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Just... kept forgetting to post. there has been:

Theatre: Neverwhere @ Progress (Reading's amateur group, once again awesome. Neil, you put too many scene changes in there for theatre. Certain actors stealing show. AS USUAL.)
Shrek (moments of awesome, moments of group numbers. during which you wish to gas the theatre and everyone twitches as they're so... American.)
Singin in the Rain: Like the film. but with better dancing. And soaking the first three rows. Audience: SQUEE.
Comedy of Errors: ....WAGs work so well as the more naggy/stressed female role for Shakespeare.
Hay Fever: 'this family likes acting out. Everyone else is freaked' eee. cast!
Fascinating Aida: dying. of. laughter. Dillie making bitchy noises about should have put the Cheap Flights thing up on youtube years ago.
Bingo: your using the laws of x as a parable for the time you wrote it is showing rather painfully. MOAR BEN JONSON.
Recruiting Officer: I need more restoration comedy in my life. :fangirls Mark Gatiss as most magnificent fop *ever*

Film: The Artist 'omg EEE so cute', Shame 'it's brilliant but now I have a hollow place in my soul.', The Muppets 'MNAMNA.', Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists 'giggling at trigger words weeks later'

serious perving over 6 nations rugby. It's easier to refer to them as 'red team' 'white team' 'white team player leaps on floor with ball, pretty white kicker gets ball between posts.'

TV: Being Human. Aka 'new cast is.... OMG.' :pats Tom on head: 'Hal, more press-ups!' Tom/Hal! Annie. Gah. :pats Cutler on head: Mark Gatiss, please stop scaring us. D'awwww, Cutler. Whosa cute little psycho? Alex, you have just earned yourself so many awesome points.'

First ep of Once Upon a Time just aired in UK. So far it appears to be Fables but infinitely more interesting, 5000x less rapey and LACKING THE INFLUENCE OF BILL WILLINGHAM. HUZZAH.

And they finally gave me my notice, after telling us for ages 'end of march'. finishing on Apr 20th. After I'd had to make many many pointed comments about it due to screwing us around.
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This week, it's randomly started lifestyle questions!

engraved 6oz hip flask Need a replacement as mine is badly dented - is £33 a decent price for an engraved 6oz? (engraving appears to a be fiver from online trawling, and £22-25 for a plain pewter 6oz)

Joggers - does anyone wear those black leggings you see so much? Do they actually make any difference? I re-started jogging last weekend (OW MY LEGS) and am wearing my 3/4 length tracksuit bottoms, which're fine warmth-wise for this weather...

Valentine's cake for the non-traditional. Or your ex.


In the star wars job workflow chart, it seems I am... destined to be an Ewok Bounty Hunter. Which many of my mates say is fairly accurate. Wicket had seen those reward posters for Rebel Scum, you know it. Sadly, it is not a costume I can ever do, unless I want to die of heatstroke.

Baby Davros. And, er, our lord and master Teh Moff discussing... things with Baby Davros. SCARED NOW.

Being Human. Oh, the love. And they're telling us we may get PUPPIES. (entire viewership reduced to squeaking at the prospect of short, mouthy big-eared werewolf sprogs) Being Human US is so far decent drama with bits of horror, but I'm missing the humour. (seriously, original version had the classic sentiment 'do you want to stay in and get drunk' 'God yes' and the description 'Chavalanche' for a drunk zombie rugby WAG this week) And their Gilbert did not dance. :pout:

Other new tv (aside from all the US ones I have to catch up on - Chuck, Vampire Diaries, start watching Hawaii five-o) Outcasts was dull. Script BORING. Wasted decent cast. Bedlam after it was classic haunted house ex mental asylum stuff (hands at windows, apparitions in hallways, ectoplasm, attempted drowning in bathtub etc) with nice camerawork, saturated palate, a script where people talked like humans, decent performances and a pretty cast who take their shirts off. Plus it seems Will Young's character Ryan and Jed (Kemal - death by orgasm boy from Downton Abbey) are generating some nice chemistry. (Ryan confirmed as at the very least bi in site bios, hurrah!)
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Today's random spotify pick: Cesaria Evora - spanish folk of some sort. Reasonable background/working music.

To do:

Update CV. Rai pointed out that one of the things I've been doing (creating and maintaining the production wiki) counts as project management. That's another of those mystical job experience requirements learnt, then. And then properly look for jobs.

Work is its usual bored out of my skull/coasting/behind the scenes bitching I tune out of. Recced the inclined-to-panic-if-procedures-not-perfectly-laid-out lad for a project of his own so that he can learn to improv and relax whenever a minor stumbling block occurs. Fingers crossed that this works. admittedly I'm used to being chucked in at the deep end since childhood and then did much the same to everyone I've trained or taught.

Get off my arse and do some exercise. Skirts riding up due to added poundage on hips. When you wear miniskirts as general workwear, this is kind of scary. Trying to work out when would be doable, and how to break the siren call of bed on weekends especially in this cold time. I occasionally think of getting a workout dvd but have to remind self that the tv is in the smallest room in the house and laptop is not doable due to house being too small and full of furniture to not have my dad
violently objecting to me doing it in sitting room.

As usual, writing is mostly comprised of snippets of crappy original fic, or AUs of AUs with added future snippets of those AUs. Sometimes these eventually blossom into readable, but this often takes years. Currently trying to write some more of the Inception/RocknRolla crossover, but no idea what to do beyond first scene. Same with the Dark is Rising future fic/Torchwood crossover - to do that crossover, I'd have to a) do more politics research and b) get the Torchwood bunnies active.

new Being Human. Squee is achieved, and Nina/George is frankly adorable now they've settled down from last series' angst. Watched the US pilot and ... hmm. it comes off better than most UK->US translations, as it reads more like a different adaptation of the same source text than the usual cringeworthy attempts. The humour's different, they've changed the characters to fit US archetypes, and so far it has a few too much preachy angst/voiceover bits for my tastes, but we'll see. Interesting change of dynamic to have the vamp as a nurse rather'n a hospital porter - indicates stability that might be seriously rocked. There is a distinct lack of tea, and they've added the cliché that vampires don't eat or drink, which was something i liked that Toby Whitehouse had done away with (if only because it was funny to have other people walking into the kitchen and getting freaked out that the vampire was tucking into beans on toast). Less subtlety overall.

Bought tickets for the NT cinema screenings of Jacobi in the Donmar King Lear and Cumbermatch/Miller in Frankenstein - anyone been to these? How decent are they compared to stage?
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Things to do when walking to the station : laugh at the city types who couldn't be bothered to wear different shoes for the walk. Amazingly, expensive lace-ups aren't very good on packed snow. SKID, MONKEYBOY, SKID. In shoe news, yesterday I finally remembered about my bloody great work boots (which i mostly use for operation: christmas tree), which means I don't have to borrow mum's one-size-too-small wellies anymore. Figured out this morning that they're not incredibly scuffed, it's mostly mud.

Due to having Legally Blonde ST on repeat, am experiencing ridiculous perkiness. And bugging a bit on finding out that Chris Ellis-Stanton is playing Kyle the UPS guy (also Dewey the ex and the lead Frat boy). ([livejournal.com profile] cynicalcylon, we're talking Legs McBlondie from Anything Goes at Wimbledon, and [livejournal.com profile] miniosiris, he was Steve Lomas in The Stripper - any good?) Where the fuck did those muscles come from? Feeling a bit peeved that he wasn't dancing and singing as much as he could be (sadly not a big name yet, so i guess i should be content and just wait for him to get lead west end), but definitely feeling a bit vindicated that everyone else is now objectifying him as much as I do. :cough: Oh well, he's now officially added to Heather's list of dancers she's fixated on : Brick Shithouse, Matthew Cutler from SCD and Chris Ellis-Stanton.

HMM. Legally Blonde is on the GILT cheap tickets list. Volunteers?

Question for those've you who've been watching normally rather'n mainlining three seasons in two weeks. From about mid-way through S4, you can see definite seeds of Dean/Castiel, which ramp up to 'Will you two please get a room!' later in the season (yes, prophet episode of hysterical, I'm looking at you). I know that people were slashing Dean/Castiel during S4, but can anyone who was in the fandom then tell me when fandom started slashing them in a major way? Was it from the very beginning in the traditional 'they are pretty. we are slashers. They don't need to share the same air space for us to slash them.' way, or a bit later?

Being Human : slightly painful where they were trying to force the humour in one bit (it's fairly obvious), being a bit heavy-handed with one aspect of the villain motivation, one bit they aim to tear your heart and succeed, and the slash is happily present. We're voting that the OT3 becomes an OT4. Also, continuity of background extras for the win!

Dammit. once again, Spotify disillusions me by showing me that a composer/singer may have a couple of v. awesome songs but the rest of their output is incredibly MOR.
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I really need to stop watching Do You Wanna Date My Avatar. Felicia Day, you are a force for evil. And horribly catchy tunes.

In other news, to all Being Human Fans (and those who need convincing). I believe this promo photo for S2 is relevant to your interests. No. Really. Or as Rai at work put it. 'Go away. This is not your computer screen. This is MINE.'

And somehow I've signed up for the august bank holiday AFP camping meet. Pratchett fans, real ale, musical instruments (the last two seem to be inevitable when the word 'Pratchett fans' is used) and fresh air. In Hay-On-Wye. Problem being how much stuff do I take, how much food, money, etc and... oh god. NO INTERNETS FOR FIVE DAYS, as the parentals pointed out.
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Law & order UK : enjoyable, very pretty tosh. (and good god, this script is so obviously cut and pasted. Gene defence? SRSLY? The actors are actually really good, they deserve better scripts.)

but Ben Daniels so very, very pretty. So is Jamie Bamber.

I am not allowed to slash them because they're the prettiest on the show even though they have bugger all contact

Oh, sod it. It's too pretty. One's a scrappy copper with bugger all manners! One's a bleeding heart justice and decency at all costs public defence lawyer! Together, they fight crime!

...Don't look at me like that. I never said I wasn't shallow.

Being Human : Still squeaking. George! Mitchell! Annie! Herrick! Bonus Seth! Nina! Strange set-up for next series! WIBBLE!
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Oscars : results all 'well, duh', but so happy that Mickey Rourke didn't win and Sean Penn did. What can I say, I loved that :
a) someone upset the bookies
b) film and performance i'd seen and loved to pieces
c) it wasn't a case of someone playing what was essentially *themselves*. Hello, *acting*...

In regards to it getting Best original screenplay too, along with the Heath Ledger best supporting, I suspect afterelton.com are probably doing the dance of glee.

Mind you, the fact that several of the awards were won by brits means that most of the acceptances were amusing and non-gushy.

Thoughts to spice up oscars and get more viewers :

Make it more like unto the Brit awards. Everyone is pissed, no-one's taking it seriously, and the camera loves getting the 'BITCH!' faces of the losers and the presenters are judged on the Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood scale.

or if you don't want to go quite that far off-scale, make it like the BAFTAS. Relatively short, all the non-major awards and preliminaries are shown on a subsidiary channel, and no-one's taking themselves that seriously. Due to it being held in a theatre that's showing something else all the rest of the days of the week, they have to keep the stage really simple.

Being Human is just.... :wibbles:
wibble )

On a sort of Being Human note : can someone please explain the logic of that 'I'm a werewolf, therefore this screws up my life and I can't hold down a job' which i've seen in some werewolf stuff and JK Rowling clings to? Let me get this straight, not being able to be contacted at *night* three times a month screws up your daytime activities? HOW?

Being Human

Feb. 8th, 2009 10:21 pm
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Stop having such awesome guests. Really.
So dead )

Oh, and Slumdog swept the Baftas and Kate Winslet won best actress. heh. Who didn't see that one coming?


Jan. 19th, 2009 11:22 am
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Being Human? See Julie Gardner carefully not mention Phoo Action debacle and fudge anything about them not getting casting done on time. And the characters had started out in a sitcom pitch which wasn't working until they thought of the supernatural twist. oh, and filming the pilot meant they got to see what worked/didn't work much more clearly than going straight into filming, which you don't normally get to do these days.

Anyway, the verdict (sans major spoilers) : we may pout about no Guy Flanagan and Andrea Riseborough, but you forget within a minute of starting because Aidan and Leonora are *fab* (Annie is cuter and less awkward). And laugh yourself stupid. George is... George. :happy sigh: And Russell Tovey is more adorable than an adorable thing, who poshes up his accent for George and did a George hand-flail for us when demonstrating how he got into George mind-set.

They may say the pilot is no longer canon, but it essentially starts a few days/one week after the pilot (they're settled in and comfy with each other and George is asking the landlord about the taps). Pilot still valid. We get to see how everyone became what they are in the intro.

They de-sterotype glam gothed the vampires! HURRAH! (remember how that was one of the bits that just didn't work? Lauren suddenly going glam vamp, etc) Herrick is far, far creepier now that he's very very normal and re-cast. There's this mid-conversation turn on a sixpence that is said in the exact tone which is just eeep.

George and Mitchell : COUPLE.

Pubmeet : THEY ARE ALL EVIL. five minutes before I leave due to sleepiness, I get attacked and proceed to puncture the eardrums of everyone else in the pub because pubmeet crowd decide it's tickle-the-Heather time. Hmm. pondering costumes - Black Canary or Meggan for superheroes night, and either Mary or Pearl for Hub 2... (mary is problematic due to having to buy an entire new bloody outfit and wig. Boots I remembered on sunday that I have the ones from Padme that I can paint black)

Sunday : meant to watch new BSG ep and several other things but got attacked by nausea/headache at 1pm. WoOt. Struggle into London, get to Leicester Square @ 6pm, by which time I'm finally not nauseous, figure I really should get summat to eat - and of course the only thing that I can get that doesn't require sitting down is pizza slice. which I only ate half of due to it being lukewarm. Blegh.

Mandy Patinkin evil. the man is evil )

Dear womb : a period would be nice. I've been having twinges for four days now, but no blood. Paranoia of 'okay, it'll be starting soon... no it isn't.' causing me to carry my mooncup on me constantly is getting annoying.

and now, hygienist appt. Please be on time?
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Was given two tickets to the Being Human Q&A and first ep screening by someone who couldn't go - it's at 8pm this friday, National Film Theatre, South Bank.

Any takers for the spare ticket?
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new trailer for Being Human. (which may not be available outside the UK)

Being cautiously optimistic/hopeful. I know, no Guy Flanagan and no Andrea Riseborough, which is severe of the pouty, but the new bods look interesting. We're speculating that they may be going more black comedy than drama with the new series. Fingers crossed, anyway.

Trying out knock-off uggs. Toasty toes. They'd probably be better if they were half a size smaller, and there's that thing where you're learning to walk in a new style of shoe. Doesn't help that I'm wearing the socks that have a habit of falling down to my toes in boots.

Uncluttering : threw out a bunch of very deceased nail polish. chucked several old perfume bottles into the recycling since the perfume in them was off. pair of shoes that've never fit me and a makeup bag that came free're off to oxfam.

Debating whether to go theatre tonight. Twelfth Night? Joseph? Treasure Island?

ETA : Got the last standing ticket for £10 for Twelfth Night w/ Derek Jacobi.
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Was having a quick flick through one of those 'I know this is going to be awful, let's see how shite it can be' fics and... well... it surpassed itself.

'If Ianto had seen anyone else drinking that much liqueur, he'd have been concerned'.

I... ummm... so much glee. Really. it not only bypasses the cultural norms, (Jack was on his third glass which is... so not a cause for concern), the spelling (I believe she meant liquor), and the briticism test (we really. really don't call alcoholic drink liquor), it's also achieved hilariously awful due to unintended meaning.

Sweetie? If someone's drinking liqueur, they really have problems.

<-- now has image of Jack necking creme de cassis, or going through an entire tray of liqueur chocolates and slurping the centres.

In other news, JB has been confirmed for Robin Hood in Brum next panto. I need dates and headcount.

[livejournal.com profile] liviapenn is making indignant noises about stereotyping sidekicks and other stuf re: CoCs and considering I've just watched Adrian Lester being five types of unmitigated awesome in Being Human - so much love so much love OMGIT'SUS (seriously, this is what patrick described it as) - if you've had this show pimped at you? THERE IS A REASON - this makes me so bloody glad about UK sci-fi and fantasy and BBC Wales.


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