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Um. So, there was cornwall, where it rained a lot, I stuffed myself (seriously, how long does this stuff take to come off your waistline? It goes on easily enough...) and got a lot of present shopping done. And couldn't cross the street at one point due to the santa fun run.

Shopping for me was relatively restrained: one skirt, a jumper, 7 dvds, couple of pairs of tights, earrings, fudge.

When I got back, all I heard and saw were the hands stuck out as my friends and family demanded fudge. Which included the pre-xmas cocktails with Jen, Jane and Meg. 'I have presents I looked for and deliberated over and all you want is the fudge?' 'FUDGE. NAO. GIMME.'

Also see pubmeet. Anyone with chocolate was attacked. (Gideon brought post Argentinian wagon wheels, with the marshmallow replaced by dulce de leche. Cue sugar coma.) Lots of ... yeah, pubmeet people devolve into seals when you dangle fudge in front of them. There was the listing of films set at christmas but not about christmas (anything Shane Black wrote - Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Long Kiss Goodnight - we're waiting for the christmas tree in the background of Iron Man 3) squee about fan stuff, x-men fanfic.

Saw Haunted Child at the Royal Court with Ben Daniels and Sophie Okenedo (Queen Liz Ten to Dr Who fans). Great performances but deeply freaky. About a bloke who has a mental breakdown and gets picked up by a cult and his wife trying to deal when he comes home. Me plus the bloke sitting next to me agreed it's not one you'd want to see twice even if it is impressive.

Ladykillers as adapted for the stage by Graham Linehan is hysterical. Everyone's brilliant, the stage is amazing and you won't believe how they do the heist.

Feeding the Five Thousand - mum cut down on the food so there wasn't the acres of leftovers we couldn't use, the sprogs nicked my disney dvds as usual, and Alex was very hungover.

Yesterday: got twitchy, contemplated hauling out the ancient aerobics dvd as it would be cold and muddy outside. Menu music starts up. Ten minutes later, I had mud up to my eyebrows and was going 'mmm, fresh air.'
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and gin. definitely gin.

Pubmeet, where there was squee, writing discussion, merlin squee, me begging Smitty to put Pete Wisdom in her nano. Then me, jen and Taz went waitrose on way to jen's to watch blond superhero films. Taz has developed very good kabanos radar. I have trained her well. And yay verily, we all went 'awwww' over Agent Coulson and Loki. ...Loki actually facepalms in this. And went 'Peggy and Tommy Lee Jones: Be you, only MORE SO'. And fangirled Darcy. And traded fic recs.

I started to fade, and... apparently I deflate and start talking in the third person. And sound about five. And then Taz started laughing at my Supergirl jammies. And told jen my previous ones were Wonder Woman.

next morning, a tad delicate, but fortunately no headdache.

Plus: it was bloody cold, and wtf was with the fog?

Watched the first hour of the Children in Need concert from thurs post-dinner, yelled for parents when it was Hugh Laurie. The man is awesome. And mum went '...who's that, he looks *twelve*?' Me + dad: Jamie Cullum, been around for ages. And then dad fanboyed Andrea Bocelli. (give him a good Nessun Dorma and he goes into auto-starry-eyed mode)

Due to the delicacy + pub, only got about 1.8k done this weekend. Still, total of just over 40k...


Oct. 16th, 2011 12:40 pm
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Pubmeet happened. Where we all went 'SQUEE AVENGERS TRAILER SQUEE', encouraged people to watch The Fades, talked 'Supernatural is the US does UK horror, just with prettier people', discussed the Degas exhibition at the Royal Academy* (specifically the relationship with photography and how it changed from a freakshow you took the piss out of and tried not to resemble in the 1870s to a really important reference tool by the late 1890s - seriously, go see) and grumbled about galleries not being very good at providing decent merchandise. It's generally agreed the Tate, the Dali museum, the Globe, and the Centre Pompidou are best at it. RA: It's all very well providing postcards at one end and £75-150 jewellery and silk scarves inspired by, but hello, the mid-level stuff? Bags? T-shirts? YOU CAN MAKE MONEY FROM THIS. WE WANT TO BUY THIS.

The duty manager came over at about half one to pick up some glasses, asked us to hide the krispy kremes as it's branded food, we pointed out that we'll be here all day, eating lots of food and drinking lots and do so every month, he got curious and asked what for, Jackie pointed at the London Sci-fi pubmeet sign. He went 'oooo'. And then joined us at 5 when his shift finished, and called his girlfriend the comic geek in.

Pete, Smitty and I discussed Captain America/X-Men/Iron Man crossovers. X-Men First Class and Erik. The fact that Iron Man Noir is a real bloody comic and not just an AU someone thought of where Tony Stark is a rich playboy Indiana Jones whose adventures get recorded for an adventure magazine by Pepper. Smitty and her evil ideas for extending the idea someone's only posted a couple of bits of, where Erik's dad gets Dr Erskine to get Erik out of Germany when he goes to the US, and then when Erskine dies in '42, he gets adopted by Howard Stark and grows up to be the Stark heir. (Tony is, by this stage and current film timelines, a menopause baby given that he would've been born in the 60s and Maria's pretty much the same age as Howard. I also pointed out the evil idea someone had that Maria was the girl who snogged Steve. Tony: 'So, the girl you kissed... point her out in this photo. Oh god. You snogged my mother.') Cue me doing a quick 'okay, Einstein came over in '33 and never left due to Hitler coming to power, Goodbye to Berlin (book Cabaret is based on) is '30-33, erik would've been... er... 6 or so, given his powers don't develop until '43-44..., might want to check when the kid trains happened to the UK for further date stuff.'

*I mentioned that I'd seen this on sunday. Cue Taz going 'DEGAS? WHERE? GIMME.' ...I did not know she liked this. Also, as there was lots of anatomical study, which meant I was provided with the very odd realisation that I have the figure of a 19th century ballet dancer. Seriously. shortarse, short body, hourglass with really big muscled thighs.

:sigh: cold appears to have set in. Guzzling fisherman's friends to combat sore throat and blocked sinuses. At least I'm not leaving a trail of tissues.


Jul. 18th, 2011 07:26 pm
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Pubmeet, we gossipped, there were new people, we hoped like hell that the Smitty Rule of Superhero Film had been appeased by Green Lantern and Green Hornet (there is only so much awesome available per year for the superhero genre; If one film is awesome, there must be another that sucks. Given that we've had Thor and X-Men: First Class already, we're hoping that the deep magnitude of suckage that was Green Hornet and the medium suckage that was Green Lantern used up all the suckage). We desperately want Captain America to be awesome. Because it looks so awesome, and has WW2 stuff in it. Really, for a comic that none of us have actually read and we only know a bit about, it's surprising how desperately invested we are as a group in wishing it to be deeply awesome. Oh, and we trounced members of the group who had yet to see First Class soundly and made them whimper and agree to see it stat. Because it is all the things we didn't know we wanted in a sixties spy film with added gay rights on top. And then we giggled about the McAvoy/Fassbender interviews. Which led to a Blazing Saddles sing-through and tormenting Sonya with 'Everything I do'. ...look, it happens.

Gideon turned up in his Terry Thomas outfit, and the HAT was duly tried on by many of us. Torchwood opener generally agreed to be nicely done and a good starting point for new viewers.
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At the pubmeet yesterday, Gideon and Jen announced that they had a special gift for me from Picocon.

Cue them presenting me with a video of 'Ewoks : The Battle For Endor'. Whilst I gaped in horror, entire pubmeet fell about laughing, it was revealed it had been saved from the nitrogen bath of dodgy merchandise (you bid to be the one who gets to smash it with a hammer after it's been dipped in nitrogen) because they knew someone who would experience horror and torment by being given this. Rest of pubmeet has demanded I watch it and post a detailed review with live tweeting. THEY ARE SICK, SICK PEOPLE. Let no-one tell you otherwise.

There was gossip about Comic Relief, tormenting of Pete with MOAR AMYS and other such stuff.

Watched Rugby. cringed and grudgingly clapped Ireland when they won because they were playing decent rugby. Unlike England, who did not appear to know where the field was.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been cast as Albert Falcone in the new Batman. Heather will now squee somethign chronic. And wait for the eames_arthur lot to start writing creepy weak-seeming (actually psycho serial killer starting a gang war) mobster's son meeting tactical genius built like a brick shithouse criminal slash.

And later I'm off to watch various West End stalwarts sing Michael Bruce songs in the bar of Mamma Mia.
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pubmeet - fun as usual, Pete tried to poison us with Hong Kong sweets (oddly the Durian pancakes were more edible than the lemon-ginger things.) and much was discussed.

Jim pimped geek t-shirts.

Small huddle of writers swapping bits, (which means I now have my plot timeline/sequence sorted, hurrah!) me passing on the Inception gun use guide, writer wibbles.

Smitty was passing out clothing she no longer wears - the green velvet jacket I pounced on as Cathy made 'nooooo!' noises - lucky for her it was slightly tight across the shoulders on me. skirts went to Chrissy as he's one of the few of us who could fit into them.

Succumbing to the Tom Hardy obsession. Damn he's good in Virgin Queen. (in historical, went and checked facts and... huh. He married Lettice 18 years after his wife died? To say that dramas shorten this a tad (and that Elizabeth knew it was being planned) is an understatement. And I did not know Essex was his stepson. Shows how much in-depth knowledge I have of that period...)

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Jackie and Shaun's wedding was most fun. Lotsa dancing (dammit, just because I'm wearing a full-skirted 50s style dress does not mean I'm a spinning top!) it turns out that if it's only 6 people doing Star Trekking, it starts looking like some sort of folk dance, though the rellies all looked a wee bit alarmed during people falling to the floor for 'He's dead Jim' (it looks a tad realistic) and all that happened was that the other dancers start pointing at the collapsee, and oh god. So much mead. We think everyone pretty much drank at least one bottle, and me and Alycia drank so much that we had to hold onto each other to stay upright to get to the taxi rank.

Pubmeet: spent morning utterly fine and watching cookery programmes. So many various types of mash that Taz spent the journey going 'want mash WANT'. Had toast... then got on tube and the hangover of 'queasy and drained' set in so spent a portion of pubmeet curled up in dozy all in corner, occasionally sneaking jalapenos. Of course, there was the point I emerged from my ball to see all these flashes going off.
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This weekend, saturday was spent at a quiet-ish pubmeet (several of the girls were off at Jackie's hen weekend - occasional comments of 'Jackie's apparently managed to get something on her top.' Ah, twitter.)

Saw Inception on thursday with Jen and Gideon. Ooooooooo. With points of me and Gideon occasionally holding up hands and attempting to count off what level we were on at that point. And yeah, still not sure what state in by end of the film. it's very shiny. Ken Watanabe a tad unused, and the zero-G scene is considerably better than in the trailer. Really. Yes, really. My only real problem with it is Leonardo DiCaprio as he's one of the very few actors who I can't forget that I'm watching the actor rather than a character. I had no problem with him in Romeo + Juliet, but since... ack.

Sunday, off to Base camp Holroyd for modelling, which involved getting sprayed with water and lolling around in a paddling pool imitating Ophelia. In a smock dress for quite a bit, and I've discovered that I really, really hate the type of smock dress where the seam is above your tits. It sits incredibly weirdly and as in common with many smock/peasant-like shirts, I hatehatehate the way the arms fit. They always seem to get into a position where they're restricting movement, so give me modern style anyday. Discoveries: getting spray in your face/eyes a lot, your tongue starts tingling. And, of course, many many of the poses of fantasy art/pre-Raphelite are completely unnatural - there's one which is from mermaid hauling self up on rock which has absolutely no leverage. On the other hand, lolling about in a paddling pool with your ears under the water is very relaxing.

And then trains screwed around enough that was about an hour later and exhausted by time got home. Tiny time for food and collapsed in front of Sherlock. Which was very awesome, brilliant writing and acting and direction (special mention to the graphics at one point).
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Pubmeet : a place where geeks discuss writing, politics, slashing the World Cup (yes, several footie fans and the existence of John Terry), mockign the Australians' attempt to play footie, the glory of Matt Smith, seeing what the shrieking/cursing level will be after putting ice-cold pint glasses against Heather's back when she least suspects it, caber tossing being the only legitimate time you're required to wear undies underneath a kilt, Spitting Image, and want traditional English stodge pudding (Wetherspoons understands our needs). When one person makes 'hmmm... pudding...' noises, and ends up having to go up to the bar with a list written on the back of a Post office receipt. 'That's 2 waffles with chocolate sauce, one cheesecake with compote, one treacle sponge with custard...' I love the word pudding. Unlike the word dessert, it conveys the idea of stodge with added custard and the happy inability to move more than 2 inches for a good while after eating one portion.

There was also happy relaying of stuff that happened at T2, discussion of Church of England paganism, Cthulhu and World War 1 and precisely how to get the necessary Blackadder cameo in there (yes, we really do discuss fic writing), researching maggots and the lovely things they can do to organic tissue with pictorial examples, and citing Regeneration and its source books for recovery from shell-shock during WW1 (Cthulhu fic again), 90210 (blame Brian Austin Green), and the forthcoming sacrifice of Justin Bieber to the volcano gods on Aug 23rd (date for your diary). Remember, kiddies, we can sacrifice him to the nearest volcano and just hope a god is listening. The gods don't mind generic sacrifices. They'll also take Bieber fangirls since there's a limitless resource.

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] aeshna_uk and [livejournal.com profile] mingmerciless are fucking evil. Not as evil as David Cameron for fomenting the idea that Labour are a Star Trek convention in the first place, but still, evil. They went on to figure out which political parties are which fandoms. I think Lib Dems were B5, the Greens were Farscape, North Korea were the Whedonites. (look, we're badgering her to post the coherent version)

Pete? uknova, and biomedcentral.
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about 2/3 through Game of Thrones and very much getting into it. Slow, boggy start, but serious page turner once it gets going.

Can I please kick Sansa, though? Everyone else I get. I know she's supposed to be a relative innocent with her head caught up in stories and teen girl crush, but considering how fast her younger siblings caught up to reality, how dumb and blinkered is this kid to stay like this?

HBO's now greenlit it for a series, and cast list for the pilot (may change for series) is below, * for squeefactor :

Mark Addy as Robert Baratheon
Alfie Allen as Theon Greyjoy
Sean Bean as Eddard Stark****************!!!**** :thud:
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jamie Lannister***************
Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister****
Jennifer Ehle as Catelyn Stark
Jack Gleeson as Joffrey Baratheon
Iain Glen as Ser Jorah Mormont
Kit Harrington as Jon Snow
Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister
Harry Lloyd as Viserys Targaryen****
Richard Madden as Rob Stark
Rory McCann as Sandor Clegane*****
Tamzin Merchant as Daenerys Targaryen********
Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark
Maisie Williams as Arya Stark
Isaac Hempstead Wright as Bran Stark

Ron Donachie as Ser Rodrik Cassel
Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo****************
Donald Sumpter as Maester Luwin

...The only real problem I currently have is Jennifer Ehle and Lena Headey. What I've seen of their acting, surely it would make more sense to switch them? When I had no idea who the characters were but did know Jennifer Ehle was in it and kept reading, I automatically thought she would be playing Cersei. (her scheming chilly bitch is a joy to behold.) And if you want someone to play noble grief-stricken protective mamma, Lena Headey's a shoe-in. Mark Addy as Robert should be interesting, since I've only seen him play put-upon but loveable and cute.

Me and Ian at pubmeet are having little geek happy gasms over Mark Sheppard as Crowley, and would even set aside Paul Bettany for him in Good Omens. It's not our fault, it's Mark Sheppard's. Got lambasted for never having seen a bunch of sci-fi and fantasy 80s classics like Tron, Hawk the Slayer and Ladyhawke. What? I was a bit young to see them at cinema, didn't have a video player, and they were normally on tv on saturday afternoons. When I was *out*. And I don't tend to watch 'cheese classics' unless someone physically makes me. I only watched Conan and Red Sonja because C4 were doing an Arnie season and I didn't turn the tv off.
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Pubmeet, this month, was marked by certain assertions : one is that Robert Downey Jr can resurrect any franchise because he is that awesome. Especially if the main character has an addiction. Our main vote is She-Ra (yes, especially if it involves a blonde wig and the miniskirt) but we're quite happy for him to play The Doctor in Authority. But only if Alan Tudyk turns it down and resists the full-on strong arm.

[livejournal.com profile] gmh is evil, and responsible for horrible things. Some of which you already know about. However, it gets worse.

There were twitter conversations about whether Jaffa Cakes were one of your five a day. I asserted that they were in fact their very own nutritious food group. Somehow we added 'how to make a Jaffa Cake inedible', so yours truly volunteered Marmite and Jaffa Cakes. Later, there was the marmite war between those of who love marmite and the unbelievers.

Gideon turned up at pubmeet, and at one point produced jaffa Cakes. i pointed out that he was a fool for letting anyone know he had them. Then he produced a jar of marmite. And reminded me of the twittering and laid down the gauntlet. (admittedly the pubmeet has also been the scene of the durian taste test)

I probably made the most trepidatious faces you've ever seen before biting into it. And actually? It's not bad. Essentially tastes like marmite on oatcakes with a slightly sweet edge, and the aftertaste once you've swallowed is slightly salty Jaffa cake. Intrigued, the others tried it, and all agreed with this assertion (all of them quite surprised). We also tested the version where you put the marmite on the chocolate side, which produces very little aftertaste. And then Chrissy and I kept on eating the marmite.

Oh, and possibly the rudest inhabitants of the booth ever. They'd been there before us, we quite carefully tried to keep to one side, but due to sheer numbers filled it up, though still trying not to intrude on their table. Then they stood up and cursed us out for pushing them out. Er, what? We were trying to be reasonably quiet and we didn't even put a pint on their table as we're quite within our rights to do in a pub when there's a bunch of tables next to each other.


Nov. 24th, 2009 12:49 pm
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oh, woot. I has caught the cold that was going round the department. The occasional cough of yesterday is now full bore strewing my way with tissues (or rather my store of coffee and sandwich shop napkins). Fortunately not at groggy stage yet. Fingers crossed it doesn't a) develop into flu and b) buggers off by friday.

Drinking lemon and ginger tea. I hate lemon and ginger tea. (tastes in combination are fine, just not as tea) Oh well. at least it's not the Durian sweets (actually more like a paste) that ming fed us at the pubmeet. And yes, Durian deserves all the bad reputation it has garnered. Holding your nose DOES NOT WORK.

Pubmeet was silly, fun, and included a Good Omens casting round. With 'wistful if only' codicils but rules were very firmly 'Who's available *now*'. Paul Bettany was very quickly confirmed as Crowley. 'There are others...' 'Paul Bettany.' 'I was thinking...' 'Paul Bettany.' we didn't really settle on Aziraphale though Kenneth Branagh and a few others were tossed into the ring. War, also not settled. Anathema Device considered v. difficult. Famine? 'Robert Downey Jr. Look, it's the beard!' '...Damn you.' Pollution? 'er... needs to be really fade into the background. Martin Freeman? He does always play everyman...'

Segued at one point into True Blood and Thor, with me sulking about the fact that Alexander Skarsgaard wasn't cast, as hello, viking, and I really can't see Thor as cornfed. Cue Steve going 'don't mind her, she has a thing for blonds.' 'Lies!' 'Last three shags. This list of your shallow moments.' 'The evidence is stacking up, Heather.' '...Dammit.'

Watched Merlin last night. it was squee and joy making and... the writers have been reading the fic again. I spotted at least three non-smut fic preoccupations in there, with exactly the same outcomes/actions as the fic. Rather impressed that there was such a huge amount of slash in what was supposed to be a het-focussed ep. And awwwww, Merlin needs more romance. So. Cute. Though I am glaring at the writers for wrongly labelling the monster of the week.

ETA: how to know you have a cold. you get the pepperami panini that says it has jalapenos in it because you'll be able to taste it. You eat and go 'huh, pleasantly spicy'. Peel back bread. find it's stuffed with jalapenos like they were rocket...
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Reading Redcoats by Richard Holmes. Immensely detailed, lots of first person entries and snippets, but it's a severe slog. Got to about the halfway point, but sadly getting more convinced that what I'm probably going to do this time around is the the 1920s Upstairs Downstairs fic and refer back to this the next time I do a nano set in this world that has, er, more of a concrete plot. So in the meantime, going to finish this, watch Gosford Park again, look up transport details and valeting in the 1920s, and stuff about lifeboats and shipwrecks. [profile] taraljc, prepare to be harassed for obscure details.

Pubmeet, there was the usual geeking, general sneering at SGU, happy squee sounds about the recent Big Bang Theory eps, the fun and big plot holes that is Flash Forward, and laughing our heads off at the cover to Jim's new Trek novel. The cover is fucking hysterical; it looks like a Mills and Boon. Considering Jim is a specialist in robots, big actions sequences and military geekery, we have no idea what the publishers were thinking.
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pubmeet fun, and of course, was entirely dominated by Trek and how glorious it was. Main reaction being : 'we can has more? nao?'

Alex turned up around 3, I hugged him as greeting, and then got a lot of laughs and some 'ohmigod, you and *alex*?' from certain people who hadn't heard from the congossip. But since pubmeet is *where* we gossip, I suppose this was warranted.

Went Oxford, which is a much smaller station than I'd thought, and good god, it's terribly picturesque. Admittedly I didn't go much further than the high street, doing a quick trawl for food places (giraffe, where i had planned on first thought, said ten minute wait, then I looked at the new menu and couldn't see owt I wanted, so i hi'ed it to GBK. Mmm, chorizo burger.) I must say good evolution of having a bunch of the clubs and pubs on the way to the station. GBK is opposite Jamie's Italian, and I was in the window, occasionally glancing out at the queue. then another queue started forming at 7 at the theatre next door. And kept growing. and growing. Doors were supposed to open at 7, the family next to me also glanced out and we exchanged 'the hell is that for?'. Turned out they were also Barrowman-ing, and we couldn't figure out why the queue. Got into the queue when i finished at 7:15, the queue started moving pretty quickly - turned out there were technical difficulties, hence why they opened late.

Merchandising - large amount of t-shirts, surprisingly tasteful, lots of sports-style 'Team Barrowman', and few with his face on. Programme was large glossy photos from the album photoshoot, bugger all text, which is a relief, since you don't need to tell us what he's been in.

Lots of high-energy numbers with backing dancers of the 'Don't Stop Me Now' persuasion, a few from the album, Life is a Rollercoaster, I Won't Send Roses, I Am What I Am as the encore, a mad mashup of musicals done as a comedy skit with scottish accent and bad scots dancing which was bloody hysterical (If the Glasgow dvd doesn't have it I will pout a *lot*, because the JCS bit alone was brilliant, with the male dancers walking off as a couple with a 'how dare you' look at JB), lots of innuendo and bitchy chat and anecdotes (next time, NO DOGS). Daniel Boys got two numbers per act, which were gorgeous, though I'm unconvinced of his dancing ability. He produced a lot of sighs from the audience (Danny Boys' default setting = adorable). The 'I Know Him So Well' duet was beautiful. Utterly fucking gorgeous and restrained as hell. oh, and it turns out that the Dr Who dance is the Slosh. which his parents were brought out to perform. Basically, terribly silly and highly enjoyable, and JB was having a whale of a time pointing out his observations of people in the audience.


Apr. 18th, 2009 11:14 pm
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spent day in pub. consumed : one jug of pimms (didn't taste quite right - group conclusion was too bitter due to not enough fruit salad), four measures of baileys + milk, soss-beans-chips, mint bombe.

v. little gossip. lots of chat and discussion and bouncy (and once again jim harping on not understanding why people slash supposedly straight male characters while me and Cathy eyerolled a bit - he's never going to get it, even after I told him 'look, women and men who slash see relationships differently from you. You see sex as spoiling it. We see it as bonus or natural segue.) Laban brought his small daughter Maddy along. Maddy is being brought up as a geek, with a love of dressing up in superhero costumes, and today was wearing a Batgirl t-shirt. We were all suitably jealous of her childhood. Me and Alycia spent much time playing with her. Glared at the various people who suggested that there was a resemblance. Maddy may be blonde, cute, and excessively bouncy. However, she appears not to come with an inbuilt sarcasm and scepticism device, nor is she visibly plotting your downfall. Also, when she does the cute big eyed face, she's trying to get something with it. She's not doing it as a joke.
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pubmeet. lots of silly conversation and geeking, and met a Norwegian girl who's into anime, is also a merlin nut (with added 'that fic where -' 'omigod, that one where arthur insists?' 'such win!' 'I KNOW.' It is great when fanfic tastes meet.) and where we totally confused Alicia by randomly bursting into 'The Internet is for Porn'.

Me and Alicia are juggling the Zorro dates/booking. With added 'well, so and so is a wild card due to availability....'

Plus the bit where i ended up beating Mark over the head with a menu for using the same sodding sentence he uses every time we get into Torchwood conversations and there's another person in said conversation. Me : 'Not that sentence! You are never to use that sentence again! Ever! I am sick and tired of hearing that sentence and be assured I will hunt you down and use extreme prejudice if you ever even attempt to use it when talking about Torchwood again!' Mark : 'I'm just saying -' Me : 'Extreme prejudice!' The poor sod wants it to be sci-fi and every time I explain to him that it's not traditional sci-fi, it's not *marketed* to people who normally watch sci-fi other than Star Wars and Doctor Who, the majority of its audience is *not* sci-fi fans, and it's relationship-based, not plot-based, and he still doesn't get it. Other people have tried to explain this to him. Still doesn't get it. Still. Did come up with a good comparison of Doctor Who's relationship with sci-fi as opposed to, say, Star Trek and BSG's. The world isn't totally sci-fi. It's normal with occasional 'stuff happens'. X-Files when it was still all about the cases before it got bogged down in all the alien stuff and started taking itself too seriously.

Wetherspoon's cottage pie is quite decent. Though I have no idea why they were serving it with chips. To quote Jo, 'What next, jacket potatoes come with chips?'


[Poll #1349430]


Jan. 19th, 2009 11:22 am
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Being Human? See Julie Gardner carefully not mention Phoo Action debacle and fudge anything about them not getting casting done on time. And the characters had started out in a sitcom pitch which wasn't working until they thought of the supernatural twist. oh, and filming the pilot meant they got to see what worked/didn't work much more clearly than going straight into filming, which you don't normally get to do these days.

Anyway, the verdict (sans major spoilers) : we may pout about no Guy Flanagan and Andrea Riseborough, but you forget within a minute of starting because Aidan and Leonora are *fab* (Annie is cuter and less awkward). And laugh yourself stupid. George is... George. :happy sigh: And Russell Tovey is more adorable than an adorable thing, who poshes up his accent for George and did a George hand-flail for us when demonstrating how he got into George mind-set.

They may say the pilot is no longer canon, but it essentially starts a few days/one week after the pilot (they're settled in and comfy with each other and George is asking the landlord about the taps). Pilot still valid. We get to see how everyone became what they are in the intro.

They de-sterotype glam gothed the vampires! HURRAH! (remember how that was one of the bits that just didn't work? Lauren suddenly going glam vamp, etc) Herrick is far, far creepier now that he's very very normal and re-cast. There's this mid-conversation turn on a sixpence that is said in the exact tone which is just eeep.

George and Mitchell : COUPLE.

Pubmeet : THEY ARE ALL EVIL. five minutes before I leave due to sleepiness, I get attacked and proceed to puncture the eardrums of everyone else in the pub because pubmeet crowd decide it's tickle-the-Heather time. Hmm. pondering costumes - Black Canary or Meggan for superheroes night, and either Mary or Pearl for Hub 2... (mary is problematic due to having to buy an entire new bloody outfit and wig. Boots I remembered on sunday that I have the ones from Padme that I can paint black)

Sunday : meant to watch new BSG ep and several other things but got attacked by nausea/headache at 1pm. WoOt. Struggle into London, get to Leicester Square @ 6pm, by which time I'm finally not nauseous, figure I really should get summat to eat - and of course the only thing that I can get that doesn't require sitting down is pizza slice. which I only ate half of due to it being lukewarm. Blegh.

Mandy Patinkin evil. the man is evil )

Dear womb : a period would be nice. I've been having twinges for four days now, but no blood. Paranoia of 'okay, it'll be starting soon... no it isn't.' causing me to carry my mooncup on me constantly is getting annoying.

and now, hygienist appt. Please be on time?
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pubmeet fun. and giggly. The word 'moist' entered into the general conversation due to Jackie and the description of one of the puddings...

Apparently gently tweaking bits of hair right around the scalp is akin to a gentle massage. Started doing it to Chris to annoy him and he went 'oooo, keep doing that' and then

It seems it was tickle Heather's midriff day. Jackie was going 'Look, real-life Black Canary! Able to shatter glass and knock people halfway across the room with her sonics!'

In other news, it appears that one of the girls turns into Donna when she gets bad customer service. 'Sour cream, nachos, hello!' In *exactly the same tone and accent* as 'Time lord, Tardis, best temp in Chiswick!'

Sunday : some sort of 24-hour flu which involved me shuffling downstairs once stopped feeling achey in usual sunday fashion - and then bolting for the porcelain god as soon as I saw food. Spent day on sofa feeling dopey and woozy and unable to stand up. And throwing up water. Appears to be going round since Lissy at work spent sunday in the same fashion.

Merlin squee )
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or rather it crashed, and I lost allllllll my tabs when it restarted, without even the usual option of 'it closed unexpectedly, restart session?'. Like, a good few weeks' worth of ones that I'd left open, thinking I'd get round to them eventually. Sadly, no. Because I got past the 6 day bit in history and couldn't see/distinguish from the ones I actually *wanted* to read. Bollocks. Suspect the ones I wanted may be older. :mutter:

:pokes empty foil wrapper: Whaddya mean the Tardis egg is all gone? I'm sure it was here a minute ago.

Watched No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency with parentals (who're addicts of the books) and yes, pretty, the supporting characters are brilliant and it's fun, but my god Caitlin Moran was right in the Times Metro TV review column. Vicar of Dibley does Botswana. Need to d/l He Kills Coppers.

Just so you know, we hate [livejournal.com profile] psmorrison. Pubmeet, which was for once held in the o'Neills on Cannon St (rather than its usual Holborn location) due to that being nearer the Stone which Sloopy was renting out for his birthday in the evening - costume encouraged, but due to the fact that all my costumes that fit are *skimpy*, I failed and went as Jenny Sparks. Which is essentially a union jack vest top. Though later, me and Giles did a swanky pilots' double-bill escort for [livejournal.com profile] ksbpooks on our hunt for Domino's as he was dressed as Original Capt. Jack Harkness and I had my flying jacket and white scarf on. Flying gear goooooood when weather is fucking freezing.

Anyway : the reason we hate Paul. The pubmeet lot find it extremely amusing that yours truly, when tickled in the correct place, squeaks and emits very high-pitched noises, and have been known to attack for the hell of it. Jackie, Shaun, Claire, Sonya and Chris did this. Then Paul got out the camera and started encouraging them to do it more so that he could video it. I ended up on the floor. And accused him of low-grade encouragement of happy-slapping. WE HATES THEM ALL.

Have fabric for the swiss Miss outfit. Need to cut and sew, and then tweak hood of Jedi Chef robe and make headgear. :eyes play.com: I don't need a lightsaber, I don't need a lightsaber...


Feb. 17th, 2008 07:46 pm
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Poking salmon and deciding what to do with it for dinner tonight : mild experimentation or a tried and true?

Pubmeet : We had newbies - Jackie's been advertising it on facebook to see if she can get new people rather than the usual friends of friends and con crowd. Chris and Chris were rather amusing.

Sean, Jackie and Shaun decided that I needed to be tickled. A lot. Unfortunately, there is a side-effect to tickling me - I thrash and start emitting exceedingly high-pitched noises, so everyone else was complaining about their eardrums every time they decided to do it.


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