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So, after nearly a year, burntcopper.com and darkisrising.net are back up after I finally got my arse in gear and signed up to dreamhost.

Not everything's back up. Just burntcopper the portfolio, oi yanks no, and dark is rising.

Going to go through my fic and see what's on there that I want to put up on Ao3. Don't think I'll put the site back up again.

Need to figure out what the hell to do with the slash archive. Because trying to set that back up will be a complete pain in the neck. suggestions?

Oh, and going through the folder where I kept site ideas, came across an interesting one: A Wes/Faith ship site, pretty obviously inspired by the BtVS Writers' Guild when that was still running and possibly if the (pretty horrific) ship site of the time went belly up. The only thing I'd done for it was the statement of 'why ship them' and give it a name. I still ship 'em, and I really fucking like the name (stolen from a DC AU 60s Batgirl comic): Thrillkiller. Seriously, why is there not a film of that name?
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oh, twitter. Sometimes you bring the lulz.

I have a few of the London Avenue Q actors on my feed.

Paul Spicer (Rod/Princeton) made a comment about liking Owl City's 'Fireflies'

I replied, telling him he'd better not let Tom Parsons (Trekkie Monster/Nicky) hear him say that, he'll inflict Postal Service on him. (a few people have been going on about how Owl City sounds just like this band)

A bit later I get a message from Tom going 'already tried!'

:snicker: Twitter: levels like nothing else. Especially when you find yourself having a one-upping conversation with a comics artist at 2am, on the best way to off a smurf and what to do with it afterwards....

In other news, Simon Pegg is muttering about the interwebs being full of smarty-pants correcting him about the fact that Luna is not the Moon's name, Luna is the Moon's name in Latin languages. The Moon is the name of the moon in english. Dear Simon, the interwebs is full of people who live for xkcd's maxim of 'Someone is WRONG on the internet'. You're one of them.

Oh, SouthLAnd. excuse me whilst I draw little sparkly hearts around all your characters. :pats Ben: keep on turning into Mini-Coop, it's good for you and your stunted passive aggressive issues. And remember, blow jobs are a fabulous way to end the day. just saying. And who likes the new partner? I do admittedly miss eye candy boy.
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COLD. Seriously, cold. Have yet to remove leggings in office. Weekend was fucking freezing. Oh, and it snowed this morning. Not much more than about an inch, but you can tell people are now used to it since all they did was eyeroll.

Sulking slightly because Owl City is still #1, but very amused at Glee's version of 'Don't Stop Believing' slowly edging up the top ten. That and the fact that the original is apparently one of the best-selling singles of all time in total sales.

Being a bit amused by twitter. As ever, being followed by people I don't know due to random phrase usage. Including one ballerina due to a swan lake mention. Who's quite funny. But seriously, what is with all the american atheist twitters following me? I can't remember the last time I mentioned the fact that I despise religion aside from the JP2 self-harming revelations when we were taking the piss out of him.

Query for the exercise people : does doing more sit-ups do anything for your general core strength? I know it firms up your abs, but wasn't sure if it's any good for the rest of it. (brought to you by Heather trying to figure out a way to force herself to sit up straight. My posture is fine as long as I'm not sitting down) In other body-related news, moobs reduction surgery is on the rise, mostly related to obesity/weight issues. AUGH. If it's a weight issue, surely it's considerably less painful/traumatic to just fix your diet than go under the knife? I think this is one area of cosmetic surgery where women mostly only get it for non-vanity reasons.

Oh, and success: Weirded out the new office eyecandy as I was constantly glancing at him last week to figure out who he reminded me of. Turns out to be a cross between Alex and Ben Daniels (him off The State Within and Law and Order UK. The man has an Olivier. Does he have no shame?).
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went jogging for first time since early december/late november. FUCKING. FREEZING. How to know it's the country : anything water and puddle-like is not liquid, it's two inches of ice and what would be mud is in fact rock. Still, did not huff and puff too much on my usual 'starting up again after :cough: weeks off' down to the lock and back. Honour is vaguely satisfied, even if I was probably going at snails' pace.

Trying to convince Firefox to resurrect my tabs. it... keeps getting half way there. at the moment, crossing my fingers and closing what tabs i can that i know I've read to attempt to get the next time a bit less arduous.

SQUEE. The wonderful thing about following actors on twitter : 'Eeee, back on Glee set!' 'Eeee, in scene with Kristin Chenoweth!' 'Ahahaha, so and so is bouncing because he's just done a scene with Kristin Chenoweth!' From this, I think we can safely conclude that Kristin is doing another episode of Glee this season. WHEEEEEEE! April? is awesome. Mind you, am rather snorting since it's been stated that Kurt and Rachel are complete Wicked addicts, and original!Glinda is amongst them...

Also wading through the Kurt/Puck fic. Oh, shush. Stil, somewhat scared that I'm in a fandom where songfic is CANON. Fortunately, it's not too abused yet.
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Went to see Little Dog Laughed last night with Pooks, starring Rupert Friend as the actor, Tamsin Grieg as his agent, Harry Lloyd as actor's boyfriend, and Gemma Arterton as the boyfriend's girlfriend. It is AWESOME. Very funny, everyone gives a great performance, and it's seriously sharp and black in places.

Plot: Up-and-comer actor and agent in NYC to get their hands on a play. Actor, when drunk, calls for a rent boy. Rent boy and him start seeing each other in a non-work capacity, with added dealing with falling for a bloke for the first time for each of them. Agent tries to keep a lid on it and manage the writer of the play. Girlfriend is really, really fucking confused and trying to deal.

Coming out is for British actors with knighthoods )

I has photos of all the cast. I is happy. Also, seating - we were at the back of the dress circle, great view - overhang cuts off the top of the stage but doesn't matter in this as all of it takes place below that point.

in quest for twitter client for nokia s60, trialling gravity and now going to try twittix. wish me luck.
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Legally Blonde is officially TOO MUCH FUN. GO. GO NOW. I don't honestly have a review of it because we spent the entire production grinning our heads off or giggling. Everyone is fabulous, it's witty, it's hysterical, the dancing and singing is great (though noticeably, *very* unmiked, which isn't too bad since it's a small theatre but you do have to adjust your listening and everyone can be a bit muted), and Peter Davison Rex Harrisons his way through his songs but we don't care. And prepare to kill yourself laughing during the courtroom scenes and the reprise of the song 'Ireland'. Mind you, I did wail about not being able to get a t-shirt because there is too much pink. Kelly and [livejournal.com profile] megolas were eyeing the hoodies, though. Bit peeved as I hit the wrong button when checkign the recording for the second half so I only have ten minutes of the 2nd half. Oh well, I'll just have to see it again. SHUCKS.

Tilehurst and Purley are seriously deep in snow. Got back home fine last night, but the taxi driver said he could take me up to the roundabout but there was no way he was attempting the hill my estate's on. Getting out, couldn't agree with him more. Oxford Road, the main road, was 4 inches deep in ice. Knowsley Road (the hill) was more like 6-inch packed snow, and wasn't much different today. Very few cars are being stupid enough to attempt it. Our road is essentially snowed in, but the neighbours were making a bit of an attempt to cut a path this afternoon. The vans can't get to Tesco Metro because of the hill factor, so no milk, veg or bread. I don't care about the milk or bread but was hoping for veg as I have plenty of frozen meat. Going to be living on soup and the one or two ready meals I've got. Have canned tomatoes and a bit of salad, though. Expedition waitrose with makeshift sled on saturday - it's about three miles away, so doable.

Working from home for a few days, methinks. i can get to the station and the trains are running, but I can do without the commute and getting up at 6:30 for a bit. Did get a great message from my boss today saying that I hadn't booked holiday. me : I said I was working from home today. Have you not looked at the inbox reduction this morning?

Downside #2 : the snow is too powdery to make weird snow creatures out of. Dammit.

Birthday today. So far : handwarmers from [livejournal.com profile] snowballjane, truffles from [livejournal.com profile] megolas, a bra from Bravissimo from mum (directed to package at bottom of wardrobe this morning), and hat and scarf from aunt Lindsey that came in with the Xmas parcels. And a happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] cidercupcakes.

In other news, I've decided I can't be arsed with posting from Dreamwidth anymore. Pissed off with not being able to do certain tags or usernames.
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Poking various web apps I use daily/hourly.

DestroyTwitter - desktop twitter app, work. Clean and simple.
Spotify - ...this is so responsible for some of my more embarassing playlists.
Met Office plugin - for when I want to scare myself with the amount of rain coming this way.

huh. appears I am terribly low-maintenance. Could've sworn I used more'n that.

it has just come back to me that Jenny taught us the con dance for 500 miles. And yes, it is weirdly complex due to extra steps you keep missing, and just as exhausting as doing the full bounce to that song. ...really, I didn't another one.

In other con-dance news, it appears that Grease is so embedded in the western consciousness that no-one needs to be taught it, except the etiquette that girls have to be on one side and boys on the other. Time Warp is only auto-hindbrain if you're british, judging by the amount of american and canadians we've had to teach it.

And why yes, I am zombie-like and croaky...
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Radio 1 is playing a bunch of classic and modern live sessions from the Maida Vale recordings as it's the 75th anniversary. Huh. It used to be a roller rink? Seriously? However, due to them playing the older tracks, I've just found something. It turns out I've never heard David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust aside from the guitar licks and riffs. I was listening to the session and realised that it was completely unfamiliar until the bits of guitar kicked in. And, as ever, it's bloody obvious which bands spend more time playing live. They tend to be the ones who sound near-on identical to their records or better. Prodigy and New Order come off better vocally and on the improvising scale than some of the rock bands, interestingly...

Oh, and question for the tweeters : do you tweet more than you used to facebook? Noticed any difference in your lj posting habits?

Heh. It's that time of the year when commuter poppy wearing is starting to reach saturation. Noting the ratio of empty pins to still-intact poppies.

twitter's beta-ing a list function, basically identical to the groups filter function on lj, which makes me confused why some people are going 'errr.... confused on how to work this'. Have already sorted into buildings, artsnews and girlnumber9.
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There are days you wish our geek overlords didn't know the exact same corners of the interwebs that we do.

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are happily discussing how much they like Hot Fuzz slash and how flattering they find it. (and linking to it on the Pit o' voles) Edgar said that he wrote Nicholas Angel/Danny Butterman slash before anyone else, and it was called Hot Fuzz.

My problem? Edgar started all this off by stating that he was craving X-factor RPS. That's why I need brain bleach.

ETA : Edgar, Nick and Simon continued by writing Hot Fuzz slash. perfectly formed Hot Fuzz slashfic in 140 characters or less. I especially liked the one where Danny watches the autumn leaves coming down and is thus looking forward to the rugby season.

:deep breath: Nano. think of your nano issues.

Taraljc is being very nice to me w/regard to valet-ing issues (I'm pretty sure it's set 1925-ish or later, so most of the younger staff were too young to join up. Somewhere in my head, it's a definite that they both lost elder brothers or uncles. Hmm. Must check Merchant Marine involvement in WW1) Things to check for random details : pay, and pay for a non-serving job. As well as what kind of jobs ex-servants went into if they left service. oh, and, er, valets would've travelled 3rd class on the train, right? I'm presuming they wouldn't have been travelling 1st with their masters unless they're Jeeves.

My main problem is trying to find accounts of shipwrecks of the period. I can find plenty of lists of books online, my problem is that my access to a library is restricted at the mo - getting to the british library and back in lunch hour is impossible, and I don't have the weekends free to get to my local. anyone got any good google tricks for online texts? or recommendations for books I could pick up from a bookshop? googling shipwrecks mostly gets me book lists or scuba diving locations.

ETA. Um. watching Shackleton counts as research, right? It's only set ten or so years earlier than the nano....
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Darkisrising.com is available, having been released from the film studio fuck-up.

Self, you are not allowed to buy it and then gift it to Susan Cooper just to prevent further adaptation fuck-ups.

ooooo. Shelter icons. http://andieshep.livejournal.com/106355.html#cutid1/ Y HALO THAR pretty surfer boys in love without angst.
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twitter : possibly one of the few places where I'll sigh and go 'they're really funny, but they post waaay too much'.

trying to decide whether a refrain in the Merlin ST is nicked wholesale from LOTR or if I'm just remembering it wrong. Problem is, would have to listen to the entire fricking LOTR ST to find out whether this is so.

Pondering how difficult the tin whistle is to learn to play decently, since it looks infinitely less complex than a guitar and more portable. Not to mention more tuneful and socially acceptable than the recorder I tortured my parents with as a kid.

Julie Fowlis concert was utterly fab. Better than recordings, though mostly due to the bouncy, everyone being funny and her presence - live its very similar to the recordings, which means there was very little faffing about. Oh, and she's rather preggers. Good thing that she's only got a few more dates to go up in scotland. Band kept constantly updating us on the footie scores whenever they went off stage (you'll be pleased to know that . Irish centre in Hammersmith has great acoustics, even if you could only fit a couple of hundred people (seated) in there, and I have no idea why she was nervous about it being sold out. From what I heard from other audience members, she's played far larger venues. Observation : there is a fine but distinct line between the songs you clap to, the songs you drum your feet to, and the ones you do both to. In perfect rhythm, natch. Requisite drumming of feet for encore. One does wonder where this came from, since yes, you do clap when asking for an encore, but it's not quite as widespread as drumming of feet.

Hammersmith tube : out to confuse the hell out of you. Couldn't find a local area map in the station, so using google maps was kind of useless as you had no idea what street you'd exited on or what side of the station, as there aren't any visible street signs. Even when the venue is all of two minutes from the station. Thank the FSM for kebab shops.

I have sudden marmite taste in mouth. Considering I haven't eaten marmite since saturday, this is very odd.
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Bugger. RIP Sir Bobby Robson. Died this morning. A true gent of the game.

In light of that, I went stalking the NUFC forums to see if my dad had been commenting on the issue - he's a regular on there and deemed one of the old-time silverbacks. problem is I couldn't remember his username, and couldn't see the icon I know he uses on the topics I clicked on. Child stalking parent on internet forum. I feel faintly filthy for the role reversal.

(though I do love that NUFC.com has *no* bells and whistles and is just standard simple design with bugger all aesthetics or prettiness. It's the fans' site and they cannot be arsed to make it prettier when it works fine. The ads and sponsors should give you a giggle, too. The official site, of course, is all flash and never decently updated and crap at info. And once they tried to force the supporters site to hand over the .com addy. The mocking laughter was... amusing.)

Finally getting around to actually writing up the Torchwood circle village story, with tweaking for inserting new character as I write. after this, of course, it'll still require shredding by beta. but there's nothing like mid-writing a scene going 'argh, how common a sight was a smithy in 1920s semi-rural britain?' and having to do a quick google. Whimpered a bit when i found out the dates of the decline of smithys due to mass manufacturing... but then remembered that horse-plough type farming didn't really go until post-war so it was conceivable, especially the more rural places. Reminds me, I really have to figure out how large a town this place is. Small-ish. Mid-way between large village and small town. 'Course, the definition of 'small town' and 'large village' has changed somewhat since the 1920s and suburban spread. pondering precisely how much I've shot myself in the foot by making one of the locals a bobby. And have to go back over it and decide precisely what characterization I really want the Torchwood girl to have. She's a mad-for-engines girl who's wavering between posh dilettante and a jolly hockeysticks type. Think I'd make it easier on myself if I just write her as Bobby Wickham who happens to be mad for engines and a Torchwood operative.

off to buy a watch and see if my sandal is fixed.
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Seriously. A girl just wants a copy of the original ewok song. Possibly with the C-3PO rap on it. Yet the geek heaven that is the internet fails me. The only version I can find on youtube is scratchy, so I'm not bloody ripping that. 99% of the hits I get for 'ewok song' or 'ewok celebration song' are the new age thing of the remastered version we do not speak of HAN SHOT FIRST. Seriously. The original ST has it. (sadly, this is somewhere in my parents' record collection and thus on vinyl, so do not have easy way of ripping it)

Also : watched the clip of the original celebration on youtube and ... I can't find the Wedge-Luke hug. I'm positive that's in there, because that's the point where it's proof positive that he has legs. Yet all I can see is a shot of him in the party, waist up. Seriously. where is it? Did my fevered brain invent it and transpose a scene from earlier in the trilogy?

Help me, internet, you're my only hope.
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Outlook died on me (turned out to have been a version that tried to update and failed, leaving me with two dll files which greatly confused it). So in the quest for worksafe entertainment, I went looking up bsg stuff. one hour later : So. Bored. (boss had said she'd email IT, and if they didn't reply in an hour, phone them. She never told me that they hadn't replied, and it also turned out they never received said email. She now insists that she'd told me to phone them straight off. :strangle:)

So, new whatsit : wikipedia v. good for entertainment purposes when it's real life historical and science and so on (let me tell you of the lunchtimes I've lost to following the links in the tudor, stewart and plantagenet history section. 'oh, so this person was shagging... huh, and it turns out they're the great granny of...'). Dull as ditchwater when it comes to fictional.

Wish to hit Firefox. With the new comp, I dl'd the latest version, 3.5, which'd been working on previous comp. had made a list of all the themes/add-ons that make my life easier. And it turns out that if said add-ons haven't been updated for 3.5 and you're *starting* with 3.5, it won't bloody install them, even though they were working fine if you'd previously updated from an old version. Now that's a fucking stupid bug. Because firefox updates faster than the poor sods who make these nice little add-ons.


Mar. 24th, 2009 12:37 pm
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Sitting in main draft. which will not change until they've finished the other end of the office. FREEZING.

Playing with last.fm, since though I can access iplayer at new office, it's stuck on 'connecting'. Which will be an utter arse when i want to re-listen to radio 4. Fortunately, in a lull period when it comes to Just a Minute and the News Quiz. ...Though for the other users of last.fm, does it regularly do the thing where you pick an artist, pick _insert artist here_ radio, but it takes a good 10-12 songs for it to get to a track by that artist? Oh, and the bass appears to be missing.

Still no work email - personal, yes, work, no. Customer services rang up to ask what our new one was and I informed them we didn't have it yet. They asked if we could tell them when we do. I think we're not going to tell them that we have it until doomsday...

Not sure I like this chair. shoulders aching a bit.

Watched finale of BSG. which comes under 'uh. wha? um. uh. gah! But I had friends on that basestar!' Good, equal amounts of no fucking idea *what* happened there, tied up everything, nice job on using weird-arse flashbacks from much earlier in series, and oh, coda, nice job on freaking us out. Roll on Caprica.

Random arse survey : tell me your current mobile ringtone. No matter how embarassing. Mine's the Farscape S2 theme.
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precisely, what do people tend to use them for? And ratio of importance.

lj is my big one. Reading material, links to interesting stuff, etc. Almost completely fandom-focussed - very few of the flist is people I know in RL. I only read people whose writing style I like, and I have strange criteria for that.

facebook - IRL people. My way of keeping track of RL friends/cousins/etc. I hate it, but it's useful for the occasional check of what's going on meetup wise and collaring people when you need to leave messages and so on. That and convention photos.

twitter - this one's like a teensie version of lj. It provides interesting reading material - tells you bugger all about what's actually going on, but it's good for amusement value. And no fucker is throwing sheep at you.

messageboards - almost total disconnect, unless you count my once or twice-monthly check of Whitechapel, Internet Jesus's temple of worship - when he posts about interesting remake-remodels going on there and the self-portrait thread.

In other news, need to sort out stuff for oxfam, check whether the leather trench is ebay-able, get brum train tickets, buy food, make-up, vitamins, pay bills, and go through the she-ra outfit to see what I need to do to make it. Slightly despairing of the sword since I have *no* modelling skills.
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:pokes flist:

I really need to cut the groups down, but of course I still have paranoia about missing stuff. Even if I'm not reading the majority of it. On the other hand, I have been culling my individual people list quite a bit recently - people who you're trying to remember who the hell they are, people whose stuff you're no longer interested in, etc. which...er... doesn't really do anything for the sheer volume on the groups list.

hmm. anyone remember that link for celeb twitter?
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yay. Got a call first thing this morning from M&S to tell me my card was used for a tiny amount last night. I didn't use it, so that's me waiting 7-10 days for a new one... wo0t. Oh well. At least it's the one I use infrequently.

Twitter : so far, liking it more than facebook. No bugger has attempted to throw a sheep at me or friend me because they want more friends. And the strange and odd snapshots of people's lives are rather amusing.

Got my beta back on the Jack and Ianto timeslip to the 1930s fic. Which [livejournal.com profile] lonelybrit told me was missing bits and so on and I was repeating phrases, so fixing that.

I. Um. There's only 2 eps of BSG left. may need to start hyperventilating. And it's been utterly brilliant. And you know perfectly well they've been making it up as they go along with several very obvious realisations of 'oh shit we said this here must fix now' (which is more than other series do - BSG don't believe in trailing plotlines). Thing is? The story doesn't feel like they're wrapping up at all, or obviously building up to a big bang ending, so AUGH.

Just realised I'm going to be missing Comic Relief. Bollocks. Not that I really pay much attention when it's on, but it's a lot more fun to watch the special clips the first time round rather'n having to hunt them down on youtube and iplayer.

Augh. other realisations for Friday : Bloody trains from Euston to Northampton are going on strike. Fuckses. FSM knows how long it'll take to get there... Oh, and I'm going to have to get up early to compensate for how much extra time it'll take to walk to the station with suitcase in tow. Hmm. need to get food tomorrow and check Baileys stash.
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Have a twitter account. burntcopper. updates almost certainly intermittent and useless.

99% I grabbed it just because of paranoia over someone else getting my identity (I'm still peeved over gmail).
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As everyone knows, booking hotels/flights/tickets whatever can range from decent to really fucking impossible - I've had times of screaming 'look, I just want to give you my money!' (First Great Western, I'm looking at *you*), so it says something when it's a pleasant surprise to find the new version of the Hilton site (last year i tried just finding a hotel on there and had enough problems getting past the first page that was this world map that... gah.).

First page tells me types of rooms for that hotel, with what the prices stated from, with links to the full spec of the types of room. Pick how many adults/kids and number of rooms and your dates and list of requirements, takes you to the next page, where it tells you your options with prices. Pick that and checkout. fill in details, it processes. Confirmation page with very very detailed list, including map and directions, all nicely laid out in sections. and on the side of the page? all the printing options and adding the booking to your google calendar.

Five minutes max. And half of that was me checking details three times to make sure I hadn't missed anything.


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