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Saw Shrek.

It's... hmm. one of those ones that varies enormously. Some parts, utterly hysterical, audience nearly dying laughing (any time Lord Farquard is onstage) good (Princess Fiona's stuff - gets a lot of the better songs) and horribly, horribly mediocre with a side order of polite clapping. (anything about friendship, the chorus as fairytale characters singing about how everyone's special in their own way)

The design is *amazing*. Great costume work, the dragon is a combo of chinese lantern style wire-paper work with added puppeteering, the set design is fab - some lovely work with cut-out flat colour but using layering to give depth. (other moments: Pied Piper wanders along trying to get rats, they raise the curtain six inches - and a bunch of people are in rat slippers doing a soft-shoe shuffle. Raise the curtain fully, dancers in full white tie and tails with ears and noses doing a full Busby Berkley.) Oh, and the occasional other-musicals sight gag.

Story: mostly identical to the film, aside from greatly expanding Lord Farquard's (Nigel Harman) part to a piece of genius, camp, and Producers-level piss take during his songs. Up to and including some *fab*ulous vamping on the level of Kenny Everett. And oh my god, you don't realise just how much extra funny you can get out of the fact that the role of a dwarf is played by someone *obviously* on his knees, complete with mad scrambling to get into position. And minions. He has wonderful minions. And a horse. And an executioner.

Donkey is... you know how it's a joke about how irritating he is in the film? Some good moments (especially reaction shots) but unfortunately due to not having a screen between you and the character, a lot of the comedy-irritating is ...just irritating. However, small blessings: Richard Blackwood was off. Delroy Atkinson instead. Who, y'know, can sing, has charisma, etc... (interesting thing about mr. Atkinson: everyone I spoke to was going 'no, seriously, the name and face are familiar, what the hell have I seen him in?' Checking the programme, the only thing I could see was Enchanted Pig at the Young Vic. Got into an 'ooo, what shows have you seen/what do you think' goss with one of the ushers and she had the same problem...)

Shrek: great performance from Nigel Lindsay, just not unfortunately given much good material unless he's against Fiona. in theatre the role pretty much acts as a straight man everyone else plays off.

Fiona: HEE. the role: Funny, bossy, spoilt, having a lot of fun, gets several good songs. Kimberley Walsh is utterly charming, in good voice, and can dance a bit. And special mention to the little girl playing her in flashback. So. Cute. Also very fucking talented, that kid.

So, in conclusion: It's okay, but take a book for about 1/3 of it. And don't pay full price.

And in other news: you know how I managed to get an electric shock off a banana a few weeks back? Did it again yesterday. Then at 4pm managed to get a shock off myself.

Is this a clue from the universe that I need to just start wearing white all the time and submit myself to a govt experimentation program?
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Found under a pile when doing the twelfth night removal of all xmas decorations: a copy of Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will. Suspect it was bought during the photography student days to study early propaganda and innovative angles. Cue me and Dad popping it in out of curiosity and watching random bits. I'm pretty sure the below was not the reaction wanted:

'...X was a really, really shitty public speaker, wasn't he? LOOK UP FROM YOUR NOTES.'

'SNORE. Edit this bit, it's going on too long.' *later* 'no, really, EDIT. I shouldn't be able to fast forward and find out we're still on the same shot.'

'No, seriously, how much did you nick from the Romans?'

'Seriously, tone down the Wagner.'

'So, random party members sitting down during the talk are allowed to be ugly with bad hair, but if they're military during the parade, only the immensely good-looking are allowed into shot.'

'Giant torchlit parades: FIRE HAZARD. What if they trip over a runaway dachsund?'

'Huh, I hadn't realised I knew Hitler's body language that well. it's like he's suffering from over-jerky syndrome.'

it starts.

Nov. 2nd, 2011 01:41 pm
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Nanowrimo as of last night:

Word count: 1,842
Target: 1,667

so, that's sort of okay for Day 1. Had a complete whatsit of terror when I realised I completely forgot which sites early rumours would most likely surface on. Stocked up on discounted Hallowe'en chocolate to keep me going. Evening, I went and googled 'game of thrones 2010/2009' to check where most announcements/statements of greenlights etc are most likely to be made... (using GoT as a template for this stuff due to it being giganticor HBO show of similar-ish genre) and oddly enough, it seems Collider is the place most likely, or at least the most detailed. Went and read several reports to get ideas for further reports, as so far what I've written is the early rumour on Bleeding Cool that it's in the 'possible adaptation' bucket (and yes, I did have the comments section with 'Wonder Woman. Just saying.'), and actress playing Jenny being called by her agent about it, then her boyfriend's reaction.

Today's goals are... her audition, her boyfriend's audition (he's going up for Jack, Midnighter and Apollo), the OMG I got it flail, and hopefully the next statement of 'picked up by HBO/BBC', then follow that with the comic site flail and the ONTD bitching. (ONTD and the later ONTD_Authority would be so much more satisfying if I had an lj-format generator, really it would. But I can boost word count by going '_insert gif of Arrested Development trouser drop_')

today is clearly a day of 'sit down before you hurt yourself':

I cut myself on a banana.

Really. I'm not kidding. Banana.

Picked up banana, dropped it, the brown crusty end hit my arm, next thing I know it's bleeding. Stopped fairly quickly and cleaned it, site is now just mostly red. But still. BANANA. my workmates and friends will not stop snickering.

But let this be a lesson to you: bananas are not just deadly in the 'drank too many daiquiris' or 'skidded on the skin'. They are also edged weapons.
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had an interesting moment yesterday at work.

I make absolutely no secret of online vs offline personas. Okay, most people online know me by username, and I don't tend to talk about slash to non-fen. But online I make no secret of name/where I live/what I do for a living. However, had an interesting moment. One of the work lot has me on her twitter (I don't follow her) so I get the occasional comment or query with 'what was that about?' while I rewind brain to try and think what out of the eleventy billion things I posted she could've been talking about.

She'd seen someone leave a comment on something saying 'Tink says x with shout-out to' etc. And asked if it was me, because it seemed like something I'd do. And then got faced with the Eyebrow of Disbelief. 'Er... I take it not?'

Pointed out that although I may have garnered the nickname of Tink from several people at work who've seen photos of me on facebook and a few fen call me it for the same reason, I *never* refer to myself as it. And really used an icy tone when I asked 'considering what little you've seen of my online talk, when have I ever left a shout-out? Or used that kind of language? Next you'll be saying I used the word homie under any circumstance.'

She was suitable chastised.

I've seen it before. Why do so many non-fen not take any notice of the way someone talks online, even if they've been reading their posts for a while?
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The problem with my muses is that they like fixating on the ongoing MI-13, weird happenings organisation soap opera rather than stuff I can post. Just when I think I'm done with it for the now and can concentrate on something else, it jumps up and wants an AU. Or the POV of a different character. Or changing who they got involved with.

(quick run-down of base characters:

Keira Brennan, psychic but passes it off to most as Holmes/mentalist/conman skills, employed/raised by the agency on an unofficial basis since age 10.
Gwen Davies, earthborn avatar, polyglot
Alistair McAvoy, werewolf

Ben Cooper, actor. Keira's boyfriend and very quickly husband. (srsly, something like 4 months)
Dmitri Kamarov, earthborn avatar, works for the Russian version, has had a messed up fight/fuck relationship with Gwen since 16. Father of her two kids.
Joe Westall, movie star. Did the Notting Hill thing with Alistair.

you'd think this was enough to be going on with and has been for years, but noooo, a couple of months ago, a gardener called Jake started going out with Gwen, met Dmitri, started cheating on Gwen, she found out and due to her interesting relationship with Dmitri, went 'fuck it, threesome' after ripping them a new one. And somehow this made the entire relationship stable. GAH.)

Recently just finished a bit of AU where Gwen got tapped for undercover/MI6-ish stuff soon after kid #1's birth, so Dmitri transferred and got custody, and met Jake soon after that.

You'd think that would be enough. But noooo, yesterday, my brain (which should be working on stuff that isn't this sodding eternally twisting cliche soap opera which is mostly the 'many ways outsiders go WTF') wanted to know how it would change the entire thing if Ben was a copper. or a paramedic. Seriously. He's been an actor for ages in this. it defines his first meeting with Keira. ARRRGH.
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First issue of the day : BNP flyer stock photo fail. Point and laugh *loudly*, people, because public humiliation and derision are the best way to fight racist fuckheads.

Brought to you by 'this *needs* to be used in a B-Movie' : My uncle is keeping bees on top of Newcastle Fenwicks. Have images of him directing them to attack people on high st. (Fenwicks : big dept store. Uncle pointed out that other swanky dept stores have their own brands of honey, so they're trying it out.)

Forbury last night for Dad's birthday : omnomnomnomnom. large amount of Cornish fish on the menu. also, classic moments of ordering : mum going 'I'd like the brownie but can I have it without the brownie - just the chocolate sauce and a scop of vanilla ice cream.'

Registration for the 2010 Discworld Con is now open. All of you laggards who were thinking about it and keep failing to register in previous years, your mission should you choose to accept it...

:sigh: Have been spoilt. This job? my first real office job, and thus first working experience of receptionist and office managers. We moved offices a month or so ago when we got bought, and got all-new receptionist and office manager since the old ones stayed at the previous building. We now find out that our previous ones were super-efficient mindreadering pros and we'll probably not seek their like again.

Listening to the Lady Gaga album to see if I want to buy it. so far, all the tracks that aren't singles sound like a cross between middling Gwen Stefani, Alphabeat and Aqua. Which is a bit odd since the singles sound *nothing* like that. What happened, did they just do major remixes to get them up to standard? I know she got 'discovered' as a singer by Akon when they were writing for someone else. Might be worth seeing what she used to look like, and what the stuff she wrote for Fergie et al sounded like. She might be another Sam Sparro - Black and Gold the single and video were clearly hit with a tonne of cash, stylists and re-mixers when you compare his previous stuff.

Topshop? EVIL. Walked in last night, saw an intensely cute dress of 'possibly', go on the website and they have more cute dresses. including the first one in two other colours. Problem being that local shop doesn't have them and it's impossible to find anything in the Oxford St branch. Gahhhh. On the other hand, I now have new cute practical *leather* sandals for £16. (my current emergency New Look semi-gladiators, though cute, constantly have the back strap sliding down my heel and they're completely plastic, and feel it.) Noticed a new trend in sandals - only saw gladiators in a couple of places - the new trend appears to be the Roman soldier style where the sole comes up the sides and the laces go through that.

Reading The Devil Wears Prada. How does the film compare?
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working from home, and for some reason i'm getting quicker loading times for web pages through the remote desktop (have to access through IE. :shudder:) than I am on the stuff that's actually on my laptop. In other news, started forcibly introing one work mate to firefox yesterday to see if that would make any difference to crashing issues.
Me : you will learn to like it. And you will never go back. IE IS BAD FOR YOUR SOUL.

In other news, listening to radio 1 because i can't be arsed to go into my music store on my work computer (how many musicals can you fit on one pc). Had slightly weird experience of 'this dj is slightly annoying but tolerable, voice is familiar, but can't figure out who it is...' then she mentioned her name a couple of hours in. Sarah Cox. My god. The person I wanted to stab through the eyeballs for being such a complete twit a few years back? Huh. Appears that having two kids has mellowed her 'I'm mad, me' tendencies...

gah. someone tell me a decent program/service that teaches you accurate typing. Mavis Beacon? Another one? Seriously. I have had perfect spelling since birth, it's just the typing gods deem that I mis-spell really simple words like 'the' and get anything ending in '-ng' as '-gn', and constantly hit the ';' instead of the ' when doing contractions.
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You know, when I have to forcible crash you when you stop responding, could you please be *consistent* about being cranky on re-start?

So far, I am used to you :

Losing all the tabs.
ignoring some and coming up with blank pages.
re-setting to the tabs of 3 days ago.

...coming up with only one window's worth is a new one, though.

(to make this clear : I normally have about 3-4 windows with multiple tabs - one for 'groups',one for 'muppets' (individual journals) and one with my email stuff in. This time? just the groups. which is the biggest. WTF?)

In other news, I'm pondering what other charity induces as much automatic guilt if you aren't wearing a badge/ribbon/rubber chicken pinned to you as poppies do. Seriously. I'm on my fifth. Due to going out this morning in just my hoodie (poppy is on coat - coat is on its fourth) and passing the british legion guys (who had army trucks on the pier) and got guilt-spasm. Poppy sellers out in force today in Falmouth. Every shop had a box and every other shop had a seller standing outside it.

You could see those not wearing poppies getting this 'oh god social faux-pas mortification' expression when they got near them and fishing out their spare change. They'd been passing them by for the last 2 weeks and now it's saturday before Remembrance. Not to mention people feel this urge to *replace* them if they get lost. (I think the flimsy pin is on purpose)

Also, is it me, or has the whole social faux pas thing gotten a lot bigger in recent years? Everyone I've seen on tv as a presenter of some sort is wearing one. Everyone at a public occasion if they were a performer is wearing one, unless it clashes with their outfit as part of a show. I'm sure it was only the Blue Peter presenters and the newsreaders when I was younger. Not all politicians wore them, I know that.

Merlin : please keep upping the morally complex stuff and Arthur being forced to look at his own opinions, please.


Sep. 25th, 2008 01:05 pm
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Lost in Austen was spent with hands over mouth. completely. either squeeing or going 'eeeep!' Everyone is utterly awesome. Script is pure gold. Could not believe the ending because she'd made such an effort to fix it and... :flaility:

:pokes stomach: You're fucking weird.

Seriously. Last night, woke up, went '....great, what cat/milkman/random noise was that?' then suddenly realised I needed to throw up. Worshipped porcelain god. Brushed teeth. Discovered it was 3:30 when I went back to bed. Cannot figure for the life of me *why*. Because seriously, it can't have been food poisoning. My body is very specific about food poisoning or disagreeing with something (normally overly oily stuff) - I feel horribly queasy about an hour after I've eaten, then am fine once I've thrown up. This time, no queasiness whatsoever, I felt utterly fine even when I realised I was about to throw up. So what the hell, body?

Though this did result in a really weird sensation in my mouth when I did get up with the alarm. Minty-fresh teeth and tongue, but still with the horrible taste in my throat.

Some bastard appears to have earwormed me with Tori Amos in the last couple of days. And my brain has random scenes from Gangster no. 1 running through it (which I still can't quite get the casting of Malcolm McDowell as the older Paul Bettany).

I want Number Two from Austin Powers fic. Someone rec me some. Oh shit, I really shouldn't have said that. Because Jack Harkness has just popped up in my head and is eyeing Young!Number Two... and Rob Lowe and JB when they were last on stage? Their characters were terribly flirty and slashy. AUGH. No Torchwood/Austin Powers crossovers! NONE, DAMMIT! MARTHA AND TEN, STAY AWAY EVEN IF YOU DID SPEND TIME IN THE SIXTIES!

Figuring out whether I can be arsed to go to Schuh in my lunchbreak and see if those skechers are in yet. Most of the purpose for this is so I can have shoes for the Wienerlicious outfit, with added justification of 'practical and yet can pass as smart!' but now I have little voice in brain going 'wait for the new series and see if Sarah is still working there. After all, she may have moved and that way you can get out of re-making the outfit of humiliation. If you really want that style, wait until they have non-black ones in a style you like.' (I possess two items of black clothing and all my shoes are brown or other colours)
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looked at gmail inbox. blinked at the fact that there were a lot of messages (stuff disappearing off the front page faster than you remember to look at it)

So, idly searched for stuff like newsletters and offers - seetickets, whatonstage, barrowmanonline. Most of which outdates very fast.

...wow. 200+ emails deleted in 2 minutes.

Actually got over 6 hours sleep last night - went neighbourhood barbecue, ate lots, chatted, played with Sophia (OMG she's almost 2! How did that happen?), took part and was in the audience for the deathmatch tournament of Connect 4 and... system just crashed due to all the sugar, so was in bed at 11.40. Body not sure how it feels about this. shall have to see if can repeat experiment.

...I have been informed by Steph that there is a concept available. Beatrix Potter with any minorly violent bits cut out. (eggs being eaten by fox in Jemima Puddleduck) :facepalm: I did not just hear that. Talk about overly-wrapping in cotton wool.
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friday : inal + ozi's leaving drinks. Where we made the discovery that £3 is too much to pay for the Slug and Lettuce's cocktails. Diluted and mostly foul-tasting. Not to mention due to their tequila promo, they were trying to flog tequila mojitos. Er. What? And the service was so slow that me and Lissy only bought one drink - some people even started going over to pub over the road and bringing drinks back.

saturday : one sundress purchased in river island sale. Could probably have gone for a size 10, but there wasn't anything smaller than a 12. If in doubt, can take it in at the side seams (will definitely be shortening the straps - I always have to do this on river island dresses). Purchased cloth + zip + pattern for sundress. Also t-shirt material and ribbon to make another greek-style dress.

Read way too much Narnia fic at weekend. I love my twisted fandom. Where most of the fic you read is ever-so-slightly fucked up and mostly adult as hell even when it's PG. Bless you, CS Lewis, for creating a world where when you think about it you come to so very many nasty realisations. And we love you to pieces, Walden Media, for actually delving into this.

[livejournal.com profile] dduane is reporting on the various california towns' new restrictions on plastic bags over here. Dammit, UK shops, can you please start charging for the damn things? It's all very well having the reusable bags on sale, but when you have to tell the checkout person three times to take your stuff out of the plastic bag because you don't want one, I'm not seeing much progress.

Sunday : laundry. sunbathing. Finishing off the Economist. My life : so hard. (I meant to start on the sundress, but too bloody hot) Pondering if this is what the weather's going to be like for the rest of the summer - ie, when at home, you do not wear anything more than a bikini because it's too bloody hot.

And tonight? I go see Zorro the musical with [livejournal.com profile] dario006. I feel I may have to sit on him very hard after we get out. (for those of you who do not know Dario, a quick run-down of costumes this boy has worn : Han Solo. Captain Mal Reynolds. Jack Harkness. Zorro. Prince Barin from Flash Gordon. What trend?)

:tilts head: huh. Just taken note of advertising for the wizard of Oz revival at the Royal Festival Hall. The Times mentioned everyone *but* Adam Cooper (adult Billy in Billy Elliot film, the swan/stranger in the dvd of Swan Lake) who's playing the Tin Man in their article on its revival on saturday. seriously, Times, what gives? He's the biggest name on the bill.
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Those of you in the know may be aware that one of MIT's main servers is called Frodo.

Harvard have just one-upped them. They've named one Hedwig.

We're really, really hoping that it's named after a transsexual. Not an owl.

:sigh: would it kill them to name it after something from BSG? Firefly? Farscape?

slightly dreading this evening. have open-air theatre to go to, which means I've brought my jeans to change into - you'll always get chilled if it's evening and you're sitting still for two hours, no matter how warm it is. But that first 45 minutes? I'm going to be dying. AUGH.

also? EVIL : http://community.livejournal.com/ihasafreezeray/1284.html

trying to thrash narnia fic into shape. going through stages : the bloody obvious, the tell-not-show, and now somewhere into something better which has actual story. I hope. Which I have to research post-war details of the army for. :facepalm: (though, er, someone back me up on this - Peter would probably pick army over navy and raf, right? Being that he is a 'preference for getting hands dirty' fighter.)

dammit. I want to write Caspian headfuck fic but I don't think that's going to be anymore than a snippet of them sitting around the fire. And somewhere lurking is one where they stay and rule and Caspian is torn since he has to act as go-between and translator for the Telmarines and them (Pevensies being on the side of the Narnians every time emotionally, not to mention being savage uncivilised bastards, even if Susan and Edmund are being diplomat supremos), and Edmund springing all these new laws on them and Caspian getting migraines due to the lords being resentful of taking commandments from kids (you *know* the left behind ones think Caspian is ...malleable. And then they're suddenly confronted with the Pevensies.), not to mention desperately trying to keep it from the courtiers that the Narnian monarchs think it is completely normal to engage in bestality. (as far as the Telmarines are concerned, fucking the not-human races - dryads, fauns, etc - is bestiality.) And *then* there's the Archenland problem! and the Calormenes! Whose histories of the Narnian monarchs are, er, a bit more truthful and detail a lot of treaties and wars and the time the envo didn't come back but a note did*...

Um. Er. possibly this may be the Nano....
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after telling him no and making the mistake of actually replying to his email, it appears Graham went and read that entry, revealed himself to have the maturity of an _insert epithet here_, and said that from the first time he saw me around the office he felt that I was the kind of person he could have a serious relationship with, and justified this because he'd felt the same way the first time he saw his ex. Honey. that's not love. That's lust turned into obsession and fixation. And that he'd only ever gone to shows with me because he wanted to spend time with me. We're talking shows that sometimes cost £30-40 a ticket.

Whole bunch of other stuff.

But yep, told him 'don't ever email me on this subject again'. Essentially he's dead to me.

And bear in mind he still hasn't said word one to my face about this.

And here I thought Brian was a one-off of that type.
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nhs vampirism finally achieved after nearly sixteen months of non-giving (tattoo then general flu/colds). The blood guy now has his bread and butter (it's how they described my blood type after I made a comment about having the most boring type).

Now I can throw out the accumulating reminders without guilt.

Oh, and whilst waiting at Reading station at 8pm, you will not believe what came through. An honest to god steam train. All tarted up with people with picnics inside, making an occasion of it. You saw people blinking as it went past the waiting room, then pulled in to let one of the drivers off, and then everyone vamoosed out of the waiting room and ran up the platform, phones held aloft to take pictures.


Jul. 15th, 2008 12:56 pm
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Gah. What is it about some people? They ask you out. You say 'no, thanks, I prefer friends' because you don't fancy them. Simple as that.

...And for some reason, instead of accepting this and moving on, some people see this as a cue to pour their hearts out in an email or letter and say how much they love and adore you. And are pining something chronic. In excruciating detail.

See other person go :'SHIT!' and scramble backwards, preferably as far away as possible.

Seriously, in what universe do they think that will help their cause? At the very least it causes intense embarassment and discomfort on the part of the person who said no, which as we know, screws up the normal friendship.

I ignored the email and acted like everything was normal. and then got follow-ups with 'I didn't say anything the other day but _even more detail, including past relationships_' (which I only read so far and then closed before reading any more) Cue me attempting world record for scrambling backwards and sending polite reply of 'look, I said friends, I don't fancy you, please stop sending me the emails NOW.'

Please god let that stop it there. And not go any further down the path of certain previous whatsits like that.

:headdesk: it's at times like this you want to retreat into Austen or Shakespeare speak about unwelcome attentions and 'I have not encouraged your attentions with one look or glance' type phrasing. I can understand misreading someone's behaviour as flirting, but surely the initial 'sorry, no' should put paid to that? It normally does. Maybe we just need a large sign saying 'No means no. In every sodding possible social situation.'
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Saw Wanted. It is gloriously silly, immensely pretty, but so very awesome (with a side order of '...this is so crap but it's too much fun'). And everyone in it is SO VERY DUMB. If they shared half a braincell between them, they'd be dangerous. But my word it's pretty.

All the adverts were kiddy ones, and even the car one was for a 7-seater people carrier. And the Cbeebies one was causing acid flashbacks. Except for the Nokia one which was deemed utterly crap and incoherent. Audience was wondering aloud if we'd stepped into the wrong cinema. Trailers were all in the 'biiiig explosions' vein. Death Race (with added Jason Statham flexing some very nice muscles) looks of the fun. I think I'm the only person in the country who doesn't want to see 'Wall-E'. Guy Ritchie's latest British crime caper also looks fun and terribly stylised. And then we had the Rob Lowe Orange trailer : audience rapt.

Further notes : I sneezed rather loudly just as the BBFC certificate came up and for some reason this sent entire audience into peals of laughter. My weak moan of 'shut up, you bastards' only furthered the giggles. Conclusion : Cbeebies trailer with sing-along affects the brain.

Did quick conferring between me, Inal and Shely. Angelina Jolie is 'dribble', but Salma Hayek still wins overall.

...So, has anyone drowned yet in the UK? 1 months' rainfall in a day.

[livejournal.com profile] trinityofone has just read Guards! Guards!. And has made the point of '.....how is it I missed that?' that Carrot *is* Benton Fraser. (I pointed out that he gets more Fraser-ish as the books go on, espesh wrt passive aggressive and playing dumb, and sending partner insane. Dear god. Angua=RayK, y/n? Carrot's better at playing the system, though.)

Find self wanting narnia fic. anyone got any recs for decent narnia fic comms? There's a thousand and one out there, the problem is figuring out the tone. (and yes, I do want adult sensibilities - I used to have [livejournal.com profile] narniabynight on my reading list - anyone know if that's still decent?)

Brain has now decided it wants to work out the problems of a world where the Pevensies stayed in Prince Caspian - political, clashes, culture clashes, Telmarine resentfulness over the fact that they favour the Narnians and that they're suddenly being ruled by children, court rumour-mongering, Caspian's place (because there's no fucking way the Pevensies would relinquish power to Caspian), him having torn loyalties and stuck being the go-between. Oh, and occasionally setting his brain to 'gibber' mode due to the way the Pevensies casually drop cultural bombs when telling stories, not to mention the brain breaking of Lucy (is she 13 or 12 in new film age?) talking about very bloodthirsty battles and such. (he's really getting smacked in the face with the old maxim that you never want to meet your heroes/figures out of legend) On that theme, Susan and Peter really need to properly break his brain. Susan/Peter/Caspian triangle for the WIN.

work do tonight, theme being beach party. have bikini and sarong. the fact that rain has only been a couple of showers bodes vaguely well...
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once again I managed to get a bunch of Torchwood readers with an 'augh, totally unexpected!' end line. (see Dinosaur) ...I thought it was fairly obvious and just amusing/standard trope end when it came to Dinosaur. And I got the 'bwhahahaha' comments again when I wasn't *meaning* to be funny, or at least was only going for a 'satisfying nod at end/vaguely enjoyable'.

:scratches head: perhaps my sense of humour detector when it comes to my own stuff is flat. And I'm too well-versed in 'shock' endings. Even though I'm normally one of those people who rarely gets the end of the detective story, or only vague inklings when the author dropped anvils early on.

Fandom : telling you you're funny when you didn't mean to be.
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Went to see Iron Man with megs, jen and graham.

All you could hear from our row were little squeaks of joy and omigodomigod and clapping noises and the occasional sound of me being flicked in the head by meg due to hyperventilating and excessive grabby hands.

It is... it is perfect. Even if it wasn't a superhero film, it would've been perfect. The script was brilliant. The casting was sheer joy, and all the acting was great. The action didn't let up. The action was balanced with character moments. The effects fit seamlessly. The editing was bloody brilliant - no scene ever lagged or was too long. There were no plotholes at all. The science made sense! The little geek shout-outs were just icing on the cake. And then we had Paul Bettany as Jarvis. :thud:

Trailers? We fully support Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. And actually *want to see* the Hulk film. Which we didn't when it was Eric Bana.

Also, in Pizza Express, we started casting other things. Mostly Internet Jesus comics, so Graham had noooo idea what we were talking about.

And we had to veto Megs from casting James Puresex as everything. Except Midnighter.

our pickiness, let me you show you it )

...weirdest spam title : Update Your Penis.

We now have images of penis v 1.0, requiring a software upgrade. And 'What the hell are they doing to those poor robots in Japan?! They don't want to have sex with you perverted humans!'


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