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Took a sick day to get sleep and de-stress. Have not left flat, though several trips onto balcony to get in relatively fresh air. (relative being centre of London, behind flats is the Camden road, but balcony looks over large green area and effing massive pear tree)

Took a couple of naps, woke up in evening to find new person handing over money - apparently will be new flatmate, since Sophie is moving back to Norway now that she's handed in her diss for her master's.

Chucked the Lush Hard Water 2-in-1 after the final straw of part of hair actually feeling greasy at weekend, swapped it for a bottle of conditioner and one of the other Lush shampoos I had hanging around and soaked in bath. Mmm. My only peeve with the bath here is though it's longer than the one at home, it's not quite as wide, so shoulders always curve slightly inwards.

Deleted It's Been Emotional (Gunn/Wes), Adaptation and Sub-Zero Culture.

Watched SGA ep 8, phantoms. Oooo. Also, Shep, you shot McKay. Just in case you hadn't heard. Ronon testing and taking knives off dead bodies in background of the shot! hee! Teyla the supremely mature and doing her 'Oh, Ancients, what are they doing now? Why did I take up with this lot again?' expression and tone of voice.

Weekend and today saw the return of the coughing fits, but at least my sinuses are mostly clear.
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