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Jan. 5th, 2010 09:11 pm
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A Lady Always Knows Best Girl!Watson. interesting and well written. I think the world needs more Girl!Watson.

http://prologuefilms.com/# - these guys did the credits and titles, and they've got them up. Oh, the pretty...

At casa Meg and Jen. Full on Kale pesto'd pasta. Subjected meg to the ninth circle of Hell, aka Topshop Oxford street, possibly the worst organised store I've ever been in. Normal Topshops are fine. This one, it's like there's so much space they've no idea what to do. Suspect will end up ducking into next or River Island tomorrow to get a different top.
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Looking for the dreamers trek/bsg, Thursday night, and Jim really fucking wants a drink and a lay. Chance meetings and common threads.

Out there is Bones the Cylon fic. Dammit. this means I've now been officially been spoiled rotten. I suddenly have hankering for Helo and Jim to be kicking back and relaxing in the bar. or at a ball game, or something-fic.


Oct. 23rd, 2008 01:29 pm
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FUCKING. GORGEOUS. (gacked from [livejournal.com profile] porphyre). No, seriously. Go look. aerial night photography of London, and I've never seen it look so damn gorgeous.

It's like the Torchwood aerial shots which make Cardiff look supremely sexy. Only more so because London has different colours and the City's lit-up and you have the river reflecting it. Seriously. I knew it was damn pretty at night from a distance (essentially, go to the south bank in the evening and look north) but ohhhhh, aerial shots. Jason Hawke. have my shallow photography geek babies.


Oct. 20th, 2008 01:36 pm
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Am stuck in a 'bored' phase.

Fuck it. If you haven't watched Merlin yet, here's a vid with the two main characters being very silly and such boys. To quote Derry, it's like Smallville but instead of destined to be enemies, they're destined to be BFF. Also, No Lana. Which is an automatic plus in any show.

For those who have no idea about Merlin? It's all up on iplayer. Essentially they threw all the legends up in the air, picked the bits they liked, and decided to make it very pretty and add that BBC Saturday Evening Family Viewing Special Touch. 'Subtext. Who can be arsed with subtext?' Plus Tony Head being an utter bastard as Uther, and Richard Wilson being awesome. Bradley James who plays Arthur is ridiculously pretty but also possesses some of the goofiest expressions you've ever seen. We have CGI dinosaurs. Does your fandom have CGI dinosaurs?
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Those of you in the know may be aware that one of MIT's main servers is called Frodo.

Harvard have just one-upped them. They've named one Hedwig.

We're really, really hoping that it's named after a transsexual. Not an owl.

:sigh: would it kill them to name it after something from BSG? Firefly? Farscape?

slightly dreading this evening. have open-air theatre to go to, which means I've brought my jeans to change into - you'll always get chilled if it's evening and you're sitting still for two hours, no matter how warm it is. But that first 45 minutes? I'm going to be dying. AUGH.

also? EVIL : http://community.livejournal.com/ihasafreezeray/1284.html

trying to thrash narnia fic into shape. going through stages : the bloody obvious, the tell-not-show, and now somewhere into something better which has actual story. I hope. Which I have to research post-war details of the army for. :facepalm: (though, er, someone back me up on this - Peter would probably pick army over navy and raf, right? Being that he is a 'preference for getting hands dirty' fighter.)

dammit. I want to write Caspian headfuck fic but I don't think that's going to be anymore than a snippet of them sitting around the fire. And somewhere lurking is one where they stay and rule and Caspian is torn since he has to act as go-between and translator for the Telmarines and them (Pevensies being on the side of the Narnians every time emotionally, not to mention being savage uncivilised bastards, even if Susan and Edmund are being diplomat supremos), and Edmund springing all these new laws on them and Caspian getting migraines due to the lords being resentful of taking commandments from kids (you *know* the left behind ones think Caspian is ...malleable. And then they're suddenly confronted with the Pevensies.), not to mention desperately trying to keep it from the courtiers that the Narnian monarchs think it is completely normal to engage in bestality. (as far as the Telmarines are concerned, fucking the not-human races - dryads, fauns, etc - is bestiality.) And *then* there's the Archenland problem! and the Calormenes! Whose histories of the Narnian monarchs are, er, a bit more truthful and detail a lot of treaties and wars and the time the envo didn't come back but a note did*...

Um. Er. possibly this may be the Nano....


Jul. 2nd, 2008 01:50 pm
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Internet Jesus preserve us. [livejournal.com profile] ironicbees is trying to kill us with the dribblesome again.

Seriously. The last picture is just a state of dear fucking god drown in puddle of drool. I'm sure Bertie isn't supposed to be that *pretty*. Please, someone, back me up on this....

And I have been rickrolled with the same bloody vid twice in the last 24 hours by two different people. Yes, I'm feeling very ashamed. I have an excuse : I thought it was a dr who fanvid, okay?


Jun. 19th, 2008 02:07 pm
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D/l'd firefox 3 at work (laptop screwing up too much last night to even contemplate doing owt odd - when I re-started it it bloody went and re-loaded *saturday*'s session, so had to go through all the history and open everything that looked vaguely okay. Tonight, going through and closing all the duplicates and everything I know I've read...). it is indeed shinier and faster. However, dislike the default skin, so went and browsed the themes. And we loves Firefox's efficiency - you go to the themes page, and only the ones compatible with v3.0 have a highlighted button. :happy sigh: Streamlining. It's a beautiful thing.

Finally getting round to properly listening to Amy Winehouse's 'Frank' (first album) so I can go through it and delete the tracks I dislike/go 'meh'. Quite a different album to 'Back to Black' - hasn't quite found her own sound yet, and you can hear lots of influences. Occasionally you hear bits that sound like her later stuff, but then the rest of the song gets overwhelmed by some other influence (e.g. obviously Sade, obviously traces of Manhattan Transfer, breathy girl band, etc) and most of it's *way* too light/breathy/high. Lyrics seem to be where she was doing well. So far the only ones I really like are 'Cherry' and 'Amy Amy Amy'.

And now thinking - what albums come under the 'everyone's heard/owns' banner?

'Back to Black' was bloody *everywhere* last year.
Prodigy's 'Fat of the Land' back in... '01 was it?
Massive Attack 'Mezzanine'.

oh, there's awesome and there's awesome : Master and Doctor to 'Girlfriend' ...I need this track in my life. WHY DON'T I HAVE IT?

And of course, right in the middle of getting some more plot/vague writey bit for the endlessly on the back-burner Jack and Ianto 30s timeslip fic (which sadly seems to be getting further and further away from the original Jeeves pastiche - maybe I should finish this *then* write an AU crossover scene) I get a bunny for a torchwood Cardiff WWI ficlet ([livejournal.com profile] tw_history 'in absentia' challenge pimppimpimp) which is now 80% written, or at least 50% plotted out on paper, 30% in head that now just needs tidying/tweaking.

<--is dead

Apr. 30th, 2008 09:17 am
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[livejournal.com profile] steammpunk has been Hitting my kinks again with Steampunk!Rodney art. GUUUUUUUUUH.
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30DD. They FIT!

Now ordering stuff off bravissimo website for trial...

:snerk: grabbed Lissy (who's wailing about being a 32e, but a very comfortable 32e), going 'oo, look, the purple one would look good on you', then glance up on hearing a 'hmm' that sounded a bit deep for either of us, and see two of the lads doing the thinky pose whilst staring at the webpage. 'Don't mind us. we think this is necessary and a serious subject too.'

of course, I have to be doing this on the morning after the Reasons to start the 'Open Source Swift Kick in the Balls Project', part the first. explodes. Many more people have been more articulate than me. Because we really *need* more objectification and being prized for our bodies, not our minds. Or to put it another way : your inability to get laid and social fuckwittery is not my issue to fix.

And yeah. I'm saying this as a costumer, someone who is pretty touchy feely, has no personal space and is a paid up member of the Seamstress Guild who runs around conventions wearing bugger all clothing. Of course, Seamstress Guild has been known to fine people for unlicensed oggling, let alone touching, which would result in swift elbow to the throat.

:deep breath: on a lighter note, Tosh is very upset about what Jack thinks the internet is for. Yes, [livejournal.com profile] snowballjane, another one to watch with your hand clamped over your mouth. While you double-click. (heather mutters about the original broadway cast being nowhere near as good as the london one.)
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http://steammmpunk.livejournal.com/17975.html - go and worship [livejournal.com profile] steammpunk because heather's kinks have been hit so thoroughly by the pretty that her brain is making 'bibble' noises.

Because YOU need songs in the style of an emo teenager... who happens to be a zombie.

The song's the 'just mizunderstood MP3' link on the latest edition

Another one: an endangered woodpecker with a still for illegal moonshine, bluegrass-stylie.


Still need to kill Morag for earworming me with them.

Oh, and the torchwood fandom's quest to vid the Spamalot songs has been added to : Captain Jack : he likes to dance a lot. Try not to die laughing.
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For all of those who're fans of Tosh and get frustrated over how little screentime she gets, I present Whatever happened to Tosh's Part?, a fanvid set to a song from Spamalot. It is al kinds of awesome with fabulous clip choices and editing.

Huh. Today appears to to be the day for highly amusing torchwood fanvids : Bad Touch, Jack/Ianto.
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The latest one is the one where you buy and sell your flist as pets. (said flist doesn't actually have to have the application installed, it's more like pokemon)

I currently own my brother, several of my workmates, some con mates, and most of the DJ crew. Except one of Damien's mates keeps buying him off me. And then occasionally buying me. Most of the time another con person buys me back. (he's had about 60% of my ownership) Not quite sure why. Sadly, I can't afford to buy either of them because they're up in the 20k realms due to being longer term players. It's mostly a case of 'hoi! gimme back my pet!' as, like 99% of the urge to buy.

Seeing how long it'll take before I get bored of it, but as I only started it yesterday.... It's more interactive than the aquarium thing, which lasted all of 48 hours.

In other news, it's Torchwood fanvid rec time!

The crackiest crack ever. You've probably seen this one recced all over your flist. Jack. Song is Papa Don't Preach. Yes, now let your mind wander places....

Time after Time, Jack/Ianto - sweet and a bit angsty. Rather well done.

Ianto Ianto Ianto - set to Amy Winehouse's Amy Amy Amy - pure glee.

Chasing Cars - Jack/Ianto/team - set to Snow Patrol. also good.
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http://slipstream-chan.livejournal.com/420036.html - Firefly. It's Jayne. Now, um, add Cupid. (not the show, Eros). With um... oh god. JUST READ.


Mar. 2nd, 2008 12:53 am
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OMG. [livejournal.com profile] toscas_kiss wrote 007/Villiers. And she says there may be more to come. Heather will recover her brain sometime later, honest...
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Barrowman talk at Olivier - John and his sister Carole being interviewed by one of the Loose Women. Nothing we didn't already know, mostly his childhood and family stuff from the book, but animated and adorable - great seeing John interact with Carole, if nothing else. oh, and John hauled out Scott who, er, it turned out was sitting on the end of the row four or so rows below us and I'd been so busy chatting with [livejournal.com profile] conjunkie and [livejournal.com profile] indiefairy pre-show that I failed to spot him in the audience. I am a bad, bad fangirl obsessive. Considering me and [livejournal.com profile] fairyd123 were doing the 'oooo, there's Scott! ooo, lookit, Gavin!' at the Jerry Herman, and the Barrowmanfans row were going 'over there! Scott!' at Friday Night Project and we do this at stage doors, I feel so... so... oh god. I am such a failure when I can't spot my obsession's exceedingly gorgeous hubbie at such close range. :goes to commit fan-girl hara-kiri in shame:

Then queued and chatted with [livejournal.com profile] indiefairy and [livejournal.com profile] conjunkie and girlie I know from older BtvS/Angel cons. Squeaked when faced by John 'um, Heather, thankyou' whilst probably flushing bright red, and then grinned and was completely normal with Carole - asked her if she had her own fanclub yet, she mentioned the fact that the website she keeps up for her students now has a bunch of new visitors who read her blog - and a bunch of us piped up and went 'it's funny and a good read! And has amusing photos!'. (:sigh: [livejournal.com profile] indiefairy and I conferred notes on how certain actors do this. I can chat and giggle with a bunch of sci-fi actors, discuss media political spin with some, Vegas hotel rooms with others, bluetooth stuff, lewd remarks, ask weird and ridiculous questions on mic stands - but some you just completely clam up and go tongue-tied. In this case, I blame John for meeting my eyes. Stage doors, no problem coming up with a quip or going 'John, stop blinking', but... omigod. :wibble: Then stayed on in the foyer to chat fic with [livejournal.com profile] indiefairy and [livejournal.com profile] conjunkie where we talked good vids, bad vids, vid bunnies, good authors, bad authors, authors who just... don't work, and then talked about the puzzling people like [livejournal.com profile] ru_salki99 who started out as kind of shit, and visibly improved each fic in literally the past few weeks (she kept posting interesting summaries, so you tended to click out of curiosity, and she always wrote pretty short so it was only a couple of minutes out of your life) to the point where we were going 'read! you must read this damn fic!' that she posted today. (it's Ianto if he came through the rift from 1953 in Out of Time instead of John. It is... oh, the idea's executed so *well*.)

Hmm. regarding this, I always get surprised when people recognise me in fandom situations - it's got to the point where at Barrowman whatsits I no longer go 'wtf?' when the regulars go 'hi' at them, Cons I never bother about being recognised because I'm sodding well *known* for being the blonde who isn't wearing very much - we did a bit of musing and then all told [livejournal.com profile] indiefairy, after doing a bit of 'weird places I have been recognised as a fandom person by another fandom person' (mine is an out of the way train station - admittedly I did trump it by having long blonde hair and having a sword stuck down my back) that actually, there aren't that many blondes at cons as a whole. Far more brunettes and redheads and ex-blondes who hide it with hair dye. Hence why yours truly can actually describe herself as 'the blonde'. But still. Unless it's a specific situation where I'm seeing people for the third or so time, I *always* expect that people will not remember me as anything more than a face in the crowd. And this is from someone who is known for being loud and arrogant in company. Huh. Wonder if it's sidekick mentality or what. :shrugs: Oh well, it's probably healthier and more well-adjusted than not, especially in big crowd contexts and I never expect actors to remember me, unless it's people like Jonathan Woodward or Neil Roberts or others who I've stood all night drinking in bars with. Most remember me *during* the con due to me being question-asking monkey during talks (mostly along the lines of 'thankyou for asking so many questions'), but I sure as hell don't expect them to remember me at the next one.
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[livejournal.com profile] ironicbees is at it again with the pretty, pretty jeeves and wooster art.


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