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Right, got to book time off work next week due to funeral finally being scheduled. Great Aunt Bina (my grandma's elder sister - utterly, utterly cool) got pneumonia a couple of weeks ago. She'd been getting that little bit frailer and frailer as the years went by (in her 90s, still getting around by herself but in sheltered housing) and when she got it, everyone went '...okay, chances of survival not very much.' Died sunday and we'd been waiting to hear funeral dates since Susan, who was one of her nieces she was closest to was away. So wake and funeral in Newcastle.

In other news: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is flaily hands and the credits being there so you can finish gawping and going 'wah'. Masterpiece of restraint and acting (not what Oscars call acting, but proper, quiet, tense, drop a pin and everyone jumps). Also brain-breaking period detail. Lots of us (70s/early 80s babies) going 'oh god. I remember that pattern. The bag in the foyer?' '....Our school hall curtains.' 'The grafitti.' 'BEDCOVER.' 'Our nan's was blue.' 'Wimpy's.' 'Breathe, sweetie, deep breaths.' '...So many shades of brown.' Seriously, the set dressing and costuming is an extra character on its own.

There are also tiny, tiny details and wordless scenes - two scenes not in the book, one which just fits perfectly and adds a technically not necessary but HUGE detail for one character, and then the Christmas party flashback, where not a sodding word is spoken but every single relationship is explained. And so many others just... rounded out to an extent that we were going 'SWEET FSM FLAILY HANDS OMG OMG THIS IS JUST ...WAH.' It's not the tv series. People are colder and harder and there's no nostalgic/respectful haze but it's tense and condensed and complex and gripping. Plus Kathy Burke as Connie. (cue everyone going 'happy sigh')

:frowns: How is it there is only [profile] ttss_kink set up so far? ([profile] thursgood also exists, but that's not been updated since '07. This film has been out five days already, people, and it has Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy in it. There are SPIES. it is a 99% male cast. Fandom, you fail.

Other fandom stuff: Taz and Jen mentioned they were discussing Torchwood/Narnia last night in the pub after everyone else went home, I went 'that Susan joins Torchwood one?'. and now I suddenly have thoughts of 'Pevensies run a branch of Torchwood.'

Pevensies: able to keep Harkness on a short leash and totally unfazed by his antics. 'Yes, shagging water-dwellers can give you a nasty skin rash sometimes, there's a cream.' 'Well, yes, of course we put them down, Jack, stop being so squeamish.'

Seriously, Susan's recruitment is obvious, Edmund gets seconded from MI5 or 6 or whoever he's working for, Peter drifts into it whilst on leave from the army (Army brass: 'Torchwood want him? Please take him, he scares the shit out of us'), and Susan yanks Lucy out of whichever hospital she's working in because they need a new doctor who won't bat an eye at weird physiology and poisons and can do battle doctoring in their sleep. suspect they end up at Cardiff *anyway*. Jack is on the one hand terribly interested in these pretty young people who give off all the vibes of older than they are, and have a completely different set of values from everyone else in this day and age. On the other hand, just slightly ...scary. And often treat him like a child. Susan the cool diplomat bombshell who's a better sharpshooter with a pistol than the best sniper is with a rifle, Peter the general, little Lucy the healer who really does remind him a bit too much of his ex, and Edmund the spymaster. He'd swear they fell out of the Rift if it wasn't for the fact that they check out completely. All scans show them as this time period, no chronal energy like you get with the Doctor's companions.
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Have admittedly tried to be as lazy as possible in the last few days.

Tonight, 1st preview of Wolfboy at Trafalgar Studios with Daniel Boys. Me and [livejournal.com profile] etmuse will be there to heckle.

Thursday, off to terrorise Falmouth with Meg and Jen. Where we're almost certainly going to overeat something chronic and menace a few National Trust properties. It happens, okay?

Jogging on saturday afforded a rather interesting sight. See, the owner of the field across from the lock's been renting it out recently - we've had dog trials and craft fairs and a few other things in the past few weeks. This time, went towards Pangbourne, saw a bunch of tents. Which is better than the caravan park that was the dog trials. On the way back, I had to stop to blink a lot. Bunch of red-coated britches-clad men in big floppy hats doing musket drill. With a bunch of non-red coated men lurking at the back of the field under a tree in the shade Further surveying of the tents revealed others clad similarly or in full skirted dresses over shirts if female. So, guessing Civil War re-enactors. Or something similar, but the britches and floppy hats and dress style look about right. not sure about the red coats, though. Asking the lock keeper and lads that work the cafe/do the gardening revealed 'Don't ask me, they never tell us, all I know is that there was a bunch of drumming earlier.'

However, going back to have another look (you can't see the field directly from the lock, you've got to go into the first field) revealed was possibly the most awww-inducing thing I've seen in ages. One of the men was walking along, no shirt but in his britches. Couldn't see if he was wearing hose and shoes due to the reeds and bushes along the edge of the river, so from a distance it looked like he was just wearing board shorts. However, trailing along behind him like a bunch of ducklings were 3 little girls who didn't even come up to his waist, scurrying to catch up, all in full-skirted dresses and shirts. So. Cute.

Anyone else watching Rev? Tom Hollander as an Anglican vicar who's been brought from country parish to a near-empty inner city cash-stricken London church (somewhere near Fulham from what I can tell). One where they researched and shadowed something chronic to get it right. Nothing like Vicar of Dibley, it's gently funny and sarcastic, little bit heart-wrenching in places. Everyone's been written as very rounded characters, no lazy stereotypes. Absolutely loving the Archdeacon, btw. First ep they had a bunch of parents suddenly turning up to get into the attached church school due to recent Ofsted reports, this one the clash between the evangelical church and his lot when the evangelicals move in on a trial basis whilst theirs is getting repaired.

hmm. Torchwood 4 is going to start shooting in January in the US. Keeping a beady and sceptical eye on it since Russell T Davies is apparently in charge still. Everyone in the media seems to forget that he didn't completely originate it, and has only been writer and showrunner since Children of Earth, where he proved conclusively that he didn't get the setup, tone or give two shits about the characters. Chris Chibnall was the showrunner of Torchwood in S1 and 2, not Russell. Classic rant from Jen was that 'Imagine what Tosh and Owen's deaths would've been like under Russell, since he's proven time and again that he likes to kill characters for dramatic effect, not whether it makes any sense within the storyline or not. Joss Whedon handles death better than Russell. To Russell, drama means angst and he always runs out of puff before finishing a story.'.
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http://www.flickr.com/photos/burntcopper/sets/72157623882043962/ - Hub 4 photos. Mostly costumes, as usual.

Pubmeet yesterday was giggly fun. Was a bit weird as ears were blocked entire time and they've only really unblocked today.
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A silly, silly weekend. With muchos fun.
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Title : Tourist Bait
Author : Gunbunny
Fandom : Torchwood.
Pairing : none
Rating : No sex and very little violence. :sigh:
Summary : It's not just Cardiff that has regular disappearances that Torchwood's had to investigate over the years. This case took place in 1924.
Disclaimer : Not mine. Russell's and Chris's.
Feedback : I accept burnt offerings and alcohol.
Archive : http://burntcopper.com/fic , anywhere else feel free.

The case starts, as is common, with readings. )
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attempting to give the god-knows-how long this has been going Jack harkness circle village fic a boot up the arse. writing the occasional line whilst trying to get the mojo working again.

Yesterday I got an idea for how the 'SG-1 and SGA scientists in hostage situation but of course get mistaken for military' story would work. (seriously. The field scientists know their way around guns, can run for their lives, are *used* to heavy firefights, hostage situations, field triage, etc. And then there's Daniel Jackson.) The problem I'd always had with this idea, cute though it was, was the OC pov. hellooooooo SPN. Dean has canonically been asked where he served. And how do you think someone who's ascended at least once appears on an angel's radar? Now, how to plan an attack on a diner...

In further Supernatural snippet blather, PLEASE tell me someone's written the one where Aziraphale apologises for Crowley. Or Sam and Bobby regularly use this English guy, Mr. Fell, for prophecy research. Or the Glee crossover, where the Winchesters are driving through Lima, Ohio and need repairs on the Impala. Kurt disapproves of what they've put such a classic through.
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44867 / 50000

just under 90%. Oh yes. I rule. Final act, closing in... Though, er, I'm still poking my brain to write the damn shipwreck bits.

Woke up this morning with a slight writer-wibble. I'm trying to figure out if my original characters are really samey and have the same dialogue patterns (for those who've read my originals, please be honest). I've been told I'm fairly decent at writing in-character dialogue for certain of my chosen fandom characters, but this could of course be entirely down to self-selection.

and sometime soon, I'll shut up about nano and go back to my usual angsting about fic that takes two years for me to actually produce. Mind you, in looking back through old nano data, found two bunnies that look rather interesting - the QAF valet fic and the 'Ianto Jones is seconded to Torchwood 3 a good while before Canary Wharf.' (him being reckoned a stooge of Yvonne Hartman, of course, and thus untrustworthy. The bunny is now far more interesting since we've since found out precisely how Ianto originally got his place at TW3 and got intro'd to his sister.)

OMG. Narnia fans? LOOK AT TODAY's XKCD. Try not to die laughing.

Hub 3

Oct. 27th, 2009 01:17 pm
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Hub 3 : a very silly but also somewhat chilled for a Torchwood convention (earplugs only required a couple of times during the weekend).

Bingley )

ETA : highlight of Sunday was actually the remote control Dalek with a tie on. (several people going 'remember the fic where a Dalek got infected by Ianto DNA?') Who metamorphosed into Pimp!Dalek later.
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On the one hand, due to CoE, I've been using a no-Torchwood filter list due to the insane amount of posts. on the other, I now want fic. Specifically resurrection/Ianto survived fic. and oh lord. how the hell does one go back over the several hundred posts since ep 5 aired and find the decent stuff? Not to mention it's been a good few months since I've even read the summaries for Torchwood fic so I think I've lost my ability to auto-skip the writers I know to be bad.

Clearly been spoiled by the nice non-insane niche of reboot Trek I've found.

Poking the Regents Park schedule and contemplating the tango lesson on sunday. Looking at the schedule is bad for me, since nostalgia sets in for the days I used to be able to stroll down the park and recover from a hangover whilst listening to arty-farty live jazz.

This evening, however, is Indian tapas at Imli on Wardour St and then Simon Amstell. I shall not dwell.
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Bugger. RIP Sir Bobby Robson. Died this morning. A true gent of the game.

In light of that, I went stalking the NUFC forums to see if my dad had been commenting on the issue - he's a regular on there and deemed one of the old-time silverbacks. problem is I couldn't remember his username, and couldn't see the icon I know he uses on the topics I clicked on. Child stalking parent on internet forum. I feel faintly filthy for the role reversal.

(though I do love that NUFC.com has *no* bells and whistles and is just standard simple design with bugger all aesthetics or prettiness. It's the fans' site and they cannot be arsed to make it prettier when it works fine. The ads and sponsors should give you a giggle, too. The official site, of course, is all flash and never decently updated and crap at info. And once they tried to force the supporters site to hand over the .com addy. The mocking laughter was... amusing.)

Finally getting around to actually writing up the Torchwood circle village story, with tweaking for inserting new character as I write. after this, of course, it'll still require shredding by beta. but there's nothing like mid-writing a scene going 'argh, how common a sight was a smithy in 1920s semi-rural britain?' and having to do a quick google. Whimpered a bit when i found out the dates of the decline of smithys due to mass manufacturing... but then remembered that horse-plough type farming didn't really go until post-war so it was conceivable, especially the more rural places. Reminds me, I really have to figure out how large a town this place is. Small-ish. Mid-way between large village and small town. 'Course, the definition of 'small town' and 'large village' has changed somewhat since the 1920s and suburban spread. pondering precisely how much I've shot myself in the foot by making one of the locals a bobby. And have to go back over it and decide precisely what characterization I really want the Torchwood girl to have. She's a mad-for-engines girl who's wavering between posh dilettante and a jolly hockeysticks type. Think I'd make it easier on myself if I just write her as Bobby Wickham who happens to be mad for engines and a Torchwood operative.

off to buy a watch and see if my sandal is fixed.
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...dammit. The narnia pevensie parents appears to be going absolutely nowhere. Every time I open it, I just stare at it and close it again. Trying to think of other stuff I can do, since am in complete creative drought re: clothing, writing, everything else. i want to do some stuff, can't think of owt to do.

Thinking through snippets I have hanging around the notebooks. What's available :

Ianto and Jack relationship as something different to what we see on screen.
-Looks interesting, but can't think how the hell I would do this now, since S2 pretty much gave me everything I wanted for that kind of thing.

Jack Harkness, head of Torchwood 1
- oooo. Hmm. Probably done from Ianto POV. This might have possibilities. Kind of requires a plot, though, and seeing if anyone else has done something similar so I don't cross the streams - or at least check through it to see what I do/don't want to do/ what doesn't work.

Jack and Ianto Beauty and the Beast
- yes, the cliché lover in me is alive and well. Absolutely no idea how I'd do it to make it interesting rather'n a complete re-tread of the Disney version. (anyone who cites the original fairy tale as an alternative, I start going LALALALALA. *Much* prefer the Disney. for a start, Belle has a brain and initiative and a sense of humour. And there is also Gaston.)

Jack Harkness investigating the Circle towns
- this one... I was considering doing it for nano, since it's a universe I've been working on for ages off and on (regular visitors, it's the 'towns that have to live with being guardians for the entrances to the Summer Country') but as I've never really been able to get a stable plot out of it, but considerably less than 50k might work better, and I can keep it more outsider POV. Circle towns, off the scale in magic/weird readings/ley lines. Death rate and parish records of the WTF. Yet it's never been investigated/checked on. So you get Torchwood going 'hellllloooooo NURSE' and sending Jack to investigate. I was thinking maybe 1920s? And would I send mr. expendable on his own or with another Torchwood person (who of course regards Harkness as a loose cannon, etc, etc)

apparently I'm getting a new computer today. fingers crossed.
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Been listening way too much to Soho Cinders. Which combined with flicking through old notebooks has resulted in me pondering which fairytale Jack and Ianto could be shoehorned into. The one I started plotting but never got anywhere with was Beauty and the Beast. :shrug: maybe that'll go somewhere one day.

:sings: 'No I can't do tricks with pumpkins/ No nor horses or white mice/ But who needs veg and vermin/ When you got me for half-price!'

'You shall go to the ball Cinderella/ In for a night of bliss/ Yes you shall go to the ball cinderella/ And then go with those pompous gits/ And get completely off your tits/ And see if that glass slipper fits!'

Watched Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker last night (a candy-coloured acid trip of WTF) and it had Brick Shithouse playing the Nutcracker (his night off from the lead when we went to see it, sulk). Now almost glad that we *didn't* see him play it live, because my brain was wailing WRONG WRONGWRONG from the first moment you see him. He was being naive and defenceless and innocent and sweet and it's SO WRONG. At no point was he being menacing, owning the stage, prowling across it, sexually harassing anyone from two rooms away and not even when he was bare-chested was he projecting fuck-me vibes.

:ponders the chances of him being in the touring Dorian Gray: He's currently in the ensemble of Dirty Dancing. Talk about a waste. Mind you, can't really figure out which character in Dorian Gray he'd be, since I can't quite see him as the photographer or Dorian, unless they were going for 'menacing bit of rough' rather than 'ridiculously pretty model-type' for Dorian. :kicks Matthew Bourne: The next one you create, more physically menacing bastards, please. Admittedly, Swan Lake is going back to Sadler's (and possibly touring after) for christmas, so fingers crossed.
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I have an extra ticket for the Torchwood Children of Earth screening at the BFI Southbank, 6:15, 12th June. Who wants?
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photos from Hub 2. As ever, my con photos contain bugger all actors and're almost entirely of the parties or cool costumes. Well, apart from Matt Rippy in women's undies. And a fabulous hat.

Hub2 :

Mar. 17th, 2009 04:38 pm
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aka 'Tell your friends what you experienced this weekend!'
'...48 hours of cock jokes?'

Gold tickets nearly sold out on sunday, and Erykah is snickering pre-emptively since rumours started up about James marsters maybe turning up, and thus the marsters obsessives being thwarted from crowding out the front row.

hub2 )

parties/bar. These require their own separate bit, especially the saturday night. Vaguely disturbed that I ended up being expert at con dances for a crowd I'd never been in before.... (and many of these did not know Star Trekking. Good lord. HOW?)

bar )
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Title : Too New to Pass for Classic Status
Author : Gunbunny
Fandom : Torchwood.
Pairing : Jack and Ianto
Rating : No sex and no violence. :sigh:
Summary : Timeslips, unfortunately, are an occupational hazard when near the Rift. As is Jack's fetish for valets.
Disclaimer : Not mine. Russell's and Chris's.
Feedback : I accept burnt offerings and alcohol. Ta to [livejournal.com profile] lonelybrit for beta.
Archive : http://burntcopper.com/fic , anywhere else feel free.

Too New to Pass for Classic Status )
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pubmeet. lots of silly conversation and geeking, and met a Norwegian girl who's into anime, is also a merlin nut (with added 'that fic where -' 'omigod, that one where arthur insists?' 'such win!' 'I KNOW.' It is great when fanfic tastes meet.) and where we totally confused Alicia by randomly bursting into 'The Internet is for Porn'.

Me and Alicia are juggling the Zorro dates/booking. With added 'well, so and so is a wild card due to availability....'

Plus the bit where i ended up beating Mark over the head with a menu for using the same sodding sentence he uses every time we get into Torchwood conversations and there's another person in said conversation. Me : 'Not that sentence! You are never to use that sentence again! Ever! I am sick and tired of hearing that sentence and be assured I will hunt you down and use extreme prejudice if you ever even attempt to use it when talking about Torchwood again!' Mark : 'I'm just saying -' Me : 'Extreme prejudice!' The poor sod wants it to be sci-fi and every time I explain to him that it's not traditional sci-fi, it's not *marketed* to people who normally watch sci-fi other than Star Wars and Doctor Who, the majority of its audience is *not* sci-fi fans, and it's relationship-based, not plot-based, and he still doesn't get it. Other people have tried to explain this to him. Still doesn't get it. Still. Did come up with a good comparison of Doctor Who's relationship with sci-fi as opposed to, say, Star Trek and BSG's. The world isn't totally sci-fi. It's normal with occasional 'stuff happens'. X-Files when it was still all about the cases before it got bogged down in all the alien stuff and started taking itself too seriously.

Wetherspoon's cottage pie is quite decent. Though I have no idea why they were serving it with chips. To quote Jo, 'What next, jacket potatoes come with chips?'


[Poll #1349430]
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Advantages of working from home :

the commute is reduced to logging off the computer.
doing the laundry does not take up the evening.
it is quite possible to haul self out of shower, log on, and while waiting for computer and various microsoft programs to load, to get dressed and brush your teeth and arrive back at computer just as they've finished loading.

Disadvantages :

You don't get up nearly as much so your feet start to freeze from inaction.
Borrrrrrrrrrrred. Even christmas Eve, when we were ridiculously productive and the office was quiet, at least had some gossip and so on going just by virtue of there being other people around you. The radio is not the same.
THE SQUIRRELS. They STARE. Robins are merely psychotic little bastards. The squirrels plan your demise and are completely transparent about this.

:sigh: have nowt scheduled for new years and have no actual idea what to do. And it doesn't help when your mother calls up from falmouth and says 'oh, you mean you were working from home today? you could have come with us.' ... thanks, no really. I wouldn't have minded going down to falmouth for new year - everything's in staggering distance, but sharing the flat with parents is... not good. Not to mention getting back in time for the 2nd would've been somewhat problematic.

Re the news that they're apparently going to be toning down Torchwood for US consumption. DEAR BBC, FUCK YOU. I thought the whole point of Torchwood was the rampant sex. If they tone down the gay, I will be really pissed off. Not to mention, as [livejournal.com profile] derryderrydown said, if you take out the sex and swearing, we won't be left with anything. Other fandoms, the fanfic inserts porn. In Torchwood, fanfic inserts *plot*. (I'm still laughing about a comm that was set up a few weeks back with the express purpose of being 'If you want a respite from the sexing.' I suspect that these are the people who complain that the greenhouse scene was too in their face. Yet they didn't make any complaint about Tosh/Tommy or Gwen/Rhys or Owen/kitchen sink. Which always smacks of people like Disney and American tv stations olympics coverage who refused to show gay relationships/kissing/Matthew Mitcham's boyfriend because they don't show sexuality - yet don't realise that every time they showed someone's girlfriend, that's showing sexuality. :deep breath:) Anyway. What the hell is the purpose of a show that revolves around Captain Jack if you neuter him?
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under switzerland )
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Title : So Many Letters
Author : Gunbunny
Fandom : Torchwood.
Pairing : ....aside from Jack's back catalogue?
Rating : No sex and no violence. :sigh:
Summary : All the young men have gone for soldier.
Disclaimer : Not mine. Russell's and Chris's.
Feedback : I accept burnt offerings and alcohol.
Archive : http://burntcopper.com/fic , anywhere else feel free.
So Many Letters )


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