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attempting to give the god-knows-how long this has been going Jack harkness circle village fic a boot up the arse. writing the occasional line whilst trying to get the mojo working again.

Yesterday I got an idea for how the 'SG-1 and SGA scientists in hostage situation but of course get mistaken for military' story would work. (seriously. The field scientists know their way around guns, can run for their lives, are *used* to heavy firefights, hostage situations, field triage, etc. And then there's Daniel Jackson.) The problem I'd always had with this idea, cute though it was, was the OC pov. hellooooooo SPN. Dean has canonically been asked where he served. And how do you think someone who's ascended at least once appears on an angel's radar? Now, how to plan an attack on a diner...

In further Supernatural snippet blather, PLEASE tell me someone's written the one where Aziraphale apologises for Crowley. Or Sam and Bobby regularly use this English guy, Mr. Fell, for prophecy research. Or the Glee crossover, where the Winchesters are driving through Lima, Ohio and need repairs on the Impala. Kurt disapproves of what they've put such a classic through.
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Oh, [livejournal.com profile] paintedspires, bringing so much of the pretty....

SGA in the style of alphonse Mucha. Heather is now dead. very dead.

Art Nouveau circus posters!

SGA as con artists! (also a link to fic in the same vein) The whiteboard of planning!

You know, it's very scary when an old sixties tv show merges so well. Seriously. Wild Wild West (which I have never seen) with John and Rodney - she has screencaps. In which the body language is almost identical to some sga screencaps. and the body type. Head exploding now.

<--is dead

Apr. 30th, 2008 09:17 am
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[livejournal.com profile] steammpunk has been Hitting my kinks again with Steampunk!Rodney art. GUUUUUUUUUH.
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http://steammmpunk.livejournal.com/17975.html - go and worship [livejournal.com profile] steammpunk because heather's kinks have been hit so thoroughly by the pretty that her brain is making 'bibble' noises.

Because YOU need songs in the style of an emo teenager... who happens to be a zombie.

The song's the 'just mizunderstood MP3' link on the latest edition

Another one: an endangered woodpecker with a still for illegal moonshine, bluegrass-stylie.


Still need to kill Morag for earworming me with them.

Oh, and the torchwood fandom's quest to vid the Spamalot songs has been added to : Captain Jack : he likes to dance a lot. Try not to die laughing.
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Some of you may remember the Torchwood Babies art I recced a while back. There's a full-on comic now... TEH CUTE, IT BURNS. I may be a small gibbering wreck now.

Ronon in a tutu manip. But, er, it doesn't actually look very silly. And my brain is half torn between trying to figure out whether it's going the Ballet de Trockadero de Monte Carlo (the blokes in full ballet drag in tutus and en pointe who take the piss) route or the Matthew Bourne route, which is so manly and thud-inducing that smelling salts are often required for the audience. Because, well, I can see him doing either - alternately giggly and pissed off or smouldering all over the stage. Ronon as The Swan. :swallows: For those familiar with the all-male Swan lake, I'll just let your brains absorb that image. Get back to me when you recover. :muses: Not entirely sure who'd be The Prince in that production, though - I can't think of anyone in the main SGA or SG-1 cast who'd be that lost, insecure and lacking in confidence - you'd have to do major character assassination to get anyone to even get close to it (though you could probably tweak early Xander or Willow from BtVS without a problem).

In other news, foolishly spent a good couple of hours yesterday evening tagging the entirety of [livejournal.com profile] thedarkisrising (ah, the power....). Four years worth. Still got 2006 to go. Course, now I found out that the template for that community doesn't show tags. Oh well. Least it'll show up on the flist. Internet Jesus knows how long it would take with a high-traffic community. Came across the first post about the car crash with added elephants and... oh, fandom. Your poor optimism and tentative hopefulness - because at that point, the narnia film hadn't come out yet so Walden were a completely unknown quantity aside from effects, and then the utter optimism and hope that we had post-Narnia. :cuddles and supplies DIR fandom with vodka: Oh, and found a pre-film rights bought and massacred post about fantasy casting. I'd completely forgotten my musings about Brian Cox as Merriman. Huh. Yeah, *definitely* better than Mckellen.


Sep. 6th, 2007 09:12 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] cesperanza just went and broke lj again. This time, the SGA side with Written By the Victors. Put aside 3 hours to read it, then take another half hour so your brain will stop making happy 'wheeeeeee!' noises.

[livejournal.com profile] megolas went and broke me this evening. I mentioned James Puresex cast as CJH, she gibbered, and then ten minutes later blithely pointed out this would mean James Puresex + Matt Rippy. I kept opening my mouth to say something and then having to close it again. Because. well. OHDEARGOD.

And once again, when I should trying to be get some of my backburner WIPs finished pre-nano, or actually planning nano, one of my original bunnies sat up today and said 'we would like to be re-written again! Yes, one of the original bunnies that has no actual coherent plot beyond concept. Fuck off, will you? Yes, the Apocalypse Albion fic has interesting bits, but there's no actual plot. (basically, Britain's overpopulation hits trigger time-bomb, releasing a plague from the ground and air that kills off everyone in the British Isles who's pure human. The only survivors are magic users, the weird happenings department, werewolf types, people who've been living on top of space-time rifts, people whose ancestors were present at the reality shift of Hackney in 1623, the towns that're on the gates of the Summer Country and thus are basically conduits for the Wild, etc. You get the picture. So the UK quarantines itself for five years until it can find out what the fuck it is and be absolutely sure the plague has gone.) Cue the depopulation of cities, having to keep stuff going, re-learning farming/subsistence living, etc. Britain becomes a ghost on the media airwaves as far as the rest of the world is concerned - loads of blogs, news reports, photostreams, etc, but no physical presence. The only communication it really gets during the five years is exchange at drop points at the closest islands that don't count as part of Isles land mass - the Channel Islanders are doing very nicely as the middleman, thankyou. The culture shifts, plus the almost complete de-credulisation. Bit difficult to claim you're psychic when five people are standing there asking why you can't see the ghost singing a song about a weasel right next to you. Then you get the gearing up and negotiations for the end of quarantine. Selling stuff they don't need or want anymore for cash and help with demolition and clean-up of the environmentally unsound bits because having tower blocks and most of the urban sprawl around is kinda stupid.

Which..er... leads to the email that turns up in the Greek Government's inbox asking when they want to figure out the arrangements for getting the Elgin Marbles shipped back. 'I, er thought the last time we discussed this the response was 'over our dead bodies'?' 'We should point out that those people are dead.'
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Utterly. Shep as... :makes grabby hands: It's for the men and machines challenge, to give you some idea before you clicks. SHIIIINY.

:ponders if she may have read too much 2000 AD as a child:
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Oi, [livejournal.com profile] blythely, have you been influencing policy again? here.

Also : [livejournal.com profile] ponycake the plot for half the eps this upcoming S4 SGA


Aug. 23rd, 2007 12:43 am
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Just read a rather good piece of characterization AU of SGA as a high school american football team (Shep being the new coach that screwed up elsewhere, the marines being the team, Ronon and Teyla as assistants, scientists being teachers, Rodney subbing for Jeannie while she's on pregnancy leave). Over on [livejournal.com profile] parrotfic.

Of course, the actual mechanics of the play left me going 'er... no, still doesn't make sense. Why do you need padding to play a bastardised, not quite as skilled form of rugby?'

Does anyone know if they've ever made an American football team play a rugby team, and what the result was? (Of course, I wouldn't ask a pro US team to play against a national side. That would be ... well... rather nasty.) And now I have images of the antipodean members of the Atlantis expedition introducing Ronon to the concept of Jonah Lomu. Some time later, the sounds of the haka echo through the halls of Atlantis...
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Good lord, I'd forgotten the sheer proportion of fucking scary socially maladjusted fuckwits at Stargate cons. When you have to tell people to tone down the fanfic squee in the queue for the damn *photoshoot tickets* because, y'know, there's this actors /reality /appropriateness /characters /fandom separation. Just a slightly fine line.

Mind you, in a conversation about cracky fanfic - and then they mentioned Offer Extends to the Pegasus Galaxy. Cue me going 'er, that was me...' So fucking weird when that happens, someone mentioning your site or a fic. It's happened a few times, but *still*.

How to get actors to remember you : get an intricate, large and very pretty tattoo done. Then wear a backless top during the cocktail party and sit near the seat the actors will be using for your table so they spot it. This garnered us getting to see Ryan Robbins' piercings, and Chuck remembering me every time he saw me in photoshoots and autograph sessions and the bar. (the man greeted me with 'Vixen!' in the autograph queue. me : o_0. and apparently I give very good hugs.) Also, how to freak the minders out a bit : be good friends with one of the minor guests - James Swallow, SGA novel author - and sit on their lap and start absently grooming them during their time at your table while they talk to the others.

Once again, taught actors to con dance. Dan Payne picked up Dr Who very quickly, Ryan Robbins was next, Chuck finally got it three turns from the end. By Sunday night, there was nearly a whole dancefloor of people who could do Swamp Thing. Cue me and Lee pouting because we're used to having *space* to do it, as it has had the status for nearly a year of being so bloody complex and floor-ranging that it normally scares people from the floor. We agreed that we need to think up a new one. He's voting for the Electric Slide.

Yours truly will be spending the next con being teased by the regulars again. I'm starting to think there's something in the air at Pegasus cons. Well, that and your mates actively shoving you together.

I feel... dirty. Total alcohol consumption for the entire weekend? About two shots of Baileys a night, one of those in the hotel room, and a quarter of a glass of Green Dragon each night. I've never done a con sober before. It's very scary. However, on the dragon front, when pimping it to other people when they ask what's in this strange opaque green drink '...It contains orange juice. It's practically healthy.' (yes, it really is the UK convention exquivalent of scumble - and also understand that is automatically communal, no matter who makes/brings it), one reaction on sniffing/sipping it was 'oh my god, I can *taste* the imminent alcohol poisoning.' Rest of us : 'huh. Just tastes of dragon to us.' and realising that we've actually built up an immunity to it.

Am now proud owner of *female fit* Dalek t-shirt. I'm using it to be subtle about my geek status at work. Really, really subtle.
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Song: "I'm Always True to You (In My Fashion)"
Artist: Cast of the 1999 Revival of "Kiss Me, Kate"
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: John/Rodney, John/Everyone
Theme: Humor, Semi-AU
Warning: Both slash and het themes
Format & Size: 30MB Divx


Try not to die laughing.

And it really doesn't help that me and Jenn, when I mentioned this, went :
Me : OMG, SGA vid, Mcshep, done to thingy, that kiss me kate song -
Jenn : Always true to you?
Me : Now, of course, we need OT4 team fic done to-
Jenn : Too Darn Hot.
Me : with the leaning and the
Jenn : stick fighting and the
Me : Enzyme and -

...Obviously SGA cries out to be vidded to Cole Porter. And brings the hive mind tendencies.

Have dragged (dragged, I tell you) Meg and Jen to the Globe for antony and Cleopatra. Cue immense amounts of squeeing, Jen saying to Meg 'see, this is why you duck behind the large german tourist', us having the new OTP of Octavian + porcelain god, more drunk Romans, 'mmmm, Pompeii' 'aw, ickle Eros', dancing, me and Jenn going 'dammit, Octavian was looking at *me* when he said that line!' and Jenn with the 'the vanilla colour and the coldness and the manipulative and we want Rome 2 and -' 'soldier! sailor! they so cute! boyfriends!'

...you may have possibly gleaned that me and Jenn have a thing for Octavian.

ETA : Oh dear god. 'Tom Dick or Harry' using Cadman (Rodney, John and Carson as suitors) or Rodney (choose your suitors). 'We Open in Venice' is clearly made for gen SGA everyone and their midgets. 'Where is the life that late I led' is trying to go 'hssst. Michael, dammit.' Weir appears to be going 'I'd be quite happy to do 'I hate men'. Not a problem, honest.'

:headdesk: The Kiss Me Kate ST can be shovelled into most SGA, it appears. Which isn't quite as bad as being able to vid the entirety of Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes using buffy-verse females. Several times over.
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Took a sick day to get sleep and de-stress. Have not left flat, though several trips onto balcony to get in relatively fresh air. (relative being centre of London, behind flats is the Camden road, but balcony looks over large green area and effing massive pear tree)

Took a couple of naps, woke up in evening to find new person handing over money - apparently will be new flatmate, since Sophie is moving back to Norway now that she's handed in her diss for her master's.

Chucked the Lush Hard Water 2-in-1 after the final straw of part of hair actually feeling greasy at weekend, swapped it for a bottle of conditioner and one of the other Lush shampoos I had hanging around and soaked in bath. Mmm. My only peeve with the bath here is though it's longer than the one at home, it's not quite as wide, so shoulders always curve slightly inwards.

Deleted It's Been Emotional (Gunn/Wes), Adaptation and Sub-Zero Culture.

Watched SGA ep 8, phantoms. Oooo. Also, Shep, you shot McKay. Just in case you hadn't heard. Ronon testing and taking knives off dead bodies in background of the shot! hee! Teyla the supremely mature and doing her 'Oh, Ancients, what are they doing now? Why did I take up with this lot again?' expression and tone of voice.

Weekend and today saw the return of the coughing fits, but at least my sinuses are mostly clear.
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well, aside from wishing to kill the inefficient evil that is electric stoves - 25 fucking minutes to boil water and 20 minutes to crisp bacon? Through a *thin pan*? (the frying pans back home are thick cast iron do serious fucking damage ones, and 10-15 mins is their average on a medium/low heat gas stove)

[livejournal.com profile] trinityofone is evil. [livejournal.com profile] megolas knows this, due to the John sheppard in bowtie pic. However, due to [livejournal.com profile] notpoetry writing fic for this, with added stages of how to tie a bowtie.

...and now I have images of a Jeeves and Wooster style AU. And am torn between which should be the gentleman's personal gentleman, since although Rodney is of superior intelligence, John does the mysterious ways, laconic and eyebrow better.

Send help.

Pegasus One

Feb. 8th, 2006 04:12 pm
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Pegasus One, the friday and saturday at least, were immense fun. Though my first statement was when looking round was 'Where are all the bisexual girls?' This appears to be one of the major differences between Wolf and Starfury cons. More straight females, less stalkers, less obviously nuts. Though this may be something to do with the Buffy fans. Less alcoholics, which is just *wrong*.

Is a tad odd to not have a direct information line into what's going on, as none of the people who staff for Starfury even steward for Wolf - sort of an agreement thing. Though I will say that stewards at Wolf seem to have no idea about what's going on.

Anyway. Wandered into meet 'n' greet, which was fun, although a tad too big, but did have the amusing bit when I wandered back into the bar and started chatting with Taz and co, and the guests would wander past to go to the loo. Have discovered something else. Share a table with the Jedi Chefs and all men will home in on lightsabers automatically.

Partied partway into the con dances, before leaving dancefloor for room. (things you never expect to hear at cons : Rainbow calling Taz a 'cockblocker'. He retracted this after having it explained to him that she was merely looking out for me and making sure that the bloke I'd pulled had a room to go back to) Yes. Well. Anyway. Very nice time was had.

Saturday - talks, photos, signings.

All of the cast are insane, way too much fun, and... I have to pick individual moments?

Someone told Joe about the little bounce he does. See Joe go '...I do a bounce?' Audience : 'You do.'

BTW, Joe has immense cowlicks. The hair does that *naturally* and the only way it doesn't is to add more gel than is known to man or grow it a lot longer. Also? That photo in Sheppard's room is of Joe as a kid and Evil Knievel.

Joe and Jason agree on the Ronon = Shep's personal attack dog thing. Both of them did the :Shep lazes: 'Ronon! Kill!'

All of Ronon's jewellery is actually Jason's that he makes in his spare time. He also helps design Ronon's wardrobe, and is somewhat happy that Ronon now has a Summer Wardrobe that includes linen.

Rainbow can kill you by virtue of making you laugh too much.

Craig : *CHUCK* got my job? (this man's hips are also classified as a WMD, as seen later that night during 'I'm too sexy' and 'Love Shack'...)

Ellie? We adore. Way too much. Too fucking funny. Still annoyed that I missed her standup on sunday due to being too ill. Caught one bit where she was apparently trying to explain astrophysics with someone else's arms in place of hers and it was hysterical.

Aaron : :loves: See him rant. See him tell stories. If in doubt, as we did on Sunday, get him onto the subject of CSI Miami and the lead (him that used to be in NYPD Blue. Red hair, smug expression, talks to walls). A rant of half an hour of pure comedy gold, with impressions.

Ivy told us many things of casting reality. Most interesting. Including the times she's had to duct tape an actress she's set on's tits together to create more cleavage to convince the producers.

Queuing - not too bad, except for Rainbow, who takes, like, two minutes per signing. It got to the point where people (and Aaron, who decided to hang out and talk once he'd finished - for some reason we started on talking about Las Vegas) were yelling across the room 'Christmas is coming!' 'Which year?' 'Terminal 5 has now been built!' 'Sod Terminal 5, they've started on 6,7, and 8!' 'Don't distract him, he'll take longer!'

Fancy Dress - more in the way of skits - we had Shep and Teyla stick-fighting, Wraith!Teyla and Teyla stick-fighting, Wraith being served dinner, to name but a few. Aside from missing the blue floaty stuff on Teyla's skirt, mine was still most accurate. :smug: Had discussion with the Two Teylas about materials and the bloody front piece to Teyla's outfit.

Got pulled into sword/stick fighting with several people. Ow, arm *aches*. Danced lots. Aaron plugged in the Irish music for the last four songs, which proves we will dance to anything if it has a beat and is silly enough. Most of the lads love the dancefloor.

Woke up sunday, threw up. Threw up several more times. (this was a pattern that morning) Got ready for photoshoots and talks, plastering large amounts of concealer on eye area. Went to Aaron and Rainbow and Joe's talks, spent a while lying on the floor in the corridor, saw Ellie for about two seconds, went to room to sleep. Sunday evening, stayed up for an hour, attempted dancefloor, decided it was just not possible, went back to room. Apparently this was thirty seconds off people grabbing me and frogmarching me there.

Good time was had. Just wish hadn't got virus. :sigh:
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Some bastard planted in my head the idea that Grodin was ex-UNIT. Evil scum. Cross-posted all over the place.

Here be fic )


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