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The Shadows Feel Like Home

The Nano. In which the Pevensies trip, fall, and somehow end up in Torchwood. It's not Susan's fault she shot an alien that was trying to kill Jack Harkness.

Spell-and-grammar checked but that's about it.

And yeah, this is pretty much the sequel to the National Service series. With added 'oh shut up I may or may not have adjusted the years a bit. And Susan is working for customs and excise, rather than the vague job she had.'
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well, wanting hard bastard recs, really.

I write Plantaganet Pevensies.

[personal profile] bedlamsbard writes high fantasy game of thrones Pevensies.

ineptshieldmaid does terrible things in the name of SCIENCE.

so... anyone got recs for similar?


Sep. 12th, 2012 12:08 am
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at that stage of gathering together what research I need to do for nano. 'course, every bit of poking only unspools *more*.

Susan is 21 at the end of war, so joining Torchwood... not a problem. 45 or 46.
Malayan emergency is '48, so that sorts Peter, and Edmund is a year or so down the line from that, which fixes the timeline for the National Service fics. Which it looks like this will be running concurrently with, not after.

Got to do a bunch of research on Tiger Bay and West Bute docks area in the late 40s/early 50s due to the bloody Doctor Who and Torchwood lot thinking that Roald Dahl Plass is a funny place to stick a top secret base. Fuckers. I doubt i'll even use that much of it, knowing me.

There's the spy stuff, which I need to read up on, going through that list of authors I got given, raiding the library in despair & doing research on time period, which is now looking a bit earlier than I thought.

Need stuff on nursing education in the late 1940s/early 50s so I can figure out precisely how junior Lucy would be.

There will be random hyperventilation over inconsequential details like music, just you wait. And I will screw up locations and docks layout, almost certainly.

In other news: we saw Dredd on sunday. (much searching to find a 2D showing). IT IS GLORIOUS. non-fanboy loved it. Fanpersons continually squeaking and bouncing at details and getting it so *right*. Seriously: awesome, awesome, very bloody action film. (with a great soundtrack and dialogue and plot) low-ish budget for this kind of thing meant they shot it all in council flats, which makes the plot and structure really work. KARL URBAN ACTS ENTIRELY THROUGH HIS CHIN AND *IS* DREDD. Anderson, you start thinking is going to be all wrong and... turns out so right for the character in the place she is now and by the end of the film. Simple solutions and explanations for things that might've been laboured and plot-holey in other hands. Lena Headey as a brilliant villain. (of course) So much thinking through of the detail and world so it's believable and hangs together perfectly (much nearer future, toning down of things like the bike & armour so they fit the real world). The Stallone fiasco is merely a fevered dream.
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someone tell my brain that listening to bunnies is BAD. especially vague ideas you had a while ago of 'huh, that'd be interesting'. especially when you've already written a bunch of notes for your current piece but keep putting off writing them up and expanding on them.


The entirely plausible possibility that the Pevensies who show up in Prince Caspian are Archenlander spies sent to cause havoc and de-stabilise Miraz' grab for power... :headdesk headdesk headdesk:

Trumpkin being one of the Narnian rebels who's one of the Archenlander contacts to help facilitate this. (still debating whether Reepicheep is in on it too)

'Caspian's fled for his life.'
'Right, initiate plan legend: bring me people who fit this description and skillset. They need to be able to do a Narnian accent.'
'Trumpkin reports Caspian has been found. Alive.'
'Right, get them suited, booted, and meeting up with Trumpkin.'

So, a young officer, one of the up and coming spy team, one of the archers, and a kid from a travelling circus enter Narnia, seek out Trumpkin, (rescuing him just in time), rifle through Cair Paravel for any bits that would make them look a bit more authentic. (yes, they do know where it is, it's not like they don't have *maps*, and the armory wasn't raided due to collapse of empire and superstition.) Vaguely surprised to find the weapons there are in bloody good nick.

And essentially it escalates a bit, the girl playing Lucy found out that the potion does what it says on the tin back at Cair Paravel, the spy playing Edmund is just a tad freaked to find out that the ghost of the White Witch is clearly mistaking him for somebody else. And then they find themselves doing this, and this, and he's suddenly in Miraz' tent goading him into accepting single combat....
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most of my more...reasonable fic is now over at A03 here (no, this does not include all the BtVS fic) Put up the post-Prince Caspian nano too.

Jane asked me to put the most recent nano up, but...er... any idea of what fandom?

And after having to clean the inside of the work microwave, have discovered *why* you put something over the top of soup. (I come from a family that traditionally uses this thing called a hob and a saucepan to heat up soup)
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Right, got to book time off work next week due to funeral finally being scheduled. Great Aunt Bina (my grandma's elder sister - utterly, utterly cool) got pneumonia a couple of weeks ago. She'd been getting that little bit frailer and frailer as the years went by (in her 90s, still getting around by herself but in sheltered housing) and when she got it, everyone went '...okay, chances of survival not very much.' Died sunday and we'd been waiting to hear funeral dates since Susan, who was one of her nieces she was closest to was away. So wake and funeral in Newcastle.

In other news: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is flaily hands and the credits being there so you can finish gawping and going 'wah'. Masterpiece of restraint and acting (not what Oscars call acting, but proper, quiet, tense, drop a pin and everyone jumps). Also brain-breaking period detail. Lots of us (70s/early 80s babies) going 'oh god. I remember that pattern. The bag in the foyer?' '....Our school hall curtains.' 'The grafitti.' 'BEDCOVER.' 'Our nan's was blue.' 'Wimpy's.' 'Breathe, sweetie, deep breaths.' '...So many shades of brown.' Seriously, the set dressing and costuming is an extra character on its own.

There are also tiny, tiny details and wordless scenes - two scenes not in the book, one which just fits perfectly and adds a technically not necessary but HUGE detail for one character, and then the Christmas party flashback, where not a sodding word is spoken but every single relationship is explained. And so many others just... rounded out to an extent that we were going 'SWEET FSM FLAILY HANDS OMG OMG THIS IS JUST ...WAH.' It's not the tv series. People are colder and harder and there's no nostalgic/respectful haze but it's tense and condensed and complex and gripping. Plus Kathy Burke as Connie. (cue everyone going 'happy sigh')

:frowns: How is it there is only [profile] ttss_kink set up so far? ([profile] thursgood also exists, but that's not been updated since '07. This film has been out five days already, people, and it has Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy in it. There are SPIES. it is a 99% male cast. Fandom, you fail.

Other fandom stuff: Taz and Jen mentioned they were discussing Torchwood/Narnia last night in the pub after everyone else went home, I went 'that Susan joins Torchwood one?'. and now I suddenly have thoughts of 'Pevensies run a branch of Torchwood.'

Pevensies: able to keep Harkness on a short leash and totally unfazed by his antics. 'Yes, shagging water-dwellers can give you a nasty skin rash sometimes, there's a cream.' 'Well, yes, of course we put them down, Jack, stop being so squeamish.'

Seriously, Susan's recruitment is obvious, Edmund gets seconded from MI5 or 6 or whoever he's working for, Peter drifts into it whilst on leave from the army (Army brass: 'Torchwood want him? Please take him, he scares the shit out of us'), and Susan yanks Lucy out of whichever hospital she's working in because they need a new doctor who won't bat an eye at weird physiology and poisons and can do battle doctoring in their sleep. suspect they end up at Cardiff *anyway*. Jack is on the one hand terribly interested in these pretty young people who give off all the vibes of older than they are, and have a completely different set of values from everyone else in this day and age. On the other hand, just slightly ...scary. And often treat him like a child. Susan the cool diplomat bombshell who's a better sharpshooter with a pistol than the best sniper is with a rifle, Peter the general, little Lucy the healer who really does remind him a bit too much of his ex, and Edmund the spymaster. He'd swear they fell out of the Rift if it wasn't for the fact that they check out completely. All scans show them as this time period, no chronal energy like you get with the Doctor's companions.
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Pre-con, having mostly packed (washbag, etc), I decided to go through my wardrobe of 'don't wear very much/costume bits', trying on for size and chucking them into 'still usable/ebay/oxfam/chaos costume scraps/BIN'. The 'still usable' pile includes Saffron (Our Mrs Reynolds), Nursie, Dale Arden, Buttercup's riding dress and a Gryffindor cheerleader uniform. Most of these went into the chaos pile because although they're wearable and fit, I'm never going to wear them again. Someone else can use the cloth. Other things found : 2 pairs of suede trousers, peasant shirts, leather trousers, smart black trousers still with tags A small pile of oxfam and a largish pile for ebay. I'll get round to it one day. gah.

Whilst doing a delicious search to see what people had been tagging/describing Putting the Natives at Ease (Narnia parents) with, I went through a couple of the stories in the same categories. And... wow. No wonder my stuff gets tagged dark. There were a couple of parents fics in there, and they're so... fluffy. Fairly keeping in tone with the books, but without the slight edge that comes from Lewis writing in the period.

This con, I'll be wearing a wig for the first time in ages that isn't the cabaret one. Fear me.
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Title : Putting the Natives at Ease
Author : Gunbunny
Fandom : Narnia
Pairing : none
Rating : No sex and no violence. :sigh:
Summary : No parent wants to know this about their children.
Disclaimer : Not mine. CS Lewis'.
Feedback : I accept burnt offerings and alcohol.
Archive : http://burntcopper.com/fic , anywhere else feel free.

Better not to ask )

;pokes fic:

Jun. 1st, 2010 01:03 am
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I... think the Narnia Pevensie-parents post-war* fic is about done. Not sure about the ending, so if anyone would feel up to giving it a once over and telling me if stuff doesn't work, this is me begging for a beta.
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Currently attempting to tell bunnies to fuck off. What I should be doing is knuckling down and searching through the many and varied notebooks for the various versions of the parents view of national service Pevensies so I can tidy it up and post it. Of course, last night as I'm dropping off I get 'hmm, so, Pevensies meet Merlin and Arthur...' There's already been a couple of crossovers, but with the premise that it takes place during the Golden Age while the Pevensies are ruling, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't pull that off as well as they have. Bunnies are prodding me going 'so, what if you chuck them into Uther's court as strangers with all their training?' (yes, I do want to see Arthur and Peter go at it in the arena, Morgana vs Susan, etc) Which would mean post-LWW. Then was trying to figure out how the hell they'd do a time-travel, tossed a couple of things around like the wood between worlds, which is *way* too unwieldy and finally settled on a possibility that something went a bit ... wrong when they were called to Narnia in Prince Caspian. Course, problem would now be proving noble credentials on a bunch of youths in weird clothes who admittedly did foil an ambush on the Crown Prince and retinue, even if they do carry themselves perfectly. Mind you, Sophia and her dad did it. Peter and Susan are old enough to be considered adults in medieval/dark ages. Edmund and Lucy, not so sure. Er. Now I have the situation, I just don't have any further actual plot. Aside from the first blinky treefrog of the Pevensies going 'That's Arthur and Merlin? Really?'

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] clanwilliam. May your plans for world domination continue unabated.
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I find it a bit weird that I apparently have my writing mojo back. Of course, this is utterly false advertising - will probably degenerate into narnia/original terrible cliche fic that never emerges from my notebooks unless it's one sentence taken out of it and then used three years down the line.

Currently the vague idea on the burner is Eustace's family post-Silver Chair going for family dinner with the Pevensies in the 'why yes, fandom, have you not heard of National Service' verse. LAST BATTLE DID NOT HAPPEN. LALALALALALA. Which means I get to look in on Lucy and Susan. Though I have no idea if this will just degenerate into cliche. To have Edmund and Peter having at least done some service will require figuring out ages, and what the hell everyone's doing. Still, should be fun to see Pevensies vs. Harold and Alberta, even if it never goes any further than notebook. Have to keep reminding self that no, this is not taking place in the nano (pevensies stayed post Prince Caspian). Eustace is not allowed to make any comments about Susan marrying that Spanish nutter Caspian. Though I really, really want to see Eustace yelping about the fact that he wants to be let off at the Spanish branch of the British Consul in VoTD the film since they went to the effort of establishing the Telmarines as *very* obviously of Spanish descent. With accents.

This reminds me that I really need to unearth the Pevensie parents trying to cope with their weirdo kids thing.

Other fic idea - the one that's been knocking around for years, the QAF 30s valet fic. I may have moaned previously that now I'm making an effort to get it started, Vince has become Bertie Wooster but Stuart still sounds like himself. Still happening. Dammit. Aside from the fact that I'm suddenly needing a load of details - will have to hunt down that list of books [livejournal.com profile] taraljc gave me when I was writing nano. Problem being of course that it no longer qualifies as QAF fic if Vince doesn't start sounding like himself again. Oh well. Still plotting. And in the weird situation that no sex is even on the horizon, though I can see how easily you could slash the two of them. Taz is making snickering sounds about it being nano. :eyes her beadily: Two valet fics in a year is bad form, one feels.

In other news, I need opinions. Need new bikini I can swim in. http://is.gd/c4bgc or http://is.gd/c4bhv ?
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Title : Tales from Legend to Scare their Children
Author : Gunbunny
Fandom : Narnia
Pairing : none
Rating : No sex and very little violence. :sigh:
Summary : Miraz underestimates the beasts. Glozelle believes in keeping an eye on them.
Disclaimer : Not mine. CS Lewis'.
Feedback : I accept burnt offerings and alcohol.
Archive : http://burntcopper.com/fic , anywhere else feel free.
The beasts are an annoyance )
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Trying to finish up and tweak my Glozelle fic. had 'arrgh' moment where I had to go re-watch all the battle sequences in Prince Caspian to figure out whether he was actually there for certain bits, and turned out I was remembering bits wrong. Fortunately this just meant tweaking a couple of lines, but now trying to figure out whether it's readable. (essentially Glozelle POV on the rise of the Pevensies). Went and compared certain bits with book, and it once again resulted in me wanting to smack CS Lewis, but this is not news for anyone with a brain. Somewhat surprised to find out that the events of the film are actually only less than a third of the book. And that Glozelle appears in less than two pages. Excuse me while I go and hug the screenwriters. I... honestly don't know whether to finish it before the ARGHWTFBBQ of Glozelle leaving for mid-WWII Caribbean island or go 'LALALALALA' and have as part of my 'Pevensies stayed' verse, where Glozelle decides to throw his lot in with the new rulers.

Finally put pen to paper on the QAF 1930s fic where Hazel married money, and then Stuart's family lost all their cash in the stockmarket crash so Stuart dropped out of uni and cut his ties. Stuart fishes Vince out of the gutter one night post-club, Vince insists he moves in, Stuart kicks out the valet and gradually replaces him. What's a bit odd is that so far, I've written the scene where Vince wakes up in Stuart's rooms and... argh. I seem to be writing Bertie Wooster, not Vince. :headdesk: Stuart, of the 2 lines he's had, is himself. Going to have to continue to see if I can drag them back. And I seriously cannot figure out whether this is going to end up with them together or not.
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This was Nano '08, aka what if the pevensies stayed at the end of prince Caspian.
Has been cleaned up a bit for spelling but that's it. expect repetition of tropes, unbelievable wordiness, and not a hint of a beta.
Forging a new age is never easy

fic stuff

May. 28th, 2009 12:44 am
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in the blue corner, we have another short story in the Thin Veneer of Civility 'verse, ie, Edmund and Peter get called up for National Service. This time from their dad's pov, who's heard a few stories about his sons and is somewhat disturbed. Been hanging around in various snippet forms for a while, suddenly got a few legs last night.

in the red corner, a snippet-fic expanded from a note I had in Nano planning, 'what if they stayed at the end of PC' 'verse (Susan married Caspian as a sign of union, and it's public knowledge that Edmund is Bacchus' favourite. That's all the background you need.). The Tisroc is pondering an alliance marriage. (Narnia starting to look like an up and comer, Calormen has very good records of the Pevensies being scary bastards, trade, peace offering, influence, etc) Specifically, son #5, the scholar to Edmund, since Edmund is pretty much the most neutral choice and heirs are 99% likely to come from Susan+Caspian or Peter. Almost completely for the lulz and people going 'aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!' and written in snippets so far.
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Trying to figure out why, precisely, my brain is suddenly deciding to write snippets of narnia fic set post-LWW when they get back to school. Precisely, stuff like all the boys in the dorm asking if anyone managed to get anywhere with girls whilst evacuated, and Peter replying distractedly 'bedded quite a few' and everyone staring because this is *Pevensie*. Pevensie the one who's come back from the country with authority issues and starting fights every two seconds. And further down the forms, one of the wetter boys wondering what love's like and Edmund replying that it's just love and is great but also really bloody annoying and sometimes you really, really want to kill the other person/people. Because, again, *Pevensie*. This one being the quiet, somehow newly terribly competent and distant one. Oh, aand edmund desperately trying not to write too much analysis into his history essays because the first one he wrote after coming back got labelled as ruthless and overly complex and the teacher didn't get much of his reasoning. Edmund is used to formulating reports and analysis for people who understand expediency and the pressures of running a medieval kingdom. He forgot that dusty teachers have no clue about politics. He's been leafing through the Plantagenets and going 'oh, completely understand why they did this, they'd been backed into a corner and the circumstances if you take this into consideration, and of course the treaty takes ages to formulate when you've got this many barons' while everyone stares.
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
55,974 / 50,000

Due to bugger all writing in the past couple of days, i'm still missing a couple of bits - just conversations, really, but they're more asides than anything. Like the bit about putting out feelers about the fifth/sixth/seventh son of the Tisroc as a potential marriage candidate for Edmund.

That and I really didn't write a suitable end line for the epilogue, but oh well. Not bad, all in all.

Need to sort it out into chronological order.

But anyway :

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Zokutou word meter
53,142 / 50,000

:polishes fingernails: Oh yeah. i rule.

Now, er, i have the next few days to actually *finish* it. Which is...

  • Archenland feast

  • - also includes Glozelle bit
  • the rest of Caspian/Peter/Susan situation

  • try and find *somewhere* to insert some of the law stuff and hope like hell I've managed to say something about the gradual tentative integration and clashes in the rest of it.

  • ...Yeah. The integration was what it was supposed to be about originally.
  • epilogue, possibly the wedding morning
  • :headdesk:

    Nov. 25th, 2008 10:08 pm
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    Right. So. Writing the Archenland bit. For now this is action fest.

    (in which I finally have a Narnian that isn;t middle class, he appears to be East End - but for some reason has told me that the wolves would rather like Saxon names, please. oh-kaaaaay. Well, considering the Archenlanders told me very early on that they were Welsh, thankyou, i can't really grumble.)

    Except. Er. I have the Archenland lot making a trip to the Narnian court. (for those of you who watch merlin, 'Mercian entrance!' scrawled in the side notes may make some sense) Only. Um. I'm presuming Archenland has talking beasts and so on, since CS Lewis never mentioned them doing a concerted silencing and wiping out as the Telmarines explicitly did. Only...uh... how the fuck did the Telmarines come to believe talking beasts and centaurs are myths and died out if they're right next door in Archenland? I know they're isolationist, CS Lewis *says* they're isolationist, but how the fuck do I square them being *that* dumb?

    No, seriously, do the Archenlanders hide them away or something when there's court visits? Did Telmarine Narnia never venture outside their own lands in the last hundred or so years?


    Just watched a documentary on Leslie "hutch" Hutchinson, a cabaret artist who was... fuuuuck. One of the most famous of the 20s-40s, slept with *everyone* (including half the royals), and has been completely wiped from history, partly due to influence by upper classes (all the scandals) and the rest because he was black. i must track recordings down - what they were playing was gorgeous.

    nano nano

    Nov. 21st, 2008 01:45 am
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    Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
    43,227 / 50,000

    currently writing the Caspian/peter/Susan relationship. Still not done the laws bit. At this rate it'll end up being a throwaway three paragraphs or something. Also to do : Archenland (which should start with an action scene. Yay Action!), Glozelle, er... integration, um, owt else?


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