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You may have heard me before make a comment or two about how I never get to see where I live on tv or film. (we do not *ever* talk about Crime Traveller, generally considered to be one of the worst sci-fi shows *ever*)

This week, I'm now discovering that curse. BBC released Mayday, a thriller/murder mystery of red-herringness with supposed spooky tones - young girl goes missing on May Day, lots of suspects/rotten core of community etc.

Set in a small town/large village in the Home Counties.

Aside from the sheer crappiness of the plotting (the 'spooky' shots that were supposed to make you uneasy look more like they've grabbed a bunch out of a how-to guide and completely failed) and the characterisation of heavy-handedness that makes so little bloody sense... (and apparently got even worse from reports of people watching it)

I turned off 20 mins into the first ep. It was that painful. Admittedly mostly because I couldn't take the dodgy sleazy single dad leering at the screen *again*. But there's nothing like screeching 'WRONG' and 'SERIOUSLY, WTF?' 'NEVER HAPPEN' at the screen every 30 seconds. There's a difference between american shows getting british stuff wrong and a native show getting it that badly wrong. Your tolerance goes downhill.

First: the pagan-roots ceremony. Uh-huh. NOPE. I have no idea what you're smoking, but nope.

Cute 14 year old on bicycle as may Queen.... AHAHAHAHA.

The giant airy houses everyone lives in. maybe on one bit of an estate tacked on, but not the supposed range of households you've got there. I want to know how much the single-income family with kids is earning to be able to afford *that*.

The spoilt rich woman with the fat dog? I nearly threw something at the screen because she was wearing the wrong shoes. It sounds silly, but the very idea that she would wear clogs any further out of the house than the end of her drive or to pop next door *very quickly* would be anathema to her.

Essentially, when the only thing that rings true is the kebab shop, you're doing something wrong.

The Vicar of Dibley is a better representation than Mayday.
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Hogswatch haul:

Hollow Crown box set
1970s & 80s dance photography book
Mumford & Sons' Sigh No More
welly socks
jewellery tree
Marc Jacobs Dot perfume
Threadless tee

eyeing online sales and whimpering a bit because I have the problem of a birthday in 2 weeks so can't buy owt that was on my xmas list *not* bought for me by parents.

Dr Who was wonderful. and awesome. No annoying children. Richard E Grant being very restrained. And I now love Clara Oswin Oswald even more than I did when she was a dalek. Several people noted the reversal - it's the prospective companion who's being curious and trying to find everything while the doctor lays breadcrumbs, and it looks like she's going to be one of the puzzle themes of the next set of eps. STRAX. MADAME VASTRA. JENNY. Spin-off, BBC, we're begging you. They're comedy gold, and provide wonderful touching one-liners too. Seriously, how unbelievably awesome would they be for a new CBBC series, Sherlock Holmes-ing it through Victorian London? You've got all the costumes and sets *anyway*.

Downton Abbey, proving that once again Julian Fellowes cannot fail to write in clichés, drop all the plot anvils in the first 5 minutes in giant flashing neon lights, and at the same time keep millions hooked while they yell and throw things at the screen. this ep? ship-tastic. It was like there was a prerogative to flirt; Ivy and Daisy were flirting, Thomas was being lovelorn at Jimmy whilst promising he'd not overstep his bounds again, Mrs Patmore had a date, Cousin Isobel and Dr Clarkson, Edith and her editor (married with mad wife so no divorce possibility) O'Brien and the Scots ladies maid Wilkins were generating waves of spinster uptight complete bitch sexual tension at each other, new doomed housemaid Edna set her cap at Tom Branson, Mary and Matthew and Bates and Anna were being lovey-dovey at their respective spouses... and then in the last two minutes, after Mary had had the baby (sign-posted from first 30s of ep) Fellowes dropped such an unbelievably cliché clanger of an ending that twitter was reduced to capslock.

Predictions for next series:

Thomas and Jimmy will end up snogging or shagging. and then there will be Jimmy doing self-loathing. Edith is going to have an affair with her editor. Isobel will jump Clarkson. Rose (the cousin who went jazz clubbing last series and is now joining the main cast) will fall for a servant. Alfred's going to leave to become a cook or something at a hotel. Anna will be preggers. Tom and Mwill join forces for the sake of the kids.
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Just... kept forgetting to post. there has been:

Theatre: Neverwhere @ Progress (Reading's amateur group, once again awesome. Neil, you put too many scene changes in there for theatre. Certain actors stealing show. AS USUAL.)
Shrek (moments of awesome, moments of group numbers. during which you wish to gas the theatre and everyone twitches as they're so... American.)
Singin in the Rain: Like the film. but with better dancing. And soaking the first three rows. Audience: SQUEE.
Comedy of Errors: ....WAGs work so well as the more naggy/stressed female role for Shakespeare.
Hay Fever: 'this family likes acting out. Everyone else is freaked' eee. cast!
Fascinating Aida: dying. of. laughter. Dillie making bitchy noises about should have put the Cheap Flights thing up on youtube years ago.
Bingo: your using the laws of x as a parable for the time you wrote it is showing rather painfully. MOAR BEN JONSON.
Recruiting Officer: I need more restoration comedy in my life. :fangirls Mark Gatiss as most magnificent fop *ever*

Film: The Artist 'omg EEE so cute', Shame 'it's brilliant but now I have a hollow place in my soul.', The Muppets 'MNAMNA.', Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists 'giggling at trigger words weeks later'

serious perving over 6 nations rugby. It's easier to refer to them as 'red team' 'white team' 'white team player leaps on floor with ball, pretty white kicker gets ball between posts.'

TV: Being Human. Aka 'new cast is.... OMG.' :pats Tom on head: 'Hal, more press-ups!' Tom/Hal! Annie. Gah. :pats Cutler on head: Mark Gatiss, please stop scaring us. D'awwww, Cutler. Whosa cute little psycho? Alex, you have just earned yourself so many awesome points.'

First ep of Once Upon a Time just aired in UK. So far it appears to be Fables but infinitely more interesting, 5000x less rapey and LACKING THE INFLUENCE OF BILL WILLINGHAM. HUZZAH.

And they finally gave me my notice, after telling us for ages 'end of march'. finishing on Apr 20th. After I'd had to make many many pointed comments about it due to screwing us around.
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updating bad. whoopses. Not much really happening aside from Merlin squee (which, er, mostly consists of me going 'oh, *Bradley*' and giggling at the knights.). Downton Abbey is awesome and they can't go more than two minutes without someone saying 'This damned war.' Edwardian soap, I love you. Also, I would like Thomas to get laid this series. Allen Leech is busy being very amused by the fact that Branson got voted as 'least likely to be a virgin'. Unlike Matthew Crawley. :cough:

Strictly has started again. Some decent-ish performances so far - Chelsee's good but a bit bouncy, Anita Dobson was pure grace for ballroom and had waaay too much 80s fun for the latin, Holly Valance was decent but a bit hesitant, Harry Judd is brilliant but getting tripped up by Aliona's not-great choreography, Jason Donovan is stomping over the competition but then does have musicals training.

Honourable mentions: Dan Lobb: very cute, not bad. Alex Jones.. okay? Rory Bremner's not bad. Audley Harrison is... giant?

Crap: Lulu, Nancy Dell' Olio (Cannot dance at all), Edwina Curry (now out)

in the wtf: Robbie Savage was awful in the 1st week, with Ola dancing around him in a tiny outfit, then suddenly turned into a graceful Fred Astaire for ballroom. Cue jawdrops. Russell Grant: Having *way* too much fun, cracking everyone up, but is doing all the steps and is in time. See him lasting quite a while and bumping off all the so-sos. Oh, and audience is going 'Artem, why are you even *bothering* with a shirt?

In other news, my brother's landlady has just gone psycho. Seriously. my mum is staying there to make sure she doesn't break in and change the locks while they're out, she cut off the electricity this morning after pounding on their door at 2am last night and serving them with an eviction notice on sunday, Saturday night one of the *other* tenants in the building called the police due to her yelling in the hall. They are fully lawyered up.
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This week, it's randomly started lifestyle questions!

engraved 6oz hip flask Need a replacement as mine is badly dented - is £33 a decent price for an engraved 6oz? (engraving appears to a be fiver from online trawling, and £22-25 for a plain pewter 6oz)

Joggers - does anyone wear those black leggings you see so much? Do they actually make any difference? I re-started jogging last weekend (OW MY LEGS) and am wearing my 3/4 length tracksuit bottoms, which're fine warmth-wise for this weather...

Valentine's cake for the non-traditional. Or your ex.


In the star wars job workflow chart, it seems I am... destined to be an Ewok Bounty Hunter. Which many of my mates say is fairly accurate. Wicket had seen those reward posters for Rebel Scum, you know it. Sadly, it is not a costume I can ever do, unless I want to die of heatstroke.

Baby Davros. And, er, our lord and master Teh Moff discussing... things with Baby Davros. SCARED NOW.

Being Human. Oh, the love. And they're telling us we may get PUPPIES. (entire viewership reduced to squeaking at the prospect of short, mouthy big-eared werewolf sprogs) Being Human US is so far decent drama with bits of horror, but I'm missing the humour. (seriously, original version had the classic sentiment 'do you want to stay in and get drunk' 'God yes' and the description 'Chavalanche' for a drunk zombie rugby WAG this week) And their Gilbert did not dance. :pout:

Other new tv (aside from all the US ones I have to catch up on - Chuck, Vampire Diaries, start watching Hawaii five-o) Outcasts was dull. Script BORING. Wasted decent cast. Bedlam after it was classic haunted house ex mental asylum stuff (hands at windows, apparitions in hallways, ectoplasm, attempted drowning in bathtub etc) with nice camerawork, saturated palate, a script where people talked like humans, decent performances and a pretty cast who take their shirts off. Plus it seems Will Young's character Ryan and Jed (Kemal - death by orgasm boy from Downton Abbey) are generating some nice chemistry. (Ryan confirmed as at the very least bi in site bios, hurrah!)
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Hogswatch this year - relatively stress-free and quiet. with swag.

Started wednesday with me recovering from a 24hr flu session (which I spent woozy and queasy at work, recovering enough to go meet my state-sponsored vampirism appointment which i'd booked for the first time - seemed plenty of people had responded to the 'our blood stocks are low' call as it was pretty full, and my blood flowed well and quickly) which I passed on to my mum - she's been getting all my symptoms one day later. Slightly dodgy gut for the past few days but otherwise fine.

Anyway, all pressies arrived from amazon/play/amsterdam.

Haul - lessee, got Roman Britain book, jewellery, Armani Diamonds perfume (yes, shocked slightly, but then it was from the bro's gf and it's quite subtle and smells nice on), bits of chocolate, vintage fishscale mail belt, token, merlin S1 dvd (tag: 'AKOB without the spam.' Cue my squee to my mum's confused look and me having to explain that dad always barges in during merlin and asks what's going on with Arthur King of the Britons while I yell 'OUT!' - and that Holy Grail jokes just happen when any Arthur adaptation is on - as i shredded the paper gleefully), a desk calendar of obscure and lost words in the English language.

Dad loved his history of the Ordnance Survey, mum loved her lemon tree.

Went over to neighbours for drinks, where there was gossip, the saga of Debbie's trees - she'd ordered on 5' and one 6', they finally turned up a couple of days ago, and were... 2' and 3'. Yeah. Sian's preggers, Steph's sproglets charged all over the place, Alex's present from Chris was the Toy Story remote car with Woody and Buzz on it, which meant we had to assemble it *right that moment*. oh, and got a new copy of Good Omens as requested from Anna - Waterstones was apparently out of stock

Dr Who was ... :happy sigh:. I WAS NOT CRYING, OKAY? And Katherine Jenkins was pretty good and her singing was plot-relevant. cool. Great performances from everyone, snickered over how the Ponds dodged why they were wearing their outfits, and then we had a trailer of awesome. and yeah, it says something where for the first time in a Dr Who solstice special when it finally snowed, cue audience going 'bit *late*, isn't it?'

Strictly was rather good - Barrowman won - no surprise there, he's got training and if you can get a Quickstep that looks like that in 7 hours training.... fuck me. Vince Cable's was lovely and just floated along. Others - not a bad effort.

Beef wellington went down nicely. with some bloody gorgeous parsnips. The demon brassicas were kept at the other end of the table. Though there was some mad dashing around when it was discovered there was no madeira for the sauce and mum managed to unearth some marsala from the depths of the wine rack to substitute. :burp:

finished it up with watching the repeat of Going Postal on Sky.


the most adorablest stormtrooper evah.
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Have admittedly tried to be as lazy as possible in the last few days.

Tonight, 1st preview of Wolfboy at Trafalgar Studios with Daniel Boys. Me and [livejournal.com profile] etmuse will be there to heckle.

Thursday, off to terrorise Falmouth with Meg and Jen. Where we're almost certainly going to overeat something chronic and menace a few National Trust properties. It happens, okay?

Jogging on saturday afforded a rather interesting sight. See, the owner of the field across from the lock's been renting it out recently - we've had dog trials and craft fairs and a few other things in the past few weeks. This time, went towards Pangbourne, saw a bunch of tents. Which is better than the caravan park that was the dog trials. On the way back, I had to stop to blink a lot. Bunch of red-coated britches-clad men in big floppy hats doing musket drill. With a bunch of non-red coated men lurking at the back of the field under a tree in the shade Further surveying of the tents revealed others clad similarly or in full skirted dresses over shirts if female. So, guessing Civil War re-enactors. Or something similar, but the britches and floppy hats and dress style look about right. not sure about the red coats, though. Asking the lock keeper and lads that work the cafe/do the gardening revealed 'Don't ask me, they never tell us, all I know is that there was a bunch of drumming earlier.'

However, going back to have another look (you can't see the field directly from the lock, you've got to go into the first field) revealed was possibly the most awww-inducing thing I've seen in ages. One of the men was walking along, no shirt but in his britches. Couldn't see if he was wearing hose and shoes due to the reeds and bushes along the edge of the river, so from a distance it looked like he was just wearing board shorts. However, trailing along behind him like a bunch of ducklings were 3 little girls who didn't even come up to his waist, scurrying to catch up, all in full-skirted dresses and shirts. So. Cute.

Anyone else watching Rev? Tom Hollander as an Anglican vicar who's been brought from country parish to a near-empty inner city cash-stricken London church (somewhere near Fulham from what I can tell). One where they researched and shadowed something chronic to get it right. Nothing like Vicar of Dibley, it's gently funny and sarcastic, little bit heart-wrenching in places. Everyone's been written as very rounded characters, no lazy stereotypes. Absolutely loving the Archdeacon, btw. First ep they had a bunch of parents suddenly turning up to get into the attached church school due to recent Ofsted reports, this one the clash between the evangelical church and his lot when the evangelicals move in on a trial basis whilst theirs is getting repaired.

hmm. Torchwood 4 is going to start shooting in January in the US. Keeping a beady and sceptical eye on it since Russell T Davies is apparently in charge still. Everyone in the media seems to forget that he didn't completely originate it, and has only been writer and showrunner since Children of Earth, where he proved conclusively that he didn't get the setup, tone or give two shits about the characters. Chris Chibnall was the showrunner of Torchwood in S1 and 2, not Russell. Classic rant from Jen was that 'Imagine what Tosh and Owen's deaths would've been like under Russell, since he's proven time and again that he likes to kill characters for dramatic effect, not whether it makes any sense within the storyline or not. Joss Whedon handles death better than Russell. To Russell, drama means angst and he always runs out of puff before finishing a story.'.
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This is interesting. After the whole BBC3 airing pilots from various writers thing a couple of years ago, which let the audience vote as well as letting them tweak it - which gave birth to Being Human (we do not speak about Phoo Action which got pulled before airing), it appears that such a thing has proved successful enough that they're extending it. Paul Cornell's Pulse had its pilot air a few weeks ago, and was available for quite a while on iplayer. Tonight they're airing another pilot, a rom-com/drama called Reunited.

This is a major departure from usual tv commissioning in the UK. Nearly all series get commissioned in one go, no pilot. I know some comedy stuff has a showcase for industry (it's how Black Books got its start), but otherwise, nup. And the public would never get to see these. Probably helps that TV companies don't commit as much money as US tv if a series gets commissioned - most non-soap series are 6 eps max, 8 if it's big, 13 *only* if it's the coveted BBC1 Saturday early evening slot which means Dr Who and Merlin. A series never gets pulled mid-run since that would require major re-scheduling, it's always filmed ages in advance, and it's only the 13 ep ones that would still be filming when the first episodes of a series air.

So, yeah. Wondering if this is going to become a new way of commissioning shows in the UK.


Jun. 30th, 2010 10:47 am
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not much happening as such. Poking various ficbits but haven't even written owt in the crappy cliche original fic verses. England are crap and deserved to go out. When your goalie is the only one that's consistently playing well.... (okay, Milner was pretty decent too) But at least we're not France. Though can anyone tell me what's with this really disturbing trend I've seen on several other teams (fortunately not England) of jumping for the ball with your arms in the air? Can we say imminent handball?

village fete was fun, boiling, though distinct lack of morris dancers or the viking re-enactors that replaced them last years. :pout: Tug of war was hysterical to watch, mind you. Messed around in the drumming session, got the facepainting girl to do ivy up my arm to see how I'd like it for possible tattoo. Me and mum went on a canoe trip round the island in the river. v. pretty. and oooo, we saw an otter! squee!

Sunday, jogged, and this time no-one made a comment about me ending up in the river, it was that hot. Mind you, there were two girls who'd camped overnight and emerged from their tent in bikinis to throw themselves in the river first thing.

Decided to finally start mainlining Leverage after getting yelled at to watch it by several mates. it is fun and involves much squee.

In other news, I has a spare ticket to see Daniel Boys in Wolfboy on tuesday at Trafalgar Studios, £18 but will take offers as [livejournal.com profile] morbid_sparks can't make it. Any takers?
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Took parentals to New Wimbledon Theatre to see Spamalot for dad's birthday pressie. (added plug for quite a decent, reasonably priced Italian - Casa Nostra opposite the theatre)

SCORE. They laughed themselves stupid.
It's all a matter of weight ratios )

...okay, result of someone with a big flist reccing your story. Posted fic a couple of days ago, got about 7 or so comments from mates and people on the comm I posted it to. (Narnia fandom is rather small.) Then it got recced by a mate, and one of her mates recced it in turn. So I wake up this morning to a flood of the things. I, er, I'm sure other people have written fic about parents' reaction to how the kids changed after Narnia. :muses: mebbe I just managed to hit at the right time. Reminds me, must poke [livejournal.com profile] bedlamsbard into posting some of her parents reactions (I love that a couple of commenters have referred to us as the writers of psycho Pevensies. Hers are far more psycho and complex with massive world-building than mine. They're not psycho, they're just medieval rulers.) Way too many of her awesome ideas only exist in the comments, so I forget she hasn't posted them as complete stories.

Finally finished watching Sarah Connor Chronicles. Final scene? Oh FSM, the sheer jawdrop and amazing set-up for S3 that never was... :has tantrum:
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Spent the last couple of days firmly ensconced in front of laptop, especially yesterday, given the utterly foul weather. So foul on sunday that I even dug out the workout dvd from a couple of years ago because jogging in that...blegh. Oh god. Had forgotten how soul-destroying those things are. So today, went 'fuck it' and am still to get warm, even if it was sunny from the lock back. But still better headwise than the bloody exercise dvd. Yeah. Running = 'what's this thing you call thinking' and 'keep going keep going pause because that westie is trying to lick your shins to death'.

Watched Requiem for Detroit last night. Wow. Just... wow. Now that's one damn good piece of documentary, tying it from when Henry Ford first started Detroit as a car city, how it caused the near full-on segregation to its final collapse and the current wave of deconstruction and turning old housing plots into farmland. Though you could see the documentary makers rubbing their hands with glee when it came to the music - Motown just for starters, then you've got Eminem actually singing about 8 Mile (yes, they did start and close with Lose Yourself), *and* interviewing Martha Reeves of Martha and the Vandellas as she's a city councilman.

Doctor Who : So much set up. SO MUCH. And dear Moff, STOP MESSING WITH OUR HINDBRAINS. Angels. Not being able to open your eyes. AUGH.

Over the Rainbow, I think we're seeing tactical from the Lord again. Mr. Bojangles is the kiss of death in these things, so giving it to Stephanie...

Contemplating going to see Iron Man 2 once showered.


Apr. 6th, 2010 12:40 am
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Dr Who was a happy, happy place. We luvs teh Moff. Yes we do. With no silly bits like Russell's first ep. That is all.

Finished the Tink outfit. GLUING LEAVES IS A PAIN IN THE ARSE. (hoping as few as possible fall off since I don't want to have to go back in and re-glue or :shudder: sew a hundred or so individual ivy leaves on) That is all.

One egg down. One to go. Mum forgot to get Dad one so we were singing the 'Guilt!' anthem at her. Sadly the guilt only lasted 8 hours. We were hoping for 24. I will also not eye the cheap eggs in Waitrose for a week. That is all.

Watched Layer Cake finally. Cool, interesting, but I have no idea who the fuck was who or what allegiances anyone had at the end. Or what the point of Sienna Miller was, considering she was pretty heavily in the promo stuff I saw, so i kept thinking she had a more significant role than lust object. That is all.

I love Chuck, but is it me or is S3 kinda... off? (I really, really love the addition of Shaw. Sarah's getting kinda boring, though.) That is all.

Seem to have finished up the Torchwood circle town story, have completely lost all judgement on it, but [livejournal.com profile] etmuse and [livejournal.com profile] xenaclone say it's fine, so blame them... In other news, i want to write bad porn. My OCs have decided to angst instead. :kicks them: that is all.
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currently stripping a 9ft ivy leaf garland and pinning its leaves on the bodice of my tink outfit. I rather like the current half-covered effect where it looks like the leaves are creeping down it, but costume demands full-coverage. Unlike the first attempt at a tink costume, where I was overlapping like hell to make sure not one scrap of fabric is showing, I'm going for a slightly more lax effort of coverage - I want the bodice to be able to move.

This is it in progress.

For the 'twisted' version, shall probably be adding fishnet and jewellery and bodypaint, with strong Young Vic christmas show influence. Not sure about bothering with wings.

Good Friday is varying between downpours and bright sunshine. Still bloody cold, though.

Tomorrow, more Dorothy. Also New Dr Who, which I will not be saying owt about until I've seen it because I trust in Teh Moffat. Which most people are saying. We trust in Moffat more than we ever did Uncle Rusty. Dorothy so far is interesting. As usual, the usual spouting off about wanting 'something different' from the Lord, while the rest of us look on at the final ten and go 'hmm, awful lot of pale-skinned skinny brunettes there, Andrew...' (The lesson is to trust in David Grindrod. Casting director of awesome knows what he's doing.) Seen a lot of major talent, many of whom were *not* Dorothy but would be fab in something else, and we'll probably be seeing a good few of them up on the stage in the next year or so since even just the auditions are damn good exposure, and the industry now recognises this, hence the upping the game in the levels of talent. Of the ten (not including wildcard) I'm leaning towards Dani, who did the Connie/Lee/Jodie thing of being shown to have humility, a great voice, and approval from judges, with no messing around at the winnowing down. Influencing the viewers? What influencing the viewers? Still slightly scared about the fact that they're including *gasp* musical theatre numbers from the offset this time around. How will we cope when we can't bitch about pop songs not showing off their voices?

Going Postal trailer's up on the Sky website, and it looks good. [livejournal.com profile] random_c's impersonator appears to be doing a pretty good job so far.

In dance news, linked off the New Adventures website is Richard Winsor's screen debut in Streetdance 3D (hip-hop dance genre is also known as streetdance in the UK), which from the trailer, looks like Bestest thing EVAH. Readers, I put it to you:

Hip-hop dance crew needs rehearsal space for upcoming finals.
Get rehearsal space at a ballet school.
With proviso from Charlotte Rampling that they have to include some of her pupils in the crew.
Cue everyone doing their best 'The fuck?' reactions.

The trailer includes Mouthy Female Leader (tm) seeing the Head Ballet Boy (Winsor boy) practicing after hours in the rehearsal rooms.

Reader, can YOU predict the rest of the trailer, let alone the film? I have faith in you.

Film features what appears to be a pretty good soundtrack, two of the Battle teams are Diversity and Flawless, Gregor Sampson's in it, at least half of the featured crew are Blue Boy alumni (did Into the Hoods) and dammit, Richard Winsor. The dance shots that include Richard jumping are a thing of beauty. So, fucking gorgeous dancing *and* cheese-plot LULZ. (they also get points for using the South Bank as a dancing location, which is realistic) I must see this film.

There is only one problem. Richard does not appear to be playing menacing or bisexual (I have faith in his powers for good as regards the latter). There is something wrong here. And bloody costumers have put him in a loose white suite for several shots which... this is the same outfit that he wore as Dorian Gray. Not once does it appear like he's about to watch his tiresome ex overdose on the floor, drown someone in a bathtub or bash their head in with a camera. :pokes film suspiciously:
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about 2/3 through Game of Thrones and very much getting into it. Slow, boggy start, but serious page turner once it gets going.

Can I please kick Sansa, though? Everyone else I get. I know she's supposed to be a relative innocent with her head caught up in stories and teen girl crush, but considering how fast her younger siblings caught up to reality, how dumb and blinkered is this kid to stay like this?

HBO's now greenlit it for a series, and cast list for the pilot (may change for series) is below, * for squeefactor :

Mark Addy as Robert Baratheon
Alfie Allen as Theon Greyjoy
Sean Bean as Eddard Stark****************!!!**** :thud:
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jamie Lannister***************
Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister****
Jennifer Ehle as Catelyn Stark
Jack Gleeson as Joffrey Baratheon
Iain Glen as Ser Jorah Mormont
Kit Harrington as Jon Snow
Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister
Harry Lloyd as Viserys Targaryen****
Richard Madden as Rob Stark
Rory McCann as Sandor Clegane*****
Tamzin Merchant as Daenerys Targaryen********
Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark
Maisie Williams as Arya Stark
Isaac Hempstead Wright as Bran Stark

Ron Donachie as Ser Rodrik Cassel
Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo****************
Donald Sumpter as Maester Luwin

...The only real problem I currently have is Jennifer Ehle and Lena Headey. What I've seen of their acting, surely it would make more sense to switch them? When I had no idea who the characters were but did know Jennifer Ehle was in it and kept reading, I automatically thought she would be playing Cersei. (her scheming chilly bitch is a joy to behold.) And if you want someone to play noble grief-stricken protective mamma, Lena Headey's a shoe-in. Mark Addy as Robert should be interesting, since I've only seen him play put-upon but loveable and cute.

Me and Ian at pubmeet are having little geek happy gasms over Mark Sheppard as Crowley, and would even set aside Paul Bettany for him in Good Omens. It's not our fault, it's Mark Sheppard's. Got lambasted for never having seen a bunch of sci-fi and fantasy 80s classics like Tron, Hawk the Slayer and Ladyhawke. What? I was a bit young to see them at cinema, didn't have a video player, and they were normally on tv on saturday afternoons. When I was *out*. And I don't tend to watch 'cheese classics' unless someone physically makes me. I only watched Conan and Red Sonja because C4 were doing an Arnie season and I didn't turn the tv off.
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went jogging for first time since early december/late november. FUCKING. FREEZING. How to know it's the country : anything water and puddle-like is not liquid, it's two inches of ice and what would be mud is in fact rock. Still, did not huff and puff too much on my usual 'starting up again after :cough: weeks off' down to the lock and back. Honour is vaguely satisfied, even if I was probably going at snails' pace.

Trying to convince Firefox to resurrect my tabs. it... keeps getting half way there. at the moment, crossing my fingers and closing what tabs i can that i know I've read to attempt to get the next time a bit less arduous.

SQUEE. The wonderful thing about following actors on twitter : 'Eeee, back on Glee set!' 'Eeee, in scene with Kristin Chenoweth!' 'Ahahaha, so and so is bouncing because he's just done a scene with Kristin Chenoweth!' From this, I think we can safely conclude that Kristin is doing another episode of Glee this season. WHEEEEEEE! April? is awesome. Mind you, am rather snorting since it's been stated that Kurt and Rachel are complete Wicked addicts, and original!Glinda is amongst them...

Also wading through the Kurt/Puck fic. Oh, shush. Stil, somewhat scared that I'm in a fandom where songfic is CANON. Fortunately, it's not too abused yet.
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:facepalm: My Glee addiction continues apace (up to ep 11 now). Bollocks.

I started off not being able to watch the screen, now I'm squeeing on twitter to [livejournal.com profile] et_muse about how much I love Kurt's dad. Please, please, please let him be in the second half of the season. (APRIL????) Kurt, of course I love unreservedly for his fabulosity and ability with the one liners. Sue. oh god. I thought I couldn't love Sue more and then 'Wheels', aka the Very Special Disability Episode happened. An American show that can be shallower than a puddle with sparkly shoes attached fucking well made me cry 3 times in one ep. And had a character with Downs Syndrome that I recognised from real life, as opposed to American tv land trying to make a point (though the ones I knew tended to be far bitchier). Wishing the others got more lines and chances to sing. Tina, baby, more solos. Will, just dance more. And hell, I like Will's wife. She may be unbelievably shallow and materialistic and a wee bit deranged, but she loves her husband and let the lie go too far in her attempt to keep him. Though personally I'd have had her fake a miscarriage - no pressure to produce actual baby, major sympathy points, etc.

For some reason I'm now reading Kurt/Puck fic. partly because they've both got brains, and Finn may be pretty, but Kurt, you deserve someone with a brain, and if Puck can have chemistry with all the female members of Glee, I'm sure he can have chemistry with the boys. The rest, I have no bloody idea why. My brain is weird. You know this.

Listening to Glee songs on youtube. It really was a waste for them to have Rachel sing 'On My Own' as her audition piece considering what happens later with the Rachel/Finn/Quinn.

Okay, I have no idea where to start searching for this - it's an idea I've had knocking around for a plot strand in an original fic, no idea if said story strand would even work.

Character A is Scots, lives in London. collapses outside hospital in LA with injuries from a fight, no ID or phone on him. wakes up with amnesia.

Character B brings his mate into said hospital with a twisted ankle. Sees pic of A on computer when he goes to the nurses' station. A is in fact B's regular hook-up when he's in London. So how the hell do I get B to prove who A is, or even get access or anyone to listen? (presume it doesn't help that B is a film star who's known for having a different girl on his arm every week) he's got a lot of photos and can provide facebook/flickr page, and can provide such things as tattoo and scar details. Where would I start searching for procedure on this?
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TV list:

Big Bang Theory
Vampire Diaries
Better off Ted
True Blood
Being Human
Dr Who

Southland, new episodes of

A few of these I'm mainlining, or previously mainlined and am now pouting about this concept of 'waiting a week for a new episode'. It's very uncivilised. Listening to the Glee playlist on youtube and going 'oh dear FSM, what the hell is that in context of?' as am only up to ep 4.

Finally got out one of the fics I've been meaning to finish and post since, oh, October. Went through notepad and compared to the WIP on the comp. Huh. Could've sworn I wrote out more dialogue than that... Still, at least I re-started it.

Testing of innocent veg pots, #2 : the winter special (parsnip hotpot) is not bad.


Jan. 24th, 2010 01:56 pm
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Mother has taken up baking. and now she's making marmalade. We shall see how far this experiment goes.

Yesterday, in a drive to get mum's preferred honey, we buggered off to Ewelme, a village in deepest Oxfordshire. OMG COLD. V. picturesque, though. Honey's nice and is sold from the village shop, which is staffed by volunteers. And has tasty baked goods. Pootled around church, which is fucking *massive* and had me and dad going 'benefactor?' 'Yeah, someone was worried about their immortal soul' and playing the guessing game of age due to architectural features and art (they didn't stint on the inside, either). We'd figured up to 16th century until we came upon the altar and the little bit of paper that gave the actual low down. 15th century, it turns out, seat of the Duke of Suffolk. Which is also known as 'seriously rich.' Has the tomb of Thomas Chaucer and his wife, who was the father of the Duke of Suffolk's wife. Tom was the son of Geoff, and the family tree... huh. Didn't know Geoff's wife Phillippa's sister married John of Gaunt. From there both sides of the family is like a litany of 'which buggers got involved in the rather nasty game of politics' - Percys, Poles, Greys, you name it.

had made resolution to start jogging this weekend but that got scuppered by the emergency application of hot water bottle. A bit annoyed with self since I really need to get on with finishing some of the fic in my notebooks (I think I posted all of 2 pieces last year) and all I seem to want to write is AU crappy original 'verse.

Switched on Radio 2 to get the Legally Blonde cast appearance, and got dad to run screaming from room. He has allergies. rather amused by the fact that on this show (Elaine Paige - musicals and film music) you don't just have to state the cast, you have to state the year.

Finally succumbed to watching Glee. Watched ep 2, waiting for 3 and 4 to dl. A bit irritated by the way they're portraying the teacher's wife as rather 2D, but glad she's getting a bit more depth once she finds out she's not preggers. May have bust a gut laughing at the kid in the wheelchair getting to do the pimp act during 'Push It'. Please tell me the minority kids are going to get more lines and some more personality...
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Things to do when walking to the station : laugh at the city types who couldn't be bothered to wear different shoes for the walk. Amazingly, expensive lace-ups aren't very good on packed snow. SKID, MONKEYBOY, SKID. In shoe news, yesterday I finally remembered about my bloody great work boots (which i mostly use for operation: christmas tree), which means I don't have to borrow mum's one-size-too-small wellies anymore. Figured out this morning that they're not incredibly scuffed, it's mostly mud.

Due to having Legally Blonde ST on repeat, am experiencing ridiculous perkiness. And bugging a bit on finding out that Chris Ellis-Stanton is playing Kyle the UPS guy (also Dewey the ex and the lead Frat boy). ([livejournal.com profile] cynicalcylon, we're talking Legs McBlondie from Anything Goes at Wimbledon, and [livejournal.com profile] miniosiris, he was Steve Lomas in The Stripper - any good?) Where the fuck did those muscles come from? Feeling a bit peeved that he wasn't dancing and singing as much as he could be (sadly not a big name yet, so i guess i should be content and just wait for him to get lead west end), but definitely feeling a bit vindicated that everyone else is now objectifying him as much as I do. :cough: Oh well, he's now officially added to Heather's list of dancers she's fixated on : Brick Shithouse, Matthew Cutler from SCD and Chris Ellis-Stanton.

HMM. Legally Blonde is on the GILT cheap tickets list. Volunteers?

Question for those've you who've been watching normally rather'n mainlining three seasons in two weeks. From about mid-way through S4, you can see definite seeds of Dean/Castiel, which ramp up to 'Will you two please get a room!' later in the season (yes, prophet episode of hysterical, I'm looking at you). I know that people were slashing Dean/Castiel during S4, but can anyone who was in the fandom then tell me when fandom started slashing them in a major way? Was it from the very beginning in the traditional 'they are pretty. we are slashers. They don't need to share the same air space for us to slash them.' way, or a bit later?

Being Human : slightly painful where they were trying to force the humour in one bit (it's fairly obvious), being a bit heavy-handed with one aspect of the villain motivation, one bit they aim to tear your heart and succeed, and the slash is happily present. We're voting that the OT3 becomes an OT4. Also, continuity of background extras for the win!

Dammit. once again, Spotify disillusions me by showing me that a composer/singer may have a couple of v. awesome songs but the rest of their output is incredibly MOR.
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Spent the last few days watching tv and eating occasional chocolate.

In conclusion, I definitely prefer Princess Diaries 2 to Princess Diaries 1. Partly because I don't have to mute parts of it that are intensely irritating/overly american teen movie.

Family, as always, piled in to watch Pride and Prejudice and make giggly and 'awwww' noises. Told off for doing the '1,2,3, KNEE' gesture during the Bingley-Jane proposal. Was a little freaked out to realise that Bingley is Simon Woods (adult Octavian in Rome and the adorable doctor in Cranford).

Day of the Triffids, I spent most of it making 'er, plothole? Executive Transvestites : when you need a clear amoral out for themselves head, choose the best.' noises.

Explained premise of Supernatural to Mum, including vampires and the various hunters on it.

Appear to have caught bro's girlfriend's cold, just when I'd mostly got rid of mine.

Pondering going to see Sherlock Holmes. Have no desire to go anywhere near the sales, since I don't remember seeing anything I particularly wanted previously in the shops aside possibly from some hiking boots, and I'm not allowed to buy owt in the way of dvds/cds until Jan 8th as it is.

Weather - mostly sunny but cold, and today has had some sleet but it's mostly been downpour.

Parents decamping to Cornwall for New Year, and pondering joining them...


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