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so...um.... pubmeet, there was. which was quiet and fudge was gleefully eaten.

I have my mitts on Pete's Stargate SG-1 tie-in book, in which I am a Goa'uld. MWHAHAHAHA. Mostly and really obviously inspired by a pic of me in the 300 dress glaring at the camera. (though the Goa'uld's chiton is a bit more modest than mine). I'm still going to get him for the host's name, mind you. And Jack made a short joke, so he totally deserves what Hera did to him.

I... think I've figured out what I want to do for nano. which means working out what research materials I need, never mind actually starting to research. It's a continuation of the 'Pevensies lived, fuck you, Aslan' 'verse and will mostly concentrate on Susan and Edmund. Because they've got the most story potential at the mo in my head. Um. Does anyone know where I'd start to look at what the general secret service community squabbles were in the 50s in Europe, particularly Greece? The Greek bit might not even be necessary in the end, but you know me. backstory helps.

otherwise, prepping for Discworld con, *still* need to write up the review for Play without Words, and going 'argh' regularly as I flail about in my state of newbieness at the new job.
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Spent last week on holiday in Falmouth, as is my wont. We had glorious weather, I am very tanned, and am stuffed. Went swimming most days, mostly out of some sense of masochism, as the water at Gylly is freezing, deep and the current is strong. Penzance - marazion, St Michael's Mount - is warmer, being merely cool, unbelievably shallow and clear. It's more like pool water than seawater. I had to swim halfway to the Mount before it got above my head at mid tide. and then I amused myself by frightening people by swimming to the castle just as the causeway was uncovered and emerging at the rockpools. There were many 'where the fuck did you come from?'s. Stuffed self, (put on six pounds, now have a stomach), meandered about, went on ferries, toddled around Eden. Bought... um...earrings, cute work shoes, sandals, a few vests, a t-shirt, fudge, Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter's Long Earth and Caitlin Moran's How to be a Woman.

Started at new job. Which is a bit odd. Aside from desperately trying to learn all the new systems over the past couple of days (come back, old job's workflow and your step-by-step system! all is forgiven!) and convinced I'm going to forget them by monday. New team appears nice. The only really weird thing is - business park. weird green echoey space, there's a bit of a village at one end, right out in the middle of oxfordshire. Food is a couple of pubs and a couple of sandwich-shop type places. oh good lord was I spoilt in London.

Olympics - haven't seen much of it, but generally pleased at everyone who's taking part. And the general UK attitude of 'omg we got a medal in *that*? seriously? Well done, you!' (especially in sports that don't involve sitting down - our gawping at men's gymnastics was *impressive*). The opening ceremony was a thing of beauty and AWESOME and complete batshitness and reminded us of all the things we're proud of and showed us ourselves. Yeah, that's us: green and pleasant land, Industrial Revolution, women's rights, multi-cultural, Mr Bean and Chariots of Fire, the awesomeness of childrens' lit, the NHS, Abide With Me tribute, moths on bicycles, the Queen and 007 parachuting out a helicopter and some fucking banging tunes. And bursting into tears at the torch and lighting of the candle being about the passing on of the flame from the experienced to the young hope of the future and the cauldron being many creates one.
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So, workstuff: I have been applying for jobs. Some are not in publishing and are at places like Museum of London. Some are publishing but at the Royal Academy of Art. Some are publishing and... I got my first interview yesterday and there's nothing quite like feeling for your heart sink on walking in and answering questions (especially about the print side which I have no idea about, I worked on the digital side) to tell you how much you don't like it. So please, can I get a job at the Museum of London or Tower of London in something that is not publishing? Failing that, Royal Academy-type. publishing with an interesting subject. In a nice place.

The interview - I have no idea. tiny company, depressing crowded with furniture basement rooms, I am shit at faking lack of knowledge, probably babbled in the other bits, and said um a lot. I could *definitely* give a clear, detailed answer about procedure on 'editor screams omg what did you do post publishing'. Oh, and gave Miss Piggy as my 'person who inspires you'.

Village fete was strangely disorganised this year. Though we did get what seemed to be the only sun for an entire week. and the country. Even if it was very gusty. The stalls were there, the band tent, the dragon boat racing and the food and beer tent and emergency services display, the coconut shy and the climbing wall all ran absolutely fine, it's just that they seemed to have completely forgotten to do anything for the centre roped off bit. No vikings, no morris dancers - okay, you have to book those, but there wasn't even the dog race. or the kiddy stuff. Or the welly wanging. In the most holy name of the WI, there wasn't even the tug of war between the pub teams. Mostly it was just a few kids kicking a ball around.

Immense fun, just completely without that most traditional of sounds, the ear-piercing shriek of the sound system feedback or anyone making announcements. Bands were local bands who played in tune, there was curry, there was Pimms, there was cake (caaaake), bought some jewellery (which I hope I remember to give mum one set of earrings for birthday), and as usual the scout group make bloody brilliant bacon sandwiches. And dad, when poking aroudn the local habitat documentation stall, picked up the rocks holding the leaflets down and licked them. At which point someone said 'geologist or geophysicist?'
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So, um, yes. more updating.

Job finished on friday. as a leaving thingy I got a Miss Chatterbox mug. At which everyone burst out laughing when I pointed out I was never given owt with her on it. (my Little Miss stuff was normally purple sporting a green bow.) Weirdly relieved in a way, experiencing this concept of 'normal sleep'. applying for jobs. Experienced today that utterly weird thing called signing on. Job Centre is this weird quiet place of depression. Who don't seem to have publishing as a career choice.

Saw Avengers yesterday. which: :flail: so awesome. so much fun. (giggling or outright guffawing every few minutes) So shiny. and yes, there is a requisite 'Joss you bastard!' point.
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Just... kept forgetting to post. there has been:

Theatre: Neverwhere @ Progress (Reading's amateur group, once again awesome. Neil, you put too many scene changes in there for theatre. Certain actors stealing show. AS USUAL.)
Shrek (moments of awesome, moments of group numbers. during which you wish to gas the theatre and everyone twitches as they're so... American.)
Singin in the Rain: Like the film. but with better dancing. And soaking the first three rows. Audience: SQUEE.
Comedy of Errors: ....WAGs work so well as the more naggy/stressed female role for Shakespeare.
Hay Fever: 'this family likes acting out. Everyone else is freaked' eee. cast!
Fascinating Aida: dying. of. laughter. Dillie making bitchy noises about should have put the Cheap Flights thing up on youtube years ago.
Bingo: your using the laws of x as a parable for the time you wrote it is showing rather painfully. MOAR BEN JONSON.
Recruiting Officer: I need more restoration comedy in my life. :fangirls Mark Gatiss as most magnificent fop *ever*

Film: The Artist 'omg EEE so cute', Shame 'it's brilliant but now I have a hollow place in my soul.', The Muppets 'MNAMNA.', Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists 'giggling at trigger words weeks later'

serious perving over 6 nations rugby. It's easier to refer to them as 'red team' 'white team' 'white team player leaps on floor with ball, pretty white kicker gets ball between posts.'

TV: Being Human. Aka 'new cast is.... OMG.' :pats Tom on head: 'Hal, more press-ups!' Tom/Hal! Annie. Gah. :pats Cutler on head: Mark Gatiss, please stop scaring us. D'awwww, Cutler. Whosa cute little psycho? Alex, you have just earned yourself so many awesome points.'

First ep of Once Upon a Time just aired in UK. So far it appears to be Fables but infinitely more interesting, 5000x less rapey and LACKING THE INFLUENCE OF BILL WILLINGHAM. HUZZAH.

And they finally gave me my notice, after telling us for ages 'end of march'. finishing on Apr 20th. After I'd had to make many many pointed comments about it due to screwing us around.
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off to see norman rockwell exhibit at posh dulwich gallery. Also trying out new mascara. Hope over experience, i kid ye not.

Work continues with owning company obfuscating while we make 'we were not born yesterday' noises.
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Bin out, boots polished, face mask on, nail polish off, new nail polish lurking waiting to go on, new top tried on and deemed lacking so that's going back (not sure how they managed to make it tight around the forearms of all places). Internet will now be gone on. Occasionally checking the updates on Egypt. so yeah, that's saturday.

In other, slightly more important news, my dept, the editorial office (admin-type stuff) and ed prod got an email at 4pm thursday to say that we had a mandatory short meeting at 2pm on friday. No clue what it was about, so of *course* wibbling started. Those of us with slightly more sensible heads reckoned it would be restructuring of some sort, as our workload had been steadily going up. Maybe the announcement of new heads of teams.

As it turned out, the wibblers were the right ones. Springer, who'd bought us a year and a bit ago, had decided that we weren't growing fast enough for their tastes what with other online open access publishers starting to cut in on our business model. never mind steadily growing by 5-10% each year. No, they want us to be growing 5-10 *times*. Which can't be acheived in house. So, outsourcing while they cut the London jobs by 60% (most depts are 36-ish, to be cut to 15-ish), and have to re-apply for the new posts. Liverpool office is going entirely by march 2012. Editorial office cuts will be finalised by June. Our lot - Ed prod and Production - are going to be finalised by March 2012. This isn't completely confirmed, but it's looking like bloody likely.

Most of us spent an hour or so being shell-shocked. Those of us who were grumbling about updating our cvs before this've been given a decent kick up the arse and at least we've got a year to find a job and figure out what we want to do. Fingers crossed.
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Today's random spotify pick: Cesaria Evora - spanish folk of some sort. Reasonable background/working music.

To do:

Update CV. Rai pointed out that one of the things I've been doing (creating and maintaining the production wiki) counts as project management. That's another of those mystical job experience requirements learnt, then. And then properly look for jobs.

Work is its usual bored out of my skull/coasting/behind the scenes bitching I tune out of. Recced the inclined-to-panic-if-procedures-not-perfectly-laid-out lad for a project of his own so that he can learn to improv and relax whenever a minor stumbling block occurs. Fingers crossed that this works. admittedly I'm used to being chucked in at the deep end since childhood and then did much the same to everyone I've trained or taught.

Get off my arse and do some exercise. Skirts riding up due to added poundage on hips. When you wear miniskirts as general workwear, this is kind of scary. Trying to work out when would be doable, and how to break the siren call of bed on weekends especially in this cold time. I occasionally think of getting a workout dvd but have to remind self that the tv is in the smallest room in the house and laptop is not doable due to house being too small and full of furniture to not have my dad
violently objecting to me doing it in sitting room.

As usual, writing is mostly comprised of snippets of crappy original fic, or AUs of AUs with added future snippets of those AUs. Sometimes these eventually blossom into readable, but this often takes years. Currently trying to write some more of the Inception/RocknRolla crossover, but no idea what to do beyond first scene. Same with the Dark is Rising future fic/Torchwood crossover - to do that crossover, I'd have to a) do more politics research and b) get the Torchwood bunnies active.

new Being Human. Squee is achieved, and Nina/George is frankly adorable now they've settled down from last series' angst. Watched the US pilot and ... hmm. it comes off better than most UK->US translations, as it reads more like a different adaptation of the same source text than the usual cringeworthy attempts. The humour's different, they've changed the characters to fit US archetypes, and so far it has a few too much preachy angst/voiceover bits for my tastes, but we'll see. Interesting change of dynamic to have the vamp as a nurse rather'n a hospital porter - indicates stability that might be seriously rocked. There is a distinct lack of tea, and they've added the cliché that vampires don't eat or drink, which was something i liked that Toby Whitehouse had done away with (if only because it was funny to have other people walking into the kitchen and getting freaked out that the vampire was tucking into beans on toast). Less subtlety overall.

Bought tickets for the NT cinema screenings of Jacobi in the Donmar King Lear and Cumbermatch/Miller in Frankenstein - anyone been to these? How decent are they compared to stage?


Apr. 21st, 2010 05:12 pm
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Wanna watch Shelter. :whines: I woke up with this urge, and it has not gone away yet. I need my cute surfer boys in love WITHOUT ANGST. Specifically, the first kiss scene and the bit where Shaun is trying to get his writing juices flowing by sticking a pipe in his mouth.

Got team lunch (company pays). After sending round emails where everyone couldn't really agree, matt sent forth the commandment that : 'Alright people, as happens in all good democratic elections, the votes have been counted, re-counted and then ignored.' So we went to GBK, stuffed ourselves (though the others were fools and had chips so were groaning later) and then sat in the park 'til 3.

Someone punt my plotbunnies across a gorge. They've declared that they want to write pirates, only they don't know whether they want to do original characters or fandom. Nor do they have a plot.

Off to Yum-chaa, then off to watch Daniel Boys at Pizza in the Park.


Nov. 11th, 2009 02:00 pm
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yes, I brought it on myself. it's that fabulous lack of sleep headache and wooziness. How to know Nano's really kicked in. Slightly peeved that I could've got a bit more last night but found at the parentals (finally back from holidays in south pacific. bastards.) had left the doors unlocked, windows open, *all* the lights on and the gas fire on. Please FSM let this smoothie work.

I completely deny I bought any more gosh eyeliner. It's not my fault. 3for2 and my mate had picked up 2 already...

The Geek Squad have installed a Stig advent calendar. Oh. Dear.

Supertemp!Sam (no, this is actually his nickname at our work) is back. one of those don't realise how much you miss someone until they turn up several months later. he's been on a 9 month tour of The BFG which got great reviews and paid really well, so he's now looking for work again. Saw one of the mangers intro him to someone and rugby tackled him - editor didn't know him and looked a wee bit startled when I rugby tackled and then said 'eee!, don't mind me, speak later, yes?'

nano chugging along fairly smoothly when I manage to convince myself to start writing. Damn procrastination gene.
20801 / 50000
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This time, venue: BMA. Which is very nice, but the big hall we were in is so not that conducive to giving talks - apparently you can hear bugger all at the back, and anything on the screen? Hah.

Not actually that bad this time. Started with the videos we'd done, which varied from deeply odd to boring. Our team went for safe, short, and not at all memorable aside from no-one embarassing themselves and no-one being afflicted with mumbling. And so much shorter and attention-getting than the usual speech from senior manager. To the point that we were running ten minutes early. And then came the Springer guy... who although it was interesting at the beginning, hadn't edited his speech for time and content, and abused powerpoint. Everyone was zombied by the end of it which ended up being 20 minutes over. Fortunately, it was followed by some bloke talking about companies who were known for interesting/leader of the field innovations in their areas. Which he'd chosen by relevance to audience, (Lego, Apple, Google) so everyone was going 'ooooo'.

Lunch : oh dear. catering company fail. it was seriously tasty, but they hadn't thought to give a veggie/halal/kosher/allergies variation. Cue one of the Jewish girls going 'I can't eat anything on this plate. It's got shellfish in it.'

Afternoon. Where we decided that the team building exercise, although surreal and interesting, was grounds for deaths. We were given a box of props and made to come up with plays about open access/review process/etc. using all the props. Some have been scarred onto people's brains. We say nothing about the nappy and bib one lot were forced to use. Yours truly stupidly picked up the pink sparkly skipping rope and tried it out to see if it was long enough for a grown-up to skip with. MISTAKE. Cue everyone turning on me with shit-eating grins and going 'We have our first victim actor.' BASTARDS. Had to learn how to trip on cue. Which is seriously fucking difficult if you can skip. And no, the random skipping comments have not stopped since. Then a science paper talk which we weren't quite sure why it was included except for the bit about re-submitting an article post-reviewer comments, but the author was funny, clear, and won serious points for minimal and *useful* use of powerpoint.

After, adjourned to bowling place across the square, where much fun was had in the way of being very very silly - karaoke, bowling, pool, and ping-pong.
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so far, have not attempted to savage any passers by or work colleagues out of hunger, so at least the special k is filling me up.

Yesterday, there came the wail from IT of 'everyone getting this message, disconnect from the network and run your virus scan NOW' ... which turned out to include half our team. Then told everyone else to run it anyway. So that was somewhat amusing. The virus whatsit got rid of it on the infected computers, but it turns out everyone else had a couple of trojans lurking in user profiles that weren't their own, which tended to raise the cry of 'who the hell is joss01?'

This tourist guide to the tube speaks the truth. you will need no other map, tourist people.

Oh good god. I've just seen an ad for American Apparel, advertising '25 different one piece bodysuits available now'. WHY? Why would anyone want to resurrect these incredibly uncomfortable things? The poppers would come undone when you least expected it, or stuck, or would take ages to do up. And why do you feel the need to wear one of these anyway? What advantages does it have over a bog standard top?

Went hunting for old notebooks to find the notes on the nano ideas. On finding them, have got the upstairs downstairs notes (which was 1920s, not edwardian as I'd previously thought and a lot soppier - good god, valet boy, you were a *doormat*) and the psycho exploring officer (who is too bloody normal and what, precisely, is with this plot/character development? Plus some weird details which make no sense unless you knew the universe I was working on in another completely unrelated story.). can't find the girl who disguises herself as a boy to go soldiering, but am pretty sure I can remember how that one went. Slightly peeved that I don't have it since I remember there was some decent dialogue in those notes. What is odd is that I can find my recent notebooks, I can find my old notebooks, but not the ones from a year ago. Middle period of the last few years missing. Suspect there is an Eater of Notebooks. Like the Eater of Socks, but more into spiral bound cheap wood pulp than cotton and wool.

Looking at the 80s mining strike circle village one... gah, it looks a great idea, but I think falling back on the ones where I have some idea of the characters would be best this time. Because at least then I can write the dialogue. So, toss-up between 1920s upstairs downstairs, psycho girl chucked into the exploring officers, or girl disguising herself

Got back yesterday in time to be amused by mum hyperventilating a bit - she's doing the Macmillan Coffee morning thing on friday and had just got advance warning that the local Pathfinders group had got wind of it. The person who used to organise such things died a bit ago, so when they heard about it, they went 'ooo, they're starting again!'. Which ups her numbers by about, oh, 30 or 40 people.... food is not a problem (baking has been pretty much non-stop). It's the tea, coffee and crockery. Cue frantic ringing of the neighbours and pathetic bleating for spare mugs.

Trying to decide whether this Jay-Z/Rihanna track is bad or not. Chorus is decent, the first bit's good, it just goes on for-fucking ever and what was good starts to get really tired. Fuck it. This is not worth my attention, give me the latest Madonna and Mika and Chipmunk, for I must BOUNCE.
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Have decided that stilettos should be banned on the tube. My bleeding foot is evidence of this.

And of course, the owner of these modern-day foot-binding devices with added daggers attached turns out to work in my building.

today was deemed auspicious. Either slept through my alarm or didn't turn it on - I woke up at 7:15 (latest leave house is 7:25 to catch train) so had to do getting ready at speed. have no jewellery on. Neck now feels really weird.

I really wish work would tell us when an update's going through, because sudden 'this program is extracting, do you wish to run?' messages do not a happy team make. We've already gone through one virus already, thankyou.

Have finished first season of True Blood. Rather liking. Someone tell me it doesn't dip in quality in S2?
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Running afoul of rules I didn't know about, and it doesn't help that new parent company is starting to get a lot stricter. problem being that we're not getting to know about said tightening until we do something that runs afoul of it, like non-work topic emails. And me being me, it seems I'm the person most likely to and thus get the telling off.

The latest one is... we work as a team. Or at least we used to. If you're not sure, you ask. Only it didn't used to matter *who* you asked. And at the section I'm in, everyone used to ask me, because I've been doing it the longest. Only now I've been told off for answering questions from the newer people (all of whom passed their probation) because 'they must ask the person in charge of their training it is very difficult to evaluate their work and plan their training if they are not approaching the correct individual'. I didn't even *know* people were still assigned to the person that was training them during probation. I didn't know training went beyond the 'this is how you do this', that it was formal now. And when I said I wasn't aware of this, that I never remember being told, I got a 'Yes, well you never listen.' (doesn't help that I'm from before the time of formal training, when you picked everything up in dribs and drabs) Since it is a wee bit difficult to remember something you didn't hear, have asked for all of the rules and so on (including the unwritten rules that I have no clue about which are apparently incredibly obvious to someone who worked at a more restrictive workplace previously) in writing so I have a copy.

Because of all this, I'm seriously confused and don't know if I'm getting it in the neck because I'm screwing up or getting it in the neck because I'm easy to get at. And starting to get paranoid that they're trying to push me out because I'm difficult. Someone advised me to set up a meeting. I don't *want* a meeting. I clam up during formal meetings where someone's telling me off and then I spend a good few minutes crying in the loos because I don't handle it well.

Just hoping that getting this lot in writing will at least give me an idea and somewhere to stand.
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Question on when your work promises bonuses (whether or not they actually honour this promise)

okay, my work used to promise treats if we made our target (they seem to have stopped). Thing is, I'd always thought one-off bonuses were for exceptional stuff (unless you're a city banker) - for example, at one workplace, we out-performed all the other branches in the region for the christmas period so got a bonus. Not for hitting the target that is possible if we have a good month with normal turnout.

[Poll #1440929]
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Outlook died on me (turned out to have been a version that tried to update and failed, leaving me with two dll files which greatly confused it). So in the quest for worksafe entertainment, I went looking up bsg stuff. one hour later : So. Bored. (boss had said she'd email IT, and if they didn't reply in an hour, phone them. She never told me that they hadn't replied, and it also turned out they never received said email. She now insists that she'd told me to phone them straight off. :strangle:)

So, new whatsit : wikipedia v. good for entertainment purposes when it's real life historical and science and so on (let me tell you of the lunchtimes I've lost to following the links in the tudor, stewart and plantagenet history section. 'oh, so this person was shagging... huh, and it turns out they're the great granny of...'). Dull as ditchwater when it comes to fictional.

Wish to hit Firefox. With the new comp, I dl'd the latest version, 3.5, which'd been working on previous comp. had made a list of all the themes/add-ons that make my life easier. And it turns out that if said add-ons haven't been updated for 3.5 and you're *starting* with 3.5, it won't bloody install them, even though they were working fine if you'd previously updated from an old version. Now that's a fucking stupid bug. Because firefox updates faster than the poor sods who make these nice little add-ons.
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...dammit. The narnia pevensie parents appears to be going absolutely nowhere. Every time I open it, I just stare at it and close it again. Trying to think of other stuff I can do, since am in complete creative drought re: clothing, writing, everything else. i want to do some stuff, can't think of owt to do.

Thinking through snippets I have hanging around the notebooks. What's available :

Ianto and Jack relationship as something different to what we see on screen.
-Looks interesting, but can't think how the hell I would do this now, since S2 pretty much gave me everything I wanted for that kind of thing.

Jack Harkness, head of Torchwood 1
- oooo. Hmm. Probably done from Ianto POV. This might have possibilities. Kind of requires a plot, though, and seeing if anyone else has done something similar so I don't cross the streams - or at least check through it to see what I do/don't want to do/ what doesn't work.

Jack and Ianto Beauty and the Beast
- yes, the cliché lover in me is alive and well. Absolutely no idea how I'd do it to make it interesting rather'n a complete re-tread of the Disney version. (anyone who cites the original fairy tale as an alternative, I start going LALALALALA. *Much* prefer the Disney. for a start, Belle has a brain and initiative and a sense of humour. And there is also Gaston.)

Jack Harkness investigating the Circle towns
- this one... I was considering doing it for nano, since it's a universe I've been working on for ages off and on (regular visitors, it's the 'towns that have to live with being guardians for the entrances to the Summer Country') but as I've never really been able to get a stable plot out of it, but considerably less than 50k might work better, and I can keep it more outsider POV. Circle towns, off the scale in magic/weird readings/ley lines. Death rate and parish records of the WTF. Yet it's never been investigated/checked on. So you get Torchwood going 'hellllloooooo NURSE' and sending Jack to investigate. I was thinking maybe 1920s? And would I send mr. expendable on his own or with another Torchwood person (who of course regards Harkness as a loose cannon, etc, etc)

apparently I'm getting a new computer today. fingers crossed.
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oh, that was special

my mouse is acting up. I need a new one. Due to some extremely stupid bad posture a couple of years ago, I screwed up tendons in my shoulder and hand to the point that I can't use a normal mouse (buttons operated with first two fingers) at work for more than five minutes without being in pain. I need a trackball that gets with big ball in middle, buttons operated by thumb and little finger, which everyone refers to as my Star Trek mouse. (usual trackball mice, you still have to operate with first two fingers)

So, request a new one. They ask me for the type and model number. I hunt it down, manager sends in request. Today, package. Open it, and... it's the bog standard trackball mouse. They clearly read 'trackball' and couldn't be arsed to read any further even though they'd specifically requested model number and type. Best bit, though? I did a google on the mouse they'd sent me. On amazon, it's £32.99. The price off the website for the mouse I want is £19.99. £14.99 on amazon. :headdesk:
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well, that was fun. caught the bus to work (and seem to have achieved miracle by getting on first bus I tried for according to everyone else) and then spent... over an hour sitting around watching walkers overtake the bus.

office nearly as empty as xmas due to most people working from home, but I have that dance class I really want to go to tonight. oh well.

Discovered that the reason my computer at work crashes so much is ...it's nearly 6 years old.

Taz, this is Diva

And this is I'm So Over Men.

Try not to laugh too much.
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Dammit. Girlie shopping last night, problem being that by the time we got to Topshop (the original reason for *going*) it was late enough that everyone else wanted to go home so I had to go in by self and couldn't get second opinion on dresses.

The style fits, they both look great, just can't decide on colour :

http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=true&catalogId=19551&storeId=12556&categoryId=162922&parent_category_rn=42344&productId=1167170&langId=-1 - blue one
http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=true&catalogId=19551&storeId=12556&categoryId=162922&parent_category_rn=42344&productId=1186611&langId=-1 - yellow one


'course, they all managed to find stuff that looked great on them in H&M. Dammit.

Today's Dilbert? Showed it to Lissy and she went 'have they been reading our emails?' :twitch: We have never used this excuse with latex files. never. ever.

Hee. Got an email with 'temp receptionist wanted', I pouted because it meant that ridiculously competent temp's time was up, asked office manager if this was true. it is, sadly, but it turns out ridiculously competent temp is now going full time in horribly understaffed HR. So that's some silver lining. (We've done it before, we'll do it again. it's a good way of trialling people.)

Tracklisting been revealed for Daniel Boys' album. (large amounts of what I suspect is cheese, I think it's unavoidable on musical theatre performers' solo albums. It's like a disease.) One of the ones listed is 'They Don't Make Glass Slippers' and I'm hoping like hell that it's the Stiles and Drewe one from Soho Cinders because it was a lovely song when Gareth Gates sang it, and Daniel is far more talented than the Gates boy.

Hmp. Does anyone know if any of those lash-curling mascaras work? The No.7 I'm using doesn't smudge *as much* as all the others, but I still get smudges due to having short eyelashes. Lash curlers make them look really bloody odd and bent.

Oh good god. Not another american article on the trend of twenty-somethings getting tattoos. Besides the fact that your observations are about ten years out of date - tattoos being commonplace started in the late nineties, you're still trotting out that tired and completely out of touch line about tattoos being about rebellion and trying to be individual, and 'there's so many of them trying to be individual that it makes them an amorphous mass'. Flying Spaghetti Monster give me strength. Getting inked is about decoration or personal meaning. it always has been, and you're a fucking nitwit if you're getting it for rebellion. I think the last people to do it for effect were punks. (middle-class art students rebelling for effect and attention)


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