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Or rather their propensity to have the heroine cut/tear them off whenever there's action required.

Excuse me while I groan because it's clear you've never actually seen material cut or torn. It's up there with the writers who tear a shirt off someone for the sex scene - do you know how difficult this actually is?

Anyway: Person is wearing a long skirt or dress and suddenly there's a fight scene requiring kicking, or they have to climb/run lots.

The writer thinks 'Oh noes! material in the way! I know, I shall get it out of the way quickly! Character undoubtedly has a knife/ can filch one off someone, cut and tear it off and Robert is indeed your mother's brother! She can get on with her fight/climb in all of ten seconds!'

Yeah. NO. Material and the construction of clothing doesn't work like that.
  • First, there's the material itself. Doesn't respond well to slashing with a knife - you might get a hole in it, but it'll take a good while to cut all the way through a piece. Several minutes. Faster with a good pair of sharp heavy-duty fabric scissors, but I somehow doubt your character has a pair of scissors on them, let alone a pair that would be any good for cloth cutting (have you seen fabric scissors, writer? They're bloody great heavy things, with *at least* 8-inch blades). If you must do this, make a small cut *at the edge*, grab the sides and pull. This will very noisily make a clean tear in the direction of the weave. And *only* in the direction of the weave. If the material was cut so the weave is on the diagonal - it'll tear in that direction. So you'll have a tear that... hasn't done all that much aside from split the skirt.

'But they make big slashing tears in curtains all the time on film!' I hear you say. Yeah. On film. Remember how that's not reality? Also, they have physics on their side. Curtain cloth has tension and weight due to the whole hanging from the ceiling factor, and isn't normally cut on the diagonal. And please note that they always cut *down*. no horizontal slashing here.
  • Second: 99% of clothing is not made of one piece of material, due to conservation of fabric, and that amazing thing known as design and getting it to hang right. Skirts are normally made of at least two panels sewn together. And the sewn part is normally reinforced with thread, and specifically made to be resistant to tugging and tearing. So even if you were lucky enough to make a horizontal cut/tear to the material, you'll run into a seam. And have to start cutting again, only this time it requires more strength and several goes.

So all this has taken a good ten minutes, and an awful lot of effort, which I doubt your character really has time for. Not to mention afterwards she'll be running around in a hacked off dress/skirt, which would a) look weird and b) be pretty much unusable afterwards. Clothing isn't cheap and the chances of spare stuff that'll fit hanging around is slim unless you're lucky enough to be in the middle of a residential area on laundry day.

'But how do I get the fabric out of the way so she can climb/fight?' I hear you wail.

(Never mind that it's actually quite possible to do this in a long skirt, women have been doing it for millennia, and yet there's a distinct lack of anecdotal evidence of them having to mend their skirts when they come back from doing this.)

Fear not, dear writer, I have a solution!


It's that simple. Takes about 30 seconds at most, and that's if you're hell bent on keeping it securely in place for ages. And by 'ages' I mean an extremely vigorous evening of dancing or similar. Several hours' worth. If all you're wanting is to get enough material out of the way for activity, you only have to do this with one side. Which takes all of 10 seconds. Ever read anything set prior to the 20th century, and the female character says something about 'kirtling' her skirts? This is what she's doing. Hitching them up enough to do vigorous activity with her legs free and securing them in place.

Yeah. So, given the option of grabbing the front of her skirt and tucking it into her waistband/knickers or knotting it or spending several minutes hacking uselessly at fabric with a knife she won't necessarily have access to?

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I knew a simple soldier boy
Who grinned at life in empty joy,
Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
And whistled early with the lark.

In winter trenches, cowed and glum,
With crumps and lice and lack of rum,
He put a bullet through his brain.
No one spoke of him again.

You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
Sneak home and pray you'll never know
The hell where youth and laughter go.

Suicide in the Trenches, Siegfried Sassoon.
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I knew a simple soldier boy
Who grinned at life in empty joy,
Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
And whistled early with the lark.

In winter trenches, cowed and glum,
With crumps and lice and lack of rum,
He put a bullet through his brain.
No one spoke of him again.

You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
Sneak home and pray you'll never know
The hell where youth and laughter go.

Suicide in the Trenches, Siegfried Sassoon.


Mar. 30th, 2011 10:57 am
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I swear, is there a rule that people who're hypochondriacs for other people are complete 'mustn't grumble' for themselves?

Mum had chest pains last night (no shortness of breath/rapid pulse/tingling/colour change/etc) and was going 'oh, I'm sure it's nothing, I'll just sit here for a bit.'
me: 'I'm phoning NHS direct.'
her: 'oh, you don't need to do that. I had them 6 weeks ago and it was nothing.'
me: :starts dialling:

Nurse told her to go A&E to get checked out after going through her symptoms, woke dad to take her to hospital, all while she's sighing 'I'm sure it's nothing, I don't want to be a nuisance'. Turned out to be nothing, but still. ARGH.

working from home today due to a) lack of sleep and b) keeping a beady eye on her.
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Bin out, boots polished, face mask on, nail polish off, new nail polish lurking waiting to go on, new top tried on and deemed lacking so that's going back (not sure how they managed to make it tight around the forearms of all places). Internet will now be gone on. Occasionally checking the updates on Egypt. so yeah, that's saturday.

In other, slightly more important news, my dept, the editorial office (admin-type stuff) and ed prod got an email at 4pm thursday to say that we had a mandatory short meeting at 2pm on friday. No clue what it was about, so of *course* wibbling started. Those of us with slightly more sensible heads reckoned it would be restructuring of some sort, as our workload had been steadily going up. Maybe the announcement of new heads of teams.

As it turned out, the wibblers were the right ones. Springer, who'd bought us a year and a bit ago, had decided that we weren't growing fast enough for their tastes what with other online open access publishers starting to cut in on our business model. never mind steadily growing by 5-10% each year. No, they want us to be growing 5-10 *times*. Which can't be acheived in house. So, outsourcing while they cut the London jobs by 60% (most depts are 36-ish, to be cut to 15-ish), and have to re-apply for the new posts. Liverpool office is going entirely by march 2012. Editorial office cuts will be finalised by June. Our lot - Ed prod and Production - are going to be finalised by March 2012. This isn't completely confirmed, but it's looking like bloody likely.

Most of us spent an hour or so being shell-shocked. Those of us who were grumbling about updating our cvs before this've been given a decent kick up the arse and at least we've got a year to find a job and figure out what we want to do. Fingers crossed.
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Am avoiding the tv. We have used the twitter tag #activatethequeen. I'll stop wincing in a minute and prepare to sacrifice the weatherman for electoral reform and another election in six months.

In the meantime, to calm my nerves, I'll rant about fanfic tropes instead.

Have discovered that the one that pisses me off the most? It's not rape. It's not ultra-violence. It's not really bad h/c. It's not 'I have read about cancer so i will make character x suffer through the whole experience in full medical detail'. Nope. Turns out to be eating disorders.

Seriously. WHY? Is it that you want them to suffer delicately and prettily without the blood and pain of violence? It's the new h/c, it must be. with added route to salvation if everyone around them loves them enough and they *finally learn to love themselves. :smacks the authors doing this: If this was the 19th century, you'd be bloody writing the characters with TB, only that's got no way out. But they can survive for years coughing delicately...

I have read decent mental disorder fic. I have seen really damn plausible mental disorder fic. Often written as horror story. The really good ones leave a gaping hole in you. I have yet to see a fucking plausible eating disorder (which yes, is a mental disorder too) fic. And stunningly, the characters they *give* eating disorders aren't even the ones you could handwave as having an eating disorder since the actors now look like skeletons - or are stated to starve themselves in canon.


Second, unrelated: 'reel_insertfandomhere' challenges are rather popular, where you adapt a film and create a poster or fic. Some have been really, really fucking good. Take beloved characters, insert into beloved screwball comedy/action helmer/horror story. What's not to like, seeing how, say, the crew of Serenity would turn out if you'd chucked them into Pirates of the Caribbean? It's an AU with set rules. Star Trek loved doing it on the show.

Sometimes they just take the world - there was an amazing Bladerunner adaptation (WITH TRAILER, HOMG) which took fandom x's characters, chucked them into the world, and then went to infinity and beyond with the plot.

Sometimes they pretty faithfully follow the plot of the film but keep the fandom characters intact. Admittedly it helps if the original fandom is sci-fi/historical so there's a grand tradition of modern-day/this world AUs. There's a good Merlin version of The Proposal. it's even funnier when you see which characters they've decided to use for the cameos.

What you *don't* do, under any circumstances, is have the characters extensively quote the film lines. You might as well have just done a search/replace with the names. in fact, I've seen one I could have sworn just did with Some Like it Hot in [livejournal.com profile] reel_torchwood.

I'm now going to hide from reality and watch more SCC.


Mar. 5th, 2010 10:56 pm
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Wallet got nicked on the tube this morning. had been praying to the FSM that it'd just fallen out of my bag at home, but a thorough ransacking of the house yielded no wallet.

So, reported to police for crime report number, stopped cards, phoning the DVLA tomorrow (not 24 hours like banks - one irish, one indian, one american for those). But yeah, week without cards. BUGGER. Trekking to the bank for money is not going to be fun. I just hope the credit cards arrive within a couple of days like last time; I hold no hope for my switch card. Oh, and I owe Jenny at work a fiver for lunch money today.

Got a follow up call to say that it'd been transferred to the British Transport police, so called them back after dinner, and boy are they thorough. Full description of self, contents of wallet, place on the train (cctv records), and got victim support number given to me. 'Er, what for?' 'Well, I've heard that not having any money to go out on the weekend is very traumatic.' (he was also doing the 'how come it only takes a couple of days for them to give you a new card but takes a week for them to replace a stolen one?' grumble - clearly a man who's been through it)

New Barrowman album = good. But the man is a FREAK. 10s? That's the type of 'bloody hell, how long are they holding it for?' time. You occasionally hear performers go up to 17s when they're really taking the piss. Heard Barrowman do it before, and he does it on 'One Night Only' on this album. However, 'I Won't Send Roses' - 25s. HOW? No, seriously, HOW? Please tell me they had some machinery that did that during recording.
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I knew a simple soldier boy
Who grinned at life in empty joy,
Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
And whistled early with the lark.

In winter trenches, cowed and glum,
With crumps and lice and lack of rum,
He put a bullet through his brain.
No one spoke of him again.

You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
Sneak home and pray you'll never know
The hell where youth and laughter go.

Suicide in the Trenches, Siegfried Sassoon.
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got phone bill. it's got an extra £20's worth data charges to orange internet. given I'm supposed to have unlimited, see me ring up orange in rage. turns out my new contract didn't kick in for a good couple of weeks after I got the new phone and contract and the shop people didn't explain this. Customer service boy : 'go in, yell, and get a refund.' Orange shop people, your incompetence is fucking scary. (kind of a shame since the Camden Orange shop was a place of funny, charming, ridiculously good-looking phone geeks who remembered what problems you'd had with your phone three months ago. Clearly I was spoiled.)

Went to Michael Feinstein charity concert last night, (JB as featured guest, no prizes for guessing why I booked...) which was pretty good. apparently he's all about the Gershwin, Sinatra, etc. Was sat next to an American Barrowman fan who was in the country to see La Cage (her experience had no prop mishaps. Considering all the stories I've heard from the list o'nutjobs, this is practically unheard of) and do some sight-seeing who informed me that he's rather well-known over there. We were up in row L of the upper circle at the Palladium which is the ultimate of nosebleed seating - full view of the stage, sound's no problem, but we made the executive decision to wait until one minute pre-performance to scramble. I believe we ended up in Row F. Anyway. Most entertaining, fun banter, the boy believes in listing precisely who wrote and arranged each song, as well as the year and source if it's a musical. JB came on, hear the applause triple. Felt a bit sorry for Feinstein having to compete with the hometown boy for applause. They duetted on 'You're the Top', JB trotted out the usual of 'I won't send roses' and 'Anything Goes '. Which he managed to screw up the lyrics for. ....Seriously. I've heard him sing this song at FSM knows how many appearances. Admittedly a decent recovery, but *still*. Anyway, most entertaining, but I'm not sure it was quite worth the trip.

Nano, I of course spent most of the day procrastinating, staring at a blank screen or watching Strictly Come Dancing clips. As usual, speed typing only set in ten minutes before I was due to leave the house. Still, got 2k done which isn't too shoddy. Hopefully if I keep up 2k a day average I should be able to compensate for the days my social life kicks in. (and sacrificing small animals to [profile] warren_ellis in hopes that no more social life than I have advance warning of happens to me)
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There are things in this life I have come to accept.

One is that, being blonde, nicely shaped, and short (and therefore not threatening) means that you will get a certain type of bloke calling out 'hey, pretty girl, talk to me, what's your name?' whilst walking to destinations (and yes, this includes when they haven't even seen your face - blonde, short and curvy is enough as far as this type is concerned). To which you tend to not reply or go 'none of your business'. Reponse from them is normally 'Come on, talk to me, what's the rush', etc. After about fifty yards they tend to get the picture.

Yesterday afternoon, walking through Russell Square, one of them sees me coming and starts up with it. I ignore him and keep walking. Only thing is? When I'm passing him, he grabs at my arm. Fucking *grabbed* at me. Fortunately, it didn't take and keeping walking pulled my arm out of his hand. And yes, he did keep going with the 'what's your rush?' as I kept walking. And then about a hundred yards out of the park, passing the British Museum, I hear him again with a 'come on, talk to me, oh well, at least I get to watch you walk, keep shaking those hips'.

To say that I was skeeved and a wee bit freaked out is a given. If the grab had held, there would have elbows, fists, screaming and yells of assault (which it is).

Fucking grabbing at a passer-by? Who does that? Under what fucking circumstances is that acceptable?
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Outlook died on me (turned out to have been a version that tried to update and failed, leaving me with two dll files which greatly confused it). So in the quest for worksafe entertainment, I went looking up bsg stuff. one hour later : So. Bored. (boss had said she'd email IT, and if they didn't reply in an hour, phone them. She never told me that they hadn't replied, and it also turned out they never received said email. She now insists that she'd told me to phone them straight off. :strangle:)

So, new whatsit : wikipedia v. good for entertainment purposes when it's real life historical and science and so on (let me tell you of the lunchtimes I've lost to following the links in the tudor, stewart and plantagenet history section. 'oh, so this person was shagging... huh, and it turns out they're the great granny of...'). Dull as ditchwater when it comes to fictional.

Wish to hit Firefox. With the new comp, I dl'd the latest version, 3.5, which'd been working on previous comp. had made a list of all the themes/add-ons that make my life easier. And it turns out that if said add-ons haven't been updated for 3.5 and you're *starting* with 3.5, it won't bloody install them, even though they were working fine if you'd previously updated from an old version. Now that's a fucking stupid bug. Because firefox updates faster than the poor sods who make these nice little add-ons.
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:eyeroll: save me from crash dieters who don't believe that your body weight and shape changes as you get older. And when you try to point out that it does and there's probably a reason why you can't shift those inches, you're told you're not being sympathetic. Never mind that she's been pretty consistently an 8-10 for a year since she left uni.

'I'm not snacking, I'm exercising, I'm eating salad and soup and it's still not going!' (she's now going on the Atkins. Suggesting that she might as well do any diet that is less calories than your supposed to be intake was shot down and wailed at. As was my suggestion that if she's really that desperate, she should go on the drink and piss diet.)

Seriously. It's so bloody boring when they start calorie-obsessing. I'm constantly told to shut up when I point out that I don't calorie count and eat what the hell I want because this is clearly being smug, rubbing it in and not helping. Even when I point out why I can do this : there's this magical thing called exercise. My route home involves approx 4 miles of walking that I have no choice about. (They also say that I have a great figure with no problems, even when I point out that I'm a 12 and they're 10s. And yes, I'd like my stomach podge and some of my thighs and arse to go. It'll go gradually if I increase the jogging and didn't eat chocolate. Which I'm realistic in accepting is not likely to happen anytime in the near future.)

And before you ask, yes, these are the kind of people who'll debate the merits of diet coke vs. coke zero because coke zero has half a calorie less... and then go eat crisps or cake-type snacks. And ice cream. And yes, miss Atkins appears to forget that she has been eating crisps and ice cream this past week. Suspect pointing this out would elicit screaming, though.

You may have heard this rant before.
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oh, that was special

my mouse is acting up. I need a new one. Due to some extremely stupid bad posture a couple of years ago, I screwed up tendons in my shoulder and hand to the point that I can't use a normal mouse (buttons operated with first two fingers) at work for more than five minutes without being in pain. I need a trackball that gets with big ball in middle, buttons operated by thumb and little finger, which everyone refers to as my Star Trek mouse. (usual trackball mice, you still have to operate with first two fingers)

So, request a new one. They ask me for the type and model number. I hunt it down, manager sends in request. Today, package. Open it, and... it's the bog standard trackball mouse. They clearly read 'trackball' and couldn't be arsed to read any further even though they'd specifically requested model number and type. Best bit, though? I did a google on the mouse they'd sent me. On amazon, it's £32.99. The price off the website for the mouse I want is £19.99. £14.99 on amazon. :headdesk:
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Dunno how many of you read the Times or if this has been linked yet, but remember that whole thing about ultra-skinny models, and the magazines saying it's the designers and the designers saying it's the magazines?

It's the designers. Alexandra Shulman, UK editor of Vogue recently sent a letter to designers, telling them to stop sending such bloody small sample sizes, since they're having extreme difficulty trying to find models that're really underweight who'll fit those clothes made for apparent stick insects with no hips or breasts. They're having to photoshop the resulting pictures to make the models appear like they have *some* flesh on them. (it's worth reading all four links to get the varying bits - sadly, online doesn't have the comparison of original photo of catwalk vs. tweaked for magazine the print version did. You think the models in magazines look stupidly skinny. nothign compared to the famine victims on the catwalk.) Sure, the clothes that appear in the shops several months down the line from the debut come in (shock! horror!) size 12 and so on, but the stuff that goes down the catwalk and in the magazines is the sample collection.


Sadly, one of these articles points out that we're not going to get any result until someone of real major influence like Anna Wintour takes up the banner - and she's notorious for loving skinny, to the point that she looks unhealthy in real life.
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Dammit. Girlie shopping last night, problem being that by the time we got to Topshop (the original reason for *going*) it was late enough that everyone else wanted to go home so I had to go in by self and couldn't get second opinion on dresses.

The style fits, they both look great, just can't decide on colour :

http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=true&catalogId=19551&storeId=12556&categoryId=162922&parent_category_rn=42344&productId=1167170&langId=-1 - blue one
http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=true&catalogId=19551&storeId=12556&categoryId=162922&parent_category_rn=42344&productId=1186611&langId=-1 - yellow one


'course, they all managed to find stuff that looked great on them in H&M. Dammit.

Today's Dilbert? Showed it to Lissy and she went 'have they been reading our emails?' :twitch: We have never used this excuse with latex files. never. ever.

Hee. Got an email with 'temp receptionist wanted', I pouted because it meant that ridiculously competent temp's time was up, asked office manager if this was true. it is, sadly, but it turns out ridiculously competent temp is now going full time in horribly understaffed HR. So that's some silver lining. (We've done it before, we'll do it again. it's a good way of trialling people.)

Tracklisting been revealed for Daniel Boys' album. (large amounts of what I suspect is cheese, I think it's unavoidable on musical theatre performers' solo albums. It's like a disease.) One of the ones listed is 'They Don't Make Glass Slippers' and I'm hoping like hell that it's the Stiles and Drewe one from Soho Cinders because it was a lovely song when Gareth Gates sang it, and Daniel is far more talented than the Gates boy.

Hmp. Does anyone know if any of those lash-curling mascaras work? The No.7 I'm using doesn't smudge *as much* as all the others, but I still get smudges due to having short eyelashes. Lash curlers make them look really bloody odd and bent.

Oh good god. Not another american article on the trend of twenty-somethings getting tattoos. Besides the fact that your observations are about ten years out of date - tattoos being commonplace started in the late nineties, you're still trotting out that tired and completely out of touch line about tattoos being about rebellion and trying to be individual, and 'there's so many of them trying to be individual that it makes them an amorphous mass'. Flying Spaghetti Monster give me strength. Getting inked is about decoration or personal meaning. it always has been, and you're a fucking nitwit if you're getting it for rebellion. I think the last people to do it for effect were punks. (middle-class art students rebelling for effect and attention)
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Where they de-ranked 'adult' content, and removed various books from the search results - large amounts of gay content, rape, feminism, but oddly, not Playboy. Can't see what they're doing there, can you? Dear author explains why the ranking thing is so important to sales

here's hoping they grovel. And lose a fuckload of custom. Sadly, not mine, because i stopped buying from Amazon a long time ago when play.com started being my baby - easily searchable, lack of 'wtf' 'you bought this, why not buy this' results, and free shipping.
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boss clearly paranoid. he sees me shaking my keyboard, i tell him it's gummed up with crumbs... next thing I know he's asking what keyboard I want. Seriously, he was in the process of ordering me a new one. Cue me going 'er, no, there were just some crumbs stuck in it, they're gone now.' it's very nice, but I come from the school of 'if it's not broke, don't fix it'. My keyboard and screen are the only things on my computer that work perfectly (aside from my keyboard being filthy). And I only just permission from IT to defrag my computer this morning in the current mission to get my computer to work properly. Not to mention I found ten ancient user profiles on it - with added 'excuse me, *who* was using my computer?'.

pouting because some bastard stole my biscuits over the weekend. Rabid attack ninjas at the ready.

Woot. fandom misogyny rears its ugly head.

Robin Hood, the sheer amount of 'I hate Kate, she's stupid!' in the comments for the new ep... dear fucking god. No, seriously, the point is that she's a village girl, she's angry, she's scared and desperate and amazingly doesn't view the merries as saviours to be worshipped since they do cause a fuck load more attention and thus more reprisals for the peasants, she's never done rescue missions and doesn't know how to plan so of course she's lashing out and making mistakes. (I rather like this, since it's a new POV and she's acting realistically for the situation, not to mention the first timer mistakes.) But no, she's had a total of 15 minutes on screen and didn't fall in with them immediately, and because she's been announced as the new girl in all the promo material and is daring to replace Marian, she must DIE and get off our screens NOW. :eyeroll: Bet if she was a cute bloke who did all of this, they'd be going 'oh, woobie!' Of course, they all adore Tuck. And the antagonist of the ep. Clue, people. The reason the merries weren't fucking up in the planning and fighting and subeterfuge was because Robin and Much had been serving in the holy Land. Marian didn't fuck up too much as the Nightwatchman because she'd been doing it for years by the time we saw her. If they'd gone with the raw peasant angle of the legend, we would indeed have been seeing all of the mistakes Kate made. Rather glad that Djaq *hadn't* been announced as new permanent member of cast ahead of time when she started, since we'd probably have been getting this much hate if not more.
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The problem with listening to the folk music strand : lots of gaelic, fiddles, mournful, lost love... and then occasionally you get blindsided by the utter filth. Dear Corries, I did not need to have 'Maids when you're young' (live version) hit me in the middle of checking an article on cancer. Innappropriate giggle fits much?

Discovered I have very fucking low tolerance for American groups singing stuff about the black and tans (pov of either side) and anything that encourages uprising. Irish, no problem. Guess it's the whole 'Do you have any fucking idea what you're talking about? Do you live in the British Isles? No? Then you can fuck right off.' leftover from the Troubles. Which has probably caused my knee-jerk reaction whenever anyone's shilling for various causes that involve arms and bombing like Palestine, because you have no bloody idea where the money's going. or the details of the various sides. (excuse me, semi-rant over)

Out of curiosity, I was wondering about last.fm's licensing of music - do they pay fees like a normal radio station? (Alasdair, any idea from your musician mate if this is included in the 'ways of making money as an artist that don't require a major label'?

Hee. Just got put onto Fluke : Atom Bomb. Oh, early teens memories - used to come back from diving lessons, watch the rest of Live and Kicking, then switch to ITV's Chart show, dad playing on the computer in the background. This came on, with an amazing video game anime video. Monday, I bought it after school, put it on to listen to. Dad walks in. And then sheepishly produces the single from his briefcase. (different variant mixes, it turned out, so we could tell whose was whose) I'm never sure if that was a hit or not.

Gah. must bring in the wrist warmers. draft + keyboard use = necessary.
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yay. Got a call first thing this morning from M&S to tell me my card was used for a tiny amount last night. I didn't use it, so that's me waiting 7-10 days for a new one... wo0t. Oh well. At least it's the one I use infrequently.

Twitter : so far, liking it more than facebook. No bugger has attempted to throw a sheep at me or friend me because they want more friends. And the strange and odd snapshots of people's lives are rather amusing.

Got my beta back on the Jack and Ianto timeslip to the 1930s fic. Which [livejournal.com profile] lonelybrit told me was missing bits and so on and I was repeating phrases, so fixing that.

I. Um. There's only 2 eps of BSG left. may need to start hyperventilating. And it's been utterly brilliant. And you know perfectly well they've been making it up as they go along with several very obvious realisations of 'oh shit we said this here must fix now' (which is more than other series do - BSG don't believe in trailing plotlines). Thing is? The story doesn't feel like they're wrapping up at all, or obviously building up to a big bang ending, so AUGH.

Just realised I'm going to be missing Comic Relief. Bollocks. Not that I really pay much attention when it's on, but it's a lot more fun to watch the special clips the first time round rather'n having to hunt them down on youtube and iplayer.

Augh. other realisations for Friday : Bloody trains from Euston to Northampton are going on strike. Fuckses. FSM knows how long it'll take to get there... Oh, and I'm going to have to get up early to compensate for how much extra time it'll take to walk to the station with suitcase in tow. Hmm. need to get food tomorrow and check Baileys stash.
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In process of deleting stuff off work comp and home comp - things I'm never going to listen to/watch, stuff that's 'er...what?', old versions of programs, etc. 2gb off the home comp already.

Fandom facepalm with a side order of irritation/sandbox pouty.

Someone did the 'oh, I've compiled a comprehensive lj comm guide for the fandom on this page because there isn't one!'


...and someone told her about it in the comments and she's added it to the 'general fandom' list. Gaaaaaah.
Also doing a bit of a teeth grind because she's listed several that have no content yet that I specifically hadn't added because of this.

This is me, being really fucking pouty and going 'damn newbies, get off my lawn'. Think more advertising may be necessary. Question is, *where*?

Off to see Milk. Look, an Oscar-nominated film I want to *watch*! (and not to mention : indie within reach of me that's not Leicester Square prices!)


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