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http://steammmpunk.livejournal.com/17975.html - go and worship [livejournal.com profile] steammpunk because heather's kinks have been hit so thoroughly by the pretty that her brain is making 'bibble' noises.

Because YOU need songs in the style of an emo teenager... who happens to be a zombie.

The song's the 'just mizunderstood MP3' link on the latest edition

Another one: an endangered woodpecker with a still for illegal moonshine, bluegrass-stylie.


Still need to kill Morag for earworming me with them.

Oh, and the torchwood fandom's quest to vid the Spamalot songs has been added to : Captain Jack : he likes to dance a lot. Try not to die laughing.
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For those of you with the boxsets, what's your fave commentaries? Haven't watched my Torchwood boxset yet, so haven't listened to those yet, but I've dl'd several of the Dr Who ones and have yet to find any that're as amusing to listen to as The Empty Child/Doctor Dances pair. Possibly due to the presence of the Moffat and the Barrowman geeking out and camping it up (and is horribly, horribly quotable). Though have found a fairly constant rule : If Julie Gardner is on it, it will be boring.

music vids I will never, ever do due to being lazy :

Anything Goes - either Jack Harkness in Dr Who and Torchwood or Torchwood team vid. Shots slot in very easily for each version.

You're So Vain (Barrowman version) - Dr and Jack. (Dr being the *subject* of the song and Jack being the ex)

Crucify (Tori Amos) - Faith and or Lilah vs. Wes.

(though the entirety of Little Earthquakes could be scripted to various Buffy females - I'm trying to remember which track I decided was perfect Darla)

Time after Time - could be any bloody fandom pairing of buddy/romantic/family type, but at this moment in time I'm thinking Sam and Dean Winchester works best. This will of course change in the next five minutes.

...the amount of people who've been saying quoting the cake or death Eddie Izzard bit in the past couple of days is disturbing. And we're not even talking 'Cake or Death?' They're starting it off with 'Well, we're all out of cake!' I've heard it three times today.
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Things you sometimes never really want to admit :

300 is a gorgeous piece of work. Frank Miller (especially when combined with Lynn Varley's colours) is a layout and composition genius. The utterly stunning visuals in the film couldn't have happened without the source material. However, I can't watch the film because the themes and bigotry and issues overlaying all those visuals make me want to lay about me with a machete, and then finish it off with some C4. As you may have heard, it's *worse* than the book's bigotry.

So, y'know, slight trepidation on the fact that I'm reccing a vid for 300.

Though, yes, sniggering at the fact that it sets it to Madonna's Vogue. Which... actually turns out to be the perfect song for this film that is all about the visuals and lingers so much on the posing and beauty of the pumped-up male form. You want to snigger and then just get blown away at the amazing timing and technical artistry the vidder's shown. (there's this thing she does with split screen and static colour stripes which is just... gah.) And there's the happy fact that reducing it to visuals means you don't have to cope with the skin-crawling stuff that's in the dialogue.

Go. Watch. Lum is a bad, bad person.
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Jack/Jack set to John Barrowman's version of 'Hero'.

Yes, I know it's a sappy song beyond belief. but the lyrics work far too well for that ep and that whole dynamic Cath Tregenna describes of them supporting each other, plus of course, Original!Jack being such a complete matinee idol cliche of an air ace hero. Yes, Matt Rippy, you are. Don't try to deny it.

And here's teh mp3 of just the song : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NI79NJU8


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