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Nov. 17th, 2010 10:13 am
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First. went with parents to Design for Living at Old Vic last night. And then gossed with [personal profile] snowballjane and her hubby during both intervals. They'd changed a couple of things since the early part of the run, think it's faster in a few places, but still just as hysterical. And the hand-holding on the sofa in NY is new. Audience during drunk scene nearly killed themselves with laughter again. But. Er. STEVEN MOFFAT WAS IN THE ROW BEHIND ME. :hyperventilates: (and yes, I was too polite/freaked to go up to him afterwards)

you may have guessed one has been writing. then twitching. then eyeing the feral squirrels. then writing.

anyway, monday, was up to 35k.

Started seriously struggling with the chapter titled 'Werewolf Hustle' as... it doesn't actually have any plot. One of those ones which was 'there will be some sort of case here. I will come up with an idea in a bit.' I came up with the idea of people smuggling for dogfights, wrote the bit where MI-13 werewolf bloke whose case this is intro'd to my undercover copper by the copper's superior, went to bed, thinking I could think over how the case would go and make notes during yesterday. And still had nothing by midnight last night when I got back home. (I make notes during the day, start writing when I get back to my laptop)

However, two minutes pre-sleep the thought occurred that I don't have to make this a single-case chapter, I can have it as a several case/ongoing whatsit of copper essentially becoming the MI-13 bloke's contact. Which would work better for building up their relationship.

In similar news, the final chapter was planned out as a heist where Russian MI-13 need something stolen as they couldn't go through normal channels, so come to copper's crime boss, get it organised through that, so they're hiring the thief character for this. Which yeah, i also didn't have a plot for. (what similarity? I know no similarity) However, after watchign waaay too many Strictly Come Dancing vids trying to find out what the name of the traditional cliche tango music they always use in films is (Por una Cabeza, btw) my brain has decided that they will do 'distraction show-off threesome tango at the Russian Embassy' whilst the minions steal the thingy..

Cue copper going : 'That is such a fucking cliche!'
'Yes, but it works.'
'why do *I* have to learn tango?'
'Because the minions can't dance.'
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Today? Spaced Shoot-out Flashmob, 1:15, Trafalgar Square.

So lo, the masses gathered, milling about rather suspiciously, and listening rather bemusedly to a preacher making absolutely no sense who'd parked himself in front of the Landseer Lions. Seriously. No sense.

1pm came, and everyone started keeping an eye out for the organiser.

And lo, the bloke in full camo did appear from a corner, and the entire crowd did converge as one.

1:15, and we all started shooting each other in slow-mo with finger guns. Finger guns, and pistols, and finger bazookas. And dying in slow-mo.

1:17, entire Trafalgar Square covered in bodies, all of whom are giggling. and moaning 'my jeans are soaked! Soaked, I tell you!'

1:20, everyone gets up, cheers very loudly, then pauses. And the cry went up:

'What now?'
'To the pub!'
'For Great Justice!'
'Which pub?'
'Any of 'em!'

And lo, we did disperse and go on our way, leaving behind a very bemused bunch of onlookers and tourists. Oh, that was awesome. I just hope someone got pictures of the preacher's expression.

Spent rest of day in pubmeet, happily geeking.

ETA : there are now vids up on youtube. I can be seen in this one from 1:40 in left hand corner as the shortarse ginger (with blonde streaks - damn hair dye) in a brown leather jacket. And according to the vids, the whole thing was only two minutes.
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This just in from
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Reading Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South. Partly in a challenge to self to see if I can make it through a classic C19th novel that I love and adore the adaptation of. (Dickens, I can't get past the first page without chucking it across the room in exasperation with his sodding bogged-down prose. Austen, I never seem to get past the first page without someone grabbing me, so have no idea.) It's definitely readable, though slow going.

However, the writers have definitely changed it quite a bit. Same basic plot so far, but most of the religious stuff (discussion and religiousness of various characters) is cut out. Beginning scenes in Helston that show what day-to-day life was like're completely scrapped due to being pretty much extraneous. In general it's far more streamlined. Lot less self-doubt/inner turmoil on behalf of Margaret, and it's made clearer much earlier that Mrs. Hale is really sick rather than just mildly depressed, and it's a pre-existing condition. Mr. Thornton? Far, far less physical. (that intro in the factory scene doesn't exist, and nor do any of the other inside the factory scenes, and you get very little general impression of Milton itself) Really somewhat peeved that the Higgins family (Bessy and Nicholas) are nowhere near as interesting in the book, and that Margaret's relationship with them and the workers is far more peripheral. Bessy's got bugger all character aside from being ill and dying and looking forward to the kingdom of heaven. Nicholas you only see in glimpses for the most part as a permanently angry overworked union man, but you don't get any sense of the union itself, and Margaret knows bugger all about the strike even coming. Waiting to see if Nicholas' character changes much now that Bessy's dead and the strike's all but over. Boucher's weakness is really peripheral. Interestingly, the female Thorntons and Dixon are identical to the book. Guess they're easier to translate to this day and age.

Somewhat of a weird experience. Most of the adaptations where I've read the book, I read the book *way* before the adaptation. (Jungle Book, Discworld, Skellig, LOTR, Harry Potter, Fight Club) Had the characters pretty firmly fixed in my head and was less irritated when they got changed/cut because the book was still there, and would be quite pleased if they went to the effort of expanding or making something make more sense (see Narnia films). Now I've got a case of '...this is somewhat disappointing'.

But anyway, TRAILER OF SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE : "Paul Bettany Kills God As Charles Darwin: New "Creation" Movie." (added bonus of Jeremy Northam as a clergyman. Heather may need time in her bunk.)
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Dear Edmund post ww2 bunnies, SHUT UP.***

Dear JB, die in a ditch. You did not have to go on Welsh radio and give teasers for the line-up of what your session at Faenol Festival will consist of. Moulin Rouge duet with Jodie Prenger. Duet with Daniel Boys. Premier of material from the upcoming album. All of these people? Far more fantastic live than on tv/recordings. There will be youtube, but GNNNNNARRRRGH. I'll be at Discworld! :wails: (hssst. [ profile] fairyd123, we want detailed reports from non-nutters. I'm counting on you.)

Had a thought for an alternate Conina outfit - the lacy white dress. Make the sundress out of broderie anglaise and tack lace on lace edging so I can remove it post-con if I hate it. Conveyed idea to Cathy and mum to see if it would work (people who have Discworld lore imprinted *and* are sewing masters). Mum : 'And I can't see you being happy having another white sundress *at all*.'

Fuck, my fast-typing spelling is getting really shit. Does anyone know of a decent program that's like Mavis Beacon?

Saw the Dark Knight. Oh. Dear. God. Utterly awesome, brilliant action, great script and acting but you spend the entire time going 'meeeep'. With heart carved out at end. And yes, a bit peeved about what happened to a certain character, but still - uh, where are people getting this 'one true love' from? And oh my god. I didn't think it was actually possible for them to make Harvey Dent as awesome as he's been in the hands of a brilliant writer when they don't care about editorial mandate. Nope. he was even more awesome. Aaron Eckhart. HAVE MY BABIES. :pokes Gary Oldman: no, seriously, how are you channelling Jim Gordon that well? HOW? Also, let me find your DNA patterns because I didn't think someone was allowed to resemble the bone structure of a fictional consistently drawn character that much without make-up. Slightly weirded out that the two main cops in MCU were quite clearly modelled off Bullock and Montoya, only twisted a bit and Montoya's background changed for plot purposes. Still, they really worked and this is probably the closest we'll ever get to my fave GCPD cops being on-screen.

***Fucking bloody bunnies )
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Alicia is supposed to be working from home due to having to babysit her little siblings (damn school holidays). She also finds herself having to midwife her sister's dog. In grand tradition, workflow and IT have not sorted out her connection properly even though they told her they did, so she can get email but can't actually *do* stuff. And it's really slow.

So, instead of doing *minor* gestapo delegation duties, I'm now on *full* gestapo enforcement delegation duties. :sigh: oppressing the masses is so much more satisfying when it's stuff you came up with yourself, rather than acting on orders to oppress the masses.

Tom, our supreme overlord, is ill. So that's even more to be stored up/stuff that can't get sorted (mostly tech) until he's well again...

I wonder what it says that I spent five busy minutes writing up a Hierarchy Guide to the Evil League of Evil that is our dept. (this kind of thing happens. I get bored/frustrated, I write up guides and stick them on the wall)

In other news, my sundress (Kate Moss collection, didn't buy in the shop even though it fitted me perfectly due to the price tag and the 'oh dear god it makes me look *wholesome*' freak-out - give me a break, I was still in denial about how much fun the wholesome look was a few months back) has arrived from ebay.

Watched the finals of the Canadian HDYSAPLM. Glad Elisha won over Janna. I know they always went on about Janna's professionalism, but as the series went on, I disliked her more - especially after her performance of 'Defying Gravity' in musicals week. Which was shit, even though they raved about it. Voice wasn't right for the song, she spoke half of it... Sam did it *much* better in IDA. Her performance of 'Don't Cry for me Argentina' was... blegh. really blegh. And bland. Madonna was about, oh, fifteen times more impressive, and still not as impressive as Elena Rogers. Then came the flashback compilation of her performances. And sat and went 'actually, I really don't like most of these. And there's always something horribly calculating/cold about her. Elisha? her compilation was absolutely nothing special, she was regularly not in tune - but much more likeable. acting was better, or at least drew you in more. Visibly improved week by week. As has her stage presence - there's something magnetic about that girl via the tv, at least. And her performance of 'Memory' was fucking *stunning*. Couldn't look away. I'd've actually liked Jamie to get it- better Maria, more experienced, but didn't get the votes. Oh well. her and Marissa'll probably get good careers since they showed utter professionalism, great performances and likeability the whole way through.

Overall, as a show, it was clear they didn't know what to do with it half the time, I hadn't realised how much extra those godawful tasks we had on the UK versions actually show you of people's personalities/backstage/acting abilities, *especially* when all you're seeing due to time constraints on the Canadian version is the performances. Graham Norton far better host, since he didn't try to force the jokes. I know we used to roll our eyes at the terrible puns and byplay between him and Andrew, but they knew and we knew it was pure cheese. Half the jokes fell flat in this. The judges - Simon and Elaine? Fucking painful. Biased, vindictive, unprofessional, bland to watch... At least John was there. And Andrew, when he came on, was a breath of fresh air. Canadian version did have some good things : for the most part, great choreography for the group numbers, better dresses for the most part, and better song choice - more musicals and more songs you could do something with.

my to-do list currently looks like :
sundress making
conina skirt fixing
track down new sandals


Jul. 29th, 2008 01:18 pm
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Stiles and Drew, Spoonful of
I can't carry a tune in a bucket but I'm on the stage )
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Went to see Prince Caspian with Lissy and Emma (was meant to see Wanted with Megs, Jane and Jen, but certain people had to pull out so we postponed - I was poking the odeon website and told Lissy I was buggering off out of work 15 mins early to go see Prince Caspian and she went 'ooo? where?'). We may have over-squeed a bit. It was just so... so perfect. Edmund! Lucy! Peter! Susan! all the Telmarines! (Lissy, being a horse person, kept squeeing over the Andalusians, so we said 'fine, you can have the horses, we'll have the Pevensies and Caspian') I also may have scarred their brains a bit by mentioning :cough: the most frequent fic pairings for the Pevensies. Though they are in *total* agreement that Edmund is completely gay and that he so ran the intel and spy section.

Now watching LWW. They so wee! So innocent! and sorry, brain breaking after watching Peter try to handle a sword with no idea what he's doing when faced with Maugrim. This is after I've watched him fight battles and do some really fucking dirty one-on-one combat against Miraz a couple of hours ago. (there's headbutting in Caspian. Disney movie. Headbutting. For reals.) Post Prince Caspian, it's really really clear that Peter spent half his sodding time as a soldier. as did the others. Pevensies when faced with battle know *exactly* what they're doing. And hee, just got to the bit where they're about to go into battle and Edmund's starting to show signs of the completely supportive no-nonsense 'gets stuff done' person he's become by the time of Prince Caspian. ♥ Oooo, and just noticed : Peter at the first battle is wearing the same design of armour as he does in Prince Caspian, just... smaller. And shinier.

oh lord, now I desperately need post- Caspian fic back in the real world. And, er, au fic of them grown up and Peter as a soldier and leader of men who the army officers keep blinking over because this public school boy from Finchley who gives off this impression of perfect battle-hardened soldier and officer who has this ridiculous talent for tactics and didn't need lessons in dirty fighting. The fencing club learned long ago that he doesn't understand rules and sportsmanlike behaviour if you put a sword in his hand.

And dammit. Prince Caspian didn't have James McAvoy.
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Went to see Iron Man with megs, jen and graham.

All you could hear from our row were little squeaks of joy and omigodomigod and clapping noises and the occasional sound of me being flicked in the head by meg due to hyperventilating and excessive grabby hands.

It is... it is perfect. Even if it wasn't a superhero film, it would've been perfect. The script was brilliant. The casting was sheer joy, and all the acting was great. The action didn't let up. The action was balanced with character moments. The effects fit seamlessly. The editing was bloody brilliant - no scene ever lagged or was too long. There were no plotholes at all. The science made sense! The little geek shout-outs were just icing on the cake. And then we had Paul Bettany as Jarvis. :thud:

Trailers? We fully support Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. And actually *want to see* the Hulk film. Which we didn't when it was Eric Bana.

Also, in Pizza Express, we started casting other things. Mostly Internet Jesus comics, so Graham had noooo idea what we were talking about.

And we had to veto Megs from casting James Puresex as everything. Except Midnighter.

our pickiness, let me you show you it )

...weirdest spam title : Update Your Penis.

We now have images of penis v 1.0, requiring a software upgrade. And 'What the hell are they doing to those poor robots in Japan?! They don't want to have sex with you perverted humans!'


May. 15th, 2008 08:17 pm
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California lifts gay marriage ban!!!!!


hmm,anyone know any Entourage writers? Chuck writers? Anything set in California? It makes me sad that this didn't happen a few years ago, because then I could've had Gunn/Wes. And you *know* that Spike and Angel would've got married by accident or due to some legal thing from Wolfram and Hart.
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I has shiny, sparkly sandals that pass the running for the bus test. (and saw an almost identical pair in Office for £5 more)

I also tripped and fell into the sale section and got wedge heels that are pretty, strappy, pass the con dancing test and were £20.


(con dancing test is always amusing - you're doing complex heel and toe things, bouncing, sliding and doing quasi-latin steps and the shop assistants just stare and ask what dancing you do. The correct answer being 'well, try dancing to Prodigy, the Hustle, Sugababes, Bon Jovi, Jackson Five, Mika and Mambo #5 all within the space of an hour...')

Also has mp3 player that is being bought solely for highly illegal concert recording capabilities winging its way to me from some shop in scotland.
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Apr. 18th, 2008 12:21 pm
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People chuck tissues at me whenever I sneeze/cough. Have now perfected automatic motion of picking them up and chucking them right back, with automated 'I don't bloody need tissues!'** Now pondering if I can train myself to have the automatic reaction of hand coming up and batting it back to save even more effort...

**Coughing/sneezing is phlegm coming up from lungs - it doesn't get anywhere near the front of my mouth, so no tissues required. I knew you needed this overshare in your life.

Had [ profile] miniosiris squee-call yesterday after she came out of the Brighton concert. :g: me : 'so, did we cry at-' 'floods' 'amarillo?' 'whee! clapping! lights!' 'this -' 'guuuuuuuhhhhh' 'and -' 'that man's arse is amazing!' 'I am?' 'duh, standing ovation!'

I do love it when squee is so attuned that the entire conversation is in shorthand.

Also curious. Pick a song to describe me, or at least makes you think of me?
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The squee, it cannot be contained.

I'd had high hopes for what Torchwood could do with a wedding episode, and they did not disappoint - sheer utter crack.

squee! )

and for some reason I have all the symptoms of a hangover sans drinking. oh god.
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Right, you sods :

Jan 17th, 7:15pm, Birmingham Hippodrome.

Row H, 24-30.

Current people : [ profile] miniosiris, [ profile] wiccachik, [ profile] derryderrydown, Jo, and [ profile] clothsprogs, I've counted you in with Tom - yell if you don't want 'em. and yes, you will be getting gibbering on your answerphone.

And yes, I need to kill their online ticketing - we would've had Row J on the 10th if it hadn't taken too long to load...
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...Graham is evil. Jerry Herman birthday concert May 4th. Angela Lansbury and Barbara Cook announced so far for the line-up. Or as he put it, 'whoops, I appear to have booked tickets, how *did* that happen?'

(which doesn't quite compete for twisting of arm that [ profile] andromakie once did, which was the Sondheim birthday concert, where we looked at the cast announced, she picked up my mobile, dialled the number, pressed 'dial' and handed it to me and then glared.)

Then Graham notes that it's a CRUSAID event and goes 'hmm, I wonder who could *possibly* get booked for this. CRUSAID... who do we know that turns up at CRUSAID events at the drop of a hat... no-one we know, *surely*. Chances of Scott and Gavin?'

Also, me and Lissy have discovered that doing 60s girl group backing singer actions to 'Rehab' is WAY too much fun. And oddly, completely intuitive since we did perfectly synchronised motions without having to confer.

Watched first five minutes of Being Human on iplayer. my love, it knows no bounds.
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See icon. No, really. )
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Arrested Development film talk!!!!! eleventy-one!!!111!!!


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