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Good lord, I'd forgotten the sheer proportion of fucking scary socially maladjusted fuckwits at Stargate cons. When you have to tell people to tone down the fanfic squee in the queue for the damn *photoshoot tickets* because, y'know, there's this actors /reality /appropriateness /characters /fandom separation. Just a slightly fine line.

Mind you, in a conversation about cracky fanfic - and then they mentioned Offer Extends to the Pegasus Galaxy. Cue me going 'er, that was me...' So fucking weird when that happens, someone mentioning your site or a fic. It's happened a few times, but *still*.

How to get actors to remember you : get an intricate, large and very pretty tattoo done. Then wear a backless top during the cocktail party and sit near the seat the actors will be using for your table so they spot it. This garnered us getting to see Ryan Robbins' piercings, and Chuck remembering me every time he saw me in photoshoots and autograph sessions and the bar. (the man greeted me with 'Vixen!' in the autograph queue. me : o_0. and apparently I give very good hugs.) Also, how to freak the minders out a bit : be good friends with one of the minor guests - James Swallow, SGA novel author - and sit on their lap and start absently grooming them during their time at your table while they talk to the others.

Once again, taught actors to con dance. Dan Payne picked up Dr Who very quickly, Ryan Robbins was next, Chuck finally got it three turns from the end. By Sunday night, there was nearly a whole dancefloor of people who could do Swamp Thing. Cue me and Lee pouting because we're used to having *space* to do it, as it has had the status for nearly a year of being so bloody complex and floor-ranging that it normally scares people from the floor. We agreed that we need to think up a new one. He's voting for the Electric Slide.

Yours truly will be spending the next con being teased by the regulars again. I'm starting to think there's something in the air at Pegasus cons. Well, that and your mates actively shoving you together.

I feel... dirty. Total alcohol consumption for the entire weekend? About two shots of Baileys a night, one of those in the hotel room, and a quarter of a glass of Green Dragon each night. I've never done a con sober before. It's very scary. However, on the dragon front, when pimping it to other people when they ask what's in this strange opaque green drink '...It contains orange juice. It's practically healthy.' (yes, it really is the UK convention exquivalent of scumble - and also understand that is automatically communal, no matter who makes/brings it), one reaction on sniffing/sipping it was 'oh my god, I can *taste* the imminent alcohol poisoning.' Rest of us : 'huh. Just tastes of dragon to us.' and realising that we've actually built up an immunity to it.

Am now proud owner of *female fit* Dalek t-shirt. I'm using it to be subtle about my geek status at work. Really, really subtle.
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