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Back home from convention on a very cold and rainy weekend. November, did you have to finally kick in *now*?. V. silly, v. fun, rather relaxed - guests gave good value for the most part, Communion was had (Leah Cairns and Luciana assisting his holiness the rev. Johnny Wallet - poor things got fed Rich Tea biscuits for communion wafers, and whisky!cam was screencapped and printed off for sale for charity. The girls were seen going 'oh christ i hope my family doesn't find out'), and partying acheived. Jamie Bamber and James Callis were on fine form - of especial note were James describing the Bridget Jones fight and Jamie's description of revenge on Baltar where he slashed himself, and his comment on the Thistle being a shithole. Both of them bitching about driving down the M4 to get here. Alessandra is v. sweet and funny (plays the very first Cylon in Caprica, and many of the blokes were wailing about the fact that she may be 21 but they feels so dirty about fancying her since she looks 16.) Leah (Racetrack) and Luciana (Kat) were funny and revealing, Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh) is classy and awesome, but definitely needs the right questions, and Morena and Sean Maher discussed Firefly, V, and other projects - anyone know much about Human Target? - and as is usual with the Firefly lot, took the piss out of each other. far more on form on sunday as not so hungover and jetlagged.parties and costumes )

and now, verifying nano (didn't have time to wait for the site on Friday morning - I really should've done in monday) and catching up on the fic and fandom comms...)

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Watched the Caprica pilot. :tilts head: Interesting. Good, solid tv, well set up, quite a lot of thought put into it, and decent characters so far. (hope they don't put too much emphasis on the teenagers in the series, though) I love the Taurons (oh shush, I'm a sucker for well-done design - Mexican gangsters covered in Maori tattoos in really sharp Rat Pack-era suits? So. There. Actually, I really want to see more Taurons than the gangsters, to see if the facial tats are a gang thing or a general adult-male thing, because I do not want to see that 'they have facial tats! they must be gangsters!' which is still one of the stupider things about gang culture - 'Let's mark ourselves out for the coppers!'), and once again they're doing pretty well on the melding of Ancient Greek religion and modern day-to-day life, something which they forgot about in the final couple of seasons of BSG, where they got rid of the day-to-day stuff and focussed on the whole Baltar thing.

What's kind of interesting is the tone and pace. Because it's a pilot, they're doing the whole introducing the characters and world thing, but because it's part built on BSG, they don't have the pressure to explain very much. We come into this at least partly informed, as it's a prequel. Much more relaxed. It's like Razor, which was a story from that world they just wanted to take time out and tell. No forced 'this is my backstory, this is my school, this is my workplace, excuse me while I exposition dump'. They didn't have to explain the fact that the Taurons are immigrants from a different planet. And hey, tv sci-fi looks like it's maturing (yes, we know the phrase is a bit tired) because it's now got to the point where they're telling stories as stories and not bothering to shove the 'ALIENS SPACESHIPS FUTURE TECH LOOK HOW WEIRD THIS IS' in our face, with added 'futuristic' fashion (which as we know, ages *really badly*). Yay! Finally you catch up with print media, and dare I say it, actually getting to the point of surpassing Blade Runner (don't think we're not noticing the common connection of Edward James Olmos). hmm. Does this qualify as catching up with decent cyberpunk?

They've guaranteed us gay characters but not making a big thing of it. Specifically casting Hispanic actors. Polly Walker. All these things are a wonderful sign for grown-up tv.
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Looking for the dreamers trek/bsg, Thursday night, and Jim really fucking wants a drink and a lay. Chance meetings and common threads.

Out there is Bones the Cylon fic. Dammit. this means I've now been officially been spoiled rotten. I suddenly have hankering for Helo and Jim to be kicking back and relaxing in the bar. or at a ball game, or something-fic.


Mar. 24th, 2009 12:37 pm
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Sitting in main draft. which will not change until they've finished the other end of the office. FREEZING.

Playing with last.fm, since though I can access iplayer at new office, it's stuck on 'connecting'. Which will be an utter arse when i want to re-listen to radio 4. Fortunately, in a lull period when it comes to Just a Minute and the News Quiz. ...Though for the other users of last.fm, does it regularly do the thing where you pick an artist, pick _insert artist here_ radio, but it takes a good 10-12 songs for it to get to a track by that artist? Oh, and the bass appears to be missing.

Still no work email - personal, yes, work, no. Customer services rang up to ask what our new one was and I informed them we didn't have it yet. They asked if we could tell them when we do. I think we're not going to tell them that we have it until doomsday...

Not sure I like this chair. shoulders aching a bit.

Watched finale of BSG. which comes under 'uh. wha? um. uh. gah! But I had friends on that basestar!' Good, equal amounts of no fucking idea *what* happened there, tied up everything, nice job on using weird-arse flashbacks from much earlier in series, and oh, coda, nice job on freaking us out. Roll on Caprica.

Random arse survey : tell me your current mobile ringtone. No matter how embarassing. Mine's the Farscape S2 theme.
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yay. Got a call first thing this morning from M&S to tell me my card was used for a tiny amount last night. I didn't use it, so that's me waiting 7-10 days for a new one... wo0t. Oh well. At least it's the one I use infrequently.

Twitter : so far, liking it more than facebook. No bugger has attempted to throw a sheep at me or friend me because they want more friends. And the strange and odd snapshots of people's lives are rather amusing.

Got my beta back on the Jack and Ianto timeslip to the 1930s fic. Which [livejournal.com profile] lonelybrit told me was missing bits and so on and I was repeating phrases, so fixing that.

I. Um. There's only 2 eps of BSG left. may need to start hyperventilating. And it's been utterly brilliant. And you know perfectly well they've been making it up as they go along with several very obvious realisations of 'oh shit we said this here must fix now' (which is more than other series do - BSG don't believe in trailing plotlines). Thing is? The story doesn't feel like they're wrapping up at all, or obviously building up to a big bang ending, so AUGH.

Just realised I'm going to be missing Comic Relief. Bollocks. Not that I really pay much attention when it's on, but it's a lot more fun to watch the special clips the first time round rather'n having to hunt them down on youtube and iplayer.

Augh. other realisations for Friday : Bloody trains from Euston to Northampton are going on strike. Fuckses. FSM knows how long it'll take to get there... Oh, and I'm going to have to get up early to compensate for how much extra time it'll take to walk to the station with suitcase in tow. Hmm. need to get food tomorrow and check Baileys stash.
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Right, finally getting round to some sort of report on Battlestar Starfury...so say we all )

tv stuff

Dec. 1st, 2008 02:33 pm
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Finally watched Battlestar Galactica : Razor (thankyou [livejournal.com profile] mingmerciless!). Not quite sure how I feel about it - pretty good, felt more like an extended ep than anything. think they really could've gone into more depth on some bits - like how some flashbacks showed *everything* in about two seconds? Wishing Gina/Six had been in more of it than the little she was given. I dunno. More time before they discovered she was a Cylon, maybe? But still. Good stuff. (for those curious about me mentioning the webisode snoggage thing, I was right, it's Hoshi - who was a Pegasus officer, hence why we've no idea about him)

Watched the Chuck that was on my computer, so now I'm only three eps behind. and I... I cannot love the cast more. Just seen the Jeff ep, so now I need more Gob and Anna. also more Awesome. Plus, is it me or is Casey getting less time.

Have heard NBC's thinking of cancelling Chuck. i can do nothing about this. Colonialists, WATCH it. the ratings need you. It is beautiful and glorious and they are our people.

Now that Nano's finished, I'm pondering precisely when I'm going to find the time to sort it out chronologically so I can post it on [livejournal.com profile] darkisrising. And it turns out I rather like King Llyr. Peeved that I didn't write for essentially two days so didn't have time to really do the feast and so on properly rather than rushed.

Gah. still got to figure out costumes for BSG. I think I might do slinky for Election Night, but seriously, er, trip to carillon and 80s I have no idea. Anyone else?
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Battlestar Starfury is coming up, and trying to decide what costume I should do for it (first week December, going to have to make any costume in october since, well, NANO and just cross my fingers I don't suddenly lose weight like I did inbetween making the costume and Serenity Complete. Should I go for :

a) a very short Six (Natalie version, she's closest to my hair)
b) a very short Six in cocktail dress (with added *better* wig than last time)
c) random military member
d) Starbuck
e) Cally (orange overalls/military or with baby)
f) Ellen Tigh
g) someone else I think you would be far better as.

Also. BSG theorists : cut for anyone who hasn't seen the latest season )

Oh, and utter classics : have a dream where you're turning your alarm off (because it's not supposed to go off at 6am) and then get woken up at 7:10 am by parent because it turns out it wasn't a dream. helllllooooo speed shower and dress.
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Read more... )
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Mummy, Bear Mcreary scares me.

Listening to BSG soundtrack, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] cidercupcakes. Which - well, overall impression is lotsa war drums and sort of middle-eastern, with occasional leaps to chinese. Bloody gorgeous. Except? Sometimes I can't figure out whether he's schizo or just fucking with us. There's bits that are clearly, clearly celtic which suddenly segue seamlessly into arabic. And then suddenly you're blindsided by such tracks as 'dinner party' which are pure regency era. And then... oh god, the bastard re-engineered the tune for things like Battlestar Operatica and Battlestart Muzaktica. You heard me. The muzak version. Which was almost certainly played when the characters were in a lift or something.

And huh. I knew that occasionally theme tunes are changed from country to country - sometimes copyright, sometimes unsuitable, sometimes the weird vagaries of producers - a fairly well-known one being 'House', where the US gets Faithless' Teardrop and we get something else. (having never watched House except by download, I don't know what our theme tune is). However, on this, there's main tune (US version) and main tune (UK version). The slow bit at the beginning's different - the bit where the drums kick in for the clip montage is mostly the same. The US, you get an extended instrumental funeral-ish military, and the UK, we get Our Lady of Soundtrack Sorrow with choral and more chimes, and more chimes and choral in the drums bit. Only the UK one is what gets used on sci-fi, since Sky no longer gets it first. Did they just decide they liked the UK version more? Can someone clarify which one got used on the miniseries?
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I love Ugly Betty far too much for words. Especially the evil twinnage of Mark and Amanda.

BSG? Pootling along in their screwed up fashion. :pats entire cast: Bless. And ooo, Mark Sheppard? (Badger from Firefly and things like 24 and X-Files to you) As a lawyer who... oh, the sunglasses. Mmm, the sunglasses. and a realistic Irish accent. (the one that's the soft gravelly one - it's not Belfast, that's all I know)

Rome. Oh god, show, never leave me. Pullo. Oh, Pullo. Mark Antony in eyeliner and henna/tattoos. Octavian sex scenes? :falls over in drool puddle: Also, Livia. It's nice to see that you are really intelligent and calculating under the cutesy. We approve.

End of season approaching. Thing is, I don't know if they can do a third series, since it's not as clear an arc - first one was very clearly going to end with the Ides of March, and this one was about the ascent and then dissolving of the Second Triumvirate with Octavian winning. The third? There's not exactly a 'big event' that's known by general public about Augustus' reign and he was rather long-lived. It's not like you could suddenly jump to Tiberius and then Caligula - not to mention the sheer aging and so on you'd have to do of the main cast. Plus? Caligula and Claudius are descended from Livia's *other* kid (the one who was born about four days pre-her marriage to Octavian, rumoured to be Octavian's but really, really not since he didn't actually meet her until she was a good couple of months preggers with said sprog), who married Octavia and Antony's daughter, and the series has only mentioned Tiberius (not to mention Caligula's mum is Julia and Agrippa's kid - Julia being Augustus' kid from his first marriage - the Julio-Claudian family tree is *guaranteed* to give you a headache). Rome, I love you but your trimming of all the kids means you've kind of shot yourself in the foot for the production of future Caesars.

Saw the first ep of Miss Match. Whose pitch was so very clearly 'Clueless grown up'. Alicia Silverstone has irritated me in everything except Clueless, but since she's quite clearly playing Cher (seriously, second gen lawyer daddy's girl with a thing for matchmaking and clothes?), this is actually enjoyable. Complete fluff, but fun fluff.

Still not got round to watching the SG-1. It lurks in my downloads folder. I think at this rate I'll be watching my shiny new dvds before I do. And possibly even the entire season of Dr Who before I watch SG-1. Reminds me, need to watch S3 Entourage before new eps start.
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Galactica '02 and Discworld con '06


Also, judging by the reaction from people at Discworld, it appears I've found my perfect casting : Ginger, aka Delores de Syn from Moving Pictures. I have no idea what they mean - short blonde, yells, gets irritated easily, can be found in almost permanent state of eye-roll.... Mind you, for day to day, I'm sticking with Conina as it's a more identifiable costume.
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The first two are very, very intertwined.

G2 - I'll get the squeeing out of the way. Kandyse (Dualla) is ridiculously gorgeous, tiny, and laughs a lot. Paul Campbell (Billy) is a) gorgeous and b) hilarious and incredibly dirty. On the sunday he managed to stop the entire talk in its tracks because we laughed for five minutes straight. Aaron (Chief to you) is... Aaron. We fanboy him liek whoa. We'll even dance like loons when he cons the DJs into playing Irish music. Nicki (Cally) is adorable. We'll stop going 'awwww' in a minute, honest. Also had Dan Bacon (you may recognise him as doing Walter's job on SG-1 in early S2/3, and from Dead Like Me) who originally just tagged along as a mate of Aaron's and then got up on stage and was very funny and revealing about auditioning, since he works a lot as a reader.

No, no spoilers, beyond there's a fight-club type ep in 8 with everyone going rounds on each other. They were mean. But there will be webisodes to tell us what's happening. The Daventry hotel? Verrrrry nice and fabulous for small cons. Pity it's so far away from anywhere. Also, a pool and outdoor giant chess.

Discos, fairly quiet compared to your average Starfury, and it's the first time I've seen Tiffany actually clear a dancefloor. Normally it crams it, and then you play Chesney Hawkes to *really* cram it. Guests joined in con dances and giggled like nutters whilst doing Star Trekking. Dan taught us the Electric Slide and kept improvising whilst doing so, the bastard. All guests in bar. Kandyse and Paul got initiated as Jedi Master Chefs, Kandyse now wants her own (purple) light saber and got very pouty when she had to give it to Paul, so Neil gave her the nerf cannon and she shot Paul with it.

Me and Jackie won joint first place as Six. Go us. *smug* Jedi Chefs 2nd as Team America (Aaron couldn't stop quoting) and Shaun got 3rd as Crashdown.

Other stuff... er.... We found a piano in the bar and Tamsin proceeded to play most nights post-disco. Jedi Chefs flash-mobbed Aaron's talk on Saturday as the legion of David Carusos. (Basically, you can get a wondrous ten minute rant out of Aaron on the subject of David Caruso and CSI Miami). I have tag-team abuse written on my group photo between the guests.

Monday spent asleep. Lurched into work this morning, spent entire day detoxing. it turns out noodles are good for this, as well as the requisite lake of water. Thought 'fuck it, showtime' once I'd recovered mid-afternoon and bought a ticket to Chicago. Jennifer Ellison was in it, heard good reports of when she did it with JB, and it was fun. flashy, amoral, silly, and sexy. Could've probably done with a bigger stage and Billy Flynn has been completely spoiled for me by John as I was going 'hold it, that note shoul've been held longer!'. However, all of cast v. good and we hug the guy playing Amos lots.


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