Nov. 26th, 2009 12:54 pm
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Dammit. At the dry lips stage of a cold. not much more than sniffling, a bit bunged up and coughing though (not too many coughing fits, thank the FSM). Fingers crossed it doesn't get any worse before weekend.

Any recs on desktop twitter apps? currently trialling ada which I think is definitely missing some. however, I want it as minimalist as possible, along the lines of tweets60 for mobile - not interested in interfacing with facebook or screencapping the page.

Gah. Deodorant makers, why do you not make travel-sized versions?
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Ever since got smartphone, have found self wanting to write a completely self-indulgent fic where someone with one goes back to, say, the sixties or seventies (when they had the beginnings of computers so could at least get the concept) and lo, the fandom character marvels.

...And then I remember someone already wrote one. In man from U.N.C.L.E. fandom. A few years back, before cameras were common. :sulks: it's just that now you have touchscreen and files and apps and 3g and wi-fi, so you could use it to tap into radio signals, read uv things, translate...

Not to mention it's not completely obvious until it's turned on what it is, unlike the phones with keys.
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Beginning to think it's a truism that the minute you start properly researching one story idea, the other one that you'd pretty much decided to dump suddenly goes 'hey, I'm interesting and shiny and did I mention this fabulous framing device for the story I've just thought up?'

Seriously, brain, fixate on *one* and stick to it, will you?

Mmm. nanowrimo has a very shiny t-shirt for this year. come to mamma. But FSM, American Apparel, since when is a size 10-12 a *large* in skinny fit? At least the nanowrimo store does point out that the skinny fit are made for midgets. And the stickers are terribly shiny this year. I shall resist the stickers. I have nowhere to put them.

Got a new mic after sticking my old one through the washing machine (better safe than sorry). Slightly peeved since my last one was a little cheapo one for a fiver and the cheapest the tech shops had this time for one that looked almost identical was RRP £19.99. My 'you're kidding' did get them down to a tenner, though. testing by getting Shel to read out MS numbers and me humming pipe tunes.
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argh. why am I so crap at applying for jobs? I keep hitting the job requirements section and get an attack of insecurity (all the qualifications that they never mention on the ad), even though I've been assured that you can learn this stuff in time/'experience' does not mean competent. And then there's the fact that 90% of the places I apply to are the 'fill-in the form, monkeygirl' type due to being name places (to cut out all the scarily formatted student cvs on black sparkly paper) which take me fucking forever to fill in and I keep getting distracted.

Playing with phone. getting occasionally frustrated, but it's all part of the learning process. :sigh:
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our fanboying of Knight's Tale is showing )

I has new phone. Nokia 5800. It will be poked and prodded and will result in me going 'err.... how the hell do I get it to work?'


Aug. 23rd, 2009 01:04 pm
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Wanting new phone. Specifically, one that can do decent we surfing, etc. Don't want an iphone, and because I'm cheap, I'm poking the orange site to see what I can get when i upgrade on current contract for free. (having looked at the prices, I reckon it's better if I stay on the 25 band and pay the fiver for data rather than go to the 30/35 price range.)

What's bloody annoying is that though the orange site will sort mobiles by pay as you go vs contract, feature, and brand, it won't sort by payment band.

In other news, trying to make self write statements and fill in forms. Having problems doing the statement bit as I keep opening it, writing a few words and stopping. And wondering if 'Do you wanna date my avatar' will chart today.
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those of us going to this - what time meeting? where?

Regarding The Saturdays' album. have now listened to the entire thing. Most of the songs are actually quite decent. Appears miracles do occasionally happen with pop albums. Who knew?

Oh, and I found out that if you search for the delicious add-on on mozilla and re-start immediately it'll install on 3.5 - not so the one on the delicious website. Now twiddling thumbs until a non-ugly minimalist skin that works with 3.5 comes up. Also, any verdict on google chrome? I despise having to use ie as a back-up when firefox is being odd/in the middle of loading something massive.
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Outlook died on me (turned out to have been a version that tried to update and failed, leaving me with two dll files which greatly confused it). So in the quest for worksafe entertainment, I went looking up bsg stuff. one hour later : So. Bored. (boss had said she'd email IT, and if they didn't reply in an hour, phone them. She never told me that they hadn't replied, and it also turned out they never received said email. She now insists that she'd told me to phone them straight off. :strangle:)

So, new whatsit : wikipedia v. good for entertainment purposes when it's real life historical and science and so on (let me tell you of the lunchtimes I've lost to following the links in the tudor, stewart and plantagenet history section. 'oh, so this person was shagging... huh, and it turns out they're the great granny of...'). Dull as ditchwater when it comes to fictional.

Wish to hit Firefox. With the new comp, I dl'd the latest version, 3.5, which'd been working on previous comp. had made a list of all the themes/add-ons that make my life easier. And it turns out that if said add-ons haven't been updated for 3.5 and you're *starting* with 3.5, it won't bloody install them, even though they were working fine if you'd previously updated from an old version. Now that's a fucking stupid bug. Because firefox updates faster than the poor sods who make these nice little add-ons.
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working from home, and for some reason i'm getting quicker loading times for web pages through the remote desktop (have to access through IE. :shudder:) than I am on the stuff that's actually on my laptop. In other news, started forcibly introing one work mate to firefox yesterday to see if that would make any difference to crashing issues.
Me : you will learn to like it. And you will never go back. IE IS BAD FOR YOUR SOUL.

In other news, listening to radio 1 because i can't be arsed to go into my music store on my work computer (how many musicals can you fit on one pc). Had slightly weird experience of 'this dj is slightly annoying but tolerable, voice is familiar, but can't figure out who it is...' then she mentioned her name a couple of hours in. Sarah Cox. My god. The person I wanted to stab through the eyeballs for being such a complete twit a few years back? Huh. Appears that having two kids has mellowed her 'I'm mad, me' tendencies...

gah. someone tell me a decent program/service that teaches you accurate typing. Mavis Beacon? Another one? Seriously. I have had perfect spelling since birth, it's just the typing gods deem that I mis-spell really simple words like 'the' and get anything ending in '-ng' as '-gn', and constantly hit the ';' instead of the ' when doing contractions.
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You know, when I have to forcible crash you when you stop responding, could you please be *consistent* about being cranky on re-start?

So far, I am used to you :

Losing all the tabs.
ignoring some and coming up with blank pages.
re-setting to the tabs of 3 days ago.

...coming up with only one window's worth is a new one, though.

(to make this clear : I normally have about 3-4 windows with multiple tabs - one for 'groups',one for 'muppets' (individual journals) and one with my email stuff in. This time? just the groups. which is the biggest. WTF?)

In other news, I'm pondering what other charity induces as much automatic guilt if you aren't wearing a badge/ribbon/rubber chicken pinned to you as poppies do. Seriously. I'm on my fifth. Due to going out this morning in just my hoodie (poppy is on coat - coat is on its fourth) and passing the british legion guys (who had army trucks on the pier) and got guilt-spasm. Poppy sellers out in force today in Falmouth. Every shop had a box and every other shop had a seller standing outside it.

You could see those not wearing poppies getting this 'oh god social faux-pas mortification' expression when they got near them and fishing out their spare change. They'd been passing them by for the last 2 weeks and now it's saturday before Remembrance. Not to mention people feel this urge to *replace* them if they get lost. (I think the flimsy pin is on purpose)

Also, is it me, or has the whole social faux pas thing gotten a lot bigger in recent years? Everyone I've seen on tv as a presenter of some sort is wearing one. Everyone at a public occasion if they were a performer is wearing one, unless it clashes with their outfit as part of a show. I'm sure it was only the Blue Peter presenters and the newsreaders when I was younger. Not all politicians wore them, I know that.

Merlin : please keep upping the morally complex stuff and Arthur being forced to look at his own opinions, please.
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Well, after one of the IT guys managed to crash my computer remotely (there is a reason our dept bans them from our computers - we see that little messenger box pop up and we fear) I stormed in, grabbed him and said 'you will come and fix what you did *now*', he got the answer to the question he'd originally wanted (he wanted to install version 6 of something and we were replying with 'er, did that last week' - so checking that it was + serial number), and he went through the deepest darkest parts of the registry to find any start-up stuff to see what was getting my computer to a crawl in the past week. And you know what we found? ITUNES. on the start-up. WTF? I distinctly remember opting out of it the last time I attempted to put a quicktime update through. BAD APPLE.

Yesterday I started writing at lunchtime and continued writing on the way home. Bit of random thinking inbetween writing periods, but otherwise complete stream of consciousness prose, no crossings-out fic. Which was 7 pages of A4 Peter/Susan/Bacchus porn. :facepalm: I have no idea why either. Quite decent porn, too, where Bacchus essentially snorts at Peter and Susan's reluctance to get it on at a revel because of the little thing called siblinghood. Never mind that I ship Peter/Susan *anyway*, but I did always wonder how they got together in my head the first time round. And apparently it involves wine and Bacchus going 'don't be fucking stupid'.

Other news. Continuing the Thin Veneer of Civility 'verse (post-war Pevensies) which is essentially their parents freaking out, and need to finish the scene I'm currently on, which is Peter home on leave. And the parents seeing yet another side to them - Lucy's bossiness and insistence on checking out Peter for injuries because she doesn't trust him or the army medics is bloody weird, because yes, she wants to be a nurse, but she hasn't even left school yet, for instance. And no, Susan is not that alienated from the others as CS Lewis had it. She's being practical and making the best of things. And may be getting recruited into government or spy work at some point in the future.
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Right, trekking over to Shaftesbury to buy ticket for Hairspray for tonight - everywhere I've searched indicates that the only discount you can get on this show is group discount, so it's really not worth trekking to Leicester Square (further away). Buying direct from the theatre means I won't have to pay booking fees. :wails: why does this have to be one of the most expensive bloody shows in the West End?

ETA: Row C Royal circle for £25!

Still to go : La Cage aux Folles (need to book *soon* as it's limited run and starts on the 20th), Piaf, Zorro (again), Avenue Q while Daniel's still in it. Oliver and Priscilla when they come out next year. (you are not allowed to go see Avenue Q again when Julie goes back in. No. Nuh-uh. You're already contemplating 'Last 5 Years' for her. Well, er, not unless Daniel extends because Julie + Daniel would be ♥. I am weak and this show is cheap.) Still wavering on whether to go see Joseph.

ETA: OMG DANIEL extended! Reward for nano, here I come!

Was muttering about 'I need a calendar I can see all the time/easily accessible to-do list' and... no really. Why didn't I think to look at google docs and calendar for this?


Sep. 26th, 2008 01:12 pm
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had one of those sponsored coffee mornings for Macmillan cancer at work.

Half an hour after, woozy and running a bit of a temperature. Cannot, however, figure out if this is due to too much caffeine and sugar at once plus it being rather warm or if it's the slightly-gastroenteritic flu mum has (which we reckon I had the baby version of a couple of days ago). Dear body, make up your mind.

In other news, appear to be unable to listen to music at work. Windows media player is suddenly playing everything slightly too fast and high pitched and insisting it's on normal settings, and suddenly deciding some mp3s have errors, and vlc is just fucking up every two seconds.


And no, I do not need to set up narnia_ficfinders just because my google and skills are shite and I want Caspian werewolf fic. (Look, he got bit in the book. There should be more werewolf fic. I've only seen one. Can't remember if he got bit in the film, but considering most people write film-book fusion...)
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:sigh: does anyone know of a plugin for realplayer on firefox? and quicktime?

computer at work dislikes both, won't install them and this of course makes it impossible for me to do the listen again thing on bbc. (seriously, bbc, you have iplayer working fine as flash, why the hell does all your radio stuff have to be in realplayer once it's listen again?)

work needs to die in a ditch.


Jun. 19th, 2008 02:07 pm
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D/l'd firefox 3 at work (laptop screwing up too much last night to even contemplate doing owt odd - when I re-started it it bloody went and re-loaded *saturday*'s session, so had to go through all the history and open everything that looked vaguely okay. Tonight, going through and closing all the duplicates and everything I know I've read...). it is indeed shinier and faster. However, dislike the default skin, so went and browsed the themes. And we loves Firefox's efficiency - you go to the themes page, and only the ones compatible with v3.0 have a highlighted button. :happy sigh: Streamlining. It's a beautiful thing.

Finally getting round to properly listening to Amy Winehouse's 'Frank' (first album) so I can go through it and delete the tracks I dislike/go 'meh'. Quite a different album to 'Back to Black' - hasn't quite found her own sound yet, and you can hear lots of influences. Occasionally you hear bits that sound like her later stuff, but then the rest of the song gets overwhelmed by some other influence (e.g. obviously Sade, obviously traces of Manhattan Transfer, breathy girl band, etc) and most of it's *way* too light/breathy/high. Lyrics seem to be where she was doing well. So far the only ones I really like are 'Cherry' and 'Amy Amy Amy'.

And now thinking - what albums come under the 'everyone's heard/owns' banner?

'Back to Black' was bloody *everywhere* last year.
Prodigy's 'Fat of the Land' back in... '01 was it?
Massive Attack 'Mezzanine'.

oh, there's awesome and there's awesome : Master and Doctor to 'Girlfriend' ...I need this track in my life. WHY DON'T I HAVE IT?

And of course, right in the middle of getting some more plot/vague writey bit for the endlessly on the back-burner Jack and Ianto 30s timeslip fic (which sadly seems to be getting further and further away from the original Jeeves pastiche - maybe I should finish this *then* write an AU crossover scene) I get a bunny for a torchwood Cardiff WWI ficlet ([ profile] tw_history 'in absentia' challenge pimppimpimp) which is now 80% written, or at least 50% plotted out on paper, 30% in head that now just needs tidying/tweaking.
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workflow support at our place took workflow down so we couldn't do any work for 40 mins. this is something we're resigned to as they have a habit of breaking it. We scream, they try to look innocent.

HSBC : completely fucking fails.

I go to make my credit card payments for this month. When I hit pay, it logs me out. So I phone tech support to inform that they have a problem. Get passed onto tech support. Who asks me the usual 'which browser, which OS'.
Me : Firefox and Windows XP.
Them : Could you try IE?
Me : I refuse to use IE, it crashes my computer.
Them : Um.... okay, I think it's the settings and can you wipe your cookies and cache and de-click the pop-up blocker?
Me : I log onto this site every week from this computer, and it usually works. Why isn't it working now? It was fine last week with these exact settings.'
Them : mumblemumble can you just go in and play round with the options?
Me : FINE. (goes in, de-checks various settings and makes payment, then goes and re-checks them). Now go and fix your damn coding. Your inability to be compatible with a common browser is not my fault.

Vaguely depressed. Looked at the National Theatre's jobs page. It turns out that the role of box office assistant pays more than my current job. ...comforting. Went and applied for the admin assistant to the director's office at the NPG which pays more and requires less tech skills than this one. But you know where pays even less? Ambassador's Theatre Group. Who wanted a whole bunch of experience on top of that.
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Finally getting round to listening to my recording of the Jerry Herman birthday concert. So far, good quality - a little fuzzy on the words occasionally (more so on anyone with a nasal voice - one of the guys had a really nasal voice and he cones off worst), pretty fuzzy on Angela Lansbury speaking (this is sans tweaking, first listen) and I'd forgotten just *how* evil Jerry and Don Pippin are when it comes the 'International Dolly' bit.

Don't have a full recording - I hit pause a couple of times by accident on the second section of the first half, but at least now I know settings.

Listening to one of Jerry's new songs that debuted at this concert. There should be rules about lines like 'I have barrels of rubies and breathtaking boobies' and much, much worse, 'I've been trained by Nijinsky and coached by Lewinsky'. 'he was small he was sleek he was smart he was rich he was ... gay' which produced gales of laughter from the crowd.

So this gadget with added ultra cheapo maplin mic (£5.99 or something) gets approval indeed. Needed for ... special journalistic purposes. Yis. (or as I put it to the gadget shop people, lectures)
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It looks like someone's already nabbed burntcopper as a gmail/googlemail addy. Which has me scratching my head, since it's *never* taken as a username. Seriously. Now I bloody need to find something that's not taken, I can remember easily and is easy to use over the phone. Which was half the point of always using (ah, the halcyon early days of t'internet when nobody had taken the common usernames yet...). The only other people I can find who even use burntcopper are an exhibition services company in Islington who seem to have registered it as a ltd company (but have no web presence), and someone on a single forum who seems to originate in Orlando about three years ago...

The only other thing I can really think of is burntozone, but I can't think how easy that is to spell over the phone. Not to mention it also can be read as 'burn to zone'

Don't want to use my addresses because I have no idea how reliable that is for webmail. And it already bloody gets spammed as it is. Maybe I should try trialling that for the next couple of days and see how it works. Just vaguely worried if I ever forget to renew it/site problems and have no back-up email addresses.

Oh well. registered as emergency, will set up the addys later.

Also, my period's just started. For, er, all of two seconds. Which is so much for the win with a convention this weekend...
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just had an email from that they're cancelling all services, including email, from 30th June. Which means I have to get a new email, then go through every possible place my email is registered and change it.

Vaguely worried that this may interfere slightly with any job stuff (there's a long term one going on) or other subscriptions I have, not to mention the various places I get newsletters and thus offers from...

Yes, this may sound like whining to others, but I've had my current email for over seven years. dammit.
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Who here uses Thunderbird? Any good? Better/worse/the same as outlook? How easy is it to transfer everything over?

- Brought to you by someone who actually went through her inbox last night and deleted about four years' worth of 'me too' and 'reply to comment' emails.


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