Jan. 24th, 2010 01:56 pm
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Mother has taken up baking. and now she's making marmalade. We shall see how far this experiment goes.

Yesterday, in a drive to get mum's preferred honey, we buggered off to Ewelme, a village in deepest Oxfordshire. OMG COLD. V. picturesque, though. Honey's nice and is sold from the village shop, which is staffed by volunteers. And has tasty baked goods. Pootled around church, which is fucking *massive* and had me and dad going 'benefactor?' 'Yeah, someone was worried about their immortal soul' and playing the guessing game of age due to architectural features and art (they didn't stint on the inside, either). We'd figured up to 16th century until we came upon the altar and the little bit of paper that gave the actual low down. 15th century, it turns out, seat of the Duke of Suffolk. Which is also known as 'seriously rich.' Has the tomb of Thomas Chaucer and his wife, who was the father of the Duke of Suffolk's wife. Tom was the son of Geoff, and the family tree... huh. Didn't know Geoff's wife Phillippa's sister married John of Gaunt. From there both sides of the family is like a litany of 'which buggers got involved in the rather nasty game of politics' - Percys, Poles, Greys, you name it.

had made resolution to start jogging this weekend but that got scuppered by the emergency application of hot water bottle. A bit annoyed with self since I really need to get on with finishing some of the fic in my notebooks (I think I posted all of 2 pieces last year) and all I seem to want to write is AU crappy original 'verse.

Switched on Radio 2 to get the Legally Blonde cast appearance, and got dad to run screaming from room. He has allergies. rather amused by the fact that on this show (Elaine Paige - musicals and film music) you don't just have to state the cast, you have to state the year.

Finally succumbed to watching Glee. Watched ep 2, waiting for 3 and 4 to dl. A bit irritated by the way they're portraying the teacher's wife as rather 2D, but glad she's getting a bit more depth once she finds out she's not preggers. May have bust a gut laughing at the kid in the wheelchair getting to do the pimp act during 'Push It'. Please tell me the minority kids are going to get more lines and some more personality...
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:pokes stomach podge:

:sigh: you're not going to shift by the con, are you? this is what happens when your lunch is a steady diet of scotch eggs and bagels over winter, and you've spent the last few weeks eating pre-bought sandwiches, pasta and pizza. Dammit. oh well, scales've said I've finally shifted a couple of pounds, but suspect this is water loss rather than real.

Also after comparing with someone's little brother, it turns out I have *no* triceps. Tricep dips, hear I come. should do something for my screwed up shoulder muscle and provide a bit of back muscle too, hopefully.

Womb. DO NOT WANT. (more discomfort than shrieking pain so far, though)

um. Kings. how many more eps do we have left? They did say they were showing the whole season, right? American public, you have no fucking taste.
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Woken up by womb this morning at 6:30, went and got mooncup...and then woken up again at 8am by cramps. that lasted til 12. So that was planned Watchmen viewing out.

Went jogging for first time since autumn, down to Mapledurham and back (nicely warm and sunny). Will probably be achign tomorrow, but the mild constant cramps are back, so won;t notice.

England-Scotland match rather good. Two concussions to England. England currently winning, but christ Scotland are fast.
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(aside from the temper, the pain, temperature going up and the dizzy)

eating chocolate because it makes you feel better but you're not really eating it for the taste, you're eating for the endorphins.

craving fruit but don't really want it. Seriously, my ideal wish-food right now would be a bowl of pimms that looks more like a fruit salad than a cocktail.

My Krispy Kremes/hydrogenated fat tolerance goes so far down to the point I go right off it. Lissy brought some in and I'm looking at them knowing they're technically food but cannot comprehend *how*. Like american sweets.
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This brought to you by Heather's monthly wish to not having been born with an XX chromosome.

Aside from the pain, I get dizzy spells.

At one point had re-wired computer so could sit on floor and work. Was quite happily doing this until HR came and kidnapped me due to health and safety reasons. Whined until the dizzy spell passed, escaped and re-wired computer since could now sit on chair due to ability to stand/sit upright returning.

:sigh: Rhys was going 'you really shouldn't come into work.' while I grumbled that this doesn't normally hit til 10 o'clock so I can't tell and can I please have a laptop so that way we won't have the cricking neck problem. Rhys : 'No. And I don't remember seeing you -' 'Yes you have, it's normally because I'm tucked under the desk, this happens every month and half the time it's only ten minutes.' 'Er, painkillers, not that I know what you're going through....' :waves heatpad: 'Right, got it, are you sure we can't send you home?' 'Dizzy spell. It will pass. Sending me home would be stupid since I can't stand up. This is incredibly silly.' 'Do you want water?' 'Not thirsty! Dizzy does not always equal lack of water.'

Now not allowed to use ball and must use chair with arms so there's less chance of me falling.

Also : sulking due to being too hot. Tend to run a higher temperature during period anyway, and having to clutch boiling hot wheat pad to stomach and thighs not helping.

Oh, and Cathy? Mandy Patinkin stalking photos now up on Flickr.
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mutter ow owwww owww.

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for microwaveable wheat bags. Also great for when going out for fag break - stick in hoodie, nice and toasty while the smokers shiver. :snerk: On the other hand, it's very weird. Even when i was a size 18 I didn't really have a stomach. Thicker waist, sure, but no actual stomach.

Music Music Music arrived in the mail. Oh, the easy listening cheese.... (yeah, so waiting for the live versions which won't be completely blanded. It's a decent sound, it's just the obsessives can tell you JB can sound *so* much better.) I really wish he hadn't included 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You', though. Due to Drop Dead Gorgeous, there is no way I can listen to that song without collapsing into giggles. :blink: um. Due to just how *nice* JB's voice is, (rounded vowels and diction, etc), I think 'Right here Waiting' is actually blander and more easy listening than the original. No, srsly, WTF? and they just managed to bland out Daniel's voice on 'Uptown Girl' :facepalm: :reads liner notes: awww, he deems him a worthy successor to the nickname 'Leather Lungs'. can never decide whether JB wants to shag or adopt that boy.


Oct. 20th, 2008 09:09 pm
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I have a problem. I like chillies. The only problem is that when cooking, I always overdose slightly. In other words, 'ooo, hot!' rather than 'slight buzz'. And it doesn't help that my parents got given a chilli plant, which produces rather nice fresh peppers. (though dad discovered that the poison gas you get when heating chillis is multiplied a gazillion times when said chillis, no matter how mild, are fresh off the damn plant rather'n having been in storage for several days at a supermarket or market stall)

So, making fajitas. Standard recipe of half a small chilli, a bit of coriander and cumin powder, peppers and onions and garlic. (Unlike chilli, it is impossible to have too much garlic. It goes with everything, and my family have been 100% vampire free for decades.) Creme fraiche to taste and stick the fajita together. I have had this three times in the past couple of weeks as it's easy and tasty. Only this time? PAIN. LOTS OF PAIN.

Couldn't figure out why until I remembered that this time I'd added guacamole. Fresh-made yesterday. With, er, half a chilli in it... that had had over 24 hours to ferment.

Yes, feel free to laugh at my expense.
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Watched Enchanted last night. HEE. Warm fuzzies and glee. The sheer amount of references I'd forgotten (and I'd probably missed most of them)! The cuteness of *everyone*! The Central Park bit is more fabulous than I remember, and oh, the Ball... the sheer heartbreak in Nancy (Idina Menzel) and Edward (James Marsden)'s eyes as they watch the other two fall in love. :sniffle: We love Chip. and James Marsden playing so unbelievably dim. Nancy and Edward deciding 'fuck it' and making a go of it together in Andalasia! Fair maiden rescuing the prince! Wolf being chased by Red Riding Hood with an axe around his grandma's house! 'Well, Red tells it a little differently.' And I'm *still* in love with the fact that they make a point of her dressmaking skills (the bit where she's checking out the cloth in the background at Nancy's office) and have her setting up her own business. Though I bet she regularly gets hired by the corporate entertainment and Central Park people because you do not let someone with skills like that go to waste.

Small question for those who have the region 2 dvd : did you have to actively turn off the subtitles and audio description track? I pressed play, the audio description came on, turned *that* off, hit play again... and the subtitles came on.

Fuck. I've had the headache-induced nausea since about 10am. (for those who don't know me, my headaches have a tendency to start in my jaw ever since I fucked it up due to work stress during uni. Problem being that because the pain starts right by my ear, this creates nausea and and slight wooziness.) Office atmosphere of hot + no moving air does not help. Don't dare take pills in case that's the trigger that makes me throw up, so I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping it'll subside soon-ish. I've had the 'go home!' poking and I'm going 'er, no, you think I want to add the Tube and motion sickness to this?' it's starting to get better, so am seeking out ginger biccits to see if that takes off the main edge. And maybe *then* I can take the nurofen.

ETA : I think I've just done desperation tactic supreme. No biscuits and no ginger beer in tescos. Wave of nausea hit. Found the ginger root, rooted in there for smallest scrap possible and started chewing on it. Only it was the horrible stringy bit, so you can imagine what that felt like in my mouth once the immediate nausea had passed...
Newsagent #3 had ginger beer. now sipping that.


Sep. 28th, 2008 06:16 pm
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yesterday : mild jawache steadily getting worse all day until kicked upstairs to bed.

Merlin had the ever-lovely Will Mellor, swordfighting, pouting, bantering, hissy fits, the boys brooding because they were separated, and the girls knowing more about how to put armour on than Merlin. Slashy as hell, and I really like the concept of Arthur being an upper-class arsehole, it's *fun*.

Today, family went blackberrying. Cue scratches all up hands, my ankles and feet and Dad looking like he's plunged his arms into a vat of thorns on the spin and lacerate setting.

Came home from blackberrying to get mild headache - the type that makes you go 'ow' if you tilt it forward, which made putting up the laundry/taking it down fun.

I think you should have music.
Boccherini's La Musica Notturna, from the Master and Commander soundtrack.
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Huh. I think I've become immune to nettle stings.

I knew I'd become immune to mosquito bites sometime in the past few years, because there's no way I haven't been bitten, I've heard the damn things in my room and slapped ones that had definitely just fed on *someone* nearby. But no itchy bite marks whatsoever, when I used to get covered in the things.

But anyway : the nettle stings.

It being blackberry season, and brambles grow along the route I go jogging, I've been stopping occasionally and getting a handful. And as any bugger knows, there is no way to reach for the good ones and not get scratched. (for some reason I like them slightly tart/not quite perfect ripe, when you have to give a slight tug to get them off rather than coming away easily) And of course there's plenty of nettles growing in and out of the brambles. I've been getting it all up my legs and arms and hands. And you can damn well tell when you get stung by nettles, because it hurts and stings for a bit afterwards. Except. It being jogging, you forget any hurt within about thirty seconds if it doesn't involve muscle ache or cramp. It'll start stinging again when you stop, though. And I've got scratches all up my arms and hands, I've had to pick tiny thorns out of my hands... but no nettle rash whatsoever, and no itching either. And the route I take, there's no way not to stop every five/ten minutes, because of gates and cattle grids.

The first time I got stung a couple of weeks ago, I remember going 'dammit, oh well, I know there's dock leaves growing by the next cattle grid and on the riverbank' and then being a bit puzzled when there wasn't anything to rub.

I didn't even know it was *possible* to not have any reaction to nettle stings.

Bacchus fic : stalled slightly after the first time he seduced Edmund (second wine harvest). Edmund's just been stating precisely why he's standing on his principles about Bacchus coming to find him in the middle of work rather than going to the revels like everyone else. peter is just terribly amused, because Bacchus has developed a bit of a fetish for disrupting Edmund's study and making his desk grow twigs and leaves. Now in snippet-ville, the Telmarines are busy being scandalised by Bacchus' revels and Lucy is calmly telling them to sit down, shut the fuck up and go to a few next time. Plus the Narnians are going 'No-one told us it was like this!' because Bacchus hasn't been in several centuries, and all they've got is legends. mwhahahaha. The Telmarine bit is so going in the nano. Not sure if I'm going to keep the Bacchus pov as a fic on its own with the Peter and Edmund convo, or have it as flashbacks in the nano. Which is getting *complex*. :stares hard at it: Some coherent story would be nice, please.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 02:57 pm
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skinned knuckle, will you bloody well heal? Seriously, you were minor. You weren't bleeding. There was bugger all wrong with you until you scabbed over. Because since then, you have been sore, you have been painful, you crack and bleed all over the place when it's least convenient, and of course you catch whenever I reach into my bag or try to put clothes on or anything. (you like bleeding on clothes, too) At this rate you're going to go septic. or scar. Plasters are relatively useless in this case due to it being directly over a joint and thus coming loose even without hand washing..


Jul. 17th, 2008 09:05 am
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gah. always forget this post vampirism.

arm aches like hell. oh, this is going to be fun....
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Yesterday, yours truly managed to twist foot and land heavily on it when making the turn on the landing yesterday. So I now have this great big swelling/deep bruise halfway up my foot that is painful and causing me to limp. YAY.


Apr. 18th, 2008 12:21 pm
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People chuck tissues at me whenever I sneeze/cough. Have now perfected automatic motion of picking them up and chucking them right back, with automated 'I don't bloody need tissues!'** Now pondering if I can train myself to have the automatic reaction of hand coming up and batting it back to save even more effort...

**Coughing/sneezing is phlegm coming up from lungs - it doesn't get anywhere near the front of my mouth, so no tissues required. I knew you needed this overshare in your life.

Had [ profile] miniosiris squee-call yesterday after she came out of the Brighton concert. :g: me : 'so, did we cry at-' 'floods' 'amarillo?' 'whee! clapping! lights!' 'this -' 'guuuuuuuhhhhh' 'and -' 'that man's arse is amazing!' 'I am?' 'duh, standing ovation!'

I do love it when squee is so attuned that the entire conversation is in shorthand.

Also curious. Pick a song to describe me, or at least makes you think of me?
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... the cough is back. SHITE. Here's to an indefinite period of pain and wheezing. More wheezing than coughing so far.

Oh, and just had a disturbing moment - was listening to a commentary and realised that someone I fancy has exactly the same speech patterns as one of the actors (and his character), just with a different accent.

Fidding with my necklace that the bro gave me for xmas. Polished carbon. Which we both snicker a lot over because I'm essentially wearing a lump of coal. (we're the children of a geophysicist. just be glad we're not taking the piss out of seismic diagrams. our minds have already been warped enough to the point of Dilbert.)

Finally got round to listening to the commentaries on Blink, and the Human Nature eps. Confirmed two rules for me about Dr Who commentaries. Well, actually, three, but we'll get to that later.

a) Julie Gardner should never be allowed anywhere near the commentaries. Damp. Squib.
b) When in doubt, always have the writer + at least one of the techs. Far funnier and maximises the Who geekery.

c)...I'm never going to find a commentary better than the ones for Empty Child and Doctor Dances, am I? :sigh: damn you, Stephen Moffat and Barrowman. You spoiled me for all other commentaries because they don't have quotes like 'for those of you who tuned into this to hear a discussion about furniture, you're in for a real treat' 'Which websites are those, John' 'My next story, Dr who and the Golden Pavilions' 'Quite why the Chula built in this ability to operate old remingtons' 'And this would besmirch the complete irrelevancy of this scene' 'They may have been stuntmen, they could have just been some inexpensive welsh people' 'For those of you who don't know, that's actor speak for concussing a prop assistant one night'

Those are just some of the choice Moffatt ones. If I start on the Barrowman ones as well, I'll be here all night...


Apr. 16th, 2008 11:53 pm
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uploaded a bunch of new icons, deleted some including my old userpic of TARDIS Goddess!Rose, and then realised... I have no Jenny Sparks icons. none whatsoever. Which is probably a crime against... I dunno, that whole thing that says you must have many many pics and icons of the person you feel (and half of your friends seem to - at least the comics reading end) is *you*.

Plenty of Starbuck. Plenty of Six. Plenty of Saffron. Plenty of Jack. A good few Guinevere (who I went with for new default). Several Chaucer/Bettany. But no Jenny. (I utterly deny all accusations of ...similar characteristics in the people I have the most icons of. Blonde? English? Snark as default? Somewhat manipulative? Shush.) THIS IS WRONG.

:muses: maybe I should beg the flist, considering I'm somewhat crap with graphics.

In other news, clearly a weekend away decreases my tolerance for office heat + air conditioning + fans - had to go outside for fifteen minutes before my eyeballs stopped feeling hot and gritty today.
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:pokes womb: you've had first mild cramp. Please let that be it for this week. Because I do not want to spend my day off curled around a hot water bottle tomorrow - I have plans. Waking up late. stumbling around town. Getting a haircut in full girly gossip mode.

Also had the 'we hate evolution!' rant variation #52.

Translation : why did we have to evolve culture/instincts so baby had more chance of survival so didn't have to compensate with multiple births to ensure survival of species so get to the point where we were having one baby at a time which is thus bigger in proportion to body and more difficult/dangerous/painful to get out (with resulting echo contractions of painfulness when having periods) than multiple-birth spawn because they're actually wired to be born tiny in proportion to the mother!

...yeah. problem with me reading biology papers all day, I add the scientific reasons. I'm not Rodney McKay, honest.

Hmm. Just had thought. [ profile] ds_flashfiction had a self-insertion challenge (ie, it had to be *you*, not a Mary Sue), at which I pouted as there's only so many situations in fandom you can insert a theatre-junkie proofreader working in London into realistically without going 'tourist!' every time. (some were utter genius - girls who engaged Fraser in conversations about tundra foliage post-conference, or made pouty noises over the fact that GTO was a re-build and didn't have the original transmission) If SGA had a self-insertion challenge, you can bet Dr McKay would be on our hit-list for authors who have no idea of email etiquette, formatting, rules that we do not change just because you're a big name in the field, etc... whilst having a sympathetic email relationship with his lab assistants, where we constantly offered them virtual jaffa cakes that he couldn't touch because they're citrusy.

Thinking about it, the only other shows/books/etc I could actually fit into would be... er... Spender, Torchwood, Good Omens, Numb3rs, House, Spooks

Heh. what fandom could you reasonably fit into with your job/life and hobbies? all you accountants, you are so bloody lucky....

hee. oh, the problems of listening to concerts/performances you were there for the recording for, or saw the stage show for. You keep making gestures at certain points and go 'Annnnnddddd.... GLOMP.'

PJ Hammond ep for Torchwood tonight on Beeb 3. Please to ignore all fangirl 'ded from all kinks being hit simultaneously' noises, if it's anything like Small Worlds, the fairy ep.
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Fuck. Was doing the washing up, had a sneeze-cough (which is kind of a one-shot hack to get phlegm up), and mum started laying into me because it's louder and sounds worse and the coughing fits are louder and she accused me of exaggerating it for attention and it being horrible manners (yes, my mother is all about the manners and public appearances on her own level and has often over the years accused me of doing stuff for attention - she's pretty much an introvert and I'm the family extrovert, and that's even compared to my brother and dad), I protested with the fact that it's half cough, hence why it sounds horrible, you think I do this for attention and fun, and she kept going, saying my coughs are louder and nastier and she's quite familiar with them thankyou, my coughs do not sound like what they've been in the past few weeks, me yelling that you think this is fun, I've torn things with this cough, it's painful and I sometimes end up wheezing, you think I'm doing this for *attention*, and I ended up screaming at her to the point that dad came in to see what was wrong and I was crying at that stage, tried to get out of the room because she just wasn't listening and was still insisting it was bad manners and he tried to mediate a bit and it came pouring out - she's heard it my whole life, it was never this loud and I said it was because I spend most of my time in London and it being drier (parents' house is ten-fifteen minutes walk uphill from the Thames, fair bit of farming land and floodplain nearby plus river being border to oxfordshire and twee little country villages, whole area's very densely tree'd, Reading town centre where I went to school and worked for the past few years pre-London is tiny and is on two rivers and a couple of canals) and she retaliated with the fact that it wasn't like this last year.

I pointed out that I didn't live with them last year, they never heard it, as far as people at work are concerned, Heather's coughs and sneezes are like echoing gunshots, Heather's coughing fits are loud and sometimes leave her wheezing and I didn't know that they were so much louder, and there'd never been hacking, even when I was ill - I'd just always known that they were loud because they'd always had that rep all the way through school. (life in the UK started at school age, hence why I tend to have that separation) And that I'd had this for the winter last year to the point where they told me to go to the doctor's, and why I went to the doctor's this time. I asked why she thinks I made jokes about having to get a place by the river, and she thought it was just jokes. I pointed out that at times I was utterly miserable because of my lungs, no matter how much I loved London itself. And that no, I don't mention it the whole time, I make jokes about it like she does with migraines (I'd earlier yelled at her 'how about if I accused you of the migraines being for attention?') because it normally doesn't come up, it's just something I'm used to. She asked about the doctor, I told her she hadn't been able to find anything, and all the tests had come back clear, the next test is for allergies. Only suggestion was the humidifier because I'd told her about it getting worse the drier it got. Which I've always known about re:dryness, because I never had the cough when I lived at the seaside and that it's worse and more prolonged in London. Realised that the coughing fits that tore a muscle were when I'd been working for a couple of months in Bracknell in what was essentially a hermetically sealed office.

So yeah. Not fun. Still in a bit of a state like I normally am after a crying and screaming match. \o/.
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How to know the cutlery crisis in the office is a wee bit severe:

There are no teaspoons. Because everyone has nicked them to eat their lunch because the forks ran out too quickly.

...So I'm sitting here eating my lasagne with *chopsticks*.

Chest x-ray? managed to read like, three pages of book before being called in. Tech person says this is a miracle since wednesday mornings are normally queue-frenzy. Got to call doc in a week and a half to check that the results arrived (yay NHS paperwork) and then call again for appt at the 2-week mark.
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Went doctors, explained symptoms, had tests, my lung capacity is still fabulous, but I now have antibiotics with a 'come back if it doesn't clear up', one inhaler if I get the breath problems again (cue me quizzing the person who has one and going 'er... how does this work?') and a letter for a chest x-ray tomorrow to check for anything weird. Yes, I am vaguely weirded out by the chest x-ray thing.

Office still boiling and making eyeballs itch and too dry and throat hurts. Yay fun.


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