has me giggling. (Torchwood produces a *lot* of icons - due to HD, we have gorgeous quality scaps, and they employ very pretty actors who like making interesting facial expressions, love set-dressing, and believe in making sure the director of photography is fed jaffa cakes.) The reason being? Someone posted an icon of Jack and Ianto staring at each other in a rather... longing manner. With the text of 'The Space Between'. In any other fandom, this shot would have been reproduced by the slashers in icon form times a gajillion. In Torchwood fandom, it's used because it's pretty and that's about it.

:sigh: had that realisation where I've fallen out of love with an OTP. Always slightly depressing, because it's one of those that though it was small, you always clicked on the fic and I realised I was reading what was a terribly sweet fic with vague bemusement, and that I was now more likely to click on the main character when paired with other people. Oh well.

[livejournal.com profile] megolas greeted me at Wimbledon with 'We're looking very Jenny today.' See me go 'huh?' and she then points out that it is pretty much my utter default mode. After which I said that I do have the tits for spandex if wearing the Dazzler outfit, and then I got ribbed about the fact that wearing the Dazzler outfit under any circumstances was a bad thing. This reminds me that I really, really have to get round to making the updated Black Canary outfit.
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[livejournal.com profile] ironicbees is at it again with the pretty, pretty jeeves and wooster art.
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Some of you may remember the Torchwood Babies art I recced a while back. There's a full-on comic now... TEH CUTE, IT BURNS. I may be a small gibbering wreck now.

Ronon in a tutu manip. But, er, it doesn't actually look very silly. And my brain is half torn between trying to figure out whether it's going the Ballet de Trockadero de Monte Carlo (the blokes in full ballet drag in tutus and en pointe who take the piss) route or the Matthew Bourne route, which is so manly and thud-inducing that smelling salts are often required for the audience. Because, well, I can see him doing either - alternately giggly and pissed off or smouldering all over the stage. Ronon as The Swan. :swallows: For those familiar with the all-male Swan lake, I'll just let your brains absorb that image. Get back to me when you recover. :muses: Not entirely sure who'd be The Prince in that production, though - I can't think of anyone in the main SGA or SG-1 cast who'd be that lost, insecure and lacking in confidence - you'd have to do major character assassination to get anyone to even get close to it (though you could probably tweak early Xander or Willow from BtVS without a problem).

In other news, foolishly spent a good couple of hours yesterday evening tagging the entirety of [livejournal.com profile] thedarkisrising (ah, the power....). Four years worth. Still got 2006 to go. Course, now I found out that the template for that community doesn't show tags. Oh well. Least it'll show up on the flist. Internet Jesus knows how long it would take with a high-traffic community. Came across the first post about the car crash with added elephants and... oh, fandom. Your poor optimism and tentative hopefulness - because at that point, the narnia film hadn't come out yet so Walden were a completely unknown quantity aside from effects, and then the utter optimism and hope that we had post-Narnia. :cuddles and supplies DIR fandom with vodka: Oh, and found a pre-film rights bought and massacred post about fantasy casting. I'd completely forgotten my musings about Brian Cox as Merriman. Huh. Yeah, *definitely* better than Mckellen.
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Over here, they're pondering the 'what if so and so wasn't available for casting at the time' game for Jack Harkness. Some er... *interesting* responses. And several stuck on american actors. My thoughts below.

First, the character wasn't originally written as American - he was supposed to be British (take your pick of which country) and it's only the fact that JB slipped into a US accent during one of the early read-throughs and they felt it fit the 'film glamour' image better that he's American (which of course influenced later things like costume and character reactions - though not necessarily Matt Rippy casting, since it's not absolutely essential that the closeted heroic self-sacrificer is American).

So, casting details as they originally were : Really good-looking classic 'film-star' looks with a slight 1940s bent, con-man, convincing in action scenes, and believable in the 'will shag anything and *can* get anything' category.

:scratches head on trying to get someone to fit entire package: - I remember them saying at the time that all of that pretty much narrowed it down to one person who was on the UK acting scene, ie, JB so... hoo boy. And even if you got all the briefing elements right, your Harkness would be quite different. Especially later eps, because after the first couple of eps/first season, they normally start writing to the cast actor's strengths.

James Purefoy could do it. (go watch Rome, then call me)
Daniel Craig - no problems.
Paul Bettany - nearly all of it. except I'm not sure how he'd handle the action man factor. never seen him with guns and running like mad. (the ruthless bastard part, no problem)
Dougray Scott - most of, not sure about seduce-anything
Jason Statham - *if* he could pull off the dashing RAF hero image.
Clive Owen - omnisexual... er.
Peter Wingfield - almost certainly, atch.

ETA: I started running the Captain Jack Harkness lines if spoken by James Puresex through my head on the way home. I... er... um. You know how we joke about Jack being a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen? Now imagine the 'And this is Ianto Jones, he cleans up after us and gets us everywhere on time. He also looks great in a suit.' sequence. Um. Oh dear god. Let's just say the jokey aspect of that bit? Really, really not so jokey.

And once again, [livejournal.com profile] ironicbees is trying to kill me dead from sheer pretty in the Jeeves and Wooster department. Though this time, not so much with the subtext. Allll about the text this time round. :happy sigh:
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Utterly. Shep as... :makes grabby hands: It's for the men and machines challenge, to give you some idea before you clicks. SHIIIINY.

:ponders if she may have read too much 2000 AD as a child:
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[livejournal.com profile] ironicbees clearly has a mission. To make all Jeeves and Wooster fangirls DED FROM GUH over her pretty, pretty art illustrating certain scenes from the books. The expressions *alone*. No, really. Click. Dribble. I think the [livejournal.com profile] indeedsir comm has an unfair share of talented people. :muses: Or possibly it's the discerning influence of Plum. Ah, Wodehouse fandom. I do love that you are a fandom that has a self-imposed rule about narration in the correct voice.

Have finally figured out what it is I can get mum for her 60th. (it's on monday. Yes, I left it a bit late.) However, this means making a trip to Hamleys, with a possible side-venture to Forbes. Last time I was there, several years ago, I remember sniffing and labelling it a badly-organised tourist trap. Do not expect it to have changed.

Two barbecues this weekend. I predict my entire state to be stuffed and tipsy.
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For all the Saxon devotees out there, [livejournal.com profile] taraljc has been making pretties.
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I have decided that along with such anthopomorphic personifications as the Hogfather, the Hair Loss Fairy, the Eater of Socks, and the Oh God of Hangovers, there is also the Post-Tattoo Gremlin, which pokes you with needles occasionally to remind you that it's healing and that contact is a bad, bad thing. :whimper: On other hand, many admiring looks (mostly from girls) when they go 'Can I see? Oooo, pretty. ...Wow, that big? You're brave.'

Or as [livejournal.com profile] megolas put it, I spent saturday going 'touch my back and die'. Russian Winter festival thingy in Trafalgar square was very much like the Chinese New Year official celebrations - various sponsored stalls, average food, fun acts and MCs who kept trying to 'cheer up' the crowd whilst the crowd yawned and went 'we're not here to see you, you twat, put the acts on. *Then* we'll cheer.' Cossacks! dancers ! Giant fleecy hats! choral monks! After the choral monks, I made 'wanna go National Gallery!' whining noises whilst pointing out that they could go gift shop. Proceeded to make 'ooo' noises at much impressionist art. And 'eh' noises at the Picassos. Whole bunch of stuff you never see - sketches and lesser known works by Monet and Van Gogh, which I liked a lot better than the usual chair and sunflowers. National Gallery and Portrait are seriously falling down on their gift shop offerings. (well, aside from some bloody gorgeous Monet waterlily jewellery which was too expensive for publishing assistants) We've been spoiled by the Globe giftshop. We all fangirled Seurat. Then there was Covent garden and Lush. Evil, evil place. My willpower was strong and I only got a face mask. Unlike the others. :g:

In a continuation of the tattoo thingy, I'm glaring at all porn writers who believe that anyone who's just had a tattoo will even consider letting another person touch it, let alone lick it (without even taking into consideration the hygiene thing) without yelping in pain and kicking them in very sensitive places for the first 48 hours at least. And for the first four or so hours after application, if that was in a sensitive place/was big enough, all you can concentrate on is making sure you're not engaging in activites that will get it jostled. Sex drive in the first 24 hours? Bugger all, thankyou. And for at least a week it's going to be sore.

Also, a Jack/Ianto porn peeve : When taking Jack's shirt off, have you not *noticed* that the man always wears a t-shirt under it? Ianto cannot get to the skin just by undoing a few buttons.

Finally, [livejournal.com profile] juleskicks? :glomps you and snogs you breathless: Eeeee! Thankyou! 'And I? I am sunburnt.' also : 'Careful, that's harassment, sir.'


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