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Inception boys do Croup/Vandemar on a mark.

Why - no, really, how did this not exist before? Seriously, mind criminals and way to completely freak people out? (the Croup/Vandemar type - also see the Cleaners in To Catch a Thief, Travolta and Jackson in Pulp Fiction, etc also normally wears interesting suits.)

Plus? bonus reference that Eames forges into that will be giving me fucking nightmares.


Oct. 13th, 2010 11:08 pm
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Like everyone and their wife, I'm reccing teh Sherlock Mornington Crescent fic. In which Sherlock gets very peeved because John and Lestrade are playing a game he can't figure out the rules for.

Tom Hardy obsession is ramping up something chronic. Damn Inception. have been eyeing various bits of his oeuvre on youtube clips the past few days (he's one of those actors I knew existed, heard good things about his acting skills, thought was terribly pretty, but only ever seen in minor roles in Brit gangster films.). And now he's filming This Means War alongside Chris Pine, in the remake of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, and is now apparently being reported as getting some role (no idea what) in Batman 3. (once you're in with Chris Nolan and prove yourself to wear a suit well, you are *in*.) Boy's star is on the rise...

Finally watched Nine Queens last night after Rai passed it to me a few weeks ago because she loves it, thought I'd like it and wanted someone to talk to about it. (and like me does not believe in Hollywood remakes) Discovered something interesting. It's a film about 24 hours in the life of two conmen, interesting film rendered good by an awesome twist, very naturalistic with decent acting. Except. er. subtitles. You know how normally after about ten minutes you don't really register the subtitles, even when you don't speak a hint of the language, unless they get something really bloody wrong (see Crouching Tiger's subtitles' insistence on all characters calling Zhiyi Zhang's character by her formal name, that only her mother calls her on introduction to the character. Once. Rest of the film, everyone calls her 'Jen'.) and it's pretty easy to figure out what everyone's saying even when you look away from the screen for a bit? I have no problem with Cantonese, Japanese, French in pure dialect/slang, Russian... but apparently I have a problem with Spanish. I kept having to concentrate like fuck on reading the dialogue to keep up with what was going on and rewinding if my attention at all flickered. Think it was because it was very talky and none of the body/facial language cues were familiar. (Japanese is easy when it comes to this. Show a Japanese comedy to a British audience, they're in tears - the social rules/behaviours are similar enough to translate perfectly)

Adventures in clothing. Having got sick of bootleg jeans' tendency to let cold gusts up one's legs during the cold season and not tuck into boots, have been on the lookout for some straight leg. Accelerated by one pair of my jeans' seams getting worn as wells as developing a hole on inner thigh. You can't see it, but it's growing. Which has been a bastard. Given that I have very muscled legs, fashion's current cut does not like me. And their current definition of 'straight leg' also seems to mean 'tight on the calf but without the stretch of skinny'. So, in river island, in fitting rooms, having discarded them, and decide I might as well try the bloke's version. Which...fits really well, the fitting room assistant being a bloke is really helpful on fit and how much they'll stretch and what you want to look out for (also asked what I needed them for when assessing fit). and they're button-fly and £5 cheaper than womens. the slightly roomier crotch is a bit odd, but yay! Huh. And it turns out 30" leg on mens is the regular length. on women it's the short.

rec time!

Oct. 11th, 2010 05:00 pm
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Inception Royal Ballet!AU. yes, you heard me.

I have weaknesses. I'm not afraid to admit it. And this is gorgeously written, Arthur-POV Eames/Arthur and has Dom and Miles as Co-directors and Mal as principal female and Ariadne as a terribly perky member of the corps and Yusuf the sadistic physio.

And then she goes and has it that Eames was the Swan/Stranger in Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake earlier in his career. Which is NOT FAIR. Sadly it's not for very much, but the images are enough to make me something chronic and my New Adventures-obsessed hindbrain is now pointing out Tom Hardy's little resemblances to Brick Shithouse and Richard Winsor. :kicks it: No, really, brain, stop whining about New Adventures-focussed AUs and Billy Elliot fic.

rec time!

Feb. 9th, 2010 02:17 am
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You like Mary Morstan? This fic induces the flail. It was in response to this prompt :

'The first three made such a good team that they decided to go into business (and bed) together doing spy/detective sorts of things, and Mary decides she'd rather participate than be left on the sidelines and lose Watson. She could handle most of the administrative/legal stuff. Do want: Mary learning to be badass, femmeslash, a nice, happy, porny foursome. If you can wrangle it, I want to see Mary and Holmes have sex with each other for the first time (in the context of group sex) and learning to get along.'

Imagine Me and You (and you and you)

And now imagine an adrenaline-hyped Mary dirty with smoke, holding a pistol and getting Holmes out of an incredibly sticky situation.


:composes letter: 'Dear Mr. Ritchie, for christmas I would like...'
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6105 / 50000

Another 2k down, which Sam mostly spent thinking Ed may be attractive, but he's a tosser. Problem was I got distracted midpoint by going off to read a good third of In the City of the Seven Walls* (you know you've read something a few times too many when you're scrolling through for the exact point of the story you want to read it from, muttering 'nope, too early, so-and-so hasn't died yet') and all of With Six You Get Eggroll**. Which is kinda counterproductive to writing. Though at least when I went 'oh shit, stop reading City of the Seven Walls, it's 1:30am and you have to write and it's depressing you. This is not conducive to writing witty banter.', checking my word count it turned out I'd nearly passed the 2k mark and only had to write a couple more sentences to finish off the scene.

Pondering what percentage of slang that you pick up is on purpose/conscious and what is unconscious. I know I started using 'owt' because I liked it. And why do all the people who dismiss or pooh-pooh slang miss the fact that slang or dialect words often describe a specific concept that the original word doesn't quite encompass? (for the best example, see the English language and all the Norman French we incorporated - the French words translate as very similar, but because of the specific situation they came to be used in, came to mean slightly different things - or sometimes quite different in the case of mouton - just means 'sheep' in french, but due to it being used by the upper classes who only came into contact with sheep when it was on the plate, it became the word for the meat. Also see 'formal' speech.)

*Giant, complex, highly depressing SGA AU where Rodney and John get taken as slaves for two years and the repercussions of when they finally escape. Warning : not fun, and explores precisely all the ways that kind of thing fucks you up and how the military would deal.

**If you're a Due South fan and haven't read this, you fail. RayK and Fraser adopted a passel of kids sort-of-by-accident. It's a Speranza fic, which should provide you with all the info you need.
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Updated [profile] merlin_ljguide, which is as usual every few months.

OOooo. [profile] amerlinworld - the first few were done for a fic about merlin as a webcomic artist in the merlin 'verse doing A Softer World, and now she's continuing it. YAY.

Boiler is playing up in the 'having to turn it off for 5mins occasionally'. wo0t. Started doing it before parentals buggered off to the far side of the world, but it's sodding annoying when I suddenly have no heat in the house.

Off to see Julie Fowlis tonight. WHEEEEEEEEEE.

it's very weird to hear Cobra Starship on the radio, instead of it being a mates and people you know through the internets obsession. And it's very mild lyrics-wise compared to half the stuff I heard about their first album. Where, pray tell, are the basements?

Went to see an installation in Kingsway tram subway last night with Jane and Megs. It was shut off years ago when different building work went through and is mostly used for storing stuff now. Fascinating, strange machinery, and round that, everyone was gleefully taking photos of the walls and old posters. We want more Neverwhere and Neverwhere fic nao, pwease.
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national express, Divine Comedy for star trek.

Further shit at work. some my own devising, and piled on top of that something completely out of left field, in the WTFBBQ section.
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Oh, [livejournal.com profile] paintedspires, bringing so much of the pretty....

SGA in the style of alphonse Mucha. Heather is now dead. very dead.

Art Nouveau circus posters!

SGA as con artists! (also a link to fic in the same vein) The whiteboard of planning!

You know, it's very scary when an old sixties tv show merges so well. Seriously. Wild Wild West (which I have never seen) with John and Rodney - she has screencaps. In which the body language is almost identical to some sga screencaps. and the body type. Head exploding now.


Dec. 3rd, 2007 07:54 pm
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Right, that's three pressies out of the way....

Now...er... fourteen to go. AUGH. And one secret santa at work.

Why must I have so many bloody cousins? I suppose I should be glad that I don't have to buy for the four half-cousins as well.

Currently giving thanks that I haven't been blind-sided by bunnies as soon as nano finished.

Rec time! Fantabulous Tosh/Det. Swanson fic. With a rather unusual structure that just works. There needs to be more Tosh/Kathy.

...Sometimes I really wish I kept the robin hood comms on a different flist page, if only for the weekend when they explode and I have to go read all the damn things for mod purposes.

In cornwall. heating appears to be on blink. fuck. (for those who don't know Cornwall weather/housing, this is, although warmer than the rest of the country, damp and windy and largely victorian - high ceilings and so on. IE, cold.)

Lord knows how the SUP handover's going to go.
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word count achieved. I rule. Now I just have to keep it up until friday. and, er, figure out a detailed *plot*

[livejournal.com profile] samphirette, I'm pretty sure the sixth ticket is yours - need to figure out arrangements. Will you be meeting us in Brum or what? Need to book hotel space.

oh, and of course, a gap looks like it's finally appearing schedule (or at least nano's out of the way), so I can figure out when I can give blood. Couldn't give for ages due to tattoo, have been getting several begging letters... and now I'm starting to get a cold. Which disqualifies me until it's cleared up. JOY.

(for those who don't know, Blood donor services will kick you out if you're even vaguely sniffling. This is along with having visited the dentist or hygienist in the past 24 hours, low iron levels, you name it. The fact that I have to tick the 'ever lived in a malarial country' box probably means that they only use a tiny bit of my blood as it is. Possibly just the plasma. Who knows.)

[livejournal.com profile] bethynyc wrote De-Lovely fic! She wrote De-Lovely fic with Jack and Cole that is during the slow path years and it is actually *good* and EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (thinking about it, and yes, I've written it as personal canon that it happens during the slow path years - 1931 or '32, to be specific, to fit around Astaire filming 'Flying Down to Rio', considering Jack-the-actor's age/shyness/poutiness, I'm thinking it's probably more likely it happened during his time agent/two missing years period. I doubt Jack would've spent long enough on a con that would be plausible to cover the time needed to establish yourself as a reliable leading musical actor, not to mention the amount fo time you'd be expected to commit to a run, *and* then there's the affair with Cole Porter - the movie makes a point of establishing Jack-the-actor as *definitely* not one of his fly-by-nights.)

nano prep

Oct. 31st, 2007 02:12 pm
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Knackered. Caffeine not helping. Have to start nano tomorrow (which means getting off my arse and charging/formatting my pda again and hunting down the just-in-case AAAs I have for the foldaway keyboard - have not used said PDA for a good couple of months). Been trying to insert more details for peace of mind but not really succeeding.

Tasks : get round to finding how long the Algiers -> Tunis train takes. Been meaning to do it for ages, just never got round to it even though it's technically the easiest of all the research.
Watch relevant bits of Enigma tonight for the Jeremy Northam factor and the fact that the first couple of scenes are actually *set* in Bletchley.
Figure out which CDs I want for soundtrack. Suspect there will be large amounts of swing and soundtrack music figuring in it due to era.
Ponder if it's worth sorting through icons folder and uploading new ones for [livejournal.com profile] darkisrising. How is it I have bugger all in the way of Peter Wingfield icons? Must hunt and stalk Highlander icon comms.
Resign myself to the fact that it's going to take me weeks to catch up on flist. And tv. Am already two eps behind on Robin Hood.
Need to figure out which musical I want to see, as Spamalot proved a welcome addition last year.

Oh, and Torchwood Babies are out to kill you with cute again for Hallowe'en.
Back from Ha-Ha's. Their moules marinieres contain bugger all garlic, but their chips as ever are glorious.
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Some of you may remember the Torchwood Babies art I recced a while back. There's a full-on comic now... TEH CUTE, IT BURNS. I may be a small gibbering wreck now.

Ronon in a tutu manip. But, er, it doesn't actually look very silly. And my brain is half torn between trying to figure out whether it's going the Ballet de Trockadero de Monte Carlo (the blokes in full ballet drag in tutus and en pointe who take the piss) route or the Matthew Bourne route, which is so manly and thud-inducing that smelling salts are often required for the audience. Because, well, I can see him doing either - alternately giggly and pissed off or smouldering all over the stage. Ronon as The Swan. :swallows: For those familiar with the all-male Swan lake, I'll just let your brains absorb that image. Get back to me when you recover. :muses: Not entirely sure who'd be The Prince in that production, though - I can't think of anyone in the main SGA or SG-1 cast who'd be that lost, insecure and lacking in confidence - you'd have to do major character assassination to get anyone to even get close to it (though you could probably tweak early Xander or Willow from BtVS without a problem).

In other news, foolishly spent a good couple of hours yesterday evening tagging the entirety of [livejournal.com profile] thedarkisrising (ah, the power....). Four years worth. Still got 2006 to go. Course, now I found out that the template for that community doesn't show tags. Oh well. Least it'll show up on the flist. Internet Jesus knows how long it would take with a high-traffic community. Came across the first post about the car crash with added elephants and... oh, fandom. Your poor optimism and tentative hopefulness - because at that point, the narnia film hadn't come out yet so Walden were a completely unknown quantity aside from effects, and then the utter optimism and hope that we had post-Narnia. :cuddles and supplies DIR fandom with vodka: Oh, and found a pre-film rights bought and massacred post about fantasy casting. I'd completely forgotten my musings about Brian Cox as Merriman. Huh. Yeah, *definitely* better than Mckellen.


Sep. 6th, 2007 09:12 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] cesperanza just went and broke lj again. This time, the SGA side with Written By the Victors. Put aside 3 hours to read it, then take another half hour so your brain will stop making happy 'wheeeeeee!' noises.

[livejournal.com profile] megolas went and broke me this evening. I mentioned James Puresex cast as CJH, she gibbered, and then ten minutes later blithely pointed out this would mean James Puresex + Matt Rippy. I kept opening my mouth to say something and then having to close it again. Because. well. OHDEARGOD.

And once again, when I should trying to be get some of my backburner WIPs finished pre-nano, or actually planning nano, one of my original bunnies sat up today and said 'we would like to be re-written again! Yes, one of the original bunnies that has no actual coherent plot beyond concept. Fuck off, will you? Yes, the Apocalypse Albion fic has interesting bits, but there's no actual plot. (basically, Britain's overpopulation hits trigger time-bomb, releasing a plague from the ground and air that kills off everyone in the British Isles who's pure human. The only survivors are magic users, the weird happenings department, werewolf types, people who've been living on top of space-time rifts, people whose ancestors were present at the reality shift of Hackney in 1623, the towns that're on the gates of the Summer Country and thus are basically conduits for the Wild, etc. You get the picture. So the UK quarantines itself for five years until it can find out what the fuck it is and be absolutely sure the plague has gone.) Cue the depopulation of cities, having to keep stuff going, re-learning farming/subsistence living, etc. Britain becomes a ghost on the media airwaves as far as the rest of the world is concerned - loads of blogs, news reports, photostreams, etc, but no physical presence. The only communication it really gets during the five years is exchange at drop points at the closest islands that don't count as part of Isles land mass - the Channel Islanders are doing very nicely as the middleman, thankyou. The culture shifts, plus the almost complete de-credulisation. Bit difficult to claim you're psychic when five people are standing there asking why you can't see the ghost singing a song about a weasel right next to you. Then you get the gearing up and negotiations for the end of quarantine. Selling stuff they don't need or want anymore for cash and help with demolition and clean-up of the environmentally unsound bits because having tower blocks and most of the urban sprawl around is kinda stupid.

Which..er... leads to the email that turns up in the Greek Government's inbox asking when they want to figure out the arrangements for getting the Elgin Marbles shipped back. 'I, er thought the last time we discussed this the response was 'over our dead bodies'?' 'We should point out that those people are dead.'
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Over here, they're pondering the 'what if so and so wasn't available for casting at the time' game for Jack Harkness. Some er... *interesting* responses. And several stuck on american actors. My thoughts below.

First, the character wasn't originally written as American - he was supposed to be British (take your pick of which country) and it's only the fact that JB slipped into a US accent during one of the early read-throughs and they felt it fit the 'film glamour' image better that he's American (which of course influenced later things like costume and character reactions - though not necessarily Matt Rippy casting, since it's not absolutely essential that the closeted heroic self-sacrificer is American).

So, casting details as they originally were : Really good-looking classic 'film-star' looks with a slight 1940s bent, con-man, convincing in action scenes, and believable in the 'will shag anything and *can* get anything' category.

:scratches head on trying to get someone to fit entire package: - I remember them saying at the time that all of that pretty much narrowed it down to one person who was on the UK acting scene, ie, JB so... hoo boy. And even if you got all the briefing elements right, your Harkness would be quite different. Especially later eps, because after the first couple of eps/first season, they normally start writing to the cast actor's strengths.

James Purefoy could do it. (go watch Rome, then call me)
Daniel Craig - no problems.
Paul Bettany - nearly all of it. except I'm not sure how he'd handle the action man factor. never seen him with guns and running like mad. (the ruthless bastard part, no problem)
Dougray Scott - most of, not sure about seduce-anything
Jason Statham - *if* he could pull off the dashing RAF hero image.
Clive Owen - omnisexual... er.
Peter Wingfield - almost certainly, atch.

ETA: I started running the Captain Jack Harkness lines if spoken by James Puresex through my head on the way home. I... er... um. You know how we joke about Jack being a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen? Now imagine the 'And this is Ianto Jones, he cleans up after us and gets us everywhere on time. He also looks great in a suit.' sequence. Um. Oh dear god. Let's just say the jokey aspect of that bit? Really, really not so jokey.

And once again, [livejournal.com profile] ironicbees is trying to kill me dead from sheer pretty in the Jeeves and Wooster department. Though this time, not so much with the subtext. Allll about the text this time round. :happy sigh:
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Utterly. Shep as... :makes grabby hands: It's for the men and machines challenge, to give you some idea before you clicks. SHIIIINY.

:ponders if she may have read too much 2000 AD as a child:
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Oi, [livejournal.com profile] blythely, have you been influencing policy again? here.

Also : [livejournal.com profile] ponycake the plot for half the eps this upcoming S4 SGA
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[livejournal.com profile] ironicbees clearly has a mission. To make all Jeeves and Wooster fangirls DED FROM GUH over her pretty, pretty art illustrating certain scenes from the books. The expressions *alone*. No, really. Click. Dribble. I think the [livejournal.com profile] indeedsir comm has an unfair share of talented people. :muses: Or possibly it's the discerning influence of Plum. Ah, Wodehouse fandom. I do love that you are a fandom that has a self-imposed rule about narration in the correct voice.

Have finally figured out what it is I can get mum for her 60th. (it's on monday. Yes, I left it a bit late.) However, this means making a trip to Hamleys, with a possible side-venture to Forbes. Last time I was there, several years ago, I remember sniffing and labelling it a badly-organised tourist trap. Do not expect it to have changed.

Two barbecues this weekend. I predict my entire state to be stuffed and tipsy.


Aug. 23rd, 2007 12:43 am
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Just read a rather good piece of characterization AU of SGA as a high school american football team (Shep being the new coach that screwed up elsewhere, the marines being the team, Ronon and Teyla as assistants, scientists being teachers, Rodney subbing for Jeannie while she's on pregnancy leave). Over on [livejournal.com profile] parrotfic.

Of course, the actual mechanics of the play left me going 'er... no, still doesn't make sense. Why do you need padding to play a bastardised, not quite as skilled form of rugby?'

Does anyone know if they've ever made an American football team play a rugby team, and what the result was? (Of course, I wouldn't ask a pro US team to play against a national side. That would be ... well... rather nasty.) And now I have images of the antipodean members of the Atlantis expedition introducing Ronon to the concept of Jonah Lomu. Some time later, the sounds of the haka echo through the halls of Atlantis...
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Things you sometimes never really want to admit :

300 is a gorgeous piece of work. Frank Miller (especially when combined with Lynn Varley's colours) is a layout and composition genius. The utterly stunning visuals in the film couldn't have happened without the source material. However, I can't watch the film because the themes and bigotry and issues overlaying all those visuals make me want to lay about me with a machete, and then finish it off with some C4. As you may have heard, it's *worse* than the book's bigotry.

So, y'know, slight trepidation on the fact that I'm reccing a vid for 300.

Though, yes, sniggering at the fact that it sets it to Madonna's Vogue. Which... actually turns out to be the perfect song for this film that is all about the visuals and lingers so much on the posing and beauty of the pumped-up male form. You want to snigger and then just get blown away at the amazing timing and technical artistry the vidder's shown. (there's this thing she does with split screen and static colour stripes which is just... gah.) And there's the happy fact that reducing it to visuals means you don't have to cope with the skin-crawling stuff that's in the dialogue.

Go. Watch. Lum is a bad, bad person.
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Gah. Flat hunting. You do not want to know. There was a bathroom that we feared to step into in one place. And you know it's bad when the letting agent is trying to look embarassed in the corner.

On the other hand, suddenly there's a whole bunch of properties in the Tufnell park area that weren't there earlier today. Huh.

Phone battery being weird. It's been going within the day for a couple of days now, so I let it completely run down yesterday, but still doing it. And can't get a new phone for free for another couple of months. Yay.

Watching Holby City from last week. Peter Wingfield, please stop being that awesome.

Finished Deathly Hallows. Have had a couple of discussions at work about it, and one screamed 'LALALALALALA' from Gregor this morning when I asked Liss whereabouts she'd got up to. Reaction is... er. Not entirely sure. There were great wodges that could've been slimmed down, the usual JK failings, some characters were completely wasted - not near enough screentime - and some you just love way too much. I seriously don't remember loving Luna this much during OOTP. And I may need to start a fanclub for Kreacher just for a couple of one-liners. :muses: Maybe we ought to present the case to JKR that she needs to write a book about house elves and lunatics and snarky bitter potion masters and werewolves, (ie, the secondary characters with DEPTH) since I'm always more satisfied with her handling of their characters than I am ever of her heroes. But anyway : Fic about how it could've ended. It's H/D - no, seriously, don't run away, there's more snark than anything, it's told from Luna's POV and features the appearance of an 'I'm not shagging Harry Potter' t-shirt. It is awesome and funny and adorable at the same time.


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